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  • Title: Sack Tap/ Sack Tapping - Watch Your Nuts!
    Descriptive info: .. Sack Tap Sack Tapping.. Sack Tapping Videos!.. Home.. About.. Mar.. 26.. Footbag: 2003: Oops ( Challenge ).. Sack Tap.. admin.. No Comments.. Challenge.. Another Oops video by Sam Colclough.. Starring: Byran Blackjack Fournier, Chris Pinkus, and Sam Colclough.. I remember watching this video every morning before school, and particularly where I was sitting because our fridge was in our dining room due to renovations.. I remember getting the groove to pump me up for a sucky day of schoolwork from listening to the opening song and watching Bryan shred every single morning.. Thank you Sam.. Thank you Oops.. I always felt that this was where muted tap was born.. Of course it was surely hit before, but it kind of caught on in online videos after this.. I certainly played it a lot.. Video Rating: 0 / 5.. 25.. Punched in the nuts.. wmv.. Sack Tapping.. getting punched in the weak spot.. Video Rating: 5 / 5.. 24.. nut check.. army guy hits his friend in the nuts.. Video Rating: 3 / 5.. 23.. River Dance.. Video Rating: 4 / 5.. 22.. the funniest nut on Youtube.. my little sister nuts my little brother.. he dont know whats commin.. at first we were planning this to be a push fight but my lil sis love hitting nuts so just watch.. 21.. Ouch to Adams Nuts.. Yeah ouch.. Video Rating: 2 / 5.. 20.. Jay Byrd ft Mista Redd-What Ya Call That.. www.. myspace.. com/youngb601 lyrics: aye u can check the style and the swag, ya boi still here the green still good and the goose still clear still got my chain swangin, pick rocks in my ear lobe the game aint nuthin bitch i got it in a chokehold jay byrd nigga still the yungest  ...   the track if i aint a pimp nigga then wut do u call that i smoke purp get money yeah im in to all dat if i aint a street nigga then wut do u call that i hustle hard everyday, got a pocket full of stacks if i aint a real G then wut do u call that u catch me on the block, yeah posted at the trap if i aint a street nigga then wut do u call that i be chillin in front, wit my patnas in back got a pocket full of stacks, and ima keep em where they at cant get caught cuz ya boi got a sack the po-po come threw the front, u see me hoppin out da back do 200.. 19.. Hump-Attack Nut Slap.. Pwned.. 18.. AL3X GeTTiN HiT STR8 iN The NuTz!.. i was actually waiting for jacob to come out of the restroom so i could rack him, but danny decided that it would be funnier to just go ahead and rack me with a ping pong paddle!.. Video Rating: 1 / 5.. 17.. Wake Up Slap.. So I go to my room to hit the sack, and what do I see? My brother alseep in front of my TV watching sky.. Well I just couldn t resist it, I HAD to slap him.. I know it was a little love tap but I love the delayed reaction lol.. And if you wonder why I laughed again he manage to actually say Jesus after a while lol.. Previous Entries.. Categories.. (500).. (234).. Feeds.. RSS Posts.. RSS Comments.. Blogroll.. Recent Posts.. Recent Comments.. Keine Kommentare vorhanden.. Sack Tap Sack Tapping 2007 |.. WP.. powered Site | Theme:.. Sleepy Blue.. designed by.. Eyoung.. |.. Home Mortgage.. Top..

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  • Title: About | Sack Tap & Sack Tapping
    Descriptive info: About.. This is an example of a WordPress page, you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from.. You can create as many pages like this one or sub-pages as you like and manage all of your content inside of WordPress..

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  • Title: Footbag: 2003: Oops (“Challenge”) | Sack Tap & Sack Tapping
    Descriptive info: March 26th.. 2013, 7:03pm.. Trackback-URL.. comments feed for this post.. Leave a Reply.. Name.. (required).. Mail.. (will not be published) (required).. Website.. (optional)..

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  • Title: Sack Tap | Sack Tap & Sack Tapping
    Descriptive info: Archive for the 'Sack Tap' Category.. 16.. LBPguide.. Pic 1 This shouldn t be any trouble for you, just run N jump trough it as quick as possible, if you compleated the story mode this should most definetly be no problem ^^ Part 2 When you come to the 3 piles of blocks that is directly afterwards X XX X XXX Instead of trying to jump to the first twisted square(rofl) drop down from the 3X to the 1X before trying to jump to the first twisted square as this is faster ( And you will propably fall and waste time if you try to jump straight from the 3X pile) When it comes to jumping between the twisted square, try to land straight on them since a sack that is balancing on a corner will jump significantly higher.. Meaning it will be easier to jump to the next twisted square.. If you jump to the right side of the square you will propably fall of, as tempting as such an action may seem ! Try to jump to the top of the twisted square, but if that is to hard jump on the left side first then go to the top of the twisted square and jump to take advantage  ...   as they are just about to fall allthough this is kinda risky.. MAKE SURE you slow down in midair 3-4 pilar.. 15.. Modern Warfare 2 | Fuckmarkers 4 | afro ugly/nyan cat mods.. I get double tap y triple wall bang hit marker in search on the last mother fucker.. I am very but sore.. 12.. Mo Yan -pt 3a- Life and Death are Wearing Me Out Xu Bao and our Donkey.. Here is the part of the story about Xu Bao, the gonad slicing vet and our Donkey.. ************************** For a Modern Chinese Literature class our final project was for each student to tell a chapter from Mo Yan s novel Life and Death our Wearing Me Out.. The story is about landowner Ximen Nao who after being killed in Chairman Mao s Land Reform Movement is released from hell and born again and again to live out different lives.. From donkey, ox, pig, dog, monkey, and finally an large-headed sickly child.. There are 10 storytellers in all and they can all be found on this channel.. Each teller is followed by a second video ( b parts) in which the professor and other students respond to the chapter.. For more about Coastal Carolina s Asian Studies Program: coastal.. edu..

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  • Title: admin | Sack Tap & Sack Tapping
    Descriptive info: Author Archive..

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  • Title: Punched in the nuts.wmv | Sack Tap & Sack Tapping
    Descriptive info: March 25th.. 2013, 7:02pm..

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  • Title: Sack Tapping | Sack Tap & Sack Tapping
    Descriptive info: Archive for the 'Sack Tapping' Category.. 14.. Red Wings Bag Tag.. Chris Osgood gives Kris Draper a little love tap as he passes him in the tunnel.. 13.. up in the house.. pure bloodjunkie.. me on bass bobby on guitar and brice on drums it was around the forth of july and thats chrissy and lisa playing with sparklers in the front yard.. check it out lisa I think this was ur first year with us.. i dunno if u knew i used u for vid material but hey now ur u tube stardom bound.. this makes me wanna play in a band again.. guys where the frakk are you? what a lil beautiful ditty about murder and the unwelcome clean up afterwards.. all witnessed by the family dog.. we were so PG13.. good frak i was such a guy.. who woulda known this song almost appeared in an almost movie about werewolves and vampires.. who knows that movie might still be made.. pink logic i sure hope so.. i remember filming this in the dead of night near the steel mill.. all those candles and bobby with the star i drew on his tummy ^.. ^ ;P this was the dungeon the basement.. it was our world.. I know u guys miss it.. so do i.. omg ima call em up.. lyrics outcast out in the yard broke thru the chain I m in charge if I could feel good I would feel good all the time if I could just remeber that silly look in ur eye (ooooo up in the house.. ) fantasy watched me tie the knot if i could relate to her this time if i could dance like her I would be a star flowing round the places that we start (chrous) Alex cleans the blood from the floor the little woman wont bother him no more the silence will break thru the.. 10.. Balls Tagged ! ! ! Hard ! ! !.. Pool Shot to the Nut SACK!!!.. 09.. Official Backbreaker football [HD] video game defense tutorial trailer PS3 Xbox.. gamezplay.. org The fourth episode in the Backbreaker Training Camp series, demonstrating how players can deploy the perfect defense in the soon-to-be released groundbreaking American football video game.. Backbreakers unique on-the-field camera  ...   total loser.. 06.. A Nelena Love Story-Chapter 26-Part 2.. Part 2/2___________________________________ Selena- Nicholas.. I said, smiling at him.. Then he cracked.. Do you have any idea how hard it is to stay mad at you?? He said, grinning.. No, how hard? I asked smiling, as he wrapped his arms around me.. Very.. He said, kissing my forehead.. I giggled, and he smiled at me.. So, you think we can go to your house now? Because I m starving! I said, and he grinned at me.. His eyes were twinkling.. He was up to something.. What are you thinking? I asked, staring at him.. He grinned.. Oh, I was just trying to decide if we should even let you come over after you hid from us.. He said, and I stepped back and crossed my arms.. He has a point.. Joe piped up, from where he was standing.. Joe! Demi said, looking shocked.. What? He asked, looking confused.. I almost laughed.. So your not going to let us come over? I said, looking back at Nick.. He looked like he was thinking, tapping his finger on his chin.. Nick I said, this worked last time, wonder if it ll work again? He just looked at me, still tapping his finger on his chin.. What do you think Joe? He asked, looking away from me.. Joe looked at him, and then he rubbed his chin.. Hmm I don t know Nicholas.. Think we should punish them? He asked.. Me and Demi looked at each other, and I was trying not to grin.. Oh yes, I think we should.. What kind of punishment shall we give them? Nick asked.. Oh I don t know How about we tickle them to death? Joe said talking in a bad.. 05.. How to Dance the West Coast Swing : Sugar Push Step for Ladies in West Coast Swing Dancing.. Learn how to do the ladies sugar push dance step for west coast swing dance in this free dancing lesson on video.. Expert: Leslie Sack Contact: www.. lesliesack.. com Bio: Leslie Sack has been teaching, performing and competing in Latin and ballroom dancing for the past 12 years.. Before moving to Santa Barbara in 1999, she taught at Washington Dance Club in Seattle, WA.. Filmmaker: Diana Bacon..

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  • Title: nut check | Sack Tap & Sack Tapping
    Descriptive info: March 24th..

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  • Title: River Dance | Sack Tap & Sack Tapping
    Descriptive info: March 23rd..

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  • Title: the funniest nut on Youtube | Sack Tap & Sack Tapping
    Descriptive info: March 22nd.. 2013, 7:00pm..

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  • Title: Ouch to Adams Nuts | Sack Tap & Sack Tapping
    Descriptive info: March 21st.. 2013, 6:59pm..

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