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  • Title: Personal Injury Lawyers | Personal Injury Attorneys
    Descriptive info: .. Skip to content.. Home.. Dental.. Prescriptions.. Legal Fees.. Traffic Accidents.. Slip Fall.. Spinal Cord.. Surgery Mistakes.. Wrongful Death.. Contact Us.. Personal Injury Lawyers.. Has something happened to make you stop and wonder if you need a personal injury attorney? Has there been a loss of income due to time off? Was it due to someone else s actions? Are you facing medical bills that you can not pay due to the unfortunate event that has transpired in your life? Has your personal property been destroyed by the negligence of others?.. If these are questions that you are asking yourself or someone that you trust, then it may be time to consult with a personal injury attorney.. Unfortunately there are situations that occur throughout our lives when a personal injury lawyer might be needed.. Perhaps you were not properly compensated for working overtime on more than one occasion.. You respectfully request your proper pay on several occasions from your employer.. Still you have not received your pay in the proper amount that is due you.. Maybe your employer threatens to fire you if you keep asking  ...   example some toys may have parts that become too hot or parts that become stuck when children play with the toys.. Some toy defects can cause minor cuts and bruising while others cause painful and irreparable facial or body scarring.. Parents lose time from work taking the child to numerous medical appointments resulting in lost wages.. Medical bills begin to pile up; especially the ones that the parents medical insurer will not cover.. Another example may be a pharmacy filling your prescriptions incorrectly causing you to become very ill, hospitalized or even death may occur.. Perhaps your physician prescribed a medication for you that caused you harm.. The error could be in the drug itself or worse yet it could be a medication that was meant for someone else.. Comments are closed.. Pages.. Interest:.. Legalshield.. PenrodDUILaw.. com.. Las Vegas traffic tickets.. Harrell & Harrell.. Recent Posts.. Hiring A Medical Malpractice lawyer or attorney.. If your loved one has passed away and you feel.. Read more →.. Filing a Workers Comp Claim.. When you have been injured on the job and you.. Tags.. bankruptcy.. family law.. Website Designer..

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  • Title: Dental Malpractice | Personal Injury Attorneys
    Descriptive info: Dental Malpractice.. Professional dental care providers are held to a high standard.. When a dentist does not hold to these standards a patient there could be a cause for mental malpractice.. Dental malpractices is when a patient is injured due to negligent dental work.. Negligence comes in many forms.. The dentist may have failed to treat or diagnose an unstable oral condition, performed faulty dental work, as well as any malevolent or other intentional misconduct at the practitioners hands.. In most cases, for a malpractice suit to be successful the dental care provider must have done something that no reasonable professional oral care provider would have done under the same circumstances.. The act performed either intentionally or unintentional is a viable suit if the act caused significant injury.. Besides having to keep up a certain standard, an oral care provider must obtain a patients informed consent before performing any treatment.. Patients have a right to decide what work they want provided.. If a dentist goes.. beyond the scope of the treatment agreed upon it could be grounds for a dental malpractice suit.. Of  ...   molested during sedation or other harm against a patient.. As long as there is a clear probable cause and proof harm suffered there is just cause for a dental malpractice claim.. Harm caused by dental malpractice comes in many forms.. Permanent or temporary loss of taste or numbness and injuries of of the nerves jaw, tongue , chin or lips are injuries that occur all too often.. Failure to treat or diagnose oral cancer or gum disease are examples of poor treatment.. Improper root canal work from using Sargenti Paste or infections of the, gums, teeth, or jaw bone from a bad root canal or crown and bridge prostheses are definite cause for a dental malpractice suit.. In very unfortunate cases, patients have died from negligent dental procedure or improper anesthesia.. Patients who have been victimized by a negligent oral care provider should contact a competent personal injury lawyer immediately.. It is the only way to receive fair compensation for the unfair treatment.. A personal injury lawyer has the know how to gather all the important evidence and fight for your rights in court..

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  • Title: Drugs and Medical Malpractice | Personal Injury Attorneys
    Descriptive info: Drugs and Medical Malpractice.. Whether people want to believe it or not, there are occasions in which medications of any kind can prove to be defective or prematurely released, thus resulting in them not doing their prescribed jobs or otherwise resulting in some kind of adverse effect that was not originally intended to take effect by the prescribing doctor.. If this is the case, a doctor can be charged with medical malpractice which can sometimes even result in the dismissal of the doctor from the medical facility and even losing his or her license to practice medicine in that particular state, or even in the country.. Some of the see effects that potentially come with any given medicine can be life threatening, or even life changing.. Thus, it is always very important that any prescribing medical practitioner be knowledgeable on the ins and outs of the drug, especially where side effects are concerned.. If one of these effect a patient in a way that was not previously described by the medical doctor or prescribing physician, it can result  ...   in some way related to drug prescriptions not being accurate or not being adequately tested by a drug administration.. In any case, these doctors have black marks placed on their medical records which can prevent patients from wanting to be examined by them.. There have even been doctors that have been sued for medical malpractice even if they did not know the potential side effects of a new or experimental drug.. These law suits, though largely unfounded and solely reliant on ignorance of the doctor, can be equally destructive of both the doctor and the patient.. Though the lawsuit may hold up in court, it is often done so in an unfair manner.. What is more, for the patient, many doctors will refuse to treat them for fear of the same repercussions taking place if they prescribe a drug that may or may not do the prescribed function, or adds some sort of unknown or undetermined side effect.. This is why it is very important for both doctor and patient to know the drug before taking or prescribing it..

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  • Title: Personal Injury Law Cases From Traffic Accidents | Personal Injury Attorneys
    Descriptive info: Personal Injury Law Cases From Traffic Accidents.. The aftermath of a traffic accident can be devastating.. In some cases, the negligence of the driver who is at fault has caused serious injuries to one or more parties and there are long periods of recuperation as well as years of physical therapy, chronic pain and physical impairments that can affect the injured victims for the rest of their lives.. In other, even more tragic circumstances, the careless driving behavior of the at-fault party has resulted in the death of a family member.. These sudden and painful situations can give rise to the need to file a civil claim in the courts and the topic of traffic accidents with personal injury law is something that can require a bit of research.. In most states, the attorneys who are experienced and qualified to handle these cases are willing to consult with potential clients at little or no charge for the initial consultation.. In this meeting, the lawyer will make a determination as to whether the potential claim has legal  ...   percentage of the money won in the suit, usually that percentage is approximately one third of the total amount recovered by the lawsuit, settlement, or mediation that the client may undergo with the other side.. One benefit of the traffic accidents with personal injury law cases that follow them is that the contingency fee agreement with the attorney motivates the attorney to work toward the largest amount of money as the settlement.. The fact that the attorney will accept the case shows their confidence in the merits of the case.. The cases that go forward for personal injury may claim damages for a variety of after-effects from the accident.. There may be claims of physical and / or mental pain and suffering, medical expenses for the injuries sustained in the accident, and the loss of income from the victims, both now and in the future.. In some cases, there also may be legitimate claims of loss of consortium which covers the spouse of the victim and their suffering due to the injuries their partner has suffered..

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  • Title: Slip and Fall Injuries | Personal Injury Attorneys
    Descriptive info: Slip and Fall Injuries.. Slip and fall injuries occur at anytime of the day, when you least expect it.. There are things that can be done should you have an accident at work or do to anyone else s negligence.. Lawyers are out there just waiting to get your business and help you get what is rightfully yours and help with all your medical bills that you incur due to your slip and fall injury.. Injuries like these can be embarrassing and also disable a person from working or even being able to walk again.. It is important to remember that all laws vary from state to state.. Some of the states only limit liability for property owners as way to protect them from people who are just out to make a buck.. Person injury claims that are due to a slip or fall are typically paid by the property owners insurance company.. It is in the victim s best interest to consult with an attorney before settling with the insurance company of the property owner as they know.. the laws and can get the most of the situation.. When  ...   the right kind of lawyer is in your best interest.. You should make sure that the lawyer is experienced in this field and know what they are doing.. Make sure the lawyer knows how to take on the insurance company and negotiate a fair settlement.. If you need to take the matter to court, they will be able to assist you and get what you need.. Slip and fall injuries happen everyday and it something that can be prevented.. Finding and using a lawyer who knows what they are doing is the best thing to do.. Make sure you find one that is located near your home and where the accident happened.. Having a witness and in many cases having proof like a film or pictures is a good way to win your case.. Do everything possible to work with the best lawyer you can find, as they know what they are doing and can get you the compensation you need.. Partners.. San Diego Car Accident Attorney.. For the Best Medical Malpractice defense in Chicago visit.. http://www.. sexnermedicalmalpracticelaw.. com/.. today and make sure you have the best chance at a case..

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  • Title: Spinal Cord Injuries | Personal Injury Attorneys
    Descriptive info: Spinal Cord Injuries.. A spinal cord injury happens when trauma results in damaged cells within the spinal cord or severs nerve tracts that relay signals up and down along the spinal cord.. Most common types of cord injuries include contusions (bruising of the spinal cord), compressions (pressure on the spinal cord), lacerations (tearing or severing of some nerve fibers), and central cord syndrome (which is specific damage to the corticospinal tracts of the cervical spinal cord region).. Spinal Cord injuries can severely impact a person s  ...   in paraplegia and quadriplegia as well as.. those people with less serious injuries to the spine and neck.. Some of the spinal cord injuries that occur are the result of:.. * Workplace accidents.. * Electric shock.. * Extreme twisting.. * Diving accidents.. * Sports injuries.. * Bullet or stab wounds.. If you have experienced an injury impacting your spine you need to fill out our form to have a lawyer contact you for a free no obligation consultation.. This type of injury should not be taken lightly..

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  • Title: Surgery Mistakes And How To Handle The Aftermath | Personal Injury Attorneys
    Descriptive info: Surgery Mistakes And How To Handle The Aftermath.. It is not something that people like to talk about but, one of the things that can happen while at a hospital is surgery mistakes.. It is not something that is common but when it happens, it is a trying ordeal that has ramifications that are both physical and emotional.. One of the reasons that a surgery mistake can happen is because in surgery, the doctors and nurses are put into an emergency situation that they were not able to foresee and they have to make a split decision based on the knowledge that they have.. Many of the times this will end with everything being fine.. However, in the chance that some unexpected bleeding occurs, extra gauze is used and can sometimes be left behind in the desire to stitch up the problem and have everything in control again.. The gauze can cause serious bacterial infection in the blood stream and cause even more problems for the patient.. Another surgery mistake that  ...   implant while inserting it and it causing a slow leak of the implant solution into the breast itself.. With the chances of surgery mistakes happening in any field, many don t expect it to happen to them.. When it happens, it is overwhelming and a patient can feel like they have no control over their circumstances or the outcome.. One of the ways that a patient can start feeling that there will be resolution is to hire a personal injury lawyer.. They are able to help determine who is at fault and they will work with you to make sure that you are not harassed by companies that are not wanting to take responsibility for their actions.. No matter what the mistake is, it is always good to have someone on your side that can help you walk through a trying ordeal and be strong for you when you are recovering from surgery.. A personal injury lawyer can help absorb some of the blows that can fall when dealing with medical companies..

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  • Title: Wrongful Death | Personal Injury Attorneys
    Descriptive info: A wrongful death action refers to a death that was caused due to the fault of another person, product or company.. For example, deaths caused by drunk driving, failure to diagnose a fatal disease, the manufacture of a dangerous or defective product, or improper building construction, may all be considered under the law as wrongful deaths.. Wrongful death claims or lawsuits are generally filed by beneficiaries or family members of the deceased person.. In some cases,  ...   deceased person would have provided.. Other damages that may be recovered include:.. Loss of that person s companionship, care or protection.. Expenses associated with the death, such as medical and funeral.. Pain, suffering or mental anguish suffered by the survivor of the deceased person.. Loss of inheritance from an untimely death.. Pain, Lost benefits, such as insurance.. In some circumstances, punitive damages, intended to punish wrongdoers and prevent them from harming others, can also be recovered..

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  • Title: Contact Us | Personal Injury Attorneys
    Descriptive info: Name (required).. Phone Number.. Email (required).. Request (required).. ---.. Advertising.. Web Design.. Other.. Your Message.. To use CAPTCHA, you need.. Really Simple CAPTCHA.. plugin installed..

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  • Title: Hiring A Medical Malpractice lawyer or attorney | Personal Injury Attorneys
    Descriptive info: Posted on.. May 16, 2013.. by.. admin.. If your loved one has passed away and you feel it was the result of another person s action or lack thereof, then looking into hiring a medical malpractice lawyer or attorney might be the right decision for you and your family.. When a family is hiring a.. Medical malpractice attorney in Chicago.. they are hiring a person who will represent their family during court sessions to prove that the reason for their loved one s death was the direct result of the accused lack of care, negligence, or behavior.. A malpractice lawyer or attorney will try to prove the accused to be guilty so that the family of the deceased will potentially have all the expenses that come with a family member passing paid for.. These expenses could include Funeral expenses, grief counseling, court and lawyers fees, as well as medical expenses.. When working with a wrongful death lawyer, or attorney it is usually standard procedure that they would not be paid their fee unless the family felt justice was served with their case.. This in turn makes them work at an accurate, professional, quick pace to ensure payment.. When deciding what wrongful death lawyer or attorney your family wants to be represented by, some individual research will need to be done.. When choosing a lawyer  ...   a resume and a certificate of completion of training or licenses.. The more people working on the case makes for the best results.. If the lawyer is presently working on a few other cases, yours might get pushed to the back of the line.. Make sure your case is their first priority.. Lastly, when choosing a.. wrongful death lawyer.. /attorney, personality is a key factor.. You are interviewing your lawyer just as an employer would ask you at a potential job.. Ask similar questions that would be asked for you if you were interviewing for a position.. Some potential questions could be; Why do you think you can win my case? What background do you have to ensure my needs are met? Have you ever lost a case like mine before? Also be observant.. You want your lawyer to be prepared in every aspect of your case.. A meeting with them in their office will be able to tell you if they are a right fit for you.. Were they on time for your meeting? Did they provide helpful and accurate information? Did they treat you in a professional, courteous manner? You will want a lawyer who is very confident in themselves, has a less aggressive about his or her personality, and has compassion for justice.. This entry was posted in.. law.. Bookmark the.. permalink..

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  • Title: Filing a Workers Comp Claim | Personal Injury Attorneys
    Descriptive info: Personal Injury Claims.. Hiring A Medical Malpractice lawyer or attorney.. May 3, 2013.. When you have been injured on the job and you are seeking compensation while you are unable to work, filing for a.. Chicago workers compensation.. claim is the next step to receiving the money you deserve.. If you have decided you would like to file for workers compensation, you can do so by following a few steps to ensure you will begin receiving the money you need to pay for medical bills, expenses and any time off you may need to take depending on the severity of your injuries.. First, it is essential to notify your employer that you will be filing for workers compensation, regardless of the type of injury you have sustained.. There are often forms available from employers that will allow you to fill out what type of injury you have sustained or the illness you have.. Seeking a doctor s opinion and referral is also necessary to determine how severe your injury  ...   have on yourself, your employer and the illness or injury you are struggling with at that time, once you receive the proper paperwork.. Include any information about the doctors you have visited to confirm that you have up to date medical records on the injury or illness.. Once you have completely and thoroughly filled out the workers compensation documents, return the paperwork to your employer personally.. Your employer is then responsible for turning in the paperwork to the workers compensation service office, which will then determine how much compensation you are eligible for based on your medical history, records and the type of illness or injury you have sustained while you were working on the job.. The more thorough your paperwork is, the more likely you are to receive the compensation you need to recover, regardless of the amount of time you need to take off.. If you are having issues with your claim or employer it may be time to contact a.. Lawyer who specializes in workers compensation..

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