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    Archived pages: 200 . Archive date: 2013-11.

  • Title: The Home of Ubu Projex
    Descriptive info: .. Home of the.. Avant Garage.. Main Pages at the Home of Ubu Projex:.. Calendar.. Contacts.. Home.. Reference.. Protocols.. Ubutique.. (Shop).. Press Center.. Official Audio Downloads:.. hearpen.. com.. Grocery Police Dept.. Twitter: @ubuprojex.. Our motto:.. Ars longa, spectatores fugaces.. ("Art is forever, the audience comes goes.. ").. Last updated.. 11/20/13.. Ubu Projex Headlines.. West Coast Tour.. Dates have been announced for December 2013.. See the.. page.. Pere Ubu Living Room Concert opportunities for Dec 15/16, south of Portland and north of San Francisco.. New Pere Ubu album!.. Lady From Shanghai.. US/Canada tour dates.. Dec.. 2013.. Cd vinyl.. available.. from Ubutique.. Also released,.. Chinese Whispers.. - the 'Missing Manual,' paperback, 100 pages.. The Book of Hieroglyphs.. by David Thomas.. There's a.. blog site.. dedicated to the book.. Available.. in paperback and hardback.. YouTube video of.. "Last of the Mohicans".. Download.. a PDF of excerpts.. New items at.. The.. Farm Report / City Desk.. release by.. Robert Wheeler Allen Ravenstine.. is now.. Utah Living Room Concert.. David Thomas will give a.. Living Room Concert.. on December 10th in Farmington, Utah, near Salt Lake City.. The host can be reached at.. twrentz@gmail.. to make RSVPs and learn about suggested donations and directions.. Interviewer: Why was there no bass player for the 'Visions of the Moon' tour in Italy the UK?.. DT: Circumstances forced a range of scenarios.. At the same time I became obsessed with the new material we had been developing since July following the 'Carnival of Souls' performance.. The LFS project, as I have noted elsewhere, was the culmination of a 20 year project designed to integrate improvisation into the compositional process in a particular way.. The new material suggested the beginning of a new long-term project and I was anxious to get on with it rather than repeat LFS in the UK and Italy.. This suggested a 'shock troops' orientation for the Pere Ubu line-up since much of the performance would be improvised from night to night as ideas were explored.. Having both a drummer and a bass player in the band would constrain the process.. Bass players and drummers have a foolish notion that they should play together and it's hard to shake them from their convictions.. I went with a drummer - Michele had not been involved with the 'Carnival of Souls' because of scheduling conflicts but Steve had.. We are now working on bringing in Michele in a particular way reminiscent of the Chinese Whispers method.. WE HATE DAYS OFF, part 2.. The last 'We Hate Days Off' appeal resulted in a very special evening in Troyes, France.. We are now offering another Pere Ubu Living Room Concert opportunity Dec 15/16 for locations south of Portland and north of San Francisco.. Imagine the possibilities - David Thomas himself rummaging thru your frigerator.. Contact directors@ubuprojex.. net.. Dates for the West Coast tour of Lady From Shanghai have been announced on the.. Update 8/21/13: Visa Rejected.. Ubu Projex, the art and business directorate of the American band Pere Ubu, can confirm that notice has been received this weekend from the United States Customs Immigration Service (USCIS) rejecting the visa petition for British band members Keith Moliné and Graham Dowdall (aka Gagarin).. The sole grounds for rejection is the band's refusal to seek approval from the American Federation of Musicians (AFM).. "The AFM are the antagonists in this affair," band leader David Thomas said.. "They have no business telling me who can and who cannot be in the band.. ".. Details can be found in previous press releases,.. www.. ubuprojex.. net/press/ubuvisa.. pdf.. Cleveland guitarist Dave Cintron will join the band for the September US tour and provisions are in place for Moliné and Dowdall to link remotely for one of the songs in the set.. There has been much disbelief and incredulity about this not-uncommon example of the obstacles international bands now face when seeking to tour the US.. "The whole process has been going on since May, with several delays and absurd complexities," Thomas said.. "The Cintron version will be magnificent, I have no doubt.. If I cannot put a band together without government interference and without a pat on the head from the AFM, like a grateful dog, then so be it.. I have no interest in frittering my life away with campaigning.. "We will proceed with our music.. Nothing will be announced from the stage.. We won't be writing 'protest' songs or haranguing audiences.. "There are visions and ideas to pursue.. There's too little time to waste it on fighting stupidity.. In the words of the MGM lion,.. Ars longa, vita brevis.. " [Yes, we know it was Hippocrates].. We Fought the Faceless Government Clerk.. and the Faceless Government Clerk Lost.. Following on from.. press release dated 8/11/13.. , Pere Ubu announce revised line-up and revolutionary remote performance from the two British group members.. Pere Ubu has added Cleveland guitar maestro Dave Cintron to the lineup for its September tour of the eastern USA and Canada.. Mr.. Cintron substitutes for British guitarist Keith Moliné, who is unable to enter the US due to the visa approval process delays, ongoing since May.. The group's second synthesizer, Gagarin, is also unable to join the band on tour, but plans are in progress to produce a remote performance live from their homes in London, by way of a complex  ...   on Geo Records.. Gagarin is a de facto member of Pere Ubu these days and longtime soundman.. Listen.. here.. UK Tour Dates Announced!.. The dates for the UK tour in April have been announced.. for details.. pale boys Solo.. Keith and Andy have released a collaboration called.. Ley.. on the Entr'acte label.. Keith has a.. blog.. with reviews and news.. Free White.. National Public Radio (NPR) is currently premiering a track from the upcoming Pere Ubu album.. It can be played.. online.. Kevin Coyne.. A book about Kevin Coyne by Pascal Regis is posted online at.. http://kevincoynebook.. tk/.. The 2pbs did a short UK tour with him some years ago.. It was a privilege and an honor.. Buy everything he ever recorded and treasure it.. Download Excerpts from Book of Hieroglyphs.. For a limited time a PDF of excerpts from.. can be downloaded.. Click.. Van Dyke Parks.. "I have trod and will retread this confirming and inquiring work time and again.. It's strangely home.. Epic in scope.. As mighty on the page as on the stage, with scat and logic, this MacDuff leads us on.. J.. C.. Menu, French publisher, L' Association.. "This book is not a book, it's an alien.. Bob Holman, Bowery Poetry Club.. "Thomas refuses to call the pieces in this book poetry, says they are not the songs.. I really don't care what you call them, and it's true that they are unlike anything you've ever read before, but what they are are zings, stings, word bullets that tell stories so condensed that your mind changes on every syllable.. by David Thomas goes on sale to readers of ubuprojex.. net on Friday, June 8 in its hardback edition.. The official launch is scheduled for September, when a paperback edition will also be available.. The hardback is a limited edition, 268 pages with a color dust jacket.. Bob Holman.. (Bowery Poetry Club) reports, "I'm having the pleasure of previewing David (Pere Ubu) Thomas' book of nonpoems called.. Thomas refuses to call the pieces in this book poetry, says they are not the songs.. Allen, Robert and the EML.. Allen Ravenstine and Robert Wheeler are interviewed and play the EML together in this.. video.. , Dream Of Wires, produced by Bill Blakeney.. Recorded at Grant Avenue studio in Hamilton, Ontario.. A must-see.. Follow Ubu Projex news on Twitter:.. @ubuprojex.. Pere Ubu on.. Facebook.. News feeds via email subscription, RSS or online thru.. Ubu Communex.. is the only source of best quality audio downloads for Pere Ubu and related bands.. com on.. New at hearpen.. com:.. The Kidney Brothers.. Buyer's Guide to Pere Ubu.. For those wondering what to buy first, next or last.. A good place to find information concerning Pere Ubu, David Thomas, Special Projex and other sources on the site.. Pere Ubu Studio Albums.. Historical Era:.. (1978).. Dub Housing.. New Picnic Time.. (1979).. The Art Of Walking.. (1980).. Song Of The Bailing Man.. (1982).. Terminal Tower.. (1975 - 1981).. Datapanik In The Year Zero.. (Box Set).. Fontana Years:.. The Tenement Year.. (1988).. Cloudland.. (1989).. Worlds In Collision.. (1991).. Story Of My Life.. (1993).. Modern Era:.. Raygun Suitcase.. (1995).. Pennsylvania.. (1998).. St Arkansas.. (2002).. Why I Hate Women.. (2006).. Why I Remix Women.. "Long Live Père Ubu!".. (2009).. Lady From Shanghai (Demos).. Pere Ubu Live Albums.. * - Denotes download only.. The Shape Of Things.. (1976).. Manhattan.. (1977).. Pirate's Cove.. * (1977).. 390 Of Simulated Stereo.. * (1977 - 79).. U-Men Live At Intersate Mall.. * (1978).. One Man Drives While The.. (1978 - 81).. I Walk The Line.. (1981)*.. The Art Of Talking.. * (1982).. Waltz Across Texas.. * (1989).. Waltz By The Sea.. London Texas.. Paradiso - Part 1.. * (1991).. Paradiso - Part 2.. Apocalypse Now.. The Late Show.. * (1992).. A Ghost Town Goes Where You Want To Go.. * (2006).. Light It Up!.. * (2007).. Live at Grant Avenue.. Oh, Pennsylvania.. * (1998 - 02).. The Annotated Modern Dance.. * (2010).. Pere Ubu Specials.. Lady From Shanghai (Demos) #2.. Lady From Shanghai (Demos) #3.. Lady From Shanghai (Demos) #4.. David Thomas Albums.. Vocal Performances.. (1981) *.. Winter Comes Home.. (1982) *.. EREWHON.. (1996).. Monster.. Box Set.. Mirror Man.. (1999).. Bay City.. (2000).. Surf's Up!.. (2001).. 18 Monkeys on a Dead Man's Chest.. (2004).. Brunswick Parking Lot.. * 2003.. A Map Only Tells Me.. * (2008).. Mirror Man Act 2.. * (2009).. Let's Visionate!.. How's Things In Your Town?.. * (2005).. I Remember Mars.. * (1996).. David Thomas and The Holy Soul.. * (2010).. A Free Man.. (2012)*.. Disastohouse 001.. * (2012).. Rocket From The Tombs.. Strychnine.. * (2012).. Barfly (2011).. I Sell Soul / Romeo Juliet.. (2010).. The Day The Earth Met.. (1975).. Rocket Redux.. When It's Too Late To Die Young.. * (2003).. Extermination Night.. * (1974).. Theatrical Productions.. Lost in Art.. , the Pere Ubu Ballet.. Bring Me The Head Of Ubu Roi.. Festival Productions.. Disastodrome 1998.. Disastodrome 2003.. Other Recordings.. Wait For It.. - Tom Herman.. Jimmy Bell's Still In Town.. - 15-60-75.. The Inward City.. Other Pages Of Interest.. David Thomas and two pale boys.. UBUDOLL.. Lyrics.. Other.. web sites.. Unlikely Releases.. News Archive.. European Taxes.. Where nowhere is.. Accusations of Paranoia.. Blue Hole Of Castalia.. Fan Input:.. iPod Ubu.. Geography Lessons.. Ubuspotting.. Back to the Top.. An Irony-Free Site.. Copyright Terms of Usage.. Site Map.. About Us..

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  • Title: Ubutique
    Descriptive info: Mail order Projex produx from our sister company, Ubutique.. Note: Orders received from Wednesday, Oct 22, through Thursday, Nov 21, will not be shipped until after the 22nd.. Ubu is on tour.. The US Postal Service in a desperate and vain effort to fund its extravagant pension schemes has raised rates, especially for international postings.. We always try to send the cheapest we can and, when there are savings to be had (which is often the case with the byzantine USPS), Steve will refund through PayPal amounts over $1.. International customers please note: Until the new system settles in we reserve the right to refuse and refund any order if the order size is too heavy for the rate scheme PayPal allows.. In all cases you will see the calculated postage before you have to pay.. See.. Steve's Tips.. for savings.. March Deal!.. plus.. (100 pages), the 'Missing Manual' to it.. Addresses in the UK (cd only, not vinyl), 14.. 99 + postage:.. Addresses in the EU (cd only, not vinyl), 14.. All Addresses.. CD + book, $21.. Vinyl + book, $32.. Fire Records, located in the UK, may be able to ship to Rest of the World addresses cheaper than USPS, especially for vinyl.. They too are offering the cd/vinyl in a.. bundle.. Might be worth.. checking.. HOW IT WORKS.. PayPal allows any customer to use a credit card.. Alternatively, you can open an account for free that allows people in many territories to use a bank transfer.. PayPal automatically calculates shipping prices.. Note that the.. email ordering.. system is still available.. For North American addresses we offer a snail mail order option with payment by check or money order.. Be aware that we are working musicians who some times have to go away from home and at such times you may experience delays.. Please note in regard large shipments:.. Split points are set to minimize postal costs for small orders.. We reserve the right to negotiate shipping costs for orders over 1 pound in weight.. Email Steve at.. ubutique@ubuprojex.. with any questions.. Merchandise.. Ubu Projex T-shirts.. Posters.. Tote Bags.. Books.. The Book of Hieroglyphs by David Thomas.. Chinese Whispers by David Thomas.. Recordings.. Pere Ubu Oddities.. Pere Ubu Vinyl.. David Thomas recordings.. Jim Jones recordings.. Tom Herman recordings.. 15-60-75 recordings.. Rocket From The Tombs recordings.. Related recordings.. How to buy, where to look, how to ask.. Email Ordering System With Paypal.. Steve's Tips for savings.. Notes.. On December 11 2007 hearpen.. com went online.. It is a web site dedicated to sales of Ubu and Ubu-related downloads, offering live recordings from across the decades and studio recordings for which a commercial release is not practical or that have become unavailable through commercial channels.. If you're in the market for an Ubu audio download then hearpen.. com is the only site that offers the best quality compression ratios.. Ubu Projex T-Shirts.. RFTT Flyman Shirt in Khaki.. Artwork in the same size as on yellow shirt below.. Design by John Thompson.. Made in Germany.. Print on front only.. $22.. Remember to select size when ordering.. Sizes.. Small$22.. 00 USD.. Medium$22.. X-Large$22.. RFTT Flyman Shirt.. Made in USA.. , $2 more for XXL.. Small $22.. 00.. Medium $22.. Large $22.. X-Large $22.. XX-Large $24.. RFTT Flyman / Girl Shirt.. RFTT Fly Cocktail Shirt.. Design is approx 7" x 9".. RFTT Barfly Rocket Shirt.. $15.. Small $15.. Medium $15.. Large $15.. X-Large $15.. XX-Large $17.. Lady From Shanghai Shirt.. Design by Alexandre Horn.. Limited sizes and quantities.. See Pull down list.. $18.. Available Sizes.. Women's Medium $18.. 00.. Women's Large $18.. Small $18.. Medium $18.. Long Live Père Ubu Tour Shirt.. The spelling mistake version.. Has euro dates on front.. Free download code for hearpen.. com printed on the front.. Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XXL.. 100% Cotton.. Made in France.. $16.. Remember to specify size when ordering.. Choose size:.. Small $16.. Medium $16.. Large $16.. X-Large $16.. Return To The Avant Garage.. Made in the USA.. Print on front and back (see image to the right).. Add $1.. 50 for an XXL size.. 50.. The back of the shirt.. Modern Dance in French.. LOW STOCK ITEM.. Sizes: Medium, Large, and X-Large.. Print front back (look right).. $20.. Remember to specify size.. Medium $20.. Large $20.. X-Large $20.. 18 Monkeys Lime.. Print on front.. $10.. Small $10.. Medium $10.. Large $10.. X-Large $10.. XX-Large $11.. 18 Monkeys White.. RFTT Red.. Sizes: Youth-L, Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.. Print on front and back.. $4.. 50.. below.. for shipping costs.. Choose size:.. Youth-L$4.. 50 USD.. Small$4.. Medium$4.. Large$4.. X-Large$4.. RFTT Blue/Purple.. Youth-M shirt is more purple than blue.. All other sizes are more blue than purple.. Youth-M $10.. Visit the.. Gallery of Lost Souls.. uh, out of print posters and t-shirts.. Purchase of Multiple Posters.. If you want to buy more than one poster in one order then use the drop down menu below.. Make a choice and then click "Add To Cart," click on "Continue Shopping" and make another choice.. Repeat as required.. (It's a bit laborious but saves on postage.. ) If you want to buy just one poster go to the "Add To Cart" for that particular poster below.. Cost of posters includes mailer tube.. All Posters.. UK 2010 Tour $7.. Disastodrome 2003 $7.. Why I Hate Women Tour $7.. Rocket Redux Tour $7.. Day The Earth Tour $10.. Story Of My Life $10.. Summer Of Lies $9.. UK 2010 Tour Poster, $7.. 12" x 16.. 5.. Cost of poster includes mailer tube.. Disastodrome 2003 Poster, $7.. Approx 11" x 17".. Why I Hate Women Tour Poster, $7.. Approx 17" x 11".. Rocket Redux Release/Tour Poster, $7.. Approx 16" x 24".. The Day The Earth Met The Rocket From The Tombs,.. Story Of My Life Release Poster, $10.. Approx.. 22" x 17".. Summer Of Lies Poster,.. atmospheric WIC-era band photo,.. $9.. Approx 36" x 24".. Flyman Tote Bag.. in color,.. $13.. "Natural" cloth bag suitable for 12" vinyl or ?.. in black white,.. by David Thomas.. Hardcover with dust jacket or paperback, 268 pages.. Addresses in the UK or EU can order using the links below for better postal rates.. UK Addresses.. - 11.. 99 for paperback, 18.. 99 for hardback + Second Class postage:.. Buy hardback, click.. Buy paperback, click.. EU Addresses.. 99 for hardback + Air Mail postage:.. Paperback, $17.. 99 + postage:.. Hardback, $27.. The 'Missing Manual' to.. , paperback, 100 pages.. - 5.. 99 + Second Class postage.. to buy.. 99 + Air Mail postage.. - $7.. The illustrated script as an eBook (ePub format) and also PDF file.. Ubutique stocks the Dropcard,.. $5.. The dropcard is plastic, credit card sized, with code for the download of the Illustrated Script.. Keep the card, use the code.. This eBook is in the ePub format which is the standard for Apple iPad, iTouch and iPhone.. A zipped archive will be downloaded to your computer.. It will be called USKFA1015501.. Once unzipped it will contain two files.. One will have a suffix of ".. epub" - this is the eBook file.. The other will be the PDF.. If you are using an Apple device, drag the ePub file to the iTunes "Books" tab.. Sync the device.. ePub is also a native format for Sony Reader and Barnes Noble Nook devices.. There are free desktop readers for Windows Mac that will read ePub files -.. Adobe Digital Editions.. , for example.. There is a free.. plug-in.. for the browser Firefox that reads ePub.. For (too much) info and a list of readers for various platforms you can go to.. Wikipedia.. Other options:.. Order via.. snail mail.. from Ubutique or via.. email.. Download directly.. from hearpen.. A.. Kindle.. version is available at these Amazon stores:.. US Store.. ,.. UK Store.. German Store.. SONGS: Nonalignment Pact, Modern Dance, Laughing, Street Waves, Chinese Radiation, Life Stinks, Real World, Over My Head, Sentimental Journey, Humor Me.. Ubutique stocks the.. 2005 Master.. of the Cooking Vinyl cd:.. $12.. Vinyl version.. available from Morphius (USA).. SONGS: Navvy, On The Surface, Dub Housing, Caligari's Mirror, Thriller!, I Will Wait, Drinking Wine Spodyody,  ...   Worlds In Collision, Red Sky, Beach Boys, Rounder and My Dark Ages from 1995, David Thomas' animation of Turquoise Fins and Fish Shack, the Folly of Youth video and any number of bits and pieces.. $8.. Vinyl of various early albums is available from various sources.. Try.. Ubutique stocks the 1985 Twin Tone lp for.. but read the.. See the same report for a description of the mix variations.. Slow Walking Daddy b/w SAD.. TXT (live).. Ubutique stocks the 2002 Smog Veil 7-inch 45 for.. $2.. David Thomas Recordings.. A number of David Thomas "solo" concerts across the decades are available as Audio Downloads from.. As well there are releases unavailable elsewhere such as Mirror Man, Act 2.. by David Thomas His Legs (Chris Cutler and Lindsay Cooper).. SONGS: A Day Such As This, Winter Comes Home, West Side Story, Sunset, Stormy Weather, Poetic License, Rhapsody In Pink, Dinosaurs Like Me, Petrified, Bones In Action, and Contrasted Views of The Archaeopteryx.. Available only as.. audio download.. by David Thomas and two pale boys.. SONGS: Obsession, Planet of Fools, Nowheresville, Fire, Lantern, Morbid Sky, Weird Cornfields, Kathleen, Highway 61 Revisited.. Ubutique stocks the 2006 Cooking Vinyl cd reissue for.. David Thomas, Monster Box Set.. Includes the following albums: The Sound of The Sand, Variations On A Theme (remixed), More Places Forever, Monster Walks the Winter Lake and Blame The Messenger.. OUT OF PRINT.. Ubutique still stocks the 2004 Cooking Vinyl 4-cd box set:.. $25.. Meadville.. SONGS: Obsession, Nobody Knows, Red Sky, Can't Help Falling In Love, Nowheresville, Fire, Kathleen, Surfer Girl / Around The Fire, Beach Boys, Weird Cornfields, Busman's Honeymoon.. This live disc was originally part of the 5-cd Monster Box Set.. OUT OF STOCK.. Audio Download.. iTunes.. Mirror Man, Act 1.. by David Thomas and The Pale Orchestra.. SONGS: Mirror Man Sees, Mirror Man Speaks, Lost Nation Road, Flying Dutchman Of The Interstate, Ballad Of Florida, Montana, Ribbons On The Road, Morbid Sky, Nowheresville, Shadows On The Face, Memphis, Over The Moon, If The Deer Blinks, Bus Called Happiness, and Weird Cornfields.. Mirror Man, Act 2.. SONGS: Bay City, Letter Home #1, Ghosts, Letter Home #2, Man In The Dark, Black Coffee Story, Black Coffee Song, Surf's Up, Three Things, and Epilogue.. com for.. by David Thomas and foreigners.. SONGS: Clouds of You, White Room, Black Coffee Dawn, Salt, Nobody Lives On The Moon, Charlotte, The Doorbell, 15 Seconds, The Radio Talks To Me, Shaky Hands, Black Rain, Turpentine.. SONGS: Runaway, Man In The Dark, Night Driving, Surf's Up, River, Ghosts, Spider In My Stew, and Come Home / Green River.. 18 Monkeys On A Dead Man's Chest.. SONGS: New Orleans Fuzz, Numbers Man, Little Sister, Habeas Corpus, Brunswick Parking Lot, Nebraska Alcohol Abuse, Sad Eyed Lowlands, Golden Surf, Prepare for The End.. Jim Jones Recordings.. Speaker\Cranker.. , Plugs Into The Amps.. Holophon cd.. Second studio album of LIVE, spaced-out instrumental rock improv.. Ubutique stocks the cd:.. The first Speaker/Cranker, featuring Jim Jones, among others, instrumental rock improvisation in the spirit of classic Kraut-rock (a'la NEU!, Cosmic Jokers, Ashra Tempel).. To Hand In A Hellbasket.. KNG NXN.. Ubutique stocks the cdr:.. Studio project, Jim Jones joined by friends for a wild romp thru some favorite 60's 70's obscurities.. Please note that this is a cdr but comes with jewel-case, insert tray art.. Tom Herman Recordings.. SONGS: 300 Years, Jack Something, I'm Drowning, Red Haired Girl, Your Street, Veil of Separation, Slim, Hey, I Do Now, It's Not The Way It Seems, When I'm Gone, and Jesus.. A Warning To All Strangers.. by Tripod Jimmie.. SONGS: This Little Pill, Famous Dogs, My Mojo's On Fire, Tommy Very Bad, Long Walk Off A Short Pier, Bald Electrician, Ramona, Something To Worry About, Scent Of Danger, Broke Again, and Solace In The Bottle.. 15-60-75 (The Numbers Band).. The Hearpen singles,.. Here In The Life b/w It's In Imagination.. (1979) and.. Nobody's John b/w Behind Your Eyes.. (1980), are available as audio downloads from hearpen.. SONGS: Battery B, Yonders Wall, Thunderhead, Nobody's John, Heavy Rain, From Me To You, Matchbox Defined, The TellsusourVision, Coal Tattoo.. Ubutique stocks the Hearpen cd:.. Available as.. SONGS: Animal Speaks, About The Eye Game, Narrow Road, Thief, Jimmy Bell, About Leaving Day.. Fire Records cd vinyl.. Barfly.. SONGS: I Sell Soul, Birth Day, Anna, Butcherhouse 4, Romeo Juliet, Sister Love Train, Love Train Express, Good Times Never Roll, Six And Two, Maelstrom and Pretty.. Fire Records Release, cd (World) and vinyl (ex-North America).. Get the cd for.. Smog Veil vinyl.. Smog Veil vinyl (North America).. I Sell Soul b/w Romeo Juliet.. NB.. These are different mixes from the ones on Barfly and "I Sell Soul" was partially re-recorded for Barfly.. Ubutique stocks the Hearpen / Smog Veil Vinyl 45:.. available from hearpen.. SONGS: Frustration, So Cold, What Love Is, Ain't It Fun, Muckraker, 30 Seconds Over Tokyo, Sonic Reducer RFTT, Never Gonna Kill Myself Again, Amphetamine, Down In Flames, Final Solution RFTT, Life Stinks.. The Day The Earth Met The Rocket From The Tombs.. SONGS: Raw Power, So Cold, What Love Is, Ain't It Fun, Transfusion, Life Stinks, Muckraker, 30 Seconds Over Tokyo, Satisfaction, Sonic Reducer, Never Gonna Kill Myself Again, Final Solution RFTT, Foggy Notion, Amphetamine, Read It Weep, Seventeen, Frustration, Down In Flames, Search Destroy.. SONGS: Frustration, So Cold, What Love Is, Ain't It Fun, Muckraker, 30 Seconds Over Tokyo, Sonic Reducer, Never Gonna Kill Myself Again, Amphetamine, Down In Flames, Final Solution RFTT.. Live in the WFMU studio from 2003.. Only available as download audio from hearpen.. SONGS: Raw Power, So Cold, Never Gonna Kill Myself Again, What Love Is, Rich Bitch, Ain't It Fun, Gasoline, New York Stars, 30 Seconds Over Tokyo, Satisfaction, Down In Flames, Search Destroy.. The debut of the "classic" version of RFTT fromm the Viking Saloon, 1974.. Related Recordings.. Robert Wheeler Allen Ravenstine.. Limited edition, 2 45RPM lps, each.. Buy just one lp:.. Choose lp.. Farm Report $20.. City Desk $20.. or, buy both:.. Ubu Dance Party.. Various.. Ubutique stocks Dutch East Indies, 2 cd set:.. The Ubu tribute produced by the long-suffering Chad.. 38 bands from Ohio play covers of Pere Ubu songs.. Pretty good actually.. Email Ordering System With PayPal.. PayPal.. is an internet "bank.. " Opening an account is free, quick simple and allows you to use a credit card, or bank transfer, to make purchases at Ubutique.. All you ever pay for is the price of the order from Ubutique.. To place an order send us an.. In the body of the email list the items you want and the nation we will be shipping to.. Remember to specify t-shirt size and any other specifics (for example, if two or more versions of an item are offered).. No other information is required at this point.. We will figure the.. shipping costs.. and email a confirmation with a URL link.. Click on the link, the transaction details will be forwarded to Paypal and you will be guided thru the payment process.. If you are not an account-holder you will be guided thru that process as well.. The account you are making payments to is ubutique@gmail.. Media Mail in the USA.. If your order is strictly media (cds, vinyl or books - NOT t-shirts) and is to be shipped within the USA, we can ship via media mail.. For this to actually save money on shipping costs the order has to be larger (eg.. 4 cds, or 2 paperback books, etc).. The orderer must request Media Mail.. When I actually ship the order I will determine what method is cheapest and refund accordingly.. Media Mail is not always the cheapest and is often a bit slower.. Snail Mail Orders.. Remember with snail mail orders we delay shipping until the check has cleared.. Make payment with personal check or money order, drawn from a USA bank ONLY, payable to.. Ubutique c/o Steve Mehlman.. 3815 John Av up.. Cleveland OH 44113.. We reserve the right to refuse orders or negotiate shipping prices for orders over 2 pounds in weight.. Please remember to include your return address with your payment.. Extra charges apply for insurance special handling..

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  • Title: Garage Calendar
    Descriptive info: David Thomas.. Fri, Nov 29.. Brighton.. , Coachhouse.. David Thomas vs.. Gagarin in support of Pars Radio URL:.. http://www.. wegottickets.. com/event/245073.. Pere Ubu.. West Coast LFS Tour.. Thu, Dec 12.. Portland.. , Doug Fir Lounge.. 830 E.. Burnside St.. Portland OR 97214.. Tel: (503) 231-9663.. Ages: 21+.. Doors: 8pm.. URL:.. dougfirlounge.. Tickets: http://.. ticketfly.. com/purchase/event/396831?utm_medium=bks.. Fri, Dec 13.. Seattle.. , Neumos.. 925 East Pike Street Seattle WA 98122.. Tel: (206) 709-9442.. Pere Ubu: 10:30pm.. neumos.. Tickets:.. https://www.. etix.. com/ticket/online/performanceSearch.. jsp?performance_id=1759688.. Sat, Dec 14.. Vancouver.. , The Biltmore Cabaret.. 2755 Prince Edward St..  ...   Street San Francisco CA 94103.. Tel: (415) 255-0333.. Ages: All.. Doors: 7pm.. Support: 8pm.. Pere Ubu: 9:15pm.. slims-sf.. Wed, Dec 18.. Los Angeles.. , The Echo.. 1822 Sunset Blvd.. Los Angeles 90025.. Tel: (213) 413-8200.. Ages: 18+.. Doors: 8:30pm.. Pere Ubu: 10pm.. attheecho.. com/purchase/event/323711?utm_medium=bks.. Thu, Dec 19.. San Diego.. , Casbah.. 2501 Kettner Blvd.. San Diego 92101.. Tel: (619) 232-4355.. casbahmusic.. https://casbah.. frontgatetickets.. com/event/sjlqhxfr3wn0gs2h.. 2014.. Sat, Feb 15.. Creteil.. (F), Sons d'hiver Festival.. sonsdhiver.. org.. Old Calendars.. 2012.. 2011.. 2010.. 2009.. 2008.. 2007.. 2006.. 2005.. 2004.. 2003.. 2002.. 2001.. 2000.. 1999.. 1998..

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  • Title: Contacts with Ubu Projex
    Descriptive info: Agents, band, directorate, mailing list, net resources, and various links.. Ubu Communex: News via Email, Twitter, Blog.. We have updated the ways we deliver news about Pere Ubu related bands.. We no longer keep a mailing list deliver news through it.. This methodology was too labor-intensive, yielding haphazard output.. News will henceforth be delivered from a dedicated blog site.. At this site you can subscribe to email news, an RSS feed, or view online.. It will also feed the Ubu Projex twitter account.. Ubu Communex Blog.. : email subscription, RSS Twitter feed.. Twitter account:.. Facebook.. N.. B.. You will only receive email/RSS/Twitter updates from the time you sign up.. To see recent or archived notices posted prior to your signup view the Ubu Communex Blog online.. Management of Ubu Projex.. Ubu Projex Directorate.. email:.. directors@ubuprojex.. Grocery Police Department.. robert@ubuprojex.. Ubu Projex Publishing Press.. communex@ubuprojex.. Booking Agents.. These are.. booking.. agents, not managers.. Contact them for concert performances.. Any other issues should be addressed to Ubu Projex, the management directorate.. In the USA/Canada:.. David Viecelli, The Billions Corporation.. 833 W.. Chicago Av, Ste 101, Chicago IL 60622-5497.. tel: 312-997-9999.. fax: 312-997-2287.. web:.. billions.. boche@billions.. In the United Kingdom:.. Nigel Morton, Moneypenny.. The Stables, Westwood House, Main St, North Dalton, East Yorkshire, YO25 9XA.. tel: 01377-240162.. moneypennymusic.. co.. uk.. nigel.. morton@moneypennymusic.. In Mainland Europe:.. Berthold Seliger.. Konzertagentur Berthold Seliger.. Leuschnerdamm 13, D-10999 Berlin, Germany.. tel: +49 (0)30-600 31441.. fax: +49 (0)30-600 31 448.. bseliger.. de.. bs@bseliger.. Ubus Past, Present Future via Email.. Pere Ubu:.. pereubu@ubuprojex.. David Thomas:.. david@ubuprojex..  ...   photo links, etc.. Not an official site but run by a trusted fan.. Pere Ubu Radio.. Exactly what it says, a selection of Ubu songs to be heard, along with informal photos and various quality links.. Pere Ubu World.. A MySpace page devoted to Pere Ubu.. Note that this is a fan page and not connected to the band.. Content is not official.. The Avant Garage.. Home of the Story of Pere Ubu, the tech support page and other items.. Not up to date but good reference quality.. It is the original Ubu web site later superseded by www.. net and its predecessor, www.. projex.. demon.. Home And Garden.. A website devoted to the Scott Krauss group featuring other Ubus past present.. The Book Of Knots.. A website devoted to the Tony Maimone group.. Links.. 2pbs and Pere Ubu soundman Gagarin's.. web site.. Sometime-soundman Trefor Goronwy's.. Mark Price's.. Water Piece.. Tin Huey.. bass player's legendary monolog.. Ubu in Brussels 1978, Photos.. A site called New Wave Photos has posted pix of Pere Ubu from 1978.. idrome.. site: John Thompson's website.. John is the Pere Ubu/David Thomas designer.. The Fabulous.. Ruins of Detroit.. Copyright Terms Of Usage.. 2013 Ubu Projex.. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of the material contained on this site without express and written permission from Ubu Projex is strictly prohibited.. Ubu Projex retains ownership copyright to the Ubu Projex sites.. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Ubu Projex with appropriate and specific direction to the original content..

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    Descriptive info: Ubu Projex -.. Bios, Press, FAQs, Lyrics, Photos, Stage Plots, Concert Riders, etc.. Click for the Press Center.. A better place to look for something.. Individual Biographies of Current Band.. David Thomas.. Robert Wheeler.. Keith Moliné.. Michele Temple.. Steve Mehlman.. Old Press Releases.. Recent press releases can be found at the.. Director's Cuts.. of Raygun Suitcase Pennsylvania.. 8/22/05, Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 76K.. 12/6/02, Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 128K.. Frequently Asked Questions.. most.. frequently asked questions.. History.. of Pere Ubu.. Fontana Reissues.. Critics.. Popularity.. Pere Ubu.. Ubu Projex.. Rocket From the Tombs.. Internet Download Issues.. Business affairs.. Reissues box sets.. How to be a singer.. Album Releases.. Interviews.. AgitReader interviews.. Excellent interview concerning.. , punk in 2009, pop culture, etc.. Graham Reid interviews.. Excellent interview for a New Zealand newspaper in 1999, on the eve of Ubu's trip to the antipodes.. Sergei Chernov interviews.. For the St Petersburg Times (Russia), 12/10/00.. Subjects: rock as the voice of native American folk culture and his trip to Moscow, St Petersburg and Siberia in 1993.. John Eric Smith interviews.. Jim Jones.. Subjects: His past, the early days, Mirrors Electric Eels.. Brian Cassidy interviews.. Subject: Mirror Man, June 1999.. Pere Ubu Reference Library.. The Rules.. The Pere Ubu.. biography.. time line.. Old news.. archive.. The Ubu Projex.. How members came to.. join the band.. The Story of Pere Ubu.. [off-site html version].. [hypercard, Mac only pre-OSX].. 842K.. This is the last update (v.. 394.. 2) to the original version of the  ...   stage plots and poster art.. Rider for.. UK concerts.. , 11/13/12, LFS.. PDF file.. Stage Plot for.. US concerts.. , 6/22/8.. Stage plot for.. EU concerts.. Rider for the Live Free or Diet program.. , 5/8/5.. Stage Plot for the Live Free or Diet program.. Rider for the X, The Man With X-Ray Eyes Underscore.. , 3/31/8.. Stage Plot for the X, The Man With X-Ray Eyes Underscore.. Click Here.. to find downloadable files of four styles of the Mighty Road Tour logo.. European.. rider and plot.. 8/12/11.. PDF files in zipped archive.. 2011 Tour Poster.. , 11/9/11, 11X17 PDF.. 2011 Tour Leaflet.. , 11/9/11, PDF.. Contract.. rider.. , 11/9/11.. Stage Plot.. David Thomas and foreigners.. , 6/20/00.. PDF File.. Stage plot.. Mirror Man Theatrical Production.. rider.. 5/9/2.. Electrics List.. 4/11/1, PDF file.. The Mirror Man Program.. 6/6/1, PDF file.. Fan-interest Photos.. View.. Three Generations.. JPEG file.. 48K.. The Suma control room.. Wayne Kramer in Pere Ubu.. Fall of The Magnetic Empire.. , Knitting Factory, September 1998, thru a glass door darkly.. 50K.. Photo by Margaret Saadi.. Non-lp.. (1975-00).. The Modern Dance.. Dub Housing.. New Picnic Time.. The Art of Walking.. Song of The Bailing Man.. The Tenement Year.. Cloudland.. Worlds In Collision.. Story of My Life.. (1993).. Raygun Suitcase.. Pennsylvania.. St Arkansas.. (2013).. The Sound Of The Sand.. (1981).. Variations On A Theme.. (1983).. More Places Forever.. (1985).. Monster Walks The Winter Lake.. (1986).. Blame The Messenger.. (1987).. Erewhon.. Mirror Man.. Surf's Up!.. Bay City.. (2011)..

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    Descriptive info: How Ubu Projex operates,.. how Pere Ubu functions.. What outsiders need to know:.. Press Photo Protocols.. Live Recording Permission, YouTube Bootlegs.. Licenses, cover versions film synch rights.. In-Stores.. Press Tours.. Benefit Concerts.. Sending tapes to the band.. Trivia Questions.. What insiders need to know:.. Leaving The Tour.. Studio Accounts.. Insurance.. Games Driving.. Per Diems.. Tour accounts procedures.. Penny/Pound Principle.. Crossing The Line.. Availability questions of Ubu Time.. What tour managers, promoters bands need to know:.. Basics.. Rock Rituals: Time support bands.. Stage Lights.. Introduction.. Some years ago we were touring with a popular young group.. They were friends.. One day I was talking to the leader about this that, passing the time, and we got around to the internal workings of our respective bands.. "You guys got a reputation for being democratic, you know, a communal group of equals and all that," I said.. "I got this reputation for being an unreasonable dictator.. So I suppose you vote on things, hunh?".. "Sure," Mr.. F said.. Me:.. "You're a four piece.. What happens when there's a tie?".. F:.. "I've got two votes.. "So the only way you get outvoted is if all three of the others stand together?".. "I suppose but if that happens we do what I want anyway.. The project basis of.. is described in.. The Story of Ubu.. Pere Ubu doesn't vote unless the outcome will be unanimous.. Opinions are polled and if anyone is likely to dissent a vote is deferred and nothing happens.. In practice we operate by consensus.. This has had disastrous commercial consequences.. It means that we sometimes don't do anything.. (When the situation becomes intolerable the only solution is to disband and reformat.. ) Over time a series of precedents has been established.. These protocols embody principles that have been accepted and are the basis for future decisions.. In this byzantine world even the simplest equation has unimaginable repercussions.. On the.. (from the English expression, "In for a penny, in for a pound.. "), for example, hangs everything Ubu.. Band meetings are rare events.. They usually have apocalyptic consequences.. Hence, the rarity.. When a band meeting is called everyone knows there's trouble coming.. In Ubu's history there have been only three or four of them.. Ubu is organized so as to minimize the need for conversation - no, so as to eliminate as far as possible.. any.. conversation.. This has evolved for two reasons: (1) David doesn't like talking; and, (2) in the early days it became clear to us that if you feel the need to yak on about something (specifically, art) then odds are you don't know what the hell you're talking about.. (This was carried to extremes by a long-time manager who would send emails to his assistant, sitting next to him, along the lines of, "Next time you go down to the kitchen bring me a coffee please.. ").. David Thomas is the day-to-day Project Director.. He proceeds down a course with greater or lessor band consultation, depending on circumstances.. As long as more of his decisions are reasonable than fewer then the band allows him to proceed.. (Historically, this has also been because he is the only band member ever to be in possession of the Nuclear Button.. ) One of the Project Director's responsibilities is to see to it that the Rules are maintained.. On tour the Project Director acts as Tour Manager.. Other duties are assigned to band members.. Guiding principle: the more you do a good job the more responsibility you get assigned.. Sometimes a band member will perform several functions.. These are:.. Promoter Liaison / Trouble-shooter.. : get paid, arrange for any unresolved rider issues, solve problems that involve the show with a cool head.. Pioneer.. : jump out of the truck at a moment's notice and find out what the hell is going on, i.. e.. where we are, where load-in is, etc.. Archivist.. : collect and preserve stuff.. Set-List.. : make sure there are set lists drawn up for each show and distributed.. The Nice Guy.. : talk to people.. nicely, pretending to be interested.. Merch Assistant.. : help David sell merchandise from the front of the stage, watch his back.. Enforcer.. : the less said about this the better.. Opposite of The Nice Guy.. Principle to keep in mind: Good Cop / Bad Cop.. The Penny/Pound Principle is our E=MC.. 2.. Think about this nightmare world:.. Once a principle has been accepted it becomes a rule the status quo.. The status quo is operative until it is changed by vote.. We don't vote if any one person doesn't want to vote.. The Rules serve to counterbalance the awesome inertia of the organization.. Ubu Projex operates on a Silence is Acceptance principle.. Members are informed.. If there are no objections the Project Director proceeds.. This allows for a member to Not Agree while also Not Disagreeing.. This is an invaluable organizational tool.. Somehow we muddle through.. So, yes, Pere Ubu operates by Rule.. And, no, Pere Ubu is NOT a democracy.. We are, if anything, a Republic.. In Pere Ubu you are responsible for yourself.. We are a collection of moderately responsible adults who choose to work together as independent agents, pooling our talents and sharing in the rewards of whatever our talents are worth in the marketplace.. We are all independent contractors.. No one is an employee.. This goes for crew band management.. For other miscellaneous.. Guiding Light.. principles click.. Taking Pictures Press Protocol.. Pere Ubu won't have its picture taken for press or promotional purposes.. anywhere in public.. , i.. anywhere that civilians can see us getting our picture taken.. We prefer studios or out of the way locations.. It is a shameful thing for a man to pose for a picture and we seek to hide our shame from the public.. Photographers, note: we will not run or jump or do anything.. Don't ask.. Don't think you can wear us down.. Many have tried.. We do NOT relax.. Photos may be taken freely and without restriction during concerts by professionals or fans, with flashes or without flashes, for fun or for no fun.. We don't care as long as you stay off the stage and don't bother others.. We reserve the right to be totally and absolutely arbitrary.. It is our art.. 3.. Please note that David Thomas, when performing in one of his solo groups, should not be described as.. ex-Pere Ubu.. or.. formerly of Pere Ubu.. He does not blink in and out of existence.. This seems to be a very hard concept for writers to come to grips with but he remains a member of Pere Ubu while playing with the pale boys, buying groceries or taking a bath.. 4.. Mr Thomas is happy to do written interviews via.. as long as it's understood that anything interesting will be posted at the web site.. In-person, face to face interviews can be arranged-- contact the.. Directors.. of Ubu Projex.. 5.. Please print our web site address:.. net.. 6.. For press tour requirements.. see below.. Live Recording Permission Bootlegs.. To find the procedures involved in recording a cover version of an Ubu song, see.. For private, archival, radio, etc.. recordings you need to get our written approval.. Check with.. concerning the procedure.. You need to sign a letter of agreement that guarantees the following:.. In the case of a sound recording you will give us a DAT digital copy of the master on the night.. In the case of a video recording you will give us a copy in an agreed format.. We can do what we like with these copies, including commercial release in which you can have no financial interest.. We will need to know: (1) the name of the station or network; (2) the recording method; and (3) the intended broadcast date and time.. You can have no commercial rights.. We have the absolute right of veto.. No costs charged to us.. We reserve the right to be absolutely arbitrary.. We trust the following: VPRO (Holland), Couleur 3 Radio (Switzerland) and Danish Broadcasting Corporation (solely on the basis of the King of Denmark's defense of the jews in WWII).. Others will be treated with suspicion.. How do you feel about audience recording for personal home use?.. We will not give permission for that sort of recording.. We will not make any attempt to discourage it or stop it.. We will not ask the venue to act and we will not act ourselves.. usually.. If we see mic stands going up and some elaborate rig in place, or if we don't feel good about any aspect of the situation, we will act to put a stop to it.. Discreet and respectful people have no worries.. If you do record a show we expect you to send us a good quality copy.. Asking to patch into the soundboard gets a curt, dismissive "no" and will get you banned from recording.. Putting up mics around the soundboard achieves the same end.. Bugging our soundman for any reason gets the same.. I recently had posted the Rocket from the Tombs Jack Slack Lp, on Ebay and was threatened with legal action by your agent for doing so.. I purchased this record legally in Canada over 10 years ago and believe I had every right to post and sell this record.. I will attach below the emails from your agent.. I removed the record for sale to prevent any possible infringement on your rights.. Please let me know your position on this matter.. The album you refer to is an illegal bootleg.. Regardless of whether or not it's been bought in good faith, there is no such thing as legal ownership of stolen property.. Go out and buy a stolen necklace in good faith.. See what happens.. If someone sells a legal copy of a copyrighted work that is a perfectly sound and normal transaction.. It is the foundation of all commerce.. There is, however, no such thing as legal ownership of stolen property.. There are no circumstances of law anywhere on the planet I dare say that allow for legal ownership of something stolen.. Clearly this incident may seem like an unfair situation from your end but, on the other hand, if you're honest about it, you probably knew it was a bootleg when you bought it.. A bootleg is stolen property.. Of course everyone has bootlegs and we're pretty loose about this when it comes to fans trading bootlegs with each other privately.. It seems to me that going on eBay is the equivalent of being indiscreet.. As you note, not being discreet calls down the hammer.. The reason for this "don't ask, don't tell" policy is that we have no problem with fans doing what fans do but if you allow public exploitation of your work to go unpunished then you devalue it.. By entering into a commercial transaction you have left the safe confines of fandom wherein the discreet non-commercial trading or exchange of bootlegs, for example, would be overlooked.. We are not seeking to strip you of your bootleg and if you return to the safe confines of fandom then you will slip beneath our vision and that will be the end of the story.. In the marketplace, however, you are expected to play by the rules.. Smog Veil, the legally licensed copyright holder of the RFTT recordings, has a right, and as far as we're concerned, a duty, to protect their investment - an investment that has been distributed to all the musicians and writers of the recordings.. Jack Slack, it might be noted, has never paid anyone anything.. We have our eye on the person behind Jack Slack.. He has been warned.. So my question to you is, What do you want from me? I am sympathetic.. But I also play by the rules.. And I play by them even when they don't go in my favor-- which like yourself probably seems like much of the time.. On the subject of YouTube.. Responses to Fan Enquiries.. For the latest see.. Our position on fan usage of bootlegs is very clear.. We are happy for fans to do what fans do.. Some of us are, or used to be, fans.. To our undying shame there is an Ubu musician who trolls Russian web sites for Yes bootlegs.. To repeat, as long as you do not enter the marketplace we are happy.. None of the submitters asked our permission to upload to the site.. If they had we may or may not have given permission depending on quality of recording and quality of performance.. And on any number of intangibles.. "We reserve the right to be arbitrary - it is our art.. We are not interested in self-promotion if the cost is loss of editorship.. Recordings of live events are not accurate reproductions of the event.. The concert experience cannot be captured on tape.. It is a gestalt of innumerable real-life sensations that fill each moment as it goes by and then are lost forever in the time stream.. We almost always choose bootleg style recordings in preference to mobile multi-track recordings when we compile live records.. But the operative word is "choose.. " WE choose.. We are uniquely and solely qualified to be the editors of our own work.. We have paid the price.. In regard to YouTube, we were not asked.. We did not choose.. The fans of Pere Ubu do not own us.. Their money does not buy us.. It buys our productivity - we determine our productivity.. Without control of our productivity we abdicate our uniqueness.. We owe nothing to our fans but the determination to maintain the quality, vision and uniqueness of our productivity.. (But, to be truly accurate, we do not owe our fans even that - we owe ourselves.. ) Otherwise then why don't you just send us a monthly check because we are who we are? Of course not.. It's a one way street.. The bus runs one way.. You can get on the bus or not.. But if you get on the bus you can't then tell the driver to go by the mini-mart on Payne.. What is particularly galling is the law in this matter.. As you discovered we own the copyright and any posting of our material violates that copyright unless it is licensed.. When we discover a violation we inform YouTube and they promptly remove the material.. However, the law is written in such a way that should the same material be posted after a week, or weeks (I'm unsure of the time frame), YouTube is legally permitted to host the new posting until they are AGAIN notified of the violation - even though it may be the same material.. You can imagine then that for a small company of artists like ourselves this becomes a matter of constantly policing the site.. It becomes a significant waste of time and energy.. And it constitutes what I would call a form of harassment.. Though not legally.. So here we are, two different parties viewing the law from two different angles, both frustrated by the same law.. It is our stated policy that if you ask permission to post we will consider it after you supply us with a 1:1 digital copy of the material.. I do not know what you posted.. I have no interest in viewing these clips and more to the point, I simply don't have the time.. In our current state of irritation we must now consider changing our policy.. If we license some material and refuse license to other material it means that we will have to spend even more time and effort weeding out what is permitted and what is not.. At the moment we can send a notification saying that everything they have is in violation.. It's irritating but still simple.. If we permit some and refuse others then the process becomes even more time-consuming..  ...   novel Catch 22 for a full understanding of the principles involved.. Leaving the tour causes anxiety whatever happens and potential loss for the tour if something goes wrong.. We will not discourage the activity but it becomes your problem in all facets.. Band policy is that each person is responsible for his/her own equipment, period.. This policy is not arbitrary but has deep roots in the structure of the organization, why we do things, etc.. Along the way, we introduced a "Strings Skins Supplement" where tour budgets or recording budgets will wear it.. It is a supplement at a flat rate.. It is not meant to cover the cost or to be a reimbursement.. It is a distribution to all members to aid in the cost of supplies.. Per diems for studio rehearsal sessions: For out-of-towners per diems are at the base rate, for in-towners they are at half the base rate.. 1) Insurance for instruments personal belongings is the sole responsibility of the individual.. THIS PROVISION HAS BEEN SUSPENDED (8/25/6).. Ubu Projex will arrange this for anyone who wants it at a competitive rate on the Ubu Projex company policy.. This is outside the tour budget.. The cost of insurance will be deducted from monies due you.. If you are not insured and someone half inches your instrument in darkest Bavaria it is your hard luck and Ubu Projex is not bound to help out.. The same applies to road damage and the like (ie: the crew are to do their best to look after the gear but if your instrument isn't properly cased it's at your risk).. Irreplaceable gear should always be secured overnight.. It is your responsibility to confirm that this is the case.. 2) When possible, Travel Insurance supplement will be paid based on the rate for a year's cover as available in the UK.. The amount paid will be pro-rated according to the number of weeks an individual works on Ubu tour recording projex in a calendar year versus the total number of Ubu work weeks scheduled in that calendar year.. It is your responsibility to arrange your own travel insurance, to cover sickness and accident, etc.. If you're not insured and you fall ill on tour then you're solely responsible for any medical costs and extra travel costs, etc.. All games are based on The Price Is Right rules.. All traffic tickets for moving violations are the sole responsibility of the driver.. Parking tickets are the sole responsibility of the driver unless he is simply following orders.. Small Town Cop Override:.. You are driving thru the no man's land between Croatia and Serbia.. You are stopped by a Croatian Police road check who insist you passed another vehicle on a bridge which is a very serious offense in Croatia according to the Traffic Code brandished in your face.. You look back.. There is nothing that a reasonable person would define as a "bridge.. " You look ahead.. You see the UN checkpoint and the fact that this is the last chance they have to punish you for wanting to go to Serbia.. Ruling: Driver is not responsible.. Tour Accounts Procedures.. dated 11/13/88, amended 09/07/95 7/3/97 8/25/6.. PAYMENTS.. In principle, as a goal, roadie/soundman per diems will be paid by the week in advance each Sunday.. Payment of roadie/soundman wages on a regular weekly basis is the goal.. Sunday will be payday for the week passed.. Cash flow undoubtedly will determine the practicality of this plan.. Payment of advances on salary, if weekly wage payments are up to date, will be paid only if it's convenient for Accounts.. Floats are to be reconciled weekly.. Per diems for band members will be paid regularly if cash flow permits.. Band members are expected, however, to be self-financing for the first few dates of the tour and should equip themselves with sufficient funds and currency to manage their own financial needs for several days.. DEPARTURES.. Each person is responsible for his own hotel 'extras' (personal telephone charges, room service, etc.. ), including any bills normally reimbursed from Accounts.. Extras should be paid at least 30 minutes before departure time to allow the Road Manager to settle up the group's hotel account with a minimum of confusion.. If the bus departure time from the hotel is set for 9 am this means that all musicians road personnel should on the bus for that time.. Paying extras, eating breakfast, all things must be accomplished before that time.. When flying with the entire band equipment, check-in times at the airport are as follows: no later than two hours for international flights, and 90 minutes for domestic flights.. It is the individual's responsibility to know departure times and showtimes.. REIMBURSEMENTS.. A single invoice must not demand reimbursement from more than one project and each demand must be clearly identified as to which project it's being directed.. Receipts must be submitted.. It is the responsibility of the individual to obtain receipts.. You will not be reimbursed without one.. ON TOUR.. In cases where record companies are paying tour support wages then payment is based on a seven day week.. Partial weeks are paid according to the formula: x/7 multiplied by the weekly fee.. The first day of the first week begins the authorized day of departure from place of residence.. The last day of the last full or partial week paid is the day of return to place of residence according to the Tour Schedule.. If a musician or road technician leaves the tour all travel/hotel costs incurred by that individual during such time are the sole responsibility of that individual.. This includes any all costs incurred because of unexpected changes in the tour itinerary, cancellations, breakdowns, etc.. Leaving the tour means the making of independent travel or accommodation plans.. See the specific protocol.. If a musician or road technician joins an Ubu tour from another tour, or leaves an Ubu tour for another tour, then only half the relevant travel costs are payable by Ubu Projex.. The same principle applies to recording sessions.. In no case will Ubu Projex pay travel costs exceeding the amount it would have paid had such individual traveled to or from his place of residence.. For the purposes of Ubu Accounts a person is allowed only one place of residence.. Each tour has a Budget Currency.. (As a rule, the English pound is the currency for Europe and the dollar for the USA.. ) Tours are budgeted using Budget Exchange Rates for foreign currency conversions to the Budget Currency.. The Exchange Rate is the rate at which foreign currency is actually converted to Budget Currency.. It is related to the Tourist Rate.. The Bank Rate is the real value of the currency as determined by international money markets.. The Budget Exchange Rate is based on the Exchange Rate but it is set on a best-guess basis at the time the tour budget is worked out.. It is the rate at which crew or musicians who are working on a fee-basis agree to be paid regardless of what happens to the Bank Rate or Exchange Rate.. Where possible wages are paid in the Home Currency of the recipient.. Home Currency payments are always made using the Bank Rate.. Per diem payments are made using the tourist rate.. Wages paid on the road in foreign currencies are at the Budget Exchange Rate.. The Tour Accountant is not responsible for providing local currencies for personal needs.. This is the sole responsibility of the individual.. From time to time he may offer the service as a matter of convenience.. Ubu Projex will happily convert pounds to $s at the best possible rate (it's always better to do this in London and not in the US!) on the last day of the tour - but it is your responsibility to co-ordinate this with UP.. Very important: Avoid exchanging any foreign currency in the US.. Avoid having excesses of non pounds (francs and marks etc) as you lose on the exchange rate if you convert in London to $s.. Most coins are NOT exchangeable.. Often the best idea is to exchange pocket money at borders.. This is the only guaranteed place to exchange coins.. Avoid double exchanges.. If you're on the German side of the German-Danish border and you want to exchange krone for Belgian francs then the border bank will first exchange it to dmarks and then the dmarks to Belgian francs, taking a commission each time.. Addendum dated 09/08/95.. At 12:32 pm 9/7/95, MR STEVEN A MEHLMAN wrote:.. what are floats?.. A float is a chunk of money put into someone's care for the purpose of paying expenses.. For example: two vehicles.. Tour manager in one, road crew or band member in the other, each has a float to take care of expenses.. At the end of a period of time, accounts are settled.. Receipts and balance of cash handed over.. you mentioned cabs, are we really to be reimbursed.. for cabs?.. If you are instructed to take a cab for the purposes of the tour, then, yes.. Personal use for convenience, no.. what can we be reimbursed.. for?.. Authorized expenses that involve the function of the tour is the short answer.. A PD protocol question:.. Band member travels to a show a few days before show and returns a few days after show, under his/her own steam, as they have friends to stay with in that town.. Do we pay them a PD for only the day of the show? Or do we pay them for their travel days, equal to the other band members?.. If he's going to the town just because of our show then he should be paid per diems for the working time plus 2 travel days - staying over for tourism or any nonwork reason is irrelevant.. If he's combining the trip with other work then he should be paid ONE travel day per diem and NOT TWO and the cost of his work permit should be split between the two works (though if he wouldn't have got a work permit for his other work then I don't think we should charge him a share of the work permit costs).. Quote from DIRECTOR'S MEETING January 6 1990:.. The Penny/Pound Principle is the non-negotiable bottom line.. If an Ubu musician, partner or not, expects equal footing with other Ubu musicians he must be prepared to take the good with the bad.. If he expects to be offered any all Ubu work he must make himself exclusively available for any all Ubu work.. Once an Ubu musician, partner or not, makes himself unavailable for Ubu work he is liable to be replaced with no guarantee or assured expectation of reinstatement.. A band member "crosses the line" when he/she threatens the integrity of the band because of an attitude or course of action.. When a member crosses the line they become poison in the system that must be purged immediately.. One Rule is non-negotiable and inviolate:.. The Penny/Pound Principle.. Letter dated JAN 15 1990.. Ubu was reformed on a project year basis.. (A project year is longer than 12 months.. ) A project year is determined by an lp lifetime which in practice seems to begin with the actual studio recording (the point at which money comes due from a record company) and end with the last required group work in support of the lp.. During a project year a band member keeps himself available for Ubu work.. At the end of a project year a member can choose to not re-up.. In practice, members consult with the.. of Ubu Projex so far as possible mutually agreed schedules are arrived at.. It has been clearly stated accepted that the onus is with the individual member to clear his schedule with the.. of Ubu Projex before committing to personal work.. If necessary, members are left out of sub-projects when scheduling conflicts arise the promotional or business opportunity available is judged to be too important to pass up.. No expense for the production of.. tour itineraries.. is reimbursable beyond basic printing on ordinary paper, basic binding (if staples won't do), and postage.. No color or fancy stuff will be reimbursed.. We're not children to be amused by bright colors.. Pre-paid.. phone cards.. are not reimburseable.. You must have a watch, pocket or wrist.. Truck Time is official tour time.. The truck is our only friend.. The way on is the way off.. If circumstance require that we have to walk onto the stage from the audience we will walk off the stage thru the audience.. We will not hide in a cupboard off-stage waiting on the silly encore ritual.. All musicians should be in the dressing room 30 minutes before showtime.. Road manager announces stage clear at which point Ubus do final instrument checks and then report back to the dressing room.. 5 minute marks start at 15 minutes to show.. Soundman reports Good to go at 3 minutes to show and leaves with an encouraging word.. Road manager reports Good to go at the 90 second mark and disappears.. Musicians gather at stage entry point at 30 seconds to show.. Rituals.. Pere Ubu shows up.. on time.. We expect everyone else to be on time.. No, no.. wait, we're not anywhere near that reasonable.. ahead.. of time.. If you show up ON TIME you're already late as far as we're concerned.. The sole function of an.. opening act.. is to start on time and to stop on time.. Period.. Do NOT book Pere Ubu unless you agree to this.. When Pere Ubu is an opening act we start on time, we stop on time, and we don't do an encore.. We don't expect to get a soundcheck and we don't expect to get to do a full show.. Those are the rules by which rock music functions.. Do not try to change them.. You are not a musician and you have no rights in this matter.. Mr Thomas in particular is very sensitive to time.. If Ubu is appearing in a festival, or in a non-headline capacity, we will NOT do an encore no matter what unless the duly-authorized stage manager tells us face to face.. In the past this has led to upset when we have refused to go out again without this specific authorization.. We play by the rules beyond the point of sanity.. We expect others to do the same.. Lights.. We are always happy when the lights are simply set, focused, turned on and left alone during the show.. Overhead lights should be focused on the center mic and bass player positions.. We need to read notes.. Mr Thomas does not like flashing lights.. Light scenes can shift but avoid flashing.. No smoke-machines are to be used during our performance.. Lighting should be theatrical rather than rockist.. We are interested in atmosphere, mood, drama, energy, subtlety, imagination-- not rock cliche.. Please do not use patterned gobos.. Mr Thomas finds patterned light routines to be particularly offensive.. Lights should be carefully focused on Mr Thomas and the band not directed at the audience.. Please try to avoid EXCESSIVE backlighting.. Lights must never fade to black between songs.. Light comes mostly from above not from below.. A handy tip to keep in mind is that the sun is up.. As for giveaways that's up to you.. I never like them cuz I hate giving stuff away so it depends on whether the promotional advantage is worth promoting a welfare-state mentality within the populace of the USA.. That's a decision I leave to you.. along with its karmic load.. Long ago we determined what trivia questions are to be used for Pere Ubu giveaways.. Choose one:.. Name two of General Lee's corps commanders at Gettysburg.. Quote one of Henry David Thoreau's aphorisms.. Name the author of this line: "Then I saw the Congo, creeping through the black, cutting through the forest with a golden track..

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  • Title: Ubu Projex Press Center
    Descriptive info: This Page:.. Ubu Projex Special Products.. Interviewers, Please Note:.. Before formulating your questions please go to the list of.. FAQs.. and read the relevant FAQ(s).. If nothing else, read the.. Most Frequently Asked Questions.. FAQ.. Note to the publicist:.. "I really do feel bad not doing a good interview but there was.. nothing.. to work with in it.. Thank you for asking how to make things better.. I don't like doing interviews at the venue before shows and I.. hate.. doing them afterwards - I am exhausted.. If you tell me it's important I will but at a show I am there to do the show and then meet members of the audience, not have my time stolen by pop culture functionaries.. The purpose of doing interviews around a tour is to sell tickets.. An interview on the day of the show clearly does not accomplish that so I see no point to it.. (The interview will presumably sell albums, of course, but it will sell as many if I do it before or after the tour.. ) I don't care if the mag is a sloppy fanzine, an inconsequential blog or the New York Times - it's all the same to me.. as long as it's interesting.. I prefer email but I am fine doing them over the phone.. In person is fine but I'm not traveling up to London, period - unless you tell me it's important to waste that amount of time and money.. I am good at interviews if the interviewer puts any amount of effort into preparing, or even if he just asks good questions off the top of his head.. I will not talk any more about the `70s or the 'industrial wastelands' of Cleveland or 'duh, what was it like.. ' I simply can't force myself to smile and go thru it.. I've worked long and hard on the website.. Everything I will ever say is there.. I am delighted if an interviewer has researched and asks actual follow-on questions.. Here's the truth: I'm an old man facing the end of his life.. I can't be bothered with crap any more.. I'll talk at length, entertaining, being insightful - all of it - but don't approach me like I'm a fluffy pop wannabe.. and don't make me do all the work.. Forty years ago I too was a music journalist.. I know the game.. Bottom line: I have expressed my thoughts on the subject.. I trust you to make the needful decisions on how to deploy my time and talent.. New Album:.. (Jan.. 7 2013).. -.. Press Clippings.. Biography.. Basic history, includes simple discography with links to all the albums and some press quotes.. Band Photos Artwork.. Band photos, current and historical, and related artwork, including recent album covers.. Previous Album.. (Sept.. 14 2009).. Concert Project:.. "Long Live Père Ubu!" - The Spectacle.. Theatrical project:.. Radio Play:.. Podcast.. Print Quality Album Covers.. David Thomas and two pale boys.. Latest Release:.. A Map Only Tells Me What I Already Know.. (2008), download audio only.. Latest cd Release:.. (2004).. Also links to individual biographies.. Photos.. Band photos  ...   Thomas, features 10 new songs as well as various musical "interludes.. " Independent film-makers The Brothers Quay have devised a unique visual staging in the form of animated video projections.. Sarah-Jane Morris (ex-Communards, Happy End, etc) features as Mere Ubu, partnering David Thomas as Pere Ubu.. Gagarin adds an atmospheric soundtrack by means of electronica.. Band members perform various minor roles.. The premiere was Thursday, April 24th, and Friday, April 25th at Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, as part of the Ether Festival.. It was repeated July 11 2009 at the Animator Festival, Poznan, Poland.. Press photos, click.. Reflections in a Mirror Man.. David Thomas and the pale orchestra perform "Reflections in a Mirror Man," a concentrated dose of David Thomas' music theater piece,.. , presented in concert format and augmented by specifically contrived movie and image projections.. The pale orchestra is.. Andy Diagram.. (electrified trumpet),.. (midi-guitar) and.. Dids.. (drums electronics).. Celtic Soul singer and former Doll By Doll frontman.. Jackie Leven.. and David Thomas assume the various characters contained in this anthology of tales about places that don't exist and the people who live in them.. The piece premiered at the prestigious Moers Jazz Festival in 2004.. Live Free or Diet.. Tales of Meat, Marvels Texas.. A program of songs, stories and visual imagery written and performed by David Thomas and master Danish percussionist P.. O.. Jørgens.. It's an "avant-Texas atmosphere bowl of beans folk roots via Harry Partch and one more blasted dawn lookin for a 3 meat platter with a broken song in your heart" kinda thing.. Written and compiled by Pere Ubu founder David Thomas, MIRROR MAN is a hybrid of neo-Beat opera and tent meeting testimony.. It is an oratorio.. Or maybe it is theatre vague.. Or a rogue opera.. Or a song-cycle of "haunted" geographical presences.. Or a roll call of voices retrieved from all those ghost towns that lie just over the horizon.. Mirror Man is about places that don't exist and a collection of stories about the people who live there - abandoned by the future, forbidden access to the past, and set adrift in a mirage-like Now.. It is represented by three.. albums.. : Act 1, Jack The General, Bay City, and Act 2, Bay City.. Photos Art.. Disastodrome.. Disastodrome is a 3 day festival of voice and vision designed to test the reputations of 18 avant-garage heroes.. These boundary breakers, forever outside the world of music-by-numbers, are led by one of rock's great prodigies and Pere Ubu founder, David Thomas.. Produced by UCLA Performing Arts, Disastodrome's most recent incarnation came to Los Angeles Feb 21-23, 2003.. Press Releases:.. Pere Ubu Forced to Pinch Hit.. August 2013.. Visa Delays to US Tour.. The Annotated Modern Dance Tour May 2011.. "Long Live Père Ubu!" Press Release.. "Long Live Père Ubu!" Bio.. Reference materials:.. Pere Ubu Bio.. Pere Ubu Reference.. Library.. David Thomas Reference.. A List Of.. Individual.. Bios.. Buyer's Guide To Pere Ubu.. Interviews.. On Various Subjects.. Fan Interest Photos.. Ubu Icons.. Discographies:.. Complete.. discography.. 45RPM 7-inchs.. (1975 - 2002).. Historical-era.. (1978 - 1982).. Datapanik In The Year Zero.. Box Set.. Riders Stage Plots:.. Sitemap..

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  • Title: The Grocery Police Department
    Descriptive info: The Grocery Police Department is the most rapidly growing division of Ubu Projex.. Chief Of Grocery Police Robert Wheeler is in charge of policing the internet for rogue uploads.. He has been granted absolute powers of censorship.. He is assisted by our crackerjack frothing-at-the-mouth lawyer.. If you have videos or audio that you'd like to upload and would like to have official sanction to do so contact Robert at.. Similarly if you see rogue uploads help us to protect our intellectual property rights by reporting them to Robert..

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  • Title: Lady From Shanghai by Pere Ubu
    Descriptive info: Produced by David Thomas.. Release January 7-8 2013.. FIRECD290 cd.. FV290 lp, double vinyl 45RPM.. Order cd or lp.. directly from Fire.. Buy.. Buy the cd or lp from.. Songs:.. Thanks 2:15.. Free White 2:29.. Feuksley Ma'am, the Hearing 5:12.. Mandy 7:14.. And Then Nothing Happened 4:14.. Musicians Are Scum 3:33.. Another One (Maybellene) 2:48.. Road Trip Of Bipasha Ahmed 4:13.. Lampshade Man 6:21.. 414 Seconds 6:49.. The Carpenter Sun 5:58.. Links and Background:.. Band Photos and Album Artwork.. Bio.. Excerpt.. from.. Press.. Clippings.. The Orson Welles.. poster.. Ubu Reviewers Reviewed.. Lampshade Man.. (video on YouTube) Shrodinger's.. Chart.. of Pop Music LFS Demos:.. #1.. #2.. #3.. #4.. The  ...   paperback, it is the 'Missing Manual' to.. Production Notes:.. Engineered by Paul Hamann.. Recorded at Suma (Painesville OH) and also at Nuke India Now (Hove) and Urban Iguana (NYC) studios.. Front cover image by Alexandre Horn.. Front cover typography and design by John Thompson.. Back cover photo by Kathy Ward Thompson.. Album design by Fire Records.. Band:.. David Thomas - vocals, piano, xiosynth, Korg iMS-20, Monotron, Roland 303, organ.. Keith Moliné - guitar, bass.. Robert Wheeler - EML synthesizer, Grendel Drone Commander, Korg iMS-20, SNM Cacophonator II.. Gagarin - digital electronica, piano, organ.. Michele Temple - bass, guitar, bells.. Steve Mehlman - drums, vocals, organ.. Darryl Boon - clarinet..

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  • Title: The Book of Hieroglyphs by David Thomas
    Descriptive info: Published by Ubu Projex/Hearpen, 268 pages.. Hardback with dust jacket, 6"x9", ISBN 978-1-4716-6164-8.. Released May 31 2012.. Limited edition only available from Ubutique.. Paperback, 6"x9", ISBN 978-1-4717-2820-4.. Launched September 2012.. Mail order available from.. 'The Book of Hieroglyphs' is rock and roll.. It does not present stories of drug fuelled debauchery.. It is without amusing anecdotes of life on the road.. There are no details of the deeply engrossing lives of rock musicians.. It is the essence.. Chapters:.. Read This First.. Introducton.. America.. The River.. Corso, Kerouac Kramden.. The Coffee Train.. Miami.. Cleveland, Ohio.. The Number 6.. Winter.. Diary of a Ghost.. Ghost Towns.. US 49 (Arkansas).. Texas.. Nowheresville.. Nebraska.. Green River, Utah.. Vegas Opera House.. Approaching Reno Absolute US 50.. The Back Story.. A PDF of.. excerpts.. from The Book of Hieroglyphs YouTube reading of.. David Thomas Bio.. Photos Artwork.. David Thomas presents a journey through the ghost towns of America.. Along  ...   the face of a neon land, trailing clouds of dust and dogs.. The story goes Somewhere and ends Nowhere.. It represents a different kind of writing; a form that went into a state of metamorphosis before the time of Homer, emerging from its chrysalis in 1877 as a new creation.. A hundred years of maturation followed.. The writing is become hieroglyphic.. David Thomas writes according to the unique narrative architecture that has evolved over the century since Edison invented the phonograph/microphone, and over the decades since Ike Turner recorded 'Rocket 88' in 1951.. This is a poetry book that doesn't look like a poetry book.. It's a novel that doesn't look like a novel.. It's a story that doesn't look like a story.. It's a film that doesn't look like a film.. It's a song that doesn't sound out loud.. Rock and roll makes you pay attention.. It reveals ghosts.. It reveals ghost towns..

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  • Title: City Desk / Farm Report
    Descriptive info: City Desk / Farm Report.. Blue Jet Corp, catalog: EML-101 and EML-200.. 12" vinyl singles cut at 45RPM.. Released Feb 11 2013.. Limited to 500 copies each.. Farm Report (#EML-101):.. Sunrise in Milan 5:51.. Twilight With Crickets 2:56.. City Desk (#EML-200):.. A Nocturne 4:39.. A Morning Mood 4:43.. In the spring of 2012, Allen Ravenstine and Robert Wheeler travelled to historic Grant Avenue Studio in Hamilton, Ontario, to appear in.. I Dream of Wires.. , a film documentary about the role of modular synthesizers in electronic music.. Canadian Filmmaker Robert Fantinatto dedicated 20 minutes to an interview with the two pioneers of industrial electronics, and their choice of the unique EML Electrocomp synthesizer as a performance instrument in Pere Ubu.. Allen Ravenstine was a composer, patron and pioneer of the burgeoning Cleveland arts scene in the early 1970's.. As synthesist with Pere Ubu, playing the EML-200 and later the EML-101, he earned international acclaim for his inspired use of industrial sound before retiring from popular music in the late 1980's.. His approach to live performance - rejecting the traditional tonal keyboard for an intuitive wash of modulated noise - has been much imitated but rarely equaled.. Robert Wheeler (of Home Garden) joined Pere Ubu in 1994, playing the EML-101 and  ...   York City.. Perhaps because the two had never played together before, the recordings that followed have a magical quality; a voyage of mutual discovery in a genre that they had pioneered a decade apart.. At points one or the other musician would leave the room, letting the antique synthesizer fill in his parts until he returned.. Engineer Bob Doidge described the experience as watching "four hands attached to one body.. " It was virtually impossible to discern where Ravenstine began and Wheeler ended.. Two days of tape were edited into bookend albums of hypnotizing music.. A double cd release is planned for the near future.. Scraps and sound effects from the sessions were assembled to create a pair of eccentric singles, released on audiophile vinyl.. "This project is the work of two friends with mutual respect and a profound shared intelligence," Wheeler said.. "Electronic meditations, musique d'ameublement, imaginary landscapes; there are dozens of ways of describing the end result of this remarkable collaboration.. The fact is that you have probably never heard anything quite like it.. The descriptors, 'City Desk' and 'Farm Report,' were drawn from the signature lines of their personal correspondence; an in-joke referencing the not-so-great divide between Gramercy Park and the Homer Page Farm in Milan, Ohio..

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