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  • Title: Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions -
    Descriptive info: .. Global.. The Americas.. More.. Europe.. Asia Pacific.. Olympus.. Terms of Use Copyright.. Privacy Notice.. Imprint.. Print Page..

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  • Title: Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions -
    Descriptive info: Search.. Universal 5.. 3 Megapixel bottom-mounted TEM Camera.. Our new 5.. 3 Megapixel TEM camera for the on-axis port: TENGRA.. Fast 11 MegaPixel bottom-mounted CCD TEM camera.. Quemesa – Everything counts: excellent contrast, high sensitivity, high frame rates and 11 Megapixels.. Compatibility with SerialEM.. OSIS TEM cameras are now compatible with SerialEM, a software for the automated acquisition of tilt series for electron tomography..

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  • Title: Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions -
    Descriptive info: Quemesa – Because everything counts: 4x higher sensitivity, 4x larger field of view, 4x higher speed..

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  • Title: Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions -
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  • Title: Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions - Terms of Use & Copyright
    Descriptive info: Home.. Terms of Use & Copyright.. Terms of Use & Copyright.. General Delivery and Payment Terms.. |.. General License Terms.. Copyright and Trademark Acknowledgments.. 1.. 1.. These general terms of delivery and payment are exclusively applicable to the business relationship for its.. entire duration.. Olympus shall not recognise any conditions of the Customer which are in conflict with or.. deviate from these conditions unless Olympus has expressly agreed to these in writing.. These general terms of delivery and payment shall also apply should Olympus unconditionally execute a delivery to the customer.. in full knowledge of the conflicting or deviating terms of the customer.. 2.. All agreements concluded between Olympus and the customer for the purposes of execution of this contract.. are to be set down in writing in this contract.. Any subsidiary oral agreements which are in conflict with the.. c.. ontent of the written agreement shall only apply if confirmed in writing by Olympus.. 2.. Quotations and Orders.. Olympus quotations shall always be non binding.. Although in principle, contracts with Olympus only come into force once Olympus has issued a written.. confirmation, they also come into force with the commencement by Olympus of the execution of an order.. Olympus’ confirmation of order or, where no such confirmation of order exists, Olympus’ quotation, is.. authoritative for the content of the contract.. 3.. Olympus reserves the right to make technical, and design changes, in particular improvements, even after.. confirming an order, in so far as this is reasonable for the customer.. 4.. Where a declaration by Olympus exists that has been designated as a description of a service or product,.. this description conclusively and completely specifies the characteristics and qualities of the supplied.. product or service.. In cases of doubt, these types of descriptions, illustrations, references to DIN/ISO.. standards etc.. should not be assumed to constitute receipt of a warranty.. In cases of doubt, only explicit.. written declarations by Olympus are authoritative in terms of receipt of a warranty.. 3.. Prices.. Prices are indicated in Euro or in another agreed currency and do not include Value Added Tax (VAT).. VAT.. shall be invoiced at the currently valid rate.. Prices shall be calculated on the basis of the prices in effect on the date of delivery/performance, in so far as no.. agreement to the contrary has been made.. Should the customer desire an uncustomary mode of dispatch, e.. g.. , express delivery, the additional costs.. shall be charged to his account.. Prices quoted shall apply free delivered to the customer, including normal packaging and forwarding costs.. For orders with a net invoice value of under 200 (two hundred) Euro a flat rate of 5 (five) Euro shall be charged.. for postage and packaging costs.. These charges shall not apply to follow-up deliveries from a larger total order.. 4.. Terms of Payment.. Invoices are payable no later than by the due date indicated in the invoice.. Payment shall be made without.. any deduction and free of all charges.. No deduction of a discount is permitted unless such discount was expressly agreed upon.. Should the deduction of a discount be stipulated in the respective quotation/agreement or in the respective invoice, such discount is granted only if and to the extent that at the date of.. receipt of payment no balance is due in favour of Olympus.. In case of repairs and deliveries of spare parts.. the possibility of deduction of a discount is excluded.. Payments are regarded as having been made on the day that these sums are at the disposal of Olympus.. Cheques are accepted as payment but are subject to the customary reservations.. Promissory notes are only.. accepted after prior agreement and only as payment subject to the customary reservations.. All costs arising.. in connection with cheques or promissory notes are borne by the customer.. The customer is only entitled to offset amounts in commercial transactions if his counterclaim has been.. legally established, uncontested or is recognised by Olympus.. The customer shall have no right to redebit.. or retain monies unless this is based on the same contractual relationship.. In the event of default in payment, the customer shall be obliged to pay interest for default as of the date on.. which he de-faults on payment, which annual interest shall amount to 10% above the applicable base rate.. of the European Central Bank and shall be no less than 12%.. The right of Olympus to demonstrate a higher.. loss and the right of the customer to demonstrate a significantly lower loss remain unaffected.. In any case the.. customer shall be liable for statutory default interest.. No interest is payable on down payments and advance payments.. Olympus shall also be entitled within reaso-nable limits to withhold deliveries, even those.. from different orders, and to perform delivery only against prepayments or on a cash-on-delivery basis.. 5.. Notwithstanding the rights contained in these terms of delivery and payment, Olympus’ legal rights in respect.. of default of payment and ability to pay remain unaffected.. Delivery times agreed to by Olympus shall be.. extended by the period of default of payment.. 6.. In the event of a perceptible deterioration in the customer’s financial circumstances, suspension of payments by the custo-mer, excessive indebtedness, a petition for institution of insolvency proceedings being.. filed, or the dishonouring of cheques by the customer, all of Olympus’ debts shall become payable immidiately.. In such cases, Olympus shall be entitled at its discretion to demand advance payment or provision.. of security or, should the customer definitively refuse to meet the terms of the contract and/or to provide.. security, to terminate the contract or demand damages for non-performance.. 5.. Delivery.. Delivery times/deadlines shall only be binding if confirmed by Olympus in writing.. The delivery deadlines shall be considered to have been met if, by the time of the deadline, the delivery.. item has been dis-patched or collected from Olympus, or, should this dispatch or collection be delayed.. t.. o.. reasons for which Olympus is not responsible, if notification of readiness to deliver is given within the stipulated time.. Delivery times that have agreed upon in writing shall be extended by a reasonable period should their non-observance after conclusion of a contract be as a result of “force majeure”, mobilisation, war, riots,.. strikes, lock-outs, attachments, embar-goes, or the occurrence of other unforeseen hindrances which cannot.. be eliminated by reasonable means and which are outside of the sphere of responsibility of Olympus.. The same shall apply should such circumstances affect subcon-tractors and ancillary suppliers.. Should delivery be impossible in whole or in part because of the nonculpable failure of Olympus to obtain supplies itself, as a result of “force majeure” or of difficulties not caused by negligence of Olympus, Olympus shall be entitled to terminate the contract.. In this event, the customer shall not be entitled to claim damages or delivery of whatever kind.. The customer’s right to termination upon expiry of a reasonable period of grace granted to Olympus without result shall remain unaffected.. Claims for compensation or reimbursement of expenses as a result of impossibility of - or delay in - performance of the ser-vice or delivery shall be restricted to the amount of damages which could have been.. foreseen at the conclusion of contract.. There shall be no liability in respect of the above in the event of.. simple negligence on the part of Olympus.. Compensation entitlements in respect of intentional damage,.. damage to health, personal injury or death remain generally unaffected.. Should dispatch or delivery of the goods be delayed by circumstances lying within the sphere of responsibility of the customer, Olympus shall be entitled to charge the resulting additional expenses to the customer’s account.. 7.. Part deliveries shall be permitted.. To the extent that such part deliveries can be used on their own, they shall be con-sidered as independent deliveries in respect of the due date of payment.. 6.. Dispatch and Packing.. Dispatch within the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany shall be from a location to be specified at.. the discretion of Olympus unless otherwise stipulated by the parties.. The manner of delivery shall be.. subject to Olympus’ discretion.. Special requests of the customer shall be met in so far as this is possible.. The customer shall bear any resulting additional expenses (see Item 3.. above).. The goods shall be delivered in packaging which is suitable for dispatch and transport.. Should means of packing or trans-port be desired above and beyond this transportability requirement, the customer shall bear the additional expenses.. For after-sales service deliveries (replacement parts, repair equipment), postage and packaging shall be.. calculated separately.. Should damaged packaging have to be replaced, Olympus reserves the right to charge for the replacement if Olympus did not cause the damage.. 7.. Passing of Risk.. The risk lies with the customer for all deliveries, including any returns, even if freight prepaid, FOB, or CIF.. (Incoterms 2000) delivery has been agreed.. The risk shall pass to the customer as soon as the consignment leaves the warehouse of Olympus or of a warehouse maintained by Olympus.. Should delivery be.. delayed at the customer’s request or as a result of circumstances for which the customer is responsible,.. the risk shall pass to the customer for the duration of the delay as of the date of notification of readiness to deliver.. 8.. Reservation of Title.. Olympus shall retain title to the goods until all present and future claims against the customer to which.. Olympus is entitled as a result of mutual business have been settled (reserved goods).. Olympus’ claims shall not be extinguished upon being included in any current account balance and Olympus recognising.. this balance.. The customer shall store the reserved goods in a proper manner and insure them sufficiently.. at his own expense.. The customer shall be entitled to resale of the reserved goods only within the framework of his ordinary course of business, either against payment in cash or upon agre-eing upon a reservation of title.. The customer shall be prohibited from transferring ownership by way of security, pledging,.. or otherwise disposing of the reserved goods in any manner which thwarts or impedes the reservation of.. title in functioning as security.. Should third parties attach reserved goods in the customer’s possession,.. the latter shall inform such third par-ties of Olympus’ reservation of title, and shall inform Olympus in writing.. of the attachment enclosing the order of attachment and a statutory declaration which declares that the goods attached are identical with the reserved goods supplied.. The customer shall bear any costs arising.. from attempts to prevent attachments by third parties in the event that pro-ceedings are successful and in.. the event that attempts to enforce the judgement on the third parties in question are not successful.. Any modification or processing of the reserved goods affected by the customer on behalf of Olympus shall not give rise to any obligations for Olympus.. In the event of processing, combination, or mixing of the.. reserved goods with other non-Olympus goods, Olympus shall be entitled to the resulting fractional share.. of co-ownership of the new item, in accordance with the ratio between the value of Olympus reserved.. goods and that of the other goods processed at the time of pro-cessing, combination, or mixing.. Should.. the customer acquire sole ownership of the new item, he shall grant Olympus co-ownership of the new item in proportion to the value of Olympus’ reserved goods and shall hold the item in safe custody for Olympus free of charge.. In the event of resale or leasing of the reserved goods, the customer assigns to Olympus in advance and.. by way of secu-rity his claims against his customers arising from this resale or leasing, up to the value of the.. reserved goods sold in each individual case; this assignment shall apply until all claims of Olympus arising.. from business dealings with the customer have been settled.. Should the reserved goods be resold or.. leased together with goods from other suppliers and should an overall invoice be issued for both types of goods, the customer shall assign to Olympus that portion of the total price char-ged and/or of the total rental fee corresponding to the reserved goods included in the overall invoice; the same shall apply to.. ancillary rights (reservation of title, transfer of ownership by way of security, bills of exchange and the like).. In a fiduciary capacity and for the account of Olympus, the customer shall be entitled to collect claims.. arising from resale which have been assigned to Olympus, and shall be entitled to enforce ancillary rights.. The customer’s authorisation to col-lect and the authority to enforce ancillary rights can be cancelled for.. good cause, in particular in the event of a substantial deterioration in his financial position.. The above-mentioned authorisations in particular the customer’s authorisation to col-lect, shall extinguish definitivel.. y.. should he fail to fulfil his financial obligations to Olympus, should insolvency proceedings be instituted.. against him, or should the institution of such proceedings against him be refused for insufficiency of assets.. The customer shall not be authorised to dispose of the assigned claims by other means, e.. , by assignment to third parties (in particular to financial institutions), without prior written consent of Olympus.. In the event of default by the customer in making payment to Olympus, dishonouring of promissory notes.. or cheques, sus-pension of payments, excessive indebtedness, or should his assets be the subject of.. insolvency proceedings, or should the institution of such proceedings be refused for insufficiency of assets,.. the entire balance of his debts shall become pay-able, including promissory notes with later maturities.. In.. this event, the customer shall,  ...   against payment in cash or upon agreeing upon a reservation of title.. In the event of sale, the customer shall assign to Olympus all resulting claims against the.. purchaser in full and with all ancil-lary rights (reservation of title, transfer of ownership by way of security).. until all debts arising from the purchase price have been paid in full.. The reservation of title shall also extend to new products manufactured by combining the goods which Olympus has delivered with other.. objects.. In the event of combination with other objects, Olympus shall acquire co-owner-ship, which co-ownership the customer shall hold in safe custody for Olympus.. Item 9.. 1 shall apply with the following wording: The warranty period shall last 24 months from the date of.. delivery to the user.. 2 shall apply with the following wording: During the warranty period, the rights of the customer shall be limited to demand remediation of a defect, subject to the customer's rights -in case of failed remedy of defects- to demand at his choice reduction or rescission of the contract.. Sentence 2 shall not apply.. By purchasing the Software (hereinafter referred to as the 'SOFTWARE') as specified in the contract offer, by breaking the packaging seal, by installing or otherwise using the SOFTWARE, you (hereinafter referred to as the 'CUSTOMER') agree to be bound by these General License Terms.. If you do not agree to these General License Terms, please return the data medium, manuals already delivered to you in unopened packaging and with unbroken seals as well as all other parts of the acquired product without undue delay.. Software already stored on your computer and files downloaded from the data medium must be deleted without undue delay.. Refund of the purchase price shall be made swiftly.. 1 Subject matter of the License.. (1) These General License Terms relate exclusively to the data medium delivered to the CUSTOMER and the SOFTWARE on it, the manuals and the Software protection, to the extent that they have been developed and manufactured by OLYMPUS SOFT IMAGING SOLUTIONS GmbH (hereinafter referred to as 'OSIS').. The terms below do not refer to Hardware that may be sold together with the SOFTWARE.. (2) OSIS provides the SOFTWARE stored on a data medium to the CUSTOMER for permanent use.. 2 Right of Use.. (1) OSIS grants to CUSTOMER the simple non-exclusive individual right to use the SOFTWARE based on the following terms and conditions.. (2) In case OSIS has granted to CUSTOMER a MAIN LICENSE, the CUSTOMER may use the SOFTWARE on a single computer and on a single workstation only.. The CUSTOMER may copy the SOFTWARE, stored on a data medium or through a local network, from one computer to another, provided that the SOFTWARE shall, at no point in time, be used or useable on several computers and provided that the provisions of 3 are adhered to.. (3) In case OSIS has granted a SECONDARY LICENSE (MAIN LICENSE on more inexpensive conditions) the provisions of 2 (2) shall apply by way of analogy.. (4) In case OSIS has granted a DESKTOP LICENSE, the CUSTOMER may process pictures taken under the MAIN LICENSE on another workstation (DESKTOP LICENSE).. The following restrictions and provisions shall apply:.. (4.. 1) If OSIS grants a DESKTOP LICENSE, the SOFTWARE does not support a picture card.. 2) A DESKTOP LICENSE may only be used by the user or users of the MAIN LICENSE within the same department.. (5) The CUSTOMER may make a backup copy of the SOFTWARE.. (6) The CUSTOMER may copy the SOFTWARE, if it is necessary for the use permitted by this 2.. Permitted copying shall include, in particular, the installation of the SOFTWARE on the used hardware and its loading into random access memory.. In case the CUSTOMER has, on the basis of a written agreement with OSIS, the right to embed parts of the SOFTWARE specified in the agreement in programs created by CUSTOMER and to deliver the SOFTWARE in such form to third parties, delivery of the SOFTWARE shall only be made in compiled form as a component of the CUSTOMER's program and on the terms and conditions set out in the agreement.. OSIS' copyright notice shall be included in visible form in the CUSTOMER-program.. The CUSTOMER shall indemnify OSIS against all claims and costs which result from the use and/or distribution of CUSTOMER-programs so created.. (7) The rights of use granted by these General License Terms do neither extend to the source code, nor any program description other than the user documentation.. 3 Copyright.. (1) With the purchase of the SOFTWARE the CUSTOMER acquires ownership only in the physical data mediums, the user manuals and the software protection.. The CUSTOMER acknowledges that the SOFTWARE is covered by the protection of 69a et seq of the German Copyright Law and that OSIS and its suppliers, respectively, remain the holders of any and all industrial property rights in the SOFTWARE, the user documentation and the imaging analysis systems.. (2) OSIS reserves any and all rights and claims deriving from the copyright, in particular the right of publishing, copying and processing the SOFTWARE and the user documentation, if and to the extent that nothing to the contrary is expressly agreed in these General License Terms.. Taking into account the statutory restrictions of 69c et seq German Copyright Law the CUSTOMER shall not without OSIS' prior written consent.. modify, translate, de-compile or de-assemble the SOFTWARE.. copy any of the written material relating to the SOFTWARE.. rent or lease the SOFTWARE to a third party.. modify the software protection delivered with the SOFTWARE.. (3) Any transfer to third parties of the rights of use granted by OSIS to the CUSTOMER is only permitted if the CUSTOMER withholds no copies and the respective third party submits to these General License Terms.. (4) The CUSTOMER is not entitled to grant sublicenses.. 4 Defective Goods.. (1) OSIS does not warrant that the SOFTWARE is free from defects and informs that, as the technology currently stands, it is not possible to create the SOFTWARE so as to ensure its functioning free from defects in all environments.. In this respect it is only warranted that the SOFTWARE functions within the meaning of the program description and in connection with the hardware specified therein.. (2) The CUSTOMER shall inspect the SOFTWARE including the data mediums and the user documentation to the extent feasible within the ordinary course of business and without undue delay after delivery by OSIS; in case of any defect, the CUSTOMER shall give notice to OSIS without undue delay.. The foregoing applies particularly prior to any resale of the SOFTWARE to third parties, whether directly or pursuant to 2 (6) after embedding the SOFTWARE into other programs.. If the CUSTOMER fails to notify a defect, the SOFTWARE shall be deemed approved, unless the defect was hidden.. A hidden defect shall be notified after discovery without undue delay, upon failure of which the SOFTWARE shall be deemed approved also with regard to that defect.. The timely dispatch of the notice shall suffice to preserve the CUSTOMER's rights.. (3) If a defect appears after the CUSTOMER interfered with the SOFTWARE without OSIS' prior written consent, the defect shall be deemed not to exist.. A defect shall also be deemed not to exist if the SOFTWARE is used on hardware or on an operating system that does not meet the requirements laid down in the contract offer or in OSIS' product descriptions.. (4) In case of a defect OSIS shall be entitled to mend twice.. Should the defect not be remedied within an adequate time period, the CUSTOMER shall be entitled to either reduce the purchase price or to return the delivered SOFTWARE against refund of the purchase price.. (5) The time limit for statutory warranty claims shall be one year from delivery of the SOFTWARE to the CUSTOMER.. (6) There shall be no further rights based on warranty.. 5 Liability.. (1) The CUSTOMER's claims for damage shall be governed by this 5.. (2) OSIS shall liable in accordance with statutory law for wilful and grossly negligent conduct of its legal representatives and vicarious agents as well as pursuant to the German Product Liability Act.. (3) If obligations are breached due to slight negligence, OSIS shall be liable only if the obligation breached is of particular importance for the attainment of the contract purpose (cardinal obligation).. In those cases OSIS' liability shall be restricted to such amount which corresponds to the contract value and to such foreseeable damage which must typically be expected.. Any additional liability for slight negligence shall be excluded.. 6 Breach of Contract.. (1) In case the CUSTOMER, his legal representatives or vicarious agents infringe the provisions of 2 hereof or if they modify the software protection, particularly the Dongles, OSIS shall be entitled, without prejudice to damages claims, to rescind the contract.. (2) In case of rescission under 6 (1) the CUSTOMER shall be obliged to return to OSIS the SOFTWARE, including the original data mediums and all copies and modified versions of the SOFTWARE as well as the written material and the software protection.. The CUSTOMER shall confirm in writing that no copies of the SOFTWARE and the documentation delivered are being withheld.. (3) In case of breach of contract OSIS reserves all rights including the right to claim damages.. 7 Final Provisions.. (1) For any and all disputes between the parties arising out of or in connection with a contract governed by these General License Terms, the courts of Münster, Germany, shall have exclusive jurisdiction.. (2) These General License Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Germany excluding the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.. Copyright.. This web site is copyrighted 1994 -.. All rights reserved.. No part of this website may be reproduced, transfered, distributed, or stored in any form or by any means without prior written permission from the.. , except in accordance with the following allowance.. Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions allows the storage of data from this site and/or the printing of copies of these pages for personal use only.. Making copies of any part of this website for any purpose other than your own personal use is a violation of copyright laws.. For reproduction or distribution of the contents in whole or in part, including so-called framings and similar measures, contact.. The contents of this website are provided “as is”.. Except as required by applicable law no warranty of any kind, either express or implied, is made in relation to the accuracy, reliability or content of the pages.. While every precaution has been taken in its preparation, Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions and further reserves the right to revise the pages or withdraw access to them at any time without prior notice.. No liability is assumed for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein.. It is further stated that Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions is not responsible for any damage or loss to your data or your equipment that results directly or indirectly from browsing this website or downloading files.. Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions assumes no responsibility for material created or published by third parties that can be accessed from a link on this web site.. All information or data, its use and the logging onto the website as well as all actions, sufferance or refraints to do with the website are subject to German law.. By submitting material to any of our servers, for example by e-mail, ftp or via World Wide Web pages, you agree to the following terms.. You make the material available knowing that we may publish it.. You warrant that the material is fit for publication.. You agree to indemnify us if any third party takes action against us in relation to the material you submit.. You agree not to take action against us in relation to material that you submit.. By submitting material you warrant that you believe Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions may publish the material and/or incorporate it or any concepts described in it in our products without liability.. Trademark Acknowledgments.. analySIS and Soft Imaging System are registered trademarks of Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions.. The Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions logo and the product names.. slide, 3D, a4i, act, ADDA 3, ALTRA20, analySIS auto, analySIS Cast Iron Solver, analySIS CastIron Inspector, analySIS Cell Imaging, analySIS Cell Imaging Analyzer, analySIS docu, analySIS eis, analySIS FDA, analySIS FIVE, analySIS Filter Inspector, analySIS Inclusion Inspector analySIS intraScope, analySIS labFlow, analySIS Materials Research Lab, analySIS pro, analySIS Opti, analySIS Opti Basic, analySIS Particle Inspector, analySIS Starter, analySIS Steel Factory, analySIS Steel Solver, automation/stage control, AX70 remote control, BioCam, bx, Cantega2k, castIron, Cell^A, Cell^B, Cell^D, Cell^F, Cell^P, Cell^M, Cell^R, CC-12, chartNav, ColorCube-12, ColorView I, II, III and IIIu, conCrete, dotSlide, efi, F-View II, fft, fip, fis, grabBit PCI, intercept, isp, iTEM, KeenView, KeenView G2, lineWidth, ltm, MegaView I, II and III, MegaVIew G2, mFip, mht, mia, Morada, Quemesa, report, ride, Scandium, sim, siViewer, Soft Imaging Viewer, SC30, SpeedView, spm, stereo, Stream Start, Stream Work, Stream Essentials, Stream Motion, Stream Enterprise, trackIt!, UC30, UC50, Veleta, webRacer, wellNavigator, XC30, XC50 and XM10 are the property or trademarks of Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions.. All terms mentioned in this website that are known to be trademarks or services marks have been appropriately capitalized.. Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions cannot attest to the accuracy of this information.. Use of a term on this site should not be regarded as affecting the validity of any trademark or service mark.. Top..

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  • Title: Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions - Privacy Notice
    Descriptive info: Privacy Notice.. Introduction.. We are Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions GmbH, (Johann-Krane-Weg 39, 48149 Münster, Germany).. All references to “we/our/us” refer to Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions GmbH.. “Personal information” is defined as any information which refers to you personally such as your name, e-mail address and postal address.. Please read the following privacy policy to understand how we use your personal information after it has been collected by us.. Please read through this Privacy Policy before submitting any of your personal information to us.. You do not need to submit any of your personal information when browsing our website.. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy at any time, please contact.. E-Mail.. This privacy policy may be updated from time to time.. The date of the most recent revisions will appear on this page so please visit this privacy policy each time before you submit your personal information.. When do we collect data?.. We collect personal information from you when you do the following through our website:.. • register to order goods or services;.. • apply for a job with us or any of our subsidiaries (please see our separate Privacy Policy which asks for your consent before you can use our online application tool);.. • submit any other queries online.. What personal information do we collect from you?.. We collect the following personal information from you when you register including your:.. • name;.. • postal address;.. • phone number;.. • email address;.. • any other personal information which is submitted with your job application (please see our separate Privacy Policy which needs your consent before you can use our online application tool).. • any other personal information provided by you voluntarily.. What do we do with your personal information?.. When you give us any personal information as indicated above, we use your personal information to:.. • process your orders for goods and services;.. • correspond with you about your orders and provide you with information about the latest news or special offers which may be of interest to you unless you have opted to be excluded from these communications in a separate statement;.. • respond to your submitted queries and provide you with information about the latest news or special offers which may be of interest to you if you have opted to receive these communications in a separate statement;.. • process and correspond with you about your job application.. Who do we pass your personal information to?.. We may share personal information collected via the website within our corporate group.. Otherwise, we will only disclose  ...   do this.. However, should you decide to disable any cookies we place on your computer you may not be able to use certain services or facilities on the website.. Linking to other websites.. The website contains hyperlinks to websites owned and operated by third parties.. These websites have their own privacy policies and we urge you to review them.. They will govern the use of personal information you submit whilst visiting these websites.. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for the privacy practices of such third party websites and your use of such websites is at your own risk.. IP Addresses.. We study visitor trends since we are interested in the successful dissemination of information through the websites.. Our server creates log files of information such as the Internet Protocol (IP) address from your network, what pages were explored and the length of your visit.. Analysis software is used to generate reports which help us to learn more about how we can enhance your experience with the websites.. This information is not used to develop a personal profile of you.. The log files are regularly purged.. An IP address is a number designated for your computer by your Internet service provider to provide access to the Internet.. Generally, an IP address will change every time your computer connects to the Internet.. However, if you have a broadband connection, it is possible that the IP address that we may gather may contain information that may be deemed identifiable.. This could occur due to the fact that by using certain broadband connections, your IP address would not change and could be associated with your personal computer.. We may use your IP address to gather aggregate information on use.. But we will only be able to identify you individually if we have the means of linking the IP address to you as a particular user.. This usually requires access to additional information which we do not seek.. Your rights concerning your personal information.. You have the right to request a copy of the personal information that we hold on you and to have any errors in that information corrected.. Please address your request to the data protection manager at.. We will use reasonable efforts to supply, correct or delete personal information about you on our files.. Furthermore, you have the right to object to the use of your personal information at any time.. Please inform us either by using our contact address or the e-mail address stated above.. January 5, 2010.. Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions GmbH.. Data Privacy Officer..

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  • Title: Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions - Imprint
    Descriptive info: Imprint.. Published and Edited by:.. Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions GmbH.. Johann-Krane-Weg 39.. 48149 Münster, Germany.. phone: (+49) 251 / 79800-0.. fax: (+49) 251 / 79800-6060.. Commercial Register: Münster, No.. HRB 10405.. VAT registration number: DE 813 446 409.. SWIFT: DEUTDE 3B400.. IBAN: DE8640070080 00270207 00.. Place of jurisdiction: Münster, Germany.. Managing Directors:.. Michael Czempiel (Vors.. ), Frank Drewalowski, Masaaki Yamagishi.. Responsible:.. Dr.. Manfred Kässens.. e-mail:.. Manfred.. Kaessens@olympus-sis.. com.. editing/layout: Norberto Lopes / Manfred Kässens..

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  • Title: Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions - About OSIS
    Descriptive info: About OSIS.. Our Philosophy.. Our Vision.. Competence.. Research & Development.. HW & SW Manufacturing.. Your Life, Our Technology.. Business Fields.. Management.. Milestones.. Select category.. TEM Imaging.. SEM Imaging.. Select product.. As the leading system solution provider in microscopy, Olympus puts all of its expertise and passion into developing forward-looking products.. Digital technology, software environments, application areas and technical requirements for our light-optical microscopes are changing and advancing with increasing speed.. This means considerable growth potential and grounds for optimism regarding Olympus micro imaging business worldwide.. The Olympus global strategy is oriented towards enhancing effectiveness and value creation in its business areas.. This drive for excellence has motivated Olympus  ...   Competence and Excellence”.. for Olympus operations in the scientific micro imaging field.. The company operates as a part of the global framework of Olympus Micro Imaging.. It is positioned as a global supply unit for micro imaging software and hardware system development, production, distribution, support and service within the Olympus Group – for all applications.. This guarantees superior quality, the most innovative and user-friendly solutions and product flexibility in the field of microscopy and imaging.. Global Corporate Information.. Click here to find out more.. Global Olympus Web Magazines.. The Olympus Pursuit.. Olympus Technozone.. Veleta.. 2k x 2k side-mounted TEM camera.. Cantega G2.. 2k x 2k bottom-mounted TEM camera..

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  • Title: Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions - We in The Americas
    Descriptive info: We in The Americas.. Our Reseller in The Americans.. Increasing globalization and market liberalization is forcing companies to develop an international outlook.. This requires distribution networks and communication capabilities that guarantee accessibility on a global scale yet at the same time remaining sensitive to cultural differences.. From the very beginning, Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions has developed its products and services for the global market.. For us, "international" means more than just making our products, user guides and help available in multiple languages.. It means providing our customers with 'just-around-the-corner' access to us all over the world.. This makes distribution  ...   consultation, installation, training courses and support.. This guarantees that our customers benefit from the same high quality service across the entire planet, while taking the respective language, regional needs and cultural context into consideration.. From our headquarters in Germany, we keep in close contact with our branch offices, sales partners and customers.. To do so, we make use of the latest in telecommunications.. This enables us to exchange information efficiently.. We hold meetings with virtual attendees; we work together with tremendous focus no matter where our people are; and conduct workshops online.. This cuts costs and saves time and resources..

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  • Title: Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions - TEM
    Descriptive info: TEM.. iTEM Family.. iTEM Platform.. iTEM CE.. iTEM Desktop.. archive FDA.. webRacer.. siViewer.. iTEM Solutions.. EFTEM.. Diffraction.. Tomography.. Detection.. Side-mounted TEM cameras.. MegaView G2.. Bottom-mounted TEM cameras.. Quemesa.. Tengra.. KeenView G2.. Digital Scan Interface.. Digital technology is the standard in today's field of transmission electron microscopy.. New microscopes are developed as completely computer controlled digital systems.. Image acquisition is through high-resolution digital cameras – as opposed to photo plates.. In addition, the external opportunities for automation are practically revolutionizing the way people work at the TEM and the entire world of the laboratory.. Especially in conjunction with image processing software, scenarios once thought impossible are now becoming reality.. Cantega G2 - 2k x 2k bottom-mounted TEM Camera.. Optimized for applications like EFTEM, Diffraction, CBED analysis, Tomography, Immunogold labelling analysis or Cyro and Low Dose imaging.. Details.. Veleta - 2k  ...   with extensible solutions.. See all.. iTEM is easily expandable via solution-oriented software extensions, referred to as Solutions for this reason.. Solutions expand the range of available functions and are finely tuned for specific tasks in the field of transmission electron microscopy.. Virology.. Properties such as high resolution, high frame rates, excellent signal-to-noise ratio, wide dynamic range, easy installation, interactive and automatic on-screen focusing and automatic image enhancement all guarantee that your TEM workday is efficient with our side-mounted TEM cameras.. Our bottom-mounted TEM cameras, Quemesa, KeenViewG2 and CantegaG2, gives images resolution - no matter whether Life Science or Materials Science.. The ADDA3 is the Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions answer for those with older, analog scanning devices (SEM, STEM) yet requiring a digital, image-acquisition system.. The digital scan interface guarantees a broad dynamic range, speedy image acquisition and tremendous flexibility..

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  • Title: Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions - SEM
    Descriptive info: SEM.. Scandium Family.. Scandium Platform.. Scandium Desktop.. Scandium M.. measureIT.. Scandium Solutions.. Volume.. Automation.. Height.. X-Ray.. Metrology.. Doing things 'the digital way' is spreading throughout the entire field of microscopy.. Software-controlled microscopy is the catchphrase.. The new opportunities now available have revolutionized the way people work at the microscope and the entire world of the laboratory.. In conjunction with image processing software, scenarios once thought impossible are now becoming reality.. Images and data can now be digitally acquired, transmitted, saved and analyzed, maximizing efficiency.. Microscopes can be completely automated, remote controlled and included in comprehensive workflow structures.. That is what exploiting digital technology to the  ...   an idea of how our products can be put to work in your field.. Scandium Solution X-Ray.. Automatically examines quantified and combined morphological and chemical information.. The Olympus Scandium imaging family offers a range of image-processing solutions specially designed for scanning electron microscopes (SEM).. The range of products includes software solutions for portable SEMs as well as the cost-efficient Scandium SEM imaging platform with extensible solutions.. Scandium can be easily expanded via solution-oriented software extensions, referred to as Scandium Solutions for this reason.. Scandium Solutions expand the range of available functions and are finely tuned for specific tasks in the field of scanning electron microscopy..

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