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  • Title: Home
    Descriptive info: .. Subsurface Imaging.. Home.. OUR SERVICES.. OUR PROJECTS.. OUR PEOPLE.. Our Products.. Accurate Subsurface Images.. CREATING GREAT IMAGES OF THE SUBSURFACE.. Since the mid 1980 s we have been working with New Zealand industry innovating, changing, and being changed by the dynamic and fast growing world of applied geophysics.. In forming our own company then, we were able to do what we were doing better, and to work with the changing needs of our clients.. SSI was born from this, an idea to deliver high quality underground images to a  ...   over 25 years experience internationally, we continue to develop better ways to deliver high resolution, meaningful images to our clients, and we have some fun doing it.. Talk to us about how to incorporate geophysical techniques into your projects.. REGIONAL OFFICES.. Auckland, New Zealand.. Sydney, Australia.. Singapore.. Phnom Penh Cambodia.. PROVIDING SERVICES IN:.. Exploration Project Management and Consulting.. Borehole Geophysics.. Ground Radar.. Radio Imaging.. Resistivity Imaging.. Our Sercives.. Pages.. Our Projects.. Other.. Projects.. Whats New.. Our People.. Information Request.. Regional Offices.. 2013 Subsurface Imaging.. All Rights Reserved.. Web Designer:.. Althea Schutte..

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  • Title: OUR SERVICES | Subsurface Imaging
    Descriptive info: Flexible geophysical solutions.. Over the past thirty years or so the company has changed and adapted to suit a myriad of client needs, and we have the skills and experience to turn our hand to really any geophysical project.. Contact us to talk about what you have planned, and we can look into how geophysics can help.. Our core fields of work in  ...   Imaging.. In Australia we have a long track record utilising the Radio Imaging Method, and various other techniques, while in Cambodia we are actively engaged in wide ranging projects employing aerial magnetic surveys, seismic surveys, borehole GPR and ERI throughout SE Asia, and this list grows along with our clients needs!.. Services.. Contact Info.. For general enquiries contact Michelle:.. Phone:0508 900 990.. Email:michelle@ss-i.. biz..

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  • Title: OUR PEOPLE | Subsurface Imaging
    Descriptive info: Our staff boast a wide range of technical skills, practical know-how, and have experience in a variety of projects big and small.. Please feel free to get in touch with us for more information on our services.. Grant Roberts.. Director, Principal Geophysicist, currently working out of Cambodia on various projects.. Michelle Noble.. General Manager, currently working in Auckland office coordinating the New Zealand based projects.. Sebastian Clar.. Senior Geophysicist, currently working from Dunedin as a consultant on various projects.. Daniel Garnett.. Geophysicist, currently working out  ...   Ivan Berry.. Field Technician and Workshop Manager, based at the Auckland office and the go-to guy for building and fixing almost anything.. Sydney, Australia.. Singapore.. All general enquiries:.. Ph: +64-21-725-303.. Free Ph: 0508-900-990.. Fax: +64-9-826-0900.. Email: michelle@ss-i.. For more info on GPR or ERI contact Sebastian Clar:.. Ph: +6421 710 922.. Email: sebastian@ss-i.. For more info on Borehole Geophysics contact Daniel Garnett:.. Ph: +6421838139.. Email: daniel@ss-i.. For more info on product sales and projects in Asia and Australia contact Grant Roberts.. :.. Ph:.. +855887863111.. Email:.. grant@ss-i..

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  • Title: Our Products | Subsurface Imaging
    Descriptive info: Subsurface Imaging are your Australasian agent for Geoscanners AB, and can supply you with all the information, advice and equipment you need when it comes to Ground Penetrating Radar.. Geoscanners AB are a Swedish company widely recognised as a world leader when it comes to light-weighted, reliable, rugged, and importantly easy to use ground penetrating radar (GPR) systems.. Geoscanners success in developing revolutionary GPR systems lies in their innovation, and a dedication to the global advancement and dissemination of GPR technology.. This strong involvement in the scientific community means users of the gear have the backing of an industry leader when it comes to product support and development.. They have a range of products to suit any requirements; from state of the art antennas and control units, to full integrated systems which are ready to use.. Locating pipes, conduits, hidden sinkholes and layers has never been easier.. The.. U-Explorer.. is our all-in-one solution for the utility location surveys or any other investigation that requires shallow depth investigations.. The unit is the combination of several our top of the line products: the control unit Akula 9000, the new SVC-820 survey cart, one of our shallow depth antennas at your choice and our powerful collection and post processing software package.. This unit is targeted for applications such as:.. Utility detection and mapping.. Void detection and location.. Environmental damage location.. Forensic investigations.. Archaeology.. Have the flexibility to move the technology WITH you!.. Scorpio.. The unit is the combination of several our top of the line products: the control  ...   many consulting companies at a daily basis.. These antennas provide an outstanding signal to noise ratio, an excellent form and weight factor and finally but not the least a penetration depth not achievable with similar products from other manufacturers.. The series extend from center frequencies from 100MHz and up to 2500MHz to cover most of the ground penetrating radar applications.. Read More.. Air launched antennas.. have been traditionally the tool of choice when it comes to road and railroad inspection For this specific tasks, we can offer to our customers two high class horn antennas with respective center frequencies of 1GHz and 2GHz.. The penetration depth of these antennas surpasses that of many other manufacturers while maintaining an excellent resolution and signal to noise ratio.. Read More.. Borehole Antennas.. Geoscanners are renowned to provide the best signal and data quality there is to find when it comes to.. borehole antennas.. At the same time the dimensions are kept as low as possible, allowing the use of these antennas in their main field of application like mining, where free space and the size of the borehole might be constricted.. The borehole antennas come in three different center frequencies: 100, 500 and 1000GHz to provide a full support for all applications demanding the use of borehole antennas for ground penetrating radar.. Multi-Frequency Antenna.. The line of ground penetrating radar antennas would not be complete without our range for the lower part of the spectrum the.. MFC1250 multi-frequency antenna.. SERVICES.. For general info on these products contact Daniel Garnett:..

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  • Title: Regional Offices | Subsurface Imaging
    Descriptive info: Ph: +64-9-826-0700.. Free Phone: 0508-900-990.. 3061b Gt North Rd, New Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand | PO Box 15-038 New Lynn.. Ph: 1800-35-99-05.. Fax: +61-2-9457-6338.. Unit 17 3 Hamley RdMt KuringGai 2081, Australia | Po Box 211, Berowra NSW.. Ph: +855-16-276692.. 417 Sisowath Blvd, Sangkat Chaktomuk, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.. Ph: +65 9835 2698.. Fax: +65 6566 7718..

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  • Title: Exploration Project Management and Consulting | Subsurface Imaging
    Descriptive info: Subsurface Imaging are excited to be actively involved with multiple international exploration programs in locations as diverse as Mongolia, Cambodia and Africa, as well as operations throughout New Zealand.. We have a diverse set of capabilities, and a strong base of experience in Asia and surrounds.. Ground and airborne geophysics acquisition and interpretation.. Project generation and development consulting.. Greenfield/Brownfield program design.. Preliminary ground investigations.. Satellite imagery interpretation and geological modelling.. Stream sediment geochemistry.. Auger, Trenching and Pitting and follow up ground geophysics.. Detailed surveys and drill target generation / resource  ...   projects that are cost effective, results driven, and locally relevant.. We will work with you to deliver the right solution wherever your project may be.. With the backing of our established experience in exploration projects throughout New Zealand, Australia, Asia and the Pacific, SSI can manage exploration programs effectively and efficiently.. To discuss what we can do for your project contact Principal Geophysicist Grant Roberts (grant@ss-i.. biz or +855 887863111 / +6421721351).. [View as Slideshow].. For general info on project management and consulting contact Grant Roberts:.. Ph: +855887863111.. Email: grant@ss-i..

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  • Title: Borehole Geophysics | Subsurface Imaging
    Descriptive info: Borehole geophysics has proven to be an indispensable tool for our clients in coal exploration, mineral mining, coal seam gas exploration and scientific research to name just a few.. It is an incredible value-adding tool to confirm target depths, characterise overburden, assess dipping angles and much, much more.. Subsurface Imaging uses state of the art combination tools from Century Geophysical Corporation to maximise the information gathered from the hole, while maintaining usability and the convenience to transport the  ...   anywhere claim to extremes! See Our Projects ) Our most popular tools are listed here, but we can get in a tool to suit almost any endeavour very quickly.. With the backing of a huge amount of experience in exploration projects all over NZ, and a comprehensive support structure, we can manage your borehole geophysics effectively and efficiently.. Email us for more information.. More Info.. Borehole Tools.. Geophysical Well Logging.. For general info on Borehole Geophysics contact Daniel Garnett:..

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  • Title: Ground Radar | Subsurface Imaging
    Descriptive info: What is Ground Radar?.. Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is a high-resolution, shallow penetrating geophysical technique which provides cross-sectional images of reflectors associated with sharp changes in electromagnetic impedance.. A pertinent example is the generation of reflection from the rock/air interfaces defining voids, and reflections signifying underground utilities.. Penetration depth can vary from ~1m up to 30m or more, and depends variably on the geology and the antenna used.. GPR has a well known track record as an efficient and reliable method  ...   Destructive Tests (NDT s) in construction and roading, utility location, and void detection among many other applications.. It is versatile and cost effective, and Subsurface Imaging has an impressive track record of successful suveys employing this technique.. We are also agents for some of the best GPR equipment produced internationally, and can provide components or full systems as per requirements.. Talk to us about what you want to see.. Borehole GPR.. Method Equipment.. For general info on Ground Radar.. contact Sebastian Clar:..

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  • Title: Radio Imaging | Subsurface Imaging
    Descriptive info: What is Radio Imaging?.. Electromagnetic Tomography, also known as Radio Imaging Method (RIM) is a method by which an image of the conductivity distribution of the ground between a transmitting antenna and receiving antenna may be obtained.. The method is similar to a medical CT Scan,however our access around the feature of interest is often limited to boreholes or roadways either side of the target.. Thus we acquire a 2D image that represents a slice through the target.. We are also agents for some of the best GPR equipment produced internationally, and can provide components or full systems as per.. requirements.. Equipment.. The RIM equipment is divided into the borehole RIM2 system and the handheld RIM2020 system.. This photo shows the RIM2 transmitter probe:.. Both systems contain H field antennas operating at frequencies of 2.. 5 to 992kHz.. The RIM2 system measures both amplitude and phase data by means of a control unit synchronized transmitter and receiver, whilst the RIM2020 system measures only amplitude information.. The RIM2 probes are 4m long and 45mm wide, enabling a wide selection of holes diameters to be surveyed.. They are connected to winches via 550m of milspec kevlar reinforced fibre optic cable.. The use of fibre  ...   signal is absorbed (attenuated) as it propagates through the earth.. The signal attenuation is a function of the transmission frequency and the electrical conductivity of the media.. By setting up a transmitter at one point and a receiver at another it is possible to measure the signal loss and/or phase change along the path between the two points.. By collecting many overlapping raypaths it is possible to invert the attenuation distribution into an image by use of specialised processing software.. The diagrams below show how the RIM signal is attenuated.. The picture on the right shows typical raypath coverage between 2 boreholes.. A radio signal at a specific frequency travels further through low conductivity media (limestone, coal, potash, meta-sediments, granite) than through materials with high conductivity (shale, mudstone, clay, ore zones etc).. Therefore a conductive ore within a resistive host acts as an excellent RIM target.. The data are processed using the state of the art Imagewin packed from CMTE in Australia.. This package is specifically designed for electromagnetic tomography data and contains algorithms such as weight clamping and central weighting to enhance the tomography dataset.. RIM for Mineral Exploration.. Underground Coal Application.. For general info on Radio Imaging.. contact Grant Roberts:..

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  • Title: Resistivity Imaging | Subsurface Imaging
    Descriptive info: Multi-electrode resistivity surveys allow for the collection of depth and volume information of subsurface structures through electrical measurements at the surface.. This represents a versatile non-invasive method to accurately assess a wide variety of subsurface features.. Electrodes are arranged in various arrays at the surface, and current is passed through the source-detector system; it is the variations in this transmitted current that is recorded.. By varying the electrode separation and location we can obtain information on subsurface changes in soil resistivity and map these variations with position and depth.. Applications of ERI include  ...   extent of saline intrusion at coastal sites, and in void assessment, especially in clay-rich conductive areas where GPR is ineffective.. Using modern equipment and good survey design this method can be rapidly applied over a large area investigating both shallow and deep soil conditions.. Benefits:.. • Large sites can be investigated.. • Deep soil conditions determined.. • Non-destructive and non-invasive.. • Portable and environmentally neutral.. • Enhance the results from previous electromagnetic induction (EMI) surveys.. Crosshole Imaging.. Geological Imaging.. Imaging Coal.. Imaging Groundwater.. For general info on Resistivity Imaging contact Sebastian Clar:.. biz..

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  • Title: Other | Subsurface Imaging
    Descriptive info: Category Archives for.. Sep 2012 News Letter.. In This Issue: • Latest International Projects • Value Adding Solutions for Exploration • New Heli-Portable Logging Unit Operational • New Website Launched! Latest International Projects Subsurface Imaging are thrilled to be involved with managing multiple international exploration programs in locations as diverse as Mongolia, Cambodia and Africa, as well as operations throughout New [.. ].. SSI delivers high quality results.. Ive just spent several days writing methods statements and safety protocols for projects we are bidding on.. Theres some hard calls we make when we estimate resources.. We need to strike a fine balance between costs and margin and quality.. Its an art as often theres no right way.. Experience shows me that you get [.. Using Geophysics in your  ...   Ways to get good value from Geophysics 1) Do Geophysical surveys because it [.. Geophysical Data.. Computers and the latest generation of soft ware can now do some wonderful things with data.. The processing power on a notebook is more than most mainframes had even 10 years ago.. Theres a caution here, much of the procesing and aquisition has been dumbed down so inexperienced operators and processors get loose on [.. Geophysics.. IS GEOPHYSICS BLACK MAGIC I sometimes wonder that when i go on site i need a large broom and witches hat or maybe a wand, ive been offered divining sticks, metal rods, wooden bits of tree and even just straight arm waving and the MAGICIANS are so so convinced their divining methods work, maybe it [..

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