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  • Title: UESPWiki
    Descriptive info: .. What is this Ad?.. Report Ad.. Main Page.. The UESPWiki – Your source for The Elder Scrolls since 1995.. Jump to:.. navigation.. ,.. search.. Welcome to the.. Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages.. !.. We have been building a collaborative source for all knowledge on the.. Elder Scrolls.. series of.. games.. since 1995.. , and we could use your help! To begin browsing our site, you should select one of the games on the left side menu.. If you would like to help us build the site, you can learn how to.. get started.. as an editor, read over the.. help files.. , or look through our.. guide to helping out.. If you'd like to discuss the Elder Scrolls with other users, please consider using the UESP.. forums.. This site's purpose is to provide information; therefore, most of the content contains spoilers.. All Elder Scrolls Games.. •.. Searching.. Questions.. How to Contribute.. Help Files.. Forums.. We are currently maintaining.. 19,673.. articles.. Latest News.. ESO Character Creation Revealed —.. October 17, 2013.. Zenimax have released.. a video.. showing some of the options available when designing your new character for.. The Elder Scrolls Online.. There are more options available to tweak than in any.. previous game.. Create an Emote for The Elder Scrolls Online —.. September 7, 2013.. ZeniMax Media are running a competition to find and add a new emote to.. TES: Online.. The competition is open until 11.. 59 pm (EDT) on September 27th, and the winner will be announced on October 11th.. The winner will win the opportunity to work with a member of ESO's animation team, $75 store credit for the Bethesda Merchandise Store, a signed ESO poster, an ESO t-shirt, and an invite to a beta test.. Visit the.. official site.. for all the rules and a list of emotes already included in the game (the list of emotes can be found.. here.. too).. Update:.. The winners of the emote contest have been.. announced.. The winning entry was submitted by Trevor Baggett, for the.. Honor/Dishonor.. emote (.. video.. ).. Runner-ups include the.. Toast.. ), the.. Strategy.. ), and the.. Awe.. Congratulations to all the contestants!.. Elder Scrolls Online Payment Model Revealed —.. August 21, 2013.. After many months of secrecy and speculation on what the payment model for.. Elder Scrolls Online.. would be, Matt Firor has finally revealed that the MMO spin-off will feature a subscription-based payment system in an.. interview with GameStar.. Claiming that the premium subscription model was necessary for the game they wanted to make, Matt Firor said that any other model would have negatively impacted their design.. Although the first month after purchasing the game will be free, continued activity after the first thirty days will require the payment of a flat fee to continue accessing the servers.. Considerations for future discounts on the cost of the subscription or similar alternatives are being discussed, but for now a subscription will be needed to play the game.. Matt Firor went on to say that while other business models are valid, the team behind the game did not believe that it would work for ESO.. They did not want to make players feel like their activity in the game was being "monetized" as they find the other payment models do.. Those interested in the new installment in the franchise can expect to pay $14.. 99/€12.. 99/£8.. 99 per month to play the game after the first thirty days, with discounts for buying multiple months at once very likely.. After the notably mixed reaction to  ...   Redguard.. , the other two games available on the PC.. Pete Hines.. offered the explanation that the games are treated as spin-offs, and as such are not part of the series, in.. this tweet.. The set will be released on September 10 (13 in Europe).. It will be priced at $79.. 99 USD, €59.. 99, £49.. 99, and $89.. 99 AUD.. See more details on this exciting release on.. BethBlog.. In a followup update, it was announced that Morrowind and Oblivion would not come with the smaller DLC attached to the titles.. While all of the.. Morrowind add-ons.. not included in the anthology are available for free, all of the.. Oblivion add-ons.. not previously mentioned will not be available with the boxed copy.. As a solution to this issue, Steam keys for the Morrowind GOTY edition and the Oblivion Deluxe GOTY edition will be included with the games, with the version of Oblivion provided coming with all of the add-ons.. However, the add-ons for Oblivion will not be compatible with the disc version provided in the box; people wanting to play Oblivion with all of the additions will have to launch it through Steam.. More News.. Current Featured Article.. Skyrim:Thieves Guild (faction).. The Thieves Guild.. is dedicated to the gathering and training of those who are stealthy and shadowy in nature.. Although criminal by its very definition, for untold years, local authorities in places throughout.. have tolerated the existence of the guild for its role as "crime regulator", as it does not tolerate competition or egregious conduct from its members (not to mention the personal financial benefits for authorities who play nice).. It is usually considered to be a distinctly.. Imperial.. entity, though of course other organizations of the Empire do not officially condone their actions.. (.. more.. More Featured Articles.. Current Featured Image.. Wolf.. More Featured Images.. Did you know.. that.. Argonians.. prefer to call themselves Saxhleel, meaning.. "People of the Root".. in Jel, their native tongue?.. that the.. Numidium.. was a giant.. Dwemer.. construct.. powered by the.. Heart.. of.. Lorkhan.. , and used by.. Tiber Septim.. to.. conquer.. all of.. ?.. Sheogorath.. Daedric Prince.. of Madness, was actually.. Jyggalag.. , the Daedric Prince of Order, until the other Daedric Princes cursed him to live as the former?.. White-Gold Concordat.. was signed in.. 4E 175.. , banning the worship of.. Talos.. within the.. Empire.. that over 1,000 Non-Player Characters are defined in.. The Howling Halls.. were built from the rubble of the Temple of.. Kynareth.. where.. Pelagius Septim III.. died?.. that when going through an.. Oblivion gate.. , you're usually going to one of seven.. random worlds.. Daedric Weapons.. are made from refined.. ebony.. and the magical substances of the.. lesser minions of Oblivion.. necromancy.. is only illegal in the province of.. that a variety of.. diseases.. can be caught by unlucky travelers in the.. Iliac Bay region.. Vvardenfell.. Would You Like to Know More?.. Retrieved from ".. http://www.. uesp.. net/w/index.. php?title=Main_Page oldid=1248359.. ".. Category.. :.. Site Information.. Hidden category:.. Full Protection.. Google+.. Views.. Page.. Discussion.. View source.. History.. chat.. Personal tools.. Log in / create account.. Search.. general.. Featured Articles.. Recent Changes.. Random Page.. Mobile Site.. sections.. All Content.. Lore.. Books.. Official Add-Ons.. TES Travels.. community.. Community Portal.. Contact Us.. Chatroom.. Blog.. Twitter.. Facebook.. Links.. Toolbox.. What Links Here.. Related changes.. Special Pages.. Printable Version.. Permanent Link.. This page was last modified on 20 October 2013, at 16:51.. All content is available under the terms of the.. Attribution-ShareAlike 2.. 5 License.. Privacy Policy.. About UESPWiki.. Disclaimers..

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  • Title: UESPWiki:Site Support - UESPWiki
    Descriptive info: UESPWiki:Site Support.. As UESP has continued to grow and evolve over the years, the site that began on a $10/month virtual server plan now costs several thousand/month to maintain and continues to climb.. Although there is no immediate danger of the site going down due to lack of funds, we believe it would be wise to make the site as self-supporting as possible.. The site is currently supported from one source: advertising with.. Google DoubleClick for Publishers.. Donations.. from our generous readers and editors has been discontinued since advertising is currently capable of covering all the site's expenses.. Previously, the remainder of funds needed to keep the site up and running came directly from the pocket of.. Dave Humphrey.. , the UESP's founder.. Currently, any excess revenue generated by the site are put into an.. account.. reserved for future use and possibly special events.. Although donations have been accepted for a while, supplementing the site with advertisements is new to the wiki.. This will be on a trial basis, and the formatting and positioning of the advertisements will likely change from time to time.. Feedback and comments.. on this topic are always welcome.. If you encounter an advertisement you feel is not appropriate for the UESP you may.. Report an Inappropriate Ad.. Contents.. 1.. Site Costs.. 2.. Financial Records.. 3.. Frequently Asked Questions.. 1.. Is it okay if I block ads?.. 2.. Is the UESP going to turn into another ad-infested site?.. 3.. Why don't the financial records exactly add up?.. 4.. Excess Site Funds.. [.. edit.. ].. See.. Servers.. for the rough figures on current server costs.. Summary 2006.. January 2006.. February 2006.. March 2006..  ...   won't be bothered by them, and visiting our sponsors is a great way to give back to the site.. Our intention is to use just enough advertising to make the site self-supporting.. For users with an account, advertising will never be put in articles, on the top of the page, or at other obtrusive locations – even if this results in a lack of enough income to support the site.. Anonymous users will see a small number of additional ads at the top of the page.. In addition, annoying ads, such as blinking images, are out of the question.. If the feedback from the ads is overly negative or they turn out to be too obtrusive or annoying, we will simply not use them anymore.. Also, we're open to alternative methods in supporting the site, such as a yearly donation drive or anything else you can think of.. The expense and revenue records provided on the site are not meant to record every penny but merely to give a rough idea of the site's running cost and income.. Conversions between Canadian, US and sometimes other currencies make it time consuming to track everything to the penny so in some cases I simply round using the current conversion rates.. I try to keep the current balance of the site's account accurate with the actual value.. Any excess site revenue is put into the site's.. for future use which might include:.. Emergency site repairs.. Larger site upgrades.. Extra in case advertising revenue declines in the future.. Special things like contests, rewards, etc.. php?title=UESPWiki:Site_Support oldid=1126390.. Project page.. Edit.. This page was last modified on 14 February 2013, at 03:14..

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  • Title: File:Mainpage-logo.jpg - UESPWiki
    Descriptive info: Report ad.. File:Mainpage-logo.. jpg.. File.. File history.. File usage.. Metadata.. No higher resolution available.. Mainpage-logo.. (378 × 100 pixels, file size: 9 KB, MIME type: image/jpeg).. JPEG version of the.. main page logo.. Click on a date/time to view the file as it appeared at that time.. Date/Time.. Thumbnail.. Dimensions.. User.. Comment.. current.. 03:21, 8 May 2012.. 378 × 100.. (9 KB).. Jak Atackka.. Talk.. |.. contribs.. Version with a green background to match the main page (as opposed to the wiki-yellow background).. 15:31, 7 February 2008.. (8 KB).. Daveh.. Edit this file using an external  ...   User talk:Amantius Allectus.. User talk:Dannycl.. User talk:Darth Storm.. User talk:Dementia's doppleganger.. User talk:Feartheflame.. User talk:JCM.. User talk:Michaeldsuarez.. User talk:Mr shadows89.. User talk:Oblivion25.. User talk:Scarer19.. User talk:TomCat.. User talk:Voice Of Reason.. This file contains additional information, probably added by the software used to create it.. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file.. Horizontal resolution.. 96 dpi.. Vertical resolution.. Software used.. GIMP 2.. 6.. 11.. Exif version.. Color space.. Uncalibrated.. php?title=File:Mainpage-logo.. jpg oldid=1020136.. UESP Logo Images.. This page was last modified on 11 September 2012, at 13:45..

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  • Title: UESPWiki:About - UESPWiki
    Descriptive info: UESPWiki:About.. UESPWiki.. The.. , usually referred to as the UESP, is one of the most popular game guides for the.. gaming universe.. Originating from.. Dave Humphrey's.. original.. Daggerfall FAQ.. , the site has continually grown and expanded to cover the entire series.. Because UESP is constantly being worked on and perfected, it differs from your everyday game guide.. Anyone can.. start contributing.. to our collaborative project.. If you see a.. stub.. that you can expand, we highly encourage you to improve upon it.. For many years, UESP has been the leading resource for the Elder Scrolls series.. Only with your help and with the effort of the community  ...   out the.. history page.. If you're looking for discussion, please visit any of the popular forums for the Elder Scrolls games.. If you're looking for help with one of the Elder Scrolls games, check the copious FAQs and other information listed here.. Statistics.. See also:.. Special:Statistics.. UESPWiki:Statistics.. Since Skyrim has been released:.. Daily Visits.. : Averaging 70,000 unique visits a day.. Daily Pages.. : Averaging 1,500,000 page requests a day.. Daily Bandwidth.. : Typically around 25 GB a day serving 2 million files.. See Also.. General Disclaimer.. php?title=UESPWiki:About oldid=1090483.. UESP Administration.. Hidden categories:.. Semi Protection.. Move Protection.. This page was last modified on 8 January 2013, at 20:19..

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  • Title: General:Elder Scrolls - UESPWiki
    Descriptive info: General:Elder Scrolls.. General.. Games.. Gameplay Universe.. The Elder Scrolls Themselves.. External Links.. The Elder Scrolls (commonly referred to as.. TES.. ) is an award-winning series of roleplaying games created by.. Bethesda Softworks.. Set in the vast continent of.. , The Elder Scrolls series is renowned for the level of unprecedented control given to the player over his or her character's destiny, establishing itself as the benchmark in immersive, independently-living worlds for the RPG genre.. The series consists of five primary games:.. The Elder Scrolls: Arena.. (1994).. The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.. (1996).. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.. (2002).. Official Plug-Ins.. (2002-2003 /.. plug-ins).. The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal.. (2002 /.. expansion pack).. The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon.. (2003 /.. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.. (2006).. (2006-2007 /.. The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles.. (2007 /.. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.. (2011).. (2012 /.. add-ons).. The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard.. add-on).. The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn.. (2012-2013 /.. Apart from the central storyline, a wide range of games have been set within the world of The Elder Scrolls, including:.. An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire.. (1997).. The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard.. (1998).. The Elder Scrolls Travels: Stormhold.. (2003).. The Elder Scrolls Travels: Dawnstar.. (2004).. The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey.. The Elder Scrolls Travels: Oblivion.. (2013).. The world of the Elder Scrolls is well-known for its attention to detail and realism, replete with an interconnected structure of various societies, cultures, and religions, each backed by a thorough historical basis, revealed to Elder Scrolls aficionados (who often assume the title of "loremaster") through in-game literature and deep, multi-tiered conversations.. Set within the mortal realm of.. Mundus.. , the Elder Scrolls games are invariably placed within one or more of the nine provinces of the continent of.. , these being:.. Black Marsh.. - homeland of the.. Imperials.. Elsweyr.. Khajiit.. Hammerfell.. Redguards.. High Rock.. Bretons.. Orcs.. Dunmer.. Nords.. Falmer.. Summerset Isle.. Altmer.. Valenwood.. Bosmer.. Imga.. Furthermore, certain titles - namely.. The Elder Scrolls:Battlespire.. The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.. - take place partially within the alternate,.. Daedra.. -ruled,.. Planes of Oblivion.. While it is known that continents other than Tamriel exist, players have not yet visited them in any official game.. Contents of an  ...   the plantmatter fibers imbue your soul, the wretched plankton would pollute the cloth until it stank to heavens of prophecy.. This is one manner in which the Scrolls first came to pass, but are we the sea, or the breather, or the fabric? Or are we the breath itself? Can we flow through the Scrolls as knowledge flows through, being the water, or are we the stuck morass of sea-filth that gathers on the edge?".. Any person gifted with prescient powers is able to interpret the contents of the Elder Scrolls with practice.. The information revealed about the future is never absolute.. Once an event foretold within the Scrolls is carried out in the world it becomes fixed within them.. Such insight into the inner fabric of reality comes at a price, however, as each new foretelling and interpretation strikes the reader with blindness for a greater period of time, while simultaneously granting them a broader view of the Scroll's contents.. Ultimately, the reader, having engaged in frequent acts of prophecy, is left bereft of their vision, forever after removed of their right to read the Scrolls.. By time-honored tradition only those of.. The Cult of the Ancestor Moth.. may read from the Scrolls, the younger members caring for the elder as they gradually lose their sight for eternity.. Numerous Elder Scrolls were stored at the.. Imperial Palace.. within a chamber known variously as the Imperial Library, the Hall of Records, and the Elder Library.. After rumors circulated following the.. Oblivion Crisis.. that a Scroll had been stolen from the Imperial Palace by the.. Thieves Guild.. , efforts to take inventory of the Scrolls proved fruitless as their numbers and placement seemed to fluctuate for no discernible reason.. Around.. , the Elder Scrolls mysteriously vanished from the Library, and were scattered across Tamriel.. The year.. 4E 201.. saw the discovery of three Elder Scrolls.. Two Elder Scrolls were discovered in.. itself, one hidden in the.. city.. Blackreach.. and the other in the ancient ruin of.. Dimhollow Crypt.. The third was located in the.. Soul Cairn.. The Elder Scrolls official homepage.. Bethesda Softworks homepage.. php?title=General:Elder_Scrolls oldid=1247723.. This page was last modified on 17 October 2013, at 14:26..

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  • Title: All Content - UESPWiki
    Descriptive info: (Redirected from.. All Games.. UESP.. (the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages) strives to provide information about all of the.. games and the world,.. , in which those games are set.. The site is divided into sections devoted to each of the games or content areas.. : Skyrim's main page.. : Dragonborn's main page.. : Official add-ons for Skyrim.. Tes5Mod.. : Third-party mods for Skyrim.. : Oblivion's main page.. : Oblivion's only expansion.. Official Plug-ins.. : All official plug-ins for Oblivion.. Tes4Mod.. : Third-party mods for Oblivion.. : Morrowind's main page.. : Morrowind's first expansion.. : Morrowind's second expansion.. : All  ...   Arena's main page.. Online.. : The Elder Scrolls Online's main page.. The Elder Scrolls Spin-off Series.. : Battlespire's main page.. : Redguard's main page.. The Elder Scrolls Travels.. Oblivion (PSP).. : Oblivion (PSP)'s main page.. Oblivion Mobile.. : Oblivion Mobile's main page.. Shadowkey.. : Shadowkey's main page.. Stormhold.. : Stormhold's main page.. Dawnstar.. : Dawnstar's main page.. Other Content.. : Documentation of printed media related to TES, including the novels.. : General lore about the TES universe.. : General information about TES development, reception, and public interaction.. php?title=All_Content oldid=1247471.. This page was last modified on 16 October 2013, at 13:32..

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  • Title: UESPWiki:History - UESPWiki
    Descriptive info: UESPWiki:History.. This is a brief.. history of the site.. over the ages, at least as.. I.. remember it.. Much of the early details and dates are vague as there are no records available anymore.. Summer 1994 - First Glimpse of Arena.. : My first experience with the.. games was with.. on a friends computer.. I remember the scene well: A cityscape at night with snow slowing drifting down between the street lights.. While I was just beginning to get into PC computer games at the time, I was seriously impressed.. I actually want to push this date back further (almost a year further in the winter of '93) but that would be before Arena was released so I'm assuming my memory is just failing me.. Fall 1994 - Bought Arena.. : I was bored one weekend and was in a small computer shop which just happened to have one copy of Arena as one of its dozen games.. It was all downhill from here.. This was the second game I ever bought (the first being Doom).. Fall 1994 - Started Daggerfall FAQ.. : After playing and being very impressed with Arena, I started frequenting the Usenet newsgroups and soon found out about.. which was in early production at the time.. Seeing the general lack of knowledge on the game I started a.. text FAQ for Daggerfall.. which was distributed regularily on Usenet.. Winter 1995 - Daggerfall FAQ Grows.. : The FAQ grew quickly and two other people joined me in gathering information and  ...   once the newforce server started charging based on bandwidth instead of a flat monthly charge (it would have increased the site fee from something like $10 to over $100 a month).. I'm unsure of the exact move date.. 2000 - Site Moved, Again.. : Due to problems at the donated honesty site, I moved to the donated www.. m0use.. net/~uesp/ site (which had its network connection graciously donated by.. Bethesda.. , thanks!).. Again, exact date is uncertain.. January 2004 - Site Moved, Again.. : After m0use being down for a few months, I purchased and moved the site to the www.. net domain on a virtual server hosted by Canaca.. Hopefully this will be the last move for a while.. February 2005 - Started Change to Wiki Format.. : After much research and testing, I decided to move to a wiki-based site.. This lets the ES community add and edit the site content as the site has gotten so large I cannot devote enough time to properly maintain it.. November 2005 - Moved to Dedicated Server.. : With increasing load due to now being a Wiki as well as Oblivion's release date approaching the site outgrew its virtual server.. I switched to a fully dedicated server from.. iWeb.. in Montreal which increased the monthly cost from a mere $10 to $100.. Typically load on the current server is 10-20% so there is a good amount of room for future growth.. php?title=UESPWiki:History oldid=938557.. Site.. This page was last modified on 24 April 2012, at 14:33..

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  • Title: UESPWiki:Getting Started - UESPWiki
    Descriptive info: UESPWiki:Getting Started.. Welcome to.. This is a site devoted to documenting the.. The site is set up as a wiki, modeled on.. Wikipedia.. This means that the entire site is a collaborative effort, to which anybody may contribute: just click ".. " at the top of any page to become a wiki editor! We always welcome new contributors who are interested in helping to improve the site.. Getting Started.. Creating an Account.. Editing Pages.. Wiki Markup.. Discussion Pages.. 5.. Keep In Mind.. Content Criteria.. Conduct.. Common Mistakes.. 6.. In Conclusion.. If you are not sure where, what, or how to start editing, these are some pages that might help you out:.. Helping Out.. : Ideas on what can be done to help improve UESPWiki.. Task List.. : Overview of ongoing projects on the site.. : Help on how to edit a wiki page.. Help.. : A listing of all the available help pages.. Quick Editing Guide.. : A quick editing guide for those who want to dive in quickly but need a couple pointers.. Mentors.. : Ask another editor to become your mentor and help show you the ropes.. Sandbox.. : Experiment with how editing works in our sandbox.. Style Guide.. : Guidelines for how to write articles that conform to UESPWiki standards.. Policies and Guidelines.. : Information on all of the policies and guidelines that have been adopted by the community.. : A page devoted to general discussion of the site.. You are welcome to chime in with your opinion on any of the issues, or bring up any new ones.. : How and where to ask questions.. Some of the key ideas from these pages are summarized in the following sections.. You are free to edit the site without creating an account, but if you're interested in doing more than just a few random edits, getting an account can be very useful.. It's a.. painless process.. , it allows other editors on the site to get to know you better (for example, seeing where your interests lie), and gives you access to additional features.. Why create an account?.. on wikipedia for more about account creation.. Main Articles:.. These are some basic ways that you can improve the site:.. Fix errors.. such as grammar or.. spelling.. mistakes.. Large quantities of small fixes can greatly improve the quality of the site.. Improve the content.. by adding missing information to articles, or by re-wording sentences and paragraphs so that they are easier to understand.. Format pages.. If you're good with.. Wiki markup.. , you can look for pages that need to be improved visually.. Main Article:.. If you have something to contribute, you should add it.. Don't worry too much about making mistakes.. Mistakes on the wiki are.. pretty easy to fix.. , and we would rather have editors who contribute plenty of information and make a few mistakes than have  ...   able to format your edits so that they look better, you will need to learn some basic wiki markup.. We have a.. quick editing guide.. which explains the more simple commands, a more general help page on.. formatting.. , and you could also see Wikimedia's.. editing walkthrough.. for more details.. Editing a Discussion Page.. Discussion pages.. , also referred to as talk pages, are where editors discuss how they can improve the main article.. Anyone can ask a question, answer an existing question, or contribute to an existing discussion.. There are two kinds of talk pages: Regular talk pages, which are used to discuss articles, and user talk pages, which are used to talk with editors.. The rules used on discussion pages are slightly different from those on article pages.. In particular, contributions to discussion pages should always be signed (contributions to articles should never be signed).. Main article:.. Before you dive in and start editing, we do have a few things that you should keep in mind.. Even though everyone can edit, this does not mean that the site is a free-for-all.. Content submitted should always be informative, verifiable, professional, and legible, and content that does not uphold to these criteria will likely be removed.. You should also integrate what you want to add into what we have instead of creating something separate from the current content or even a duplicate page.. As for your tone while writing, make sure that it addresses the reader when necessary and not yourself.. Etiquette.. We promote an atmosphere of kindness and friendliness, which is usually apparent when examining the community of the site.. However, there are sometimes disagreements and even heated disputes among editors, but everyone here is expected to behave in a civil manner at all times.. The most important thing to do is to.. assume good faith.. with your fellow editors.. Don't assume that others are acting in spite or malice.. If another editor does something that is upsetting to you, leave a message on their talk page or where appropriate and politely express your concerns.. You may have avoided a potentially embarrassing misunderstanding or a frivolous dispute.. There are some mistakes that are frequently made by new contributors to the site.. Looking over this article may help you to avoid some of these problems.. You now know the most important things that you need to know to contribute to the project.. Do you feel like something is missing or not adequately explained? Leave a message on the.. discussion page.. so that we can improve it.. You should also introduce yourself to some of our active members in the project.. Create a user page and/or user talk page, participate in active discussions on the.. community portal.. , or join our.. IRC.. channel and.. and talk to everyone there.. php?title=UESPWiki:Getting_Started oldid=1131507.. This page was last modified on 20 February 2013, at 19:17..

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  • Title: Help:Contents - UESPWiki
    Descriptive info: Help:Contents.. The purpose of this walkthrough is to help aspiring editors learn the ways of editing as soon as possible.. We hope that these help files guide you greatly, and we look forward to seeing your future work on our project.. General Walkthroughs.. Skyrim Content.. - Information specifically about adding new.. Reading.. Navigation.. Namespaces.. New Editors.. - Information for new editors.. Mentor Program.. - Mentors for new editors who would like one-on-one assistance.. – General suggestions for how to help contribute.. - More specific tasks that need to be done.. Basic Editing.. Edit Summary.. Show Preview.. Page History.. Starting New Pages.. Advanced Editing.. Images.. Tables.. Categories.. Magic Words.. Templates.. Writing Templates.. References.. Other Topics.. Determining a RefID.. - General guidelines for how to write, format, and present pages..  ...   avoid and fix them.. Book Page Layout.. : The standard UESP layout for book articles.. NPC Page Layout.. : The standard UESP layout for NPC articles.. Place Page Layout.. : The standard UESP layout for place articles.. Quest Page Layout.. : The standard UESP layout for quest articles.. Spelling.. : Spelling rules for commonly misspelled words on UESPWiki.. : Guidelines for articles in the Lore: namespace.. Note: UESP generally follows Wikipedia style.. Where guidelines differ, those on UESP policy and help pages should generally prevail.. Manual of Style (wikipedia).. MediaWiki Help Page.. - General information on how to edit MediaWiki pages, including: building tables, controlling table of contents displays, and adding/using templates, etc.. php?title=Help:Contents oldid=1111166.. Help page.. This page was last modified on 1 February 2013, at 16:48..

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  • Title: UESPWiki:Helping Out - UESPWiki
    Descriptive info: UESPWiki:Helping Out.. There are many ways to.. help the wiki.. Our goal is to document everything about the.. series, and anyone who would like to help is welcome to contribute.. If you want to get a quick overview of ongoing projects, you can check the.. Editors are free to work on any project that they find interesting.. If you're reading a page and see something that needs to be fixed, just click on the.. "edit".. button and fix it.. If you're looking for something that needs to be done, this page provides some suggestions.. General Page Improvement.. Cleaning Up Articles.. Expanding Articles.. Create New Articles.. 4.. Adding Suggestions.. 5.. Adding Links.. Adding Images.. 7.. Other Maintenance.. Helping the Community.. Monitoring Articles.. Answering Questions.. Helping Other Users.. Public Relations.. Projects.. The ideas in this section can be applied to almost any page on the site; while you are reading articles, keep in mind whether any of these improvements are needed on the page.. In addition, there are various.. categories.. where articles that have been tagged as needing improvements are listed.. You can browse through any of those categories and see if any of the pages are on topics that you're knowledgeable about.. Or you can add any page that you think needs maintenance to a category to let other editors know that page needs work.. If you're uncertain about anything, or have any questions you'd like answered before jumping in and starting to edit, feel free to ask! You can post any questions you might have on this article's.. talk page.. , you can ask a.. mentor.. to help you, or you can add a question to any talk page on the site, and an editor will try to help out.. There are (unfortunately) always articles that do not meet the site's.. style guidelines.. Some common problems with articles include:.. Incorrect.. or grammar.. Use of.. first person.. perspective.. Articles that do not use the recommended layout (e.. g.. , the.. Quest Layout.. for quests or the.. Book Layout.. for books).. Pages that do not include proper wiki.. Pages that have been identified as needing to be cleaned up are listed at:.. Pages Needing Cleanup.. : any type of general cleanup; typically the known problems are listed on the article or on its talk page.. Pages Needing Wikification.. : pages that need wiki formatting; often these pages will also need to have.. links added.. In order to clean up some pages, feel free to use.. Creation Kit Information Requests.. page.. Specific Creation Kit information requests for articles can be made here.. Many articles can be expanded and improved upon.. You could roam the site looking for articles that you feel are too vague, then elaborate on them.. If you notice information that is missing from an article, add it.. You could also expand upon.. stubs.. , which are articles that have not received substantial attention from other editors and do not have a sufficient amount of information.. Stubs.. provides a list of minimal length articles that need to be fleshed out.. Are we missing something? If there are a lot of pages that link to an empty page, you.. may.. want to.. create it.. in blue represent pages that have been created, and links in red represent pages that have not been created.. However, creating new articles should only be done if the article is necessary and will not be.. redundant.. If you are a new editor and are not familiar with the site's existing content, it may be better to wait until you have more experience with the site before creating any articles.. Not all red link pages should be immediately created.. Before creating a new page at the target location you should:.. First check whether the red link is an error.. The most common cause of a red link is an editor misspelling a word, rather than a missing article.. If a page on the topic already exists, fix all of the links so that they point to the correct page instead.. Only create a new page if you can fill in more than a single sentence.. New pages should try to provide a complete discussion of the page's topic.. If you don't know enough to fill in more than one sentence, it is better to leave the page as a red link.. Then other editors can more easily identify which pages need work.. Read the other requirements at.. Help:Starting New Pages.. and make sure they have all been met.. If after these checks you are certain that the article is needed, then start writing it!.. Wanted Pages.. provides a list of all the pages that exist  ...   of wiki formatting, which often includes adding links.. Dead End Pages.. : pages that contain zero links to other wiki pages.. Note that many subpages are not supposed to have links (in particular, please do.. not.. add place links to Oblivion place description pages).. There are many screenshots, maps, and other images that would help to make articles more informative.. provides information on image formats and how to obtain good quality screenshots.. Pages Needing Images.. : lists pages that have been identified as needing an image.. Image Requests.. : specific image requests for articles can be made here.. Other categories and special pages that list pages needing maintenance include:.. Pages Needing Peer Review.. : discussions where an editor would like input from the rest of the community.. Pages Needing Verification.. : pages that include facts that have not yet been confirmed.. Broken Redirects.. : redirect pages that link to non-existent pages (often they need to be.. proposed for deletion.. Double Redirects.. : redirect pages that link to another redirect page.. The redirect needs to be edited to point to a real wiki page.. Uncategorized categories.. that need to have a category tag added to the page.. Uncategorized pages.. : articles that need to have a.. category tag.. added to the page.. Unused categories.. : categories that do not contain any articles.. Wanted Categories.. : categories that have had pages added to them, but the container page has not been created.. Unfortunately, many people who do not understand our goals come through here and make careless edits or edits that otherwise do not comply with the.. style guide.. ;.. vandalism.. occasionally happens.. These edits are caught and fixed by editors who monitor the.. recent changes.. While there are some.. patrollers.. who are given a couple of special tools to help monitor recent changes, any editors are welcome to help out.. Sometimes this means rewording a new contribution to a page, and sometimes this means deleting it.. If you find that you enjoy monitoring the recent changes page and tend to be frequently checking it, you may wish to nominate yourself to join the site's.. Patrollers.. There are frequently questions that get asked by other contributors, either on the.. Reference Desk.. , or on article talk pages.. If you know the answer (or even a partial answer) to any question, feel free to answer it.. Recent questions can be identified from the.. page; older questions can be found by checking the talk pages of articles that you are reading or in the collection of questions at.. Questions Needing Answers.. Many users don't know some of the ways they can help on the wiki.. You could help them out by sharing with them some of your knowledge, and encouraging them to get active and find something to start editing.. One of the ways to identify yourself as someone that would like to help others is to place your name on the.. mentor program.. Another way is to look at the.. page and to look for newcomers or anonymous editors who have been making some good edits.. Encourage them to get a new account if they haven't, and show them around the community.. We need more people that are interested in reading what we write about, and we need more people that are interested in writing.. The UESP does not advertise formally, so it requires people like you to spread the word to make this site bigger and better.. Don't resort to spamming, because it makes us look bad and makes people unhappy, but just keep an eye out for people that may be interested.. You could put a link to us in your signature on the.. official forums.. , for example, or you could show people who need help some of our articles.. provides a list of projects that other editors have identified as needing to be done.. Everyone is invited to look through the list and add new projects or find projects that they would like to work on.. You can also check out.. for a list of official project pages.. - A guide for new editors.. - Some mistakes to avoid when contributing.. - Important rules and guidelines that you should try to become familiar with before editing.. - Our policy on the use of the namespaces.. - A guideline to the use and creation of categories.. - General information on how to edit MediaWiki pages, including: building tables, controlling table of contents displays, and adding/using templates, etcetera.. Wiki Subforum.. - A place on the UESP.. for discussions and questions specifically about the UESP Wiki.. php?title=UESPWiki:Helping_Out oldid=1205697.. This page was last modified on 22 June 2013, at 00:44..

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