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  • Title: Welcome
    Descriptive info: .. UELN Website.. /.. Universal Equine Life Number.. Welcome to the UELN Website.. This website is intended for all the official organisations concerned by horse registration, breeding and sport.. It presents the result of international meetings between the most important international organisations which work on improving the communication between horse registers.. You will find on this website :.. The history and description  ...   to this project.. The UELN database with more than 500 organisations and associations registered (UELN code, address, list of breeds registered).. The presentation of a solution for data exchanges between databases using the internet.. Menu.. Welcome.. UELN Presentation.. International organizations.. UELN Code Database.. Data exchanges.. UELN presentation at Equitana.. Sitemap.. Contact us.. 2007 All Rights Reserved.. | Designed by.. Free CSS Templates..

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  • Title: What is the UELN ?
    Descriptive info: What is the UELN ?.. UELN means Universal Equine Life Number.. It is a project of a common language between all the organizations registering horses (stud-books, federations,.. ).. They all have their own independent system of identification for their horses.. That makes the exchanges of data quite hard.. A major advantage of the UELN is that the registration's number in the stud-book of birth is not modified but is included in the UELN.. So the databases managers don't have  ...   number of the horse.. The aim is to ensure that each horse in the world can be identified with one UELN.. For example, when an organization needs information about a stallion registered in another country, the UELN will allow this organization to find easily data about this specific stallion simply by filling in its UELN in the data exchange part of the website.. Rules of attribution of the UELN.. How to get an UELN code?.. EU regulation.. Meeting reports..

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  • Title: International organizations
    Descriptive info: You can find here information about the main international organizations dealing with horse sports, races, or breeding: WBFSH, FEI, ISBC, UET, WAHO and ECAHO.. The other organizations are different breed federations (Lipizzan, Shetland pony,.. WBFSH.. FEI.. ISBC.. UET.. WAHO.. ECAHO.. Other organizations..

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  • Title: UELN Code Database
    Descriptive info: Are you looking for an organization ? A breed ?.. Here you can find usefull tools to look for information about organizations, breeds, UELN codes and many other things.. Breeds linked to organizations is only for information.. The UELN is not linked to breeds but it is the address of the database which registers a horse for the first time.. Find organization with UELN code.. Find UELN code of an organization.. Find breeds for an organization in a country.. Find organizations for one breed.. Find addresses of organizations.. ISO 3166 country codes..

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  • Title: Data exchanges
    Descriptive info: Horse Data Exchange Hub.. Today when you have to register a foreign horse (as imported, for competition, as imported semen…) in your database, you have to type data from the passport.. It takes a lot of time; some databases registered more than 10 000 imported horses a year.. There are still risks to make mistakes on the horse name, date of birth, colour, pedigree….. The hub developed and promoted by the WBFSH is a tool to facilitate the exchanges of data between central, stud book, federation databases, though XML files which can be easily exploited.. Every partner in this project be able to manage accesses’authorizations to its database.. The hub provides a restricted list of available databases according their UELN code.. Each  ...   compatible with the webservices technologies.. To participate in data exchanges, the database manager has to sign the ‘data exchange chart’, in order to respect the code of ethics of the project.. This chart is sent when a partner asks for a login/password and has to be returned signed to the.. UELN webmaster.. to get an access, and will receive all technical documents.. At present, the access is restricted to the WBFSH's members.. If you have any question, do not hesitate to.. contact us.. Reference tables.. You will find.. here.. , the reference tables for sex and colour.. If you want to participate to data exchange, you have to integrate these reference tables in your database and make the connection with your own tables..

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  • Title: UELN presentation at Equitana
    Descriptive info: UELN presentation.. Please find here the presentation about the UELN done the 16th of November during Equitana at Melbourne.. Equitana 16th of November, Melbourne.. Industry heads from throughout the equine sector may already be aware of this system of equine numbering, used in Europe and abroad since 1999 and obligatory in Europe since 2009.. The system has been working well and this is your invitation to learn about it and what it can offer the equine sector here in Australia.. This may assist to bring us in line with international protocols, as well  ...   lecture about the UELN, the importance of horse registration, what is the difference between UELN and microchip? Horse data exchange.. and others subjects will be dispense during Equitana in Melbourne, the 16th of November.. In order to help us to prepare properly this presentation, we would ask you to answer a short questionnaire at :.. soorvey.. com.. If you have any question about the organisation of the lecture, please contact :.. ueln-australia(at)bigpond.. If you have any question about the UELN, issues or anything else around identification, please contact :.. contact(at)ueln.. net.. Thank you..

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  • Title: Sitemap
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  • Title: Contact us
    Descriptive info: Contact us !.. Your name :.. Your email :.. Your message :..

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  • Title: Rules of attribution of the UELN
    Descriptive info: General case.. The UELN is a 15-digit alphanumerical number in two-parts.. The first part is the UELN code of the organization managing the horse.. It is the international code of the database, which makes unique the UELN of the horse.. It is composed of itself by two parts:.. 3 numbers for the country of the database which registered the foal at birth (ISO -3166 country code);.. 3 numbers for the code of the database where the horse has been registered at birth.. The second part is composed of 9 numbers.. It is the horse national identification number given by the stud-book of birth.. This horse national identification number can include numbers and characters.. For example.. : In France, 250001 is the UELN code for SIRE (the national database).. Take a horse at random: its national number in the SIRE database is 00155928M.. So its UELN number will be 25000100155928M.. Some  ...   horse will be 372414001234567.. If the horse national identification number includes special signs like / * or !, find a way of translating this number so that you will only have alpha-numeric characters in the UELN number (each database using such signs can choose its own way of translation).. F.. or example.. , a UELN code is 121212.. A horse national number is 78M/234.. The UELN number of this horse may be 1212120078M0234.. We add a zero to complete the 2 characters GB and another one before the national number of the thoroughbred.. Case of germany.. The particularity of Germany is that there is an existing codification of the organisations.. Each organisation has two kind of codes : one for horses born before 2000 and another one for horses born since 2000.. For example :.. a horse born in Germany and registered at birth by the Rheinisches Pferdestammuch e.. V..

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  • Title: How to get an UELN code?
    Descriptive info: UELN code : to which?.. According to EU regulation, all recognized organisations by members states in Europe should have an UELN code.. The list of organisations is available here :.. http://ec.. europa.. eu/food/animal/identification/equine/ms_information_en.. htm.. If you are an organisation based in an European country:.. - Check your agreement on the list (website link above).. - Contact UELN manager :.. to request your UELN code.. If you are not based in Europe :.. - Be sure to be approved by your government to issue passport.. - if you are approved, contact UELN manager to request your UELN code at..

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  • Title: EU regulation
    Descriptive info: Member States Information.. In accordance with Articles 4 (5), 12 (4), 23 (3) and (4) of Commission Regulation (EC) No 504/2008, each Member State shall make certain information available to the other Member States and the public on a website.. In addition, this national website may also contain information in relation to Articles 5 (6), 7 (2) and 14 (2) of Commission Regulation (EC) No 504/2008.. In order to assist the Member States in making such information available, the Commission provides this website with the links to the relevant national websites.. The information concerns in particular: issuing bodies for equine passports, alternative methods for identity verification, central databases, contact points, time limits for the identification of equidae, derogations for equidae under wild or semi-wild conditions and smart cards.. Please find here the EU regulation 504/2008.. With page 149/6 :.. (32) The Universal Equine Life Number (UELN) system has.. been agreed worldwide between the major horsebreeding.. and competition organisations.. It has been.. developed on the initiative of the World Breeding.. Federation for  ...   is suitable for the registration of both.. registered equidae and equidae for breeding and.. production and allows computerised networks to be.. brought in gradually to ensure that the animals’.. identity can continue to be verified in accordance with.. Article 6 of Directive 90/427/EEC in the case of.. registered equidae.. (34) When codes are assigned to databases, those codes and.. the format of the recorded identification numbers of.. individual animals should in no way conflict with the.. established UELN system.. Therefore, the list of assigned.. UELN codes should be consulted before any new code is.. assigned to a database.. Page 149/8 :.. (d) ‘unique life number’ means a unique 15-digit alphanumeric.. code compiling information on the individual equine animal.. and the database and country where such information is.. first recorded in accordance with the coding system of the.. Universal Equine Life Number (UELN) and comprising:.. (i) a six-digit UELN-compatible identification code for the.. database referred to in Article 21(1); followed by.. (ii) a nine-digit individual identification number assigned to.. the equine animal..

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