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  • Title: Reading Data Centre: Leading Broadband Internet Provider delivering Managed Server Hosting services, Colocation, Dedicated Servers, Managed Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, Managed Servers, Bonded ADSL, etc.
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Connectivity.. Leased Lines.. Metro Interconnect.. EFM.. Managed ADSL.. Bonded ADSL.. Hosting.. Colocation.. Managed Servers.. IP Transit.. SAAS.. MailPatroller.. Support.. About Us.. Our Network.. Jobs.. Contact Us.. Blog.. Xifos News.. Visit the new Xifos Blog @ http://blog.. xifos.. net.. Fibre to the Cabinet Availability – Xifos.. Opens Reading DataCentre – Xifos.. New Website @ Xifos.. Colocation packages that are Scalable, Flexible, Efficient and Secure, with good Connectivity.. In 2010, Xifos built its first.. Reading Datacentre.. , designed to provide the highest quality network performance.. There is a central focus on redundancy, both power, environment and network.. Our.. Reading DataCentre.. is privately owned by us, designed by us, built by us and run by us.. We are not dependent upon any 3rd-Party company.. We are proud to offer high quality.. Reading Colocation.. services at an affordable  ...   managed hosting and are a leading force in colocation.. We help every customer find what they need, not what they don't.. If it is a single hosted email account to a number of managed racks in our Reading DataCentre we will provide a value for money solution.. We will not be beaten on our.. prices.. If you are interested in Reading Colocation or want to arrange a visit to our.. , please contact us.. Follow @xifosreading.. Get in Touch.. Telephone 0118 321 9944.. Email.. Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Leased Lines UK | Bonded SDSL ADSL Lines, Cisco Routers | Reading Colocation Server Hosting | Broadband Internet Service Provider | Rackspace Managed Hosting Reading.. Copyright 2002-2012 Xifos Limited.. Registered in England with Companies House No.. 04599510.. All prices exclude VAT.. Terms and Conditions.. You're using :.. IPv4..

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  • Title: Managed Leased Lines - Cheap Leased Line UK
    Descriptive info: Leased Lines - National Ethernet.. At Xifos we try to offer the most competitively priced Ethernet Leased Lines UK.. Contact our sales team on 01183219944 for all you Leased Line UK requirements.. We utilise three main carriers to deliver our Ethernet.. Leased Lines UK.. Firstly VirginMedia; they have huge coverage around the UK and around 85% of business premises are on-net, avoiding the need to use a BT Tail back to the nearest Point of Presence (POP).. Secondly, GlobalCrossing; have a good dark-fibre network based trackside along most of the UK's railways, however most circuits require BT Openreach tails due to very low on-net coverage, but a large number of POP's.. Finally for anything.. We also offer ADSL / SDSL Backup as an option on all of our National Ethernet.. , ensuring ultimate reliability.. Service Level Agreement.. We offer 99.. 95% SLA on  ...   which is manned by our own in house staff based at our Reading Operations Center.. Low Latency.. Due to the nature of our Business Services we utilise the 'best of breed' networks.. For more information please see our Network Information page.. Routed IP Addresses.. We normally issue all customers with a block of IP address's to suite their needs.. We ask you to plan for future expansion for a further 24 Months.. Native IPv6 Connectivity.. We provide full native IPv6 addressing to your National Ethernet Leased Line.. We operate a dual-stacked approach allowing both IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously, all connections are allocated a /128 address if IPv6 support is enabled on the CPE, on request we can allocate a /48 address block.. All our core network services support IPv6 (DNS, email, NTP, ticket system).. For Leased Line UK pricing please call 01183219944.. cigarrets online..

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  • Title: Metro Interconnect – Xifos
    Descriptive info: At Xifos we try to offer reliable Metro Interconnects from 100mbit right up to 10Gigabit.. This will help you provide services or have a presence at more sites for a fraction of the cost of owned fibre.. Our London network is based around the Fibrenet London Carrier Ring and National Circuits are provided by VirginMedia, Telia, GlobalCrossing or BT Wholesale.. Our Network is concentrated around the Docklands (London), with further spurs up to Manchester, Leeds and Reading.. This allows us to provide Metro Interconnects to most DataCentres in the UK very cost effectively.. If we are not  ...   site is not covered by our Metro Interconnects please contact our sales team or look at our National Ethernet options.. 99.. 99% SLA.. Ethernet Presentation.. Redundant Handoff Available.. Dedicated IEEE 802.. 1q VLAN ensures only connecting parties exchange traffic.. Increase speed of Network Expansion.. EoMPLS Pseudowire available at 'new' sites.. Current Site Availability.. Telehouse East (London, UK).. Telehouse North (London, UK).. TCRB Meridian Gate (London, UK).. Telehouse Metro (London, UK).. Interxion, Hanbury Street (London, UK).. GlobalSwitch 1(London, UK).. Telecity Manchester (Manchester, UK).. Level3 Goswell Roac (London, UK).. RDC, Reading DataCenter (Reading RG30, UK).. buy cigarettes on the internet..

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  • Title: Ethernet First Mile solutions from Xifos Reading DataCentre - What is EFM?
    Descriptive info: What is EFM?.. EFM - Ethernet First Mile.. stands for.. Ethernet First Mile.. and is rapidly becoming a more popular solution for businesses to connect to the internet or to connect multiple offices to each other.. Unlike traditional leased lines which use fibre cable to connect you to your local exchange,.. Ethernet in the First Mile.. is delivered over existing copper wires on either 2 or 4 bonded pairs.. This in turn, makes EFM a more reliable and robust source of uncontended high speed internet access at a more attractive cost than conventional fibre.. EFM offers both resilience and continuity; in the event of a failed line, the service would continue on the remaining line(s) in the pair(s).. Should the service drop, we would endeavour to resolve the fault within 6 hours, as set out in our SLA provided with the service.. is ideally priced  ...   is a fully symmetrical service, meaning that both upstream and downstream traffic speeds are identical, offering a superior line quality.. This is very important to businesses that upload large amounts of data or utilise internet and telephony services over their connection.. We also offer ADSL / SDSL Backup as an option on all of our.. solutions, ensuring ultimate reliability.. 9% SLA on all Ethernet First Mile Solutions and 99.. 99% SLA on ADSL backed-up connections.. You will have access to our Corporate Support Telephone number, which is manned by our own in house staff based at our Reading and Newbury Operations Centers.. We provide full native IPv6 addressing to your Ethernet First Mile solution.. Installation.. Monthly (36 month term).. Includes Managed Cisco 1941 series router.. 2-Pair upto 10 Mbit.. free install.. from 225 monthly.. 4-Pair upto 20 Mbit.. from 360 monthly.. buy cheap cigaretts online..

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  • Title: Managed ADSL Internet including Managed Cisco Routers
    Descriptive info: Managed ADSL Internet.. packages have been designed to support your business needs from a broadband connection.. We offer 24x7 support to all business customers based from our Reading Network Operations Centre.. Our engineers are highly experienced in ADSL / SDSL technologies and strive to offer the best support possible.. We take all the hassle out of managing your internet connection.. We supply a pre-configured Cisco router for you to self-install or if needed can send an engineer to site.. All configuration changes are included in the monthly Managed Service Agreement.. Alternatively we can offer an on-site install service.. Please contact our sales team for a price, dependent upon location.. Prices.. All products provisioned on the fastest connection possible dependent upon location (ADSL2+ where possible).. We can also provide ADSL2+ Annex M (up to 2.. 5mbit upstream) for an additional 10 per month.. Setup.. Monthly.. Includes Managed Cisco 800 series router.. Managed 20GB.. £300 one-off.. £45 monthly.. Managed 40GB.. £55 monthly.. Managed 60GB.. £65 monthly.. Managed 100GB.. £75 monthly.. ADSL Enhanced Care - SLA for ADSL.. For only 11 per month can your business afford not to have it.. This is a support option that we recommend for our critical business customers.. 1 hour response to your fault, and 16 working hours fault clear.. In order to migrate your existing ADSL to our Managed ADSL service you will need to obtain a MAC code from  ...   included in your package is listed in the table above, this is both downstream and upstream traffic.. If you exceed your package you will be charged at £1 per Gigabyte of transfer.. Use of our SMTP Server.. You will be allowed to use our SMTP server for sending emails originated from your ADSL connection.. Backup Dial-up Account.. Access to our 0845 dialup account for use when you are away from home or having connection difficulties.. Your same IP address can be routed to your dialup account on request.. Completely Unfiltered and contention-free.. Unlike other providers we do not enforce any means of traffic shaping on our network, we have structured our pricing so that we never have to go down this road like many other ISPs.. We do not block any ports on our services nor enforce any restrictions on the end-user.. Once your PPP session is terminated on our network we ensure (through strict upgrade programs) that we have ample capacity.. We ensure that we do not over-subscribe any of our peering or transit connections.. Filtered Connections.. We can offer WebSense filtered ADSL connections to ensure content control / security of the end users.. We can also offer a centrally managed firewall which can be applied to multiple sites at the click of a button.. Please contact our sales team for more information on this.. can you buy cigarettes online in the united states..

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  • Title: Managed Bonded ADSL | Business ADSL Broadband – Xifos
    Descriptive info: Bonded ADSL SDSL.. MLPPP Internet access has been used for a long time,.. Managed Bonded ADSL.. is just the same.. It was mainly used to channel bond multiple ISDN circuits to achieve greater throughput.. However we have adapted this technology and made it operate similarly for ADSL and SDSL.. ADSL and SDSL Lines are cheap compared with leased lines.. By bonding these low cost circuits it gives customers an cost effective alternative to leased lines.. All our Managed ADSL Managed services are based on Cisco Integrated Service Routers.. All 2-line.. services are provided on a minimum of a Cisco 1841.. Alternatively we can supply a router with expansion capacity for future growth.. We have three main operating modes.. - MLPPP (Multilink Point-to-Point Protocol) see wiki.. - Per Packet Load Balancing (Cisco Hardware only, works well with unstable lines 5km +).. - Per Session Load Balancing (one connection can only achieve max speed of one line, ideal for multi-user systems) We take all the hassle out of managing your internet connection.. We supply a pre-configured Cisco router for you to self-install.. Alternatively we can offer an on-site install service, please contact our sales team for a price, dependent upon location.. Another advantage of bonding multiple lines together (MLPPP) is to achieve redundancy.. If one of the lines fails, due to many affecting factors (DSLAM line card, copper fault) the circuit will still operate, but with a reduced throughput.. We have over 5 year s experience in.. and MLPPP technologies.. Remote Access - Out of Band.. All of our MLPPP.. services include a Out of Band Access modem.. They are a simple dialup modem which allows our  ...   MLPPP.. Routers and scrapes the Upstream and Downstream ATM synchronisation speeds.. Our NOC is then informed of threshold breaches in these line.. We can then take a course of action immediately (shutting down one of the lines, reporting a fault with BT) before the customer calls our support team.. We will then inform the customer of what we are doing, and they will be kept updated through our support ticket system.. All products provisioned on the fastest connection possible dependent upon location (ADSL 2+ where possible).. We have done extensive trials of bonded ADSL MLPPP and have managed to work around the technical challenges imposed by Max ADSL and BT s network.. We have many customers that are satisfied with the throughput of multiple MLPPP Managed Bonded ADSL lines.. Due to the nature of contention on the BT Network, we normally see customers achieve their full speed upstream, however downstream they normally see between 70% - 90% of the maximum throughput.. If you need examples of our MLPPP Managed Bonded ADSL throughput please contact our sales team.. Two-Line (monthly).. per Extra Line.. Activation Charge.. £80 one-off.. £40 per line.. 40GB Usage.. £25 per line.. 60GB Usage.. 80GB Usage.. £85 monthly.. 120GB Usage.. £95 monthly.. 160GB Usage.. £110 monthly.. 300GB Usage.. £160 monthly.. 400GB Usage.. £185 monthly.. All services have a setup charge of 750 + vat for a Cisco 1841 dual-line router or 1550 for a Cisco 2811 quad-line router.. This includes the ADSL Activation / Migration where required and provision of a configured Cisco router.. 1 Hour response to your fault, and 16 working hours fault clear.. Static / Routed IP Addresses.. cheapest cigarettes brand..

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  • Title: Colocation Reading Data Centre | Managed Colocation | Server Colocation - Xifos
    Descriptive info: Colocation - Managed Colocation.. Xifos built in 2010 our first Reading DataCentre, comprising over just over 4000sq foot of.. space.. Reading Data Centre.. has been designed to accommodate clients demanding the highest quality hosting performance.. There is a central focus on redundancy allowing our network to rapidly self-heal failures without interruptions to connectivity.. We have redundant pairs of fibre entering the building at different points to different endpoints.. Colocation Packages.. 1/4 Rack.. 1/2 Rack.. Full Rack.. Addition power available @ £50 per amp.. Rack Unit Equivalent.. 11U.. 23U.. 47U.. Power Included.. 2 Amps.. 4 Amps.. 8 Amps.. Data Transfer Included.. 300GB.. 500GB.. 1000GB.. Remote Hands (monthly).. 30 Minutes.. 60 Minutes.. 120 Minutes.. £250.. £350.. £499.. Rental (monthly).. £199.. £699.. Privately Owned Facility.. Our Reading Data Centre is privately owned by us, designed by us, built by us and run by us.. We know how everything hangs together and aren't dependent upon any 3rd-Party company.. On-site Engineers.. We have engineers on-site during office hours (8am > 8pm Monday - Friday), and guarantee an engineer on-site within the hour at any other time.. 24x7 365  ...   or servers.. In-depth Power Metering.. We have integrated a full 0.. 2 Class Power Metering and Monitoring solution.. We measure all power characteristics including PowerFactor, Watts and phase, all presented on our portal for your viewing.. Click here for an example of the report.. 100% Power Availability.. We have redundant Riello UPS's, back by an Atlas Copco Generator.. The power system is built in such a manner that we can offer diverse A+B feeds to your rack.. Please speak to our sales team for pricing information.. 95% Network Availability.. We empower diverse network links, terminating to redundant points on our network.. Ensuring that you server(s) always have connectivity.. We also offer a dual-uplink if you need additional availability.. Unlimited IP Addresses.. We will supply you with enough IP addresses for your future expansion, subject to the policies we adhere to under our RIPE membership.. 1000mm Deep Cabinets.. Unlike other facilities where you may struggle to fit modern rack equipment, we only supply full depth cabinets.. The Post-to-Post depth can be adjusted to suit a variety of HP, Dell, Sun, SGI servers.. cheap cigarettes..

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  • Title: Managed Servers | Dedicated Server Hosting UK
    Descriptive info: Xifos offer a range of different server solutions for your business including dedicated servers and dedicated server hosting, managed servers and managed hosting.. More details on our managed servers coming soon.. buy more cigarettes..

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  • Title: IP Transit Services- Xifos
    Descriptive info: Xifos IP Transit services are provided behind our ASN (AS34442).. We are a full RIPE Local Internet Registry, and can provide IP Transit both as a static allocation or as a BGP feed.. This allows us to provide high quality IP Transit to most Datacentres in the UK very cost effectively.. Our network is extensively peered with major carriers, eyeball and content networks within Europe.. Our transit mix consists of about 40% peered routes and the remaining is  ...   and peer over the LINX and LIPEX switch fabrics.. We recently extended our network to Amsterdam to included peering at the largest Internet Exchange in the world, AMS-IX.. Full or Partial Transit packages available.. L3 Sessions to Two Core routers for redundancy.. Proactive Monitoring and 24x7 Support.. 100% Cisco Powered Network.. Extensive BGP4 Community Support.. TCRB Soverign House (London, UK).. 186k, North Street, Leeds (Leeds, UK).. Reading Data Center (Reading, UK).. Newbury Data Center (Newbury, UK).. fags on line..

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  • Title: MailPatroller
    Descriptive info: Eliminate threats to your network!.. The threats to your IT infrastructure are ever growing.. The continuity of e-Mail to your business is vital, viruses can disrupt or disable your systems for days! When you take into account the ever increasing volumes of spam hitting your network and the impact on your staff's time, you need dependable protection.. The service requires no hardware or software expenditure, puts an end to in-house administrative costs and provides you with up-to-the-minute virus protection.. The online customer management portal gives you the ability to set up, manage and control your mail in terms of configuring your spam policy, white list, black lists, delivery reports and quarantined email.. Fully Managed Service.. MailPatroller is a fully managed email-filtering solution providing the highest level of comprehensive protection against spam and viruses.. No local hardware or software required.. There is no local hardware or software required, you simply  ...   infecting your network.. Customer easy to use portal.. Our easy to use customer portal, allows you manage and control your mail in terms of configuring your spam policy, black lists, white lists, delivery reports and setting annotations.. Easy subscription.. Easy subscription to our service with no impact on your e-Mail service.. Once subscribed your e-Mail is routed through our data centres giving you increased protection and reduced operational costs.. Per domain/user configuration.. MailPatroller allows you to configure your service on a per domain/user basis, ideal if you have multiple domain names and require different annotations.. Annually.. Quarterly.. MailPatroller 10 User Pack (entry level).. £270.. 00.. £70.. 90.. Additional 5 Users.. £135.. £35.. 45.. MailPatroller 50 User Pack.. £1260.. £330.. 75.. £126.. £33.. 10.. MailPatroller 100 User Pack.. £2250.. £590.. 65.. £112.. 50.. £29.. 55.. MailPatroller 250 User Pack.. £4500.. £1181.. 25.. £90.. £23.. MailPatroller 500 User Pack.. POA.. online cigarettes..

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  • Title: Support - Xifos
    Descriptive info: At Xifos we pride ourselves in the high quality support we provide to all customers.. Our support is available 24 hours a days, 365 days a year.. All our core services / platforms are monitored from our own Reading Network Operations Centre and DataCentre, in the event that something has failed or is failing, we probably already know about it.. Support Requests.. All support queries must be channeled through our support ticket system.. If critical then please call our support team after receiving a ticket number.. To create a ticket either email or create a ticket on our helpdesk  ...   to open a support ticket.. You will need to bring photographic identification.. Unplanned (Emergency) Site Visit.. Authorised customers will be allowed immediate access (within 30 minutes) of ticket being validated, when an emergency situations warrants that access.. All Emergency visits still need a ticket into our support system and a call to the NOC to advise of arrival time.. Planned Site Visit.. Customers are asked to provide 24 hours notice for access to the Datacentre.. NOC Announcement Mailing List.. To subscribe to our NOC Announcement / Maintainance mailing list please visit the link below:.. http://lists.. buy dicount cigarettes online..

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