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  • Title: ToDoMap
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. ToDoMap / ToDoMap HD for iPad and iPhone.. ToDoMap Web.. ToDoMap all around the world.. FAQ Support.. Does this sound familiar?.. You keep writing paper notes, post-it notes, filling your agenda, browse miscellaneous files.. So many little things you can't afford to forget.. So many tasks at the same time, so many different projects, so many priorities.. But there are too many - it's too easy to lose track of things !!.. Now you can keep track of everything with ToDoMap.. Available on iPhone (ToDoMap and  ...   branch of Mediactive Group, Labgency is a company specializing in the design and application development for mobile and embedded terminals.. Closely linked to the operators, the industry and the content editors, Labgency will be there by your side throughout the implementation of innovative multi-platform solutions ( iPhone, Androïd, Windows mobile, Flash, iPad ), portable media players, automotive equipments and set-top boxes.. 4 Cité Paradis 75010 Paris France.. Phone number : +33 (0)1 55 28 80 60.. www.. labgency.. com.. A.. Mediactive.. group company.. Labgency - Groupe Mediactive 2011-2013..

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  • Title: ToDoMap
    Descriptive info: Accueil.. ToDoMap / ToDoMap HD pour iPhone et iPad.. ToDoMap autour du monde.. Dernière minute.. : ToDoMap sélectionné parmi les 400 meilleures applications pour iPhone par la magazine.. Mobiphone et iPad.. en décembre 2010.. Si vous aussi.. Vous passez du temps à écrire sur des petits bouts de papier, des post-it, dans votre agenda ou dans des fichiers divers, les choses que ne devez pas oublier.. Vous en avez partout et vous ne vous y retrouvez pas !.. Vous devez gérer simultanément des tâches et des dossiers de nature et  ...   (ToDoMap HD) et sur le web (www.. ToDoMap est édité par Labgency.. Filiale du Groupe Mediactive, Labgency est une société spécialisée dans la conception et le développement d applications pour terminaux mobiles et terminaux embarqués.. En relation étroite avec les opérateurs, les industriels et les éditeurs de contenus, elle accompagne ses clients de bout en bout dans la mise en oeuvre de solutions innovantes multi-plateformes (iPhone, Androïd, Windows mobile, Flash, iPad ), lecteurs multimédia portables, set-top box, etc.. Téléphone : +33 (0)1 55 28 80 60.. Une société du groupe..

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  • Title: FAQ & Support « ToDoMap
    Descriptive info: FAQ & Support.. How does it work?.. Why three different applications ?.. Something unclear?.. Here, all the queries and answers updated permanently.. A question, a comment?.. Summary.. iPhone and iPad functionalities.. How to add or edit a task?.. How to manage the categories?.. How to create a new map?.. How to have a new skin for a map (HD version only)?.. How does the notification system work?.. How does the sync option work?.. iPhone features only.. Why two different presentation modes for tasks?.. iPad features only (HD version).. How to manage font size?.. Web features only.. What are the additional features of ToDoMap Web?.. What is an archive Map?.. What is the 3D mode?.. What are the requirements to use ToDoMap Web?.. Others.. What are the differences between ToDoMap classic and ToDoMap HD?.. Problem on iPhone 3g or 3gs with OS 4?.. top.. To open the task editor press on an existing task or click on +.. This allows you to specify:.. A task title.. A priority level: from 5 to 1, it sets a task’s importance versus others (1 is the most important).. A category: associated to a colour code, the category enables you to gather all tasks of the same kind.. A reminder: select the reminder’s date and time.. If the date has passed, your ToDo will sparkle.. Turn on Push Notification to receive a reminder when your event is due.. A memo: record further notes about the ToDo here.. Each map is limited to 40 tasks.. By default, ToDoMap presents all tasks from all categories.. By clicking on the Categories button at the top of the screen, the categories list shows up in the left-hand side of the application.. You can limit ToDoMap to show tasks from a single category by clicking on the coloured button from the category list.. Categories with no task attached will be blurred.. Click on a category s title to update it.. All changes are automatically saved when closing the categories window.. The colours for the categories depend on the skin you have selected.. Each category label can be customized to fit your needs.. ToDoMap enables you to manage unlimited independent maps.. You can personalise the categories’ names for each of your maps.. Click on + on the map form to create a new empty map.. To switch between your maps, click on Maps button.. To update a map’s title, click on the update button and then on its name in the list.. To delete an existing map, click on the update button and then on the in front of the map.. You cannot delete the current map.. Select a skin from the skins menu to change the colors of your map.. The different skins are: Classic, Lovers on grass, Dear sixties, Red wine and Chocolate.. Every map can use its own skin.. You can set a reminder date for each task.. You can decide to receive a reminder, depending on the age of the task.. You must have a network connection (WiFi or 3G) to receive reminders.. When the reminder time arrives, you will receive a notification via the built in iPhone notification system summarizing the name of the map and the task in question.. When you touch the reminder,  ...   gallery.. Review mode does not exist on iPad because it is less important on a larger screen.. A 3D mode is available on the Web in addition to the Map mode (See Web Features Only below).. ToDoMap HD on iPad allows you to chang eht size of the text for the titles in a map.. You can change the default size by selecting the appropriate button.. In managing your tasks and your maps on the web, you have the following additional features:.. Copy and paste tasks use the right button of your mouse then copy or cut and paste a task into the current map, or another map.. Drag and drop tasks you can drag a task to move it on the same map or between maps.. Delete / archive a task you can delete a task directly from your map or archive it if you want a record of it.. ToDoMap Web also allows you to access your archived tasks and backups.. You can view (and recover) your tasks and view in 3D mode.. These functions are described below.. When a task is no longer valid, you can completely delete or archive it to keep a record of it.. It will be saved to another map that corresponds to its original map.. To view your archived jobs, simply click on the connector at the top left of the screen to switch to them.. 3D mode allows you to to view all your tasks in sub-maps based on the date specified for the due-date of each task.. It complements the normal Map view by showing your tasks in perspective.. Like Map view, you can click on each task to update it.. ToDoMap is developed in flash and requires at least version 10 to run.. The application works on any computer with a browser and requires an internet connection.. The first version of the application, launched in February 2010, was the classic version.. Then the iPad was released, which gave us many more options to improve the application.. So we naturally developed the HD version, while simultaneously making it usable on an iPhone.. ToDoMap HD is designed to run on iPhone and iPad.. So just buy it once for it to be usable in both environments.. ToDoMap HD also has a range of skins that can give each map colors and different tones (Classic, Boys and girls, Lover on the grass, Dear sixties, Red Wine or Chocolate).. On IPad, the size of text displayed in the Map can be set.. Ongoing development will be focused mainly on ToDoMap HD.. If you already have the HD version, great! You will receive updates as we release them.. If you do not already have the HD version, upgrading will guarantee you always have the most advanced version and encourages us to further develop the concept.. So ask!.. Like many applications, ToDoMap is slower on a 3G or 3Gs iPhone with OS 4 than it is on an iPhone 4.. Sorry we can not do anything about it even though we tried all possible ways of optimization.. Name *.. Email *.. Company.. Version.. ---.. ToDo Map HD / iPhone.. ToDo Map HD / iPad.. ToDo Map iPhone.. ToDo Map web.. Other.. Subject *.. Message..

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