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  • Title: Safari Holidays. Wildlife and Culture Holidays Worldwide
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. |.. Destinations.. Holiday Types.. |.. About Us.. Contact Us.. Safari Wildlife and Culture Holidays.. These wonderful holidays really do offer the best of both worlds, offering authentic moments that most travellers will never experience.. You'll see nature's most magnificent creatures up close, including tigers and turtles, monkeys and meerkats.. Observe these animals in their natural habitats and get up close for a perspective few people ever experience.. You’ll also see amazing landmarks - both famous and little-known - and meet the locals, coming home with a real insight  ...   Land of the Lemur.. Australia - Koalas Kangaroo Island.. Departures From May to November.. from £2,299.. from £2,799.. Departures From February to November.. from £2,899.. Brown Bears, Humpback Whales an Alaskan Cruise.. Nepal - Temples the Jungle.. Battlefields and Bushtracks - South Africa.. Departures In July andAugust.. from £2,395.. Departures From January to November.. from £1,399.. from £2,499.. Holiday Destination Links.. Spain.. -.. Norway.. Finland.. Iceland.. Oman.. Mongolia.. Egypt.. USA.. Africa.. Sri Lanka.. New Zealand.. South America.. South Africa.. India.. Far East.. Australia.. Canada.. Safari Holidays.. Terms.. Privacy.. Links.. Site Map..

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  • Title: Safari Holiday Destinations
    Descriptive info: Safari Holiday Destinations.. Quick Links.. The straw donkey and sombrero image of Spain is now largely consigned to the bin.. In its place comes a sheaf of sparkling and evocative new images, as the visitor trend turns from sun-and-fun package holidays to individually tailored, more sophisticated themes.. Click Here for Spain Wildlife Holidays.. Finland is the big surprise of the Nordic countries, a natural wonderland with more trees than people and more islands than any other nation in the world.. With endless miles of wilderness and 188,000 lakes on their doorstep, the Finns are uniquely in tune with their surroundings.. Click Here for Finland Wildlife Holidays.. Norway is a land for nature lovers, with breathtaking fjords and glaciers, summer's midnight sun and a sparsely populated wilderness.. Click Here for Norway Wildlife Holidays.. Wild, rugged and colourful, Iceland, ‘the land of ice and fire', is a country like no other: a contrasting landscape of black lava fields, red sulphur vents, boiling blue geysers and green valleys.. Bays and fjords dot the coast, while in the interior rivers and waterfalls abound.. Click Here for Iceland Wildlife Holidays.. Spend an evening on the beach with nesting greenback turtles and watch a leaping school of dolphins in the azure blue waters of the arabian Seas.. drive along rugged coastline and through dramatic mountain landscape.. Click Here for Oman Wildlife Holidays.. Wild horses gallop across timeless terrain.. Pristine rivers cut through dramatic gorges and cascade into crystal clear lakes.. Visit the ‘Land of Blue Sky’ and discover the birthplace of Genghis Khan who changed the course of history.. Click Here for Mongolia Wildlife Holidays.. From iconic pyramids and medieval bazaars, to natural beauty and a vibrant contemporary culture, Egypt is a land packed with captivating treasures.. Click Here for Egypt Wildlife Holidays.. Vast plains, snow-covered mountain ranges, forested rolling hills, deserts, strange rock formations, soaring skyscrapers, stunning coastlines, impressive national parks and a thriving cultural  ...   to the mysteries of Peru's Inca civilisation.. Click Here for South America Wildlife Holidays.. South Africa is made of unforgettable scenery, from lofty mountains to sun-baked deserts and dramatic coastlines washed by the Atlantic and Indian oceans.. Game viewing in the many parks and reserves is both spectacular and surprising.. Click Here for South Africa Wildlife Holidays.. India is a mystical land that presents the traveller with a bamboozling array of unforgettable experiences.. Apart from its ancient spiritual framework, India's vastness also challenges the imagination, being home to one sixth of the world's population.. Click Here for India Wildlife Holidays.. Asia tours offer the chance to explore some of the oldest civilisations but they're also a wonderful journey for the senses.. For example, you might see pink sunsets over ancient temples, smell the spices and touch exotic produce in the markets, taste delicious dishes packed with fresh flavours, and hear the calls of exotic animals and birds in mist-shrouded jungles.. Click Here for Far East Wildlife Holidays.. Drenched in sunshine and glowing with affable charisma, Australia is an enticing land of vast beaches, pulsating cities and reams and reams of bushland.. One of the country's greatest lures is its sense of space; a beach, patch of tropical forest or piece of sandy desert all to oneself is an easy reality.. Click Here for Australia Wildlife Holidays.. Canadian rail journeys in spring are entrancing as new shoots break through the frozen ground, but the autumn is no less stunning when waves of orange leaves swell and break in the forests.. Click Here for Canada Wildlife Holidays.. Spain Wildlife Holidays.. Norway Wildlife Holidays.. Finland Wildlife Holidays.. Iceland Wildlife Holidays.. Oman Wildlife Holidays.. Mongolia Wildlife Holidays.. Egypt Wildlife Holidays.. Africa Wildlife Holidays.. South Africa Wildlife Holidays.. Sri Lanka Wildlife Holidays.. Far East Wildlife Holidays.. India Wildlife Holidays.. New Zealand Wildlife Holidays.. Australia Wildlife Holidays.. Canada Wildlife Holidays.. USA Wildlife Holidays.. South America Wildlife Holidays..

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  • Title: Themed Wildlife Holidays
    Descriptive info: Themed Wildlife Holidays.. Whale Watching.. Click Here for Whale Watching Holidays.. Brown Bears.. Click Here for Brown Bears Holidays.. Polar Bears.. Click Here for Polar Bear Holidays.. Click Here for Safari Holidays.. Whale Watching Holidays.. Polar Bear Holidays.. Brown Bears Holidays..

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  • Title: About Us : Safari Holidays : Wildlife Holidays
    Descriptive info: About Us..

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  • Title: Contact Us : Safari Holidayse
    Descriptive info: What ever your requirments we can help.. You can contact us any of the following ways:.. Phone.. 0845 3440342.. *Outside UK Please Use Email.. Fax.. 0845 3440341.. Email.. sales@webtravelservices.. co.. uk.. Post.. Guardsnow Ltd.. 7 Fidlas Rd Llanishen Cardiff.. CF14 0LW.. South Glamorgan,.. Wales, U.. K..

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  • Title: Kenya & Tanzania - Wildlife Extravaganza
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  • Title: Madagascar - Magical Land of the Lemur
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  • Title: Australia - Koalas & Kangaroo Island
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  • Title: Brown Bears, Humpback Whales & an Alaskan Cruise
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  • Title: Nepal - Temples & the Jungle
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  • Title: Battlefields and Bushtracks - South Africa
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