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  • Title: T Gauge Headquarters: Home
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. |.. FAQ.. Products.. Dealers.. Tech Reference.. Track Plans.. Links.. Forum.. About.. Welcome to T Gauge Headquarters!.. At a proportion of 1:450,.. T Gauge.. is the smallest commercial model train scale in the world.. Never heard of it? Hot to get some of it? You've come to the right place—this site is loaded with pure T Gauge goodness for your modeling pleasure.. My name is.. David K.. Smith.. , a veteran small-scale modeler and an early adopter of T Gauge.. I've created this site in order to provide a resource for modelers interested in—or already working with—T Gauge.. I hope you'll find it useful.. For the very best discussion  ...   the list of.. dealers.. :.. Aux p'tits modèles.. 15 March 2013:.. Cool Model Trains.. 8 July 2012:.. T Gauge manufacturer Jesse Svoboda (a.. k.. a.. Custom Creative Engineering) has a.. blog.. Worthwhile reading!.. 16 May 2012:.. Stephan Lehmann has announced two new T products from a new supplier:.. LEMISO.. They are offering a.. tunnel portal.. and a.. canal lock scene.. For prior news, see the.. Archives.. More Modeling.. While you're out here surfing the 'net, please stop by my other modeling websites and blogs, starting.. here.. Copyright © 2008-2013 by.. All Rights Reserved.. Images and content from other sources are copyrighted by their respective owners and are used here by permission..

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  • Title: T Gauge Headquarters: FAQ
    Descriptive info: Frequently Asked Questions.. What is T Gauge?.. T Gauge is presently the world's smallest commercially-made model train scale with self-powered trains.. T stands for three, which is the track.. gauge.. in millimeters—that is, the rails are 3 mm apart.. The.. scale.. (model ratio) is 1:450, which means it would take 450 model cars placed end-to-end to equal the length of its real-life counterpart.. From left to right: T (1:450), Z (1:220) and N (1:160) scales.. Photo courtesy of Chris Schmuck.. Who makes T Gauge?.. The developer is.. KK Eishindo of Japan.. What kinds of T Gauge products does Eishindo make?.. Eishindo makes several Japanese commuter trains, plus track with curves in four sizes, buildings, people, trees and other accessories.. See.. Available Products.. for a comprehensive listing.. Does Eishindo make anything but Japanese commuter trains?.. Not yet.. They are planning to expand their product line in the future to include trains from other parts of the world.. How much does a train set cost?.. 103-series four-car train set.. costs around US$65.. Train sets do not include track; a.. track set.. , with a (battery-powered) controller and accessories, is around US$75.. Where can I buy T Gauge?.. There are many online shops selling T—see..  ...   first practical demonstration of what he called the zero generation at the Tokyo Toy Fair 2006.. The train could only operate on straight track, but it was enough to get the ball rolling.. By the end of 2007, under contractual obligation, a limited quantity of the first generation products were released to a mail order company, but Mr.. Hirai was not satisfied with the quality (there were also delays due to lead in the paint used by the Chinese manufacturer).. So, market distribution was postponed until the summer of 2008, after many improvements to the products.. The second train set, the.. Hankyu type 9000.. , was scheduled for release in the autumn of 2008, but Mr.. Hirai postponed it for the sake of improving quality.. The drive mechanism has been completely redesigned for improved performance.. Says Mr.. Hirai,.. We should not be afraid of any delays if it makes [things] better, since we have to compete with ourselves.. Mr.. Hirai is delighted that T Gauge is enjoying an enthusiastic following around the world.. He has indicated that many new and very exciting products are being planned.. If you have a question that's not answered here, please.. email me.. Copyright © 2008-2012 by..

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  • Title: T Gauge Headquarters: Products
    Descriptive info: The following pages provide illustrated guides to all known T Gauge products.. AVAILABLE PRODUCTS FROM EISHINDO.. These items should be available through most.. AVAILABLE PRODUCTS FROM TGAUGE.. CO.. UK.. These items are available exclusively from.. TGauge.. co.. uk.. AVAILABLE PRODUCTS FROM CCE.. These items are available from select dealers in North America.. OTHER PRODUCTS.. 1:450 items from sources  ...   RELEASES LIMITED EDITIONS.. These items have been announced as future releases or that will be available for a limited time.. OUT OF PRODUCTION.. Items no longer currently manufactured.. CLOSE ENOUGH?.. Accessories in a size range that may work in T, depending on your preferences.. RELATED PRODUCTS.. These items are not 1:450, but have an obvious connection to the scale..

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  • Title: T Gauge Headquarters: Dealers
    Descriptive info: Where to Buy T.. The following dealers carry T Gauge.. Some have limited stock.. Most will ship worldwide.. (These links will open a new window.. ).. France.. Toronto, Canada.. Creativ-Modellbau Klingenhöfer.. Köln (Cologne) Germany.. Hobbies Plus.. Stratford, Australia.. Hobbytrix.. Holland.. Loconotion Models.. East Sussex, United Kingdom.. TF Train Hobby.. Denville, New Jersey, United States.. T-Gauge.. se.. Stockholm, Sweden.. Edinburgh, United Kingdom.. TrainAidsA.. United States.. If you know of another retailer, or if corrections are needed, please..

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  • Title: T Gauge Headquarters: Technical Reference
    Descriptive info: Technical Reference.. This growing reference is provided for T Gauge modelers looking for detailed product information that will help them modify or repair mechanisms, as well as specifications on track products.. 103 SERIES.. HANKYU 9000 SERIES.. KIHA 40 SERIES.. TRACK.. If there is other technical information you would like to either see included here or contribute to the reference, please..

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  • Title: T Gauge Headquarters: Track Plans
    Descriptive info: Whether you're interested in a layout with a simple loop, or a spaghetti bowl overflowing with track, there ought to be a plan in this collection that will interest you.. All plans are designed using only stock sectional roadbed components—there's no track cutting required or fudging with flex track.. Some plans have grades, others are perfectly flat, some have switches and others don't, so modelers of all skill levels and interests are accommodated.. The following table provides the basic vital statistics for each plan.. Click the layout names or thumbnails for more detailed information, including complete parts lists.. Please note that these plans are meant to serve as starting points—any of them can be modified to better suit your preferences.. The Kidney.. 30 X 15 (76cm X 38cm).. No grades and no switches.. The Folded Dogbone I.. 36 X 14 (91cm X  ...   19 (81cm X 48cm).. Grades; 3 switches.. The Switcheroo.. 52 X 18 (132cm X 46cm).. Grades; 4 switches.. The Spaghetti Bowl.. 45 X 24 (114cm X 61cm).. The Kitchen Sink.. 50 X 20 (127cm X 51cm).. Grades; 8 switches.. Feel free to use/modify/reproduce these plans.. However, if you republish my plans on another site, please credit their source.. Thank you!.. Looking for more track planning ideas? I've designed loads of plans for other scales, including a collection for.. N Scale.. and for.. Z Scale.. , for a grand total of over 60 track plans.. BTW, I'm often asked what I use for track planning.. I start with.. AnyRail.. to establish the basic plan and to verify track geometry.. I then import the plan into CorelDraw to add scenery, structures and part numbers.. Finally, I export the finished illustrations as images for web publishing..

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  • Title: T Gauge Headquarters: Links
    Descriptive info: Blogs Personal Sites.. All of these links will open a new window.. 1:450.. by.. Yours Truly.. An Adventure in T Scale.. by Lionel Jean Jacques Gazeau.. Fertige Anlagen.. by Mario Reinelt.. Jesse's T-Gauge Models.. by Jesse Svoboda (a.. Custom Creative Engineering.. ).. Matthew's Railroads.. More T Please.. by Ian Holmes.. My Favorite Things.. by familyjkp.. My T Gauge Layout.. by Jeff Slot.. Some Thoughts on T.. by Jes.. by Emanuel Damsteeg.. T Time - Adventures in T Gauge.. by Dan MacKellar.. T-Track.. by Rebecca.. Victorian T Gauge.. by Adrian and Paul.. Groups Clubs.. T-TRAK-T.. in Australia is proposing specifications for a T-TRAK modular layout system.. News Sites and Discussion Boards.. Foro Escala T Gauge.. is a Spanish discussion board devoted to T Gauge.. Japanese Modeling Japan Rail Enthusiasts Forum.. has a section for Other Scales where T is discussed fairly often.. Model Rail Forum.. has a section devoted to  ...   to discuss T Gauge.. Treinennieuws.. is a Dutch news site featuring information on T Gauge, and is partnered with a site devoted to T Gauge,.. T-Gauge 's werelds kleinste modelspoortrein.. Yahoo Japanese Z Scale.. is a message board that, despite its name, covers Japanese modeling in Z, ZJ, M, ZZ and T.. Online Resources.. NOTE:.. The following links pages are located at other model railroading websites of mine.. This was done so that I'm not maintaining multiple collections of the same links.. Motors, Gears and Small Parts.. LEDs, Electronics Components and Circuits.. Trees and Scenery-Making Supplies.. Model-Building Materials and Supplies.. — wood, metal, plastic, paint.. Tools, Equipment and Services.. — includes software.. Modeling Ideas, Techniques and Other Resources.. — inspiration.. Handy Gadgets.. — a small but growing collection of various and sundry calculators and tables of useful data.. If you know of any other T Gauge-related website or resource, please..

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  • Title: T Gauge Headquarters: About Me
    Descriptive info: About Me.. Hello, my name is David K.. As an avid.. model railroader.. since 1965, I've worked in HO, N and Z scales, and now I'm striving to be an authority on T (I'm not certain, but I believe I was the first person in America to own T, in.. December 2007.. I've been in touch with.. Hirotsugu Hirai.. , the inventor of T, and  ...   modeling in general, both in print and online; if you'd like to learn more about my work, please visit my other websites starting.. You can learn more about me from my.. personal profile.. In addition to building a little.. suitcase layout.. , I've been working to push the T Gauge envelope just a little; click the images below for details on some of my projects..

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  • Title: T Gauge Headquarters: News Archive
    Descriptive info: News Archive.. 18 December 2011:.. A new resource:.. produces 1:450 buildings.. 1 December 2011:.. Added a new.. dealer.. from Stockholm—and a classy-looking site it is.. 1 August 2011:.. has a new website.. 31 July 2011:.. Emanuel Damsteeg has announced the opening of a Dutch T Gauge website,.. http://www.. t-gauge.. nl.. , with announcements to appear at.. www.. treinennieuws.. 23 July 2011:.. First new product in far too long: a.. truss bridge.. from.. Also, the.. detail page on track switches.. (turnouts) has been updated with information about Eishindo's new one-way switches.. 13 May 2011:.. Since tools and modeling tips are not scale-specific, I'm cross-pollinating my websites with links to resources such as an extensive clinic on.. Tools and Supplies for the Modeler's Workshop.. , as well as a growing collection of.. Random Modeling Tips.. , both of which reside at my.. James River Branch.. website.. 22 March 2011:.. A new manufacturer has joined the ranks of those making T Gauge products:.. This one-man-show is making fabulous American-prototype shells for Eishindo rolling stock.. 21 January 2011:.. Two exciting new track items have become.. available.. : 30-degree and 90-degree crossings! A 30mm electrical isolator track should be added to the list shortly.. 15 January 2011:.. I'm pleased to provide a new resource for T Gauge modelers:.. track plans.. Based on the success of the track plans at my.. other modeling websites.. , this collection should provide plenty of food for thought for anyone contemplating a layout.. 6 January 2011:.. Another manufacturer has joined the 1:450 ranks:.. GCLaser Innovations.. offers a laser-cut kit of a.. 12-story office building.. 1 January 2011:.. Happy New Year! To celebrate, I've done a site-wide cosmetic makeover.. Actually, I did it to accommodate an exciting new feature coming in the near future, so stay tuned.. Please refresh each page you visit to be sure you see the latest content.. 24 December 2010:.. New items have been added to the product range, and they're all track or track-related.. Please see the items highlighted as NEW on the.. product announcement page.. In particular they include.. two.. types of crossing.. 26 November 2010:.. A website update has been long overdue.. Included in this update are many.. new products now available.. Also,.. now has a product range extensive enough to be featured in its own.. new products page.. In other news, note that the.. videos.. page is no longer being updated; there are simply too many videos to make it practical to maintain (which is good news).. 5 September 2010:.. has announced plans for a number of new products, including an anti-collision system and an auto train exchange system among other things; see the.. new product announcements.. for details.. 13 June 2010:.. has posted two new.. : one a distance running test, and the other a pulling/pushing test.. 21 May 2010:.. In addition to the completion of the.. Tools and Replacement Parts.. page, I've begun a program of image upgrades courtesy of the generous permission of.. Alan Ramsey.. In particular, there are nice new photos of the production version of the.. switch.. 20 May 2010:.. Would you like to design your next T Gauge layout using layout planning software? Now you can:.. features the full.. track library—including all of the newly-added track pieces, and in all three colors!.. can be downloaded free.. There's no trial version—the free version has 100% functionality; it simply limits you to 50 track pieces on a layout.. 18 May 2010:.. If German is your native language, you'll enjoy a new.. forum.. that has just opened:.. 13 May 2010:.. has released a boatload of new products! The most exciting one is, of course, the switch.. Alas, only the left is available at the moment; the right is still a month or so away.. Most of the new items added to the product list are track-related—of particular note, all track will be a vailable in three colors: grey ties, brown ties (a blessing for those who don't want to paint their track), and transparent roadbed.. Yes, that's right,.. transparent!.. The thinking here, I suppose, is that transparent track can be used for fantasy layouts or eye-catching store displays.. A fourth, wider radius curve (157.. 5mm) will be added, as well as a new longer straight section (120mm).. Road crossing tracks are being offered.. sans.. gates and street parts, so you can build road crossings across any number of tracks without having to purchase multiple crossing kits.. Power feeder tracks are now available, too.. In other news, there's a station on the way, as well as streetlights that.. appear.. as though they.. can.. be illuminated (they do not appear to be sold that way, but on the product sheet image it looks as if the streetlight has a fiber optic rod that descends below the layout surface—we'll have to wait until I get some to confirm this, since the product description does not indicate anything helpful.. ) And finally, vehicle sets are now shipping.. For a look at all the new stuff, scroll through what's..  ...   2009.. The announcement featured a new straight track length, 15-degree curved sections, a third curve radius, a crossover, and.. ! (Switches are scheduled for release 8 September 2009.. ) Sweeping changes to the.. product announcement.. pages have been made to accommodate these newly-announced items.. 12 May 2009:.. I've just received word from.. that they have completed making track joiners.. This means their.. flex track.. will now be shipping.. 14 April 2009:.. Added an.. awesome.. new video to the videos page.. It's a must-see!.. 10 April 2009:.. Added a new vendor in.. Where To Buy.. 14 Mar 2009:.. The grade crossing accessory are now available to order.. Also:.. is apparently coming in two sizes, 1m and 106cm.. The shorter lengths can be ordered now, and the longer lengths are targeted for release around April.. section to the site:.. Close Enough?.. includes items that are in the general range of 1:450.. 12 Mar 2009:.. has moved!.. Please update your bookmarks:.. net/forum3/.. 7 Mar 2009:.. Efforts are under way to move.. to a new server.. Meanwhile, a couple of new videos have been added.. 27 Feb 2009:.. Thanks to Darren Hodges, a new photo of the.. has been added, as well as photos of the forthcoming.. shell and second generation mechanism.. 26 Feb 2009:.. Added a new video from.. showing their.. in action at the 2009 Nürnberg Toy Fair.. 20 Feb 2009:.. gallery.. has been expanded to include great new pictures of Paul's fabulous.. Boggy Creek layout.. 19 Feb 2009:.. Five exciting new videos from.. have been added to the (slightly reorganized) videos page demonstrating slow speed train operation using a new controller under development.. Thanks, Darren!.. 17 Feb 2009:.. At the 2009 Nürnberg International Toy Fair,.. introduced an exciting new product line: an incline railway.. At this point there are no further details, but a photo is available on a.. new page.. Also, details for some.. have been updated—look for the yellow UPDATED flags.. 16 Feb 2009:.. With over 50 photos supplied by modelers from around the world, the.. Photo Gallery.. now looks the way it was intended.. Actually, the gallery is the starting point for six separate galleries, each featuring the work of an individual modeler.. Enjoy!.. 15 Feb 2009:.. Having just received an order for GUNZE SANGYO QE2 Photo-etched Passengers Crew, I've begun adding detail pages for non-.. products that are useful in T Gauge.. Other Products.. index has links to these pages, starting with.. this one.. Also added this News Archive to clean up the.. page.. 8 Feb 2009:.. After having started translating instructions from Japanese, I found a set already translated on the.. Now there are instructions here for the.. train set.. and the.. 25 Jan 2009:.. New items added to the.. Product Announcements.. page, and photos added to the.. Flex Track.. Bridge and Pier Sets.. pages.. Also added a new printable item on.. 24 Jan 2009:.. On his way to Nürnberg, Germany, for the 2009 Toy Fair next month, Mr.. paid a visit to.. in Stratford, Australia.. Darren Hodges, the proprietor, has thus learned exciting new details on forthcoming releases, which he was kind enough to share.. The news appears in the.. 21 Jan 2009:.. A link to a Japanese blog full of videos was added to the videos page (scroll down to bottom).. Also added some more images of the.. 20 Jan 2009:.. Re-rendered the drawings in the.. Also added two new videos (nothing worthwhile, though).. 19 Jan 2009:.. Available Product.. listings revised and updated with newly-released items, new images for some, and part numbers for all.. Added a page for.. Related Products.. Also expanded the listings for.. And finally, added T-TRAK-T to.. 18 Jan 2009:.. has released their.. large-scale (1:32) Garden Train set.. , which includes a base with loop of track, cars, controller, figures and scenic details.. POKARA Paper Craft.. is offering free downloadable PDF files to make paper structures in 1:450.. Added two new discussion boards to the.. Discussion Boards.. Added a new page for.. 17 Jan 2009:.. I've just received an email from Hirotsugu Hirai, developer of T Gauge and representative of.. (see.. History.. He says they're working on.. multiple types.. of.. Added an illustration for the track dimensions section in the.. Added a new shop in.. I've begun the process of translating the Japanese instructions to English, as seen on the.. Track Sets.. I've also translated the Japanese titles on the videos page.. 16 Jan 2009:.. A comprehensive, illustrated database of T Gauge products has been added to the site—see.. Also, a brief history of T Gauge was added—see.. The menu has been rearranged a little as a result of all the new content.. 13 Jan 2009:.. website was updated today with the announcement that the release of the.. has been postponed pending product quality improvements.. The site has been completely rebuilt, with more information and new features.. 11 Jan 2009:.. There are now enough retailers carrying T Gauge to warrant listing this information on its own page—see.. 13 Aug 2008:.. Website launched (originally one page)..

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  • Title: T Gauge Headquarters: Products
    Descriptive info: Available EISHINDO Products.. According to.. , the following items are in production.. However, not all items may be available from all.. Train Sets and Cars.. 001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006, 007, 008.. Japan Railway Co.. Type 103 four-car train sets.. Available in eight different paint schemes (.. LEARN MORE.. 010.. Hankyu 9000 Series four car train set (.. 022.. Hankyu 9000 Series two car extension set.. 013.. Type Kiha 40 single unit (.. 014.. Type Kiha 47/48 two car set.. 019.. Type Kiha 47 single unit.. 020.. Type Kiha 48 single unit.. 023.. Adjustable length chassis, set of four (.. 015.. 21 Meter powered chassis with clear shell.. 016.. 19 Meter powered chassis with clear shell.. Limited Edition Items.. S-003.. Attaché diorama kit (.. Track Sets, Track and Accessories.. Set includes 12 curved sections, 4 straight sections, controller and accessories (.. R-009.. 120mm curves.. R-010.. 132.. 5mm curves.. R-003.. Pack of three 60mm straight sections, grey ties.. R-003-2.. Brown ties.. R-003-3.. Transparent roadbed.. R-004.. Pack of three 120mm radius curved sections, 30 degrees, grey ties.. R-004-2.. R-004-3.. R-005.. Pack of three 132mm radius curved sections, 30 degrees, grey ties.. R-005-2.. R-005-3.. R-006.. Pack of three 145mm radius curved sections, 30 degrees, grey ties.. R-006-2.. R-006-3.. R-007.. Flex track, 1m (39 inches) length, brown ties.. R-007-2.. Grey ties.. R-007-3.. Transparent ties.. R-008.. Level grade crossing kit, 60mm track.. R-008-2.. Level grade crossing kit, 30mm track.. R-011.. Joiners for flexible track, 4-pack, brown ties.. R-011-2.. R-011-3.. R-012.. Pack of four 30mm straight sections, grey ties.. R-012-2.. R-012-3.. R-013.. Pack of four 120mm radius curved sections, 15 degrees, grey ties.. R-013-2.. R-013-3.. R-014.. Pack of four 132mm radius curved sections, 15 degrees, grey ties.. R-014-2.. R-014-3.. R-015.. Pack of four 145mm radius curved sections, 15 degrees, grey ties.. R-015-2.. R-015-3.. R-016.. Switch, left, manual (.. R-017.. Switch, right, manual (.. R-018.. 90mm S-curve tracks, 1 each of 2 styles, grey ties.. R-018-2.. R-018-3.. R-019.. 90-degree 60mm crossing track.. R-020.. Flex track, 200mm  ...   E-008.. One-way power cable A.. E-009.. One-way power cable B.. E-018.. Flex track power connector.. E-TG1.. Auto train distribution system allow trains to run in alternate directions, stopping and starting automatically within a passing loop.. Catenary and Bridges.. A-002.. Single-track catenary poles, pack of 16 (.. A-003.. Double-track catenary poles, style A, pack of 16 (.. A-004.. Double-track catenary poles, style B, pack of 16 (.. A-012.. Concrete bridge set, sloped (.. A-012-3.. Transparent version.. A-013.. Concrete bridge set, level (.. A-013-3.. Structures.. B-001.. Building set A, includes three small residential buildings (.. B-002.. Building set B, includes one small residential building and two office buildings (.. B-003.. Building set C, includes one each small residential building and apartment tower with fire escape (.. B-004.. Station with platform.. Scenery.. A-005.. Tree set A, 6 autumn trees (.. A-006.. Tree set B, 6 summer trees (.. A-007.. Tree set C, 6 palm trees (.. A-008.. Tree set D, 6 pine trees (.. A-009.. Grass mat, with four sheets, two each with 2mm and 0.. 5mm fibers (.. Figures and Animals.. F-001.. Figure set A (.. F-002.. Animal set (.. F-003.. Figure set B, casual people (.. F-004.. Figure set C, workers (.. F-005.. Figure set D, commuters (.. Street Details.. A-001.. Street detailing accessory set A, includes streetlights, utility poles, stoplights, guard rails, garbage cans, mailboxes and vending machines (.. A-014.. Fiber optic streetlights, pack of 8 (can be optionally illuminated with LEDs).. T-001.. Street decorating transfer sheet set, includes scale ruler (.. Vehicles and Watercraft.. C-001.. Set of 20 painted bicycles in four styles.. C-002.. Watercraft set A, includes yacht, fishing boat, tugboat and pleasure boat (.. C-003.. Watercraft set B, includes jet skis with trailers, rowboats and figures (.. C-004.. Set of ten motorcycles in four different styles.. C-005.. Vehicle set A, includes eight different models: compact, RV, 4WD sedan, GT, wagon, mini-van (.. C-006.. Vehicle set B, includes eight different models: taxis, trucks and mini-vans (.. Return to PRODUCTS..

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  • Title: T Gauge Headquarters: Products
    Descriptive info: 103 Series Train Sets.. The venerable 103 series was manufactured for 21 years beginning in the late 1960s; more than 3,400 units were built.. Originally introduced for the Yamanote Line, the train sets eventually spread to other systems all over Japan.. Eishindo's 103 Series is their first production train set, representing the following Japan Railway lines:.. 001.. West JR Osaka Loop Line (orange).. 002.. West JR Hanwa Line (sky blue).. 003.. West JR Kansai Line (yellow-green with yellow stripe).. 004.. West JR Fukuchiyama Line (canary yellow).. 005.. East JR Chuo Line (orange).. 006.. East JR.. Keihin Tohoku.. Line (sky blue).. 007.. East JR Yamanote Line (yellow-green).. 008.. East JR Sobu Line (canary yellow).. 009.. East JR Narita Line (emerald green).. OOP.. Note the subtle distinctions between trains of the same color:.. Except for color and lettering, the various sets are all identical, consisting of four cars, two powered  ...   released.. The wheels of the powered cars are magnetized so as to grip the steel track for traction as well as power pickup.. This is really the secret to how T Gauge trains function: they are otherwise far too lightweight to pull themselves along the track, let alone pull other cars or even stay on the track, for that matter.. The train sets come with spare etched stainless steel pantographs (below, left), plus a bending tool (below, right) to shape them before installation.. Also included are optional pilot detail parts (below, center).. Modelers originally had a choice of coupler style to use.. The train set comes fitted with miniaturized Arnold-Rapido style couplers, plus a packet containing optional hook and loop style couplers.. Switching coupler type requires transferring the tiny spring on the coupler shank from one type to the other.. Detailed product review.. Technical specifications.. Tools Replacement Parts..

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