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  • Title: Main Page - Taknix
    Descriptive info: .. Main Page.. From Taknix.. Jump to:.. navigation.. ,.. search.. Taknix is back!!!.. Things To Do.. Ventrilo Server.. CS 1567 Final Project.. Hey guys, I just finished this assignment for my web programming class.. Check it out and tell me what you think.. TheBoards@Taknix.. net.. ZOMBOCALYPSE!!!.. OMG checkl ths out.. vNes.. Helpful Links.. Configuration settings list.. MediaWiki FAQ.. MediaWiki release mailing list.. Retrieved  ...   History.. Personal tools.. Log in.. Navigation.. Community portal.. Current events.. Upcomming events.. Recent changes.. Random page.. Help.. sitesupport.. Search.. Toolbox.. What links here.. Related changes.. Special pages.. Printable version.. Permanent link.. This page was last modified on 25 March 2011, at 21:02.. This page has been accessed 11,676 times.. Content is available under.. GNU Free Documentation License 1.. 2.. Privacy policy.. About Taknix.. Disclaimers..

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  • Title: Things To Do - Taknix
    Descriptive info: Write DnD facilitator.. Get to level 60 in WOW.. Defeat seat belt sensor in jeep wrangler.. Hacking Jeep Wrangler.. Create lightweight custom settings library.. Standard C.. Read and write capability.. Variable string length.. Supports comments.. Rewrite RACTS.. QT.. Do it write this time.. Finish blog code.. Learn How to burn dvds.. Linux cmd line (.. DVD Copying Ubuntu.. ).. Learn how to use gnu plot.. Clean up the curve_fit software.. Figure up some sort of backup scheme for taknix server.. php/Things_To_Do.. This page was last modified on 20 February 2009, at 19:48.. This page has been accessed 1,832 times..

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  • Title: Ventrilo Server - Taknix
    Descriptive info: Taknix is currently hosting a ventrilo server.. If you have problems/questions with it please email me at peaseben@gmail.. com or call ben at 4129830270 (please dont abuse the phone).. Contents.. 1.. Admin Login.. 2.. Channels.. 1.. Creating a Channel.. Joining a Channel.. 3.. Leaving a Channel.. 3.. Links.. 4.. Notes.. You can login as the admin using the password: ask an admin (though you probably know it).. To do an admin login, right click on your username in the vent client window (after loging in to the server).. Go to Server Admin- Login.. You'll be prompted to enter the admin password.. Once you do this you should see an "A" next to the  ...   the server name (ex: "A" Taknix) and choose "Channel Admin - Create.. ".. Fill out the channel name and configure the rest of the stuff as necessary (you smart or google it).. (hint: just giving it a name is usually good enough).. Once youve created a channel you dont have to continue being an admin, but it dont matter.. To join a channel click the channel name (maybe a double click i'm not sure).. Links to come.. This page could use updating.. Don't be afraid to create a wiki account and edit this page.. php/Ventrilo_Server.. This page was last modified on 8 June 2009, at 03:44.. This page has been accessed 1,207 times..

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  • Title: CS 1567 Final Project - Taknix
    Descriptive info: CS 1567.. Design Requirements.. 1) Rules.. 2) Criteria for ending.. 3) Environment: Locations / Obstacles.. 4.. 4) How to exchange data.. 5.. 5) What messages.. 6.. 6) Statistics: Significance / Error.. 7.. 7) Fair: Rules Enforcement.. 8.. Group Contact info.. 1) Rules.. Health.. President Aibo Health.. HP=150.. Bodygaurd Aibo Health.. HP=125.. Assasin Aibo Health.. Weapons.. President Weapon.. Time before: 5 sec.. ROF = 2 sec.. Damage = 2 hp/rof.. Bodygaurd Weapon.. Time before: 4 sec.. ROF = 1 sec.. Damage = 10 hp/rof.. Assasin Weapon.. Time before: 3 sec.. Damage = 15 hp/rof.. Speed.. President Speed.. Walking speed = 75.. MaxRun Speed =150.. Bodygaurd Speed.. MaxRun Speed = 125.. Assasin Speed.. MaxRun Speed = 100.. President at goal loacation for 15 seconds.. President is Killed.. Environment known to player aibos as follows.. President.. Knows environment, its start position, and goal  ...   says its at goal once a second.. Possible heartbeat location message.. Messages from server.. Youve been hit by x and have y remaining health.. "game:hit:CURRHITPOINTS".. Start game.. "game:start".. You are dead.. "game:dead".. You killed x.. "game:killed:VICTIM" (where VICTIM is 'president','bodyguard',or 'assasin').. Round ended.. To bodygaurd: President being attacked.. Go here aibo.. "game:go:X:Y:SPEED".. Dog config variables ex:walking correction.. "sys:config:TF_STRING:INIT_X:INIT_Y:INIT_DIRECTION:STRAIGHT_CORRECTION: DIST_CORRECTION:ANGLE_CORRECTION" (where TF_STRING determines whether the dog should update its current x and y with init_x and init_y) INIT_DIRECTION: 1000 = NORTH, 2000 = SOUTH, 3000 = EAST, 4000 = WEST.. Sources of error.. Keeping track of location.. Rules enforced by algorithm and or server.. Steve Ramusivich svr3@pitt.. edu - Group Leader Head contact.. Jon Smith jts21@pitt.. edu.. Ben Pease bcp7@pitt.. Brian Oswald bao8@pitt.. php/CS_1567_Final_Project.. This page was last modified on 24 April 2007, at 18:42.. This page has been accessed 2,877 times..

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  • Title: File:Cats207 024.jpg - Taknix
    Descriptive info: File:Cats207 024.. jpg.. File.. File history.. File links.. Metadata.. No higher resolution available.. Cats207_024.. (640 × 480 pixels, file size: 78 KB, MIME type: image/jpeg).. Click on a date/time to view the file as it appeared at that time.. Date/Time.. Thumbnail.. Dimensions.. User.. Comment.. current.. 04:01, 2 March 2007.. 640×480.. (78 KB).. Signsoflife.. (.. Talk.. |.. contribs.. ).. Edit this file using an external application.. (See the.. setup instructions.. for more information).. The following 2 pages link to this file:.. Takxor.. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.. If the file has been modified from its original state, some  ...   focal length.. 38 mm.. Orientation.. Normal.. Horizontal resolution.. 72 dpi.. Vertical resolution.. Software used.. DigitalCameraVL-Z5 v1.. 00.. File change date and time.. Y and C positioning.. Exposure Program.. Normal program.. Exif version.. Date and time of digitizing.. Image compression mode.. Shutter speed.. 7.. Exposure bias.. 0.. Maximum land aperture.. Metering mode.. Pattern.. Light source.. Unknown.. Flash.. Flash did not fire, No flash function.. Color space.. sRGB.. Exposure index.. Sensing method.. One-chip color area sensor.. Custom image processing.. Normal process.. Exposure mode.. Auto exposure.. White balance.. Auto white balance.. Scene capture type.. Standard.. php/File:Cats207_024.. This page was last modified on 2 March 2007, at 04:01.. This page has been accessed 187 times..

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  • Title: Zombocalypse - Taknix
    Descriptive info: Zombocalypse.. Zombocalypse: Zombie-Apocalypse.. Since Wikipedia itself lacks information on this, I will take it upon myself to educate the truly important people who live off of Ben's wiki.. Insert all things zombie related here.. (work in progress).. Study Shows that Pittsburgh is Unprepared for Full-Scale Zombie Attack.. php/Zombocalypse.. This page was last modified on 6 October 2006, at 21:23.. This page has been accessed 2,213 times..

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  • Title: View source - Taknix
    Descriptive info: for.. You do not have permission to edit this page, for the following reasons:.. The action you have requested is limited to users in the group:.. Users.. This page has been locked to prevent editing.. You can view and copy the source of this page:.. big>'''Taknix is back!!!''' /big> br> br> [[Things To Do]] br> br> [[Ventrilo Server]] br> br>  ...   assignment for my web programming class.. br> [http://www.. net/cs1520/ass3/msgboard.. php TheBoards@Taknix.. net] br> br> br> [[Image:Cats207 024.. jpg|Taknix will eat your face!]] br> br> [[Zombocalypse|ZOMBOCALYPSE!!!]] br> OMG checkl ths out [http://www.. vnes.. thatsanderskid.. com/ vNes] == Helpful Links == * [http://www.. mediawiki.. org/wiki/Help:Configuration_settings Configuration settings list] * [http://www.. org/wiki/Help:FAQ MediaWiki FAQ] * [http://mail.. wikimedia.. org/mailman/listinfo/mediawiki-announce MediaWiki release mailing list].. Return to..

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  • Title: Revision history of "Main Page" - Taknix
    Descriptive info: Revision history of "Main Page".. View logs for this page.. Browse history.. From year (and earlier):.. From month (and earlier):.. all.. January.. February.. March.. April.. May.. June.. July.. August.. September.. October.. November.. December.. Deleted only.. Diff selection: mark the radio boxes of the revisions to compare and hit enter or the button at the bottom.. Legend:.. (cur).. = difference with latest revision,.. (prev).. = difference with preceding revision,.. m.. = minor edit.. (cur |.. prev.. 21:02, 25  ...   cur.. 03:24, 8 June 2009.. 23:58, 3 February 2009.. 19:14, 30 March 2007.. 16:57, 30 March 2007.. Svr3.. 16:56, 30 March 2007.. 04:03, 2 March 2007.. 00:59, 12 November 2006.. 16:51, 16 October 2006.. 130.. 49.. 148.. 92.. 16:08, 5 October 2006.. 220.. 193.. 16:06, 5 October 2006.. 19:20, 1 October 2006.. 24.. 131.. 65.. 117.. 03:17, 29 September 2006.. 03:16, 29 September 2006.. 18:25, 6 September 2006.. | prev).. 16:56, 6 September 2006.. MediaWiki default.. Atom..

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  • Title: Log in / create account - Taknix
    Descriptive info: You must have cookies enabled to log in to Taknix.. Username:.. Password:.. Remember my login on this computer.. php/Special:UserLogin.. Special page.. 91.. 105.. 28.. Talk for this IP address..

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  • Title: Upcomming events - Taknix
    Descriptive info: == L.. A.. S.. H.. - Open to public events ==.. $5 off coupons will be available in the Pitt News on December 4th, 11th, and the 7th.. Rising is having it's first public event December 30th as shown on.. their website, http://www.. risinglash.. com.. People can sign up for a timeslot that start at 1pm and run till midnight, and enter the game at their scheduled time.. It costs $20 per person, but you can play for less if you obtain a Pitt Flyer (or email/ talk to Paul and he'll make sure you get a $5 off coupon) or NPC.. A half-hour preparation meeting is setup, preparation and review of the major rules with their Director - the half hour is scheduled to work like this:.. 1) Welcome, short description of the game 2) The most important rules: 3) Combat 4) The point of the PC marshall 5) Skills and Tactics - ONLY level 1-2-3.. 6) Question answer / Suit up skills selection 7) Mission Briefing.. Groups will be run from sizes of 4 to 10 per timeslot.. Weapons used in the game are boffer weapons that would be considered NERO safe, weapons from.. NERF.. and.. Air Blasters.. , which are found at KayBee toys.. From the creators:.. If you have not heard, RISING is a live action survival horror game influenced by Resident Evil, George Romero, Silent Hill and the like.. You are placed into a world overtaken by the walking dead and must survive long enough to find a way to saftey.. All characters are of the 'one shot' variety and skills are based on class.. An up to date  ...   in a shift of 2 hours or more will earn you 3 Kill Points for every 2 hours which can be used for discounts or in-game benefits.. The scenario will take approximatly 3 hours to play through depending on how fast your group solves the puzzles and deals with the undeadmenace.. The cost for this event is $20 plus tax per person $5 of which will be refunded if you do not survive.. 10% of the proceeds will go to a charity to be voted on in our forums.. We hope to see all of you there for an evening of puzzle solving and zombie killing!.. == Upcoming Events: L.. - The Rising ==.. A new awesome Live Action game has started! Created by Randy Keef and Caroline McDermott, this LASH - Live Action Survival Horror - game promises to yield endless amusement while fighting for survival against insane odds.. While still in closed beta, The Rising promises to be a grand old time come the beginning of next year.. Test your survival skills in a world overrun with zombies, whether by bashing them with boffer weapons or shooting them with Nerf airguns.. But beware! Ammunition is limited, as are anti-virus supplies and explosives for you engineers.. Killing all the zombies is simply impossible, but solving the puzzles and barriers in your path to resolve your mission is not!.. One Paul Wolanski is working with Randy and Caroline to run another beta soon.. A photo from the first beta:.. --.. Wolfofwere.. 14:21, 14 September 2006 (EDT).. php/Upcomming_events.. This page was last modified on 2 December 2006, at 19:09.. This page has been accessed 1,584 times..

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  • Title: Recent changes - Taknix
    Descriptive info: Special:RecentChanges.. Track the most recent changes to the wiki on this page.. Recent changes options.. Show last.. 50.. 100.. 250.. 500.. changes in last.. 14.. 30.. days.. Hide.. minor edits |.. Show.. bots |.. anonymous users |.. logged-in users |.. my edits.. Show new changes starting from.. 18:03, 15 November 2013.. Namespace:.. (Main).. User talk.. Taknix.. Taknix talk.. File talk.. MediaWiki.. MediaWiki talk.. Template.. Template talk.. Help talk.. Category.. Category talk.. Invert selection.. N.. - new page,.. - minor edit,.. b.. - bot edit.. php/Special:RecentChanges..

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