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  • Title: Taichi Chuan is a Healing Art as well as a Martial Art
    Descriptive info: .. Tai Chi Academy of Los Angeles.. 2620 W.. Main Street, Alhambra, CA91801, USA.. Introduction.. Benefits of Taichi.. 2013 Summer SPECIAL.. Schedule Fee.. Private Lesson.. Teacher.. Contact.. Taichi Chuan is a Healing Art as well as a Martial Art.. As a healing art:.. Firstly, is is a breathing activity.. Taichi Chuan is a deep breathing exercise that optimizes your inhaling and exhaling to the maximum.. The result is to oxygenize each cell of your body and keep each part of your body alive.. When inhale, you breathe in deep into your bones.. When exhale, you breathe out onto your skin and hair.. Secondly, it is a mental activity.. Taichi Chuan is a moving meditation that puts your body and mind in perfect unison.. Taichi Chuan is very slow in motion.. The purpose of the slowness is to develop the keen awareness of your body and your movement.. QiGong is breathing techniques plus meditation.. Taichi Chuan is advanced Qigong exercise.. Taichi Chuan focuses on two areas in practising:.. The first is DanTian (your core area.. It means Life Essence Field).. Taichi Chuan is an internal exercise that focuses working on your DanTian which consists of your reproduction organ (where the Qi coming from), your small intestine (where you get your  ...   themselves to be their own chiropractors.. If your spine in good shape, you generally enjoy good health.. As a martial art:.. Taichi Chuan is also a martial art focusing on mental strong and internal physical strong.. As to mental strong, Taichi Chuan emphasizes being calm, alert and relaxed mental status.. As to physical strong, Taichi Chuan develops two basic martial abilities.. One is rooting, the other is sensing.. Rooting makes you firm in standing and sensing makes you fast in responding and capable in neutralizing incoming force.. Taichi Chuan used to be called shadow boxing because you play with imaginary opponent when solo practice.. Each movement has its martial meaning.. Each part of your body is trained to be able to use as a weapon in the real fighting.. Besides solo practice, Taichi Chuan also has two-person training known as Push-Hands in that you try to sense your partner s intention and find his weak point while concealing your intention and maintain your balance.. Taichi Chuan is also called Culture boxing because it is very rich in content.. By learning Taichi Chuan, you also become familiar to Chinese traditional medicine, philosophy and arts of war, the wisdom of Chinese five thousand year history.. Tai chi Academy of Los Angeles..

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  • Title: The Benefits of exercising Taichi
    Descriptive info: The Benefits of exercising Taichi.. Tai chi Chuan is the top effective weapon in fighting the following human enemies:.. Constipation or bowl movement difficulties.. Prostate risk.. Lower back pain.. Arthritis.. High blood pressure.. Cancer.. There is a saying: Death starts from colon.. Tai chi Chuan has specific ways message and detoxify your colon.. Traditional Dantian movements are originally and especially designed to work on prostate area, male practitioners can be greatly benefited with the exercise.. Tai chi Chuan has six specific techniques working on your spine from your neck to your tail bone to keep it in good shape.. kai-min-meng or open the door to life is one of them..  ...   medicine.. Tai chi Chuan is intentional slow in order to get ALL joints involved in the movements if you do it correctly.. We helped to make a commercial (named WHAT S YOUR WEAPON ) for American Arthritis Foundation in 2011.. Quality Tai chi Chuan movements look mindful and elastic.. Good taichi training makes your muscle fiber and blood vessel elastic and springy.. Chinese word for Cancer is , which literally means mountain of food in your body or wastes accumulating and becoming poison.. Cancer only survives in poisonous and lack of oxygen environment.. Tai chi Chuan as a healing art is nothing but to detoxify and to oxygenize your body..

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  • Title: 2013 Summer Special Offer
    Descriptive info: 2013 Summer Special Offer.. (last time updated on May 13, 2013).. 12-Month-Taichi-Class Program.. Only $600.. sign up before June 15th, 2013.. You can come to any class available.. Monday.. 6:30-8:00pm; Tuesday 6:30-8:30pm;.. Wednesday.. 2:30-4:00pm;.. Friday 6:30-8:00pm.. Saturday 2:00-3:30pm.. What: Learn Taichi fundamentals, principles, basic drills and traditional long form routines;.. Take advantage of this..  ...   something you can greatly benefit in the years to come.. Call or email us to make an oppointment to visit our school and meet your teahcer here.. He will answer your questions and discuss what you need and how to achieve it.. to make an oppointment:.. call now 626-665-3613.. or email to: sunanguang@gmail.. com.. classroom..

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  • Title: Class Schedule & Tuition
    Descriptive info: Class Schedule Tuition.. Evening Time:.. Monday 6:30 - 8:00pm; Tuesday.. 6:30 - 8:00pm;.. Friday.. 6:30 - 8:00pm.. Day Time:.. Wednesday 2:30-4:00pm; Saturday 2:00-3:30pm.. Group classes.. (scheduled as above):.. Pay $100 for one month.. $320 for four months.. ($80 per month).. $840 for 12 months ($70 per month).. Ask for Discount Special Program.. Private Classes.. (one hour per session).. :.. $65 for each single.. session.. ;..  ...   change according to enrollment and students requirement;.. You can save money by selecting long term program because your commitment in learning is very much necessary and therefore is greatly encouraged;.. Tuition is to be paid before taking classes;.. Call or email to make appointment for your 30 minutes free intrudctory private lesson;.. Private classes is scheduled to fit personal need.. Tai Chi Academy of Los Angeles..

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  • Title: Private Lessons
    Descriptive info: Private Lessons.. We suggest that students consider to take some private lessons.. Why? Taking Private Lesson not only make your learning much easier but also save your time.. Tai Chi Chuan is an advanced internal art, not a shallow external physical movement, which means it cannot be learned by just copying the movements.. The essence of the art is mostly  ...   body and close range mouth-to-ear communication.. The fast way to learn is to learn correctly under teacher s undivided surveillance eyes and therefore to avoid unnecessary mistakes that often result in forming bad habits.. Besides, private lessons can be arranged to fit your time and tailored to suit your particular needs.. You can progress at your own pace.. small classroom..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: To have a qualified Taichi teacher is the first step in learning.. A qualified Taichi teacher (Sifu ) himself should be a life testimonial of this healing art as well as martial art.. He is always motivated and passionate to share his Taichi with people.. He becomes the Sifu of Taichi through long year diligent learning, practicing and teaching.. He himself enjoys good health physically and mentally.. He sets a good example for his students to learn from.. Sifu Sun Anguang ( ) is the teacher here.. He started learning chinese martial art in 1982 from a top Tong Bei Quan ( ) master Zheng Jian Feng ( ) of Sheng Yang City for six years.. He began learning Taiji Quan in 1987 from grandmaster Xue Ju Jin ( ) of Qing Dao City for another six years before moving to America in 1993.. He also learned Chen Style Taichi from Grandmaster Zhu Tian Cai ( ).. Sifu Sun Anguang loves chinese martial arts and internal exercises very much.. He never stops learning and practicing in the last 30 years.. Taichi has become his life.. His motto is LEARN, PRACTICE AND TEACH.. The following are some of his credibilities.. 2000 Taichi master for Disney Studio in making TV  ...   Angeles Convention Center.. Tai chi Academy s students group Performance at Pasadena City Civic Auditorium 08/12/07.. Mass Media s Recognition Coverage.. Interviewed by NBC4, T52, TVNZ, SNA7, ETTV, KSCI TV, CCTV4, SKY TV, CTI TV, TVB, Phoenix TV, MOVIN 93.. 3, AM1300, AM1430, KWAM1370.. Awards.. Certificate of Congressional Recognition/US Congress/Hilda L.. Solis, the Congresswoman.. Certificate of Recognition/County of Los Angeles/Michael D.. Antonovich, the Supervisor.. Certificate of Recognition/City of Los Angeles/Antonio R.. Villaraigosa, the Mayor.. Tai Chi Master of The Year 2008/The Eleventh World Congress on Qigong/TCM/Dr.. Effie Chow, the Chair.. Published Scholarly Books, Articles and DVD in the Field.. Essentials of Tai Chi Chuan , Vol.. 1-2, published by Guangming Publishing House, 1998.. Tai Chi World printed and published by Guangming Publishing House, 2002.. Styles of Tai Chi Chuan U.. S.. Healthy Life, September/2000.. Masters and Styles, Attack from Behind , Inside Kung-Fu, November 2007, Vol.. 35, No 11.. Sun Style s Secret Punch , Inside Kung-Fu, December 2007, Vol.. 35, No 12.. Sun Style Tai Chi DVD produced and published by APG MEDIA,.. Taking a Stand , Inside Kung-Fu, December 2008, Vol.. 36, No 3.. Explosive Tong Bei , Inside Kung-Fu, April 2009, Vol.. 37, No 4.. Explosive Tong Bei DVD produced and published by APG MEDIA..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: Tai Chi Academy Of Los Angeles.. sunanguang@gmail.. tel:626-665-3613.. Main Street, Alhambra,CA91801,USA..

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