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  • Title: www.velldal.net
    Descriptive info: .. www.. velldal.. net.. You will now be redirected to.. net/erik/.. (If you are not automatically redirected, please follow.. this.. link.. )..

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  • Title: Erik Velldal -
    Descriptive info: velldal.. net/erik.. Home.. publications.. Photos.. flickr galleries.. Blogish.. current projects and whereabouts.. Uncategorized.. This is the academic homepage of Erik Velldal, postdoctoral research fellow in the.. Language Technology Group.. (LTG) at the University of Oslo, Department of Informatics.. (Looking for my sailing blog? Then this is the place;.. sailingkajsa.. ).. Publications.. Journal articles.. Erik Velldal, Lilja Øvrelid, Jonathon Read and Stephan Oepen.. Speculation and Negation: Rules, Rankers, and the Role of Syntax.. Computational Linguistics.. , Vol.. 38, No.. 2, Pages 369-410.. (Special Issue on Modality and Negation, edited by Roser Morante and Caroline Sporleder).. MIT Press, 2012.. [.. journal.. |.. bib.. supplemental materials.. ].. Jonathon Read, Erik Velldal and Lilja Øvrelid.. Topic classification for suicidology.. Journal of Computing Science and Engineering (JCSE).. 6, No.. 2, Pages 143-150.. Korean Institute of Information Scientists and Engineers, 2012.. Labeling Emotions in Suicide Notes: Cost-Sensitive Learning with Heterogeneous Features.. Biomedical Informatics Insights.. 5, Suppl.. 1, Pages 99-103.. Libertas Academica, 2012.. Francis Bond, Stephan Oepen, Eric Nichols, Dan Flickinger, Erik Velldal and Petter Haugereid.. Deep open-source machine translation.. Machine Translation.. 25, Issue 2, Pages 87-105.. Springer, Netherlands, 2011.. Erik Velldal.. Predicting Speculation: A Simple Disambiguation Approach to Hedge Detection in Biomedical Literature.. Journal of Biomedical Semantics.. 2, Suppl.. 5, BioMed Central, October 2011.. Conference proceedings.. Emanuele Lapponi, Erik Velldal, Nikolay A.. Vazov and Stephan Oepen.. Towards Large-Scale Language Analysis in the Cloud.. Proceedings of the workshop on Nordic Language Research Infrastructure.. Oslo, Norway, 2013.. pdf.. HPC-ready Language Analysis for Human Beings.. Proceedings of the 19th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics (Nodalida 2013).. Erik Velldal and Jonathon Read.. Factuality Detection on the Cheap: Inferring Factuality for Increased Precision in Detecting Negated Events.. Proceedings of the ACL 2012 workshop on Extra-Propositional Aspects of Meaning in Computational Linguistics.. Jeju Island, Korea, 2012.. Jonathon Read, Erik Velldal, Lilja Øvrelid and Stephan Oepen.. UiO.. 1.. : Constituent-Based Discriminative Ranking for Negation Resolution.. Proceedings of the First Joint Conference on Lexical and Computational Semantics (*SEM).. Montreal, 2012 (.. Best system, shared task closed track.. ).. Emanuele Lapponi, Erik Velldal, Lilja  ...   14th Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning (CoNLL-2010).. Uppsala, Sweden, 2010.. S.. Oepen, E.. Velldal, J.. T.. Lønning, P.. Meurer, V Rosén, and D.. Flickinger.. Towards Hybrid Quality-Oriented Machine Translation On Linguistics and Probabilities in MT.. In.. Proceedings of the 11th Conference on Theoretical and Methodological Issues in Machine Translation (TMI-07).. ,.. Skövde, Sweden, 2007.. E.. Velldal and S.. Oepen.. Statistical Ranking in Tactical Generation.. Proceedings of the 2006 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing.. Sydney, Australia, 2006.. Maximum Entropy Models for Realization Ranking.. Proceedings of the 10th MT-Summit (X).. Phuket, Thailand, 2005.. Velldal.. A Fuzzy Clustering Approach to Word Sense Discrimination.. Proceedings of the 7th International conference on Terminology and Knowledge Engineering.. Copenhagen, Denmark, 2005.. doc.. Velldal, S.. Oepen, and D.. Paraphrasing Treebanks for Stochastic Realization Ranking.. Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Treebanks and Linguistic Theories.. Tübingen, Germany, 2004.. Oepen, H.. Dyvik, J.. T.. Lønning, E.. Velldal, D.. Beermann, J.. Carroll, D.. Flickinger, L.. Hellan, J.. B.. Johannessen, P.. Meurer, T.. Nordgård, and V.. Rosén.. Som å kapp-ete med trollet? Towards MRS-based Norwegian–English Machine Translation.. Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Theoretical and Methodological Issues in Machine Translation.. Baltimore, MD, 2004.. J.. Lønning, S.. Oepen, D.. Beermann, L.. Carroll, H.. Dyvik, D.. Flickinger, J.. Nordgård, V.. Rosén, and E.. LOGON.. A Norwegian MT effort.. Proceedings of the Workshop in Recent Advances in Scandinavian Machine Translation.. Uppsala, Sweden, 2004.. Theses.. Empirical Realization Ranking.. Ph.. D.. thesis, Department of Informatics, University of Oslo.. Oslo, Norway, 2008.. gz.. Modeling Word Senses with Fuzzy Clustering.. Cand.. Philol.. Thesis.. in the program Language, Logic and Information (SLI),.. University of Oslo, 2003.. Search for publications or citations in.. Google Scholar.. Teaching.. 2013 (S): INF2810.. Functional Programming.. 2012 (F): INF4820.. Algorithms for Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.. 2012 (S,F): INF5800.. Master Seminar in Language Technology.. 2011 (S,F): INF5800.. 2009 (F): INF4820.. 2008 (S): ITSLP1100.. Introduction to Cognitive Sciences.. Code.. PARTAN.. Shallow PARsing of TAgged Norwegian Nouns, –a package of Perl scripts for extracting dependency relations from text.. Download:.. spartan.. tgz..

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  • Title: Erik Velldal - flickr
    Descriptive info: flickr.. Photostream.. Photosets.. Next Page.. Previous Page.. 2011.. (6 photos).. Loading.. (48 photos).. 2010.. (41 photos).. Fishing boats.. (39 photos).. Kielkanalen, Køben, og siste etappe hjem.. (21 photos).. Siste etappe hjem.. Netherlands / Amsterdam.. (24 photos).. Azores - England.. (22 photos).. The Azores.. (38 photos).. Atlantic crossing (eastbound).. (42 photos).. From Sint Maarten to the Azores in 28 days.. Sint Maarten.. (23 photos).. Anguilla + Nevis.. Guadeloupe.. (31 photos).. Dominica.. (26 photos).. St Lucia.. (25 photos).. Grenadines.. From Grenada in the south to Bequia in the north, with Carriacou, Union Island, Mayreau the Tobago Cays and in between.. Tobago..  ...   UK + Ireland.. (36 photos).. North Sea crossing (Oslo-Inverness), the Caledonian canal, Crinan canal, and the Irish sea.. S/Y Darling.. faved.. (58 photos).. some pics faved by other flickrites.. Oslo.. (182 photos).. nor.. (40 photos).. Beijing.. (7 photos).. På Coling-konferansen 2010 med Lilja.. Berlin.. (12 photos).. Australia.. (61 photos).. EMNLP/ACL/COLING conference 2006.. Thailand.. (53 photos).. Lisbon.. (34 photos).. Jotunheimen.. (79 photos).. 2006: Gjendebu - Memurubu (o.. Bukkelægeret) - Gjendesheim (o.. Besseggen) 2005: Turtagrø - Fanaråken - Skogadalsbøen - Turtagrø.. providence.. New York.. (49 photos).. Boston.. ACL in Barcelona.. (8 photos).. Nancy.. (10 photos).. Egypt.. (33 photos).. Powered by.. Flickr Gallery..

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  • Title: Erik Velldal - Uncategorized - velldal.net/erik
    Descriptive info: Current projects and whereabouts.. Apr 25, 2012.. Parental leave.. I ll be away from the office on parental leave until July 18th 2012.. Feb 28, 2012.. *SEM.. Back at the office after an extended vacation.. Currently working on a submission for the.. *SEM Shared Task.. on negation detection.. Dec 28, 2011.. Off to Santa Cruz de La Palma.. I ll be spending 7 weeks in Santa Cruz de La Palma in Jan.. /Feb.. , escaping the worst of the Norwegian winter.. Nov 16, 2009.. Back to life on land.. After.. 14 months of sailing.. , I m now back at the University of Oslo, and this time as a postdoctoral research fellow.. I m currently teaching a course on.. Oct 31, 2008.. Gone sailing for a year++.. From summer 2008 to fall 2009, I ll be sailing from Norway to the Caribbean  ...   finally submitted my dissertation! And while I m waiting to defend it I ll be filling a temporary position as associate professor with the Logic and Natural Language research group (.. LNS.. ) here at the informatics department (Oslo uni.. ), teaching an.. introductory course to AI and cognitive science.. Sep 1, 2007.. Kaldera.. In between my thesis writing I m now also doing some MT-related development work for.. , a new Norwegian NLP start-up by Lars Nygaard.. Jun 5, 2006.. Thesis writing.. I m currently trying to wrap up my dissertation at the University of Oslo,.. Department of Informatics.. My thesis work forms part of the.. project, which aims at developing re-usable language technology for Norwegian English Machine Translation (MT).. The focus of my contribution is on building statistical models for ranking the target sentences produced by a natural language generator.. ,..

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  • Title: Erik Velldal - velldal.net/erik
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  • Title: Erik Velldal - Parental leave
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  • Title: Erik Velldal - *SEM
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  • Title: Erik Velldal - Off to Santa Cruz de La Palma
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  • Title: Erik Velldal - Back to life on land
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  • Title: Erik Velldal - Gone sailing for a year++
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  • Title: Erik Velldal - Thesis now accepted and available
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