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  • Title: XKPasswd - Secure Memorable Passwords
    Descriptive info: .. Inspired by.. XKCD.. and.. Password Hay Stacks.. Password Generator.. WARNING - JavaScript is disabled, and without it, this password generator cannot function!.. Presets.. Words.. Number of Words:.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. Word Length:.. minumum.. 11.. 12.. ,.. maximum.. 13.. 14.. 15.. 16.. Case Transformation:.. none - leave capitalisation unchanged from the dictionary.. CONVERT ALL WORDS TO UPPER CASE.. convert all words to lower case.. Capitalise First Letter Of Every Word.. alternate THE case OF each SUBSEQUENT word.. RANDOMLY convert each WORD to UPPER OR lower CASE.. 133+ Substitutions:.. a -> 4.. e -> 3.. i -> !.. o -> 0.. s -> $.. t -> +.. Separator.. No Separator.. Randomly Chosen.. Custom:.. Numbers.. Digits before words:.. 0.. Digits after words:.. Padding.. Use the Separator Character.. Use a Random Character.. Use a Custom Character:.. Padding Type:.. Fixed-length padding.. Adaptive Padding.. Padding at the start of the password:.. Padding  ...   password will be truncated to the specified length.. Your Password:.. The.. xkpasswd.. pm.. Perl Module.. This site is powered by the.. Perl Module, and serves as a good examples of its capabilities.. The module has been released under the FreeBSD license, so it is completely free to use, even within commercial products, providing the two terms of the FreeBSD license are observed.. Bascially, you can re-use the library as long as credit is given, the author's copyright notices are preserved, and you promise not to take legal action against the author if the code gives you problems.. The module can be downloaded from the author's website:.. www.. bartb.. ie/xkpasswd.. The Comic that Inspired This Tool.. Credits.. Website and underlying password generation library (.. ) by.. Bart Busschots.. Banner by.. Stu Helm.. (containing artwork from the.. XKCD Web Comic.. ).. Form validation icons from.. Silk Icons by FAMFAMFAM.. Animated 'processing' icon generated at.. ajaxload.. info..

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