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  • Title: TEMPL: Smithy - News
    Descriptive info: .. Smithy - News.. Quick link:.. weapons.. making.. author.. Changes on the pages:.. 01.. 12.. 2012.. In the catalog of weapons there is a new.. Spatha (152).. 26.. 08.. Sword (151).. and.. Ring (405).. 07.. Viking sword (150).. and added new page.. Conservation.. 05.. Sword (149).. 9-11.. Present in.. Metallurgical workshop Stará huť 2012.. 23.. 02.. In the texts there is a new.. Riding spur (abstract).. Some decorative technologies (abstract).. Sword (148).. Spearhead (228).. 18.. 2011.. Anglosaxon sword (147).. 28.. 10.. Sword (146).. 22.. Ango (145).. , his.. , and.. making of Sword of "D" type (144).. 21.. Sword of "D" type (144).. 16.. Sword (226).. ,.. Sword (227).. New item in.. lectures.. 2010.. Sword (143).. 14.. 11.. Added new page ".. Lectures.. " with invitation to english lecture in Poland.. 20.. Formal changes in the code engine, web style and interlink.. Sword (142).. 7.. 9.. Spurs (140).. Spurs (141).. and Prague(CZ) exhibition.. Treasures of Moravia.. 25.. (139).. Gothic sword (225).. 3.. 1.. Roman sword (Podlodow type) (136).. German spatha (137).. Viking sword (138).. 27.. 6.. 2009.. Sword (224).. 4.. Seax (135).. 2008.. Roman sword (Vimose-Illerup type) (132).. Sword (133).. Sword (134).. Viking sword (131).. Sword (130).. 2.. Sword of "X" type (129).. Sword (223).. 8.. 2007.. Sword (127).. Sword (128).. Celtic sword (126).. 29.. 5.. In the catalog of weapons there is a new Sword (125) and odds change in items  ...   his making.. and with.. Bastard sword (219).. 2004.. Roman ring pommel sword (116).. New Celtic sword (114) and.. Spatha sword (115).. Added technics of.. 15.. New exhibition.. Vandalen.. Sword (216).. Schiavonna (217).. Czech thussack (218).. Interact links in.. blades.. Viking swords.. Update scripts on side server, logic interlink,.. XHTML.. 0 Strict and full.. Manifest Dogma.. W4.. 2003.. Anglosaxon sword (113).. Austrian riding sword (215).. Added feature in.. making of weapons.. 12 - 16.. 9.. 2003.. Website is down.. My webhosting server www.. pipni.. cz crashed.. Sorry.. New japanese sword.. Katana nagasa (312).. and new photos in site.. making hils.. In the catalog of weapons new Viking sword (112),.. Napoleonic grenadier sabre (214).. and new.. in.. meaking of weapons.. New (last!) address sites.. http://www.. templ.. net/.. New swords in catalogue of weapons.. Viking sword (110).. , Viking sword (111).. 2002.. Expansion and adaptation pages at XHTML (XML) and remake old design.. New section.. exhibitions.. news.. winter 2001.. move to new webhosting http://www.. host.. sk/.. summer 2000.. Remake design pages, expansion.. summer 1998.. First prehistoric version web on sever xoom.. com(mypage.. org).. autor: Patrick Bárta (.. templ templ.. net.. ).. TEMPL.. česky.. Smithy.. News.. Exhibitions.. Patrick Barta and contact.. Weapons.. antiquity and early middle age.. middleage and modern age.. japan.. unclassified.. Making of weapons.. welded steel.. hilts.. decoration.. Zukowice sword.. Blatnice sword.. Ango.. Texts.. Sword, symbol of power, virtue and courage.. Sword from Blucina..

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  • Title: TEMPL: Weapons - antiquity and early middle age
    Descriptive info: Weapons - antiquity and early middle age.. List of weapons:.. [121] Celtic sword.. [126] Celtic sword.. [134] Sword.. [125] Gladius hispanensis (late republican).. [101] Roman sword (Cantebury-Kopki type).. [148] Sword.. [116] Roman ring pommel sword.. [119] Roman sword (Einang type).. [132] Roman sword (Vimose-Illerup type).. [136] Roman sword (Podlodow type).. [149] Sword.. [117] Germanic gold hilt spatha.. [135] Seax.. [145] Ango.. [146] Sword.. [152] Spatha.. [137] German spatha.. [115] Spatha sword.. [103] German sword "spatha".. [123] Anglosaxon sword.. [147] Anglosaxon sword.. [133] Sword.. [113] Sword.. [104] Sword.. [122] Girdle of a magnate.. [140] Spurs.. [141] Spurs.. [127] Sword.. [128] Sword.. [151] Sword.. [142] Sword.. [107] Viking sword.. [129] Sword of "X" type.. [124] Viking sword.. [130] Sword.. [110] Viking sword.. [131] Viking sword.. [120] Viking sword.. [138] Viking sword.. [150] Viking sword.. [143] Sword.. [144] Sword of "D" type.. detail of the hilt.. global view.. Catalogue number:.. 121.. Name:.. Celtic sword.. Epoch:.. 3rd century BC.. Discover (museum):.. Holubice, Czechia.. Lenght:.. 893 mm.. Weight:.. 840 g.. Price:.. 900 EUR.. 126.. proto-pattern-welded blade, scabbard from iron and bronze.. 2nd century BC.. sword: La Tene, Switzerland.. scabbard: Ulster, Nord Ireland.. 957 mm.. 1500 EUR.. corpus.. 134.. Sword.. more informations about making.. around 200 BC.. Zukowice, Poland.. 829 mm.. 780 g.. 1000 EUR.. 125.. Gladius hispanensis (late republican).. blade with iron body and steel edges, wood and brass.. 1st century BC.. blade: Zemplin, gr.. 78, Slovakia.. hilt: Delos, Greece.. scabbard: Ljubljanica, Slovenia.. 948 mm.. 1030 g.. 1700 EUR.. crossection of blade.. 101.. Roman sword (Cantebury-Kopki type).. sandwich blade from welded steel, hilt from wood and horn.. 2nd century.. Krasnik, Poland.. 912 mm.. 1110 g.. hilt.. hilt 2.. 148.. 4th-5th century.. Kragenhul, Denmark.. 922 mm.. 900 g.. 800 EUR.. detail of scabbard chape.. detail of hilt.. 116.. Roman ring pommel sword.. , gold.. inlayed.. iron parts.. rd century AC.. blade: Krupice, gr.. 106, Czechia.. hilt: St.. Margaretten, Switzerland.. scabbard: Vimose, Denmark.. 738 mm.. 1040 g.. 500 EUR.. 119.. Roman sword (Einang type).. scabbard chape, hilt from bone.. end of 3.. blade: Nydam, nr.. 392 and 439, Denmark.. hilt: Cologne, Germany.. scabbard: Nydam, Denmark.. 870 mm.. 1010 g.. 000 EUR.. 132.. Roman sword (Vimose-Illerup type).. , hilt from ebony wood, silver and gilted bronze.. sword: Illerup, Denmark.. 921 mm.. 1250 g.. 136.. Roman sword (Podlodow type).. with three and four fullers, cooper inlayed figures of Mars and Fortuna.. Podlodow, Poland.. 872 mm.. 149.. two layered pattern-welded blade, hilt from wood and antler, sword bead from ambre..  ...   630.. Sutton Hoo, Britain.. 892 mm.. 1020 g.. detail.. 103.. German sword "spatha".. gilted bronze, silver, garnets (was made in cooperation with.. Pavel Rihacek.. circa AD 700.. Vendel, Sweden.. 969 mm.. 1190 g.. 123.. Anglosaxon sword.. pattern welded blade.. , bronze hilt with.. engraving.. and gilting.. 8th century.. Fetter-Lane, Great Britain.. 925 mm.. 1410 g.. 200 EUR.. 147.. another possibility of the reconstruction sword 123, silver and gilted bronze hilt with.. 1550 g.. 133.. , hilt from horn, wood and bronze.. 7th century.. Bildso, Denmark.. 928 mm.. 113.. , silver.. Great Britain.. 880 mm.. 940 g.. 104.. , hilt with.. inlay.. from brass.. before AD 800.. Stare Mesto, Moravia (Czech).. 938 mm.. 1205 g.. 300 EUR.. first part.. second part.. 122.. Girdle of a magnate.. engraved leather, iron parts.. This replics can be found on the exhibition.. "Treasures of Moravia".. before AD 850.. Stare Mesto, Moravia (Czechia), grave nr.. 266/49.. 140.. Spurs.. iron.. by silver, cooper, brass.. 224/51.. 190 mm.. 141.. and covered iron.. 150 mm.. detail of blade.. 127.. and iron inlayed blade, bronze hilt, handle from cariboo horn.. 10th century AC.. Vestre-Berg, Norway.. 996 mm.. 1390 g.. 128.. hilt from iron, silver and fossile oak.. around 900 AD.. Gilling-West, United Knightom.. 995 mm.. 1420 g.. 700 EUR.. 151.. pattern-welded blade, hilt from iron, silver.. Sheffield, United Knightom.. 1200 g.. second detail of hilt.. diagonal view.. 142.. hilt from iron decorated by engraved silver inlayes.. Abingdon, United Knightom.. 972 mm.. 1730 g.. damask blade.. 107.. Viking sword.. circa AD 800.. Mikulcice, Moravia (Czech).. 1002 mm.. 1600 g.. 129.. Sword of "X" type.. 10th century.. 953 mm.. 800 EUR.. 124.. , silver and cooper.. Torblaa Ulvik, Norway.. 975 mm.. 1640 g.. blade.. 130.. , hilt inlayed by copper and covered by gold and silver folio.. Westminster (Great Britain).. 1340 g.. 110.. , hilt from silvered iron.. Nedre Store - Var (Norway).. 913 mm.. 1160 g.. 131.. cooper and silver.. hilt,.. pattern-welded blade, handle from horn.. 9th century.. Nantes (France).. 879 mm.. 1520 g.. detail of the guard.. 120.. hilt, pattern-welded blade.. 1000 mm.. 138.. hilt from cooper inlayed iron, pattern-welded blade.. Gjermundbu, Norway.. 986 mm.. 1630 g.. 150.. hilt from cooper inlayed iron, pattern-welded blade, other possibility of reconstruction.. 981 mm.. 1710 g.. 143.. hoolow iron hilt, inlayed by silver, pattern-welded blade.. Busdorf, Germany.. 961 mm.. hilt2.. 144.. Sword of "D" type.. pattern-welded blade, iron hilt inlayed by silver and brass,.. Blatnica, Slovakia.. (Hungarian National Museum, Budapest).. 1003 mm.. 2200 g..

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  • Title: TEMPL: Making of weapons - welded steel
    Descriptive info: Making of weapons - welded steel.. smelting.. the cleaning of the steel via forging.. Raw materials for the smelting: charcoal, softwelded iron, iron ore.. smelting; hand bellows joint with smelting furnace.. smelted steel.. left a piece of steel right another piece of steel ready for packet.. the packet from 5 pieces of steel with clag before the welding..  ...   of slags.. the foursection of the packet.. The packet before next welding.. This proces of cleaning is repeated 4-8 then is the steel clean.. Welded steel.. Welded steel on the edge of pattern - welded sword.. sandwich blade.. Lines of welding on the sandwich blade.. Wood structure.. Wood structure of welded steel on the blade of katana sword..

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  • Title: TEMPL: Smithy - Patrick Barta and contact
    Descriptive info: Smithy - Patrick Barta and contact.. This is a catalogue of Patrick Bárta, swordsmith, specialized in repliques of European swords up to the 9th century.. Since 1995, he cooperates with many Czech and foreign museums, academic institutions.. On occasion, he gives invited lectures at Masaryk universitiy.. His credo is maximal quality of his works and the use of exclusively traditional procedures when making the swords.. Patrick Bárta was born in 1971, he finished grammar school in 1989.. He became a profession swordsmith in 1992.. Between 1993 and 1995 he studied  ...   1997.. Patrik stayed at his native place and has specialized in European arms, Pavel moved to an ancient mill on Želetavka river near Jemnice and focused on Japanese weapons.. In 2004, Patrick has built his own smithy, for which he renovated ancient machinery and manufactured his own tools.. In 2009, he began to study Restoration - Conservation at the.. Department od Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University.. Remember, please, that this catalogue shows only some of the arms manufactured by Patrick Bárta.. Kontakt.. smithy: Brno, Czech Republic, European Union,.. e-mail:..

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  • Title: TEMPL: Weapons - unclassified
    Descriptive info: Weapons - unclassified.. [401] Daggers - pattern-welded steel.. [402] knive Kukri.. [403] Malayan "kris".. [404] Modern pattern-welded knive.. [405] Ring.. 401.. Daggers - pattern-welded steel.. one 1.. detail view.. 402.. knive Kukri.. pattern-welded blade marked with meteor.. 19th century.. 391 mm.. 530 g.. 403.. Malayan "kris".. with pattern-welded blade.. 404.. Modern pattern-welded knive.. autor's suggestion.. 405.. Ring.. pattern-welded nickel.. 150 EUR..

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  • Title: TEMPL: Smithy - Conservation
    Descriptive info: Smithy - Conservation.. Reconservation of the iron dussack.. The topic of this study is reconservation of a pretentious iron dussack coming from the collections of Muzeum Vysočiny in Jihlava, Nr.. Ji-Fs 47231.. The text is divided into two chapters: Theory, and in the second chapter Research and Intervention.. website of thesis.. (.. PDF.. in czech)..

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  • Title: TEMPL: Texts - Riding spur (abstract)
    Descriptive info: Texts - Riding spur (abstract).. Summary: A 9.. th.. century riding spur in the view of blacksmith.. Abstract.. Patrick Barta made a replica of a riding spur of Prušánky type from medieval cemetery in Divaky(CZ), grave 163(photo 2).. The Divaky spur isnt very exacting product of blacksmithing(see making process-fig 1) except making of plates on ends of spur-legs.. These plates were probably drilled and than put together by small iron rivets to the spur-legs(fig.. 3).. "ecause the ownership  ...   probable, that the maker wasnt a ordinary smith, but a specialist.. Two spurs need 320 g of soft iron and 15 hours of smith-work.. It appears, that spurs were common and no very expensive goods.. Anyway in overall charges for riding horse was certainly a amount for spurs only trivial part.. [[.. full version in czech language.. ]].. BÁRTA Patrick, Ostruha z 9.. Století z Divák pohledem kováře.. Hradec Králové 2010.. Živá archeologie 11/2010, str.. 136-137, ISSN 1213-1628..

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  • Title: TEMPL: Texts - Some decorative technologies (abstract)
    Descriptive info: Texts - Some decorative technologies (abstract).. Some decorative metallwork technologies from the view of a craftsman.. The article shows four decorative metallwork technologies from the view of a craftsman.. There are one blacksmith technique (pattern-welding), and three jewelery technologies (inlaying, filigree- work and cloisonne).. The most elaborate from this four technologies is the cloisonne – the decoration of one square centimeter can take more than 50 work-hours.. From  ...   and filigree work relatively resistant, but the problem can be with conservation- restauration of cloisonne-work.. The cloisonne inlay, the most from garnets or glass, are very fragile and already since the birth of the object can be under stress.. Than very small mechanical impulse can produce a crack of whole inlay.. BÁRTA Patrick, Některé historické techniky zdobení kovů z pohledu řemeslníka.. Brno 2011.. Muzea, památky konzervace.. ISBN 978-80-210-5628-2..

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  • Title: TEMPL: Weapons - middleage and modern age
    Descriptive info: Weapons - middleage and modern age.. Arms are manufactured according to preserved exhibits, blades from steel class.. CSN.. 14 260, sharp.. In case of interest is possible to use.. made on wooden coal by traditional technology.. On renaissance swords.. forge-welded guards.. It is possible decorate this swords with engravings or.. inlays.. [226] Sword.. [228] Spearhead.. [224] Sword.. [227] Sword.. [225] Gothic sword.. [215] Austrian riding sword.. [204] sword "Katzbalger".. [205] Sword.. [206] Sword.. [223] Sword.. [207] Sword.. [208] Sword.. [209] Sword.. [220] Sword.. [219] Bastard sword.. [211] Bastard sword.. [212] Basilard.. [222] Basket-hilt sword.. [213] Rapier.. [221] Magyar sabre.. [214] Napoleonic grenadier sabre.. [216] Sword.. [217] Schiavonna.. [218] Czech dussag.. 226.. hilt inlayed by silver and copper, blade by gold.. 11th century.. Dublin, Ireland.. 942 mm.. 1230 g.. 228.. Spearhead.. steel edges on the iron body.. Lubon, Poland.. 440 mm.. 960 g.. 224.. hilt inlayed by silver  ...   1270 g.. 205.. end of 16th century.. 1130 mm.. 1290 g.. detail view 1.. detail view 2.. 206.. gold and silver inlays.. Dresden, Germany.. 1175 mm.. 1065 g.. 223.. around 1590 AD.. Germany.. 1131 mm.. 1370 g.. 207.. circa AD 1600.. museum Dresden, Germany.. 1108 mm.. 208.. circa AD 1630.. 1150 mm.. 209.. okolo roku 1600.. 1125 mm.. 600 EUR.. 220.. Lipnice, Czechia.. 1163 mm.. 219.. Bastard sword.. 211.. AD 1560-1580.. middle Europe.. 1190 mm.. 212.. Basilard.. AD 1530.. 757 mm.. 690 g.. 222.. Basket-hilt sword.. Malbork, Poland.. 1105 mm.. 1995 g.. 1800 EUR.. 213.. Rapier.. 1185 mm.. 1540 g.. 221.. Magyar sabre.. Prague, Czechia.. 857 mm.. 910 g.. 214.. Napoleonic grenadier sabre.. circa AD 1800.. 1320 g.. 216.. handle covered with rayskin.. 1140 mm.. 1180 g.. 217.. Schiavonna.. 17th century.. 1010 mm.. 1380 g.. detail od hilt 2.. 218.. Czech dussag.. end of 15th century.. 777 mm..

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  • Title: TEMPL: Making of weapons - Ango
    Descriptive info: Making of weapons - Ango.. Final photos you can see in section weapons:.. The Ango is a kind of spear and was used common in the end of antiquity.. This concrete piece was made for Masaryk university –.. Department of anthropology.. for a investigating of cause of the death of unknown queen (?) that  ...   Žuráň.. near.. Brno.. This queen was probably murdered by this weapon.. cutting of the material for putting of steel part of the point.. putting of steel part of the point.. welding of the point.. cutting of hooks.. forging of the body of the ango.. finishing of the body of the ango.. cleaning of forge-surface..

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  • Title: TEMPL: Making of weapons - Blatnice sword
    Descriptive info: Making of weapons - Blatnice sword.. In 1876 was near the village.. Turčianská Blatnica.. in Slovakia found a grave with rich decorated sword, spear-head, three spurs, metal parts of a girdle and a axe.. The find was presented by its holder.. Sir Franciscus Révay.. to.. National museum in Budapest.. the study of the original sword in National museum Budapest in the autmn 2009.. two pieces of pattern-welded rods twisted to the right and to  ...   rough worked sword.. rough worked hilt – detail.. making of brass inlaying of the handle – inlays and cutting slots for it.. the hilt after brass inlaying and before engraving of it and silver inlaying.. peening of sword tang under pommel before completing od whole sword.. Author thanks to Mr.. Mgr.. Michal Pirek, Ph.. D.. for his help for making of this replica for future exhibition of.. National museum of Slovakia in Bratislava - castle..

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  • Archived pages: 49