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  • Title: UFF Site - News, Information, Walkthroughs and Media on the Final Fantasy series
    Descriptive info: .. Final Fantasy fans speed run for charity this weekend - watch now.. | March 16, 2013.. FF fan? Re-live some of your favourite games in the series and help a great cause.. Continue Reading.. See classic FF heroes reimagined in 16-bit from All The Bravest.. | January 18, 2013.. Cool retro-style sprites from the new iOS release inside.. FF7, 8, 9 and 10 all get chiptune albums next month.. | August 24, 2012.. Chiptune versions of FF music incoming!.. The FF Community loses a great.. | July 25, 2012.. Tebian, founder of Final Fantasy Radio, has passed away.. Final Fantasy fans stream the entire series for charity - watch, donate.. | July 20, 2012.. Watch your favorite games, support a good cause in the process.. Final Fantasy XI turns 10 years old today.. | May 16, 2012.. Square Enix's first major MMO project - still going strong after a decade.. Amazing fan mod puts Cloud into Smash Bros.. | April 3, 2012.. This is old, but screw it -  ...   Wahlgren (Ashe).. Streaming FF Music Radio.. Breath of Fire 4.. Chrono Cross.. Final Fantasy 1.. Final Fantasy 2.. Final Fantasy 4.. Final Fantasy 5.. Final Fantasy 6.. Final Fantasy 7.. Advent Children.. Final Fantasy 9.. Final Fantasy 10.. Final Fantasy 12.. Final Fantasy 13.. Kingdom Hearts.. Wild Arms 2.. LoTR: The Third Age.. Also See:.. RPG Site.. Video-Game Music.. Videogame Radio.. LoTR: The White Council.. Apply for Affiliation.. RPG MUD.. Blue Laguna.. net.. Chronicles.. Enchanted Arms.. FF7 Citadel.. Final Fantasy Insider.. Final Fantasy Shrine.. Final Fantasy Spirit.. Final Fantasy Synthesis.. Final Fantasy Ultima.. KH Insider.. Kingdom Hearts 3.. Kingdom Hearts Ultimania.. Square Insider.. The Final Fantasy.. Zelda Shrine.. What is the average wind-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?.. African or European?.. 0.. 13.. Faster than most.. I don't know.. September 25, 2009.. UFF Twitter link added to the site header!.. March 16, 2009.. Newer, sleaker, wider style! See you in 2 years.. June 28, 2007.. Links updated.. UFFSite turns 7 today!.. March 31, 2007.. Fan Art Updated.. March 17, 2007..

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  • Title: UFF Site - News: Final Fantasy fans speed run for charity this weekend - watch now
    Descriptive info: Bored this weekend? We've got the perfect boredom killer - and it's for a good cause.. Right now, a bunch of Final Fantasy fans are speed running almost every major game in the series - and it's all for a good cause.. The folks at.. Crystals for Life.. are streaming a multi-day speed running marathon right through until Tuesday, playing many of the major FF games - from FF1 to FF13 and even some side-titles such as Mystic Quest.. There's no sleep, no breaks, and the games are all being completed as quickly as possible - meaning you'll get to see some cool tricks, glitches and sequence breaks to bring down the completion time of these massive games.. Best of all, it's all for a good cause - the team are encouraging donations throughout, and have.. donation incentives.. that can determine the path players  ...   cures, treatement and prevention.. So go watch - and also go donate.. You can watch through the.. official.. website.. or.. Twitch.. tv.. Spread the word, and tell 'em the UFF Network and UFFSite sent you - we're a sponsor of sorts, and provided some of the prizes on offer.. What are you waiting for? Go!.. Comments.. konanyuko.. | July 2, 2013.. WOW! I just downloaded the beta server for Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn! Get it also at http://finalfantasyxivbeta.. tk, thank you guys!.. Sawyer.. Wow!.. | March 27, 2013.. THAT IS AWESOME!!! I would join in myself, but I haven't beat Final Fantasy VI yet (my only game that works).. I think its great to play a videogame as fast as you can for charity.. :D.. Untitled.. p3r3l14rv.. | March 17, 2013.. xdimawly1.. Anonymous.. yx0hi53zk.. Post a comment.. Your name:.. Message title:.. Comment:..

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  • Title: UFF Site - News: See classic FF heroes reimagined in 16-bit from All The Bravest
    Descriptive info: We haven't posted news about it - or much of anything else - but Square Enix released a new Final Fantasy title for iOS devices earlier this week, Final Fantasy: All The Bravest.. The game aims to mix the FF series' trademark ATB system with fast-paced, touch-based iOS gameplay, allowing up to 35 characters in your party for hectic-looking battles.. The game is also a retro FF fan's dream - it's largely built using the sprites, music and other assets from the SNES era of Final Fantasy, with new things built out in that style to represent newer games.. The game itself actually isn't all that great,.. as IGN explain in this video.. , but worse still it features some.. incredibly exploitative.. in-app purchases - the kind of things you'd expect from a free-to-play game, not one with a charge attached even for the base game.. We'd recommend you not buy it.. With that said, there is one particularly cool thing fans will be eager to see - those in-app purchases unlock 35 classic FF characters, all of them reimagined in 16-bit sprites.. If you've ever wondered what Red XIII, Steiner or Balthier would've looked like on the SNES, now you can find out.. GameFAQs user.. zozobander.. (via.. PocketGamer.. ) has captured images of these sprites - so now you can check them out outside the game and without having to buy in to that scandalous in-app purchase scheme.. Pretty cool, huh?.. Firion (FF2), Dark Knight Cecil, Kain, Rydia (FF4), Bart (FF5).. Krile (FF5), Terra, Locke, Celes, Setzer (FF6).. Cloud, Tifa, Aeris, Red XIII (FF7), Squall (FF8).. Rinoa, Seifer (FF8), Zidane, Steiner, Eiko (FF9).. Tidus, Yuna, Auron (FF10), Shantotto (FF11), Vaan (FF12).. Ashe, Balthier (FF12), Lightning, Snow, Sazh (FF13).. 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  • Title: UFF Site - News: FF7, 8, 9 and 10 all get chiptune albums next month
    Descriptive info: Square Enix Japan has confirmed that they're to release chiptune arrangement albums of the music from Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX and X next month as part of the celebrations of the series' 25th anniversary, which is this December.. The 'SQ Chips' series of CDs has been going for a little while now but up until now has, as the name suggests, been a general depository of Square Enix chiptune mixes including Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, SaGa and others.. These albums are the first in the series to focus on a single game or series.. The track lists for the first three albums have been released.. Needless to say, we're excited for this.. Final Fantasy VII Chips.. 01 Opening ~ Bombing Mission.. 02 Those Who Fight ~ Fanfare.. 03 Turks’ Theme.. 04 Crazy Motorcycle.. 05 Cosmo Canyon.. 06 Those Who Fight Further.. 07 The Highwind Takes to the Sky.. 08 J-E-N-O-V-A.. 09 Birth of a God.. 10 Staff Roll.. Final Fantasy VIII Chips.. 01 Liberi Fatali.. 02 Blue Fields.. 03 Don’t be Afraid ~ Force Your Way ~ The Winner.. 04 FITHOS LUSEC WECOS VINOSEC.. 05 Ride On.. 06 The Man with the Machine Gun ~ Maybe I’m a Lion.. 07 Fisherman’s Horizon.. 08 The Castle.. 09 The Extreme.. 10 Ending Theme.. Final Fantasy IX Chips.. 01 The Place I’ll Return To Someday.. 02 Beyond That Hill.. 03 Prima Vista Orchestra.. 04 Battle 1 ~ Battle 2 ~ Fanfare.. 05 Rose of May.. 06 Gulug Volcano.. 07 Airship Hildagarde.. 08 You’re Not Alone.. 09 Assault of the Silver Dragons ~ Dark Messenger ~ The Final Battle.. 10 Prelude.. Thanks to.. FFNet.. for spotting this via.. VGMdb.. 7179.. VQHCIBC.. | July 8, 2013.. where can i buy furosemide.. lasix to buy.. order lasix no prescription.. buy furosemide 40 mg uk.. me/esaf/#6128 are there generic erectile dysfunction drugs /a - a href=http://flavors.. me/esaf/#867 erectile dysfunction generic medications /a , http://flavors.. me/swirin/#2223, indian erectile dysfunction drugs.. buy lasix in canada.. buy lasix water pill.. furosemide tablets buy uk.. where to buy furosemide in uk.. lasix furosemide order.. buy furosemide 40 mg.. where can i buy furosemide in uk.. Topamax Numbness Eye.. Byncbette.. | May 7, 2013.. No Prescription Vasotec Internet Symptoms Mixed Anxiety Depression Effexor  ...   suisse /a - a href=http://viagraest.. gs/#4711 acheter viagra en ligne fiable /a , http://viagraest.. gs/#7029, viagra pharmacie.. ea77gummj.. 6mkxmluq1.. vpyfiv2uz.. gudevv0hz.. r9v4p9xak.. wlylka8j7.. 3062.. Nanineeupsell.. | February 6, 2013.. The a href=http://lesspolshy.. webs.. com/#13257 buy fertility drug clomid /a - best place order clomid, a href=http://ragvide.. com/#7319 how to buy ciprofloxacin /a - http://ragvide.. com, a href=http://flavors.. me/pragev/#9910 indian drugs for erectile dysfunction /a - http://flavors.. me/pragev.. Take this medicine a href=http://perposum.. com/#7544 buy lasix online uk /a - order lasix canada.. Good info.. Pharmb560.. | January 16, 2013.. Hello! gbekdfd interesting gbekdfd site! I'm really like it! Very, very gbekdfd good!.. 7228.. Immodatoort.. | December 20, 2012.. me/buyzithromaxflex/#11886 buy generic azithromycin online /a buy zithromax walgreens a href=http://flavors.. me/buyzithromaxclam/#13872 where to order azithromycin /a where to order azithromycin a href=http://flavors.. me/buyzithromaxto/#1347 order azithromycin 500mg /a buy zithromax cheap a href=http://flavors.. me/buyzithromaxbo/#17160 buy azithromycin at walmart /a buy liquid zithromax.. 1643.. Woonagrinia.. | December 17, 2012.. me/buycymbaltaramb/#10407 buy cymbalta cheap /a purchase cymbalta online a href=http://flavors.. me/buyciproprom/#13449 buy cipro online no prescription /a buy cipro cheap a href=http://flavors.. me/buyclomidlau/#14043 purchase clomid online /a purchase clomid online a href=http://flavors.. me/buylasixun/#833 buy lasix online no prescription /a buy lasix no prescription.. 3238.. Alulteraemada.. | December 6, 2012.. me/proselstil/#13660 buy generic renova no prescription /a - a href=http://flavors.. me/proselstil/#601 buy renova cream /a , http://flavors.. me/nchabovin/#4362, buy renova cream no prescription.. YOU ARE AWESOME.. Melissa.. | October 12, 2012.. HEY MAN YOU ARE AWESOME!!.. i adore you when i was a child, and now i still adore you so much!! Of course final fantasy too~ my PSX has broke, but im looking to buy a new one again.. baobVetC.. Adanagau.. | October 6, 2012.. lol man you sound whiny for someone who calls other ppoele immature.. LEAVE ME ALONE WAHH I M A EMO KID WHO DIES ON THE INSIDE WHEN INTERNET BULLIES LIKE NUMERO CALL ME DUMBASS.. Yeah I seriously can't see you even graduating highschool.. Let's review A) you can't spell B) you TRY TO BRING UP FACTS(??) that you're not a dumbass but fail at that anyway C) DACnumber1 and Timorio are arguing with you and winning.. I've never been arguing with you I just call you dumbass and watch you cry:D..

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  • Title: UFF Site - News: The FF Community loses a great
    Descriptive info: The FF community is run by the fans, but what it's really about is the games.. We try not to focus too often on the people running the sites; this is about the love got those incredible pieces of software and the feeling they give, not what fans of built.. In some cases, though, it just has to be said.. I was very sad today to learn that Tebian, founder of.. Final Fantasy Radio.. has passed away.. FF Radio is simple in both content and execution.. It doesn't see the need to be over-the-top with design or content or anything else - it just aimed to provide a place for lovers of FF's music to congregate, offering up the music to listen to.. without.. providing illegal downloads, building a community around respectful enjoyment of FF and Square Enix's music.. That was to Tebian's  ...   years ago.. When UFFSite was kicking off Sound Test, our own video game music radio, Tebian served as a motivator and inspiration.. He was never cold at the idea of having a new site on the scene, though - he embraced it, giving us advice to help get us started.. He was always a complete gent, and that's the most you can ask for in a man.. This was back in 2005 - he was one of the 'old guard' of community leaders - and all this time on, he was still at it - right until the end.. His impact on many corners of the FF community has been massive, and he'll be missed by many of us, including us here at UFFSite.. Our thoughts go out to Tebian's friends and family.. lena7llt5.. 0v9yjle12.. e6p64ud3h.. erw1y6ltu.. urwlhkekl.. | August 23, 2012.. =(..

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  • Title: UFF Site - News: Final Fantasy fans stream the entire series for charity - watch, donate
    Descriptive info: A large group of Final Fantasy fans have pulled together to do something for a good cause with the series, using the games to help raise money for charity.. The marathon.. is taking place across the course of this weekend and will see a plethora of different players tackle every major release in the series, speed running them as quickly as possible whilst streaming the whole thing online.. You'll probably see some pretty cool sequence breaks, skips and glitches along the way - so it's well worth checking out.. You can find the full schedule of what game is being played.. listed.. , too - so if you want to watch one game but skip another it's easy to figure out the timings.. Alongside the stream there's a donation drive, encouraging all those watching to get involved.. All proceeds go  ...   is here.. What are you waiting for?! Go! Watch - and spread the word! Have a good weekend, people.. vlq92zjha.. 0u1xrb2ng.. rgetz7k4q.. 9vb8qa0td.. zh8r95w7b.. 1q2e1utz8.. a href=http://bit.. ly/10t4IIz РЕГИСТРАЦИЯ /a.. или по этой ссылки.. dMWpmHgnSvUWZXU.. Anshad.. | October 5, 2012.. You will discover unldtbueody lots of details this way to consider.. That is the excellent denote talk about.. When i give feelings previously mentioned as normal idea however plainly you can find queries much like the a single you bring up the spot that the biggest point will be working in trustworthy fine belief.. We add?t recognize if guidelines include blossomed about things like that will, nonetheless Almost certainly that the career can be plainly defined as a fair online game.. Each boys and girls have the impression involving merely a moment’s delight, for the rest of his or her life..

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  • Title: UFF Site - News: Final Fantasy XI turns 10 years old today
    Descriptive info: On the 16th May 2002, Squaresoft released Final Fantasy XI for the PlayStation 2 system in Japan.. It was the first game to ever require the PS2 Hard Drive and Modem add-on and was a major departure from the rest of the Final Fantasy series - all firmly single-player affairs.. It launched for the PC several months later in November 2002, and then landed in the West for PS2, PC and Xbox 360 between 2002 and 2006.. The game saw numerous expansion packs and is still going strong to this day.. Squaresoft no longer exist, swallowed up as part of a merger with Enix in the wake of the disasterous financial cavern left by the ill-fated FF movie The Spirits Within, but Final Fantasy XI remains an enduring example of what 'old' Squaresoft produced - and is still a fantastic game to this date.. In the wake of the.. disasterous launch.. of its spiritual successor Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XI's successes only shine all the brighter.. A decade old, it's telling that, even with a.. new director.. at XIV's helm making.. drastic changes.. , XI is still Square Enix's best MMO.. Happy Birthday, Final Fantasy XI.. We turn 12.. in a few weeks.. , so we've got a few years on you! Hopefully the game remains strong for some time to come.. Check out the game's still amazing intro movie below.. Got some great FF11 memories? Tell us all about them in the comments!.. tdfrup8th.. 73j78k9uz.. 3b4byxnpp.. uvuzgrhpb.. wwhufzj87.. xw68mt76.. piystherhtr.. | November 6, 2012.. novice cruiserweight  ...   mitts separate from about whilst gary.. rrn spite of at the moment primarily 18, Cornish is the similar pinnacle by means of exec.. and also Redfearn at times raised any Caledonian bridal myarticlenetwork regarding acquire an.. Tommy Gilmour committed.. Jess Willard Jess Willard (December 29, 1881 about Pottawatomie nation, Kansas - December 15, 1968 on california, the state of california) Was a global top quality hand techinques safe bet.. a functioning unqualified, your ex just didn't beginning punching suitable up until might have been pretty yoa thirty.. as well as Italy's Primo Carnera this article is the particular fighter, the actual wrestler, observe Primo Carnera.. Primo Carnera (march 26, 1906 June 29, 1967) came an german kick boxer what was crowned World high quality champion.. anytime Inverness amateur kickboxing is going to be trained to the school degree, in a olympics as well as,while earth Games, And in associated with types google's paid using amateur ufc communities.. hobbyist mma bouts may very well be modest in entire time and consequently fighters apparel hair a defence, So this type of competitors rewards bartender trainer Lawrie Redfearn starts up.. monclerjacketsshop1.. eu.. rAieTFbQQQec.. Thx.. | July 28, 2012.. I was also hronoed when Kat asked me to join their site, an offer that I may yet take them up upon.. In the meatmine, Kat has been reposting a selection of my older reviews as well.. Сервис, обслуживание клиентов.. dizAdvadild.. | May 21, 2012.. Игра в карты a href=http://mahguyt.. com/ http://mahguyt.. com/ /a.. Distant worlds = greatest theme music of any game ever?..

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  • Title: UFF Site - News: Amazing fan mod puts Cloud into Smash Bros
    Descriptive info: This video is old, but sometimes on the internet you just discover something that's so damn cool you just have to show the world immediately.. This is one such occasion.. Fans have been modifying Super Smash Bros Brawl like crazy for some time now - but this video showcases a pretty incredible mod that not only brings the Dissidia: Final Fantasy model of Cloud into the game but drags in sound effects and gives him a completely new move set of his own too.. Check it out below.. Like random FF bits like this? Let us know - we'll  ...   game will be OK, but I'm going to guess that it ends up around a 5 or 6/10 game.. Its main puoprse is obviously to cash in on the franchise, but it really strikes me as a Gauntlet Legends or Champions of Norrath style game with some improvements and a different view.. It just doesn't wow me.. Don't get me wrong, I love LOTR, but unless you like games like Champions of Norrath and similar games, I can't honestly believe you'll like this game.. If that sort of game is your style, then hey, probably the game for you..

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  • Title: UFF Site - News: Massive Final Fantasy XIV server merge incoming
    Descriptive info: Square Enix have announced a round of server mergers for Final Fantasy XIV that'll bring the server count for the troubled MMO down from 18 to 10, almost halving the server count.. The server merge will happen on March 27th.. Players can transfer their characters to a new world of their choosing between the 1st and 19th March - failure to do so by then will result in Square Enix picking a new world for you - which could potentially split players up from their friends.. While the current worlds sport Final Fantasy-inspired names like Lindblum (named after Final Fantasy IX's steam-power obsessed kingdom) the new servers will merely be named "New World" 1 through 10, but will likely be renamed at a later date.. French and German players are advised they pick New World 10, consolidating speakers of those languages.. More details on how it'll all go down can be found on.. The Lodestone.. The server mergers and closures are all part of a larger plan to return the MMO, which suffered a disasterous launch, to profitability.. We spent some time  ...   there's a common notion that the majority of, Or wide-spread knowledge that people with regards to the autism spectrum general shortage combined eyes but there exists most surely rather more visible in very young children.. And what this particular means is the factthat the autistic person and each other by whos these people conversing usually are sharing the identical tip of most of your attention.. and thus as an example, One alleges browse through the doggie, Both of the person talking in amazing person to with who you will be spanning should see the doggie simultaneously so telling lead the same caution of.. rich BesserCold virus.. a when it comes to beyond adults, Autistic men and women with young ones, This is much less obvious but partially for the fact several have discovered how to find a deal with time.. you think that regardless of if it's swiftly learned or whether it really should be made clear to later on but gemstones an empty question.. , will not you by working with Autism don't have bowl concentration attributes.. | May 3, 2012..

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  • Title: UFF Site - News, Information, Walkthroughs and Media on the Final Fantasy series
    Descriptive info: Win Exclusive FFXIII-2 Goodies with UFFSite: Day Two.. | February 1, 2012.. Mog's moved!.. Now the USA can win FFXIII-2 stuff with UFFSite too.. | January 30, 2012.. And Canada.. Can't forget those Canadians.. Win inside here.. Win Exclusive FFXIII-2 Goodies with UFFSite: Day One.. A very special, exclusive prize.. Click to find out how you can potentially win.. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy gets a Special Trailer.. | January 26, 2012.. The 3DS Final Fantasy rhythm game gets a new 3-and-half minute video.. Final Fantasy classics  ...   the impending launch of XIII-2!.. Square Enix interviews Kitase & Toriyama on FF13-2.. | January 24, 2012.. Square Enix quiz the Producer and Writer of FF13-2 on what's new.. Square Enix's Community Approach: One Year On.. | January 23, 2012.. We use Community Manager Appreciation Day to take a look at how Square Enix's FF community outreach is doing.. Here's a Final Fantasy Type-0 Japanese TV Spot.. | October 17, 2011.. The Type-0 TV advertisment campaign kicks off in earnest.. :.. 1.. | 2 |.. 4..

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  • Title: UFF Site - News, Information, Walkthroughs and Media on the Final Fantasy series
    Descriptive info: Final Fantasy Type-0's Soundtrack gets a Trailer.. | October 12, 2011.. Yes.. the soundtrack.. FF13-2 and Type-0 Import Pre-orders Now Open!.. | September 28, 2011.. Get the games ahead of the West!.. Final Fantasy XIII-2 Theme Song Revealed.. | September 14, 2011.. Once again two seperate artists - one for the West, one for the East.. No Leona Lewis this time, though.. First Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Gameplay Footage Released.. | September 12, 2011.. Square Enix unleash the first footage of  ...   July 5, 2011.. Could something significant about Noctis' adventures finally about to be revealed?.. Fresh off-screen Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gameplay Footage, Composers Confirmed.. | June 30, 2011.. Footage we saw at E3 behind closed doors, now available in shaky-cam format for the public.. Final Fantasy VI hits the Virtual Console.. Or Final Fantasy III, as it was known then - now available on Wii.. UFFSite turns Eleven Years Old.. | June 28, 2011.. We're getting old, kid.. | 3 |.. 5..

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