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  • Title: XML Editor, XMLwriter for Windows, download a free trial of this award winning XML Editor
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. |.. Search.. Site Map.. XMLwriter.. Screenshots.. Features.. About Latest Version.. Awards Reviews.. User Comments.. Customers.. Download.. Download XMLwriter.. Download Plug-ins.. Download Help Manual.. MSXML Updates.. Downloading FAQ.. Buy.. Buy XMLwriter.. Pricing.. Upgrading.. Sales Support.. Sales FAQ.. Support.. Technical Support.. Submit a Bug Report.. Feedback Requests.. Technical FAQ.. Resources.. XML Links.. XML Training.. XMLwriter User Tools.. The XML Guide.. XML Book Samples.. Wattle Software.. About Us.. Contact Details.. Save Time and Money.. with XMLwriter XML Editor.. The Award Winning XML Editor for Windows.. XMLwriter XML Editor Version 2.. 7.. Find Out Why Customers Keep Coming Back To XMLwriter.. "I've been using your product for 2 years now and I just want to let you know that.. I find XMLwriter to be the best and easiest to use XML editor I've tried.. I have used other XML Editors, most of them either don't do what I want, or are far too expensive.. XMLwriter Editor does what I need.. and at half the cost of these other products.. Thanks very much for creating this tool, it really is the best inexpensive editor around.. ".. - SD (Australia).. "I've used XMLwriter and I love the tool.. In fact.. out of  ...   (UK).. ".. I have been searching for an XML editor and believe I have found one for my students.. I am an instructor of Internet studies and realise the importance of a good foundation of the basics.. After trying your interface, I have decided to allow my class to use your XML editor.. - TH (USA).. I've been trying other editors but yours is by far the most intuitive.. Your tutorials are very well done and the interface is easy to understand.. - JI (Czech Republic).. XMLwriter is by far the best XML editor I have seen for editing XML/XSL/CSS/DTD source and validating XML.. The integration into Windows (file dialogs, drag/drop, tooltips, help) make it.. far more usable than java-based editors.. - RS (UK).. more comments.. FREE Upgrades.. FREE Support.. Academic Discounts.. Customer Service.. "Just wanted to let you guys know that.. I am EXTREMELY IMPRESSED with your level of customer service.. In a world where no one wants to support what they sell, you guys are TOP DRAWER! I will continue to tell my students to buy XMLwriter instead of XMLSpy in all my XML and JavaXML seminars.. - PL (USA).. Wattle Software 1998-2013.. All rights reserved..

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  • Title: XMLwriter.net Site Search
    Descriptive info: Site Search.. Sort by.. Matches.. Scores.. Dates.. Sizes.. Display.. 5.. 10.. 25.. 50.. 100.. Case Sensitive.. Whole Words Only.. General Search Tips.. Use double quotes around phrases to search.. Add + in front of terms/phrases that must appear in results.. Add - in front of terms/phrases that must not appear in results.. The + checkbox adds a plus in front of all terms/phrases for convenience.. The default search content is the body, title, and meta-description.. The score is the percentage of matching characters in a document.. ISO Latin-1 characters like äßçéñ.. etc.. are treated as english equivalents.. Special characters like #!$%|&.. are allowed.. Stop-terms are common terms like "it and the that.. Advanced Search Tips.. Searching can be expanded with a wildcard (*).. Adding a * to the end of a term will match all endings.. For example: 'test*' will match 'tests' 'tested' 'testing'  ...   unchanged.. The weight must be in the range of 2-10000.. Add + (inclusion) in front of weights.. The results will be sorted by weighted scores.. The following options can be placed in any order in front of the query:.. c:.. for a case sensitive search.. w:.. to match whole words only.. all:.. to add + in front of all terms/phrases.. match: score: date:.. or.. size:.. for the sorting choice.. 5-100:.. for the number of results to display per page.. b:.. to search the body (full text) of documents.. t:.. to search the title of documents.. u:.. to search the url of documents.. The query above will perform a case sensitive search for 'term' and 'a phrase' in the body and title of documents.. 15 results will be displayed per page and the results will be sorted by file size.. Powered by.. KSearch 1.. 4..

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  • Title: Site Map
    Descriptive info: XMLwriter Home..

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  • Title: XMLwriter Screenshots
    Descriptive info: XMLwriter Screenshots.. User Interface.. Click.. here.. for a full size screenshot of the XMLwriter user interface.. Intelligent Entry Helpers.. Above is a screenshot of the XML Entry Helper.. The XML Entry Helper displays a list of elements defined in the assigned DTD or XSD XML Schema document.. As you navigate through your XML document, the Entry Helper displays, in.. bold.. , elements that are.. allowed.. at the cursor position according to the DTD or Schema.. The XML Entry Helper automatically inserts.. REQUIRED.. and.. FIXED.. attributes, and displays an Attribute Entry Helper for.. IMPLIED.. ENUMERATED.. attributes.. The XML Entry Helper displays the available entities defined in the DTD and the W3C XML specifications.. TagBar in Tree Layout Mode.. TagBar.. TM.. is a tool that allows you to compose an XML document based on an existing DTD or XML Schema.. In Tree layout mode, TagBar displays the DTD/XML Schema as an expandable element tree.. This tree shows all the elements defined in the DTD/XML Schema, their relationships and attributes.. Flat layout mode displays an alphabetical list of all of the elements defined in the DTD/Schema including their child elements and attributes..  ...   can edit the existing Snippets, add new Snippets, or create your own Snippet files.. Project Management.. Creating projects in XMLwriter allows you to:.. Group files with the same file extension together.. Perform batch validation and XSL transformation on individual folders or the entire project.. Select specific stylesheets for individual folders or the entire project.. Specify the destination of output files for individual folders or the entire project.. XMLwriter projects are written in XML, therefore can be easily edited.. "Great piece of software! I use it every day, it's.. stable, fast and easy to use.. - BM (Netherlands).. "Easy to learn.. It takes me five minutes to be fully operational with your products.. Good online documentation, especially the XML guide.. The more I use your product, the more I like it.. - SC (Canada).. "XMLwriter makes my rainy day because.. it provides the most efficient and convenient course through all the formatting, validating, transforming, and styling issues.. - AA (Germany).. "Awesome program, nice layout.. Very professional graphical user interface.. - BB (USA).. XMLwriter is still my favorite XSL XML editing software.. A State-of-art software, well done and thanks.. - JN (Egypt)..

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  • Title: XMLwriter's Features
    Descriptive info: XMLwriter's Features.. XMLwriter's Feature Checklist.. Validates.. XML documents against.. DTD/XML Schema.. Performs.. XSL transformation.. Conforms to the latest W3C.. specifications.. Plug-in capability.. for different parsers and tools.. to assist in editing.. Visual.. interactive display.. of.. DTD and XML Schema.. documents in.. for fast entry of repetitve text.. Generation of sample XML file.. from DTD/XSD Schema.. DTD to XSD Schema conversion.. and vice versa.. Project management.. and batch processing.. Instant color syntax.. highlighting.. XMLwriter's Features in Detail.. Validation and Well-Formedness Check.. XMLwriter uses the Microsoft MSXML parser by default to validate XML documents against DTDs and XSD Schemas.. Validation is also supported for XDR Schemas.. The MSXML parser is regularly updated by Microsoft to keep up to date with the latest W3C specifications, and can be updated in XMLwriter (see.. for more information).. If you prefer to use a different parser for validation you can configure 3rd-party parsers in XMLwriter using.. plug-ins.. User Tools.. Plug-ins and User Tools support parsers such as Apache Xerces.. The following file types can be checked for Well-Formedness in XMLwriter:.. XML, DTD, XSD Schema, and XSLT.. XSL Transformation.. XMLwriter uses the Microsoft MSXML parser by default to perform XSL transformations.. The MSXML parser is regularly updated by Microsoft to keep up to date with the latest XSL W3C specifications, and can be updated in XMLwriter (see.. If you prefer to use a different XSL engine you can configure 3rd-party engines in XMLwriter using.. Plug-ins and User Tools support XSL engines such as Apache Xalan.. [screenshot].. XMLwriter includes intelligent popup Entry Helpers to assist you in the editing process.. Entry Helpers are displayed for XML, XSLT, XML Schema, DTD, XHTML, and HTML documents.. The Entry Helper window is displayed when a left bracket ( ) is typed into the active document window.. XMLwriter also contains an Auto-complete feature that completes the tag set when you enter a tag that is not listed in an Entry Helper.. The XML Entry Helper displays a list of elements defined in the assigned DTD or XSD Schema document.. As you navigate through your XML document, the Entry Helper displays in bold, elements that  ...   User Interface Features Include.. Text editing user interface.. Instant color syntax highlighting.. Line numbers.. Bookmarks.. Auto-Indent.. Indent/Unindent.. Unlimited Undo/Redo.. Auto-Formatting of tags.. Multi-document user interface.. Tabbed document windows, including right-click menus for tabs.. Drag and drop, double-click editing.. Dockable toolbars and workspace windows.. Customizable toolbar, menus, and keyboard shortcuts.. Other Features Include.. Plug-ins.. - use different parsers to validate documents or perform XSLT transformation such as Apache Xerces and Xalan.. - configure up to 20 different User Tools in XMLwriter such as ODBC2XML and Tidy.. Easy assignment of DTD/Schema/XSLT/CSS files to an XML document.. Ability to jump to DTD/Schema/XSLT/CSS files referenced in an XML document.. Right-click menu commands include "Enclose with Comment", "Enclose with Quotes", "Enclose with Element".. Customizable file filters and syntax coloring support for new file extensions.. Default file extensions include:.. XML Documents:.. xml;.. 3dml;.. biz;.. cml;.. ent;.. math;.. pad;.. rdf;.. smil;.. svg;.. vml;.. vxml;.. wml;.. xdr;.. Document Type Definitions:.. dtd;.. XML Schema Files:.. xsd;.. XSLT Stylesheets:.. xsl;.. xslt;.. fo;.. Cascading Stylesheets:.. css;.. XHTML Documents:.. xhtml;.. HTML Documents:.. html;.. htm;.. shtm;.. shtml;.. Find in Files.. External file modification detection.. Options including auto-validation on open/save, and backup files.. Tips, What's This? help, XML Guide, and a comprehensive Help Manual.. Tutorials and examples.. An excellent tool for end-to-end XML development.. - FS (USA).. "I think your product is excellent and have recommended it to many others.. It does all the basics with a full feature set at an affordable price.. - MS (USA).. XMLwriter is the best all round XML productivity solution we have found.. - SL (UK).. "I am extremely impressed with XMLwriter.. It stands head and shoulders above the competition for XML/XSL creation and validation.. - KC (UK).. A useful tool with an easy interface.. I'm very happy to use it in order to build my site on books.. Each book is in an XML files and converted in HTML with an XSL.. With XMLwriter, just a click and all files are there.. - FR (Luxembourg).. "Your product is great.. We use XSL to format output of XML data, and your tool makes this task very easy.. - AR (Germany)..

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  • Title: What's New
    Descriptive info: What's New in XMLwriter v2.. New Features from v2.. 6.. MSXML 6 is now supported in XMLwriter.. Improved validation and transformation performance.. JavaScript blocks in HTML are now syntax colored.. File dialogs have been updated.. Bugs Fixed from v2.. Fixed crash on network reload that occurred if a file was truncated externally.. Fixed crash on startup that occurred if Windows Registry corrupted.. Fixed bug with Firefox external previewing.. Included workaround for a FileZilla bug which changes filename case.. 5.. Added Enclose Selection editing commands to Edit menu.. Added keyboard shortcuts for Enclose Selection editing commands.. Keyboard Map is now printable.. Added drop down toolbar buttons to Customization dialog.. Fixed a problem with group references in top-level element definitions when generating XML from a Schema.. Fixed a rare crash when Recent Projects menu was empty.. Fixed multi-monitor issues.. Improved intuitiveness of Entry Helper behavior.. Improved Entry Helper behavior when entering attributes.. Fixed bug which made it difficult to enter numerical entities such as.. Improved handling of very large files.. Improved XSLT Entry Helper.. It is now easier to work between xsl: and non-xsl: elements without switching options.. Entry Helpers for XSL files now include HTML tags.. New command in File menu called Reload.. The command reloads the active document.. New command in File menu called Display Startup Dialog.. New command on the right-click menu in the XML document window called Split Element.. The command splits the current element into two.. In the Startup dialog box a list of recent projects and recent documents is now displayed.. Updated Xerces and Xalan plug-ins.. Fixed problem when inserting an entity from the entities Entry Helper which resulted in the cursor position one space too far to the right.. Fixed problem when iterating through subsequent finds using F3.. The highlighted text was not always shown on the screen if the found text was near the beginning of a line.. Fixed dual screen issues on systems running Windows XP.. The Entry Helpers always appeared on the primary monitor.. There were also some problems with the Project View on some dual screen systems.. Fixed crash when right-clicking on an empty space on the tab bar and selecting Send.. Fixed crash when using parameter entities in INCLUDE/IGNORE sections in a DTD.. Fixed crash when assigning a DTD/XSD/XSLT/CSS to a Read-Only file.. If the line end encoding is changed, the document is now marked as modified so that the changes can be saved.. 3.. Error messages improved during validation and transformation.. Entry Helpers now include entities.. Tab settings are now conserved after Auto-Format.. Improvements to Auto-Format algorithm.. Fixed crash when 'Show full paths in Project View' option was selected with no project open.. Fixed TagBar crash when a URL was opened that was not a DTD/XML Schema file.. Could not switch out of full screen mode if last file closed was in full screen mode.. When selecting 'Add files to folder' in Project View in a specific folder (eg.. Stylesheets),  ...   from a URL or which had been deleted.. Fixed error "Schema declaration for namespace 'urn-schemas-microsoft-com:xml-data' is not found.. " when loading an XDR schema into TagBar.. Improved focus behavior of Find and Replace dialogues.. Added detection of MSXML4 upgrade and automatic activation.. New in XMLwriter v2.. 11.. Fixed resource leaks in Explorer View.. Minor improvements to Generate Schema function.. Changed xml:stylesheet to xml-stylesheet throughout program.. Improved CSS syntax coloring, added X11 color names.. 1.. Added Custom color option in Format Options color picker.. NMTOKEN attributes were ignored when generating XML from a DTD.. Improved handling of mixed elements when converting a DTD to XML Schema.. Default values for some attributes did not convert correctly when converting a DTD to XML Schema.. Improved datatype inference when converting a DTD to XML Schema.. Fixed problems opening files in XMLwriter from Explorer on some systems.. Fixed some minor icon problems in explorer.. 0.. Added Ctrl Backspace - delete previous word - to editor functions.. Added Ctrl Delete - delete next word - to editor functions.. Added Find in Files command to the main toolbar.. New preference to select whether to display PCDATA nodes in TagBar.. Handling of recursion in DTDs and XML Schemas improved in TagBar and Entry Helpers.. The current selection in the active document is now used to initialize the Find in Files dialogue box.. Included new error messages related to MSXML installation problems.. TagBar and Entry Helpers sometimes crashed when handling a recursive DTD/XML Schema.. XMLwriter would crash when generating XML from a DTD if an element was referenced but not defined in the DTD.. MSXML4 is no longer shown in the parser selection option if it is not installed.. Unload TagBar command was missing from TagBar context menu in Flat layout mode.. Generating XML from an XML Schema inserted a DOCTYPE declaration into the output instead of a Schema reference.. Cancel button did not work when browsing for a folder in the Find in Files dialogue box.. Choices in TagBar sometimes showed an incomplete content model.. Major New Features from v1.. x.. Version 2.. 0 contains many upgrades and new features from v1.. Some of the main new features include:.. Intelligent Entry Helpers to assist in editing documents.. Code Snippets for frequently used text.. Validation support for W3C XML Schema (XSD).. DTD and XSD support in TagBar.. Flat layout mode and Tree layout mode in TagBar.. DTD conversion to XSD Schema and vice-versa.. Generate sample XML from DTD/XML Schema.. Easy assignment of a DTD, XML Schema, and XSL stylesheet to XML files.. Ability to jump to any file referenced in an XML document.. Auto-completion of tag pairs.. Auto-formatting of tags.. New Tree View display.. Project files are now in XML format.. Project properties allow global or local override for XSLT stylesheet selection.. New command to zip and email a project.. New and improved right-click menus and other GUI improvements.. New Find in Files feature.. New example files.. the complete feature list..

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  • Title: XMLwriter's Awards and Reviews
    Descriptive info: XMLwriter's Awards and Reviews.. These are some of the awards and reviews XMLwriter has received.. "5 Star Editor's Pick" Award - ZDNET.. "If you work with XML, XMLwriter should be in your toolkit.. This well-crafted, high-powered XML editor provides extensive editing tools.. Its handsome interface displays the structure of your XML project or a schema tag hierarchy in the left-hand pane, while the contents of individual files are displayed on the right.. It features full syntax highlighting, drag-and-drop support, batch-mode operations, and built-in preview.. You can also use it to validate XML documents against a DTD or XML schema, convert XML to HTML using XSL stylesheets, and combine CSS with XML for direct formatting of XML data.. The program is highly customizable and includes excellent documentation.. Highly recommended.. ".. "Simply The Best  ...   the program a thorough workout we couldn't agree more.. "5 Cows" and "Head of the Herd" Awards - TUCOWS.. "XMLwriter is considered to be one of the best XML editors on the market.. It includes the ability to run other XML tools from within XMLwriter, which adds to it's flexibility.. The program also gives you the ability to convert XML files to HTML files using XSL style sheets.. For big jobs, it includes batch conversion and validation.. Another strong point is it's project management.. XMLwriter includes a complete reference guide to the W3C XML 1.. 0 specification, extensive program help, and context sensitive help.. Finalist in the Seventh Annual ZDNet Shareware Awards - ZDNET.. XMLwriter was selected as a finalist in the "Editors" category of the 7th Annual ZDNet Shareware Awards.. More Awards..

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  • Title: Customer Feedback
    Descriptive info: Customer Feedback.. Since XMLwriter's release in August 1999, we have received thousands of emails from people telling us why they like (even love!) XMLwriter.. We have listed some of those emails below so that customers that took the time to email us can help save you some time and money.. We endeavor to provide our customers with the best customer service possible.. To our pleasant surprise.. we receive several emails each week praising our technical support team and customer service.. We would like to share some of these with you so that you can feel confident in purchasing a product with a terrific support team behind it.. If you would like to tell us what you think about XMLwriter or what features you would like to see included in future versions, please send us your.. feedback.. General User Comments.. "I've recently started coming up-to-speed on XML at which time I was introduced to your product and I wanted to congratulate you on a job well done.. I've been working with Visual C++ for about 5 years now and using XMLwriter was a snap.. The editor and the help system are top notch.. Keep up the good work.. - RM (USA).. "Just a short one to say what a great product in XMLwriter your company has.. I've been searching for some time now for a decent XML editor of this nature.. It's great pleasure to see that a software company, such as yourselves, have produced a clean/tidy, well documented program, unlike most others I've seen.. - CS (S.. Africa).. "XMLwriter kicks ass! There really isn't anything else like it out there.. I must have looked at 10 different products, and I thought yours stood out above them all.. - CL (USA).. "Excellent product, light weight, fast, does the job.. - AH (UK).. "Cool product, saved me countless hours already.. - CM (UK).. "First of all, this product is excellent! I have been using XMetaL for 4 months now the functionality you offer is at least on a par, for a fraction of the price.. - MO (Netherlands).. "I prefer XMLwriter over more complex products like XMLSpy.. - JE (USA).. "An excellent tool for end-to-end XML development.. "XMLwriter is an excellent program and has become invaluable since i started to utilize XML/XSLT in my own web applications.. -SM (USA).. "Praise: Excellent highlighting and very very smart tabs!".. - MM (Slovenia).. "XMLwriter makes my rainy day because it provides the most efficient and convenient course through all the formatting, validating, transforming, and styling issues.. "I have used a trial version of XMLwriter and reviewed all it has to offer on your web site.. I am used to dealing with software development on a project level (using Visual Studio) so I love the way XMLwriter gives you a project, MDI, and third party tools support, debugging and workspace windows.. - MB (USA).. "I was so impressed with XMLwriter that I bought my own personal copy.. I especially liked the fact that your product preserves whitespace so religiously, even in the element attributes where you legally don't have to.. Your competitors take many liberties with whitespace even when they claim to preserve them.. They fail to realize some people may still need to see their data with a simple editor like emacs or vi and whitespace preservation is extremly important in keeping the data human readable.. I have also noticed a refreshing lack of extraneous files and processor instructions generated by your product.. I you do in fact have them you must graciously hide them from me or only have them spring into existance when needed.. Your price is right and your timely response to my e-mail was also appreciated.. - JD (USA).. "I have used XMLwriter for over a year and LOVE it.. - BG (USA).. "Your program is beautiful! It has all of the strength of a Microsoft developer studio product!".. - GC (USA).. "Absolutely great product.. Solid as a rock.. - TH (Denmark).. "I have found that XMLwriter is a user-friendly environment in which to author large XML files.. I like the TagBar in particular.. - DS (UK).. "I find XMLwriter a great product for "real" web development! Keep up the good work!".. - AM (UK).. "I really have to say, you guys are the best! I tried XMLwriter first and liked it.. Since then, you wouldn't believe all the goofy-assed XML editors, engines, whatever, you-name-it products  ...   is wonderful.. I have quite a lot of experience with Microsoft's DevStudio for writing Windows programs, and XMLwriter is so much like DevStudio in design that it feels almost as if I'm using the same environment for the web.. - SQ (USA).. "I've been evaluating XMLwriter for a few days now, and it definitely beats any of the other editors (especially those that are Java-based).. I enjoy the ease of use, and the ease-of-use of the interface.. - CC (USA).. "I think it is great.. The interface is neat and uncluttered.. - JS (S.. "You have one of the best related price/quality product for editing HTML XML I've found on the WEB.. Congratulations.. - VB (France).. "Congratulations on the best XML Editor! Thank you for bundling everything into your software, this is far the best software in the market.. Keep up the great work and I look forward to new releases.. - LB (USA).. "I'm evaluating your tool and am very impressed so far.. You've done an outstanding job on the user interface.. - TK (USA).. "I must say I was amazed by the professional job you have done.. - DM (Greece).. "I just want to let you know that I find XMLwriter to be the best and easiest to use XML editor I've tried yet.. - DE (USA).. "This is the most useful XML validation tool I have seen so far.. Please, please, continue with future releases.. "Continued to be impressed with the product.. Keep it coming.. - AR (USA).. "Great piece of software! I use it every day, it's stable, fast and easy to use.. I just wanted to say "well done" on your XMLwriter software.. this is a really great tool--bloody marvelous!! I continue to LOVE XMLwriter!.. - KB (USA).. Customer Support Comments.. "Thanks for the quick response.. As always, you guys are on top of things.. - CN (USA).. "I must say, your support has always been of the highest standard.. Thanks very much.. - MM (S.. "Thanks.. This is a thorough response.. Sadly many vendors avoid answering difficult questions.. "I would like to thank you for your support, it enhances the value of your software.. "Thanks for the prompt and thorough analysis of the situation.. You have a nice product and, apparently, a great support team to back it up.. Much appreciated.. - BA (USA).. "Great product! I wanted to put in a good word for your "Exterminator" staff.. Their responses have been very timely! Their explanations and instructions clear and easy to follow.. They have been very patient with a bug that was plaguing me but was unproducible on their system.. Instead of just saying it was my problem not theirs, they continued to research the problem.. The final fix was simply updating Microsoft's MSXML on my system.. This may not have been a big deal for them, but it has meant a lot to me.. You run into such lousy customer service nowadays that this was a pleasant surprise!".. - MW (USA).. "I just wanted to let you know that the information you provided was very useful and gave me a much better understanding of what happens in XML below the surface.. "thanks soooo much! your instructions were GREAT!".. - MC (USA).. "Thanks for the incredible fast reaction!".. - TH (Netherlands).. "Thank you very much for your speedy reponse to my cry for help.. Everything works fine now.. Also thank you for fixing up my XSD, it is a great help to get me started in this area.. - DC (Australia).. "Well guys (or gals).. You did it again! Helpful and prompt replies.. Thanks a lot.. :) Guess I need to praise XMLwriter (again!)".. "Dear Tech Support.. It worked perfect.. Thanks for the effort and great support.. - BF (USA).. "Many thanks for your outstanding support and *very* clear instructions.. - MR (Germany).. "That worked! I appreciate your prompt response.. - EK (USA).. Thanks for your help.. It is good to have such a responsive support system.. Well done.. :) MUCH better than many others.. "Thanks for the answer.. What do you mean "Thank you for your patience in this matter.. "? This was the most amazingly fast turnaround time I have ever gotten from any company's email support!".. "Thanks for your prompt response.. Very helpful.. - IS (USA).. "Thank you for your instant reply with the solution.. "Many thanks for your patience and swift response.. - SE (UK)..

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  • Title: XMLwriter Customers
    Descriptive info: XMLwriter Customers.. Wattle Software's customers represent many different types of industries.. Below is a list of some of our more well-known customers.. Education.. Agder University College.. Norway.. Bielefeld University - SFB 360.. Germany.. Bournemouth University - Academic Services.. UK.. The British Library.. Canadian Securities Institute - IT.. Canada.. Canberra Institute of Technology - Faculty of Design.. Australia.. Chalmers University of Technology - Design Media.. Sweden.. Constantijn Huygens Institute.. The Netherlands.. Coventry University - Centre for Lifelong Learning.. Università di Bologna - Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informatica e Sistemistica.. Italy.. Duke University Press.. USA.. Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa - Departamento de Informática.. Portugal.. Faculte des Sciences Olivier Messiaen - Laboratoire Informatique LIUM.. France.. Finnish Literature Society.. Finland.. Florida Center for Library Automation.. HongKong University of Science and Technology - Information Systems Management.. Hong Kong.. Illinois State University.. Indiana University - Accounting Information Systems.. Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.. London School of Economics.. KyungPook National University.. South Korea.. Macquarie University - Department of English.. Michigan State University.. Mid Sweden University - Institutionen för Informationsteknologi.. Mississippi State University - Mathematics Statistics.. Monash University - School of Network Computing.. New York University - Information Technologies.. Ngee Ann Polytechnic - The Centre for Computer Studies.. Singapore.. Ohio University - Management Information Systems.. Purdue University Libraries - Information Technology Department.. Rutgers University - Internet Institute.. South Seattle Community College.. Southern Adventist University - School of Computing.. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne.. Switzerland.. Tampere Polytechnic - Computer Center.. Telemark University College - Computer Science and Mathematics.. Tilburg University - Computer Center.. Tipperary Rural and Business Development Institute.. Ireland.. Universidad de Deusto - Filologia Inglesa.. Spain.. Università degli Studi-Milan - Department of Mathematics.. Universität Siegen.. University College London - School of Library, Archive and Information Studies.. University of California - Haas School of Business.. University of Gessen - Institute of Medical Informatics.. University of Helsinki - Department of General Linguistics.. University of Michigan - Internal Medicine.. University of Minnesota - Center for Transportation Studies.. University of Missouri-Rolla - Information Science Technology.. University of Missouri-St.. Louis - Microcomputer Program.. University of New South Wales.. University of Oxford - Continuing Education.. University of Sheffield - Humanities Research Institute.. University of Southampton - Electronics Computer Science.. University of Surrey.. Unversity of Warwick - IT Services.. University of Washington - Computing Communications.. University of Western Sydney - Computing Information Technology.. Uppsala University - Art History.. Utrecht University - Faculty of Arts.. Victoria University.. Government.. Agriculture Western Australia.. Alberta Government - Sustainable Resource Development.. Arizona Court of Appeals.. Australian Museums Online.. Australian Oceanographic Data Centre.. City Council of Boroondara, Victoria.. Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA).. Dutch Ministry of Education.. Environmental Protection Agency..  ...   Elders Limited.. Ernst Young.. FactSet Research Systems.. First Federal Savings Bank.. Graydon Nederland BV.. The Hartford Financial Services Group.. HSBC Bank plc.. ING Bank.. Liberty Mutual.. Manulife Financial.. Merrill Lynch.. Moffatt Thomas.. Origo Services Ltd.. Paul, Hastings, Janofsky Walker LLP.. Pinnacle Insurance plc.. PricewaterhouseCoopers.. Prudential.. Prudential Securities, Inc.. RLI Corporation.. Roccade Finance.. Royal SunAlliance Insurance plc.. SEI Investments, Inc.. Shenandoah Life Insurance Company.. Sheppard, Mullin, Richter Hampton LLP.. Skandia Life.. S.. W.. I.. F.. T.. Thomson Financial.. TIAA-CREF.. Visa International.. Manufacturing Design.. AGFA.. ALCAN.. Ball Aerospace Technologies Corporation.. Berendsen Fluid Power.. Canon Research Centre France sa.. Eastman Kodak.. FUJIFILM Electronic Imaging Ltd.. Hewlett Packard Company.. ILTE.. NET.. Isco, Inc.. KROHNE.. Navistar International.. NeoPoint.. ORGA Kartensysteme GmbH.. Polymer Laboratories.. RENAULT.. Rieter Automotive Systems.. Robert Bosch GmbH.. Samsung Heavy Industries Co.. , Ltd.. Korea.. Scitex Corp Ltd.. SIEMENS.. Timken.. Yokogawa Corporation of America.. York International.. Medical.. Bausch Lomb.. Group Health Cooperative.. Irish Medicines Board.. Mayo Foundation.. Memorial Hospital Foundation.. PPGX.. Reynolds Medical.. Scotland.. Savoy Medical Supply Company, Inc.. Scott White Hospital.. University College London Hospitals NHS Trust.. Publishing Media.. BBC Travel News - Television Centre.. BBC Worldwide.. BMJ Publishing Group.. Business Wire.. CCI Europe.. Denmark.. Chambers Harrap Publishers Ltd.. Discovery Latin America.. Discovery Networks - New Media.. Reuters.. Holland Animation Film Festival.. iUniverse.. com.. NBC.. McGraw-Hill EPG New Media.. The Sunday Business Post.. System Integrators, Inc.. Teletext Ltd.. United Press International.. Universal International Music BV.. Research Development.. Concurrent Technologies Corporation.. CLRC.. CSIRO.. European Patent Ofiice.. GMD.. Hewlett-Packard Labs.. HOPS International.. Keskuslaboratorio Oy.. The MathWorks Ltd.. Nokia Research Center.. Physical Sciences, Inc.. VTT.. Xerox Palo Alto Research Center.. Resources Building.. Aloha Petroleum.. Bechtel.. Bonneville Power Administration.. ChevronTexaco.. EMJ.. Kuopion Energia.. Petroleum Geo-Services.. Pinnacle West - Enterprise Field Services.. RAND WATER.. Shell Services International.. Retail.. Bell Mobility.. Deichmann.. Gateway.. Nike, Inc.. QVC.. Software.. Autodesk, Inc.. BEA Systems.. Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC).. Datalog Software AG.. Ericom Software.. Evolutionary Technologies International, Inc.. FORTE ITALIA SRL.. InforMax, Inc.. Intuit.. Law Manager, Inc.. Microsoft.. NDS.. Novell, Inc.. Hong Kong, UK, USA.. Object Techology International, Inc.. Oracle Corporation.. Rational Software Nordic.. SAS Institute.. sd m AG.. Software AG.. Sybase, Inc.. Telecommunications.. Aether Systems, Inc.. Alcatel.. Austria.. Aspiro AB.. AT T.. BT.. CopperCom.. EIS International.. Ericsson AS.. GTE Laboratories, Inc.. Level (3) Communications, Inc.. Lucent Technologies.. Motorola.. Nokia.. Canada, Finland.. Nortel Networks.. ORACOM.. Telcordia Technologies.. Telia Mobile AB.. Telstra Corporation.. Teradyne, Inc.. UAB Bite GSM.. Lithuania.. US WEST Communications.. Transport Aerospace.. Bell Helicopter Textron.. Boeing.. Boeing Shared Services Group.. DaimlerChrysler Aerospace AG.. DLR.. Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA).. Ford Motor Company.. Rieter Automotive Systems AG.. SJ (Swedish State Railway).. United Parcel Service (UPS).. Select a Category.. IT/Business Solutions.. Legal/Finance.. Manufacturing/Design.. Publishing/Media.. Research/Development.. Resources/Building.. Transport/Aerospace..

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  • Title: Download an XML Editor - XMLwriter
    Descriptive info: Download the XMLwriter XML Editor Free.. Select a download location closest to you, then click the Download button:.. USA - Primary.. USA - Slower Backup Server 2.. Current Version:.. 2.. Build:.. 210.. File Size:.. 4.. 04 Mb.. Operating Systems:.. 98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Win 7.. Trial Period:.. 30 Days.. Are you experiencing download problems?.. Installing XMLwriter.. Download the zip file to a temporary directory.. Unzip the zip file to a temporary directory.. Run XMLwriterSetup.. exe.. Follow the installation wizard.. Recommendations.. We recommend you  ...   page for other XML parsers and XSL engines you can use in XMLwriter.. "Great piece of software!.. I've been using it every day in my work since the purchase.. - LP (Finland).. "I've been using your product for a few years now and to describe the experience in a few words, you guys rock!!!.. Your product is worth every penny!.. - BE (USA).. "I would like to.. thank you for your support, it enhances the value of your software..

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  • Title: XMLwriter Plug-ins
    Descriptive info: XMLwriter Plug-ins.. Starting with version 2.. 2, XMLwriter now supports plug-ins.. This feature allows you to use different parsers to validate documents or perform XSLT transformation.. The first plug-in pack available for download is the Xerces/Xalan plug-in.. More plug-ins will be made available soon.. Xalan/Xerces Plug-in.. The Xalan/Xerces plug-in allows you to validate documents using.. Xerces.. 8 and perform XSLT  ...   Apache Software Foundation.. 55 MB.. Installing the Xalan/Xerces Plug-in.. Download the file to a temporary directory.. Ensure XMLwriter is not running.. Run XalanPluginSetup.. Activating the Xalan/Xerces Plug-in.. In XMLwriter select Options.. from the Tools menu.. Under.. Tools Validation Validation Engine.. select Xerces 2.. 8.. Tools XSLT XSLT Engine.. select Xalan 1.. Click OK and Xerces and Xalan will now be activated..

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