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  • Title: xFX JumpStart :: Home of the popular DHTML Menu Builder, DXVUMeter, SoftLeds and KeyLaunch
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Download.. DHTML Menu Builder.. Standard Edition.. developers' edition.. LITE.. KeyLaunch.. Nice Folders.. File Extension Manager.. SoftLeds.. NetTools.. xFXMixer.. PopUp Killer.. DXVU Meter.. ActiveX.. NET Control.. MixerPro.. xFX Slider.. FormShaper.. xFX Domino.. VBBrainFNET.. Products.. Utilities.. ActiveX Controls.. Icon Container.. NET Controls.. DXVUMeterNET.. MixerProNET.. Games.. Purchase.. Upgrade LITE to Standard Edition.. FormShaper Source.. Support.. Email.. Ticket System.. Public Forums.. No Support Related.. Quick Links.. Support.. Site Map.. When I'm Bored.. DHTML Menu Builder DE.. DHTML Menu Builder LITE.. APE for Traktor Pro.. Web.. software.. xfx.. net.. Click here to add your own comments.. Click here to see all 638 comments.. Web Site News.. Issues with our email system and securing the web site.. Sun, Mar 31, 2013.. About a month ago our server was "hijacked" allowing spammers to utilize it as a spamming relay due to some security issues with several PHP-based email forms.. For the past few weeks I have been working on closing all the holes in those scripts to prevent any future issues.. Hopefully, everything should be working just fine now.. Unfortunately, due to this situation, two major things have happened:.. Some support emails have been lost as the mail server had to be restarted constantly as I was working on patching and testing the faulty scripts.. Because of the same reason, requests to have your DHTML Menu Builder registration information sent via email stopped working for almost three full weeks.. On the positive side,.. the server now supports SSL.. allowing you to connect securely to server to ensure that all messages you send via the support email forms are private and secure!.. I apologize for all the inconveniences this situation may have  ...   provides the appropriate download option to update the host system to meet the requirements, solving a number of issues present in older versions of the installer.. So, if you have ever had problems installing DXVUMeterNET, please, try this new version of the installer.. Also, as of this writing, I can confirm that DXVUMeterNET works perfectly under.. Microsoft's latest and "greatest" version of Windows.. Click here to download it now.. DXVUMeterNETGDI 4.. 0 is now available.. Wed, Aug 08, 2012.. The most important change in version 4.. 0 is that it no longer requires nor depends on the Microsoft DirectX SDK and, instead, uses the, highly superior,.. framework.. This not only means that you no longer need to download a +20MB SDK, but it also prevents the dreaded.. LoaderLock.. issue, making projects that utilize DXVUMeterNET more stable while working inside the Visual Studio IDE.. Also, this version includes some important and considerable enhancements to both its internal audio buffer provider as well as the FFT library, resulting in the most stable, accurate and powerful version of DXVUMeterNET ever released.. Of course, not to mention the huge improvements in performance.. Although almost every single algorithm has been enhanced in this version (for both performance as well as accuracy and stability purposes), the Fast Fourier engine is the one that has received the most attention, resulting in a huge improvement over every other version of the control.. As always, make sure you first use the DXVUMeterNET Tester application (included with the default setup for the control) for an overview of all the new features and to have a peak of the spectacular performance and accuracy provided by this version..

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  • Title: xFX JumpStart :: Download
    Descriptive info: DHTML Menu Builder 4.. 20.. Released: 09-Mar-2013.. DHTML Menu Builder DE 1.. 1.. DHTML Menu Builder LITE 4.. KeyLaunch 2.. Released: 11-Feb-2005.. SoftLeds 1.. 9.. Released: 02-May-2013.. Nice Folders 2.. 2.. Released: 10-Aug-2004.. File Extension Manager 1.. 7.. Released: 02-Sep-2005.. NetTools 1.. Released: 24-Mar-2004.. xFXMixer 1.. Released: 25-May-2004.. VBBrainFNET 1.. Released: 19-Apr-2007.. APE for Traktor Pro 1.. Released: 15-Feb-2012.. DXVU Meter 3.. Released: 26-Oct-2004.. MixerPro 1.. Released: 10-Nov-2004.. FormShaper 2.. Released: 17-Sep-2001.. xFX Slider 2.. DXVUMeterNET 4.. Released: 26-Oct-2012.. MixerProNET 2.. Released: 19-Sep-2012.. xFX Domino 1.. Released: 19-Mar-2012..

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  • Title: DHTML Menu Builder :: DHTML menus and Javascript menus made easy
    Descriptive info: News.. Description.. Screenshots.. Features List.. Awards.. Download.. Purchase.. Become a Reseller.. Samples.. Customers' Web Sites.. Showcase.. Challenge and win!.. Tips Tricks.. FAQ.. Registration Information.. Recover Registration Details.. Companion Applications.. Sample Menus.. Modern Buttons.. Adobe Menus.. Office 2007 menus.. Web Menus and Special Effects.. Multiple Floating Menus.. Macromedia Flash.. and Dreamweaver Menus.. Accessible menus.. and Keyboard navigation.. Javascript menus in frames.. Vertical scrolling menus.. Resizable Menus.. Tree Menus.. Tab Menus.. More Menus Samples.. Click here to see all comments.. Do you have any pre-sales questions?.. Chat now with a live sales representative:.. DHTML Menu Builder has been the tool of choice, for 6 consecutive years, to create professional looking Javascript Menus.. Complete dhtml menus can be built, in a matter of minutes, without writing a single line of code.. No special plugins and no programming or HTML knowledge required, with just DHTML Menu Builder you'll be able to create great looking and functional dhtml menus for all your web sites.. Worried about compatibility? Worry no more!.. The code generated by DHTML Menu Builder is 100% compatible with all recent versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla-based browsers such as FireFox, Netscape, Opera, Safari and Konqueror (just to mention a few) under Windows, OS/2, Mac and Linux.. With well over.. 3 dozen awards.. you are rest assured that you are getting a quality product that will save you both time and money.. The interface is unique and highly intuitive so all your work is to concentrate in the design of the structure of your pull-down menus.. Unique tools included right into the program will let you save time and money:.. Introduced in version 4.. 002, DHTML Menu Builder offers the option to create search engine optimized menus.. This means that the links on the menus will be easily seen by search engines so that your web site can be properly indexed.. So.. no more worries about your menus interfering with your.. Google PageRank.. Index!.. The Broken Links report will help you ensure that the links on your web  ...   most popular HTML editors.. You can also set your links to open on a new window and specify all the style options of the new window such as its size and position.. These are just a few of the powerful tools that you will find integrated into DHTML Menu Builder.. Click here to see some screenshots.. and learn more about some of the powerful features built-in into the program:.. Easily copy and paste styles between menu items.. Create unlimited number of menu items and give them all completely different styles and behaviors.. Extend the program's functionality through AddIns and highly specialized features:.. Create Collapsible Menus.. Highlight menu items.. and even.. keep menu items open.. so users know the section they're in.. Allow your users to navigate the menus using the keyboard.. Create menus that mimic tabs.. Use your own javascript code.. to extend or modify the basic behavior of the menus.. Insert the menus inside cells.. , spans or divs.. Add form elements into your menus.. Navigate the menus using the keyboard.. Display your menus using cool animation effects.. and the list could go on forever!.. Customer comments.. Your hard work is much appreciated! Your program is absolutetly this best on the market (you can quote me on that)! It's easy to use (I'll be providing tutoring on the basics to the 6 departments that will each be buying a copy from you), efficient and durable.. And most important of all, your support is nothing short of outstanding.. 27-Nov-2007.. Reviewer:.. John Pendleton.. Or.. click here to see some real-world dhtml menus examples.. of how users around the world have implemented their menus into their web sites.. Still not convinced about the power of DHTML Menu Builder? Well.. then you might want to challenge us and you could win a free copy of the program!.. Click here for more information.. There are.. many more features in DHTML Menu Builder.. and we feel that the only way for you to really appreciate is by.. trying it..

    Original link path: /utilities/dmbuilder/index.php
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  • Title: xFX JumpStart :: DHTML Menu Builder :: Download
    Descriptive info: Download DHTML Menu Builder.. Mirrors.. Information.. What's New.. Video Tutorial.. Standard Edition vs LITE.. DEMO Version Limitations.. 8043700.. 09-03-2013.. 4.. 029.. Update log for DHTML Menu Builder 4.. 20 and above.. 9/Mar/2013.. 029 is released.. Updated internals to support most recent changes in the DHTML Engine.. 6.. 029 has been released.. Fixed multiple issues that were affecting the stability of the menus under IE10 for both Windows 7 and Windows 8.. 14/Jan/2013.. 028 is released.. Fixed some minor issues.. 028 has been released.. Fixed problem that prevented projects with Advanced Unfolding Effects to work under IE10.. 24/Oct/2012.. 027 is released.. Fixed a problem with the Live Preview feature that caused DHTML Menu Builder to freeze under Windows 8.. 027 has been released.. Minor improvements to enhance the Live Preview experience under all versions of Windows.. 29/Feb/2012.. 026 is released.. Fixed severe issue that prevented DHTML Menu Builder from contacting the validation server.. 026 has been released.. Fixed problem that could cause the Live Preview to generate a javascript error.. 25/Nov/2011.. 025 is released.. Fixed bug that, under some circumstances, caused the Live Preview to fail to display the preview of the selected menu item.. Fixed some minor usability issues.. Added support to specify the roundness of the borders of toolbars, groups and commands.. 025 has been released.. Removed all support for transparency and dropshadows based on the filter style in favor of the CSS3 equivalents.. This means that the transparency and dropshadow effects are no longer supported on Internet Explorer 8 and below.. Improved the code generated by the compiler in terms of size and compatibility with newer standards.. 18/Aug/2011.. 024 is released.. Fixed some minor issues reported by various users working under pre-release versions of Windows 8.. Improved SEO code.. Added support to specify a margin to the left and right images so that these can be moved away from the menus' borders thus providing more control over the position of the images.. As with all margins settings, these support both positive and negative values.. 024 has been released.. Improved compatibility for iPhone, iPad and iPod devices as well as devices using the Android OS.. 24/Mar/2011.. 023 is released.. The AddIns that ship with DHTML Menu Builder have been updated to ensure full compatibility with Internet Explorer 9.. 023 has been updated.. Fixed a compatibility issued with Internet Explorer 9 for projects where the menus are attached to hotspots.. 11/Mar/2011.. 022 is released.. Fixed a compatibility issue with some versions of Windows Vista and 7 where DHTML Menu Builder wasn't able to start due to a "Missing License" error caused by one of the distributed ActiveX/COM components.. Improved compatibility with the sitemaps.. org protocol.. 022 has been updated.. Fixed a compatibility issued with Internet Explorer 9 when using the "Hide Form Elements" option which caused an INVALID CHARACTER ERROR(5) error.. Corrected some issues that prevented some type of menus from working correctly when viewed with the Safari version included in the iPhone.. 25/Oct/2010.. 021 is released.. Corrected misspellings on several dialogs and warning/error messages.. Added support to specify shadow effects (through the Menu->Font dialog) for the text in the menu items.. 021 has been updated.. 9/Mar/2010.. 018 is released.. Added option to select the type of code compliance for the Export As HTML feature.. Corrected bug with the ShowMultipleToolbars AddIn that caused unpredictable results when the menu item that triggered a multi-column menu was selected while the multi-column menus were still visible.. 018 has been updated.. Fixed bug that caused DHTML Menu Builder to generate invalid HTML code when transparent colors where used.. Fixed bug that prevented the new Smart Scrolling feature to stop working under some type of projects.. Fixed bug that caused the menus to stop working under Safari and Chrome when the Item Highlighting feature was enabled.. Added support to generate both HTML 4.. 01 Transitional as well as XHTML 1.. 0 Transitional documents when using the Export As HTML feature.. 15/Apr/2009.. 017 is released.. Fixed problem that prevented the Install Menus tool from displaying some folders.. 017 has been updated.. Fixed several bugs that caused compatibility problems with Internet Explorer 8.. Fixed problem that prevented the Advanced Unfolding Effects from working on documents utilizing one of the XHTML specifications.. The code that displays the menus when using Free Flow has been improved reducing (although not eliminating) the initial display delay.. 23/Mar/2009.. 017 has been released.. Fixed bug that caused random javascript errors under Internert Explorer 8.. 13/Mar/2009.. 016 is released.. Fixed problem that could cause DHTML Menu Builder to generate invalid HTML code under some circumstances.. Improved the performance of the Install Menus tool.. Now, the tool will load in a matter of seconds regardless of the amount of files contained in the web site.. 016 has been released.. Improved the code the generation in order to properly comply with newer standards.. Tweaked a couple of settings to avoid  ...   and position -- menu items will now appear nearly identical under all browsers even if browser-specific (proprietary) settings are being used.. Fixed several issues with.. Developers' edition.. Several improvements have been made to the DynAPI improving the overall production of dynamically generated menus.. 22/Feb/2007.. 005 is released.. Fixed problem that caused the validation/registration process under Windows Vista to fail.. I would like to thank all the users who provided me with enough information to help me troubleshoot this issue.. Thank you!.. 16/Feb/2007.. 004 is released.. Improved installer should resolve most of the issues with Windows Vista.. (never released).. 003 is released.. Fixed bug that affected projects with multiple Custom Offsets.. Resolves conflict with the context menu for the menu items in Map Mode and Norton Antivirus.. 003.. Improves XHTML support for the loader code.. Fixes several minor bugs.. Improves support for project utilizing the CollapsibleMenus AddIn.. 12/Jan/2007.. 002 is released.. Fixed some minor issues with Windows Vista RTM (final version).. Fixed a problem that could cause errors while installing DHTML Menu Builder under a computer equipped with hardware-based DEP.. A new feature has been added which will allow the menus generated by DHTML Menu Builder to be 100% search engine compatible.. Improved the code used with the Free Flow positioning method.. Sometimes, when a new window is opened through the Open in new Window action, a poorly designed popup blocker may close the window causing a javascript error.. In this version the error handling code had been improved to prevent, whenever possible, the error from being displayed.. 21/Nov/2006.. 001 is released.. Fixed some minor issues with the new Publishing feature.. Fixed several minor bugs with the CollapsibleMenus AddIn.. The HelpViewer (the application used to display the documentation) now appears in the Taskbar and can be selected using ALT+TAB so that its easier to access and doesn't get obscured by other windows.. Improved performance of the RollerEffect2 AddIn.. Improved the RollerEffect2 AddIn support for hotspot-based projects.. 001.. Fixed problem with the Keyboard Navigation Support.. Fixed problem that prevented some background images from appearing correctly when the new Tile and Prevent Cropping options were used.. 24/Oct/2006.. 000.. Fixed a problem that caused DHTML Menu Builder to crash when selecting the Used Colors option from the ColorPicker dialog.. This version includes a large number of small bug fixes and performance enhancements.. The FTP Publishing option is back and it's available in all versions (Developers' Edition, Standard Edition and LITE version).. Just like in version 3, you now can publish your menus via FTP right from within DHTML Menu Builder.. The Live Preview component has been considerably enhanced so it now provides a 100% accurate rendering of the element being edited.. Two new options have been added to the Background Image support for both commands and toolbar items.. These options are accessible through the Menu- Image dialog (for commands) and through the Menu- Image- Toolbar Items dialog (for toolbar items).. The new Tile option will let you control if the background image should be tiled and the Prevent Cropping option will let you ensure that menu items are never too small so that the background image gets cropped.. The LITE version has been upgraded to provide access to the custom Width and custom Height settings for both Toolbars and Groups.. Several AddIns (such as the CollapsibleMenus and the pShowMenu) have also been updated to provide better stability and performance.. Several areas have been slightly improved with cosmetic changes.. The Color Picker component has been enhanced so its now easier to copy/paste colors in HTML format.. The same Copy/Paste styles support that has been available for groups and commands is also now available for Toolbars.. This is a maintenance release.. Size:.. 7.. 67 MB.. Date:.. 09.. -.. Mar.. 2013.. Format:.. Self-Installing Setup.. Version:.. Build:.. Engine:.. 2.. 029.. Platform:.. Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.. Both x86 and x64 architectures are supported.. PDF Version of the Documentation.. Based on numerous requests we have ported the HTML version of the documentation into PDF format.. Most of the information provided in the HTML version is included in the PDF version, except for the Dialogs Help.. If you need information about a dialog just press the F1 key while vieweing the dialog from DHTML Menu Builder.. Download DHTML Menu Builder's documentation in PDF format.. Compatibility Chart.. The menus created by DHTML Menu Builder are 100% compatible with the following browsers:.. Windows.. Mac.. Linux.. Internet Explorer.. Including all IE-based browsers such as.. Maxthon.. and.. Neoplanet.. From 4.. 0 up to the latest version.. 5.. 6.. 0 running under Wine (.. IEs4Linux.. Netscape.. 0, 6.. 0, 7.. 0, 8.. 0 and above.. FireFox.. Including all Mozilla-based browsers.. All Versions.. Opera.. From 7.. From 9.. n/a.. Safari.. 3.. 1.. Konqueror.. Including all KHTML-based browsers.. 2 and above.. Epiphany.. Camino.. 0.. 8 and above.. Google Chrome.. Alternate Download Links.. FileFishstick:.. DHTML Menu Builder download.. Brothersoft:..

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  • Title: xFX JumpStart :: DHTML Menu Builder DE :: Download
    Descriptive info: Documentation.. Download DHTML Menu Builder DE.. Based on DHTML Menu Builder Standard Edition 4.. 029.. 8555341.. 8.. 16 MB.. 000.. Windows 95, 98, 98SE, Me, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista..

    Original link path: /utilities/dmbuilderde/download.php
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  • Title: xFX JumpStart :: DHTML Menu Builder LITE :: Download
    Descriptive info: LITE vs Standard Edition.. Download DHTML Menu Builder LITE.. Feature comparison between LITE and Standard Edition.. 7781041.. 42 MB.. 028.. The menus created by DHTML Menu Builder LITE are 100% compatible with the following browsers:..

    Original link path: /utilities/dmbuilderlite/download.php
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  • Title: xFX JumpStart :: KeyLaunch :: Download
    Descriptive info: Training Videos.. Download KeyLaunch.. 64 MB.. 11-Feb-2005.. Windows.. 007..

    Original link path: /utilities/kl/download.php
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  • Title: xFX JumpStart :: Nice Folders :: Download
    Descriptive info: Tutorial.. Download Nice Folders.. 48 MB.. 10-Aug-2004.. 001..

    Original link path: /utilities/nicefolders/download.php
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  • Title: xFX JumpStart :: File Extension Manager :: Download
    Descriptive info: Download File Extension Manager.. 7 MB.. 02-Sep-2005..

    Original link path: /utilities/fem/download.php
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  • Title: xFX JumpStart :: SoftLeds :: Download
    Descriptive info: Download SoftLeds.. 84 MB.. 02-May-2013.. All versions of Windows since Windows XP,.. including Windows 7 and 8 for both x86 and x64.. 009..

    Original link path: /utilities/softleds/download.php
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  • Title: xFX JumpStart :: NetTools :: Download
    Descriptive info: Download NetTools.. 85 MB.. 24-Mar-2004.. 008..

    Original link path: /utilities/nettools/download.php
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