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  • Title: ICA Commission on Ubiquitous Mapping
    Descriptive info: [.. http://ubimap.. net/.. ].... ICA Commission on Ubiquitous Mapping.. Commission on Ubiquitous Mapping.. International Cartographic Association (ICA).. What's new?.. The tentative home page.. of.. U.. P.. I.. Map.. 2008.. is open.. (April 22th, 2008).. What's old?.. First International Joint Workshop on Ubiquitous, Pervasive and Internet Mapping.. (UPIMap2004).. Tokyo, Japan, September 7 - 9, 2004.. The home page of UPIMap2006 was closed.. (June 21st, 2006).. Last updated on April 22st, 2008.. Takashi Morita, the Chair of Commission on Ubiquitous Mapping.. morita@ubimap.. net.. (Supported by UbiMap Web Team, info@ubimap.. net)..

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  • Title: UPIMap2008, ICA, Shepherdstown, on Sept 10-11, 2008 following the AutoCarto2008
    Descriptive info: net/upimap2008/.. - Commission on Ubiquitous Mapping (.. ).. - Commission on Maps and the Internet (.. http://maps.. unomaha.. edu/ica/.. Call for Participation.. Third International Joint Workshop on Ubiquitous, Pervasive and Internet Mapping (UPIMap2008), Shepherdstown, West Virginia, USA September 10 - 11, 2008 (immediately following AutoCarto2008).. The ICA Commissions on.. Ubiquitous Mapping.. and.. Maps and the Internet.. announce a workshop in USA, at the beginning of September 2008.. The workshop is sponsored by the Commission on Ubiquitous Mapping, the Commission on Maps and the Internet.. The ICA Commissions were formed in 2003 and 1999 respectively in response to the rapid growth in the use of electronic networks to make and distribute maps and spatial data, and the rapid diffusion of new mobile devices.. The purpose of the workshop is to bring together international specialists in the field of Mobile Mapping, Location Based Services and Internet Mapping, and to disseminate information to a broader audience on new developments and  ...   UPIMap2006 in Seoul, we had similar experience.. It will be a good chance to have another experience in USA especially where world famous systems, such as Google Earth and iPhone, were created and in use.. We will be able to discuss about questions of globalization and localization of UPIMap in the context of different culture and environment for systems.. We will have on site demonstrations of different application systems using the vast terrain of the National Conservation Training Center (NCTC).. More details of the workshop will be available from the Web.. Important Dates.. June 20, 2008 - Abstracts Due (300-500 words).. July 10, 2008 - Notification of Acceptance.. August 10, 2008 - Working Papers due for Paper Sessions.. September 10 - 11, 2008 - Workshop in Shepherdstown.. Full Version of Call for Papers (PDF, A4 Size).. Inquiries.. Takashi MORITA.. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.. Hosei University.. 2-33, Ichigaya-Tamachi, Shinjyuku-ku,.. Tokyo 162-0843, JAPAN.. morita@hosei.. ac.. jp (EMAIL PREFERRED)..

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  • Title: UPIMap2004
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  • Title: top
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  • Title: left
    Descriptive info: What' New.. About UPIMap.. Preface.. Prog.. at a glance.. Program.. Registration.. Location.. VideoNavi.. Accommodation.. Presenter.. Participants.. Technical Visits.. Tokyo Guide.. Ubimap in Tokyo.. SVG Open 2004.. Cover Image.. Photos.. Forum.. Committee.. Links.. Top Page.. UbiMap Top..

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  • Title: index-r
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  • Title: new
    Descriptive info: What's New.. Participants Information has been added.. Information has been added for UPIMap participants about SVG Open sessions, the banquet and closing dinner.. Click.. here.. for more information.. (updated on August 17, 2004).. Tokyo Guide has been updated.. Facts for visitors such as climate, tourist info, train passes, money, safety and language,.. have been added.. Hotel information has been updated.. Hotel information and registration instructions have been updated.. (updated on July 12, 2004).. Location information has been updated.. A map and photos of the workshop location has been added.. (updated on July 10, 2004).. Registration for UPIMap 2004  ...   changed.. UPIMap 2004 will be held on September 7 - 9 in Tokyo, Japan, at the Mita Campus of Keio University.. Please note that the workshop location has been changed from the University of Tokyo.. to Keio University.. Detailed information about the location will be provided on July 15, 2004.. (updated on June 14, 2004).. Forthcoming updates;.. A preliminary program of the workshop will be announced on July 6, 2004.. Registration will begin on July 6, 2004.. Hotel information will be provided on July 15, 2004.. A complete program of the workshop will be announced on August 15, 2004..

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  • Title: about
    Descriptive info: About UPIMap 2004.. UPIMap2004.. International Joint Workshop on Ubiquitous, Pervasive and Internet Mapping.. Tokyo, Japan September 7 to 9, 2004.. Sponsored by.. International Cartographic Association (ICA) (.. http://www.. icaci.. org/.. ).. Commission on Ubiquitous Mapping (.. Commission on Maps and the Internet (.. Center for Spatial Information Science, the University of Tokyo (CSIS) (.. csis.. u-tokyo.. jp/.. Geographic Information Systems Association (GISA).. Japan Cartographers Association.. Cooperated with.. SVG Open.. (.. svgopen.. org/2004/.. May 21, 2004 - Abstracts Due (300-1000 words).. May 31, 2004 - Notification of Acceptance.. July 31, 2004.. - Working Papers due for Paper Sessions.. September 7 - 9, 2004 - Workshop in Tokyo.. General Information.. The workshop will focus on a variety of issues related to the distribution and utilization of maps.. and location based information through mobile devices and the Internet.. Working papers should.. address the terms of reference of the commissions:.. This new commission deals with a "well-mapped society" where maps will be available anywhere.. and anytime.. Today, the number of way maps and geo-spatial information are likely to be employed.. is very large and diverse.. As the individual gains the ability to access relevant spatial information.. on demand, human behavior will be influenced in interesting ways.. The commission concentrates.. more on theoretical than practical issues.. Its terms of reference are:.. To organize regional workshop including site observation to comprehend the contemporary.. situation of mobile, car-navigation and location based mapping.. To clarify the similarity and difference in comparing variant systems to establish an evaluation scheme.. To place the notion of Ubiquitous Mapping in domain of Theoretical Cartography.. ICA Commission on Maps and the Internet.. The Internet has increased the distribution of maps and re-defined how maps are used.. This commission explores the potential of the Internet to improve the quality of maps as.. a form of communication.. Focus attention on disseminating maps and spatial data through distributed electronic networks.. Product: Journal articles and web pages.. Examine Internet map usage and project future areas of growth.. Examine web map user issues to better serve user needs.. Promote the exchange of information about effective Internet mapping for an international audience.. Improve user access to maps by examining the potential of Internet map metadata.. Promote instruction on Internet mapping through collaboration / coordination with other.. ICA commissions.. In conjunction with the working papers, the workshop will also feature live demonstrations.. Key Words on Different Topics.. ubiquitous, ubiquity, pervasive, Internet, network, tele-cartography, SVG, GML, G-XML, LBS,.. geo-cast, context awareness, situation, location, affordance, spatial cognition, perception,.. sensing, egocentric, homogeneous, map, mapping, spatial interaction, trans- coding, model,.. schema, visualization, symbology, generalization, virtual environment, interface, agent, voice,.. augmented reality, coordination, spontaneous, navigation, mobile, wearable, small personal object,.. IC tag, universal design, cross cultural issues, privacy, security, education, childhood development, etc.. Who Should Attend?.. Anyone interested in the  ...   near the university.. The price of a room is from $70 a night for a single to $100 for a twin room.. Resulting Publication.. Working papers will appear on the commission's home page at.. net/upimap2004/.. Participants are encouraged to submit final papers to scientific journals and, depending on.. the number of submissions, an edited volume of papers may be published in book form.. Call for Abstracts.. Participants will be selected from responses to this Call for Participation.. If you wish to participate in the workshop, please submit a 300 - 1000 words abstract.. BY 21 MAY 2004.. to morita@k.. hosei.. jp.. The abstracts should be no longer than 1000 words in length and indicate.. whether you plan to submit a working paper and/or present a live demonstration.. Include title,.. complete address information for all authors, e-mail address and abstract within an e-mail message.. Notification of acceptance will be sent out by 31 MAY 2004.. The selected participants will then also.. receive more detailed information on the particulars of the workshop and local arrangements.. (accommodation, etc.. ).. Working Papers.. If you wish to participate in a paper session of the workshop, you will be asked to submit the following.. material.. BY 31 JULY 2004.. to a member of the Program Committee:.. a PDF document containing your working paper (4000-5000 words), including:.. a BRIEF biographical sketch of the author(s).. COMPLETE address information for all authors, including fax, e-mail, and homepage, if available.. Live Demonstrations.. If you would like to present a live demonstration of products, provide information on platform and audiovisual equipment requirements.. Inquiries and Paper Submissions.. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.. Hosei University.. 3-7-2, Kajinocho, Koganei-shi,.. Tokyo 184-8584 JAPAN.. FAX : +81 423 87 6270.. morita@k.. Deadlines and Dates.. 21 MAY 2004 - DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF ABSTRACTS.. 31 MAY 2004 - Notification of acceptance; preliminary workshop program; additional workshop information.. 31 JULY 2004 - Revised working papers due; uploaded to Commission website.. 7-9 SEPTEMBER 2004 - Joint Workshop on Ubiquitous, Pervasive and Internet Mapping, Tokyo, JAPAN.. Program Committee.. Masatoshi ARIKAWA.. WEB.. ],.. CSIS.. , The University of Tokyo, Japan.. James CARTER.. Geography, Illinois State University, USA.. Bill CARTWRIGHT.. Geospatial Science, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia.. David FAIRBAIRN.. School of Civil Engineering and GeoSciences, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, U.. K.. Georg GARTNER.. Department of Geoinformation and Cartography - TU Vienna, Austria.. Takashi MORITA (Chair).. Laboratory of Urban Spatial Information, Hosei University, Japan.. Atsuyuki OKABE.. Michael PETERSON (Co-chair).. Geography/Geology, University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA.. Ryosuke SHIBASAKI.. , The University of Tokyo, Japan.. Yoshiki WAKABAYASHI.. Laboratory of Urban and Human Geography, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan.. Local Arrangement.. Emi KAINUMA.. JICE.. ,.. Japan.. Fumio MATSUMOTO.. Plannet Architectures.. Takeshi NAKATANI.. Internet Research Institute, Inc.. ,.. Hiroshi OTA.. Keio Futsubu School.. Yoh SHIRAISHI.. Koichi TANAKA.. The University of Tokushima.. , Japan..

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  • Title: Program at a glance: UPIMap2004
    Descriptive info: Program at a glance: UPIMap2004.. Program at a glance : UPIMap2004.. Place North Building at Mita campus of Keio University.. Route Maps.. ] [.. Campus Map.. Various Scale Maps.. ].. (@4F).. 4th floor in North Building,.. (@2F).. 2nd floor in North Building,.. (@1F).. 1st floor in North Building,.. (@*).. places to be announced.. (UPIMap2004 participants are allowed to join SVG Open 2004 held from Sept.. 8 to 10 on the 2nd floor and other rooms.. The details of the program of SVG Open 2004 are available from.. <http://www.. org/>.. Tuesday, Sept.. 7th.. Wednesday, Sept.. 8th.. Conference.. Thursday, Sept.. 9th.. [08:30-09:00] Registration.. [All day; 09:00-21:00] Technical Visits.. Please come at.. 08:30am.. to  ...   (Attention: The starting time of the technical visits becomes earlier.. [09:00-17:00] Registration.. [09:30-10:30] SVG Open Plenary Session.. [10:30-11:00] Coffee Break.. [11:00-12:40] ICA Opening Session (A) "Advances of Ubiquitous Mapping in Japan".. [09:00-12:00] Registration.. [09:30-10:30] SVG Open Plenary Session.. [11:00-12:40] ICA Session (D) "Mapping Theory".. [12:40-14:00] Lunch Break.. (To go to the cafeteria in the 1st floor, you must go outside from the 2nd floor then go down the slope to the 1st floor.. ).. [14:00-15:40] ICA Session (B) "Ubiquitous Mapping".. [15:40-16:10] Coffee Break.. [16:10-17:30] ICA Session (C) "Internet Mapping".. [14:00-15:30] SVG Open Special Session "goSVG".. [15:30-16:00] Coffee Break.. [16:00-17:30] SVG Open Special Session "goSVG".. [Evening].. Banquet.. No Event.. [17:40-18:00].. Closing Remarks.. (@4)..

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  • Title: Program: UPIMap2004
    Descriptive info: Program: UPIMap2004.. Program of.. International Joint Workshop on Ubiquitous, Pervasive and Internet Mapping.. (UPIMap2004), Tokyo, Japan, September 7 - 9, 2004.. Tuesday, September 7th.. Technical Visits (First Day).. Wednesday, September 8th.. Conference (Second Day).. Thursday, September 9th.. Conference (Last Day).. The following events are being prepared.. Experience of commercial multi-modal human navigation services (NaviWalk) provided by GPS equipped cellular phones: Approximately 10 million cellular phones equipped with GPS are being used in Japan.. You will be impressed with advanced hardware, software, services and popularity of cellular phones in Japan.. from [.. Web.. of au by KDDI in Japanese].. of Kyocera in Japanese].. Experience of commercial car navigation systems for roads and highways with real-time information services in Tokyo: Approximately 150 million car navigation systems have been sold in Japan.. Persons who once tried Japanese car navigation systems never drive without them, because of the high quality services.. Approximately 10 million cars have access to the real-time information such as traffic jam, parking and restaurants through FM radio, beacon and Internet in Japan.. of VICS Center in Japanese].. of Sony in Japanese].. Visiting the Traffic Control Center of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.. in English].. Visiting a map production company and seeing how up-to-date maps are produced in Japan.. of Tokyo Cartographic in Japanese].. For Japanese participants, it will be a good chance to find how foreign researchers think and feel digital map services and structures of urban areas in Japan, and to realize significant digital mapping services in the world.. in Japanese].. (@2F) [.. The program of SVG Open 2004 Conf.. Opening Keynotes:.. "Can schemas help SVG interwork with other markup vocabularies?".. [Abstract].. Prof.. Makoto Murata.. International University of Japan, Japan.. Sponsor Keynotes:.. "Sponsor Keynotes - Introduction of SVG Based Software for Cellular Phones".. Naomi Inoue.. KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc.. , Japan.. (@2F).. Opening Remarks:.. Atsuyuki Okabe.. Director of Center for Spatial Information Science, the University of Tokyo, Japan.. Milan Konecny.. President of ICA, Masaryk University, Czech Republic.. Keynote Address:.. "Ubiquitous Mapping in Tokyo".. pdf.. DEMO Movie (Tantative Version).. Takashi Morita.. Chair of ICA Commission on Ubiquitous Mapping, Hosei University, Japan.. with.. Spatial Media Fusion Project.. of CSIS at the University of Tokyo, Japan.. Invited Talk:.. "Development of Multi-Modal Human Navigation Services for GPS Equipped Cellular Phones".. Dr.. Keisuke  ...   Ubiquitous Mapping, Hosei University.. Design and Implementation of a Personal Spatial Information System with Sensor Data Mapping.. Yoh Shiraishi, Masatoshi Arikawa (The University of Tokyo, Japan).. Using Mobile GIS in Educational Settings.. ][.. bio.. Jerry Mount, Marc Armstrong, David Bennett (The University of Iowa, U.. Location-based Mobile Pedestrian Navigation Services - the Role of Multimedia Cartography.. Georg Gartner (Vienna University of Technology, Austria).. Location of Things in a House: Toward Ubiquitous Mapping in the Home.. Noriko Shingaki(*1,*2), Hisao Nojima(*1,*2), Miki Kitabata(*1), Akira Onozawa(*1) (*1:NTT Microsystem Integration Labs.. , *2:Nagoya University, Japan), Koji Sato (National Museum of Ethnology, Japan).. A Visual Programming Tool for Map Scale Transformation Rules According to User's Focus Area.. Jegajothi Karthik, Takashi Saruwatari, Yoshihide Hosokawa, Naohisa Takahashi (Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan).. Georg Gartner.. Vice-Chair of ICA Commission on Maps and the Internet, Vienna University of Technology, Austria.. Using the Web for Focussed Geographical Storytelling via Gameplay.. William Cartwright (RMIT University, Australia).. Mapping on the Grid: From Spatial Web Services to Mobile Clients.. Ilya Zaslavsky, Ashraf Memon, Pavel Velikhov, Chaitan Baru (University of California, San Diego, U.. Forest Restoration Planning Tools based XML-SVG.. Yan Li, Guobin Chi, Haosheng Huang, Chenwei Lv, Ruifeng Qiu (South China Normal University, China).. Layout and design elements in the quality estimation of bi-dimensional Internet based mapping.. Gabriel Origel-Gutierrez (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico).. "goSVG" is the abbreviation of "G-XML over SVG" which has been made as a standard for XML based map representations for pervasive computing environment sponsored by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).. Enjoy excellent Japanese foods and culture.. (The dinner cruise of SVG Open will be held this evening.. The registration was closed.. Note: All cruise participants have to be in the terminal of Hinode Pier by 6:30 pm.. You can meet with SVG Open staff and other participants at Registration Desk of North Building 2F on 5:45 pm.. Please ensure that you bring your ticket in order to board the ship.. map1.. map2.. map3.. ]).. (After the closing remarks, we have a plan to go to a Japanese style casual restaurant together.. Let's go there to enjoy good foods and talk about this workshop and our future.. This dinner is not included in the workshop fee, but the price of the dinner is never expensive..

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  • Title: registration
    Descriptive info: ( Registration starts on July 6, 2004 ).. Registration Fee.. before August 10, 2004.. after August 10, 2004.. presenter.. 22,000 JPY (approx.. 200 USD).. participant.. 28,000 JPY (approx.. 250 USD).. student.. 11,000 JPY (approx.. 100 USD).. 14,000 JPY (approx.. 125 USD).. Registration Form.. Download a registration form (pdf).. Please fill out the registration form and send it.. by fax to +81-3-5453-5698.. If you have any questions about registration, please contact us at.. registration@ubimap.. net..

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