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    Archived pages: 81 . Archive date: 2013-05.

  • Title: Tech blog for Thomas Møller Nexø - Blogging about Microsoft technology
    Descriptive info: .. Blog home.. Article categories.. Article list.. Web tools.. Winfrastructure.. net.. Windows Infrastructure tutorials articles.. net - Microsoft Tech Blog.. Computers are magnificent tools.. for the realization of our dreams, but no machine can replace the human spark of spirit, compassion, love, and understanding.. Louis Gerstner.. My name is Thomas Møller Nexø and this is my little hideout on the web.. On this site I'm writing (or at least trying to write) some articles about diferent aspects of system administration in a Microsoft server environment.. Happy reading and welcome to my blog!.. Site tags.. sql server,.. Identity column,.. SQL Server 2008,.. database,.. designer,.. batch,.. script,.. scheduled task,.. batch script,.. restart,.. windows,.. vbscript,.. filesystem object,.. folder check,.. folder and files,.. iterate,.. folder,.. printer,.. error handling,.. clean up  ...   computer,.. Network drives,.. windows 7,.. LAN Manager,.. virus,.. malware,.. security essentials,.. users,.. group,.. ADO,.. security group,.. oSQL,.. security,.. Windows 7,.. USB,.. boot,.. bootable,.. operating system,.. os,.. microsoft,.. linux,.. sysinternals,.. hardware,.. office,.. cloud,.. hyper-v,.. server 2008,.. virtualization,.. static,.. route,.. command prompt,.. cmd,.. VbScript,.. shell,.. object,.. WSUS,.. windows update,.. client,.. install,.. net,.. time,.. synchronization,.. usb,.. Windows 8,.. google,.. adsence,.. seach,.. Blog main categories.. Category index.. Database Management.. Internet Services.. Microsoft Windows Networking.. Miscellaneous.. Network Security.. Scripting.. Windows Administration.. 5 latest blog entries.. 03-12-2012.. Contradictions in Googles policy for search and the content displayed.. 05-11-2012.. Install Windows 8 from bootable USB drive.. 03-10-2012.. Command to synchronize windows time with time server.. Force WSUS client to install updates.. Executing remote file with VbScript.. List all blog entries.. 2009 - 2012 Winfrastructure..

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  • Title: Tutorials and aticles about Microsoft system administration
    Descriptive info: Blog categories.. Microsoft SQL Server.. SQL and data access.. Google Services.. DHCP.. DNS.. Internet Information Services.. Windows Update Services (WSUS).. News.. Thoughts and reflections.. ISA Server.. Windows Security.. Batch scripts.. VBScript for Windows.. Active Directory.. Command Prompt.. Windows Client Administration.. Windows Server 2003.. List all blog entries for all categories..

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  • Title: List of all blog entries on Winfrastructure.net blog
    Descriptive info: All blog entries from all categories.. There are currently 47 blog entries on the blog.. 18-07-2012.. Setting static routes in Windows using CMD.. 08-07-2010.. Hyper V is lacking support for USB.. 10-06-2010.. Microsoft offers free Office 2010 in the cloud.. 08-06-2010.. Microsoft releases tool to analyze computer hardware and performance.. 07-06-2010.. Some thoughts on OS security.. 03-06-2010.. Install Windows 7 from bootable USB drive.. 23-11-2009.. Quick steps to Windows 7 OS hardening.. 14-10-2009.. Backing up local SQL Server databases with oSQL.. 09-10-2009.. Adding and removing users from security groups using VbScript.. 07-10-2009.. Removing users from an AD group using VBScript.. Get the OU a user is in using ADO and VbScript.. Get users distinguished name using ADO and VbScript.. Get all users in specific AD group using VbScript.. 30-09-2009.. Microsoft releases Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Beta.. Microsoft releases full malware protection package.. 18-09-2009.. Map non NTFS network drives in Windows 7..  ...   Working with file properties in VBScript.. 08-07-2009.. Create trust relationship between NT4 and Windows 2003 domains.. 06-07-2009.. How to join database tables using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.. Get Active Directory users using WMI.. VBScript to modify Active Directory user properties.. VBScript to get users last login.. 01-07-2009.. Get users groups using VBScript.. 30-06-2009.. Batch script to map network drives and printers.. 26-06-2009.. Scripting tables in SQL Server for backup and database development.. VbScript to clean up specific Windows folders.. VbScript with error handling.. Map network printer using VBScript.. 24-06-2009.. VBScript to iterate over all subfolders in a folder.. 23-06-2009.. VBScript to check if folder is empty.. VBScript to check if folder exists.. Batch script to restart computer.. Batch script to delete a scheduled task in Windows.. Batch script to create a scheduled task in Windows.. Problem altering tables in SQL Server 2008.. 22-06-2009.. Reset Identity column in Microsoft SQL Server..

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  • Title: Online network tools for testing domain availabillity and public IP address etc
    Descriptive info: Tools section.. This section will contain different tools for web.. Domaintester.. Whats my IP address.. Meta tag generator..

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  • Title: Database Management - Tutorials and articles about Database Management
    Descriptive info: 14-10-2009 -.. 06-07-2009 -.. 26-06-2009 -.. 23-06-2009 -.. 22-06-2009 -..

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  • Title: Internet Services - Tutorials and articles about Internet Services
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  • Title: Microsoft Windows Networking - Tutorials and articles about Microsoft Windows Networking
    Descriptive info: 03-10-2012 -.. 18-07-2012 -.. 20-07-2009 -..

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  • Title: Miscellaneous - Tutorials and articles about Miscellaneous
    Descriptive info: 03-12-2012 -.. 08-07-2010 -.. 10-06-2010 -.. 08-06-2010 -.. 07-06-2010 -.. 30-09-2009 -..

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  • Title: Network Security - Tutorials and articles about Network Security
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  • Title: Scripting - Tutorials and articles about Scripting
    Descriptive info: 09-10-2009 -.. 07-10-2009 -.. 23-07-2009 -.. 22-07-2009 -.. 16-07-2009 -.. 01-07-2009 -.. 30-06-2009 -.. 24-06-2009 -..

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  • Title: Windows Administration - Tutorials and articles about Windows Administration
    Descriptive info: 05-11-2012 -.. 03-06-2010 -.. 23-11-2009 -.. 18-09-2009 -.. 08-07-2009 -..

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  • Archived pages: 81