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  • Title: Take The Square | Squares around the world
    Descriptive info: .. About us.. Contact us.. Join the #globalrevolution.. Squares Database.. Partners.. News.. Stories.. Analysis.. Newsletter.. Tutorials.. Videos.. Photos.. N-1.. Chat.. Highlights.. 11/07/2013.. 0 Comments.. Halkidiki gold mining : a brief history #Greece #SaveSkouries.. Original source: http://antigoldgr.. org Under the pretext of the country’s devastating financial crisis, Greece was considering opening up all gold mines across the country despite their huge environmental impact, as they were said to.. 10/07/2013.. Updates on Brazilian protests #VemPraRua.. In one of the mailing lists of our networks, this info was post as an update to what is going on in Brazil.. So we want to share it This week has seen.. 09/11/2013.. The Drama of Community Housing in Madrid.. Source: Madrid Housing Assembly This coming Friday 13 building are to be forcibly evicted from their homes by riot police pushing their way through protesters who try to prevent these cruel and intolerable.. Massive protests in Romania against the exploitation of Rosia Montana mines.. In Romania massive protests are taking place in the last days, we ve asked friends to tell us about it, and here is the response I ll try to resume the situation here using.. Legal aid: no justice, no peace #ukuncut #oct5.. Things are about to get very loud.. The government has already slashed legal aid for thousands of people earlier this year.. But that is not enough for them.. They want to finish the.. 09/10/2013.. 2nd phase of mobilization in turkey #occupgezi.. A friend from Turkey gives us some updates of the situation, that we publish to share it with you The mass mobilization in Turkey started in June has not stopped.. During the summer,.. 08/29/2013.. The tear down of Ofelia Nieto expired #win #ON29 #OfeliaResiste.. Source http://ofelianieto29.. wordpress.. com/ofelia-nieto-29-at-one-step-from-victory/ Note:Today 29-08-2013 we are posting yesterday s release, but now we can say that Ofelia Nieto tear down has not happen, eviction has been prevented, at least for some days, a small.. 08/23/2013.. #Taksim Commune: Gezi Park And The Uprising In Turkey #occupygezi.. Source : http://globaluprisings.. org By Brandon Jourdan and Marianne Maeckelbergh This short documentary tells the story of the occupation of Gezi Park, the eviction on July 15, 2013, and the protests that have continued.. 08/22/2013.. A week of resistance at Ofelia Nieto 29.. The fight of the Gracia-Gonzalez family against Madrid’s city hall tear down threat accomplishes one week.. It was in the morning of August 14th when the city police arrived to their home at.. 07/22/2013.. Resistance Forums in Istanbul: A Roundup of Discussions, 16-30 June #occupygezi.. Source:www.. whatishappeninginistanbul.. com The Gezi resistance continues to create its own public spaces.. Since the occupation at Gezi Park was forced out by the police on 15 June, public forums (popular assemblies) are being held.. 07/11/2013.. Taksim solidarity press release 6th July #occupygezi.. TO THE PUBLIC 6th of July 2013 We want to make our press release known to the public since it was prevented from being read on the Taksim Square by the police.. We.. 07/10/2013.. From the housing bubble to community public housing #stopevictions.. #BRevolution, Brazilian remixed shout for Global Spring.. The sleeping giant is waking up.. Brazil is awakening from the Fake Progress Dream of the 1%.. Brazilians are taking the streets, but the media only talks about macro politics.. Brazilian youth-and-not-so are.. 06/30/2013.. Berlin remembers Ethem Sarısülük Medeni Yildirim #direnlice #occupygezi.. The weather is not helping to enjoy the life going on around the tent in solidarity with #occupygezi, but does not discourage them to do actions in support to what is happening in.. 06/28/2013.. Historical Atlas of Gezi Park #occupygezi.. Source: http://postvirtual.. com Istanbul, June 27 Dear people, One of my primary objectives when I arrived at Gezi Park almost three weeks ago, was to leave a map of this place, for the historical.. Rebellion.. Revolution.. Freedom #occupygezi.. com [Spanish translation here] Istanbul, June 25 Dear people, It’s pride week in Istanbul, and this time the term pride has a double meaning.. On the one hand, the LGBT folk are.. 06/27/2013.. L Internationale confederation museum directors call for a dialogue in Turkey [ITA][GER][ESP] #occupygezi.. [ITA] :: [GER] :: [ESP] PRESS STATEMENT As public cultural institutions dedicated to the sharing and support of a wide range of ideas and information, we deplore the violent suppression of legitimate public.. 06/26/2013.. When workers takeover: from redundancy to Ri-Maflow.. By Maurizio Molinari Have you heard the story about the Italian workers who took over the bankrupt company that previously employed them and started a new cooperative, all while doing something for the environment?.. 06/24/2013.. Assemblies emerging in Turkey: a lesson in democracy #occupygezi.. source: roarmag.. org by Jerome Roos on June 19, 2013 The protesters are starting to counter-pose their own direct democracy to the sham of a democracy proposed by Erdogan’s authoritarian neoliberal state.. Something quite.. 06/23/2013.. Assemblies in #occupygezi.. In #Ankara #occupygezi.. Source: LRB by: Tariq Ali How it changes.. When I was in Istanbul last April the mood was sombre.. Even the most ebullient of friends were downcast.. The latent hostility to the regime.. 06/14/2013.. “We have already won”.. Letter from a Turk to his country #occupygezi.. Source: Letterevive In the last few weeks I have been talking with many Turkish people: I listened to their stories, looked at pictures and videos they had sent me, chatted with them.. I.. 06/08/2013.. #occupygezi Documentary Film.. 06/05/2013.. English version of the press statement earlier today #occupygezi.. Original source Taksim Dayanışmasıh To the Government and the people of the Republic of Turkey Across the country, particularly in Istanbul-Taksim, all the citizens are demonstrating their democratic reaction to the police violence.. A brief update about #OccupyGezi and Capulcu (Looters ) Uprising in Turkey.. Here we are going to publish a post written in tts mailing list, giving a brief update on #occupygezi.. We ve omitted the personal details and just reproduce the analysis about what happening in.. 06/04/2013.. Vio.. Me: Self-Organization in Greece.. Original source: http://globaluprisings.. org The workers at the Vio.. Me.. Factory in Thessaloniki, Greece have quickly grown into a symbol of self-management internationally.. After going on strike and occupying their factory, on February 12, 2013.. 06/01/2013.. International Human Rights Organizations and Dear Friends, Comrades, Press Members from all over the world #occupygezi.. Original source This is an urgent call from human rights defenders, activists, NGOs, professional chambers, grassroots, neighborhood associations and Istanbulites.. Since the 27th of May, Istanbulites from all social and political backgrounds and.. 05/31/2013.. A letter from #Turkishrevolution.. Dear Comrades, Dear Friends of the fight, As we all know, especially the youth and the peoples of the world are rising in rebellion.. In the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, Chile, Spain,.. 05/28/2013.. Re: DIE SPANIEN RETTUNG EL RESCATE A ESPAÑA (english subtitles) #15M.. 05/23/2013.. Spain’s Micro-Utopias: The 15M Movement and its Prototypes (Part 2).. Source: commonsandeconomics.. org Image: Voces con Futura Bernardo Gutiérrez Translated by Stacco Troncoso, edited by Ann Marie Utratil – Guerrilla Translation! Original article at 20minutos.. es.. This is a two-part article.. The first part can.. 05/20/2013.. Spain’s Micro-Utopias: The 15M Movement and its Prototypes (Part 1).. Good news and commons activism inspiration from Spain! Image: Voces con Futura Bernardo Gutiérrez Translated by Stacco Troncoso, edited by Ann Marie Utratil – Guerrilla Translation! Original article at 20minutos.. This is a.. 05/16/2013.. Peoples United against Troika June 1st 2013.. Europe is under a violent attack by the financial capital, represented by the troika (IMF, ECB, EC) and by the successive governments that apply concerted policies with these entities, despising and destroying the.. 05/14/2013.. Enclosure in the Reina Sofía Museum, Madrid: Rights, Democracy, and Dignity for Culture and Communication.. on Friday, May 10th, we ll start dealing with what s happening to us.. This is an invitation.. On Friday, May 10th, we ll lock ourselves in at Madrid s Reina Sofía Museum.. «We» are Culture and.. 05/06/2013.. #Okupem12M International Call (Barcelona).. #Okupem12M #OccupyTogetherBarcelona INTERNATIONAL CALL http://okupem12m.. tk ¡ON MAY 12TH 2013 WE UNITE OUR STRUGGLES AND WE OCCUPY TOGETHER IN BARCELONA! We invite all of you, individuals and collectives from the whole Europe and.. 04/30/2013.. This is not a demonstration Actions, constructions and revolutionary turns to save the world.. In the past two years we have completely reinvented the way we try to transform the world into a place where life does not hurt.. The old demonstrations, so grey and limited, become.. 04/28/2013.. Our Present is Your Future: How to destroy public health services #Greece.. 03/19/2013.. Two Years in the Egyptian Revolution, why are we still rioting? New @mosireen video.. #P2PWikisprint: Southern Europe and Latin America, united by the P2P.. Source: p2p Foundation by: Bernardo Gutiérrez An indigenous collective of Chiapas, tangled with a co-working space of Quito.. A crowd funding platform of Barcelona, ??working with open data movement of Montevideo.. A Greek.. 03/18/2013.. The Spanish #P2PWikisprint on March 20.. source: David Bollier Next Wednesday, March 20, a fascinating new stage in transnational cooperation will arrive when scores of commoners in twenty countries take part in a Spanish P2P Wikisprint, a coordinated.. 03/08/2013.. RECLAIM IT.. From: http://reclaimit2013.. com/ Seventy activists from feminist groups, Occupy, UK Uncut, Solidarity Federation and Disabled People Against Cuts have today occupied London’s historic Women’s Library in a daring bid to save it from.. 02/27/2013.. Solidarity From the workers of Kouta Steel Factory in Egypt To the workers of Vio.. Me Industrial Minerals Factory in Greece.. Message of Solidarity From the workers of Kouta Steel Factory in Egypt To the workers of Vio.. Me Industrial Minerals Factory in Greece! We, the workers of Kouta Steel Factory, Tenth of Ramadan.. 02/10/2013.. Die Spanien Rettung (Spain Bailout) Mitteilung an das deutsche Volk von Spanien (A message to the german people from Spain).. 02/03/2013.. Corruption scandal in Spanish Government.. Original source: piratetimes.. net February 2, 2013 · by Fabián Plaza Miranda · in Europe, Pirate Party News A huge corruption scandal has erupted in the Spanish Government.. It has important implications since it involves the.. 02/02/2013.. Post-Occupy: The End of The World [as we know it].. it is strange to think about Finn.. too many questions floating around about what makes us human.. grotesque, inappropriate and poisonous, yet orgasmic to the point of liberation.. political bodies like Occupy Wall.. 01/05/2013.. Of Rising Tides and Shattering Floors.. Source: Cunning hired knaves This is a translation of a piece originally from the blog Al final de la asamblea on November 26th, and republished on eldiario.. es on 28th November.. (Image via 4ojos.. com).. 12/17/2012.. A new white tide of health care workers and users have packed Madrid #D16.. Source:eldiario.. es Translation: Possible thanks to TTS twitter followers, special thanks to @Dali_Moral Another ‘white tide’ of public health workers and users in Madrid flodded the streets of the capital on Sunday morning to.. 12/11/2012.. eXpaña / Xpain, the definition of a country that already exists.. Source: exlandia.. net If Spain is Rajoy, if it’s Ana Botella, if it’s Rubalcaba, if it’s Julian Muñoz and Isabel Pantoja, Stop Spain.. We want to get away.. If Spain is the country where.. 11/22/2012.. Dismantling and selling public healthcare.. Source: hugoatman.. com English version, translated by Paul Funkhouser Thousands of people have peacefully demonstrated at the doors of Hospital de la Princesa on Diego de León street in Madrid.. This public health center,.. 11/21/2012.. It s Mutual Aid, Stupid #occupySandy.. original source:The Huffington Post by Jeffrey Lawrence and Luis Moreno-Caballud At an organizational meeting last Sunday, the office of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg finally recognized what had become one of the major.. 11/19/2012.. Shades of anger by Rafeef Ziadah #freeGaza.. A poem written and read by Rafeef Ziadah.. 11/18/2012.. ROAR presents: ‘Utopia on the Horizon’.. By Jerome Roos On November 17, 2012 Versión en castellano aquí.. Ελληνική έκδοση εδώ.. In May 2011, hundreds of thousands of Greeks swarmed into Syntagma Square in Athens to protest against the firesale.. 11/17/2012.. #14N: millions join largest European strike ever.. By Jerome Roos On November 15, 2012 Original source: Roarmag.. org Street battles break out and large parts of Europe are paralyzed as millions of workers walk off their jobs in the biggest coordinated EU strike.. 11/13/2012.. The conditions have changed, but the struggle is still the same: Unite against fascism impunity !.. The conditions have changed, but the struggle is still the same: Unite against fascism impunity ! by Marta Rodriguez on November 2012 In the summer of 1977, the newly democratic Spanish government passed.. 11/10/2012.. Freedom for Hervé Falciani*.. Monday 12N: Rally at HSBC HQ The working group Economía Sol is calling to rally for next Monday, November 12, at the headquarters of HSBC Geneva, to demand the release of Hervé Falciani,.. 11/07/2012.. COCOOK: Swarm cooking @letscocook.. We are in a changing world,; during the last year we ve seen protests taking place in various locations It has been surprising that many of them had a lot in common,: without talking,.. Return to Parliament #29S.. Source: spanishrevolution11 Dear people, Last year in May, when I took up offices in the tent of the Communication commission of Acampada Sol, I had the amazing feeling of being in the centre.. 10/07/2012.. #25S-#29S: Madrid on the brink — a short film.. Source: roarmag.. org 25S-29S: Madrid on the brink — a short film by Carlos Delclós on October 2, 2012 This short film chronicles the events of the past week in Spain, where hundreds of.. 09/26/2012.. Confrontations reach a new level in Spain as protesters target Congress #25S.. Yesterday s protest in Madrid was different from all its predecessors since May 15th 2011.. Even though it was organized by collectives close to the 15M Indignadxs movement and it s national network of popular.. 09/25/2012.. 1 Comments.. Democracy is kept hostage.. On #25S we’re going to rescue it! @coordinadora25S.. Source: coordinadora25S Next September 25th we will surround the Spanish Congress to rescue it from a kidnapping that has turn this institution into a powerless one.. A kidnapping of popular sovereingty perpetrated by.. 09/17/2012.. Portugal: We Want Our Lives.. On Saturday 15 September, the people in Portugal took the streets again to protest against the Troika and the austerity measures imposed by the Government.. Between 700 thousands and a million, in over.. Without fear, we support our arrested fellows and we keep on: on #S25 we’ll surround the Congress.. Source: Coordinadora 25S This morning, four companions of the Platform Pie, who came as thousands of people to the demonstration of 15S to support the social demand that was happening in the streets.. 09/15/2012.. Rights and reasons to join general indefinite strike in education services starting #S17.. Source: madrid.. tomalaplaza.. net This post has been translated by our followers on Twitter, we want to thank them, for showing once more that cooperating and collaborating are the keys to achieve a global change.. 09/14/2012.. #Nextglobalday #13O #globalnoise 2012.. #GlobalNOISE 2012 from AlfonsoFerri on Vimeo.. 09/13/2012.. #OWS anniversary #S17.. Hey all you hacktivists, cypherpunks, mystical anarchists and global revolutionaries out there, As the one year anniversary of OWS approaches, where do we stand? To put it in a nutshell: the Zuccotti encampment.. 09/04/2012.. Over 60 Protests to Target Frankenfood Corporations on #OWS Anniversary #occupyMonsanto.. source:OWS An expanding network of concerned individuals known as Occupy Monsanto has emerged over the past 8 months staging numerous protests at companies connected to the global trade of genetically engineered foods, also.. 09/02/2012.. Documentary: The forbidden education.. site: http://www.. educacionprohibida.. com/ The forbidden education is a documentary meant to question the current school logics and the way of understanding education by making visible different educating experiences, that are considering the need of.. 08/14/2012.. From the looting of Caja Madrid to the Bankia fraud.. Source Diagonal The bank that holds the most deposits and assets for Spanish residents Bankia is nothing more than a private bank paid for by everyone: millions of people who deposited their money.. 08/10/2012.. Time to Talk Camp David: Will New Egypt Meet Old Expectations?.. By Ramzy Baroud Despite early assurances by Egypt s new President Mohammed Morsi regarding his “commitment to international treaties and agreements,” one can already foretell a likely confrontation between Egypt and Israel.. A.. 08/09/2012.. Indignados: austerity as a violation of human rights.. Source: Roarmag by Marta Sánchez on August 7, 2012 By drawing attention to the systematic violation of human rights, the indignados have helped to shine a light on the illegitimacy of the financial.. 08/05/2012.. International Newsletter #5A #occupyNewsLetter.. Weeks July 14 August 4 Olympics On Friday 27th July, in London: while millions were watching the Olympics opening ceremony celebrating peace and friendship to the people all over the world and.. 08/03/2012.. #Sudan Analysis: Alternative Democratic Document.. Source: GIRIFNA From Crucial Issues Conference of 1995 to the Alternative Democratic Document By: Dr.. Amro M.. Necessary Introduction I must at the outset commend the Sudanese political parties, which could, in these.. 08/02/2012.. Nothing ‘Accidental’ in Mali – More Misery Awaits.. By Ramzy Baroud Northern Mali promises to be the graveyard of scores of innocent people if African countries don’t collectively challenge Western influence in the region.. The Republic of Mali is fast becoming.. #SudanRevolts : Does anyone pay attention anymore !?.. Source: Egyptian Chronicles For three days now Sudanese protesters have been killed and traced by helicopters mercilessly in the city of Nyala , Darfur and yet the world is acting as if there.. 07/21/2012.. Millions take streets as Spain unites against austerity.. Source: Roarmag.. org by Santiago Carrion on July 20, 2012 Struggles converge as miners, firefighters, judges, public employees, the unemployed and even the army step up their resistance against EU-enforced cuts.. On Thursday,.. 07/16/2012.. Man sets himself on fire in Israeli social justice protest.. During a demonstration to celebrate one year of the Israeli protests (on July 14), a man set himself on fire and left suicide notes around him.. Apparently he lost everything he had in.. 07/14/2012.. International Newsletter #13J #occupyNewsLetter.. Weeks June 30 July 13 Index 1.. Repression and police brutality 2.. Democracy 3.. Housing 4.. Environment 5.. Health care for the 99% in NYC 6.. Law 7.. Education 8.. Direct Action.. 07/09/2012.. Amy Goodman interviews @fanetin from #15M @DemocracyNow.. Here you can find a conversation I had with Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman last 4th of July, 2012.. We talked about the 15-M Movement, Rodrigo Rato, evictions, and more….. 07/08/2012.. An open letter from the M15 movement in Spain to the J14 movement in Israel: You will only be free when you decide to be free.. When we see the assemblies of Kiryat.. 07/01/2012.. Israeli indignados return to streets following police violence.. org Days after an attempt to re-occupy Rothschild Blvd was violently thwarted by police, Israel’s J14 activists are back in the streets in radicalized form.. Interesting developments in Israel, where the J14.. International Newsletter #29J #occupyNewsLetter.. Uprisings.. The wave goes on: Sandstorm Friday in Sudan Democracy.. Pre and post-elections: Mexico, Egypt and Greece Housing.. #stopeviction campaigns: anti-bankia actions across Spain, Sevilla, Minnesota Occupy Homes Repression against Occupy and solidarity.. 06/30/2012.. Losing strength? An alternative vision of Spain’s indignados #15M.. org A silent revolution emerges from the underground.. Far from losing strength, decentralization has allowed 15-M to become ever more dynamic.. Is the 15-M movement going invisible? Or is it.. 06/26/2012.. The Events of Sandstorm Friday #SudanRevolts.. Source: http://www.. girifna.. com/blog-girifna/news/5918 As Sudan approached its first week of continuous protests triggered by recently announced economic austerity measures, a country-wide call for protest was made for Friday (June 22) after prayers.. The protest.. 06/22/2012.. International Newsletter #22J #occupyNewsLetter.. Newsletter with news about Education, Housing, Banking, Democracy and Environment around the world, take a look, spread the news and give us feedback if something related is happening in your city!!! linking #revolution.. This summer forever we are voting for our land’s beaches” (about the greek elections, released on sunday 17th) #occupyAthens.. Source: occupyathens.. com Today’s election is a very expensive farce.. It wasn’t difficult at all, and moreover it was imperative for a solution to be found back the previous ones, in May.. Thus, they.. #Call4design for n-1.. cc #Lorea free social network.. Some weeks ago, there was a call for participation in the ACT poll, so that Lorea project could get some financing, that makes easier the development and maintenance of the project.. Thanks to.. 06/20/2012.. HEDZOLEKLOWA: AFRIKA LAKE OCCUPATION PROJECT SUPPORT APPEAL.. HEDZOLEKLOWA: AFRIKA LAKE OCCUPATION PROJECT SUPPORT APPEAL We are writing, on behalf of our respective organisations as well as conjointly, to urge you and all members of your organisations and their associated networks.. Rio +20, Rio+99: A Context Note #ocupadospovos @occupyrio #globalchange.. The Occupy movement is beautiful and incredibly surprising.. In the last few days was able to connect with our occupiers here in Cidade Maravilhosa (´´Wonderful City“), Rio de Janeiro.. The city is hosting.. 06/15/2012.. Carta abierta desde El Cairo.. Lxs Camaradas de El Cairo A todas las personas a cuyo lado luchamos,Desde el comienzo de la revolución egipcia, los poderes han puesto en marcha un círculo vicioso de contrarrevolución para contener nuestra.. Open Letter from Cairo.. [Farsi translation follow English] Hello, I would like to pass along an open letter sent by Comrades from Cairo, which explains the counter-revolutionary strategies at work in Egypt’s upcoming presidential runoff: Egypt’s elections.. #Syria Sectarian Divide Takes Alarming Turn.. By Ramzy Baroud, Special to Gulf News The conflict in Syria is giving way to a troubling phenomenon of hastily drawn sectarian lines throughout the Middle East.. A perpetual and repugnant war is.. 06/14/2012.. Call for Solidarity from Mexico.. Source: #OWS More than 90,000 protesters, including the indignad@s and supporters of the #YoSoy132 student movement, took park in nonviolent, nonpartisan marches against political and media corruption in Mexico during the presidential debates.. Off the Agenda: The Unresolved Question of Egypt s Economy.. By Ramzy Baroud A new Egypt demands a new constitution and president.. Many pressing questions also need to be addressed, including the religious-secular divide, the value of Sharia in the making of law,.. 06/13/2012.. For Spain’s rescued bankers, there will be no austerity.. Now that Spain has become the fourth country to receive an EU bailout, the question arises why its corrupt bankers are getting away unscathed.. by Jerom Roos from Roarmag.. org With eurozone finance ministers.. Press conference: Delivery of the lawsuit of #15MpaRato.. CALL TO PRESS CONFERENCE, OPEN TO ALL CITIZENS, ON THE OCCASION OF THE DELIVERY OF THE @15MPARATO LAWSUIT AGAINST RODRIGO RATO AND THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR BANKIA AT THE TIME OF ITS STOCK MARKET.. 06/10/2012.. 5 Comments.. Berlin Biennale Occupy Wallstreet action against Deutsche Bank.. The crisis of global capitalism requires a global response.. We will now act against its leading institutions one by one.. Transnational banks are central to this crisis and profit from the suffering of.. 06/07/2012.. Mexican youth organize for ‘authentic democracy’ #yosoy132.. Source: http://wagingnonviolence.. org/ by Marta Molina | June 6, 2012 Nearly two weeks have passed since the first massive Yo Soy 132, or I am 132, protest in Mexico on May 23.. On that.. #RatoFunding The people will send banksters to jail #QuerellapaRato.. On July 20th (2011), an exultant Rodrigo Rato presented Bankia’s IPO ensuring that the entity intended to “grow and create sustainable profit”.. The shares traded that day at 3.. 75€.. With a millionaire advertising.. Berlin: Solidemo with #Quebec, Rock beats scissors, squares beat cuts!.. Today at 20h, around a dozen of people where in front of the Humboldt Univeristy in Berlin, in solidarity with the #potbanging call from #Quebec.. Despite if was a rainy day, everybody brought.. 06/06/2012.. This is what happens when you close a bank account #cierrabankia.. This video shows an action done in a bank office, after one person closed her bank account.. These lasts days in Spain there is a campaign going on called #15MpaRato, which wants to.. 06/04/2012.. La Justicia egipcia ampara la represión policial.. por Olga Rodríguez Fuente: eldiario.. es Hosni Mubarak y su ex ministro del Interior fueron condenados este sábado a cadena perpetua acusados de la muerte de manifestantes, pero los seis máximos responsables de las.. #12M15M Minutes of the Evaluation meeting.. Courtesy of our comrade Jasper from The Netherlands Last Sat 2nd June about 25 people from 13 countries joined the Open Space for the evalution and future of the Occupy/Indigndos/M15 Global May process.. 20 Days of pot-banging protest in Mordor, far far away in Barcelona.. Indignados in Spain haven been occupying local banks with lively noise demos and caceroladas, or pot-banging protests, in Barcelona, Madrid, and other cities.. In Barcelona, protesters have targeted La Caixa in a campaign.. The police corner the right to information.. By Ofelia de Pablo.. Original text published in Cuartopoder.. es (Translation thanks to Sergio Calvo) Three hundred indignados demonstrated on Wednesday afternoon at the Puerta del Sol because of the rise in risk premium.. 06/03/2012.. TRANSNATIONAL NO BORDER CAMP STOCKHOLM 17/6 – 24/6 2012.. Borders kill Borders are big business Borders are in Stockholm 12 million refugees are in the world today.. 235 900 people applied for asylum in EU in 2010 but only few were permissible.. First communiqué by the Coordinators of the Movement YoSoy132 (Manifesto).. The current situation in Mexico demands its youth to take the present in their hands.. It is time for us to fight for a change in our country, it s time that we strive.. 06/02/2012.. Our revenge is to be happy.. The Republic of the 99%.. This text was published in the 173 issue of DIAGONAL by Amador Fernández-Savater is a Spanish author, editor of Acuarela books and freelance researcher.. More wood, this is war! The train in the.. 06/01/2012.. Bring Bankia’s officials to prison! #15mpaRato.. Source: El Diagonal The process begins pointing at Rodrigo Rato (second vice president of Spanish government and Minister of Economy between 1996 and 2004, and just-resigned Bankia chairman) and plans uncover the bad.. #YoSoy132 Student Movement in Mexico.. 05/31/2012.. Open letter to the #OccupyBiennale: ¿Do artificial contexts pervert replication?.. Some weeks have passed since the #OccupyBiennale started.. The framework was/is a difficult one: a contemporary art exhibition, probably the most famous one in Europe, most of the artists would pay to be.. 05/29/2012.. An Open Letter to the Mainstream English Media, From Montreal.. Written and published at Translating the printemps érable Thank you; you are a little late to the party, and you are still missing the mark a lot of the time, but in the.. 05/28/2012.. Support free social network n-1.. cc #lorea.. The name of Lorea stands for Basque word for “flower”, social networks are seeds that turn to flowers and all flowers compose the garden of shared knowledge.. Lorea is the project and.. Update on the Spanish student strike.. The tide of public sector cuts continues to ravish the European education system.. Attacks on Spanish universities began with the passing of Plan Bolonia, which intended to commoditise tertiary education.. Higher productivity was.. Redefining the ‘Arab Spring’: Is Chaos Overtaking Revolution?.. By RamzyBaroud The age of revolutionary romance is over.. Various Arab countries are now facing hard truths.. Millions of Arabs merely want to live with a semblance of dignity, free from tyranny and.. Abusive increase in public transport fares #19M #tarifazo.. In Madrid public transport fares have risen 30% in 2012.. The increase in prices just goes in detriment of people (workers, students, unemployed, migrants, etc) living in the edge of their possibilities while.. #SpanishRevolution reloads, takes aim and fires… #OccupyMordor.. Source: http://itsafunnyoldworld.. com The hobbits united will never be defeated! #OccupyMordor continues in Barcelona, against a huge bank via @okokitsme pic.. twitter.. com/PF2d1tL9 THIS SPRING WERE NOT INTERESTED IN THE SQUARES WERE GOING AFTER THOSE RESPONSIBLE.. 05/25/2012.. Occupy Bilderberg Gathers Steam Massive activist effort to shine spotlight on secretive global elite.. It is now confirmed that the Bilderberg Group will hold their 2012 conference at the Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles hotel in Chantilly, Virginia from May 31st to June 3rd.. The Bilderbergers hate the.. POLICE NEVER JOINED OR SHOWED SOLIDARITY IN ANY WAY WITH THE BLOCKUPY FRANKFURT PROTESTS #Blockupy.. From Blockupy Frankfurt (i.. e.. , 1st hand share of FACT): In order to correct rumors spreading on Facebook, mostly linked to a picture of police forces in front of our May 19 demonstration, we.. Newsletter to Los Angeles May 24, 2012.. Check out the latest.. pdf version of the May 24 OLA Newsletter to Los Angeles.. All Power to All People!.. 05/22/2012.. Occupier’s Report from Frankfurt.. Report from John Sinha Frankfurt is the head quarters of the European Central Bank, part of the troika including the EU and the IMF imposing a so-called bail out of the Greek Economy.. 05/20/2012.. Request for solidarity and support for the Legal Committee of the CLASSE.. Sisters, brothers, We write you during a dark time for democratic, human and associative rights in Quebec with the following appeal for your help and solidarity.. As you have no doubt heard, the.. 05/19/2012.. Demand of support against dictature in Quebec parliament.. Dear Fellowcitizens and fellowindignados, We are living a historical moment in the province of Quebec, Canada.. Since 2010, students and progressist forces are striking against an austerity budget of our government.. The scolar.. 05/17/2012.. BARCELONA 15M Newsletter nr 13.. Hello from Barcelona, this is the weekly newsletter that will inform you about the activities of 15M movement in Barcelona, Catalonia and occasionally the main events in Spain.. If you do not wish.. May 12th, 2012 – Copenhagen, Denmark.. In solidarity with the Occupy Movement’s Global May Manifesto, the Danish faction manifested today a parade in the streets of Copenhagen.. The procession was centred around a four-meter tall effigy of a politician.. Homeland Security and OWS.. Seems the Occupy movement was targeted by Homeland Security before the first tent pole was raised, according to documents released in compliance with a FOIA request.. Truthout.. org has conducted exhaustive research on the.. Cleaning Syntagma Report from Agora Athens.. Dear people, The comfort of the squat is dangerous for the revolutionary spirit.. Especially when there is little of it.. It’s evening and we’re sitting together in the living room, a dozen marchers.. One day in the life of protest camp against inauguration of Putin in Moscow – 14th of May (+Video of the eviction 17th of May).. Last news: At 5.. am police take off the camp in Moscow Before evening Anarchist singer-songwriter “comrade Arkadi” made a concert.. Later, a freemarket was opened, where everyone could leave their goods and.. #Blockupy Court of appeal decides: even more protests banned.. After the local judge in Frankfurt approved most of the bans that local authorities had declared for the protests against the ECB in Frankfurt, the court of appeal in Kassel now gave its.. 05/15/2012.. #12M global day in Berlin.. On May 12th Berlin joined the global day of action.. There were 5 marches taking place in the city, Gesundbrunnen, Hauptbahnhof, Frankfurter Tor, Thälmann-Park, Kottbusser Tor.. The call was to meet at 14h,.. 05/14/2012.. #13M activities continue in Sol Madrid.. #12M global day in Lisbon.. On the 12th of May in Lisbon there was a not very big demonstration, we had around 3000 people.. some people may be disappointed but it was expected, since there were already big.. Press release Madrid May 12th #12M15M.. May 12th in Madrid was the second day of global action after October 15th.. After another six months of being in the streets, universities, schools, health centers, in the houses and work places,.. 05/12/2012.. The meaning and necessity of revolution #12M15M in the 21st century.. org by Jerome Roos on May 11, 2012 The global day of action on May 12 will mark the resurgence of our resistance.. But what is the way forward for our movement.. 05/11/2012.. Complete action plans for Blockupy Frankfurt.. Complete action plans for Blockupy (see below): take the squares plan for the 17th, blockade action plan for the 18th, blockade action consensus for the 18th, and character and aims of demonstration for.. 05/10/2012.. Madrid Global May A short version of the agenda.. There is much more going on, I only translated the most important things mariangela * sorry for the mistakes May 1-15 Permanent information point at Sol Square.. from 8th of May Economic disobedience office.. #12M15M in Portugal.. In the list of squares, the people from Coimbra updated us with the information about what is going to happen in Portugal on the 12th May.. All media silence all the mobilizations that.. 05/08/2012.. ¿Qué está pasando en Egipto?.. Artículo original: olgarodriguez.. org Actualizado 20:45: Las autoridades egipcias confirman un muerto y 296 heridos en los enfrentamientos de hoy.. Hay más de cien detenidos.. Actualizado a las 19:50: Las fuerzas de seguridad están.. 05/04/2012.. March to Athens April 25, 2012 (English-French-Spanish-Italian-Dutch-German).. Watch this also: http://www.. youtube.. com/watch?v=ku7AZOcUyc4 0:00 1:40 English 1:41 3:26 French 3:27 4:09 Spanish 4:10 6:18 Italian 6:19 7:32 Dutch 7:33 8:50 German.. 05/03/2012.. #MayDay: The Whole World is Waking! Coverage of #M1GS.. (all times Eastern, all locations in NYC unless otherwise noted) 11:59PM: Reports of live ammunition being used on protesters in Egypt 11:59PM: More police arriving at #LibertySquare 11:47PM: Police are setting up barricades.. 04/29/2012.. Occupy Prepares For May Day: No Work, No School, No Banking by Allison Kilkenny.. Occupy Wall Street hopes to capture headlines once again next week with the May 1 General Strike , long-advertised by the group as an event that will prove to the public and media that.. 04/27/2012.. Global demands and slogans, Get involved!.. Dear comrades, bellow you find a list of demands “in raw” that were collected by the Global Call WG, please add yours, along with a short explanation of HOW to achieve the goal.. Es.. Col.. A evicted!.. (19/4) Es.. A (Espaço Coletivo Autogestionado, http://escoladafontinha.. blogspot.. pt/) was evicted.. A was an open space, collectively managed in Alto de Fontinha, in the city of Porto in Portugal.. It was an old elementary school, left abandoned.. 04/26/2012.. Proposal for legal cooperation to defend the general right to freedom of expression in public areas.. The Legal Commission of the assembly of the Indignants Movement in Paris (Les Indignés de Paris) Dear all, As some of you are surely aware, on 17 January 2012 the Indignants Movement.. Berlin Biennale opens doors, #berlinsquare never closed.. Yesterday was the press conference and doors opening of the 7BB space to journalists and special guests.. The press conference was anything but conventional.. Chairs set in a circle, showing the structure of.. 04/17/2012.. Vorschlag zur juristischen Zusammenarbeit für den Schutz der freien öffentlichen Meinungsäußerung des Volkes.. Juristischer Ausschuss der Asamblea der Empörten in Paris Guten Tag, wie einige von euch bereits wissen, hat die Pariser Empörten am 17.. Januar Klage erhoben, welche als Konsequenz aus dem wiederholten.. 04/16/2012.. Occupy to Save Leyton Marshes: Local Environmental Destruction in the name  ...   Report your event and check updated information at http://map.. squaresdabase.. org More info: http://10december.. net LOCATION Schwerin, Marktplatz http://www.. ndr.. de/regional/mecklenburg-vorpommern/occupyschwerin105.. html Paris Platz, Brandenburger Tor, Berlin http://occupyberlin.. info/blog/2011/12/09/theaterperformanz-zum-tag-der-menschenrechte-sa-10-uhr-pariser-platz/ Praça do Rossio Praça Dom Pedro IV, 1100 Lisboa Lisbon, Portugal.. 12/07/2011.. #Tahrir Cairokee ft Aida El Ayouby Ya El Medan (English Subs).. @OccupyGeneva against WTO ministers meeting 15th 17th December.. Occupy Geneva along with a few local organizations and delegates from OWINS (Our World Is Not For Sale) will set up an Occupy Protest Site in front of the 8th WTO ministers meeting.. 12/06/2011.. #Stopdesahucios cumple un año y 100 desahucios paralizados.. Fuente: periodismohumano.. com Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca La mañana del 3 de noviembre de 2010 cerca de 30 integrantes de la PAH nos desplazamos hasta la Bisbal del Penedés, en las afueras.. Hope from below: composing the commons in Iceland.. Source: www.. opendemocracy.. net By Richard Bater Iceland s fate epitomizes the tragedy of ‘constitutional democracies’ as they have been variously practiced and imposed in recent times: whereby the writing of a constitution by the people.. 12/05/2011.. Mayor Eberhard van der Laan visited Occupy Amsterdam to speak about development of the movement.. Mayor Eberhard van der Laan is visiting Occupy Amsterdam to speak about development and future of the movement on the Beursplein (stock exchange square).. The discussion is about leaving a point of presence.. Israel, Occupy Wall Street, and anti-Zionism, By Brian Kwoba.. The Occupy Wall Street movement in the US is reverberating around the world.. In Tel Aviv, Israel, for example, a tens-of-thousands-strong protest on October 29 “showed influences from the Occupy Wall Street movement,.. 12/04/2011.. A letter from the Revolutionary Association of Textile Workers to the revolutionaries on the barricades in #Tahrir Square, Alexandria and Suez.. Source: MENA Solidarity Network Eleven days behind the barricades in the squares of Egypt is proof that the revolutionaries have reclaimed revolutionary legitimacy in seventeen provinces.. Yet although the revolutionaries have offered themselves.. Amanece que no es poco [programa 3] – programa de TV de audiovisol-15M y TeleK.. Tercer programa de “Amanece que no es poco”.. Un programa creado entre Audiovisol y TeleK para dar respuesta a la necesidad de una televisión diferente, crítica y que aporte el punto de vista.. 12/02/2011.. N30, corporate greed, Xstrata and the right to protest.. Report from occupylsx.. org On Wednesday 30 November, Occupy London – part of the global movement for social and economic justice – sent a message to Mick Davis, CEO of Xstrata: As the highest.. 11/28/2011.. The 5th.. of December ¨Move your Money¨ 650,000 Americans Joined Credit Unions Last Month, More Than in All of 2010.. transitionday.. net One of the tactics the 99 Percenters are using to take back the country from the 1 percent is to move their money from big banks to credit unions, community banks, and.. EPSU calls for a European coordinated mobilization on November 30.. EPSU calls for a European coordinated mobilisation (24 November 2011) The Executive Committee of the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) discussed the grave economic and social situation in Europe at its.. The movement against austerity doesn’t stop in Portugal: Soldiers and policemen joined the movement.. The movement against austerity doesn’t stop in Portugal and even the soldiers and the policemen have joined the movement.. On Thursday, 24th November, thousands of people went to the streets during the general.. 11/26/2011.. OccupyLondon s week of action in support to the N30 Strike.. The largest strike action of a generation will take place on Wednesday 30th November.. Occupy London wholeheartedly supports the strike by over 3 million workers fighting for their pensions and a better society.. Egyptian shebab will never give up, none of us will give up any more , Report from Cairo.. Dear friends, I am since 4 days in the middle of shooting and nerve gas, here in Bab El Louq square, 5 minutes behind Tahrir square, close to the Ministry of Interior.. Right out of.. Edinburgh City Council voted in favour of the motion to support Occupy Edinburgh and the Occupy Movement as a whole.. We at Occupy Edinburgh are genuinely ecstatic to bring you some important news: We are pleased to announce that Edinburgh City Council has set a worldwide precedent by voting in favour of the motion to.. 11/23/2011.. Tahrir square reoccupied as Eygpt fights to defend the revolution.. Photo from the Tahir square, November 22nd, This article was orginally published by Mosireen, a collective of Egyptian activists We are in the midst of a decisive battle in the face of a.. The Camp is the World: Connecting the Occupy Movements and The Spanish May 15th Movement.. We write this letter as participants in the movements, and as an invitation to a conversation.. We hope to raise questions about how we continue to deepen and transform the new social relationships.. 11/22/2011.. Occupy Oakland Calls for Total West Coast Port Shutdown on 12/12.. Proposal for a Coordinated West Coast Port Shutdown, Passed With Unanimous Consensus by vote of the Occupy Oakland General Assembly 11/18/2012: In response to coordinated attacks on the occupations and attacks on workers.. 11/21/2011.. Massacre and repression in Egypt: another January 28.. In Egypt, we are facing yet another January 28, now with both police and army attacking.. Protests have been violently attacked in Cairo, Alexandria and Suez.. Tahrir square is under continuous attack since.. Syria Uprising Falls Victim to Power Plays.. ramzybaroud.. net/ Syrians continue to be victimized, not only in violent clashes with the Syrian military, but also by regional and international players with various agendas.. Protests in Syria began on January 26,.. 11/19/2011.. #17N #N17: the global revolutionary wave of 2011 thunders on #OWS #OccupyTogether #GlobalChange cc @OccupyWallST.. Originally posted by our partners of RoarMag.. Right when the media were declaring the movement to be in decline, a massive global day of action radically reversed the expectations of the skeptics.. Imagine.. 11/18/2011.. #Bankofideas Occupy London ‘repossesses’ multi-million pound bank offices.. - First building for the economic justice campaigners as they occupy third space in borough of Hackney, alongside existing spaces in the City of London and borough of Islington New ‘Bank of.. 11/17/2011.. Occupy Berlin report From May to November, the action continued.. In October and November 2011, the activities of the movement in Berlin continued.. After an impressive first rally of Indignadas and Indignados on May 21, 2011, a number of other assemblies and actions.. 11/16/2011.. Acción Global el #17N #OWS #OccupyTogether #GlobalChange.. Cuando el lucha de #OccupyWallStreet iba a cumplir dos meses, fue desalojada violentamente por la policía, la cual niveló nuestras casas en Liberty Square al suelo.. Nuestro movimiento, sin embargo, nunca ha sido.. #N17 Global Day Of Action! #OWS #OccupyTogether #GlobalChange.. Sixty days into the struggle #OccupyWallStreet was violently evicted by the NYPD, who leveled our homes at Liberty Square to the ground.. Our movement, however, is stronger than it has ever been.. In.. Update Occupy CAL (Berkeley University).. Police brutality: Violence Comes Up When Moral Legitimacy Fails.. On the 9th of Nov.. 2011 the first Occupy Cal massive action took place.. Over 3000 protesters joined at the Sproul Plaza, Berkeley, the iconic place where the Free Speech Movement started.. Strikes Occupations, Report from Barcelona.. Hi, I want to tell you about some events that will happen in Catalonia and concrete in Barcelona because a lot of people think that it can be an example for the international.. Yo No Me Muevo / I m not Moving, Hypocrisy at its best (video).. Original video from Corey Ogilvie.. Hypocrisy at its best, with the excuse of protecting civilian population they bomb and kill people from afar, while his own people is humiliated in his face.. 11/15/2011.. Occupy movement grows in Italy, as protesters occupy a cinema, warehouse and university in Bologna.. It has been an intense week in Italian politics.. Long-time leader and ‘buffoon’ Silvio Berlusconi has been forced from power, new austerity measures passed and the occupy movement has begun to take.. Global Weeks of Action for Education 07 20th November 2011.. After a few Global Chat Meetings and a call for feedback people involved in the struggle against the increasing commercialisation of education and for free emancipatory education at various locations around the world.. Occupy Wall Street was evicted this morning with 70 demonstrators arrested.. Liberty Square (Zuccotti Park), home of Occupy Wall Street for the past two months was evicted this morning by a large police force in full riot gear and 70 demonstrators was arrested.. Michael.. 11/14/2011.. Inside Occupied Portland Restoring Our Park.. Following a gesture of overwhelming support from the people of Portland, a night of music and peaceful protest Police and Occupiers came to an agreement to reopen the streets and clean up the.. 11/13/2011.. Thursday November 17th National Day of Action #N17 #OWS.. Facebook Event | Twitter #N17 | Direct Action Resources On Thursday November 17th, the two month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement, we call upon the 99% to participate in a national.. 17th.. November Celebration in Greece.. On the 17th of November every year all the Greeks but especially the students celebrate the students’ revolt against the colonels’ junta, having celebrations at schools and a march that starts at the.. 11/11/2011.. International group of Sol in support to #occupydefense.. Compagnons français! Aujourd hui est un jour spécial à Paris.. Face au froid et à la pression policière, ce soir un nouveau flot d indignation converge vers la Défense.. Aujourd hui, nous, les citoyens, qui ne.. 11/10/2011.. Trafalgar Square Occupied during the student protest and quickly evicted.. At least six people were arrested in London after setting up a camp in Trafalgar Square while they were trying to establish a third camp in the city in order to galvanise the.. Distribuimos trabajo, creamos sistema.. Sinergias Cooperativa Es una cooperativa de servicios generales cuyo objetivo es ofrecer servicios de alta calidad a hogares, empresas y particulares.. Todos sus miembros cooperativistas, comparten el beneficio colectivo que representa el trabajo.. 11/09/2011.. Occupy London Statement on #9Nov and the Right to Protest #OccupyLSX #OWS.. Today we offer our support and solidarity to students and construction workers protesting against the creeping impoverishment of our society, in our shared desire to create a better world.. We look forward to.. Amanece que no es poco [programa 2] (1/3) – programa de TV de audiovisol-15M y TeleK.. Segundo programa de Amanece que no es poco.. 11/08/2011.. @OccupyLondon Direct Action Mic Check to Boris.. MIC CHECK: We find it amusing That Boris Johnson Is pretending to listen to questions While the government for the people Consistently ignores its people s voices We stand in this theatre As people.. 11/07/2011.. #OccupyTogether Statement Regarding Recent TV Spots.. Originally posted on OccupyTogether.. org There has been some confusion over a recent ad campaign that was organized by a group of individual supporters of the Occupy Movement.. A few weeks ago, David Sauvage.. 11/06/2011.. Call-Out for Solidarity with Egypt: Defend the Revolution.. This call-out was written by Egyptian activists invovlved in The Campaign to End Military Trials of Civilians and has been supported by various egyptian social movements and groups involved in the Revolution A letter.. #Oakland Statement on the Occupation of the former Traveler s Aid Society.. Thursday Nov 3rd, after one of the most remarkable days of resistance in recent history, some of the us within Occupy Oakland took an important next step: we extended the occupation to an.. 11/05/2011.. United Network Global Solidarity before the end of the years Minutes of the X Squares Meeting.. We started the X squares meeting with updates on the global week for financial alternatives: Streaming from the G20 at Nice/Cannes are available on bambuser.. com/channel/acampadaparis_int Around 600 people attempt to set up a.. 11/02/2011.. Solidarity with Egyptian political prisoners.. We have been asked by our comrades in Egypt to share and spread information about the repression of political prisoners occurring there.. This article contains content that was originally published by End the.. 11/01/2011.. Here a little chronicle about what´s going on in the Bay Area, US: Oakland, San Francisco and Berkeley.. The Occupy movement here has arisen really fast and it´s getting stronger and stronger, from the 17Sept but specially since the 15O.. It reminds me very much the beginning of the 15M in.. October 29, Global March for the RobinHood Tax.. Marches occurred in dozens of cities around North America, with about 1,000 taking to the streets of San Francisco, in San Antonio, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Santa Fe, Denver, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Sydney,.. 10/31/2011.. of November, Move Your Money!.. Big banks have gambled our economy away, making the 1% richer and squeezing the rest of us tighter.. Its time to take action into our own hands.. Break up with the big banking.. 10/15/2011.. Convocatoria para documentar el #15oct a nivel mundial.. Desde Take the square queremos lanzar una convocatoria ciudadana para crear una base de datos de vídeo desde todos los escenarios de protestas en el mundo.. Luego sera puesta a disposición del público.. 10/13/2011.. Comunicado desde #Syntagma: Democracia Directa: Principios y posiciones #15oct #oct15 #15o.. La escritura del texto “Democracia Directa: Principios y posiciones” ha sido encargada al equipo de la temática de Democracia Directa por la Asamblea Popular de la Plaza Syntagma que tuvo lugar el 24.. #Syntagma Release: Principes et Positions de la Démocratie Directe.. L’écriture du texte « Principes et Positions de la Démocratie Directe » a été confiée au groupe de la thématique Démocratie Directe par l’Assemblée Populaire de la Place Syndagma qui a eu lieu le 24.. 10/08/2011.. Kit para que el 15 de octubre sea un éxito #15oct #Oct15 #15M.. El próximo sábado 15 de octubre saldremos a manifestarnos en cientos de ciudades en todo el mundo.. Vamos a prepararlo entre todas para que sea un éxito.. Toda la información se está centralizando.. 09/03/2011.. Comunicato unitario Sol-Syntagma.. I CITTADINI DI PUERTA DEL SOL E PIAZZA SYNTAGMA MANIFESTANO LA LORO INDIGNAZIONE ED INVITANO TUTTI GLI INDIGNATI AD INVADERE LE PROPRIE PIAZZE Dagli Stati Uniti a Bruxelles, dalla Grecia alla Bolivia, dalla.. Κοινή ανακοίνωση Πλατείας δελ Σολ- Πλατείας συντάγματος.. doc Κοινή ανακοίνωση Πλατεία δελ Σολ- Πλατεία Συντάγματος.. Οι πολίτες της Πλατείας δελ Σολ και της πλατείας Συντάγματος διαδηλώνουμε την αγανάκτησή μας και καλούμε όλους τους αγανακτισμένους να συσπειρωθούν σε όλες τις πλατείες.. -Από τις Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες μέχρι τις Βρυξέλλες, από.. Chile 2011: Contexto breve de las movilizaciones.. Contexto a nivel de educación primaria y secundaria.. Hay 3 tipos de establecimientos: colegios municipalizados (colegios públicos, administrados localmente por las municipalidades), colegios particular-subvencionados (son privados pero se financian fundamentalmente con un aporte.. 08/24/2011.. Los ciudadanos en Sol y Syntagma manifestamos nuestra indignación e invitamos a sumarse a todos los indignados en todas las plazas.. Los ciudadanos en Sol y Syntagma manifestamos nuestra indignación e invitamos a sumarse a todos los indignados en todas las plazas De EEUU a Bruselas, de Grecia a Bolivia, de España a Túnez, la.. 08/22/2011.. Vom #AlexanderPlatz #Alex11 an die ganze Welt.. * Dieser Text wurde uns von unseren Schwestern und Brüdern aus Berlin geschickt Hallo an alle, wir – ein loses Netzwerk politisch-kritischer Menschen, besetzen seit Samstagabend den Alexanderplatz in Berlin.. Mit Beginn der.. De #AlexanderPlatz #Alex11 en Berlin para el Mundo.. * Este texto nos ha sido enviado por nuestros hermanos y nuestras hermanas de Berlin.. Hola a todxs, somos un conjunto de personas políticamente críticas que ocupamos la plaza Alexanderplatz en Berlin desde.. 08/15/2011.. En las características del 15M está la clave que nos permitirá cambiar el mundo y nuestras vidas.. A raíz del desalojo de Punto Sol y los acontecimientos posteriores por todos conocidos (es decir, la policía sitiando Sol, el cierre de estaciones de metro y tren, la toma de todas las.. Madrid #tomalabolsa el #17sept en apoyo a #occupyWallSt.. El Grupo de Trabajo de Economía de Sol se suma a la iniciativa “OCCUPY WALL STREET”, promovida por distintas asociaciones y movimientos de Estados Unidos que han decidido acampar frente a la Bolsa.. Apuntes sobre la noviolencia del 15-M.. El texto que publicamos a continuación ha circulado por las listas del movimiento 15M con motivo de un debate en torno a la no violencia.. Desde la comisión internacional nos parece un texto.. Marcha Popular Indignada rumbo a Bruselas.. La Marcha Popular Indignada continuará rumbo a Bruselas.. Así se ha decidido en una asamblea celebrada en el I Foro Social 15 M que ha tenido lugar a lo largo del lunes en.. Latest Entries.. Sudan: The Resistance Continues.. #14N European strike.. A film, by PIIGS United in London in solidarity with the pan- European general strike scheduled for November 14th.. For more info about the european strike http://www.. facebook.. com/piigs.. inlondon http://www.. com/PiigsUncut.. 08/04/2012.. #19J Spain: Public Servants demonstration and police repression afterwards.. The 19th of July, there was a call to demonstrate all over Spain, done by the public servants (teachers, firemen, health care, police, etc.. ) More than 80 cities went to the streets to.. Students are rising up around the world #Quebec #yosoy132 #SevillaPara.. The following text is from the flyer written for the #potbanging in Berlin in support to the students movement in Quebec.. A March against austerity measures and anti protest laws.. In Quebec, students.. 06/05/2012.. Marcha Indignada a Bruselas #walktobrussels ON THE LINE (made by amira bochenska).. Western Europe drowns under political and economical crisis.. In May 2011 in Spain hundreds thousands of people, describing them self as indignities, organise them self in to society, that demanding changes in political.. Kotti Co Protest Camp Demands, Kottbusser Tor, Berlin.. This is a protest camp of a tenant group loacated at kottbusser tor / south.. As you might haved heard – rising rent and gentrification is a big problem in berlin.. * *.. The heart of the people of Europe beats in Greece with Slavoj Žižek.. Discussion, The heart of the people of Europe beats in Greece.. 3.. 6.. 2012, Athens, Greece Slavoj Žižek, one of the most prominent contemporary thinkers, Alexis Tsipras, president of the parliamentary group of.. 05/30/2012.. Occupy for liberation #occupyMoscow #ОккупайАбай.. The #russianrevolution is a fact, after months struggling against corruption, couple of weeks ago, people took to the sqaure and camp.. In this video they tell us, why are they in the streets.. The World Tomorrow : Occupy.. The Occupy movement has united hundreds of thousands across the world in protest against economic and social injustice.. In this episode, key Occupy activists talk global finance, politics, and direct action.. The former.. Demonstration against the fascist attacks from the police and the neonazis in Athens.. 29 May 2012 Athens, Greece Demonstration against the fascist attacks from the police and the neonazis that are taking place in the centre of athens the last weeks.. The demo was organised by.. 05/26/2012.. Montreal Pots And Pans Video Of Protest Against Bill 78 Goes Viral.. Protest in Montreal against the rise of tuition fees in Quebec and the new law 78.. Every evening at 8pm people meet in the street with their pots and pans and make all.. #12M London A section 14 putted in place for a peaceful assembly (Video).. Saturday 12 May, police from virtually every borough in London in addition to members of the Territorial Support Group violently removed supporters of Occupy London who were simply sitting on the.. The Citizen Court of Justice (Video).. Hi, fellows!! We send you videos of our Citicen Court against bankers.. We hope you like it and you spread them as much as possible.. Thank you in advance for your cooperation Cheers.. A soundtrack for GlobalMay.. As you may have read, on the 15th of May Occupy This Album will be released.. It contains 99 tracks by 99 artists, and it looks like there will be some good stuff.. #31M action against Unicredit Bank during #blockupymilano.. Slavoj Žižek Occupy Wall Street and modern anti-capitalism.. The Crisis of Civilization: Full Film.. ACCLAIM: “A unique film.. Everyone should see it.. ” – Nick Broomfield (Bafta award winning documentary filmmaker) “A powerful critique of a failed global system and a manifesto for constructive social change” – Leeds.. (Updates) International strategy for justice: Keyname #sos27m.. UPDATES This is my last report on this topic, the conclusion after it happened.. It was great, everybody enjoyed this action.. As said, last wednesday at 11am we started to spam with our.. European-resistance.. org (video).. www.. european-resistance.. Which Side are You On Athens, Syntagma Square 28,29-6-2011 (video).. Come all you good workers, Good news to you I ll tell Of how the good old union Has come in here to dwell.. Which side are you on? Which side are you on?.. #weareallgreeks thank u.. mov.. From Mindthecam We asked for solidarity and your answer was #weareallgreeks We just want to say Thank you all !!!!!! equality justice dignity for everybody NOW! Solidarity demonstrations all over Europe Cologne, Scotland,.. Indignados by Tony Gatlif (Trailer).. Spain s Indignados and the Globalization of Dissent (Video).. The Occupy Movement has taken much of its inspiration from Spain s Outraged Movement: what lessons does Spain have for Occupy now?.. (Updated) #F18 Mobilisations in Solidarity with Greece, list of events and official video.. (Update) Here a photo blog for solidarity messages to the Greek people.. So, if you can t make it to the street protests (and even if you can), here s an easy way to show.. Occupy protestors kicked out of CPAC.. During Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney s much-anticipated speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Occupy protestors conducted a silent protest that erupted into a chanting match between protestors and conservative conference attendees.. 02/08/2012.. Video from Occupy Boston and Berlin “No War on Iran” Rally.. On Saturday, February 4th Occupy Boston’s Action for Peace Work Group joined communities across the nation, with over 60 endorsing organizations, to alert people to the ominous drumbeat, that unimpeded, will lead to.. Take the City Toma la Ciudad (Video).. It has been a long time decisions are taken for us but without us.. Once upon a time, there were collective spaces where people lived together and took decisions amongst equals, cultivated dialogue,.. 01/18/2012.. #15MGlobalStrike Catalan police raise the protest.. If there is something that Catalan nationalism is not playing with, are the symbols.. The police unions know, and very well, so they decided to raise their protests and threaten to strike about catalan.. #AgoraRoma #OccupyVatican Exclusive Video.. Exclusive videos of the marches to Athens on pueblotv.. 01/15/2012.. #Agoraroma International Communicate Part.. 2 #occupyVatican.. Agoraroma Debt audience At 10 a.. m.. Agora Roma s program opened with the debate about public debt, where experts like teachers, journalists and members of collectives as Reforma della Banca Mundiale, Rivolta i Debito[I,.. 01/07/2012.. Creativity moves in Barcelona.. Performance of the Assembly of Les Corts in Barcelona on the subway.. During the action they talked about the possibility of joining the movement across the 24 assemblies of the city and the different commissions, the voiceover mentioned about cuts in education and health and how they affect citizens.. Occupy Pittsburgh call for Solidarity on January 10.. Since the October 15 global day of action which launched many Occupy efforts, we have rallied and occupied People’s Park, a space formerly known as Mellon Green.. Pittsburgh’s is one of the Occupy.. 12/31/2011.. Lobbying s Hidden Influence on Repressive Regimes.. Britain is gaining a name as the place despotic regimes go for reputation management.. A lack of regulation and no requirements for transparency mean PR companies can represent the most repressive governments under the cloak.. Lisboa November 24, Who are the violents?.. Our Platform 15 October, which is international, non-partisan and peaceful, demands the restoration of justice and truth with regard to the events of November 24th, and declares: We witnessed and denounced the presence.. #Walk to Brussels Friends Forever AMICS PER SEMPRE.. Troops beat Cairo protesters after clashes.. Egyptian soldiers with batons charged into Tahrir Square, beating protesters and burning tents, on the second day of violent clashes and anti-military demonstrations in the capital.. The renewed fighting in Cairo on Saturday came.. 12/29/2011.. Russian protesters demands.. To support the declaration of the meeting of Bolótnaya Square last december 10th, we demand: 1.. Immediate release of all political prisoners, supression of articles 280 and 282 of Penal Code of the.. 12/24/2011.. The German reparations and Greece s entry into the Euro or else the missing pieces of the puzzle were lying under the carpet.. Speaking with a friend in Washington today I was able to fill in the missing pieces and see the big picture.. Through my conversation with Heleni Yioka, a Greek American, a scientist, one.. 12/17/2011.. Amanece que no es poco [programa 4] – programa de TV de audiovisol-15M y TeleK.. Cuarto programa de “Amanece que no es poco”.. @OccupySPb #RussianWinter We won the first fight on Dec10!.. It is definitely great that so many thousands of people in may be 50-60 towns all over Russia should get themselves out of their homes out in the gold streets (it is winter time –.. I am not free until we are all free!.. Tahrir in Review: The start, the clash and the music of Egypt s Revolution.. Online Video essays.. Months after the Egyptian Revolution started, toppling President Hosni Mubarak, the turmoil continues.. People in the first line of the revolution explain the start, the clash for Tahrir square and its spirit.. Tahrir in Review:.. That Which We #Occupy by @AtTheHop1.. YouTube Version: youtu.. be/XtO4vHv_oek Friends, This is for you who have stood up.. This is to acknowledge your cause.. We are trying to awaken a world that has sunken into a swamp of lies.. Our support to the Egyptian movement, from Rome.. Flash mob in front of the Embassy of Egypt Here are some videos and photos http://video.. repubblica.. it/edizione/roma/flash-mob-all-ambasciata-egiziana/81432?video http://roma.. it/cronaca/2011/11/23/foto/flash_mob_all_ambasciata_egiziana-25468163/1/.. 11/20/2011.. OccupyLondon Video: Inside the Bank of Ideas.. 11.. 11.. 11 Occupy your country! A video from Brazil.. Amanece que no es poco [programa 2] (3/3) – programa de TV de audiovisol-15M y TeleK.. Amanece que no es poco [programa 2] (2/3) – programa de TV de audiovisol-15M y TeleK.. The indignants try to occupy la Defense in Paris.. They were evicted by the police, but this Friday, November 11th, they will try again.. Join them!.. #Occupy: Baaba Maal Stands With The 99%.. Amanece que no es poco (2/2) programa de TV de audiovisol-15M y TeleK.. Este es el programa que entre Audiovisol y TeleK hemos creado para dar respuesta a la necesidad de una televisión diferente, crítica y que aporte el punto de vista de los ciudadanos, de.. Amanece que no es poco (1/2) programa de TV de audiovisol-15M y TeleK.. The war in Athens, Society trying to keep the bankers out.. Seems like austerity is winning, is it?.. 10/27/2011.. Tribute to the 15O Worldwide.. [This post continue to be updated everyday days as we collect and filter the information] We re collecting data (videos, press release, photos ) from October 15th in a unique Site.. You can view this.. Violence an tear gas to evict Occupy Oakland.. This Tuesday 25th at 5am over 500 police in riot gear from cities all over central California brutally attacked the Occupy Oakland encampment at 14th Broadway.. The police attacked the peaceful protest.. 10/26/2011.. Where Do We Go From Here? Occupy Wall St.. #TransitionDay, Occupy Vancouver escalates with Run on the Banks!.. Today at Occupy Vancouver the people moved from the eternal process of the general assembly to the exciting world of direct action.. The Run on the banks action marks an escalation on an.. 10/25/2011.. A reflection on 10 days at #occupylondon, #occupylsx.. London has been occupied since the 15th of October.. More than 2500 people gathered outside St Paul’s Cathedral in London City to take Paternoster Square, home to the London Stock Exchange.. The event.. People First, Not Finance! Face to the G20, All in the Street!.. The G20 was formed by 20 of the richest countries in the world, in disregard of all the rest.. Though it proclaimed itself to be the guarantor of world economic and financial stability.. What is common in the recent demonstrations in Hungary and in the world?.. The wave of demonstrations of civil movements in Hungary are in line with the global trends, namely the mounting resistance against the austerity measures and antidemocratic tendencies.. These unfavourable developments in the wake.. 10/24/2011.. Update on Transition Day, some cities already started the action!.. of November is becoming a day for global actions, for going from the theory to the praxis and the Bank Transfer Day or Transition Day, or operation CashBack is spreading.. The system is disliked – Protest!” 100.. 000 people participate to a huge demonstration in Budapest.. About 100 thousand people rallied in the heart of Budapest on 23rd October 2011 demanding system change.. The demonstration ended without any atrocities and, despite the unfavorable weather conditions, the organizers managed to.. Lecture about GlobalRevolution by Slovenian philosopher dr.. Igor Pribac: Are we in the same boat?.. October 15 in Ljubljana Part.. 1 2 3 Facebook Livestream OccupyLjubljana@hotmail.. com Twitter.. Occupation of Cinelandia, Brazil.. The movement is growing and now 30 tents rose and assemblies are daily, even on weekends.. With some friends we participated of this mobilizations and working groups.. I keep describing it as something.. 10/23/2011.. Demonstrations brutally repressed in Morocco.. A second dead in the 20F movement.. On October 13, Boudaroua Mohamed, a young stood militant of the 20F movement died in Safi (350 km.. South of Rabat) after ten days of unemployed graduates sitting in the ANAPEC (Moroccan INEM.. 10/22/2011.. After the Global Day, Go to a Global Week for the Financial Alternatives! Minutes of the IX Squares Meeting.. of NoVember will be signed with a V as Vendetta, After an amazing Global day on October 15 where hundreds of cities started their first assemblies, emerged this last days a.. 10/21/2011.. Dexia Action, October 12 in Brussels.. 10/18/2011.. Y en a marre! call for the Senegalese revolution on February 26.. Senegal s president is facing the most serious political unrest of his career just months before seeking re-election to a third term.. It has been getting unusually hot in the normally stable and democratic.. 10/17/2011.. Occupations and General Strike: A Strategic 15O in Barcelona.. In Barcelona, during the demonstration of the Global Day on Saturday 15 of October where 350.. 000 people was processing in the streets, the manifestation was divided in three blocks: First Block: Education A.. 10/16/2011.. Vilagforradalom Occupy Budapest Gyorsjelentés.. 15 October, Israel Syria border, I care about you.. 15O GLOBAL DAY Ep1 It s a new day for Asia Oceania.. Chronic of the first hours of the 15O in Asia Oceania Tokyo, Seoul, Taipai, Auckland, Sydney, Hong Kong, Manila with a early wake up in the protest camp of Israel to.. 10/14/2011.. Belgian secret police caught severely violating human rights #agorabx #walktobrussels.. Watch closely as a policeman in civilian clothing kicks an 18 year old girl in the face while handcuffed, in a clear violation of human rights agreements.. This is only an extract of.. #15OCT (English).. 10/12/2011.. #15oresons to Take the Streets.. 10/11/2011.. 15.. O INDIGNATI ROMA video 2.. 0.. WE HAVE A DREAM! 15 ottobre Indignati Roma Pz.. San Giovanni ore 17 Assemblea Pubblica Nei pressi della statua di San Francesco 16 ottobre Indignati Roma Pz.. San Giovanni.. O / INDIGNATI ROMA video 2.. 10/10/2011.. Los Indignados: Operation #OccupyBrussels #15oct #oct15.. 10/07/2011.. Richard Stallman nos cuenta la razón para salir a la calle el 15O.. #my15oct.. Por supuesto también en formato libre: https://n-1.. cc/pg/file/read/827770/richard-stallman-nos-cuenta-la-razn-para-salir-a-la-calle-el-15o-my15oct.. Richard Stallman tell us the reason for taking to the streets on October 15th.. Of course also in a free format: https://n-1.. cc/pg/file/read/827774/richard-stallman-tell-us-the-reason-for-taking-to-the-streets-on-october-15th-my15oct.. Right Here All Over Occupy Wall Street.. 10/05/2011.. A tribute to #Sept17 #Antibanks Day #OccupyWallStreet #OWS #15oct.. 10/04/2011.. 10 Comments.. Use Mumble for voice conference.. Since we are looking foward to hear each other, we invite you to download mumble (windows, mac, gnu/linux) and use it as voice conference free software.. Also you can install it from Android.. Occupy South Africa 15 October 2011.. Who is Occupy SA - Operation Ubuntu? Occupy SA Operation Ubuntu is a leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors, genders and political persuasions.. The one thing we all have in common is that We.. 09/26/2011.. #OccupyWallStreet #S24 Police Riot.. 09/24/2011.. VIDEO SPOT 15.. O / INDIGNATI ROMA.. APPELLO VIDEO per il 15 OTTOBRE / INDIGNATI ROMA NONVIOLENTI APARTITICI INDIGNATI 15 OTTOBRE UNITED FOR GLOBAL CHANGE NONVIOLENTI / APARTITICI / INDIGNATI ARIPIJATE LA PIAZZA Comincia fin da ora partecipando.. 09/13/2011.. Occupy Wall Street September 17 2011.. 09/12/2011.. #sept17 Antibanks in Milan (piazza Affari).. 09/08/2011.. Occupy Wall Street at Manu Chao.. 09/04/2011.. Comunicado Sol-Sintagma leído en AGSol (Madrid).. Chile: El estudiante.. Video Realizado en la ciudad de Arica en el mes de Agosto en apoyo a los estudiantes chilenos y su lucha para lograr una educación gratuita y de calidad.. Hissez-haut, Indignado !.. Une vidéo pour donner du courage aux marcheurs indignés en route pour Bruxelles et de passage à Paris le 17 septembre.. On lâche rien !!.. Israel Machine.. Here is a cool video some people in Tel-Aviv camp made.. It s called the Israel Machine.. Tomorrow 3rd of september they re expecting the biggest demonstration yet.. Estimated numbers are between 500-700 thousands.. 08/26/2011.. aCAMPada Berlin Come to Alexanderplatz!.. The march continues to Brussels.. March to Brussels: the city welcomes you all.. #UnitedChange #Marchtobrussels.. 08/21/2011.. Berlin camps in Alexanderplatz!.. 08/19/2011.. Chile: Histórica Marcha por la Educación, se reafirma el amplio respaldo ciudadano.. 08/17/2011.. #SpanishRevolution, documentary about the indignant 15M movement.. 07/27/2011.. One World One Revolution.. By the friends of the Media-center of Amesi-Dimokratia.. org (Syntagma Square, Athens).. 07/23/2011.. Follow livestream of the indignant marches arrival to Sol #mpi23J.. Watch live streaming video from spanishrevolutionsol at livestream.. 07/07/2011.. It s time to fly.. From #Spanish to #GlobalrEvolution.. France24 Report: «Los indignados» protesters movement.. Join the #SpanishRevolution.. and let s make a #globalrEvolution.. Report.. 08/06/2013.. Summary and the full report of the 2nd Transnational Open Space Forum: 2013 World Revolution Road to #15O.. 09/17/2012.. 07/01/2012.. 10/07/2013.. 06/28/2013.. 06/23/2013.. 02/19/2012.. 10/04/2011.. 07/31/2011.. Video tutorial about free social network n-1.. cc.. Releases.. 06/20/2012.. 06/13/2012.. 06/08/2012.. Miners struggles in Asturia, Spain (Nalon campment comunicate).. Follow us.. RSS Feed.. Twitter.. Facebook.. Youtube.. WATCH.. DO IT YOUR-SELF.. Last tweet.. global revolution tweets.. Take the Square Network.. Posters.. We support.. OTRO - On The Road Operation.. Popular tags.. europe.. ,.. spain.. strike.. greece.. barcelona.. #15M.. athens.. may.. police.. 15mglobalstrike.. catalunya.. usa.. london.. newsletter.. occupy.. video.. action.. march.. violence.. syntagma.. uk.. italy.. global.. meeting.. 12m12.. globalmay.. democracy.. indignados.. rome.. ows.. Copyleft.. All rigths reversed.. Designed by.. WPSHOWER.. Powered by.. WordPress..

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    Descriptive info: A global network.. http://takethesquare.. net/squares-around-the-world/.. (old one).. Map.. :.. http://map.. squaresdatabase.. org/.. (updated map).. “Nobody expected the.. #Spanishrevolution”.. Take The Square was born from the demonstration on May 15, 2011 in Madrid.. The demonstration called from the association Democracia Real Ya (Real Democracy Now), was the prelude of a new movement that was about to emerge.. Once the demonstration was finished, some of those attending decided spontaneously and independently of the organizers, that a demonstration was not enough, so they decided to camp in the main square of Madrid (Puerta del Sol), thus starting a new project in the history of mankind.. The.. The idea of camping in the square 1) as a way of demonstrating against a dominant and oppressive system, lead by a political class working for banks and big corporations and 2) as a way to promote new initiatives of political, social, economical, artistic and cultural organization, generated the concept of Take the Square , original and essential sign of the #15M movement.. That concept was created in the camp of Madrid (AcampadaSol) and then exported to the rest of the cities of Spain and the world.. You can read a summary about the #15M in the following link:.. net/2011/07/15/how-to-cook-a-pacific-revolution/.. #Globalrevolution.. The Take the Square project was born that way.. Originally formed by the International Extension Commission of Madrid, Take the Square -reflecting the will of the #15M to serve as a new example of civil disobedience and structured change of the worldwide political reality- decided to bring the #15M ideals to a global context, that is, the principles of:.. I.. nclusiveness.. , we are a movement of people, whose plurality goes beyond any label; no political parties, trade unions or associations represent us.. H.. orizontality.. , we gather together in assemblies for taking decissions, so these decissions are taken as most shared as possible.. C.. ollective intelligence.. , facing the problems  ...   network we are building.. The XXI century revolution only will happen as long as a real global union exist, as long as their participants are distributed all over the world.. We believe in the power of unity, of human beings fighting and acting together -regardless of borders, either social or geographical- for common issues that affect us all, based on ideals of solidarity, commitment to the planet and the humankind, participatory democracy, and defense of human rights.. Welcome!.. Our online tools.. Web site.. net.. Here you can find all the updated information about the movement, news, analysis, manual to spread the #globalrevolution, videos, photos, a calendar with the most important events worldwide, contact information of all groups in the network, and any other relevant information to share with the world.. Mailing list.. http://lists.. net/mailman/listinfo/squares.. All the groups of the network stay in contact through a mailing list whose memebers are representatives or participants of each group, and people who want to contributeto the movement.. With this list we coordinate to act globally.. Working group:.. https://n-1.. cc/pg/groups/104127/take-the-square-international/.. Do you know N-1? It s like facebook, but free (free as in free software).. An open-source social network ready for group work, and available for any association or group to download and install without depending of any mega-multinational.. It is the social network of the movement, that we use to work and develop our actions, and stay in contact.. You can take a look at this.. quick guide.. (video) in English or at this more.. extended tutorial (screencast).. in Spanish.. IRC.. (chat): For real time meetings we use our channel:.. #takethesquare.. in the.. irc.. freenode.. net.. server(.. How to connect securely using SSL.. ).. Voice conference using Mumble.. : You can also meet us (normally there are set up meetings) in the.. mumble server of takethesquare.. Submit your comment.. You must be.. logged in.. to post a comment..

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    Descriptive info: We are looking forward to hear from you, tell us your experience in your square, next events, ideas, suggestions.. You can write us to.. or use the contact form below:.. Your name.. Please enter your name.. Your name is required.. Your email.. Please enter a valid email address.. An email address is required.. Subject.. Message.. Please enter your message..

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    Descriptive info: Get to.. know us.. better.. What is the Take the Square Network and how do we work?.. net/.. about-us/.. 2.. Spread.. the #globalrevolution to the place where you live.. It s easier than you think!:.. net/2011/.. 07/15/how-to-cook-a-pacific-.. revolution/.. 08/03/how-to-start-a-.. revolution-globalrevolution/.. (more docs in.. category/howto/.. write us and all together we ll make it easier.. contact-us/.. Join.. the #globalrevolution.. Are you part of a movement that fits in the Take the Square Network? In that case contact us.. For any other thing or doubt.. don t hesitate to write us.. There are people behind the web pages..

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    Descriptive info: Who Are They Protecting? by Zoe Alif.. The American people slept in a quiet slumber before Occupy Wall Street.. Few realized that our country was not run by the people, but by the powerful, privileged, and wealthy.. After the bailout..

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    Descriptive info: 07/31/2011.. n-1.. cc is a social network based on free software and developed by hackers belonging to #globalrevolution movement.. The aim of this network is to guarantee privacy, technological independency ad freedom, because the Net..

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