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  • Title: James Bond, 007's Home: Universal Exports - Your Quantum of Solace and James Bond Source
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. |.. Site Map.. Facebook.. Contact.. Photography.. Share.. RSS Feed.. Enter your search terms.. Submit search form.. Latest News.. 10 Real James Bonds in One New Documentary.. Skyfall.. (Bond 23) Press Conference Full Video.. James Bond 23 is SKYFALL! Full coverage.. A Visit to the Real James Bond Island in Thailand from.. The Man With the Golden Gun.. Dressing Like James Bond.. This One's For the Impatient Bond Fans.. Over 22 Movies, There Are Bound to be Blunders.. Bond vs America.. The Vesper: The Other Bond Drink.. Bring Back Ian Fleming's James Bond.. Seven Methods for Coping With Tragedy (Courtesy of 007).. Longtime Fans Want Their Bond, James Bond.. Bond Loves His Booze.. Bond Girls Still Special - And Tough to Cast.. James Bond Haikus.. Ian Fleming, James Bond.. and the Bible.. Live the 007 Lifestyle in London.. Quantum of Solace Full of Errors.. Intercepted.. More news.. Universal Exports is on Facebook!.. For all the latest updates from Universal Exports: the Home of James Bond, 007, be sure to like us on Facebook and add us to your interests by using the little gear wheel.. The Official UnivEx SKYFALL REVIEW.. My detailed review of Skyfall is now live, feature both a spoiler-free section and an in-depth analysis of the characters, plot, action, and amazing ending.. Movies.. -.. Watch All 22 Bond Movies on Blu-Ray.. The incredible Bond Blu-Ray set features all 22 official 007 movies, plus more than 130 hours of bonus features including never-before-seen content from the Bond archives, and more.. Order the Set Today!.. James Bond 23 is.. Skyfall!.. November 3, 2011 was a huge day in the world of 007.. On the 50th anniversary of the announcement of Sean Connery as the first James Bond, the producers held a big press conference to let the world know more about the 23rd Bond movie:.. News.. James Bond 23: Skyfall.. Q-Branch Declassified MI6 Documents: Dossier 2.. In part 2 of this series, Kit Sullivan takes a look at what Q's dossiers on James Bond's cars may have contained in relation to the Aston Martin DBS from.. On Her Majesty's Secret Service.. , the Ford Mustang from..  ...   world travel and photography Web site with a frequently updated blog.. Need a Bondian reason to check it out? Many locations from the film will be visited and photographed.. Adventures of a GoodMan.. Declassified MI6 Documents: Dossier 1.. In part 1 of this series, Kit Sullivan takes a look at what Q's dossiers on James Bond's cars may have contained.. These detailed reports contain information on the cars themselves, coverage of Bond's mission in these cars and recaps written years later by Kit.. New Items at the Bond Store.. Movies, video games, books, toys, watches, sunglasses and more! It's all at The Bond Store just in time for your next gift to a loved one, friend or yourself.. Universal Exports' recently expanded section ensures that whatever your Bondian need.. we've got it for you!.. The Bond Store.. James Bond Trivia and Tidbits.. After more than four decades, there are more than a few bits of trivia and tidbits on the Bond series.. These can range from commonly known facts to incredibly obscure points of trivia (in an early draft of.. No.. , the villain was a monkey).. Read hundreds more today.. Trivia and Tidbits.. You Only Live Twice.. Dossier has been completely rennovated with a new review, images, posters, multimedia and more.. Take a look and learn more about Sean Connery's fifth spin as James Bond, 007.. You Only Live Twice.. James Bond Firsts and Milestones.. It's common knowledge that.. was the first Bond sequel, but did you know that.. GoldenEye.. is the first time Bond did not wear a rolex? There's hundreds more firsts and milestones to read about in the just-redesigned and updated section.. Firsts Milestones.. Casino Royale's Poker Game: An Analysis.. Is James Bond playing poker with a bunch of idiots at the end of Casino Royale? Could YOU have beaten the table during the dramatic showdown? A new editorial takes a look at the final hand of the game and answers these and more questions.. Casino Royale.. Poker Game Analysis.. View the Updates Archive.. Discuss.. RSS Feed.. Amazon.. com Widgets.. Advertisements.. (.. more.. ).. Learn more about advertising on UniversalExports.. net.. James Bond Will Return..

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  • Title: Universal Exports Site Map
    Descriptive info: Site Map.. UnivEx Related.. The Movies.. Literature.. The Real 007.. Forum.. MySpace.. Contact Info.. Link Exchange.. Advertise.. Submit an Article.. Fan Site Links.. Updates.. Staff Profiles.. Copyright Info.. Site History.. Movie Profiles.. Characters.. Actors.. Gadgets.. Firsts.. Tidbits.. Behind the Scenes.. Scripts.. Boxoffice.. Worldwide Titles.. Series Cameos.. Kevin McClory's Bond.. Soundtracks.. Bond's Weddings.. UnivEx References.. Ian Fleming's Vision.. Ian Fleming.. John Gardner.. Raymond Benson.. Colonel Sun.. Young Bond.. Moneypenny Diaries.. Devil May Care.. The Killing Zone.. Fan Stories.. James Bond: The Legacy.. Locations.. Collectables.. Baby Photos.. Ian Fleming's GoldenEye.. Original Comic Art.. Real  ...   Museum Show.. King's Dominion Ride.. The Flaming Hand.. Articles.. Humor.. Multimedia.. Interviews.. Top 25 Bond Moments.. The 2003 Bondies.. The 2005 Bondies.. News Archives.. BCW 8 Recap.. The Simpsons/Bond Connection.. Austin Powers & Bond.. Shames Bombed.. Mad Magazine.. Seinfeld on Bond.. Top Ten Lists.. George Bush, 007.. The Shrinking Bond.. Beavis & Butthead.. Tomorrow Never Diets.. Roboman.. Video Games.. Audio Archives.. Quicktime Movies.. Wallpaper.. Fan Art.. AIM Buddy Icons.. Mac Trivia Program.. Desktop Themes.. Movies & Soundtracks.. Ian Fleming Novels.. John Gardner Novels.. Raymond Benson Novels.. Young Bond Novels.. Informational Books.. Movie Posters..

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  • Title: Contact Universal Exports, The Home of James Bond, 007
    Descriptive info: Contacting Universal Exports.. Thank you for your interest in Universal Exports, the Home of James Bond, 007.. since 1996.. Please take a moment to browse the FAQ's below to see if the information you are looking for is already available on the site.. If not, please use the form to the left or just.. send Greg Goodman, creator of the site, an email.. UnivEx Wants Your Submissions!.. Since it's inception, Universal Exports has thrived on articles and information submitted by amazing visitors such as yourself.. Whether it's a movie review, fan fiction, artwork, an editorial or anything else, we are always accepting new submissions.. Click here to learn more.. Advertising Opportunities.. With thousands of unique visitors and page views daily, advertising at Universal Exports makes more sense than ever! Since 1996, Universal Exports has been a hot destination for James Bond online! It is one of the most popular, both with millions of Bond fans worldwide and with Google, and oldest Bond sites around.. Learn more.. Linking to a Site.. Universal Exports is glad to place a link to any Bond or Bond-related site in our.. fan pages section.. All that we ask is a reciprocal link.. Once you have placed the link on your site, please use the form on this page to let us know the details of your site.. For linking options including banners, please.. visit the link exchange page.. About the Site.. As one of the Web s oldest and largest James Bond sites, Universal Exports has been providing quality Bond information for more than a decade.. Founded on April 3, 1996, Universal Exports was originally a product of a computer class project in html..  ...   is an unofficial fan-made and maintained site has no affiliation with the folks who make the movies.. All original works are copyright Universal Exports unless otherwise noted.. All other content is.. copyright of its respective owners.. About the Staff.. Universal Exports is run by Greg Goodman with help from an incredible staff of forum moderators and content contributors.. To learn more, visit the.. Staff Profile page.. A Few Words From the Creator.. I first got hooked on James Bond as a child while watching TBS marathons with my father.. I even remember playing James Bond with my friends and trying to convince them that I really was a secret agent.. Years later when it was time to create a Web page about anything for a class project on HTML, the subject matter was a no brainer.. When I first created Universal Exports in 1996, I spent a lot of time looking around at the various Bond sites (there were much fewer back then).. It seemed that most of the sites had the same information, just laid out differently.. At that point I made it my goal to have Universal Exports be something different.. In addition to the pages you find everywhere else, UnivEx is the home of countless exclusives such the baby photos of the actors, James Bond firsts, a host of obscure tidbits, behind the scenes photos, a humor section including most every Simpsons/Bond reference ever and more.. I have no intention of closing down shop any time soon, so please let me know what you would like to see on the site, thanks for stopping by and enjoy your visit!.. Read more about the site's history and goals..

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  • Title: Universal Exports’ James Bond News Archives – The Home of James Bond, 007 » 10 James Bonds in One New Documentary
    Descriptive info: Dec.. 13.. 2012.. 10 James Bonds in One New Documentary.. Imagine your real name was James Bond.. Would it be the coolest thing ever or more of a daily hassle?.. In.. The Other Fellow.. a fascinating new documentary ten ordinary men named James Bond weigh in on the subject.. According to Matthew Bowyer, the director,.. We have ten Bond s from around the world who have had to deal with numerous Seinfeld-style problems (being banned from Facebook, dealing with the police, airport security and waiters) as a result of the name as well as more serious topics such as a James Bond in the Caribbean who was targeted and shot by the local police force the Guyana police still joke about it, they did what the KGB, the  ...   Skyfall Title Sequence on YouTube.. The Skyfall Casino Scene.. Ben Whishaw Cast as Q.. Categories.. A View to a Kill.. Bond Girls.. Bondian Controversies.. Daniel Craig.. Events.. For Sale.. George Lazenby.. History.. James Bond Actors.. James Bond Films.. James Bond Music.. Magazines Fanzines.. MI6.. Pierce Brosnan.. Product Placement.. Roger Moore.. Sean Connery.. Skyfall Bond 23.. Technology.. The Man With The Golden Gun.. Uncategorized.. UnivEx RSS Feed.. James Bond Trivia and Tidbits.. You Only Live Twice Dossier.. James Bond Firsts and Milestones.. Casino Royale s Texas Hold em Poker Game: An Analysis.. December 2012.. S.. M.. T.. W.. F.. Nov.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 14.. 15.. 16.. 17.. 18.. 19.. 20.. 21.. 22.. 23.. 24.. 25.. 26.. 27.. 28.. 29.. 30.. 31..

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  • Title: Universal Exports’ James Bond News Archives – The Home of James Bond, 007 » Skyfall Press Conference Full Video
    Descriptive info: 04.. 2011.. Skyfall Press Conference Full Video.. On November 3, 2011, the cast and crew of Bond 23 put on a press conference to announce the next James Bond movie:.. In attendance were the film s director Sam Mendes, Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Dame Judi Dench, Naomie Harris, Berenice Marlohe, and the franchise long-standing producers Michael G.. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli.. And, without further adieu, here is the complete press conference.. Some random thoughts I had during the press conference:.. The worst kept secret in the history of London the title  ...   heard of either Bond girl before but boy are they beautiful!.. I hope Javier Bardem puts on a thick meeester Bond accent.. Bummer that DC confirmed that there will be no Quantum.. Here s to hoping he s lying.. I love that it ended with Barbara so emphatically stating that Daniel Craig will be back! Keep em coming.. Join thousands of Bond fans from around the world and discuss your thoughts on the Skyfall press conference at the MI6 Debriefing Room.. Press Conference.. Skyfall - Bond 23.. Video.. November 2011.. Oct.. Dec..

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  • Title: Universal Exports’ James Bond News Archives – The Home of James Bond, 007 » James Bond 23 is Skyfall!
    Descriptive info: James Bond 23 is Skyfall!.. Naturally, the Internet is abuzz with stories about the film.. Here are a few of the best ones I ve come across:.. Reuters:.. As previously announced, Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes directs his first Bond adventure, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2012 when Skyfall is released.. One of the few details Mendes revealed to more than 100 reporters from around the world at the film s London press launch were his cast and the locations of the blockbuster, which starts production on Monday.. Bond regulars Craig and Judi Dench, as his stern spymaster M, return to their roles, Spanish actor Javier Bardem plays the villain and French actress Berenice Marlohe and Britain s Naomie Harris are Bond girls.. All five were at the press briefing, where they were joined by Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson.. In addition, Mendes said the latest installment in one of cinema s longest and most successful film franchises will feature Ben Whishaw who will be playing a part I can t tell you about in scenes I can tell you nothing about.. And Albert Finney, who will also be playing a part I can tell you nothing about in scenes that I can t really tell you about and Ralph Fiennes, who, similarly, I can give you very little information about.. Asked whether he had not named all of the characters the leading actors would be playing because Bond fans might recognize them, the American Beauty director replied: They might do.. On the other hand they might not.. What producers have confirmed is that Skyfall will take Bond on another action-packed  ...   t had to sacrifice anything.. And of course the.. BBC.. covered the Skyfall James Bond 23 press conference.. The latest 007 adventure will star Daniel Craig for the third time.. Leading ladies have been confirmed as French actress Berenice Marlohe and Naomie Harris.. Skyfall is being directed by Sam Mendes, who won an Oscar for 1999 s American Beauty.. Mendes said the storyline will take the secret agent to London, China, Turkey and Scotland.. It will see Bond s loyalty tested to M, his superior, while espionage headquarters MI6 faces an attack.. The movie, which sees the return of Dame Judi Dench as spy boss M, will also star Ralph Fiennes, Albert Finney and Javier Bardem as the villain of the piece.. It will be released in the UK on 26 October 2012.. Craig told reporters in London that the cast would start filming sequences for the new movie later on Thursday.. Daniel Craig and French actress Berenice Marlohe on their roles in Skyfall.. Much speculation about the new film has focused on what Mendes will bring to the franchise, with some suggesting he will tone down or even abandon altogether the action sequences.. But the director denied that this was the case.. He told reporters in London that the fantastic script had all the elements of a classic Bond movie, including to quell any rumours lots of action.. When asked what fans could expect from the latest film, he added: The movie will reveal everything, and there s lots of surprises.. Producer Barbara Broccoli said no-one had yet been chosen to write and perform the Bond theme tune.. Javier Bardem.. Judi Dench..

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  • Title: Universal Exports’ James Bond News Archives – The Home of James Bond, 007 » A Visit to James Bond Island in Thailand
    Descriptive info: May.. 2009.. A Visit to James Bond Island in Thailand.. Me standing on the same beach as Roger Moore and Christopher Lee.. For a full gallery of my trip to James Bond Island, click here to visit the flickr gallery!.. Since I was a young boy, James Bond has had an important role in my life.. I still remember watching the TBS marathons with my father in the Poconos: especially.. The image of solar panels rising out of a rock in the middle of the water has been ingrained in my head for two decades and, when I learned that I could visit the actual island where the movie was filmed it became my number one priority in southern Thailand.. Tours to James Bond Island are more than plentiful in Krabi and Phuket, with fliers and signs posted on every tour office billboard and window.. Every day thousands of tourists who found.. Bangkok holiday deals.. board boats for different types of tours, but around lunch time they all make way for the island.. This was exactly what I did not want, as I wanted the place to myself to explore and find the actual filming locations.. After looking for a while I resolved to joining the masses: until we found Sim s Tours.. A view of the limestone crags of Phang Nga Bay.. Offering a twilight cruise around Phang Nga Bay (pronounced fang-nah), Sim s was the only company that actually arrived on the island just before sunset.. The bay itself is home to dozens of large limestone crags that jut out of the water in beautiful chaotic ways.. Some have small beaches, but many are just rock formations that pepper the landscape.. It s very outer-worldly and unlike anything I ve ever seen.. In reality, Sim s tour was like a 2 for 1 special, as the crags were must-sees for us as well.. The adventure began when we arrived at the pickup point five minutes late and learned that the bus had already left.. The tour agent suggested that we just go a different day, but we had run out of time in Phuket.. Repeated calls to the bus resulted in more frustrations, as they did not want to wait for us.. However, after some pleading they agreed, so we flagged down a motorcycle taxi and told him to step on it so we could catch up with the bus.. In true Bondian fashion we sped down the streets of Phuket, weaving in and out of traffic.. Man was that bus far away! When we got to the large hill dividing Phuket island our bike began to huff and puff its way up.. “Hurry up,” I thought, as the minutes ticked by.. When the bike finally made it over the hump and to the meeting point, the bus was nowhere in sight.. However, while dealing with being charged double what we thought we agreed to the Sim s bus showed up and we hopped on.. Our boat for visiting Phang Nga Bay and James Bond Island.. Finally comfortable on the air conditioned coach bus, we listened in as our guide explained the tour to us, joking that his Thai name was too complicated and we should just  ...   place like a kid at Christmas.. The actual beach and island was extremely small you could walk from one end to the other in less than a minute.. Still, all the set locations were there: the triangular shaped entrance to Scaraamanga s fortress, the steps Nick Nack walked down with a bottle of champaign in the teaser sequence, the area of the beach where Bond s plane landed and most importantly, Nail Island: the crag that the solar panel came out of in the film.. Snap.. Snap snap snap.. It s all I did for most of the time on the island, though my serenity was quickly broken as two more boats arrived just after us and the place soon filled with dozens of other snapping tourists and Bond aficionados.. Me in front of the cave used for Scaramanga.. Also quite different from when the movie was filmed was the row of souvenir stands that stands in the middle of the beach and blocks a direct walk from one end of the island to the other.. Sadly, or happily I can t decided to this day the stands were all closed.. I guess a few dozen visitors are not enough to stay open when compared to the thousands they get at lunch.. I would have liked to have seen all the goodies they had to offer, but am glad I was not hounded to buy things my whole time on James Bond Island.. Finally, about 30 minutes after we arrived it was time to leave.. I was in no way ready: I could have stayed there soaking it all in for hours, but most other people on the boat do not share my special love for 007.. So it was back to sea, passing yet more crags with the sun setting in the distance.. We watched as the sky changed from blue to a mix of purple, pink, orange, navy and finally black.. All with the crags framing the scene and providing a stunning backdrop.. Nail Island, off of James Bond Island in Phang Nga Bay.. All in all things could not have worked out better.. We saw the crags and I got to go onto James Bond Island all by myself for a few seconds at least.. For anyone else who ever wanted to see the place and finds themselves in Phuket, I highly recommend Sim s Twilight Tours.. You can find information about it at any tourist office in town, the price is right and the experience unforgettable.. Some other new fun facts about The Man With the Golden Gun and Thailand that I learned from Sim.. The Man With the Golden Gun was the first movie to be used as a promotional tool for Thailand.. It was the first Western movie to show Thai boxing, floating markets, traditional Thai dance, longtail boats and the streets of Bangkok.. A mere couple of years after the movie s release, tourism had become the #3 industry in Thailand.. Ever year, more than 600,000 people visit James Bond Island.. To discuss this article, please visit the MI6 Debriefing Room.. To read more stories from my trip through Southeast Asia, visit Adventures of a GoodMan.. James Bond Locations.. Thailand.. May 2009.. Oct..

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  • Title: Skyfall Review -- James Bond Movies @ Universal Exports, The Home of James Bond, 007
    Descriptive info: Skyfall At-a-Glance.. Mission:.. Released:.. Oct 26, 2012 (UK), Nov 9, 2012 (US).. Bond:.. Director:.. Sam Mendes.. Screenplay:.. Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and John Logan.. Running Time:.. 143 Minutes.. Villain:.. Raoul Silva.. Scheme:.. Embarass MI6 and seek revenge on M.. Henchmen:.. Patrice, dozens of unnamed men.. Girls:.. S v rine, Eve.. Allies:.. M, Gareth Mallory, Kincade, Q, Tanner.. Bond's Conquest Count:.. 2 (maybe 3).. skyfall - the Universal Exports Review.. To celebrate 50 years of James Bond,.. rewards fans with a classic James Bond film that works as a gritty modern entry and a bridge between old and new.. It has all the ingredients that make 007 great: exotic locations, character development, beautiful women, a creepy villain, action, exposition, a slow pace, and a full.. MI6 staff.. For the casual Bond fan,.. is an outstanding action movie with a few plot holes.. For the hard-core 007 addicts amongst us, it succeeds on many other levels, borrowing the best elements from some of my favorite older movies while eliminating most of the fluff and camp.. Sam Mendes direction is among the most artistic in the series, reviving the old tradition of slow pans to introduce a new location and favoring plot advancement over non-stop action.. He also brilliantly uses silhouettes throughout the film, most noticeably in the Shanghai fight between Bond and Patrice and the fiery climax at.. Meanwhile,.. seems to have perfected his portrayal of 007 with a wink here, a cufflink adjustment there, and a pun or five for good measure.. He does a brilliant job of combining the traditional cockiness of Bond with a healthy dose of humility, humanity, and hurt.. Though Silva s actual scheme was a bit dull and convoluted, it didn t matter.. s real plot is found in the relationships between M, Bond, MI6, and how they all fit into our modern world.. The movie is filled with subtext, action, drama, some of the finest acting in the series, and by far my favorite ending.. Out of 007 possible stars, I give Skyfall a.. 006.. My Spoiler-Filled In-Depth Review.. |.. Do not continue reading if you haven t seen Skyfall yet.. v.. A Bridge Movie: aka, Oh, Grow Up, 007.. feels like a bridge movie between my father s Bond and a new era of 007.. By the time.. Die Another Day.. was released, the Bond movies had lost all touch with reality.. stripped that all away, leaving us with only Judi Dench's M and the Aston Martin DB5 as a common link to the past.. Bond was reborn and had no need for Q, Moneypenny, or exploding pens.. That arc continued in the frantic.. ; which, despite being a lackluster entry to the series, did advance Daniel Craig s young Bond.. Finally, by the end of.. , Bond has lost every connection to the previous 50 years and is ready to start over.. With Judi Dench and the DB5 gone, 007 is finally ready to walk past the hat rack, greet Miss Moneypenny, open the double-leather door, and have a stoic older man present him with a top secret folder.. Throw in a gunbarrel sequence for good measure and James Bond is officially back!.. This 007 Can Hurt Bleed.. When.. The World is Not Enough.. was released, Pierce Brosnan and company raved about Bond s humanity and vulnerability.. In reality, his fall and injury from the pretitle sequence only played a minor role in the plot and mostly gave 007 an excuse to seduce Dr.. Warmflash.. , Bond's injury and death play a major role in the film, as they force a weakened Bond to come to terms with his own physical limitations.. It s only through extreme hubris and sheer determination that 007 pulls himself together enough to face Silva.. Two wonderful examples of this are seeing Bond collapse after his MI6 physical and watching him dangle by one arm beneath a Shanghai elevator.. Staying Calm.. Right from the start,.. has an almost an eerie calmness.. Despite the tense atmosphere of a gunfight, motorcycle chase, and fisticuffs on top of a moving train, no one loses their calm.. Bond, Eve, and M all manage to keep their voices down: except when M orders Eve to take the bloody shot.. This calmness sets the pace for the rest of the film and prevents it from becoming overwhelming in its enormity.. Silva: Creepy, for Sure, But was he Memorable?.. Blofeld! LeChiffre.. Scaramanga.. Doctor No and Silva?.. Where does Silva fit into  ...   seem to have a little crush on Kincade.. How stupid were M and Kinkaid to use a flashlight outside Skyfall so Silva could easily find them.. I m Your New Quartermaster.. How do you reinvent the most beloved character in the entire history of James Bond? Apparently, by revisiting a few classic lines of dialogue, joking about an exploding pen, and having classy, fast-moving, and witty banter.. From their first encounter in the museum to their radio exchanges after Silva s escape, Daniel Craig and Ben Whishaw quickly recreate the quintessential relationship between the Bond and.. Desmond Llewelyn s Q.. It s also appropriate that the first gadget Bond receives from Q is the same one he received from Major Boothroyd 50 years ago: a.. Walther PPK.. Personally, the Q scenes have always been my favorite part of any Bond movie and I m thrilled to see where they go from here.. Q uestions Comments.. When exactly did Bond have the front machine guns and ejector seat installed in his.. Aston Martin.. ? Not complaining; just curious.. I was downright giddy when Bond said you must be joking and when Q asked Bond to bring back all the equipment in good shape.. Both of these are exact quotes from previous Bond films.. It s always great to see Q helping Bond in the field.. Reminds me of.. Licence to Kill.. What were you expecting? An exploding pen? We don t really do that anymore.. CLASSIC!.. Random Thoughts Things I liked:.. The title sequence is beautiful and also succeeds as a graphical representation of key plot elements.. When I first heard Adelle s theme song on the Internet, I didn t like it.. Then I saw it with the title sequence and I haven t been able to get it out of my head since.. (that s a good thing).. Some may argue that Bond was sweating during the emotional finale, but as.. taught us: it s ok for Bond to cry.. The silhouetted fight sequence between Bond and Patrice atop the Shanghai skyscraper may be my favorite fight in the series.. It really reminded me of Luke vs Vader in.. the Empire Strikes Back.. The pace of.. really gives it an old-school feeling.. I love the approaching vista of the Shanghai skyline and the eerie blue highway and road shots.. Bond s arrival at the floating casino in Macau may be my favorite approach in the whole series.. Showing the reflections of Skyfall and Silva s approaching army in the reflection of the Aston Martin s side view mirrors was a great directorial touch.. takes a the simple information-retrieval plotline.. From Russia With Love.. , the grit and poignancy of.. On Her Majesty s Secret Service.. , the villain s backstory aspect of.. , and adds in the best ending of franchise history.. The movie was essentially two movies in one, but both halves really worked for me (unlike.. The score was average with a few great moments.. Why didn t Thomas Newman use the Bond theme more?.. Because I was in Bangkok, I was able to see.. four days before the US release.. Bond jumping on top of a Komodo Dragon in Macau reminded me of Roger Moore jumping on a crocodile in.. Live and Let Die.. Gareth Mallory is the new M.. Bernard Lee and Robert Brown s M was named Miles Messervy.. Coincidence? I think not.. The punny guy in me loved all the one-liners!.. By far the best 50th anniversary reference was when Silva offered Bond the 50 year old Macau booze.. The label even said 1962 on it: the very year that the world was introduced to the cinematic James Bond in Dr.. The world hasn t been the same since!.. Universal Exports' In-Depth Movie Coverage.. The Official Series.. Everything Else.. No (1962).. From Russia With Love (1963).. Goldfinger (1964).. Thunderball (1965).. You Only Live Twice (1967).. On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969).. Diamonds are Forever (1971).. Live and Let Die (1973).. The Man With The Golden Gun (1974).. The Spy Who Loved Me (1977).. Moonraker (1979).. For Your Eyes Only (1981).. Octopussy (1983).. A View to A Kill (1985).. The Living Daylights (1987).. Licence to Kill (1989).. GoldenEye (1995).. Tomorrow Never Dies (1997).. The World is Not Enough (1999).. Die Another Day (2002).. Casino Royale (2006).. Quantum of Solace (2008).. Skyfall (2012).. Casino Royale (1954).. Casino Royale (1967).. Never Say Never Again (1983).. Movie Scripts.. Boxoffice Totals.. Kevin McClory's Bond Battle..

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  • Title: James Bond Movies @ Universal Exports, The Home of James Bond, 007
    Descriptive info: Bond Actors.. Boxoffice Results.. Worldwide Movie Titles.. Universal Exports References.. Moonraker Station.. The Official Series:.. Goldfinger.. Thunderball.. Diamonds are Forever.. The Spy Who Loved Me.. Moonraker.. For Your Eyes Only.. Octopussy.. A View to A Kill.. The Living Daylights.. Tomorrow Never Dies.. Unofficial Movies.. Warhead 2000 AD..

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  • Title: James Bond Instant Messenger Buddy Icons @ Universal Exports, The Home of James Bond, 007
    Descriptive info: James Bond Instant Messenger Buddy Icons.. While this page is designed for use with AOL's AIM Instant Messenger, you can use these icons with any IM program you desire.. AIM Instant Messenger Installation Instructions.. Turn on your AIM application.. Click on the icon you desire; it will  ...   Instructions.. Right click on the icon you desire and save it to your hard drive.. Replace your IM icon through the preferences window on your IM client.. Buddy Icons:.. Official 40th Anniversary Buddy Icons:.. Universal Exports recommends the following Instant Messenger clients:.. AOL Instant Messenger (AIM).. Trillian.. Digsby..

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  • Title: Universal Exports’ James Bond News Archives – The Home of James Bond, 007 » Skyfall – Bond 23
    Descriptive info: Category: Skyfall Bond 23.. Daniel Kleinman s beautiful Skyfall title sequence can now be seen online.. What s really fascinating is that this version does not have the cast and crew s names on top of it.. As for the man himself:.. Daniel Kleinman is a British television commercial and music video director who was title sequence designer for the James Bond series of films from 1995 s.. until he was replaced by MK12 for 2008 s.. He returned to the series to design the title sequence for 2012 s.. Prior to Bond, Kleinman had directed music videos for artists such as Madonna, Fleetwood Mac, Paula Abdul, Wang Chung, Adam Ant and many others.. His 1989 James Bond-inspired video for Gladys Knight s title song to.. led to him being chosen as the replacement for regular Bond title designer Maurice Binder after his death in 1991.. In addition to the titles, Kleinman also directed the music video for Sheryl Crow s.. title song.. Kleinman has also directed many television commercials for companies ranging from Smirnoff s Sea and Guinness.. noitulovE.. , to pieces for Levi s, Johnnie Walker, Durex and Audi.. -.. Bio courtesy of.. Wikipedia.. Thanks to.. CommanderBond.. for the heads up on the video.. Music Video.. Title Sequence.. Comments (0).. Sep.. 09.. As Skyfall s release date draws closer, there are many things I m excited about.. One of them is the amazing-looking Casino scene that has Bond floating through a eerily-lit entrance.. The casino scene in Skyfall.. There will be a scene where tuxedo-clad Bond gets into an action at a floating casino in Macao.. The particular scene, which allegedly will see firework being lit as the boat Bond boards passes between two dragon heads, reportedly has a certain gravity and that director Sam Mendes has put a mysterious depth in it.. The casino shown in the scene itself is said to be resembling a kingdom of the dead.. Ace Showbiz.. Skyfall.. will mark the first time Bond has been in Macau since 1974 s.. , when he also visited a floating.. casino.. That one, unfortunately, no longer exists.. How neat would it have been if Daniel Craig went to the same casino as Roger Moore had and if.. had a cameo as a baccarat dealer.. Oh well, that s not going to happen.. Also interesting is that Carta Mundi will once again supply the casino chips for Skyfall.. They last had a role in the Bond franchise in 2006 s Casino Royale.. Belgium playing card manufacturer Carta Mundi supplied casino chips for use in.. , according to an article published by our friends at MI6 via a translated press release issued by the company.. Carta Mundi supplied cards and chips for.. and have provided licenced 007 products for a number of years, including 50th anniversary poker sets.. The article also says that Carta Mundi will supply.. cards and poker sets later in the year.. James Bond Lifestyle.. In case you missed it,  ...   keep a Scottish dimension in the film, but where they do that is up to them , Mr Malcolm noted, upon receiving the news.. 08.. SkyFall Worldwide Release Dates.. The Official James Bond.. website.. outlines the worldwide release dates for SkyFall.. NORTH AMERICA.. Canada 9th November, 2012.. United States 9th November, 2012.. LATIN AMERICA.. Argentina 6th December, 2012.. Bolivia 6th December, 2012.. Brasil 2nd November, 2012.. Chile 6th December, 2012.. Colombia 7th December, 2012.. Ecuador 7th December, 2012.. Mexico 9th December, 2012.. Peru 6th December, 2012.. Uruguay 7th December, 2012.. Venezuela 7th December, 2012.. MIDDLE EAST / AFRICA.. Ethiopia 2nd November, 2012.. Israel 25th October, 2012.. Kenya 2nd November, 2012.. Nigeria 2nd November, 2012.. South Africa 30 November, 2012.. ASIA PACIFIC.. Australia 22nd November, 2012.. China 2nd November, 2012.. Hong Kong 1st November, 2012.. India 2nd November, 2012.. Indonesia 1st November, 2012.. Japan 1st December, 2012.. Korea 1st November, 2012.. Malaysia 1st November, 2012.. New Zealand - 22nd November, 2012.. Philippines 31st October, 2012.. Singapore 1st November, 2012.. Taiwan 2nd November, 2012.. Vietnam 2nd November, 2012.. EUROPE.. Belgium 31st October, 2012.. Bulgaria 26th October, 2012.. Czech Republic 25th October, 2012.. Denmark 23rd October, 2012.. Germany 1st November, 2012.. Spain 31st October, 2012.. Estonia 2nd November, 2012.. Greece 1st November, 2012.. France 26th October, 2012.. Croatia 1st November, 2012.. Iceland 26 October, 2012.. Italy 31st October, 2012.. Latvia 2nd November, 2012.. Lithuania 1st November, 2012.. Hungary 8th November, 2012.. Holland 1st November, 2012.. Austria 1st November, 2012.. Poland 26th October, 2012.. Russia 1st November, 2012.. Romania 26 October, 2012.. Slovenia 1st November, 2012.. Slovakia 25th October, 2012.. Serbia and Montenegro 1st November, 2012.. Switzerland (French) 26th November, 2012.. Switzerland (German) 1st November, 2012.. Switzerland (Italian) 1st November, 2012.. Finland 26th October, 2012.. Sweden 26th October, 2012.. Turkey 2nd November, 2012.. Ukraine 1st November, 2012.. United Kingdom 26th October, 2012.. release dates.. Eon confirm two cast additions.. Late last evening, the.. Eon.. Twitter account informed the cyber world that there had been two additional cast members added to the SkyFall production.. English actress Helen McCrory, famed for her involvement in the final Harry Potter films, and Swed Ola Rapace, who is better known for his roles on the small screen, are set to play undisclosed roles.. Casting.. Fiennes discusses SkyFall.. IFC.. have been lucky enough to interview Ralph Fiennes shortly after the SkyFall press conference.. Fiennes, who was unable to attend due to prior commitments, spoke briefly about his role on the 23rd Bond flick.. I don t get laid, that s for sure , Fiennes quipped.. Fuelling further speculation of his possible role as Blofeld, Fiennes suggested that if you re a Bond fan, then you ll be happy.. Despite admitting he prefers the Bond novels over the films, Fiennes praised John Logan s script and labelled Mendes a class act.. The English actor went onto say they re doing something quite special I think.. I think they re going to be great for Bond.. Older.. April 2013..

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