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  • Title: Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Fix
    Descriptive info: .. skip to main.. |.. skip to sidebar.. Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Fix.. How To Fix The Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death.. Visit This Site And Get Repair Guide.. By far this was the best Xbox 360 repair guide, it was an easy and clear decision to recommend this guide over the others.. What really set this repair guide apart from the others was their professional 720p HD video tutorials.. They have really made this guide beginner friendly.. The attention to detail is amazing and the step-by-step instructions allows virtually anyone to fix their console quickly without having to be some tech expert.. They also have excellent customer support, they will look to answer any questions you may have and assist you in any way possible.. These guys have really done a great job so its no surprise that we award them with a perfect rating of 10 out of 10.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.. Visit This Site.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.. ~~~~~~~~~~.. The Xbox 360 is a wonderful game console, but the one thing that scares gamers to death about the Xbox 360, is the red ring of death.. Those 3 little flashing red lights have caused a lot of headaches to gamers around the world.. Most experts estimate that the red ring of death will strike 1 out of 3 consoles, that would be roughly 33% failure rate.. Others have suggested 1 out of 4 consoles.. Both numbers are to high in our opinion, after all you have spend anywhere from $200-$499 to buy your Xbox 360.. You don't want to be looking for a.. Xbox 360 repair guide.. anytime soon after purchasing a brand new console.. Are There Ways To Avoid The Red Ring Of Death?.. There are some steps you can take to help your console run smoother, and possibly avoid the red ring of death.. First off, you must understand that in most cases, the 3 flashing red lights are caused do to over-heating.. So, you need to keep your console as cool as possible at all times.. You can go about doing this in several ways.. We suggest, you should always store your Xbox 360 console in a cool place with lots of space for air-flow.. Next, consider purchasing an add-on cooling fan.. They cost around 25 bucks, and are very effective at keeping your console cool.. You can extend the life of your Xbox 360 by following these tips.. So, What Are Some Ways To Fix The Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death?.. The most common way to fix it, is to send it to the factory.. If you still have your warranty in tact, Microsoft will fix it for free, but it could take 4-6 weeks before you get your console back.. Besides having to wait so long, you might not even get your original console back.. Chances are they will send you a refurbished Xbox 360 console.. If you don't have a warranty, they will still fix it, but it will cost you money.. Over-all most gamers don't choose this repair method do to the time money involved.. Other Xbox 360 Repair Methods.. The best and easiest way to fix your broken Xbox 360 is to do it yourself.. Fixing it your self has many benefits.. Time, usually you can fix your Xbox 360 within 2 hours with the right repair guide.. That definitely beats waiting around 4-6 weeks.. Once you learn how to repair your Xbox 360, you can use that  ...   any gamer looks forward to doing.. Playstation 3 Repair Guide: Green, Red, And Yellow Light Of Death Fix.. We have been getting tons of request's from gamers asking us to find the best PS3 repair guide out there.. While the Xbox 360 has been in the news a lot for their "Red Ring Of Death problems" many have forgotten that the playstation3 and the Wii can also malfunction as well.. Here are the problems that gamers have reported with the PS3:.. 1.. Yellow Light of Death.. 2.. Green Light.. 3.. Red And Black Screen.. 5.. Flashing Red Lights, Green Lights, And Yellow Lights.. 6.. Freezing Errors/Screen During Gameplay.. 7.. Blu-Ray Drive Freezing.. 8.. Disc Errors.. These are the most popular problems that users have experienced, there maybe more.. Even if you have gotten any of the problems noted above don't worry too much, they can be fixed easily and quickly with the right repair guide of course.. While scammers are already out there promoting garbage repair methods which can cause permanent damage to your console, we have been looking for the best PS3 Fix and repair guide.. This is what we recommend for all of our PS3 gamers out there who need a reliable guide that can fix most of there PlayStation 3 problems quickly and easily:.. Flashing Red Lights On Xbox 360 And How To Repair Them.. Flashing red lights on your Xbox 360 does not necessarily mean that your console is broken.. The flashing lights you want to avoid are the (.. three flashing lights.. ), which are know as the (.. red ring of death.. ).. So, in this post we will cover what each red light means, and how the need to repair your Xbox 360 might not even be necessary.. The Xbox 360 is broken down into four sections, so each red light will indicate a different issue.. If your Xbox 360 console has one flashing light, than your sytem has general hardware problems.. Try to unplug all the cords and reboot your sytem.. Usually, this indicates that your console might be faced with the red ring of death in the near future.. Two flashing red lights on your console are caused do to overheating.. You should try to take a 20-30 minute break and let your Xbox 360 cool down every 2-3 hours of game play.. You should also consider purchasing an external cooling fan to keep your console running for a longer period of time.. Three flashing red lights, or aka ".. Xbox 360 Red Ring Of death.. " is not something you want to see on your console.. The red light of doom is a sign of some serious hardware failure in your console.. The best way to fix this problem is to use one of the Xbox 360 repair guides which have reviewed and approved.. Four flashing red lights is nothing to worry about.. Simply, check to see if all of your cables are plugged in all the way.. If this doesn't get it fixed, than it is usually your AC cable.. Just buy a new AC cable and you will be good to go.. Older Posts.. Home.. Subscribe to:.. Posts (Atom).. Blog Archive.. 2011.. (1).. March.. 2010.. September.. 2009.. January.. 2008.. (13).. December.. (4).. November.. (2).. August.. May.. Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Fix.. is not in any way affiliated with the Microsoft Corporation.. All trademarks content are owned by their respective owners.. Copyright 2009 Xbox360redringofdeathfix.. net..

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  • Title: How To Fix The Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death | Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Fix
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  • Title: Playstation 3 Repair Guide: Green, Red, And Yellow Light Of Death Fix | Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Fix
    Descriptive info: Newer Post.. Playstation 3 Repair Guide: Green, Red, And Yellow..

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  • Title: Flashing Red Lights On Xbox 360 And How To Repair Them | Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Fix
    Descriptive info: Flashing Red Lights On Xbox 360 And How To Repair..

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  • Title: Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Fix: March 2011
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  • Title: Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Fix: September 2010
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  • Title: Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Fix: January 2009
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  • Title: Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Fix: December 2008
    Descriptive info: Quick Way To Fix The Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death.. If you have been searching the internet looking for a quick way to fix the red ring of death, you have probably herd of the famous "towel trick method".. We have already made a post to warn you about this dangerous repair method, but it seems as though people are still attempting to fix there console this way.. So, we will briefly talk about the "Towel Trick Method" and why it is not recommend.. The Towel Trick Repair Method.. If you are one of those gamers that is thinking about trying to repair your Xbox 360 using the towel trick, be cautious.. The Towel Trick Repair Method Is Dangerous and can damage your Xbox 360 beyond repair.. The Red Ring Of Death is caused do to over-heating, by wrapping a towel around your Xbox 360 you block the air flow needed to cool down your system.. Doing this can lead to permanent damage to your console.. For the record.. Here are some recent comments from You Tube of people who have Tried the "Towel Trick Repair Method".. purobrasileiro23 (1 hour ago).. DONT DO THIS TRICK!!! It will f*** up your xbox and perhaps cause a FIRE! This trick burns up the CPU and could cause damage.. THe heat COULD EVEN BURN OUT the SENSOR! Thas why this trick works, You burn the shit until it burns the sensor and now i works.. but not until you really break it.. travonman (1 day ago).. man i dont know what happen but i did this and 3 days later the red rings came back.. tamsparky89 (1 days ago).. Why do people think this trick actually works anyway? I've never tried it (fortunately) and i hope i will never have to, but anyone can put 2 and 2 together and see that the towel trick doesn't make sence at all! I mean, why the heck would you want to make an already overheated XBOX hotter? Towels produce a heck of alota heat! Just like blankets do.. Burialprism (1 days ago).. this worked but only for a few hours then it happened again.. Conclusion: DO NOT try to fix your console with the towel trick it  ...   If you are just a casual gamer than the regular Xbox 360 console will definitely be enough to satisfy your needs.. Xbox 360 Wins The Black Friday Showdown.. According to Information Week, the Xbox 360 has out sold the PlayStation 3 in sales 3 to 1 on black Friday.. Microsoft announced that the consoles saw an increase of 25% on black Friday compared to the prior year.. This is what Don Mattrick (.. senior VP for Microsoft's interactive entertainment unit).. had to say:.. "We entered into the Black Friday sales period with cautious optimism,".. Microsoft seems to have big plans for 2009.. Mattrick has also said, that they are expecting an "continued global sales momentum in 2009".. Microsoft belives that the increase in sales was do to some recent realse games.. Gears Of War 2 and Fable 2 were among the heavy weights.. We also believe the slashed prices also had a slight influence on the increase of sales.. You can now get a Xbox 360 starting at $199, that's a great price considering it used to cost $279.. Video Game Tester Jobs Lunching Soon.. Hey all the gamers out there, wanted to let you know that our sister site will be launching soon.. This site is definitely for you if you are trying to find more information about the video game industry, and start out as a video game tester.. Before you get all excited about becoming a video game tester, you should know a few things.. First of all, it is not all fun and games.. Contrary to popular belief, being a video game tester might not be as fun as you might thing.. Now, I am not trying to discourage you in any way, all I am saying is you can not be lazy if you want to pursue a career in the video game industry.. Video game testers spend long hours working everyday.. You must be prepared to give 100% effort each and every day.. Becoming a Video Game Tester will help you advance deeper into the video game industry.. So if you are serious about making some money playing video games then check out the site:.. Video Game Tester Jobs.. The Difference Between Xbox 360 Elite And Regular..

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  • Title: Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Fix: November 2008
    Descriptive info: Is Your Xbox 360 Overheating?.. Overheating has been a big problem with the Xbox 360 console.. There are some steps however that you can take to reduce the overheating problem.. Some Quick Solutions:.. Keep System Clean ( Free Of Dust ).. Buy An External Fan.. Clean The Heat Sink.. In step one, simply cleaning your console once or  ...   might be another option, if you have a few bucks to spend.. The external fan does a decent job in keeping your console cool.. Probably, the most effective way to prevent overheating problems is to clean your heat sink.. Try those three steps above, and they should definitely help you in avoiding the.. 360 red ring of death..

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  • Title: Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Fix: September 2008
    Descriptive info: Why You Shouldn't Send Your Console To The Factory?.. You would think since you payed so much money for your Xbox 360 console that Microsoft would have a simple solution for the red ring of death, that's not the case.. Sending the console to the factory to get it repaired might not be the best option.. There are several reasons why we don't recommend sending your Xbox 360 to the factory.. List of some cons:.. Waiting Time Is 4-6 Weeks.. Costs $140+ W/O Warranty To Fix.. You May Not Get Your Original Console Back.. Risk Hard Drive, Memory Card, and Controllers Being Lost.. Waiting 4-6 weeks for your console to be fixed is a long time considering how much you payed for it.. On top of that, if you are out of the warranty you will have to pay an additional $140 to fix the red ring of death.. You might not get your Xbox 360 back, they will send you a refurbished one.. So, if you leave your hard drive inside your Xbox all your saved data will be lost.. Looking at all the risks involved, we do not recommend you sending your Xbox 360 to the factory.. The Towel Trick Does Not Work!!!.. **.. Don't Say We Didn't Warn You.. There are many people  ...   this sucks i got the rrod right now.. sredd1337.. Flashing Lights, Don't try this unless you believe in a miracle.. Chaoslordx13.. I did this.. My xbox caught on fire and then kind of blew up, i had to call the fire department.. SinOfYesterd.. (2 days ago).. it f***s it up even more, and you'll get the red ring even morethen ussual.. VenomVids.. you stupid peice of c*** sucking s*it this does not work at all you ugly f*** it just pi**es it up more you nob jocky ( Wow This Guy Was Really Mad ).. As you can see the towel trick can be a very dangerous repair method.. We did find some people on there that claim they fixed the red ring of death with the towel trick.. These people are either making things up, or flat out lying.. Even if you fix in for the time being, it will makes things even worse later on, and soon enough the red ring of death will upear more and more often.. Do us and yourself a big favor, do not try the towel trick, you might damage your 360 permanently.. The Conclusion the towel trick will definitely not.. fix the Xbox 360 red ring of death.. Why You Shouldn t Send Your Console To The Factory..

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  • Title: Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Fix: August 2008
    Descriptive info: Why Does Your Xbox 360 Freeze And How To Fix It?.. Your sitting at home playing your favorite Xbox 360 game, when suddenly your 360 freezes.. It happens to many gamers around the country and it can be very frustrating at times.. Recently Ive had tons of people asking me - Why the Xbox 360 freezes? The main reason any console not just the 360 freezes, is because of overheating.. You have to keep in mind that a game console is very much similar to a computer.. When your computer over heats or builds up a lot of dust, it tends to run slow, freeze, or even shut down.. Well, the Xbox 360 is the same if it lacks ventilation it will freeze, or the.. will appear as a result.. Things You Can Do To Avoid The Problem :.. Be sure to clean your game console regularly.. Clean area around the console of any dust.. Try Purchasing An Add-On-Fan.. There are people saying that the inter cooler is not good.. Looking around the web I have found that the average rating for the inter cooler is 3 out of 5 stars.. I have used the cooler and in my experience it worked pretty good.. It will help you reduce the consoles overall temperature and help it run a tad bit smoother.. I do however recommend the Add-On-Fans over the internal cooler.. EA Sports Madden NFL 2009 Review.. The new innovative features that madden have to offer is just what the NFL madden football gamers need.. With the new virtual trainer that helps you improve one game at a time, and adapts to how well you play, it s the perfect way to improve even the newest of gamers.. The graphics this year are also astonishing, the players aren t as bulky and the color is about as realistic as I have ever seen, not to mention the fact that the commentary is back in full fledge.. In addition to the normal madden experience, madden now gives you the opportunity to learn from your mistakes with the opportunity to rewind the play..  ...   want to change your cover, you can go to easports.. com and print out the Brett Farve, New York Jets jacket.. If you re a fan of madden or football I highly recommend you taking the time to purchase this complete version of a real football game.. If you are a veteran madden football player then it s challenging enough for you to get better and improve a great deal.. If you are just the casual gamer then it gives that option to take advantage of the new features and have fun with it.. If you are new to the madden franchise and are just getting started, EA has designed this game especially around you, its objective it to help you improve and become the madden gamer that you want to be.. Practice Makes perfect.. Should Xbox Live Be Free?.. The Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii both offer free online play, Microsoft does not - but should it?.. Most people would agree that Microsoft offers a much better online experience then the other two consoles.. Xbox Live Costs roughly $50 per year.. Personaly, I would rather pay $50 bucks to get the beter online.. Of course there are always some people that rather sacrifice the service rather then their money.. Microsoft should consider offering the service for free because the 360's numbers are not doing as good anymore.. I still prefer the Xbox 360 over any other console because online play is a huge part of the 360.. Good News For XBOX 360 Fans.. Microsoft's Xbox 360 is actually outselling Sony's PlayStation 3.. Recent numbers show that the 360 out sold the PS3 by roughly 18,000 units for the first week of august in Japan.. Many people believe the reason behind this is because of a new game called ".. Tales of Vesperia.. " which has gained lots of popularity.. For all of you Nintendo Wii fans, the Wii is still on top.. The Wii has sold over 41,000 units compared to Xbox's 28,116 and PS3's 10,705 units.. The game mentioned above is exclusively for the Xbox 360.. Source : Google News..

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