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  • Title: Take 10! | Getting Kids Active 10 Minutes at a Time
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Program.. Background.. Physical Activity + Learning.. Implementation.. FAQ.. News.. Materials.. Kit Contents.. Sample Materials.. Teacher Resources.. Testimonials.. Register Your Class.. Evidence.. Theory.. Achieving Recommendations.. Case Studies.. Publications.. Order.. How To Order.. Order Form.. Training.. Grant Collaboration.. Partners Resources.. Contact Us.. In the News.. TAKE 10! joins the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation and takes the  ...   Order Now.. You can now order online.. from.. FlagHouse.. in addition.. to by phone/fax.. and mail.. Click here.. to learn more!.. For TAKE 10! Users.. FAQ.. Testimonials.. Register Your Classroom.. TAKE 10! is helping thousands of students become healthy learners.. Check out these examples.. Partners Resources.. Contact.. Site Map.. Privacy Policy.. © 2012 ILSI Research Foundation..

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  • Title: TAKE 10! Program | Take 10!
    Descriptive info: TAKE 10! Program.. Getting Kids Active 10 Minutes at a Time.. Just 10 minutes a day of movement can go a long way toward impacting children s learning and physical activity levels.. TAKE 10!.. is an evidence-based program that integrates physical activity, nutrition, and health concepts with academic lessons in elementary school classrooms, positively impacting both teachers and students.. Among its many strengths, TAKE 10!:.. is  ...   5th grades,.. uses safe and age-appropriate 10-minute physical activities,.. integrates grade-specific learning concepts,.. is cost-effective,.. is system fit and complements existing academic content,.. appeals to students with different learning styles, and.. educates regarding positive health behaviors.. By integrating physical activity with core academic content, TAKE 10! promotes physical activity and learning in a fun, safe, and creative way.. Learn more about TAKE 10! here:.. Frequently Asked Questions..

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  • Title: Background | Take 10!
    Descriptive info: Obesity rates among children and adolescents have increased significantly in the past 20 years.. Although a poor diet is often cited as the culprit for the rise in childhood obesity, the key to prevention is achieving energy balance.. Short bouts of physical activity have been shown to have health benefits.. 1.. The.. ILSI.. Research Foundation worked with education and health experts to develop TAKE 10!.. in 1999 to promote structured, 10-minute activities in the elementary classroom.. Each grade-specific kit is divided by academic content area: language arts, math, science, social studies, and general health.. TAKE 10! helps children  ...   promoting structured physical activity breaks during the school day.. As of fall 2011, TAKE 10! has been disseminated to more than 55,000 elementary classrooms in the United States.. International studies are also being conducted in Brazil (TIRE 10!), China (HAPPY 10!), England (TAKE 10! UK), and Colombia.. to download more background information on TAKE 10!.. Reference.. U.. S.. Department of Health and Human Services.. Physical Activity and Health: A Report of the Surgeon General.. Atlanta, GA: U.. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion; 1996..

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  • Title: Physical Activity + Learning | Take 10!
    Descriptive info: was designed to integrate grade-specific academic learning objectives with age-appropriate physical activity.. The program:.. enables teachers to reinforce classroom concepts using alternative teaching methods;.. enhances math and reading skills, particularly in children who aren t adapting well to the school.. environment.. ;.. links physical activity with core classroom concepts in language arts, science, mathematics, social studies, and character education;.. allows students to be active within the space limitations of a standard-size classroom;.. requires no special equipment or tools; and.. includes visually appealing program materials for both teachers and students.. To see how TAKE 10!  ...   Diamond PM,.. Hoelscher.. DM.. ,.. Kelder.. S, Ward.. JL.. PASS CATCH: Fitness and academic achievement among third and fourth grade students in Texas.. Presentation at the American College of Sports Medicine Annual Conference; Indianapolis, Indiana; May 30, 2008.. 2.. Donnelly JE,.. Lambourne.. K.. Classroom-based physical activity, cognition, and academic achievement.. Preventive Medicine.. 2011 Jun 1;52.. Suppl.. 1:.. S36-42.. Epub.. 2011 Jan 31.. 3.. Kibbe.. DL, Hackett J, Hurley M, McFarland M, Schubert KG, Schultz A, Harris S.. Ten years of TAKE 10!.. â.. : Integrating physical activity with academic concepts in elementary school classrooms.. S43-50..

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  • Title: Implementation | Take 10!
    Descriptive info: Time is a critical concern in the education sector.. Classroom teachers are under increasing demands to meet national and state annual yearly progress, which sometimes limits time for physical education, recess, or other physical activity sessions.. Administrators and educators also express concern about exchanging classroom time for physical activity, health, or nutrition education, citing the possible negative impact on standardized test scores and overall student achievement.. In addition, financial concerns persist for many schools, which raises the issue of finding ways to simultaneously meet learning standards and budgets.. To address these issues, the.. Research Foundation created TAKE 10!.. to:.. offer a cost-effective program that links physical activity with academic learning objectives,..  ...   physical activity, and.. assist children in developing lifetime health behaviors.. Through the unique design of the TAKE 10! program, teachers are able to maintain a focus on classroom objectives while students engage in 10-minute periods of physical activity in a fun and educationally meaningful way.. Current research suggests that TAKE 10! may enhance students learning potential.. For more information, visit the.. Evidence section.. School Schedule.. TAKE 10! activities are designed to be inserted into long, sedentary learning blocks.. to download what a school schedule looks like for a regular classroom versus a TAKE 10! classroom.. Classroom Tips and Teacher Resources.. A variety of helpful classroom tips and teacher resources are available.. here..

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  • Title: Frequently Asked Questions | Take 10!
    Descriptive info: How is TAKE 10!.. different from physical education class or recess?.. O.. ne goal of TAKE 10! is to reduce long periods of inactivity in the elementary classroom.. Physical education is designed to promote motor skills in sustained sessions of movement, whereas recess promotes unstructured or free play.. TAKE 10! is different because it integrates grade-specific academic learning objectives with short periods of structured physical activity in the K-5 classroom.. Why do children need more physical activity?.. There are two primary reasons: 1) Obesity rates and sedentary behavior among children and adolescents have increased in the past 20 years.. Approximately 1 in 4 children are overweight or obese.. Obese children are more likely to become obese adults and, as a result, are at increased risk of developing serious diseases including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and certain cancers.. 2) To maximize brain development and learning potential, children must learn how their body moves and understand the importance of physical activity and energy balance.. Participation in TAKE 10! helps children achieve this goal through its activities and health content.. How will students benefit from the TAKE 10! program?.. In addition to getting much needed physical activity and having fun while learning, students have the opportunity to experience academic lessons in ways that appeal to different learning styles.. 4.. How will teachers benefit from the TAKE 10! program?.. TAKE 10! teachers will  ...   teachers?.. Little preparation is required by teachers to integrate the activities with their lesson plans.. Identifying the specific learning objective is easy because each TAKE 10! activity card and worksheet is marked with the primary and/or secondary academic topic.. 7.. Other than implementing the program, what other tasks will be asked of the teacher?.. All participating classrooms receive tracking posters in their TAKE 10! kit.. The posters are mounted in the classroom and activities are tracked by placing a sticker on the poster.. If a program is grant funded, teachers may be asked to complete the TAKE 10! student knowledge mastery questionnaires and teacher program implementation evaluation questionnaire included in each kit.. 8.. Can the teachers make changes in the lessons to meet other objectives?.. Absolutely! Using the lesson template in each kit, teachers are encouraged to create their own TAKE 10! lessons that reinforce daily learning objectives and explore new ways to creatively incorporate physical activity into the school day.. 9.. How are the TAKE 10! materials packaged?.. The materials are grade specific and come with a sturdy 3-ring binder; thus, there is a kit for each grade level (K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th).. Donnelly JE, Greene.. , Gibson CA, et al.. Physical Activity Across the Curriculum (.. PAAC.. ): a randomized controlled trial to promote physical activity and diminish overweight and obesity in elementary school children.. Prev.. Med.. 2009;49(4):336-341..

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  • Title: News | Take 10!
    Descriptive info: News about Take 10!.. Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 06/28/2010 - 10:56am.. is an award-winning school-based intervention integrating physical activity with academic lessons.. Joining the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation coalition is part of TAKE 10! s strategic commitment to partners who help families realize small behavior changes to achieve healthier lifestyles.. Read more..

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  • Title: TAKE 10! Materials & Teacher Resources | Take 10!
    Descriptive info: TAKE 10! Materials Teacher Resources.. materials come in fun, colorful kits that appeal to students and teachers alike.. Each kit includes:.. 39+ activity cards,.. 50+.. copyable.. worksheets designed to reinforce learning objectives presented in the activity cards,.. 3 tracking posters with more than 400 stickers to track activities and reward students,.. Teacher resources to enhance implementation, and.. Student health knowledge assessments and teacher program evaluations.. Would you like to try TAKE 10! before you buy? Download grade-specific activity card  ...   what they re saying.. Teacher Training.. Fun, interactive TAKE 10! teacher trainings are available upon request.. Visit the.. teacher training.. page for more information.. to download the TAKE 10! Teacher Training Request Form.. Additional Resources.. Classroom Registration.. : Register your classroom here to receive TAKE 10! tips and updates.. Classroom Tips.. : Tips to help you implement TAKE 10! in your classroom are available here.. Idea Submission.. : Have an idea for a TAKE 10! activity? Share your idea here..

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  • Title: Kit Contents | Take 10!
    Descriptive info: Each TAKE 10!.. kit includes:.. 3 tracking posters with stickers to track activities and reward students,..

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  • Title: Sample Materials | Take 10!
    Descriptive info: Visit the links below to view.. PDFs.. of the following TAKE 10!.. sample materials.. Materials Kit Cover.. (.. 2nd.. Grade).. Table of Contents.. (Kindergarten).. Activity Poster.. (K-5).. Activity Stickers.. Teacher Resources.. Completion Certificate.. TAKE 10! Tips.. TAKE 10! Cool down.. Language Arts.. Opposites in Action.. (K - Activity Card).. Are You My Opposite?.. (K - Worksheet).. All About You.. 1st.. - Activity Card).. You Are Special.. - Worksheet).. Math.. Invisible Jump Rope.. Which Sign?.. Science.. Stories in Space.. 3rd.. Space City Planner.. Social Studies.. Active Citizen.. 4th.. Executive Branch.. Health.. Digesting Nutrients.. (5th - Worksheet)..

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  • Title: Teacher Resources | Take 10!
    Descriptive info: The Physical Activity and Nutrition (PAN) program staff conducts the TAKE 10!.. teacher trainings on behalf of the.. Research Foundation.. We are a small organization, so our trainers are flexible relative to scheduling and training implementation.. In addition to helping teachers become comfortable with implementing TAKE 10! in their classroom, we aim to provide trainings that contain state- or region-specific content as well as information about the link between health and learning and curriculum integration.. Training Fee:.. There is a $1,000 honorarium per day per trainer.. What the Training Fee Covers:.. We will present a maximum of 3  ...   for interested school districts.. Other Training Expenses.. :.. The host organization is required to cover all travel expenses associated with the TAKE 10! training.. In addition, TAKE 10! training materials folders should be provided to teachers by the host organization.. The folders contain supplemental information about health and learning link, movement descriptions, sample materials, and a variety of other resources.. For specific details about pricing, please refer to the.. pricing.. section.. Other Resources.. C.. lassroom Registration.. Register your classroom here to receive TAKE 10! tips and updates.. Have an idea for a TAKE 10! activity? Share your idea here..

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