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    Archived pages: 444 . Archive date: 2013-12.

  • Title: Blue Neon - Behold the power of cheese!
    Descriptive info: .. Blue Neon.. In loving memory of Wesley Willis.. The Comic!.. Latest Comic.. Archive.. About.. Story.. Other Stuff.. Rants.. Ask Tiger.. /proc/kcore.. Fnord!.. Whiteboard.. Photo Gallery.. Links.. Other Nonsense.. FnordTran.. FnordKu.. C-60 Combat Bus.. Zany Comic Outtakes.. Fun With Fractals.. Project TAF.. Elsewhere.. Random Link.. :.. Basil Flint, Private Investigator.. OnlineComics.. net.. Mammals may be cute and fuzzy, but snails need love too.. SNAIL POWER.. Click here to e-mail me.. Remove.. invalid.. Spam is INVALID and will be fed to.. SpamCop.. I don't like.. spam.. June 22, 2009:.. There's.. a new comic up.. , and it's far more interesting than my rambling here.. I do have a couple of other links for you though:.. An Arbuckle Thanksgiving.. An Arbuckle Christmas.. Both of these are Garfield holiday specials with Odie and Garfield carefully removed.. The end result is hilarious, just as.. Garfield Minus Garfield.. itself is.. Speaking of cartoons.. out of curiosity, does anyone know what became of the International Museum of Cartoon Art?.. Their website used to be here.. , and the last I heard, they were working on opening up in the ground floor of the Empire State Building in New York City.. However, now, the website's deader than the humor of a United Features Syndicate writers' pool, and the collection appears to have possibly moved over to.. Ohio State University.. The once associated Delbo Cartoon Camp might or might not still be around? I can't really tell.. I'd kinda like to see this cartoon library and museum.. SENSYAMAN.. January 27, 2009:.. This is bananas - B - A - N - A - N - A - S.. Does anyone else think it's strange that I haven't really done anything with this comic in like, forever? Well, I do indeed to change that.. It's really something I enjoy.. I've got some grand plans for it, all of which are utter nonsense as usual.. Glee.. As for other things.. the Bravo November blog keeps breaking.. I know its content is currently inaccessible, and I'm going to investigate why.. It's a shame it's been down, since it has some quite valuable stuff, such as me rambling for MEGABITS about nickel-based battery recharging! Yay, I'm just in time with that to see *every* portable device in the world go to lithium-ion/polymer! FYI, Motorola Impres = lose.. Either way, I feel like I live a far different life lately than I did a short while back.. one in which tons of old drama can be left behind, and I can feel more free to express myself as I am.. So, anyway.. stuff I'm working on as of late.. I just dug out some slightly aged (but stored under the great savior, air conditioning!) photographic film and paper I just can't wait to blast some images into.. You can catch me on the radio in a couple of places.. When I'm around a radio, I'm usually on 146.. 580 mhz simplex, or the.. AC4XQ repeater system.. I might as well mention, for the first time ever, my callsign: KG4CYX.. Also, you can sometimes find me hijacking.. WRGP.. at random times, usually when someone didn't come in for their show, or there's simply no show scheduled for that time.. I'm the station engineer, so I can get away with it.. XD.. Also, I'm one of the conspirators behind the snack panel at.. Yasumicon.. With the loving sponsorship of Tate's Comics, we'll be bringing you Japanese snacks and snack-based information and entertainment.. By all means, come to Yasumicon if you're around.. it's free, and you get far more than you paid for.. Anyway, that's probably all the rambling I should do on this page anyway, this is getting pretty long and I'm actually supposed to be working on a paper.. Well.. ok, it's only for extra credit.. So, foo.. If you're looking for anything more out of this little rectangle of hypertext,.. go play with a funky Galaga car wash robot.. or something.. August 19, 2008:.. Man, this has been dead for all too long now.. but it's by no means forgotten.. I really do plan on making silly comics here again soon.. I've just had a strange life as of late, which hasn't really left me that much time to devote to this.. I would really love to getting back to the silliness in comic form, as I've always found it most enjoyable.. Also, La Nina, your "hurricanes" are DEFECTIVE..  ...   run off.. Ooooooh, buttons!.. This has been a 100% pointless update.. May 5, 2005:.. WHOA, I've been slow on things.. But now I'm getting back into the usual evil habits, really.. I've updated some stuff over in.. the core.. Notably, the Otakucon report now contains some better semblance to actual facts as opposed to pure piffle.. Oh, did I mention I hate that document? Gah.. In other news, congratulations to.. MDTA.. for introducing the most retarded fare structure in existence! It's so nice of you guys to make a monthly pass cost $56.. 25 for college students ($75 with no discount!), and increase the cost of a transfer to 50 cents, while not introducing the previously promised daily and weekly passes that.. BCT.. and.. PalmTran.. have had for many years to elminate the hassle of transfers for occasional transit users.. You guys just give me a warm, fuzzy, loved feeling.. right in my sigmoid colon.. Yay!.. Um.. hi.. I really didn't mean to turn this into a big horrible rant.. Come back in a couple of days and there will be comic shininess that vastly outshines this.. I'm serious.. March 30, 2005:.. Mrow?.. Odd, I can't think of anything to say other than "Mrow?" right now.. Except, perhaps, "Nyo.. " Yes, I'm making SO MUCH SENSE right now! Bwahahahahaha!.. March 3, 2005:.. The time it takes, the time it takes to let go.. This comic's based on an incident that, for no particularly good reason, scared the fnord out of me when it happened.. Now, it's fun to look back on it and laugh! Weee!.. Hmm.. I guess the world never stays the same, in a way.. everything changes from time to time, including myself.. And this time, they're changes for the better.. Okay, I'll stop being all cryptic and add the following:.. My Plan for Artistic Improvement.. (because, as you all know, it's desperately needed!).. 1.. In the field of art, and many other places in the world.. one learns by doing, and I'm not learning all that much because I'm not doing much.. I plan to immerse myself more in my artwork, and not let a day go by without drawing, without studying the conversion of the world to two-dimensional space.. B.. I want to take a figure drawing class, to better learn the complexities of drawing the human form.. Maybe one of these days I'll even learn how to draw a car.. (Buses are too easy.. they're just all rectangles, for the most part.. that's why you see so many of 'em here.. Well, that and I believe them to be a far superior vehicle of road-based transit.. 0xDEADBEEF.. Since most of my work is a combination of conventional and digital art techniques, I also plan to improve on the digital side.. I really love.. The GIMP.. for its features and nice interface, but I think taking a class in Photoshop might benefit me some.. After all, the tools are all pretty much the same, and knowing how to use them is half the battle.. I also want to get a drawing tablet, to improve my interaction with my shiny digital box.. Thryatron.. I wish to get to know some fellow members of the online art/comics community a bit better, in hopes that I can learn from them, and they can learn from me.. and I can just generally meet a lot of cool people.. 3.. 14159.. I'm already pretty good at stopping and enjoying whatever scenery, sights, and sounds I live in, wherever and whenever I am, but it's all become a little too familiar.. I plan to explore the world a bit more, in hopes that it will inspire me to capture more of the strange and wonderful moments of everyday life almost as if through the eyes of others.. Basugasubakuhatsu.. I need to obtain more caffeine.. Yes.. And there you have it.. My hopes are that if I leave this sitting out in a public place such as this, I'll be a little better reminded to follow my own plans, in pursuit of greatness and MADNESS!.. note to self: check the.. monitor calibration.. , you silly bork.. old index.. Total Lack of Copyright.. 2001-2005, Bravo November.. I command you to go have fun with it.. This page intentionally left blank.. , aside from the Digimon porn.. (I am so shameless.. So, have you been dealt pain and misfortune by.. PantherShit.. today?..

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  • Title: Blue Neon - Archive
    Descriptive info: Blue Neon - Archive.. * This is my theory on circuit bending by the unenlightened.. One might as well just hang the device under modification from the wall and throw darts connected together with jumper wires to it.. The truly enlightened, like myself, go in there after certain analog components in the circuit and play around with their values, leading to interesting sounds without any of the Magic Smoke lossage.. The Bunchian Knot is an innovation by engineer Jason Bunch during his  ...   anything together.. I'd love to know why a music magazine would have a full cover ad for AKTIV - SCHAUM.. Wouldn't you?.. As for that song Jeremiah's singing.. it's from a rather obscure side project by Karl Bartos, former electric percussionist from Kraftwerk, after he left the band.. (Click HQ to avoid severe audio compression.. Needless to say, the comment at the end is about the machine, not the song.. The First Comic.. Home.. Archive powered by.. Autokeen Lite.. by.. Darren Bluel..

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  • Title: Blue Neon - Archive - Squeezing William Shatner's toupee since 1999
    Descriptive info: Blue Neon - Archive - Squeezing William Shatner's toupee since 1999.. This page contains links to all the comics in Blue Neon's archive.. It also shows me how incredibly lazy I have been.. Date.. Wombat.. 163.. 03-05-2006.. (Contains pants.. You've been warned.. 162.. 02-16-2006.. The Morning Dada Squad?.. 161.. 12-23-2005.. The.. WVUM.. Filter.. 160.. 5?.. 11-07-2005.. ok.. (APRS, explained?).. 08-15-2005.. Safety Committee.. 159.. 05-22-2005.. Business as usual.. 158.. 03-30-2005.. FnordTran is somewhat wacky.. 157.. 03-02-2005.. Surely, your vehicle's got a "PWNT" light too?.. 156.. 01-29-2005.. Piracy on the high airwaves.. 155.. 11-01-2004.. Initial D-style.. Or something.. 154.. 10-13-2004.. dot dot dot.. 153.. 09-13-2004.. New teachers are fun!.. 152.. 08-20-2004.. Recursively, nowhere fast.. 151.. 5.. 08-19-2004.. 4Kids massacres One Piece! Wah.. 08-05-2004.. Mad science.. Is there anything it can't do?.. 150.. 07-26-2004.. Recruitment.. 149.. 06-09-2004.. Pesky transients.. 148.. 06-05-2004.. Irrational Exuberance.. *.. 147.. 05-25-2004.. The Great Looming Crisis Begins.. (Or, why we have.. zolmitriptan.. ).. 146.. 03-14-2004.. End of the line.. 145.. 01-25-2004.. Depth of field.. 144.. 12-27-2003.. Sub-urban and suburban hazards.. 143.. 12-20-2003.. Signal to noise ratio: 0 dB.. 142.. 12-16-2003.. EEEVIL!.. 141.. 11-26-2003.. Julie blows stuff up.. again.. 140.. 11-21-2003.. The Perils of the Time Freezer.. 139.. 11-20-2003.. "Sink".. 138.. 11-12-2003.. Evil catgirl powers.. 137.. 10-16-2003.. Coolest final exam ever.. 136.. 09-09-2003.. Bunny-ninja attack!.. 135.. 08-27-2003.. Everybody wants a spork.. 134.. 07-21-2003.. Cosmo Potty!.. 133.. 06-27-2003.. Mmmm.. pudding.. 132.. 06-23-2003.. Stoopid mecha.. 131.. 03-30-2003.. The Epic Ham Radio Pig Battle Of DOOOOOOOOOOOOM.. 130.. 03-03-2003.. Mr.. Goth-Zombie.. 129.. 02-27-2003.. Jesus Christ, The Science Guy.. 128.. 01-10-2003.. My subculture is DEFECTIVE!.. 127.. 12-17-2002.. Sock-Zombie!.. 126.. 12-06-2002.. An afternoon at the mall.. 125.. 11-03-2002.. Bad musical taste will not go unpunished!.. 124.. 10-31-2002.. Halloween Terror!.. 123.. 10-19-2002.. More /dev/random.. 122.. 10-02-2002.. Is that a hedgehog in your pants, or.. 121.. 09-12-2002.. I don't know what to call this one.. Thus, "bork".. 120.. 09-09-2002.. Houston, we have LIFTOFF!.. 119.. 08-23-2002.. The NSA WISHES it had one of these.. 118.. 08-18-2002.. Invisibility.. 117.. 08-15-2002.. Back to school.. someone get an extinguisher.. 116.. 08-12-2002.. Sandra, Secret Agent Person.. 115.. 08-07-2002.. Zombie attorney!!!.. 114.. 08-06-2002.. Fun With Halon.. 113.. 08-03-2002.. make ddrconfig.. 112.. 07-20-2002.. Normalcy? Naaaaah.. 111.. 07-15-2002.. Aieeee, it's Carrot Top!.. 110.. 07-06-2002.. /dev/random day!.. 109.. 06-27-2002.. Isn't that demon guy cute?.. 108.. 06-19-2002.. When Giant Eyeballs Dance! Tonight, on FOX!.. 107.. 06-02-2002.. The downside to cheap underground lab space.. 106.. 1.. 05-28-2002.. Five minutes, a keyboard, and caffiene.. 05-21-2002.. They're gonna need a new bridgekeeper.. 105.. 05-19-2002.. J.. T.. 's Sword Of Niftiness.. 104.. 05-17-2002.. Gym Class, Evilized.. 103.. 05-12-2002.. Mystery Laptop Of Quake Power.. 102.. 05-10-2002.. Tempests, cheese bazookas, etc.. 101.. 05-03-2002.. Storm Phillips And The Hamfest Of Doom (1).. 100.. 04-27-2002.. Giant Sucking Sound!.. 99.. 04-10-2002.. See? I'm dangerous when my scanner dies.. 03-05-2002.. Scientific observation: Bondage pants are funny.. 98.. 02-27-2002.. Science Fair Madness begins!..  ...   An exploding toilet, and nothing else.. 60.. 1-19-2001.. Storm starts a comic.. 59.. 1-17-2001.. Filler again?.. 58.. 1-11-2001.. INTELLIGENT life??.. 57.. 1-07-2001.. The arrival of surrealist extraterrestrials!.. 56.. 1-06-2001.. WTF??, Part Deux.. 55.. 1-05-2001.. What kind of swallow??.. 54.. 1-01-2001.. Laser.. pointers?.. 53.. 12-28-2000.. rudy.. You.. big.. SAUSAGE! /rudy.. 52.. 12-25-2000.. WTF??.. 51.. 12-07-2000.. Toilet demon transplantation; one of life's little payoffs.. 50.. 12-02-2000.. The Great Beyond is no help; time for the Roto-Rooter Of Doom!.. 49.. 11-30-2000.. Nympho??.. 48.. 11-26-2000.. Contacting the Great Beyond.. 47.. 11-21-2000.. How many licks does it take?.. Tri-Rail.. may never know.. 46.. 11-16-2000.. Why nobody lets Asahi drive.. 45.. 11-15-2000.. Chloe's plumbing becomes posessed.. 44.. 11-11-2000.. Process terminated.. Resuming insanity.. 43.. 11-07-2000.. Ondine.. shows up for some fun with restaurant objects.. 42.. 11-01-2000.. I can't really explain this one, except to say it actually happened.. 41.. 10-29-2000.. Never underestimate the power of the :CueCat.. 40.. 10-27-2000.. See, I told you that thing was evil.. 39.. 10-26-2000.. Storm and Chloe return from vacation.. 38.. 10-25-2000.. Potted Meat: My first time using.. The Gimp.. 37.. 10-24-2000.. Potted Meat: Dustball envy.. 36.. 10-23-2000.. Potted Meat: Supplemental insurance?!.. 35.. 10-20-2000.. Storm and Chloe enlist the help of the artist, leave on vacation.. 34.. 10-19-2000.. George W.. Bush's amazing literacy and a rapidly moving EMD F40PH diesel.. 33.. 10-18-2000.. Dodge.. Different.. 32.. 10-16-2000.. Bizarre cameo thingie.. 31.. 10-12-2000.. When pretending to be human, disconnect your charger.. 30.. 10-08-2000.. Electric sneeze!.. 29.. 10-06-2000.. Storm discovers his electrical powers.. 28.. 10-05-2000.. The Accident.. 27.. 10-01-2000.. A rant about ebay.. 26.. 9-27-2000.. The sheer comedy of.. mulletude.. !.. 25.. 9-25-2000.. QSY?.. 24.. 9-14-2000.. Shall I compare thee to a pinball game?.. 23.. 9-13-2000.. Introduction of senseless violence.. 22.. 9-12-2000.. Caffiene overload!.. 21.. 9-08-2000.. I'm sure you've had homework that's reduced you to this state, right?.. 20.. 9-01-2000.. Flying sushi!.. 8-21-2000.. Florida Power [SURGE!!!] and Light.. 19.. 8-19-2000.. Iguana talk!.. 18.. 8-18-2000.. Chuckie The Singing Cowpie!.. 17.. 8-17-2000.. The fall of APRS.. 16.. 8-16-2000.. The 7th year anniversary of my drawing comics thing.. 15.. 8-15-2000.. Oh wow, more depressed crap! Yay!.. 14.. 8-03-2000.. Isaac's self-sufficientness.. 13.. 7-31-2000.. Bah, mushy stuff.. 12.. 7-26-2000.. NOAA != accuracy.. 11.. 7-20-2000.. A new car?.. 10.. 7-15-2000.. Summer vacation insanity! Hooray!.. 9.. 7-09-2000.. Robbie Williams go BOOM!.. 8.. 7-06-2000.. One of those dark and stormy night things which never got continued.. 7.. 6-30-2000.. News coverage of Elian Gonzalez switches into.. MULTIBALL MADNESS!.. 6.. 6-29-2000.. Yeah, we've got our top repair team on it right now.. 5.. 6-27-2000.. Office basketball; the arrival of Pete.. 4.. 6-25-2000.. Free Elian.. where?.. 6-23-2000.. The Office Coffee Of Doom!.. 2.. 6-22-2000.. The true purpose of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?.. 6-21-2000.. Technical support?.. This page is dedicated to.. Pat Lawlor.. , designer of.. much that is awesome.. Note to self: Forgetting quotation marks in links BAD..

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  • Title: quux
    Descriptive info: Disinformation:.. This page should help you make some sense of the pure madness that is Blue Neon.. General Madness:.. Blue Neon is a comic about completely random stuff, as you may have discovered.. I'm not even sure whether to call it a series, or a stream of conciousness.. I can't really explain how I come up with most of this crap, really.. I'm using that sorta hybrid paper/digital process that's all the rage among the cool kids these days; lineart on paper, scanned and digitally cleaned up and colored.. Some of the earlier strips were colored on paper using Prismacolor pencils, but I wasn't really satisfied with the results.. Let's see.. a big shout out goes to the following:.. Micron pens.. ,.. Gentoo Linux.. xsane.. , and.. Mountain Dew.. Characters:..  ...   be capable of generating massive amounts of electrical energy, and getting a score of 57,000,000 on.. Whirlwind.. His girlfriend, Chloe, thinks he cheated by zapping the switch matrix, but we can't really prove it either way.. Julie Andrews, Cute Mad Scientist of Doooooooom: Her current career field may not have been her first choice, but there were so few opportunities for evil present in the field of biomedical engineering, with all the government regulations and all that.. She currently works in the secret underground headquarters of the Gables Systems Company, deep below the streets and semi-pure unobtainium parking spaces of Coral Gables.. She tends to like vehicles that can be driven very fast, and things that explode.. Her fields of expertise seem to be in blowing stuff up and designing buses..

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  • Title: WARNING: If this makes sense to you, seek professional help NOW!
    Descriptive info: WARNING: If this makes sense to you, seek professional help NOW!.. Blue Neon, the story thus far.. (or, yet another thing for me to forget to update).. Preface: Creation.. It was a day like any other, in a place like any other.. A place like any other, if any other places were Miami, which, thank Eris they are not.. And on this day, a god on the other side of some odd heavenly barrier that we commonly call the fourth wall fell ill with some odd affliction previously known to only affect mortals, some that they referred to as 'chicken pox', which, despite having an amusing name, was horribly annoying.. In this god's somewhat depleted physical, and, more importantly, mental state, he decided to create a universe.. Only problem is, some other absent-minded god forgot to buy the ingredients for a universe at the supermarket, so he had to just make do with what he had.. Thus, with a set of Prismacolor pencils that had been acquired for a biology class in an earlier phase of the god's universe-state-required education, he created a universe upon a sheet of paper, swiped out of the OfficeJet 350 Of Creation's paper tray.. And lo, there was a universe.. And it sucked.. So the god tried again, and succeeded.. For some twisted reason known only to himself, which he is not telling, nyah nyah nyah nyaaaaah nyah nyah, he decided to share this universe with fellow members of his domain via a mystical ether known as the Internet.. Others were now able to admire what was visible of this universe, which was, for reasons of his laziness, quite limited, however, his fellow gods were quick to inform him that his free universe hosting service (rot in pieces, xoom.. com/nbci.. com) sucked.. So, it was moved another place, then to the great Keenspace conglomerate, and finally wound up being hosted by the master god Xidus and his server of pure magical bliss.. At some point, the god discovered the true powers of the computer he had been using to publish the chronicles of this universe, and began doing some stuff in a slightly less sucky manner.. Then, he was gifted by mysterious forces with a far better computer, one which actually allowed him to handle coloring on it without having to wait two minutes for the effects of each click of the mouse to be realized.. At yet another point, the god realized he could also write his strangest inner thoughts to the page along with the little window on his universe, something which he stopped when he realized it was not only likely to scare everyone [normal] away, but that it was getting his universe some very strange search hits.. Yes, I'm a GOD, dammit, of COURSE I know how you got here!.. And it was of course to be known that the god was insane.. Part One: And thus, there was spackle.. It was never said how Storm Phillips entered this universe.. Presumably, when you.. # make universe.. the Makefile automatically creates all life within.. Sure, scientists will try to convince you that spontaneous generation is impossible, but that's just because I played with their heads a bit.. Why the hell would they otherwise come up with the Kelvin scale of temperature measurement?.. Anyway.. There was to be a main character, a Storm Phillips, reporter and general maniac.. However, for some really odd reason, he was also to have.. two younger siblings.. , who promptly disappeared.. See what you get for leaving toothpaste in a god's sink, huh?.. Storm's parents had just discovered the ability to gain wealth and lose any exposure to the outside world, with only a minimal start-up investment, in the world of stock day-trading.. I  ...   came to be subjected to nonsense like.. It all goes downhill from here --- if you're still reading, prepare to be amused severely yet terrified.. At this point, I decided to go to bed for a while and let the pixies in my brain take over for a while.. See what they did.. ?.. A.. lightning strike.. on the detergent aisle of the supermarket somehow fuses certain nifty organic compounds within Storm's body with certain other ones contained within common household cleaners, and bestow him with grease-releasing powers! No, I'm sorry, he just got the ability to throw powerful electric discharges of a few * 10^6 volts as needed.. He doesn't realize this, though, until.. the appearance of the first purple toilet.. Briefly afterwards, there was an epic battle between human and robot, an epic battle between human and Chrysler product, and an epic battle between human and.. evil presidential candidate.. SpLuD!.. Julie falls in love with Brandon, and, unlike the persons she's fallen in love with in the past, somehow manages to avoid accidentally vaporizing him.. Chloe's toilet became posessed by a cute little demon, which Storm removed and placed in a mayo jar.. Meanwhile, Julie begins to persue interests of mad science, out of pure boredom and incredible coolness.. and some catpeople land from an alternate dimension in an aircraft made of graham cracker dough, along with a surrealist hovering betta, Jeremiah, who soon becomes the drummer for the Sawgrass Six, a band of great oddness.. Chloe copies an old A.. I.. system off a Sinclair 1000 computer in her room and installs it on a bus equipped with a nifty computer running Linux, and it becomes James.. Storm's siblings, Sandra, Bradley and Steve, reappear after he is asked to bring them home from a rather extended visit at their aunt's house.. Storm and Chloe drive off in James.. On the trip to his aunt's house, Storm manages to cheerfully ridicule a pair of evil SUV drivers.. Willow defeats some bizarre person of calculus in battle elsewhere.. Storm gets home with his siblings, after being asked to remove a pinball machine from his aunt's house, Chloe escapes, pudding ensues, and it is revealed that his parents got him a bus instead of a new car, due to a static-induced misunderstand.. Storm lets Julie play around with his bus for a little while, and it becomes Amber, a shiny black vehicle of dooooom powered by an old military cargo helicopter engine.. Bradley and Steve become terrified of Amber.. Sandra finds her incredibly cool.. Storm and Brandon somehow manage to drop a bottle of some high explosive, and I have to recreate them, and wash their sooty remains off of Amber.. Ewww.. You have no idea how disgusting a bus's wheel wells can get.. Sometimes I hate being a god.. Recreated from his inner subatomic comic particles (or.. something), Storm and Sandra took off on a late evening mission to find supplies for her school science fair project, which involved reckless yet entertaining driving, and defiance of several laws of physics.. Sandra and her friend J.. are sent off on a bizarre quest in an abandoned system of underground tunnels by their gym teacher because he was too lazy to come up with a real final exam.. They come upon a sentient hedgehog in the tunnel, who joins them on their quests, not really because he wants to, but because Sandra thought he was really cute and wouldn't put him down.. Eventually, they fell into Julie's underground lab through a bad section of tunnel.. They got their gym teacher to give them an A for the class, and, with school out for the summer, went on various searches for aincient treasures, mainly due to boredom.. Back..

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  • Title: The Hall Of Toilettude
    Descriptive info: The Hall Of Toilettude.. Welcome to the Hall Of Toilettude.. Here, you will find only the wierdest little corefiles dumped forth from my brain.. Enjoy!.. This is your last chance to escape -- click here to go back.. Don't say I didn't warn you.. R A N T C O N S O L E 3.. 1 4.. 1 5 9 L O  ...   Evil MP3 Encoders!.. 0000 1001.. The Sims!.. 0000 1000.. The PDA case of evil!.. 0000 0111.. Beef: It just won't GO AWAY.. 0000 0110.. Explain my dreams? Are you kidding?.. 0000 0101.. The New Apartheid.. 0000 0100.. Fun With Sausage!.. 0000 0011.. Furniture.. 0000 0010.. Gary Condit.. 0000 0001.. Urinals.. 0000 0000.. Older stuff.. ---- ----.. When it all falls apart (around April, 2001)..

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  • Title: Fnord!
    Descriptive info: The transmitter is stoned..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: This is Blue Neon's Groupboard.. Here, you can have an interesting session of artistic interaction, or just leave disturbing doodles lying around to scare off evil spirits.. Please note that if you leave anything nasty, perverted, profane, or otherwise lame on here, you will be locked in the Evil Toilet FOREVER! Just wanted to clear that up, thanks.. Click here to return to the Blue Neon comics page..

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  • Title: Blue Neon - Gallery
    Descriptive info: Blue Neon - Gallery.. S.. earch:.. 6 top-level albums (69 total), 635 images.. [.. most viewed.. ] [.. latest added.. latest shots.. latest comments.. random images.. ].. [log.. i.. n].. OHNOES! RANDOM ARTWORK!.. Last changed on 04/05/05.. This album contains 22 items.. This album has been viewed 3432 times since 04/05/05.. Last comment 06/26/13.. AGA's Whiteboards.. Last changed on 10/22/04.. This album has been viewed 5723 times since 10/12/04.. Last comment 12/16/11.. Push process THIS.. Last changed on 07/01/11..  ...   04/04/13.. Events.. No description.. Last changed on 05/15/05.. This album contains 214 items.. This album has been viewed 8681 times since 11/29/03.. Last comment 12/04/13.. Random nonsense!.. Photos from late 2001.. Last changed on 01/06/13.. This album contains 184 items.. This album has been viewed 17877 times since 08/04/02.. Last comment 11/29/13.. Bravo November.. Last changed on 11/28/13.. This album contains 131 items.. This album has been viewed 6559 times since 02/04/05.. Last comment 12/06/13.. Powered by.. Gallery.. v1.. [RSS]..

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  • Title: Blue Neon's Bizarre Collection of Links
    Descriptive info: Blue Neon's Links Page Of Dooooooooooooooooooom.. This is a page of links.. What else would one expect?.. For the truly curious and daring, here's my.. bookmarks file.. , pulled straight from.. Mozilla.. It doesn't get much stranger than this.. Comics.. Listening To 11.. 975 Mhz.. Nekobox.. Snail Dust.. Rick And Bob.. Irritability.. Get A Life!.. The Life of Riley @ ClanBOB.. Fellow Artists.. Deanna Echanique.. ArtFu!.. Mad Science.. Sam Barros' PowerLabs.. HV Community - 4hv.. org.. News.. Google News Search.. The Register.. Slashdot.. Miami New  ...   Grove Arts Festival.. Various Organizations.. Dade Radio Club.. South Florida FM Association.. Anime.. FIU's Anything Goes Anime film club.. Software.. SANE - Linux scanner drivers.. xsane - nice frontend to SANE.. MoviX - Bootable Live CD based media player.. Cheese.. cheese.. Urban Exploration.. Urban Exploration Florida.. Austrailia: urbanadventure.. Toronto, CA: Infiltration.. Urban Exploration Resource.. Buses.. Flxible Owners International.. Japanese bus advertisement gallery.. NA Transit - paper bus models.. Paper Bus Connection.. Bus Plunge.. Discordia.. The Principia Discordia online.. Singlenesia - Isle of Mystery.. Something entirely different:..

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  • Title: FnordTran
    Descriptive info: Welcome to the official website of FnordTran, the amazing Discordian public transportation service.. FnordTran runs 24 hours a day, 5 days a week (Sweetmorn, Boomtime, Pungenday, Prickle-Prickle, and Setting Orange).. All routes are served by air-conditioned, fully handicapped-accessible buses which travel through a dimension in which time does not exist, thus, all trips are not only instantaneous through the eye of the Earthling beholder, but, since there is no time standard from which to derive speed, it is possible to travel faster than the speed of light and arrive before you departed.. All FnordTran buses are equipped with bike racks.. No bike permit is required (who do you think we are, the Illuminati??).. Routes.. FnordTran serves two routes, 5 and 23.. FnordTran's routes are not fixed; all stops are scheduled by your subconcious.. Route 5 offers direct service to  ...   arrival times are dictated by your subconcious.. Please stand well back from the curb when summoning FnordTran.. (We HATE cleaning up the mess otherwise created.. Instructions.. To summon FnordTran, concentrate really hard on the spot on the roadway upon which you want it to appear, standing well back from the curb.. To request a stop, concentrate upon your intended destination (or the opposite of your unintended destination).. Please remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop in the domain of reality.. Since FnordTran is capable of travelling backwards through time, please do not exit the bus at the same location at which you boarded, as you may meet yourself and create a causality violation and turn the universe into a giant wad of butterscotch pudding.. The Principia Discordia.. Some other random info about FnordTran.. Optimized For PinealWeb..

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