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  • Title: www.xiie.net - Home!
    Descriptive info: .. Email.. Password.. 0 members online now.. 29 visitors online now.. Login.. Reset Password.. Home.. Store.. Blog.. Events.. Playlists.. FAQ.. Why Join?.. Sign Up.. FIND:.. music.. artists.. albums.. tracks.. people.. videos.. 0-9.. A.. B.. C.. D.. E.. F.. G.. H.. I.. J.. K.. L.. M.. N.. O.. P.. Q.. R.. S.. T.. U.. V.. W.. X.. Y.. Z.. All Genres.. Acapella.. Acid.. Acoustic.. Alternative.. Alternative Rock.. Ambient.. Avantgarde.. Ballad.. Bass.. Beat.. Big Band.. Bluegrass.. Blues.. Booty Bass.. BritPop.. Celtic.. Christian Gangsta Rap.. Christian Rap.. Christian Rock.. Classic Rock.. Classical.. Club.. Club-House.. Comedy.. Contemporary Christian.. Country.. Crossover.. Dance.. Darkwave.. Death Metal.. Disco.. Drum Bass.. Drum Solo.. Easy Listening.. Electronic.. Ethnic.. Euro-House.. Euro-Techno.. Fast Fusion.. Folk.. Folk-Rock.. Folklore.. Freestyle.. Funk.. Fusion.. Gangsta.. Goa.. Gospel.. Gothic.. Hard Rock.. Hardcore.. Heavy Metal.. Hip-Hop.. House.. Indie.. Industrial.. Instrumental.. Instrumental Pop..  ...   Slow Jam.. Slow Rock.. Soul.. Southern Rock.. Swing.. Symphonic Rock.. Synthpop.. Tango.. Techno.. Techno-Industrial.. Terror.. Trance.. Tribal.. Trip-Hop.. Search.. One Hand Free.. One Hand Free.. Halt Music Co.. 2004.. Ole Headz.. Whats Yo Image?28 grams Later.. Road Dawg Music.. 2008.. Reh Dogg.. South End Maniac.. Olam Ein Sof.. IMMRAM.. Emania Productions.. 2007.. Olio.. Living the Dream.. AD4 Records.. Odd Toddler.. Odd Toddler.. Whats Yo Image?28 grams Later.. South End Maniac.. IMMRAM.. Living the Dream.. 76.. Top Selling Artists.. Jake's Blues.. Tyler Sanford.. DJ AKim.. Surfside Trash.. Stephen Pike.. DJ Ajm.. Swimming In.. BUCK69.. orange is in.. Waxworks.. Recently Added.. Glenn Clayton.. 9 STARS IN MY TREE.. DESDE VILCABAMBA.. Kermit's Hermits.. Hotter Than Hell.. DJ SkeptiKal.. Love you more.. Love Sick.. I Won't Comply!.. See all recently added albums.. |.. Contact.. Privacy Policy.. Terms of Service..

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  • Title: www.xiie.net - Searching Users
    Descriptive info: 30 visitors online now.. Search For People.. FIND.. Full search..

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  • Title: www.xiie.net - Home!
    Descriptive info: 100..

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  • Title: www.xiie.net - Xiie Store
    Descriptive info: Cart.. Check Out.. $0.. Categories.. Advanced.. Beginner.. Chords.. Intermediate.. Interview.. Mixing.. Music Theory.. Scales.. Songs.. Tutorial.. Video.. Xiie Store.. Add To Cart.. Working as a Sound Developer.. Order Now for Free!.. Visual Realm of the Software Mixer.. The Perfect Mix.. Clarifying Sonic Imagery.. Next.. Podcasts.. Acheiving Stardom In Today's Music Society..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: Fatal error: Call to undefined function easter_date() in /srv/www/webapps/xiie.. net/inc/Page/Event.. php on line 57..

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  • Title: www.xiie.net - SearchPlaylist
    Descriptive info: 31 visitors online now.. Search For Playlist.. Showing: 1 to 9 of 44 Playlists Found.. Brian O'Blivion Loves Girl on Top!.. Created by: Brian O'Blivion.. Mod Date: Aug 01, 2008.. Hits: 49.. Girl On Top - Cherry Blossoms.. mp3.. 0.. 25.. Girl On Top - Army Nation.. Superman/Girl on Top.. Girl On Top - Always.. Girl On Top - Paint It Black.. Listen Now.. $1.. Buy Now.. Sample Stinkin Dead Buffalo!.. Hits: 20.. Enough.. Do Ya?.. Torn.. Why.. Tickle My Fancy.. Good Times Never Come.. Virual Lover.. Slippery Slope.. No Excuses.. Sweet Sweet Thing.. Ice Cold Beer.. Negative Side Of Nothing.. My Friend.. Once Had.. $3.. 50.. 5 Reasons to Love Jake's Blues.. Mod Date: Aug 04, 2008.. Hits: 21.. Never Change.. 79.. Just A Fool.. Take It Easy On Me.. Moondog.. Castle Walls.. 20.. $2.. 82..  ...   The Last Of Few.. I'll See You At Some Point No Doubt.. A Joy To Behold.. 75.. Great Music!.. Created by: Jay.. Hits: 19.. I Need Love.. 99.. Let's Get Thru It.. San Jose.. Hanna.. Sentimental Moonlight.. I Learned It From You.. Bulletproof Heart.. Spiritual Tragedy.. The games that people play.. Nobody to blame.. 00.. $9.. 90.. Lessons in Blues.. Mod Date: Aug 12, 2008.. Hits: 16.. Livin' At The Crossroads.. We Came To Party.. 10.. Buck69 - T Town.. Buck69 - Misery.. Tall Drink of Water.. Kissed It Goodbye.. $4.. Hits: 10.. PLAYLIST 1.. Created by: leonardives.. Hits: 9.. LET ME BE - BIG MIX.. EMPTY LIFE.. SWEET LOVE.. THE VIBE.. BASS.. LET ME BE - ORIGINAL MIX.. GHOST TRAIN.. KEEP ME DANCING.. ALL THE LOVE.. LUV U IN THE MORNING.. Created by: kristid2488.. Hits: 2..

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  • Title: www.xiie.net - Default
    Descriptive info: Editing Profile.. How do I edit my artist info?.. Answer:.. 1.. Log into your Xiie account.. 2.. Click on "Artist" in the menu bar, at the top of the page.. 3.. Click on the artist name you wish to edit.. This will open your "Artist Edit" page, where you can add or make changes to your Photos, Status, Postal Code, Region, Main Genre, Sub Genre, Biography, Members, Influences, Label, Contact Email, and Change or Create a New Album.. 4.. Be sure to hit "Save" at the bottom of the page, to save your edits.. Featured Artists.. How does an artist get their music featured on the home page?.. Xiie's A&R Department select artists and/or albums to be featured weekly, on the home page, in the "Featured Artists" section.. Artists are selected based on standout music, photos or by request.. Artists may also wish to be featured in Xiie's "Spotlight" section on the home page.. This is an ad placement spot that features the artists photo, price of album or a particular sale or message that links directly to the artists profile page.. Artists can request "Spotlight" placement, at no charge.. If you are an artist interested in "Featured" and/or "Spotlight" page placement, please send your requests to contact@xiie.. net.. Your request will be reviewed by Xiie's A&R Department and you will be contacted via email, if additional information is required.. How does an artist get placement in the "Spotlight" section?.. Artists may wish to be featured in Xiie's "Spotlight" section on the home page.. Fees and Compensation.. What is the fee for signing up?.. The only required fee is $15 per year.. There are two ways to cover this fee.. You can choose to pay the full amount upon sign up, or you can choose the "deferred payment" option.. If you choose to pay the full amount, you immediately begin to receive payout for each track sold.. If you choose the "deferred payment" method, Xiie will keep 100% of your sales until the $15 sign up fee has been reconciled through MP3 sales.. After you have sold your first $15, you will begin receiving your portion of all sales.. Where can I keep track of my sales?.. Log in to your account.. Click on "Artist" on the home bar near the top of the page.. Click on your Artist name.. Your sales will appear on the right side under "Payment Balance".. How do I get paid?.. When your  ...   How do I upload my music?.. We offer two ways to place your music on Xiie - you can either "upload" it or mail it to us, either way is fine.. Uploading: 1.. You can upload your MP3s directly from any computer, by following these simple steps: A.. Click on "Artist" in the menu bar near the top of the page.. Click "Upload".. Under "Select album and track price", Click on "Create New".. In that space, fill in the title of the album.. You can adjust the "Default Track Price" at that time.. The price you enter in that space will automatically price each song at that same price.. The prices for each song can be adjusted individually, at any time in the future.. Click the "file" icon under "Select tracks and upload.. " You can choose all of your MP3 files at once or you may upload them individually.. Hit the button that says, "click this to start upload".. You may edit your song names and adjust prices, once your songs are uploaded to the site.. You will then be redirected to the "Song Edit" page.. On this page, you can enter the title of the song, genres, credits, price you would like to charge, and any other relevant information.. If you've already created an album and want to add or edit tracks, click the "Use Existing" option and choose the title of the album for which you would like to edit.. Be sure that all of your album information is entered correctly, including: album title, album art, genres, credits, etc.. You can also set up a discount for your fans who buy the entire album, if you like, by entering a percentage amount that the user will receive "off" of the total album price.. You may create as many albums as you choose.. There is no limit.. Mailing: 2.. The second way to get your music on Xiie, is to send your CD directly to us, via mail.. Create your "Artist Profile" following the instructions on the site.. Mail your CD(s), with all album & track information, genres, and prices you prefer to: Xiie.. net ATTN: A & R Dept.. O.. Box 935 Angleton, TX 77516 C.. When we receive the CD(s), we will upload them to your profile, and notify you when the upload is complete.. We will also then set your profile to "Online".. Please include a valid email address where we can reach you..

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  • Title: www.xiie.net - Why Join Xiie.net?
    Descriptive info: Discover New Music.. At Xiie.. net, you will discover original music from the creators of the tunes themselves.. The Xiie Community of friends will connect you to other music listeners that share your tastes in music, hobbies, and other interests.. Xiie shows you what other people with similar tastes have downloaded.. Also, our music "editors" create playlists in all genres to introduce you to new music, set moods for parties and events, or to play directly from your profile.. Direct from Artist to You.. net, artists set the prices for their music, with tracks starting as low as 10 cents.. We are able to pass the discount to you because you're not paying inflated CD prices.. In other  ...   With Xiie.. net's Download Protection Plan (DPP), our users are able to continue to download a purchased track as many times as they want, from any computer, for just US$12 a year.. The DPP also ensures that you get to keep the track, even if it has been removed from the artist due to cancellation.. DRM-Free MP3s.. net, there is no DRM (Digital Rights Management), or any other restriction to limit your use of our digital media.. All of our music is offered as CD-quality MP3s that play on all digital media players.. You may burn unlimited numbers of CDs, and more importantly, even if you cancel your subscription with Xiie, the music remains yours.. Sign Up Now..

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  • Title: www.xiie.net - User Sign Up
    Descriptive info: Listeners.. Create your Profile.. Discover and share new music.. Find shows in your area.. Make friends.. Create playlists.. Tell me more.. Artists.. Get Discovered.. Sell your music.. Expose your music to the world.. List your events.. Required Information.. First Name.. Middle Initial/Name.. Last Name.. Email Address.. Verify Email Address.. Password.. Verify Password.. I agree to the Xiie..

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  • Title: www.xiie.net - One Hand Free
    Descriptive info: , 2004.. Title.. Length.. Price.. Now You Know.. 05:13.. 89.. Come On Strong.. 04:29.. I Told You.. 05:01.. Days.. 02:47.. Lay Your Body Down.. 03:40.. If I See You.. 04:50.. Devil's Tongue.. 03:35.. Pretend.. 05:25.. 1963.. School.. 05:33.. Select / Deselect All.. Listen.. Purchase.. 45:23.. 8.. Credits.. Andrew Blowen - vocals, organ, electric piano, acoustic piano, synth.. Geoff Taylor - bass, guitar.. Kelly Bower - drums.. Basil Clark - guitar.. Josh DiJoseph -  ...   Submit.. Cancel.. Johnny Houston.. Written: Friday June 06, 2008 07:03 pm.. "Pretend" showcases whispering vocal talent.. Very impressive delivery.. The tune "Pretend" softly requests your attention as the vocal track is laid down in such a way that it allows Andrew Blowen, Lead Vocals, to deliver an impressive, heart felt verse.. Congrats to the band for building such a commanding presence by incorporating a softer approach behind Mr.. Blowen's delivery.. Very impressive indeed..

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  • Title: www.xiie.net - Whats Yo Image?28 grams Later
    Descriptive info: Road Dawg Music, 2008.. No Mo Playin'.. 04:49.. Kindness 4 Weakness.. 03:02.. Bend a Corner.. Hit The Flo.. 04:01.. 16:41.. 96.. Produced by Ron Talley and Voo Doo.. Written by Randy Holmes and Damian Fields.. No reviews found!..

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    Archived pages: 288