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    Archived pages: 503 . Archive date: 2013-08.

  • Title: XChatData | HomePage
    Descriptive info: .. Recent Changes.. -.. Search.. :.. HomePage.. #xchat.. Using.. FAQ.. xchat-gnome.. Themes.. Profile Directory.. /set Variables.. Windows Builds.. Scripting.. Basic Perl Script.. Basic Python Script.. Perl Snippets.. Main.. /.. Print.. Welcome to XChatData.. net.. This site aims to provide help, user guides, and and other forms of documentation for the.. XChat.. IRC client.. XChat is a graphical client available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX in several variations, but can also be compiled as command line application if desired.. Want to help out?.. XChatData.. net is a wiki, so multiple people can modify the content on the site.. However due to maintenance issues and the abundance of spammers in the world, registration is a closed process.. If you would like to be able to contribute to this site, see LifeIsPain on.. #xchat @ FreeNode.. News.. 22 June 2013: He does exist! Site moved to new host, have.. SSL version.. of site if you are into that.. Updated.. Browser.. page to reflect how to change default browser on GNOME 3.. 17 June: Made a page explaining.. XChat and Notice Placement.. 21 April: Yvonne changed her domain, so went through and replaced a bunch of links.. Formerly, I've been adding perl snippets and a few faq entries, they  ...   of Pages.. Main.. information and guidelines.. Desired Pages.. that should be added.. Frequently Asked Questions.. Themes in XChat.. Information on.. Opening links in default.. browser.. What the.. is, how to find it, and what the default files are.. Explanation of the.. servlist_.. conf.. file.. Adding an extra menu giving the functionality of the.. Old IRC Menu.. /set.. Documentation.. Keyboard Shortcuts.. : how to add/modify some of them, and what the default ones are.. Addressing issues some users have had with.. GTK-Qt.. Command Line Options.. Build lineup.. for different compiled versions of XChat.. YChat.. information and how to rename.. Unofficial builds.. and how they relate to XChat.. Shareware Background.. of XChat for Windows.. DCC Server.. - how to use mIRC's.. /dccserver.. command.. gtkrc.. settings for modifying XChat's appearance.. Compile errors.. Userlist Status Icons.. - about the graphical icons used in the user list.. Windows Alternate Perl Plugin.. for some instances of perl58.. dll not found errors.. Writing and dissecting a.. Writing a.. Text Formatting.. inside of Scripts.. for specific tasks.. Helpful External Links.. org Docs Page.. Yvonne's XChat Page.. Modifying Text Events.. Donate to XChatData.. Has XChatData.. net helped you out? Please consider donating via Paypal.. Login.. -.. Page last modified on June 22, 2013, at 05:47 PM..

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  • Title: XChatData | RecentChanges
    Descriptive info: RecentChanges.. June 22, 2013, at 05:47 PM by.. LifeIsPain.. : Add Using/Browser to site map.. XChat-freenode.. June 08, 2011, at 01:21 PM by.. : Fix grammar.. December 27, 2009, at 07:50 PM by.. : I was stupid.. DesiredPages.. November 07, 2009, at 01:16 PM by.. : did the perl scripts debug page.. Builds.. January 05, 2009, at 08:13 PM by.. : include instead?.. Feedback.. December 03, 2008, at 06:07 PM by.. : move TCL issues comment to its own page.. GroupFooter.. July 11, 2008, at 03:13 PM by.. July 10, 2008, at 04:20 PM by ?:..

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  • Title: XChatData | Site / Search
    Descriptive info: Site.. A search for more than one word will find pages that contain all of the words.. Use quotation marks to search for a phrase.. Also use quotes for text with punctuation or special characters.. Searches are case insensitive.. To limit your search to a single group, enter the group name followed by a slash at the beginning of the search string (e.. g.. , "PmWiki/" or "Site/").. To list all pages, enter a slash for the search.. Search examples.. Enter.. To find pages containing.. apple pie.. both 'apple' and  ...   'pmwiki/apple' in all groups of pages.. apple -pie.. 'apple', omitting those containing 'pie'.. food -"apple pie".. 'food', omitting those containing 'apple pie'.. apple "-pie".. the words 'apple' and '-pie'.. apple - pie.. 'apple', '-', and 'pie'.. "pie:".. the word 'pie' with a colon.. "pie=tasty".. the phrase 'pie=tasty'.. pmwiki/.. all pages in the PmWiki group.. Some.. special characters.. need to be enclosed in quotes, including the colon (:), equals sign (=), less than ( ), single quote (') and double quote(").. Page last modified on September 10, 2011, at 11:03 AM..

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  • Title: XChatData | #XChat on Freenode
    Descriptive info: #XChat on Freenode.. The main IRC channel for XChat is on chat.. FreeNode.. Here, you may be able to obtain support for XChat related issues, but your results may vary (we are all volunteers, and there is not always someone looking at the chat).. Please keep in mind the following:.. If you have a question, please just ask it.. You do not need to find out if someone is available.. Even if we are available, we may not say so if you just ask "anyone here?".. State your problem and your environment (XChat version, OS, Window Manager, how you obtained XChat), and if someone knows how to help you, they will.. As with many support areas, #XChat is primarily an English channel.. While there are users who speak other languages, you will get the best support if you can type in English, even if you have  ...   of the regulars will scroll up to previous questions and see if they were answered.. Questions may be answered 12 hours or more after they were asked.. Please don't repeat a question if you recently asked it.. If it has been a few hours and you have had no response, then you can ask again.. Keep your language to a minimum.. You may be upset, but if you stay calm, you may be able to be clearer on your statements, and not alienate someone who may have helped you.. You can ask questions about building xchat, running xchat, upgrading, scripting, using scripts, the Linux version, the Official Windows build,.. SilvereX.. 's build, or XChat-Aqua.. Please understand though that not all of us use each version, so our support may be limited and only applicable to theory.. Page last modified on June 08, 2011, at 12:21 PM..

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  • Title: XChatData | Using / Using XChat
    Descriptive info: Using XChat.. For the most part, XChat is rather straight forward to use, however there are some peculiarities that you may run into.. Important Pages in this section:.. Additional notes from the release of XChat.. 2.. 8.. 6.. notes.. Getting the system tray icon back on.. Ubuntu Unity.. Page last modified on June 22, 2013, at 05:49 PM..

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  • Title: XChatData | Using / Frequently Asked Questions
    Descriptive info: This document is in supplement to the official.. XChat FAQ.. Some of the material will be covered in both locations, but for the most part, this document aims to cover issues that have shown up in.. How do I automatically join channels when I start XChat?.. How can I make links clickable instead of right click or ctrl+click?.. How do I auto rejoin a channel when kicked?.. How can I change the color and appearance of events like Join, Part, and Mode Changes?.. Private messages now show up in channel windows instead of as new tabs? It didn't use to do this, what do I do?.. How do I add brackets around my nick and someone elses nick when they send a message?.. How do I keep text from previous sessions from being displayed when I join a channel?.. How do I split my logs up by date?.. How can I save my logs on a different drive or partition than my profile directory?.. XChat doesn't change the color of my tab when new messages arrive.. How do I fix that?.. I paste something, and it looks fine to me, but others say it was broken up.. Why is that?.. How can I change the version reply when someone versions me?.. My menu bar has disappeared.. How do I get it back?.. How do I change the background color of the nick list and channel list tree?.. How can I have whois replies show up in the current tab?.. How can I have XChat wait before sending join commands?.. How can I hide joins/parts/quits/nick changes?.. You mock my pain!.. Starting in XChat 2.. 6, the "Add to Favorites" feature was added.. Simply right click on the channel tab, and select.. Add to Favorites.. Press OK.. There is a bug in 2.. 6 where this change isn't saved to disk until you open the Network list (XChat - Network List) and hit the.. Close.. button.. This bug is fixed in 2.. 8, so you do not need to do the workaround.. In Versions prior to 2.. 6, Modify the Network list (XChat - Network List) and edit the Network, adding the channels in the Channels to Join box, separated by commas and no spaces.. For all versions, to connect to the Network automatically, in the Network List, edit the Network in question and check the.. Auto connect to this network on startup.. Type the following inside of XChat:.. /set gui_url_mod 0.. /set irc_auto_rejoin on.. You can either install an XChat.. Theme.. , or make changes to the.. Text Events.. yourself.. XChat has a "feature" that is meant to protect you from having a bot net open up too many query windows on your system with the intent of using up your memory.. So if you have more than X number of people send you private messages in Y amount of time, XChat enters a flood prevention state, and sends messages to an open window instead of creating a new one.. The problem people run into is that XChat does not automatically leave this flood prevention state.. To have new private messages once again open up a new tab, type.. /set gui_auto_open_dialog on.. To see when XChat thinks that it needs to go into flood protection, see the values of.. /set flood_msg_num.. and.. /set flood_msg_time.. If you set either of these to 0, XChat will no longer stop openeing new windows.. In XChat's default state, XChat indents the messages from the  ...   be running KDE and seeing a bug with GTK-Qt.. See the page on the problem with.. GTK-Qt and XChat.. for more information.. When you have.. net_throttle.. turned on (which it is by default) XChat will limit how many bytes of data you can send to the server in a given number of seconds.. After that limit is reached, your send rate is throttle such that your lines are delayed a bit so as to not flood the server, since many servers will disconnect you for sending too much information all at once.. Even though the lines won't have been sent to the server, they will still show up in your chat window as soon as you hit enter.. The lines that haven't been sent are added to the.. Send Queue.. which is indicated by the lower bar below the network ping below the.. User List.. To disable the Send Queue, type.. /set net_throttle off.. To cancel any lines that haven't been sent to the server, type.. /flushq.. This is a two step process.. First type.. /set irc_hide_version on.. , and then in.. Advanced.. CTCP Replies.. , click.. Add New.. Edit the.. *New*.. to be.. VERSION.. and the.. EDIT ME.. nctcp %s VERSION XChat, plain and simple.. Hit the Save button, and be on your way!.. The menu bar may be either hidden or displayed using.. F9.. or.. Ctrl+F9.. You can also view the menu by right clicking in the chat area of a channel.. XChat will use the settings as specified by your GTK theme, if these colors are not adequate for you, there are two methods to have XChat use a different color:.. Simple:.. User list.. , check the.. Use the Text box font and colors.. This will make both the treeview and the list use the color, font, and size of the main chat area.. Slightly more complex, but more complete: See.. this article on modifying the gtkrc file.. The example given will tell you which line to change for what colors.. Type the following command:.. /set irc_whois_front on.. Like all.. variables, this setting will get saved on a clean exit.. XChat by default will wait 3 seconds before auto joining channels for a network IF the network has a.. nickserv password.. field specified.. If this is not enough of a delay, you can type.. /set irc_join_delay 10.. to wait 10 seconds after connecting prior to joining.. On freenode, you can also set the.. server password.. as your nickserv password or.. :yournick yourpassword.. to have the identification process start sooner (.. freenode.. net entry on identifying.. ).. However if you do this, you will still need to specify a nickserv password in order for.. irc_join_delay.. to make a difference.. To hide joins, parts, and quits in just an individual channel, right click on the channel tab, and select.. Hide Join/Part Messages.. This is saved when the channel tab is closed, either manually, or on a clean exit later on.. To hide these in all channels, type.. /set irc_conf_mode 1.. and then.. /gui apply.. Nick changes can only be hidden globally, not on a per channel basis (without using a script).. To do this, go to.. , find the.. Change Nick.. event, select it, and then select and delete the text in the edit box.. After deleting the text, first hit.. on your keyboard, and then.. OK.. Life is pain, Highness.. Anyone who says differently is selling something.. Page last modified on July 11, 2013, at 06:23 AM..

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  • Title: XChatData | Using / Xchat-gnome
    Descriptive info: Xchat-gnome.. started as an interface for xchat that was meant to follow the.. Human Interface Guidelines.. To do this, many of the preferences were removed from XChat's interface, instead relying on overall GNOME settings.. The end result was that the interface became radically different from XChat's.. Ubuntu has marked xchat-gnome as a primary package, and so many users will inadvertently  ...   similarity in names causes some people to believe that xchat-gnome is handled by XChat developers.. This is not the case, as xchat-gnome is now a complete fork.. If you are running Ubuntu and currently running xchat-gnome and would like to run XChat instead, see Yvonne's.. guide to switching from xchat-gnome.. Page last modified on April 21, 2010, at 08:41 AM..

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  • Title: XChatData | Using / Themes
    Descriptive info: XChat has the ability to be themed, but not in the way many Windows users are expecting.. XChat's window border and widgets are handled by GTK+ rather than by XChat directly.. Instead, an XChat theme consists of the Text Events and Text Color scheme used by XChat.. Currently, there are not many places to obtain up to date Themes for XChat.. Yvonne's.. XChat Themes.. - Many different Color Schemes.. LifeIsPain's.. Simply Glyphed.. - Uses Unicode characters to give the appearance of "icons".. Installing Themes.. Most themes come with a colors.. conf and a pevents.. conf file.. The color scheme is provided by colors.. conf and the Text Events scheme is provided by pevents.. If you want only one or the other schemes, ignore the other file.. Installing colors.. In order to install colors.. conf from your theme download, you must close XChat.. If you do not close XChat before copying the file, and the file previously existed, XChat will overwrite the colors.. conf on close.. It is therefore important that you follow the following steps:.. Close XChat.. Extract colors.. conf into your.. Open XChat again.. Installing pevents.. There are two ways of installing pevents.. conf, the first of which is like installing colors.. conf, but the second  ...   for XChat, you may simply delete the files.. Browse to the XChat.. Delete pevents.. conf and colors.. conf.. XChat will use the default settings for colors and text events, but will not re-create pevents.. conf until you either install a new theme, or manually modify the Colors or Text Events.. When you have modified these, on the next clean exit, XChat will write these files once again.. GTK+ Themes.. As mentioned, XChat does not handle the theming of widgets (buttons and scroll bars) itself, but instead allows GTK to handle these.. On Linux, simply changing the Controls in Gnome should be enough to change the controls in XChat.. On KDE, if.. is installed, the GTK-Qt theme engine will handle the widgets.. Changing the GTK+ Controls on Windows is a bit harder.. There are a few sites that explain how to change the theme manually, but you may have the most luck using the.. GTK+ Preference Tool.. In both cases, you can specify configuration that will only apply to XChat.. To do this, you will need to modify your.. file, although you may need to view the source code to find out the name of a specific widget.. Page last modified on April 21, 2010, at 08:40 AM..

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  • Title: XChatData | Using / ProfileDirectory
    Descriptive info: ProfileDirectory.. The Profile Directory is the directory where XChat saves settings, and will auto load scripts from.. You can have multiple profile directories when you run XChat from the command line (as described below) and you can also backup the directories and move the contents to another system, if you so desire.. Location of Profile Directory.. The XChat profile directory can be modified using the.. -d.. command line modifier.. Most instances of XChat are not run using this modifier, and so the default profile locations are as listed:.. Linux and BSD Builds.. On Linux related systems, the default profile is located in.. ~/.. xchat2/.. Windows.. On Windows, the profile is saved in.. %APPDATA%\X-Chat 2.. This Normally corresponds to the following locations:.. Windows 98/ME.. C:\Windows\Application Data\X-Chat 2\.. Windows XP/2000.. C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\X-Chat 2\.. Windows Vista.. C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\X-Chat 2\.. Files in Profile Directory.. The following is a list of default files  ...   ctcpreply.. dlgbuttons.. downloads.. Default download directory for saving files received by DCC transfers.. ignore.. Contains Host masks and a bit masked value for what to ignore.. keybindings.. notify.. /notify.. Window.. Friends List.. (.. Notify List.. pre 2.. 6).. pevents.. Text Event layout file, defined by.. popup.. Userlist Popup.. , the options available when right clicking a user.. replace.. scrollback.. Directory containing the logs that are displayed when you start up an XChat tab you have already been to.. List of Networks as defined by.. Network List.. (or.. Ctrl+S.. ).. sound.. Contains the sounds for specific events defined in.. Sound.. tabmenu.. urlhandlers.. Contains alternate browsers to use for URLs, as specified in.. URL Handlers.. usermenu.. The.. Usermenu.. if.. /set gui_usermode on.. is set.. xchat.. Generic settings for XChat as defined by.. xchatlogs.. Directory containing logs other than the Scrollback logs.. Page last modified on March 31, 2010, at 03:10 PM..

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  • Title: XChatData | Using / /set Variables
    Descriptive info: Using /set.. XChat allows for fine tuning of settings that are not present in other locations in the GUI, as well as setting preferences that are in the GUI by using the.. command.. Replace.. variable_name.. with one of the variables listed in the.. List of SET Variables.. section.. List all Variables and Values.. List Wild Card Variables and Values.. /set * keyword *.. List all variables that match pattern, as well as their values.. Example:.. /set gui*.. - List all variables that begin with "gui".. View Value.. /set variable_name.. View the current value of variable_name.. /set.. auto_save.. - Defaults to display:.. : ON.. Set Value.. /set variable_name value.. The basic usage of /set, simply change the current value of variable_name to the new value and display the result.. irc_quit_reason.. Gone to see the real world.. - Change the default Quit message.. Quiet Set.. /set -quiet variable_name value.. Same as a normal /set, but do not display the result on the screen.. /set -quiet.. irc_wallops.. on.. - Receive Wallops.. Erase Value.. /set -e variable_name.. Erase the current value from the variable, very useful for strings that effect output.. /set -e.. irc_id_ytext.. - Remove the string used when user is identified.. Add to Bit Mask.. /set -or variable_name int_value.. Used for when adding a value to a bit value supported variable, like.. gui_tray_flags.. gui_tweaks.. /set -or.. 32.. - Use less vertical spacing in tree view.. 7e, this has been replaced with.. -on.. , however.. -or.. still works.. Remove from Bit Mask.. /set -off variable_name int_value.. Used for undoing changes to.. that were done using the.. flags.. This feature is only available in XChat 2.. 7e and newer.. /set -off.. 128.. - Disables the Text mode for the user list (re-enables the green dots).. Toggle auto saving of xchat's config on exit.. auto_save_url.. Auto save URLs before quitting to cfgdir /url.. save.. away_auto_unmark.. Toggle automatically unmarking away before message send.. away_reason.. Default away reason.. away_show_message.. Toggle announcing of away messages.. away_show_once.. Show identical away messages only once.. away_size_max.. How many users can be away in userlist before they are not colored.. away_timeout.. How often in seconds to check for max size for colors in userlist.. away_track.. Toggle color change for away users in userlist.. completion_amount.. How may nicks starting with input there should be before all are shown in text box.. (E.. if you have 'k' and completion_amount is set to 6, and there are 6 more people beginning with 'k' in the userlist, then all of the nicks starting with that are shown in the text box.. To always cycle nicks, set to 123456 (or any other high number).. completion_auto.. Toggle automatic nick completion.. completion_sort.. Toggle nick completion sorting in "last talk" order.. completion_suffix.. Suffix to be appended to nicks after completion.. dcc_auto_chat.. Toggle auto accept for DCC chats.. dcc_auto_resume.. Toggle auto resume of DCC transfers.. dcc_auto_send.. How to accept DCC transfers.. 0=Do not Auto Accept.. 1=Auto Accept.. 2=Browse for Folder.. dcc_blocksize.. The blocksize for DCC transfers.. dcc_completed_dir.. Directory to move completed files to.. dcc_dccserver_port.. Port for DCCSERVER to run on.. (DCCSERVER is off is port is a negative number and on if it is a positive) (On patched builds only).. dcc_dir.. Directory to download files to from DCC.. dcc_fast_send.. Toggle speed up of DCC transfers by not waiting to heard if last part was received before sending next.. dcc_global_max_get_cps.. Max file transfer speed for all downloads combined in bytes per second.. dcc_global_max_send_cps.. Max file transfer speed for all uploads combined in bytes per second.. dcc_ip.. DCC IP address to bind to.. dcc_ip_from_server.. Get address from IRC server.. dcc_max_get_cps.. Max file transfer speed for one download in bytes per second.. dcc_max_send_cps.. Max file transfer speed for one upload in bytes per second.. dcc_permissions.. What permissions to set on received files.. (It's a CHMOD value in decimal, e.. to CHMOD a file to 644, which is octal, you need to set dcc_permissions to 420, which is it's decimal equivalent).. dcc_port_first.. First DCC port in range.. (Leave ports at 0 for full range).. dcc_port_last.. Last DCC port in range.. dcc_remove.. Toggle automatic removal of finished/failed DCCs.. dcc_save_nick.. Toggle saving of nicks in filenames.. dcc_send_fillspaces.. Replace spaces in filenames with underscores.. dcc_server.. Toggle DCCSERVER.. (Win32 Official Build Only).. dcc_server_port.. Port to run DCCSERVER on.. dcc_stall_timeout.. Time in seconds to wait before timing out during a DCC send.. dcc_timeout.. Time in seconds to wait before timing out a DCC transfer waiting to be accepted.. dnsprogram.. Program to be used for DNS.. flood_ctcp_num.. Number of CTCPs within flood_ctcp_time to be considered a flood.. flood_ctcp_time.. Time in seconds for use with flood_ctcp_num.. flood_msg_num.. Number of messages within flood_msg_time to be considered a flood.. flood_msg_time.. Time in seconds for use with flood_msg_num.. gui_auto_open_chat.. Toggle auto opening of Direct Chat Window on DCC Chat.. gui_auto_open_dialog.. Toggle auto opening of dialog  ...   of state on exit.. gui_win_state.. Default state of the main window.. 0=Not Maximized.. 1=Maximized.. gui_win_top.. The Y co-ordinance of main window when opened.. gui_win_width.. Main window width in pixels.. identd.. Toggle internal IDENTD.. (Win32 Only).. input_balloon_chans.. Show tray balloons on channel messages.. input_balloon_hilight.. Show tray balloons on highlighted messages.. input_balloon_priv.. Show tray balloons on private messages.. input_balloon_time.. How long balloon messages should be displayed.. (2.. 8+).. input_beep_chans.. Toggle beep on channel messages.. input_beep_hilight.. Toggle beep on highlighted messages.. input_beep_msg.. Toggle beep on private messages.. input_command_char.. Character used to execute commands.. if set to '[' then you would use commands like '[me jumps around').. input_filter_beep.. Toggle filtering of beeps sent by others.. input_flash_chans.. Toggle whether or not to flash taskbar on channel messages.. input_flash_hilight.. Toggle whether or not to flash taskbar on highlighted messages.. input_flash_priv.. Toggle whether or not to flash taskbar on private messages.. input_perc_ascii.. Toggle interpreting of %nnn as ASCII value.. input_perc_color.. Toggle interpreting of %C, %B as color, bold, etc.. input_tray_chans.. Blink tray icon on channel messages.. input_tray_hilight.. Blink tray icon on highlighted messages.. input_tray_priv.. Blink tray icon on private messages.. irc_auto_rejoin.. Toggle auto rejoining when kicked.. irc_ban_type.. The default ban type to use for all bans.. 0=*!*@*.. host.. 1=*!*@domain.. 2=*!*user@*.. 3=*!*user@domain.. irc_conf_mode.. Toggle hiding of join, part and quit messages.. More info.. 0=Show join/part/quits.. 1=Hide join/part/quits.. irc_extra_hilight.. Extra words to highlight on.. irc_hide_version.. Toggle hiding of VERSION reply.. irc_id_ntext.. $4 in the channel message, channel message hilight and private message events if unidentified.. $4 in the channel message, channel message hilight and private message events if identified.. irc_invisible.. Toggle invisible mode (+i).. How long to delay auto-joining a channel after connect.. irc_logging.. Toggle logging.. irc_logmask.. Mask used to create log filenames.. Strftime.. irc_nick1.. First choice nick.. irc_nick2.. Second choice nick.. irc_nick3.. Third choice nick.. irc_nick_hilight.. What nicks to highlight when they talk.. irc_no_hilight.. Nicks not to highlight on.. irc_part_reason.. Default reason when leaving channel.. Default quit reason.. irc_raw_modes.. Toggle RAW channel modes.. irc_real_name.. Real name to be sent to server.. irc_servernotice.. Toggle receiving of server notices.. irc_skip_motd.. Toggle skipping of server MOTD.. irc_user_name.. Username to be sent to server.. Toggle receiving wallops.. irc_who_join.. Toggle running WHO after joining channel.. irc_whois_front.. Toggle whois results being sent to currently active tab.. net_auto_reconnect.. Toggle auto reconnect to server.. net_auto_reconnectonfail.. Toggle auto reconnect upon failed connection.. net_bind_host.. Network address to bind XChat to.. net_ping_timeout.. How long server ping has to be to timeout.. net_proxy_auth.. Toggle proxy authentication.. net_proxy_host.. Proxy host to use.. net_proxy_pass.. Password to use if proxy authentication is turned on.. net_proxy_port.. Port to use for proxy host.. net_proxy_type.. Type of proxy to use.. 0=Disabled.. 1=Wingate.. 2=Socks4.. 3=Socks5.. 4=HTTP.. 5=MS Proxy (ISA).. net_proxy_use.. What to use proxies for (if set).. 0=All.. 1=IRC Only.. 2=DCC Only.. net_proxy_user.. Username to use if proxy authentication is turned on.. net_reconnect_delay.. How many seconds to wait before reconnection.. Toggle flood protection (to keep from getting kicked).. notify_timeout.. How often in seconds to check for users in your notify list.. notify_whois_online.. Toggle performing WHOIS on users on your notify list when they come online.. perl_warnings.. Toggle perl warnings.. (Recommended left to OFF).. sound_command.. Command to use to run sounds.. sound_dir.. Directory where sounds are located.. stamp_log.. Toggle timestamps in logs.. stamp_log_format.. Format to use for log timestamps.. stamp_text.. Toggle timestamps in text box.. stamp_text_format.. Format to use for timestamps in textbox.. tab_chans.. Open channels in tabs instead of windows.. tab_dialogs.. Open dialogs in tabs instead of windows.. tab_icons.. Toggle treeview icons.. (Win32 Official build only).. tab_layout.. Use treeview or tabs.. 0=Tabs.. 2=Treeview.. tab_new_to_front.. When to focus new tabs.. 0=Never.. 1=Always.. 2=Only on requested tabs.. tab_notices.. Open up extra tabs for server notices.. tab_pos.. Set position of tabs.. 2=Left.. 4=Right.. 5=Top.. 6=Bottom.. 7=Hidden.. tab_position.. tab_server.. Open an extra tab for server messages.. tab_small.. Set small tabs.. 1=Small tabs.. 2=Extra small tabs.. tab_sort.. Toggle alphabetical sorting of tabs.. tab_trunc.. Number or letters to shorten tab names to.. tab_utils.. Open utils in tabs instead of windows.. tab_xp.. Toggle Windows-XP style tabs.. text_background.. Sets the background image for text box.. text_color_nicks.. Toggle colored nicks.. text_emoticons.. Toggle graphical smilies.. text_font.. Font to be used.. text_indent.. Toggle text indentation.. text_max_indent.. Max pixels to indent text with.. text_max_lines.. Max number or scrollback lines.. text_replay.. Reloads conversation buffers on next startup.. text_show_marker.. Toggle red marker line feature.. text_show_sep.. Toggle separator line.. text_stripcolor.. Toggle strip colors.. 1=Strip messages (Win32 2.. 7+).. 2=Strip topic (Win32 2.. 3=Strip both (Win32 2.. text_thin_sep.. Use thin separator line instead of thick line.. text_tint_blue.. Tint of blue to use for transparency settings.. text_tint_green.. Tint of green to use for transparency settings.. text_tint_red.. Tint of red to use for transparency settings.. text_transparent.. Toggle transparent background.. text_wordwrap.. Toggle wordwrap.. Thanks to the previous maintainers of this list!.. Original by Daemon404.. Updated by Yvonne.. Page last modified on March 20, 2011, at 09:03 PM..

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  • Title: XChatData | Using / Build Lineup
    Descriptive info: Build Lineup.. These Windows builds of XChat are grouped into recent activity, and listed by the builder's name or organization.. Unless otherwise specified, these builds are free (available at no cost, built with code licensed under the GPL), unofficial, and have plugin capability.. Included scripting language and other plugins are listed.. Plugins are compatible with any build.. 6, builds other than the official build will appear as.. (unless otherwise changed).. 8, builds other than the official build will appear as XChat-Unofficial.. If you know of or are participating in a build not listed, please let us know at.. #xchat @ freenode.. Active builds.. feature\build.. Zed (official).. XChat-WDK.. Latest.. 9.. 1508-3 (SVN).. Release Date.. 2010-08-28.. 2012-06-17.. GTK.. static.. included dynamic/WDK.. Scripting.. Perl, Python, Tcl.. Lua, Perl, Python, Tcl.. Plugins.. Exec, DNS.. Checksum, DNS, Do At, Exec, FiSHLiM, mpcInfo, Update.. Checker, Winamp, WinSys, WMPA, X-SASL, X-Tray.. License.. 20 w/ 30 day trial.. Free GPL.. Other.. SSL,.. DCC64.. DCC server.. spelling.. emoticons, faster text rendering,.. and more.. SSL, DCC64,.. , IPv6, XChat Theme Manager,.. XChat-Text, portable mode, 32 and 64 bit builds.. Discontinued builds.. zerostress.. Pu7o 64-bit.. Sergio.. Daemon404.. Psyon.. latest.. 6-2.. 6.. 8-3s.. 2.. 4.. 1.. 2009-03-08.. 2008-12-03.. 2008-10-28.. 2006-12-11.. 2006-03-30.. 2004-12-??.. included dynamic.. dynamic.. scripting.. Perl, Tcl, Ruby.. Perl,  ...   from changes in any shared GTK or other application.. Dynamic builds may handle Right to Left fonts better than Static builds with a bit different font handling.. "Static GTK".. means that no separate installation is required.. The interface has a more-native appearance and feel more responsive than with dynamic GTK.. Static builds do not suffer from some of the visual bugs present in other builds.. Support for "DCC64" means that DCC transfers can be used for large (multiple gigs) files.. Support for a "DCC server" means that other clients can be allowed to request and automatically download files of your choosing (usually accessed through the.. command).. Obsidian.. fserve (DCC file server), a Perl script, is available from ender`.. SilvereX uses.. X-Tray.. in the system tray because of a crash in XChat's built in handling of the tray.. In XChat-WDK X-Tray is an option during install, but built in plugin-tray is also usable.. For technical guides, try SilvereX's.. "Hackers Guide" to compiling XChat.. , or bviktor's.. How-to for building XChat using the XChat-WDK patchset.. Older technical guides were REALLY old and a bit out of date.. They were burned in a fire based on comments by one of the authors.. Page last modified on June 17, 2012, at 02:52 AM..

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