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  • Title: | Sacred Heart Senior National School
    Descriptive info: .. search.. Home.. Gallery.. Archive.. About.. Copyright.. Internet Safety.. Technology.. Useful Links.. Nintendo DS.. Apps we recommend.. News.. Contact.. Welcome to Our School.. Sacred Heart Senior National School first opened its doors in.. 1977.. At the moment there are about 260 boys and girls, from third to sixth class.. We are located at the foot of the Dublin Mountains, in Tallaght, which is about eight miles from Dublin City Centre.. The purpose of our website is to provide a virtual window into school life in Sacred Heart, providing visitors with a snapshot of what we do and why we do it through text, images, audio and video.. We hope you enjoy your visit and please let us know what you think on our.. Contact.. page.. There s always lots of things happening in our school so please visit our.. page to stay up-to-date with the latest goings on.. We do  ...   us.. Sacred Heart S.. N.. S.. was founded in 1977.. We are situated at the foot of the Dublin Mountains, in Tallaght, about eight miles from Dublin City Centre.. random posts.. Don Conroy Visit.. Mr.. Maguire s class talk about Ancient Greec.. Christmas Child Appeal 2012.. Gospel Choir 2012.. Maths for Fun!.. Third Class.. Fourth Class.. Fifth Class.. Sixth Class.. School News.. Recent Posts.. Maguire s class talk about Ancient Greece.. Basketball Blitz.. World Book Day 2013.. Reading for Fun.. FIDI goes to Finland.. Word Cloud.. appeal.. artist.. boys.. cartoon.. child.. choir.. Christmas.. church.. Croke.. Denmark.. Don Conroy.. Fidi.. Finland.. Fourth.. fun.. gaelic.. games.. girls.. global.. gospel.. home.. iPads.. Italy.. Killinarden.. literacy.. mass.. maths.. museum.. parents.. park.. Powerpoint.. presents.. robes.. Sacred Heart.. school.. skipathon.. sport.. St.. Marks.. swimming.. Tallaght Lesiure Centre.. third.. trip.. video-conferencing.. wax.. © 1997-2013 |Sacred Heart Senior National School |Killinarden Tallaght Dublin 24 Ireland | 01 4524811..

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  • Title: Gallery |
    Descriptive info: Gallery.. Zoom in.. Read more.. Older Entries.. Fourth Class Swimming.. World Book Day 2013..

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  • Title: About |
    Descriptive info: About.. At the moment there are about 240 boys and girls, from third to sixth class.. At first there was only one school but now the Junior and Senior schools are separate.. We don t have normal classrooms: there are two teachers and two classes, who use a base each and a shared area between them.. The shared area is about the same size as a normal classroom, and the bases are about half that size.. We have a very big yard to play in, a large hall for P.. E.. , and we also have a field for sports.. The school also has a kitchen and a  ...   reading and sports.. There are plenty of places to go in Tallaght and plenty to do: parks, cinemas, a bowling alley, a swimming pool, lots of shops and a library.. There are lots of pitches for sports and plenty of clubs and associations to join.. We do lots of sports in our school.. The most popular are soccer, basketball, chess, rugby league and Gaelic games.. Our uniform is wine and grey.. It is made of a wine jumper and tie, white shirt and grey trousers or skirt.. Many children also have a school tracksuit which wine and black.. Trip to the Wax Museum.. Our Trip to Tallaght Village..

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  • Title: Copyright |
    Descriptive info: Copyright.. Copyright Notice:.. All work is copyright of Sacred Heart Senior National School.. ©1997 2013.. If you wish to reproduce anything from this site, you must have prior written permission.. If your name, photo or copyrighted material appears on our site and you want it removed, please use our.. form.. Please include your name, e-mail address, and location on the site of what you are referring to.. Reading for Fun.. Basketball Blitz.. European Project 2012 14..

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  • Title: Internet Safety |
    Descriptive info: Internet Safety.. To ensure all pupils will benefit from learning opportunities offered by the school’s Internet resources in a safe and productive way we have developed an Acceptable Use Policy for Internet use.. Please visit the National Centre for Technology in Education s website for more information or follow the link below for a copy of our policy in PDF format.. Additional information on Internet safety is also available from Webwise.. Webwise.. NCTE Internet Safety Advice.. Acceptable Use Policy.. FIDI goes to Finland.. Our Teams Visit Croke Park..

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  • Title: Technology |
    Descriptive info: Technology.. Sacred Heart SNS is very well known as a school that has been using technology since the early years.. We were one of the first schools in Ireland to publish a school web site and one of the first schools to be awarded Digital School status.. It is very common to see groups of teachers from other schools visiting Sacred Heart to get advice and information on some of the ways that technology can be used to enhance learning and teaching, and we always do our best to facilitate such requests.. The use of technology takes many forms throughout the school.. Here are some of the ways that technology is used:.. · All classrooms have an interactive whiteboard to help make lessons bright, stimulating and appealing to pupils.. · The school has two computer rooms, which are used by classes on a rota basis.. ·  ...   4.. th.. , 5.. and 6.. classes use Nintendo DS consoles with.. particular applications.. on a regular basis.. There is a range of digital still and video cameras available to all teachers.. As well as recording important events, the use of cameras is important to help create a print-rich, child-focused environment throughout the school.. We believe that the use of technology is an essential part of life in any modern school.. As well as helping to prepare pupils to.. take their place in a world where technology is all around them, technology, in lots of different ways, used judiciously, can play an enormous role in helping make school life interesting, stimulating and authentic for children.. We don’t regard technology as a subject.. Instead, it should be viewed as a cross-curricular resource, to be used, at teachers’ discretion to enhance the learning and teaching experience when appropriate..

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  • Title: Useful Links |
    Descriptive info: Useful Links.. Sites of Irish Interest.. English.. Mathematics.. Science.. Lots of Different Subjects.. The Arts.. Music and Art Craft.. History and Geography.. Chess.. These are links to websites provided by other organisations.. Sacred Heart Senior School is not responsible for the content of these sites and cannot accept liability for material within them.. We advise that children should always be supervised by a parent or other responsible adult when using the Internet..

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  • Title: Nintendo DS |
    Descriptive info: Nintendo DS.. For the past four years we have being using Nintendo DS applications in the school.. We have found that when particular applications are used in a structure fashion, there are many educational benefits.. Currently, the DS is used in the following ways:.. 1.. All pupils in fourth class use.. Maths Training.. We have found that such usage increases pupils’ enjoyment of maths, their ability with number operations and their general confidence in the subject.. 2.. All pupils in fifth class use.. Brain Training.. The pupils love playing this game, which improves their levels of concentration and memory and boosts their mental agility.. 3.. All pupils in sixth class use.. More Brain Training.. in a similar way.. As  ...   class, pupils may borrow from a large selection of DS games for one week, in addition to their library book from the school library.. All of the available games were reviewed and selected on the basis of their educational value.. A selection of the titles we use are illustrated below:.. 5.. Collaborative problem-solving.. : in senior classes teachers use titles from the superb.. Professor Layton.. series to stimulate pupils working in groups of two or three to work together trying to solve the intriguing mystery presented to them.. To do so, they will have to read a substantial amount of text and use the clues they are given to solve a large selection of challenging puzzles and logic games..

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  • Title: Apps we recommend |
    Descriptive info: Apps we recommend.. Here is a list of some of the most popular apps we recommend for use on the iPad: we use all of them in school and, in our view, they have enormous educational potential.. Britannica Kids:.. this series of apps is ideal for project work.. They contain lots of easy to find information, lavishly illustrated, and also many interactivities and games to reinforce information and concepts.. Titles include: Dinosaurs, Solar System, Knights Castles, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Aztecs, Rainforests, Volcanoes, Snakes, Endangered Species.. They are designed for children to use and contain a great deal of multimedia content to bring topics to life.. iBooks:.. the iBooks store contains a growing number of popular children’s books, both fiction and non-fiction.. Popular authors in use in the school include Michael Morpurgo, Jacqueline Wilson, Jeff Kinney (Wimpy Kid) as well as DK non-fiction.. We have found that pupils love to read these books, both individually and in pairs, in digital format.. Stories to read:.. Some of our favourite books that are downloaded as apps (rather than as iBooks) include: Titanic Dog to the Rescue, Marc Brown’s Arthur series, Are Whales Smart or what? (other titles in this series focus on dogs, bees and squirrels).. The App store contains thousand of children’s books, for all reading levels, many superb illustrations and interactive features.. Maths Titles:.. There is a vast range of high quality apps designed to help children with their maths.. Here are some of the ones we use and recommend:.. · Maths Word Problems (.. www.. teachercreated.. com.. ).. This is a series of six apps of increasing difficulty designed to motivate children to solve mathematical problems.. The app provides objects which can be moved around the  ...   young children 33 basic words (numbers, shapes and colours) in Irish, as well as Welsh and Scots Gaelic.. 6.. Montessori Approach to.. (.. rantek.. us.. ) publish a wide range of apps for children of all ages, and encompassing a wide range of subject areas.. These include World and European geography, plant and animal life, number operations, geometry, vocabulary and many more.. All of these apps are attractive to children and well designed in educational terms.. 7.. Educational Games:.. There is no shortage of educational games available on the App Store.. Popular games we use include Chess, Countdown, Snakes Ladders, Hangman and Scrabble.. 8.. Story Patch:.. This app is one of the most popular we use in the school, with pupils and teachers alike.. Children can work independently or collaboratively in creating stories which contain text and graphics.. The app provides pupils with a structured approach to story creation.. The included graphics include backgrounds, characters and objects, all of which can be resized and moved around the screen.. Stories, when complete, are saved as PDF files which can be emailed and printed.. 9.. Geo Walk – 3D World Fact Book:.. a very impressive, multimedia-laden reference work for children, encompassing topics such as animals, countries, inventions, history etc.. The App store contains a large amount of reference material, covering almost every subject under the sun.. Quality varies, but we have located a substantial number of high quality apps that are ideal for children doing investigative work.. 10.. The Book of Kells:.. one of the more expensive apps available, but great value for money in terms of what is provided – 680 pages of the manuscript, digitised in high resolution enabling minute examination of one of the world’s greatest treasures..

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  • Title: | Sacred Heart Senior National School
    Descriptive info: Posted by.. on Apr 29, 2013 in.. |.. 0 comments.. Maguire s class talk about Anc.. Maguire s class talk about Anceint Greece.. Read More.. on Apr 23, 2013 in.. Derek, Cian, Tony, Killian, Jamie, Linda, Shauna, Rachael, Anastasia and Naomi were the lucky few of the Basketball team to get to go to this prestigious tournament.. Schools from all over Tallaght came to this tournament.. When we got there we started practicing.. Our transport was a GARDA van.. In our first half of the first match Ms Maye played Jamie, Derek, Linda, Rachael and Anastasia.. We were losing 2-0 in the first half.. In the second half Cian, Tony, Naomi, Killian and Shauna played.. We brought it back to 2-2 but then in the last few minutes they scored.. on Apr 9, 2013 in.. ,.. Last month we celebrated World Book Day 2013! This is always a fun day in the school and Friday was no exception.. The event kicked off on Thursday 7th of March with the 6th class students attending an event in the County Library.. On 7th of March 6th class students took part in ‘The Biggest Book show on Earth’ for World Book Day.. They visited Tallaght Library and watched a live feed hosted by Tony Robinson.. The authors and illustrators involved spoke for 5 minutes each about their books, writing and illustrating.. The children found the topics interesting, helpful and.. on Mar 22, 2013 in.. Reading for fun has been up and running for the past 5 weeks in both 3rd and 4th class.. The 3rd class children have been reading Roddy Doyle’s book ‘The Giggler Treatment’ and in 4th class the children have been reading ‘The Meanwhile Adventures’.. Both books have proved to be very popular with the children and parents alike.. The school is very grateful to all the  ...   school and.. on Dec 21, 2012 in.. Following the departure of Mr.. Codd we are delighted that the school’s gospel choir continues thanks to the work of Ms.. Brolan.. Over the last few weeks our Gospel Choir has been busy preparing for Christmas.. We are very excited to be performing in Killinarden Church on Christmas Eve.. Our choir has been invited to sing during the children’s Mass at 5pm on December 24th.. We have been working hard like Santa’s little elves to have our songs perfected and our Christmas robes ready to wear in time for the big day.. Looking forward to seeing you all there.. !.. on Dec 20, 2012 in.. You are probably aware that the school has become involved in an international education project.. This is a two year project that involves pupils and teachers from five different schools communicating and learning together on a variety of topics.. The other four schools in the project are from Pisa in Italy, Kolding in Denmark, Oulu in Finland and St.. Mark’s SNS, just up the road in Springfield.. Teachers from all of the other schools spent a full day in Sacred Heart in October, and saw our pupils performing Irish songs and dance; they visited their classrooms, and also.. on Dec 17, 2012 in.. Maths for Fun went very smoothly again this year.. The children loved it and gained a lot from playing maths and card games with an adult.. We have a lot of excellent card players in 4th class now so adults beware! Thank you to the adults who took part.. We suspect they had more fun at times than the children! Reading for Fun will be on in the New Year, in March at some stage.. Please let the Home-school Teacher know if you are interested in working with the children on this..

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  • Title: Don Conroy Visit |
    Descriptive info: on Nov 26, 2012 in.. On Tuesday the 20th of November the school had a visitor- renowned artist Don Conroy.. Most parents will probably remember Don from his art show Drawing with Don on The Den, a long, long time ago :) Don spoke to the third class children about his childhood and the inspiration behind his art.. He told them how he used to spend hours doodling and drawing.. The children really loved listening  ...   school.. Don was a real gentleman and a pleasure to have in the school.. He also commented on the excellent manners and knowledge shown by the children.. Leave a Reply.. Cancel reply.. Your email address will not be published.. Required fields are marked.. *.. Name.. Email.. Website.. Comment.. You may use these.. HTML.. tags and attributes:.. a href= title= abbr title= acronym title= b blockquote cite= cite code del datetime= em i q cite= strike strong..

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