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    Descriptive info: .. Take pills.. How to Paleo Diet Can Help You Maintain Beautiful Skin.. 29 May, 2013 (20:47) |.. Uncategorized.. | By: admin.. The Paleo diet undoubtedly has numerous benefits for health and the body, including weight loss and lowered risk of diseases and conditions related to obesity and the consumption of a modern diet.. While the Paleo diet certainly does great thing for a body, it also has tremendous benefits for the skin and overall appearance of people who follow the unique eating plan.. The Paleo diet, at its core, is a diet that increases the appearance of skin because it is rich in proteins and healthy fats.. The skin is comprised of fats, and by consuming a diet that is rich in healthy fats, it’s possible to provide your skin with the necessary tools to repair itself and maintain its elasticity.. Skin elasticity is what gives us the youthful appearance we’re all striving to have.. In addition, the Paleo diet is full of vitamins and nutrients, which are vital for beautiful, glowing skin.. Grains and dairy are two of the biggest food group culprits that sabotage our skin.. Eating a diet that is heavy in grains and dairy can lead to acne and a variety of other skin problems, so simply by eliminating these items from one’s diet, it’s also possible to improve the appearance of the skin.. In addition to being a great overall diet for good skin, there are also several specific foods that are heavily consumed in the typical Paleo diet, all of which have unique qualities that make them beneficial for gorgeous skin.. Fish is one of the best sources of Omega-3 fats.. In addition to being heart-healthy, these fats are great for slowing down the appearance of aging and improving the elasticity of skin.. Also, Omega-3s fight inflammation from free radicals in the body, and inflammation is one of the primary reasons we develop acne.. Nuts, and in particular almonds, are not only a great.. paleo snack.. , but they also contain oils and rich, healthy fats that improve the look and feel of skin.. Nuts also have high levels of Vitamin E, which moisturize skin.. Eggs are a staple of many Paleo diets, because they’re not only tasty but also versatile.. Eggs are great for skin because they’re packed with protein, which is the building block of our skin, and they’re also rich in biotin, which improves the appearance of hair, skin and nails.. Tomatoes are delicious, and they’re full of lycopene.. Lycopene has been shown to fight blemishes.. As well as lycopene, tomatoes have antioxidants, which help keep skin free of toxins and free radicals, which speed-up the aging process.. Chicken is a staple in a solid Paleo diet, because it’s easy to prepare and can be used in a variety of recipes.. In addition, it’s a protein powerhouse, and protein is essential to beautiful skin.. Work Out Regimen.. 2 May, 2013 (18:49) |.. Champions are born, not made.. And you re ready to cite examples, right? You re ready to say the Schwarzeneg gers, the Mentzers and the Columbus were destined at birth to be great bodybuilders.. And you ve got all the phrases down pat.. They had a.. pre.. disposition.. to building muscle.. They inherited the right genes.. Bull!.. It all hinges on what your concept of a champion happens to be.. Is a cham pion simply a man who wins a con test, regardless of its status? Arnold Schwarzenegger, for example, had won the London Mr.. Universe on two consecutive outings when he came to the United States and clashed head-.. on with Frank Zane.. Hey, we all know by now how that confrontation turned out, don t we?.. In other words, you don t put a highly trained thoroughbred against a jackass and then boast about the thoroughbred s triumph.. No, you put the thoroughbred against another highly trained thoroughbred.. Which is a somewhat windy way of pointing out that there are champions, and there are.. champions.. Arnold was a Euro pean champion in 1967, which was something quite different from the champion he d become by the end of 1969.. By which time Joe Weider had.. WOMEN S.. BODYBUILDING.. CHAMPIONSHIPS.. by Sheila Herman.. Women s bodybuilding became truly international July 31 when Kike Elomaa of Finland won the middle weight class of the women s body building competition at World Games I.. Pam Brooks brought a little more recognition to the state of Florida by winning the lightweight class.. The competition was held at the beautiful San Jose Center for the Per forming Arts in San Jose, Calif.. Thirty-four women from nine coun tries competed in the event.. The six.. official.. medal winners in the two weight classes were:.. Lightweight.. 1) Pam Brooks (USA).. 2) Josee Baumgartner (France).. 3) Chris Reed (USA).. 4) Debbie Trenholm (USA).. 5) Jacky Roos (Holland).. 6) Josiane Jamar (Belgium).. Middleweight.. 1) Kike Elomaa (Finland).. 2) Gail Schroeter (USA).. 3) Deborah Diana (USA).. Gail Schroeter, USA, 2nd Mdwt.. Photos by John Balik and Michael Neveux.. Josee Baumgartner, France, 2nd Ltwt.. MEN S.. WAYNE ROBBINS (CANADA) RENATO BERTAGNA (ITALY).. ERWIN NOTE (BELGIUM) KEIJO REIMAN (FINLAND).. JESSE GAUTREAUX (USA).. WORLD.. G AM ESI.. Joe Weider and Doris Barrilleaux present John Kemper with his first-place trophy.. Wonderful as this competition was, one still found it difficult not to see it, first and foremost, as the manifesta tion of one man s dream.. Indeed, without Ben Weider, Presi dent of the IFBB, and some adven turous officials of the International Softball Federation, who first got the ball rolling on this whole World Games concept, it s possible that the Games, held July 24-August 2 in Santa Clara, Calif.. , might never have occurred.. Bertagna Youngblood Neuville Kemper Win Men s Classes.. Among the sports federations rep resented were those governing bad minton, basketball, boxing, fly cast ing, swimming and karate.. But bodybuilding was easily the most popular sport at World Games I.. Capacity audiences watched both the women s and men s bodybuilding championships at the prestigious San Jose Performing Arts Center.. The men s competition was held on Thursday, July 30, and the enthusi astic fans had the opportunity to see some of the leading champions of the United States and Europe in action.. With the Cairo World Championships only a few weeks away, the World Games offered an interesting preview of things to come.. The next day it was the female bodybuilders who brought the San Jose crowd to its feet.. Competitors from the US, France, England, Bel gium, Australia, Malaysia and Finland were entered.. (See report on the (Continued on page 132).. ELOMAA.. WINS 81.. MISS OLYMPIA!.. Kike (pronounced kee-kee ) Elomaa, an X-ray techni cian from Turku, Finland, climaxed a scintillating year of competition by winning the 1981 Miss Olympia title and the accompanying $10,000 cash prize.. The competition was staged by George Snyder on Sat urday, August 22 in Philadelphia.. With more than 20 top women bodybuilders entered and a spirited fight for top honors, the show was a great success.. Kike Elomaa started her big year by winning the Euro pean Championships last May in England.. Then she tri umphed at the World Games in Santa Jose, Calif, in July.. The Miss Olympia was her first professional contest.. Last year s Miss Olympia winner, Rachel McLish, had added a significant amount of bodyweight for this year s contest in a calculated attempt to retain muscular quality while emphasizing her femininity.. But while her posing was sensational, Rachel apparently appeared too smooth to the judges.. Still, she placed second and took home $6000 for her efforts.. Third was the current World Champion, Lynn Conk-wright, who seemed slightly off form at this competition.. But Lynn is undeniably a champion, and she always brings down the house with her energetic posing.. She won $4000.. Fourth was Laura Combes, the 1980 Ms.. America win ner.. Bigger and far better proportioned than last year,.. Laura unfortunately was 1-2% away from peak muscular ity.. She had been right on schedule until a hurricane drow ned Florida in torrential rains for a week before the show.. This ruined Laura s running and sunning program, ac counting for her slight deficiency in muscularity.. Still, she was very impressive and many thought she should have placed higher.. Her fourth-place finish earned her $3000.. In fifth was 36-year-old Georgia Miller Fudge, mother of two teenagers.. Georgia has never been in better condi tion.. She had trained down to a much lighter bodyweight than she carried for past competitions, and the added ef fort paid off in a greatly improved physique.. With her foxy grooming and onstage charisma, Georgia was a crowd favorite.. She won $2000.. Newcomer Candy Csencsits edged out several more es tablished bodybuilders for sixth place and $1000.. At 25, she s been training less than two years.. Candy is the cur rent Ms.. Eastern USA, and you ll be hearing a lot more about her in the future.. The January 1982 issue of.. Muscle Fitness.. will in clude an in-depth report and full-color photo coverage of the 1981 Miss Olympia competition.. Reserve your copy at your favorite newsstand now! ?.. arla Dunlap proved that per severance pays when she won the 1981 American Women s Bodybuilding Championships Sept.. 4 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.. It was Carla s first major triumph in more than two years of bodybuilding competi tion.. With 57 women competing, two weight classes were formed.. Mary Roberts won the lightweight class (un der 114% lbs.. ), while Carla won the middleweight class and the overall ti tle.. The top five finishers in each weight class were:.. 1) Mary Roberts.. 2) Bobbie Brice.. 3) Kathy Cosentino.. 4) Madeline Almeida.. 5) Chris Roberts.. 1) Carla Dunlap.. 2) Shelley Gruwell.. 3) Deborah Diana.. 4) Pillow.. 5) Lisa Elliott.. The lightweight class was less com petitive than the heavier division.. Mary Roberts was an easy winner.. Before the Posedown she had a 17-point lead over her nearest competitors.. The real battle in this weight class was not for first place but for second — the scores for Brice, Cosentino and  ...   in the societyhave not only gifted people with the choice and range of the treatments available but also with the cost effective treatment of the dangerous and fatal diseases.. The nuclear medicines and its diagnosing treatments are now building up and this technology is now advancing and progressing by leaps and bounds.. Improving the mental health.. 4 March, 2010 (10:50) |.. A man requires both physical and mental health to be good in order to remain happy and fit.. If physical health is good and the mental health is not that good then one cannot remain happy.. And it is the same other way round.. If someone have a good mental health but a poor physical health then it is not possible for him to remain happy as well.. So one should pay attention to both of the healths and should take special measures to keep them good.. Try to follow the below mentioned steps to have a great life with regard to mental health.. Take rest at night.. Rest is something that boosts your potential to work and manage things.. It not enhances your work capacity but also refresh your mind and body.. So always try to take proper amount of rest.. One cannot control one’s mind.. And you should not also try to do this because that will further take you nowhere.. Just forget about everything and try to remain happy.. Another point to maintain mental health is to forget about the mistakes that you have committed.. You should forgive yourself.. Whatever has been done is gone.. Now you should try to focus on you future.. Complement yourself.. Award yourself with some pleasant gift or just a word of appreciation after doing something good.. For example.. Just say it to yourself,”OSir you are brilliant, well done.. “.. Try to eat good food.. Eating from hotels and streets will not help your case.. You should be aware of the fact that physical health is related to your mental health as well.. Exercise is another factor that improves your mental health.. Exercise releases the necessary fluids in your mind that are needed to keep your mind working properly.. Exercise will also help you to keep you active and fast.. Mange some time for entertainment as well.. Life will become too boring if you keep ignoring your social life with friends and family.. Watch movies if you can in your leisure time.. Avoid alcohol and other drugs.. When you use heroine and other drugs, this not only decreases your working capacity but also your mental health and power.. Make yourself Disciplined.. Discipline makes you effective in your own eyes and also in the opinion of others.. Give others as much happiness as you can.. Because giving others is something that makes you feel happy as well.. Find a person that can listen to you.. Or talk with a person that you love.. That can be your mother or a friend or your wife.. Try to remain in contact with your friends because the friends make you realize the true happiness of your life.. Have a cat or a cute puppy if you love pet.. This will help you to keep your focus only on the good things and will divert your attention from evils and the things that you hate in your life circle.. Show faith in God.. That is probably the biggest thing I can advise to you because putting faith in God releases all your tensions and make your heart feel comfortable.. Traditional Medicines.. 5 March, 2009 (11:00) |.. The world is.. growing day by day and it has now become a global village.. The people are now advancing towards the modern technology and the modern medicines as well.. Modern technologies are being used by the people to take health measure and treatments are being done by the modern machines as well.. But traditional medicines have their own worth and importance still.. They are also being by some people in the modern world and they are not harmful as well.. So what are the traditional medicines really?.. Traditional medicine:.. traditional medicines are usually termed ad the medicines which were used by the old people which were obtained from herbs and different plants.. Old style medicines are basically based on the information that is given by the ancestors.. Different practices, philosophies and beliefs made them to be effective in the old people and in fact they are still very much effective as well.. It is a different argument that they are reasonable or not.. We are just discussing the traditional medicines here.. Traditional medicines have been accepted by most of the countries of the world.. The term homoeopathic alsorelates to most of the traditional medicines.. They were not accepted by the countries few years before but were in the mainstream of the health care system of those countries.. Herbal medicines:.. Herbal medicines are defined.. as those medicines which are obtained from the herbs and different compositions of different herbs.. They also include the different parts of plants and their fragments or the mixtures of the various herbs.. Herbs medicines generally include two types of things.. Firstly the herbs are used as the medicines.. It also has been described above that stems and roots or various fragments of the plants are used to make herbal medicines.. Secondly, herbal materials are also very effective as well.. They include mainly juices and oils obtained from plants.. Gums and dry left overs of the plants are also used as traditional medicines.. On some occasions they are made after passing them through different processes such as baking, sintering and heating with honey or with some other amalgams.. Herbal preparation is also another interesting topic that is important in the regard of the traditional medicines.. Herbs or extract of the plants are crushed and then they are made to pass through different industrial processes such as distillation, adsorption, extraction and absorption.. They are also made by evaporating water from them and then soaking them in alcoholic drinks.. The final products of herb are also classified but if the mixture of two herbs has been used then the term MIX herbal product is used.. Otherwise simple names are used for the herbal products with respect to their processing or original plant.. So the effectiveness of the herbal medicines in the modern world is another topic but the use and the origin of herbal medicines have been described here in order to make you inform about the traditional medicines and their use in the world of certified doctors.. Physical Health:.. 1 March, 2009 (02:00) |.. Our lives need us to be active and fit for the occasions that some into our lives so fast.. This only does not require our mental health to be stable and good but it demands our physical health to bee at its best.. If we will be not physically fit then we cannot take part in any activity of the world ad will be able to compete with the world.. And when our body will be working properly then we can give the commitment that our work needs.. Now the main problem is that you cannot keep check of all the things that affect your physical health.. If you start to keep check on all the things then it would not be possible for you to live your life normally.. So try to follow the below mentioned things to control your physical health.. Try to regulate your.. routine.. People loss their physical fitness mainly due to this reason.. Working at the office or reading books or preparing for the exams for the whole night and not taking any rest can affect your body and mind badly.. Also try to quit the drugs and smoking if you are addicted to it.. You cannot go on further in life if you keep using these things.. Some things are needed for human body to be naturally fit.. Human being needs oxygen to live but if cancer causing gases will mix up in that oxygen the it will not be possible for our body to work properly.. Atmosphere and healthcare services have a huge impact on the physical fitness of our body.. Having said that I am also aware of the fact that atmospheric conditions and healthcare services are not that good everywhere in the world but one need to find its solution out.. One of the solutions to this is to have a morning walk every day.. This will make your respiring system better.. Do not forget to eat healthy.. Healthy food can make your body fit and healthy.. Excessive sweets and too much oily things can make our body to get fat and become lose.. Exercise is another important factor that can make our physical fitness.. Exercise releases certain fluids into our body that makes it to work better.. Taking a sufficient amount of rest is also important.. If we don’t take enough rest then it will not be possible for us to make full use of our potential at work.. So always have a sleep of round 8 hours at night.. Also avoid keeping awaking at night.. Keep your body clean.. Keeping oneself neat and clean will help to fight better against the diseases and the infections of different types.. Try to get regular checkups by the doctors.. This step will confirm your physical and mental health and you will not be any longer remaining in any sort of worry or anxiety.. Remaining mentally healthy is another important factor to remain physically fit.. Remember that physical and mental health ate related to each other to a great extent.. If one of them goes then the other one cannot stay in touch.. Search.. Find:.. Recent Posts.. Recent Comments.. Mr WordPress.. on.. Archives.. May 2013.. March 2010.. March 2009.. Categories.. August 2013.. M.. T.. W.. F.. S.. May.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. 15.. 16.. 17.. 18.. 19.. 20.. 21.. 22.. 23.. 24.. 25.. 26.. 27.. 28.. 29.. 30.. 31.. Tags.. 2013 Take pills |.. Entries (RSS).. |.. Comments (RSS).. Log in.. Powered by.. WordPress.. Theme design.. by.. Andreas Viklund..

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