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  • Title: Cirrus Aircraft & Glass Cockpit Training - TAA UK
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Training.. Rental.. Rates.. The Team.. Testimonials.. Glass Cockpit.. Blogs.. Links.. Downloads.. Contact us.. EXPERIENCED, KNOWLEDGABLE.. and FORWARD THINKING.. MODERN, BEAUTIFULLY.. TAKEN CARE OF and EXPERTLY.. MAINTAINED.. © 2013 TAA UK Ltd |.. Sitemap..

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  • Title: Training
    Descriptive info: Cirrus Aircraft Training.. TAA UK currently have a mixed fleet of both 'G' and 'N' registered Cirrus.. both SR20's, SR22's and SR22 Turbo's.. and are the leading experts for the Avidyne Glass Cockpit, Cirrus Persepctive by Garmin and the new Avidyne Release 9 cockpit.. Other Glass training includes the G1000.. TAA UK also specialises in the FAA Instrument Rating, PPL Training, IMC Ratings and Night Ratings.. To complete the training package, we have two Computer Based Training (CBT) flight simulators designed on the Cirrus aircraft.. For Cirrus rental all we would ask is that should you not have completed a Cirrus Transition Training course, that you complete the course with one of our Instructors who will then be able to sign you off and issue you with a Cirrus Standardized Certificate.. This certificate is valid world wide and is recognised at all Cirrus Training Centres, so should you want to rent while you are on holiday remember to take your certificate with you.. The Cirrus Standardized Transition Training course is approximately 10 hours of flying, plus ground school.. We have trained many pilots to fly the Cirrus and have found that most of them are comfortable flying the plane after about 8 - 15 hours.. Even some experienced pilots have taken 10 hours until happy.. The whole course normally takes about 3 days to complete, depending on how much study has been done beforehand.. Firstly, you will sit down with our Cirrus Standardized Instructor and chat about the basic avionic integration and handling characteristics of the Cirrus (0.. 5 day in the classroom).. You will then have a good look around it in the form of an  ...   your training by reading and using some of the manuals and simulators available on our website.. This will make your learning experience more pleasurable and won't stretch your capacity while you are taking in more information.. More and more TAA (Technically Advanced Aircraft) are arriving into our airspace.. More and more pilots want to become more proficient in using the aircraft to its full ability.. Flying these aeroplanes is a joy and we can show you how to make the aeroplane work for you in the simplest way.. Knowing how the GPS, Autopilot and MFD/PFD screens can be linked to each other to reduce your workload is just a case of understanding.. During the legs, you will look at various manoeuvres such as slow flight, stalls, advanced turns etc, so you can see the difference between the Cirrus and the aircraft you are used to in various situations, plus circuit work at each of the airfields.. The second day is taken up with more advanced avionic work, general handling and circuits, making sure you are happy with abnormal situations and how to best deal with them.. The third day will be emergency procedures.. showing you where the rocket is and how it works, where the parachute is and how it works, failing the avionic equipment and PFL's.. Some pilots also like to use this day to try instrument approaches and IFR work.. Should you decide to go ahead with the Transition Training, we will require the following from you:.. Copy of your passport.. Copy of your Pilots Licence.. Copy of your Medical.. Copy of last entries in your log book.. And proof of your address.. ie: utility bill..

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  • Title: Rental
    Descriptive info: Cirrus Aircraft Rental.. TAA UK Ltd currently have a fleet of Cirrus Aircraft for rental, both on the British register and the American register.. The Cirrus range includes.. G2 SR20 GTS, G2 SR22 GTS (both G-registered) and G3 SR22 Turbo (N-registered).. Before rental we request you complete the Cirrus Transition Training Course, which is  ...   be issued upon completion stating you are at an acceptable level to self-fly hire a Cirrus aircraft.. Should you not have flown within 28 days you will be required to do a circuit check.. All of our Cirrus come with a full glass-cockpit and Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System (CAPS).. FLYING ORDER BOOK.. Click to download..

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  • Title: Rates
    Descriptive info: Price List.. TRANSITION TRAINING COURSE (3 Days).. Training as required on SR20 GTS p.. lus Instructor.. Suggested 10 flying hours on the aircraft, and approximately three days of Instructor time.. THERE ARE NO EXTRA OR HIDDEN CHARGES or FEES!!.. Conversion on to the SR22 or SR22 Turbo is additional.. AIRCRAFT RENTAL.. (Rental is based on BLOCK TIME – tech log time (flight meter time) plus 0.. 2 for taxi).. SR20.. Normal Rate.. £2000 in Advance.. £225.. 00 + VAT (Dry).. £215.. SR22.. £245.. 00 +VAT (Dry).. £235.. G3 SR22 TURBO.. £255.. INSTRUCTOR FLYING/GROUND.. Instructors  ...   amount of instruction received.. D.. epartures from 1200 hours that will include an overnight will be a minimum of a full day charge.. Departures from 1600 hours that will include an overnight will be a minimum of half a day charge.. BFR's, IPC's or Circuit Checks are charged at the hourly rate.. Instructor.. Flying.. (Non TAA UK aircraft).. Ground.. Day Rate.. Day Rate.. Instructor CFI.. £60.. 00 +VAT.. £80.. 00 +VAT.. £40.. £360.. £500.. Instructor FI.. £55.. £75.. £35.. £330.. £475.. GROUND SCHOOL.. Use of Computer Based Training Software - £30.. 00 +VAT per hour..

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  • Title: The Team
    Descriptive info: The Team.. John Page.. John Page is co-owner of TAA UK Ltd, as well as Director, the Chief Flying Instructor and general guru on all things Cirrus and Glass Cockpit.. John started his Aviaiton career with Aerial Photography in 1998, but quickly went on to get his Commercial licence and Instructor Rating and spent his initial instructing years at Denham Aerodrome.. He is currently both a single and multi JAA and FAA instructor (specialising in FAA Instrument/Commercial Ratings), a CAA Examiner, and THE most experienced Cirrus Instructor (CSIP) in the UK with over 8000 hours on the Cirrus alone.. Email:.. This email address is being protected from spambots.. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Mobile: +44 (0)7885 202209.. Wendy Littlejohn.. Wendy Littlejohn is co-owner of TAA UK Ltd, as well as Director.. Wendy started her career in Aviation over 12 years ago 'accidentally' after finding herself in a temp position for five months in Aircraft Sales.. She fell in love with the industry after the first month and has never looked back since.. Other passions include cars, specifically chucking them around (thanks John G for the loan of your Aston and for remaining calm whilst I had an evil grin on my face!), photography and dance.. Future?.. to retire knowing that each of the students who passed through TAA UK will always be safe and take with them everything they learned here for the rest of their flying career.. Email.. : This email address is being protected from spambots.. Jake.. Jake has been in aviation since birth and has his own head set (Mutt Muffs).. He is regularly 'charged' by hooligan helicopter pilots (.. and gives as good as he gets!!), and sits quite calmly on the grass outside the office as our aircraft taxi in right next to him.. and.. has his own private pool for exclusive dog use.. Jake will welcome everyone onto his patch with his favourite toy of the moment and is totally unfazed by the wafts of bacon coming from the.. 'Crew Room'.. next door (he's not wired right!!).. Alex Fox.. Alex was born and raised in Essex, though tries to avoid being a “typical Essex boy” and has been flying since joining the Air Training Corps at 15, where he completed powered gliding and flying scholarships first flying solo at 17, before even passing his driving test.. After leaving college he saved enough money working two part-time jobs to complete his PPL at Southend airport.. To complete his ATPL exams and CPL training Alex elected for a combined three-year university degree/pilot training course where he gained a first-class honours degree in Air Transport Management and his CPL.. After leaving university Alex completed an Instructor Course at Southend Airport where he then begun working as a part-time instructor alongside his other job working for an aviation publisher as a researcher/writer as well as delivering pizzas in the evenings for a bit of extra pocket money!.. Soon after Alex was  ...   with running, swimming, cycling (up mountains) and quad-biking.. Luke has now left TAA UK to pursue his airline career.. We wish him every success.. Rob McNay.. Rob joined TAA UK in December 2006, having previously been employed as an instructor at Elstree Aerodrome.. He came highly recommended and has proved that to be true ever since.. Rob also has been personally trained by John Page (CFI) to the highest standards as Cirrus Standardised Instructor.. Before embarking on a career in Aviation, Rob gained a law degree.. However, he eventually gave in to the rich heritage of aviation in his family and followed in his father and grandfather's steps joining the University Air Squadron and then commercial training as soon as he graduated.. Since joining TAA UK Rob has impressed us with his dedication to safety which we feel might have something to do with his choice of activity outside work.. with spare time taken up with surfing, kite surfing, climbing or any other adrenaline sport he feels like trying this week!!.. Rob is currently a First Officer with Ryanair.. Brij Kotecha.. Brij joins TAA with over 6000 hours experience.. Despite his cheeky youthful looks his experience spans almost a decade and has a wide level of experience.. After leaving Uni, Brij decided that is ultimate goal was to become an Airline Pilot, and thats is exactly what he did.. Jumping through various hoops, Brij landed (no pun intended!) a sponsorship through a large commercial aviation school that invited applicants to become flying instructors before joining the airlines.. During this period acquiring not only PPL teaching experience, but also CPL/IR instructional experience, being involve in ab-intio training of cadets from airlines across the world.. After two successful years and keeping his nose clean from any "circus stunt flybys!" or airspace infringements (alright, only one eeeny weeneey one of the LTMA!), Brij joined Flybe as a First Officer on the Dash 8 Q400.. Shortly after joining, and with only 2100 hours and a bit more hoop jumping, he gained his first airline command.. Something he attributes to serious hard work, losing a load of hair and "being in the right place at the right time"! Seeing that "sky's the limit" (seriously no pun intended!!).. Brij set his sights on 39,000ft and joined Monarch Airlines based at London Gatwick, flying the Airbus A320/21.. He now flies to a wide selection of destinations across Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East.. His favorite destination being Innsbruck.. That all not being enough, Brij has decide to come and fly the SR20/22 on a part time basis to keep his hand in what he really enjoys, teaching people how to fly and sharing his experience with those with an appetite for adventure and challenge.. Brij is confident that he can broaden the PPL pilots flying experience through simple effective cockpit management and make them better by introducing professional pilot techniques used in the airlines, in essence being ahead of the game!..

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  • Title: Testimonials
    Descriptive info: TAA UK Customer Testimonials.. I like TAA.. They 'get' service attitude.. By this I mean TAA match their commercial and technical offer to the aircraft in which they teach and to their customer.. So the training is highly competent, up-to-date, safe, technical and with a pace.. They understand that their student probably values his/her time and seeks value for money.. All this is done with (very) good humour and a wealth of experience.. They are certainly not the cheapest instructors around but then if you wanted cheap you would probably not choose to fly the fabulous Cirrus.. The Cirrus and the TAA approach is today's, not the 1950's, way of doing things.. I did my high performance SR22 certification with TAA and they did their absolute best to accommodate me for both the ground school and air experience.. They supplied a pre-school learning pack that helped me get the most from the onsite training and no question is ever considered silly.. All of this I really appreciated.. Kevin Siggery.. Having bought an SR22 Perspective, I wanted to get everything out of the advanced avionics as possible.. I've not come across anyone as au-fait with the nitty-gritty of the Perspective as John and, apart from conveying that knowledge to me in a very effective manner coupled with a common sense approach, he's also teaching me how to fly! The whole experience with the team at TAA UK has been professional and productive, highly recommended.. Steve Murray.. TAA UK are based at Denham, a fairly typical UK GA Airfield.. That is where the similarity will end to any other GA experience you will have had in the UK.. You will get fantastic customer service and the wonderful Cirrus aircraft along with a team of people who will make you feel welcome from your first visit.. Everything worked like clockwork and my instructor Roger was first class.. It makes all the difference when you have people who are passionate about their product.. TAA UK have got it all right.. I have just completed my SR20 conversion course and can't wait to fly one again - I have just booked the day I wanted and at the time I wanted.. need I say more! If you have a pilot licence you owe it to yourself to try the Cirrus and I can't think of any better place to do that than with TAA UK at Denham.. John Pembrook.. If you're thinking of flying a Cirrus then doing a TAA conversion course is the best place to start.. All of the people I met and trained with are friendly and professional, making the whole experience a real pleasure.. Once you've finished the course you will feel confident that you're ready to fly this amazing aircraft.. Alan Thomas.. The biggest unexpected benefit of buying a new Cirrus was how exceedingly helpful the guys at TAA UK have been in helping me with my transition to flying a Cirrus.. Keith Decarlucci.. For a 600 hour PPL, whose experience to date was limited to the 50 + year old designed Pipers and Cessna's, getting to grips with the Cirrus was an exciting but somewhat daunting prospect.. and I had memories of the variable quality of instruction I received 10 years ago when I first got my PPL.. TAA UK was a revelation.. They are a professional outfit; know exactly what is needed to make you confident flying the aeroplane, and go just at the right pace; stretching but never pushing.. There may be cheaper Cirrus training organizations around, but I doubt there are  ...   a 'gadget guy'), I was intrigued enough to start looking despite the fact that I have a great setup flying with the Modern Air guys in a lovely, modern, full IFR, highly-available Saratoga at Fowlmere.. Via my friend and Mr Google, I found TAA UK at Denham.. Within 30 minutes, I had exchanged emails with Wendy Littlejohn (the real boss at TAA.. ); I knew what aircraft they have and what else is on the way, details of the required conversion training and dates / times when the CFI John Page was available.. A matter of hours later (only delayed by the vagaries of my own diary) it was all booked up.. On my first tentative arrival at TAA's base on Denham's north side, I was greeted with smiles, coffee, and a very warm welcome; and months on, I can report that this was not a cunning ruse to lure the cash from my wallet - these guys are genuinely nice people, enthusiastic about their business, flying, and Cirrus in particular.. John's instruction was absolutely first rate; he's the kind of instructor you know you will ask to fly with from time to time, even if you don't need to, just to soak up a little more Cirrus information and flying wisdom.. My transition training was an absolute pleasure, and I hope to be flying with John regularly despite now being fully signed-off on both the 20 and the 22.. Since finishing my training, TAA have continued to be great: they've worked hard to make sure I had an aircraft when I need one, Wendy and John are invariably there to meet you in the morning, on hand by phone should you need them, and always there when you arrive back to pack the machines away.. Can't fault these guys, and the Cirrus is a joy to fly and makes touring relaxing, fast and safe.. If you've not tried it yet, you should - and TAA are the guys to do it with.. Alastair MacLeod.. TAA (UK) is a truly promising organization offering training on technically advanced light aircraft both in the air and on advanced simulators.. The Cirrus SR20 and 22 aircraft are new, fully loaded with the current avionics and are usually readily available for training and self hire.. The main instructor, John Page has a wealth of knowledge of the aircraft systems and is a very cool, competent instructor, always putting one at ease in flight.. He and his partners have set up a the most advanced computer based training simulators on which to explore Garmin and Avidyne avionics, and learn to 'fly' or keep current with the Cirrus aircraft on the ground.. A welcoming smile, coffee and fabulous flying always awaits you at TAA (UK).. Dr Graham Duguid.. I learned a lot very quickly by flying with John.. He has a very professional approach to flying, with a great sense of humour - which Wendy shares ! The investment that TAA have made in both aircraft and avionics simulator is outstanding; having time to play with the advanced avionics of a Cirrus over a cup of coffee makes a big difference to the first few hours in the air and saved me time and money.. As for learning to fly in a new aircraft, converting to a Cirrus is awesome !.. Peter Scott.. John is the consummate professional.. He is the best instructor I have encountered in 38 years of flying and TAA UK's approach to training and safety on technically advanced aircraft setting new standards for the industry.. Tony Clinch..

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  • Title: Glass Cockpit
    Descriptive info: The.. Glass.. Cockpit.. The Glass Cockpit.. The Glass Cockpit.. The Cirrus Glass Cockpit has the Avidyne's FlightMax Entegra integrated flight deck as standard equipment on its SRV, SR20 and SR22 aircraft.. FlightMax Entegra uses two large 10.. 4-inch diagonal, high-resolution, sunlight-readable displays, and provides the benefits of integrated flight deck capability to general aviation aircraft including increased safety, ease of use, and improved reliability.. The Avidyne FlightMax EX5000C fully integrated multi-function display (MFD) is the centerpiece of the Cirrus advanced avionics suite.. It incorporates a large-format 10.. 4-inch diagonal high-resolution active-matrix liquid crystal display.. AVIDYNE FLIGHTMAX ENTEGRA PRIMARY FLIGHT DISPLAY (PFD).. The PFD replaces conventional analogue instruments with a 10.. 4 in computer screen displaying Attitude Indicator, Flight Director, Altitude, Airspeed and Vertical Speed information and more.. The PFD has the ability of displaying autopilot bug information, autopilot enunciators, GPS route and VOR track information.. The newer Cirrus aircraft also display engine information.. This means that all the appropriate important information is only an eye movement away.. AVIDYNE FLIGHTMAX ENTEGRA MULTI FUNCTION DISPLAY (MFD).. The MFD displays a host of information at the pilots fingertips.. CMax, EMax, TAWS, SkyWatch, Stormscope and Moving Maps are all displayed on the screen.. More detailed explanations about the different information is explained further on in this section.. Nearest airport, VOR, NDB and intersection information are displayed at the turn of a knob.. The MFD is linked into all the avionics therefore being able to display the desired engine and navigational information on one screen.. MFD MAP DISPLAY.. The MFD displays a contoured moving map based on GPS position data with colour-coded terrain and geographical features.. The map is used for strategic planning and en-route analysis.. Features include:.. Ranges from 1 nm to 1500 nm.. Rivers, lakes and other water features.. Flight planned tracks, holding patterns and approach information.. Airspace and Airways.. SkyWatch® information.. StormScope® information.. EMax® information.. Forward, Centred and North up views.. ENHANCED GROUND PROXIMITY WARNING SYSTEM [TAWS].. The Honeywell KGP-560 Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System was developed to help protect you from  ...   Monitoring displays information including all 6 cylinder head temperatures, exhaust gas temperatures, percent of power, electrical system information, fuel flow and also computes nautical miles per gallon, remaining fuel at each way-point, plus the ability with the Lean Assist function to accurately manage the fuel flow for Best Power or Best Economy depending on the type of flight you are wishing to achieve, keeping you safe in the knowledge that you have the endurance and range to reach your destination with plenty of reserve fuel in the tanks.. ELETRONIC APPROACH PLATES [CMax®].. Improve the ease of single pilot IFR operations with electronic approach plates.. Approach plate data is displayed where you need it most - on the full size 10.. 4" MFD and not on your kneeboard.. The CMax® is required to be loaded with the appropriate database.. TAA UK Ltd aircraft are loaded with the European database allowing any instrument approach to be displayed on the MFD.. TRAFFIC INFORMATION [SkyWatch®].. SkyWatch® is a transponder-based traffic warning system that works independently of ground-based radar sites.. Nearby transponder-equipped aircraft can be displayed on either Garmin 430 and the EX5000C MFD.. The SkyWatch® will display traffic with a transponder within an 11NM radius above or below to 9900ft relative to yourself.. Displaying the relative position and altitude of other aircraft it gives the pilot extra confidence while flying in congested areas.. An audible and visual warning of a nearby contact alerts the pilot to a possible conflict.. The SkyWatch® should be used as an additional aid to a continuous lookout as non transponder equipped aircraft will not be displayed.. GARMIN GNS 430 GPS.. The GARMIN suite of avionics on all TAA UK Ltd Cirrus includes 2 GNS 430 GPS/Nav VOR/Comm, The twin GNS 430's give the pilot the ability to plan and fly accurate GPS routes to any destination.. Approach procedures can be loaded and executed with the selection of a few buttons.. With 2 GNS 430's the pilot has the confidence of built in redundancy in the unlikely event one unit fails..

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  • Title: Recent blog posts - TAA UK News
    Descriptive info: News.. Subscribe to blog.. Subscribe via RSS.. TAA UK News.. This is some blog description about this site.. This is where you can find all the blog posts throughout the site.. Categories.. Displays a list of categories from this blog.. Tags.. Displays a list of tags that have been used in the blog.. Bloggers.. Search for your favorite blogger from this site.. Team Blogs.. Find your favorite team blogs here.. Search.. Login.. Username.. Register.. Password.. Forgot Password?.. Remember me.. Recent blog posts.. 04.. Oct.. 0.. Piper PA46-350P Malibu Mirage Video.. Photo shared.. by.. on.. Friday, 04 October 2013.. in.. Uncategorised.. Click through the link to see some of the operation and flying of the Malibu Mirage.. Great Pre Flight briefing.. Tagged in:.. Garmin.. Malibu.. Mirage.. Radio.. Talking.. Continue reading.. Hits: 62.. 0.. 03.. Sep.. Poznan Simulator Instrument Training Video.. Posted.. Tuesday, 03 September 2013.. Avionics.. Click on the link below to view a Hold Entry Training Session in the full motion simulator at Aero Poznan.. If anyone would like to take a trip with us over there to train for Instrument or Emergenies then it would be an awesome experience.. http://youtu.. be/nrRm5KRgBDA.. Approaches.. Cirrus.. Perspective.. Poznan.. Simulator.. Hits: 137.. 13.. Aug.. 1.. VFR Radio.. Tuesday, 13 August 2013.. Out of all the skills required to fly an aircraft it is often demonstrated to me that radio skills take the greatest time to become fluent.. These skills can be lost even quicker than knowing how to use a GPS, or performing a stall within limits.. This blog will address some of the issues of becoming tongue tied, or mouth speaking before brain has engaged.. Remember the person at the other end is human.. Try and be relaxed and pass any information you have to them clearly and normally in a certain order.. None of us are perfect and we will all make mistakes.. Including the controllers.. Being clear with what you have to say will stop any confusion as to whether an instruction or information was given correctly or not.. Having a set routine in the way you pass information over will be one step in the prevention of being tongue tied.. Within that routine you also need to know what you are going to say.. The most common stumbling point is knowing what your present position is.. It's also not very good practice to just say your registration on the first call to a new agency.. Give a little more information, be clear and concise.. Do call them who they are too.. For example, an initial call to Oxford Approach/Radar (not knowing if the Radar is on).. Have a listen out for a little bit of time, maybe you'll hear some clues as to what they are called and whether the Radar is available or not.. If nothing is said and no clues, call them Radar.. They will correct you if you are wrong.. Some pilots will just say Oxford, that works too as they will come back with who they are.. Therefore a simple initial call will go as follows,.. Aircraft, "Oxford Radar, Golf Tango Alpha Alpha Bravo, requesting Traffic service and zone transit.. ".. Saying your message like this straight away will give the controller immediately an idea of what you want from them even before you have been told to  ...   agencies name again.. Making a new call to Oxford for the latest surface wind for example after being given the overhead transit would be requested like this,.. Aircraft "Golf Alpha Bravo, request your surface wind?".. Responding to a question or instruction from ATC you would say your registration at the end of your transmission.. ATC "Golf Alpha Bravo, turn left 270 degrees".. Aircraft "Left 270 degrees, Golf Alpha Bravo.. Being asked to descending, climb, turn left or right, put in the DESCEND TO, CLIMB TO, LEFT or RIGHT instruction along with the degrees or altitude/flight level.. Know whether you have to ask for a frequency change or can tell the controller you are changing is a sign of good radio work.. A rule of thumb is if you are talking to an Air/Ground radio or Information then you can tell them you are changing.. If you are speaking to an Approach or Radar unit then request a frequency change.. It's good practice and manners.. They might have some other info for you, they could be transferring you to another frequency for a continuous Traffic service from another agency.. Hits: 149.. The Second Direct To.. In any GPS system integrated or connected to an autopilot system a direct to with a form of Navigation Mode activated is the quickest way to get the aircraft going where you or air traffic desire.. However it can happen that with a new Direct To with a track which is more than 45 degrees from your current track that the aircraft may overshoot the turn.. The GPS doesn't draw a new track from the aircraft.. It draws it from a point where it expects the aircraft to intercept the new course.. Which is a good thing.. However a few factors can cause the aircraft to overshoot the new track which in turn will make the aircraft turn further to intercept the track from the other side.. To alleviate this problem a second Direct To can be activated as the aircraft turns towards the new track.. This will work really nicely if it is done within 20 degrees to go.. 430.. Cruise.. Hits: 129.. 28.. Apr.. Hold Entry to Calais LFAC, Video.. Sunday, 28 April 2013.. Manage a Hold to reverse course before flying outbound in a Racetrack procedure for an ILS.. Calais is a perfect example.. GTN650.. ILS.. Hits: 654.. 27.. ILS Autoswitching.. Saturday, 27 April 2013.. Confusion over when the CDI on a GNS430/530 non WAAS will switch to the ILS from GPS.. Hits: 346.. 14.. Activating Vectors to Final (VTF).. Sunday, 14 April 2013.. In the training world of approaches, multiple approaches are often performed with the same inbound course but different transitions.. Here's a way to cut down work load between approaches.. Hits: 760.. 09.. Engine Management.. Tuesday, 09 April 2013.. Engine.. Management of the engine in any aircraft is important for the longevity, safety and cost of maintenance.. Any aircraft that is operated to the manufacturers specifications should reach it's Time Before Overhaul(TBO).. Economy.. Lean of Peak.. Mixture.. Hits: 429.. Feb.. TAA UK Goes Platinum!!.. Tuesday, 14 February 2012.. TAA UK are very excited to announce that we have been approved as a Platinum Cirrus Standardized Training Centre by Cirrus Aircraft, Duluth.. with John Page as our first Platinum Cirrus Standardised Instructor Pilot.. Hits: 298..

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  • Title: Links
    Descriptive info: TAA UK Links.. Filter.. Display #.. 5.. 10.. 15.. 20.. 25.. 30.. 50.. 100.. All.. Cirrus Aircraft USA.. Cirrus Head Quarters.. 230.. Pilatus.. Pilatus Aircraft Sales.. 225.. Socata.. TBM Aircraft Sales.. 229.. New Piper.. Piperjet, Meridian, Mirage, Matrix Aircrft Sales.. 232.. COPA.. Cirrus Owners Pilots Association.. 711.. TSA Approval.. TSA Approval for FAA Flight Training.. 1604.. Farnborough Flight Safety.. FAA Written Exam and Fingerprints..  ...   in UK airspace.. 210.. King Schools.. Interactive DVD for FAA Instrument Rating Written Exam.. 209.. Avbrief.. Aviation Weather.. 198.. Met Office.. 205.. The Flight Academy.. The Flight Academy is a Cirrus Standardized Training Center.. 215.. FAA.. Federal Aviation Administration (USA).. 199.. CAA.. Civil Aviation Authority (UK).. 228.. AOPA.. Aircraft Owners Pilots Association.. BALPA.. British Airline Pilots Association.. UND (University of North Dakota).. Garmin 430 Simulator..

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  • Title: Downloads
    Descriptive info: Login Form.. User Name.. Remember Me.. Forgot your password?.. Forgot your username?.. Downloads Home.. Search Document.. Cirrus SR20 Documents.. Cirrus SR22 Documents.. Other Documents..

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  • Title: Contact us
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. TAA UK.. Contact.. Hangar Road, Northside, Denham Aerodrome.. Uxbridge.. Middlesex.. UB9 5DF.. United Kingdom.. 01895 835620.. 01895 835629.. Contact Form.. Send an email.. All fields with an * are required.. Name.. *.. Subject.. Message.. Send copy to yourself.. Send Email..

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