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    Archived pages: 235 . Archive date: 2013-11.

  • Title: radiac.net  
    Descriptive info: .. radiac.. net.. Hello, and welcome.. I am Richard Terry, a freelance web developer, and this is my personal website.. On here you'll find information about me and about what I'm up to, as well as some fun and useful bits and bobs.. Jump to content.. Menu.. diary.. about me.. gallery.. fun.. projects.. contact me.. Follow me on twitter.. Looking ahead.. Only 27 days and 14:29:00 until Christmas!.. Diary.. Yarr - Yet Another RSS Reader.. 30th June 2013 at 05:28.. Comment.. I've released a new project:.. django-yarr.. , a Django-based RSS reader for  ...   things, but we'll have to make do, because the Google Reader Apocalypse is Nigh.. I'm a big fan.. Entry continues for 6 sentences.. Enter the diary.. If you're thinking of asking me to do some work for you, you may like to go to my other website,.. uzeweb.. com.. If you're looking for some of my old sites, you might like to try:.. yay.. org.. uk.. Fun stuff found on the internet.. guides.. radiac.. My guides to anything and everything.. quake2.. A site dedicated to the ancient art of Quake 2.. Tweets by @radiac..

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  • Title: latest entries - radiac.net diary
    Descriptive info: latest entries - diary.. home.. latest comments.. archive.. search.. rss feed.. Only 27 days and 14:28:35 until Christmas!.. 30th June 2013 at 05:28.. I'm a big fan of self-hosting, so when Google announced on March 13th that they were killing Reader, I started looking around for a replacement to drop into one of my Django sites.. There were a few around, but they didn't seem to be heading in the direction I was looking for - basically a clone of Google Reader - so I started Yarr on March 14th.. I was aiming for an 8 hour project, to release that week - I made it 4 hours in before the phone rang, and I've been distracted with more pressing matters ever since.. Never mind - with less than 24 hours to go until the Reader switch off, Yarr is now ready to start taking over as my RSS reader.. I won't lie - it's still a work in progress.. Most notably, although you can import your feeds from the OPML in a Google Reader Takeaway, once they're in there you'll have to use the admin site to manage your feeds - although you can expect that to get fixed in the next couple of days.. If you're looking for a google reader replacement and have a django site handy, please.. give it a try.. and let me know what you think.. A Short Interlude.. 17th June 2013 at 23:53.. So, my new site is ready on my dev machine, but when it came to deploying it to this server, I ran into a bit of a dependency issue.. Long story short, I can either plough ahead and risk breaking important things, abandon my deployment system, rip out half my code, or get a new server.. Seeing as the first three will be a pain and I was going to be replacing this server soon anyway, I'm not really tempted to spend the night trying to get it to work here.. The catch is that I can't shut off this machine until a certain unnamed client leaves; they promise they'll be ready to go "at the end of this month", but they have been promising that since August 2012 - so I'm reluctant to pull the trigger on the new server and have to run an extra one at a loss for months just for this site.. I do have other servers I could put it on, but for various reasons none of those would be ideal at the moment.. I'm having fibre broadband installed later in the week, so maybe I'll just run it over that for a couple of weeks.. Who knows.. I may have a change of heart in the morning, but for now all I'm going to say is: the new site will be up soon.. Hopefully.. Still, at least this will give me some time to improve the easter eggs.. All Change.. 12th June 2013 at 11:47.. Last year I made an important decision: it was time to quit my job.. Regular readers will know that I don't exactly have a job - I've been freelance since I left university, picking up work wherever I found it, mostly working directly for people who want websites.. The problem has been that most of my clients' priorities were things like design, content and SEO - but I'm a programmer at heart, so didn't exactly find that enjoyable.. Not that you can expect any job to be fun and games all the time, but I also made some terrible decisions which meant I found myself doing really massive chunks of boring work for free.. All work and no money makes radiac a dull idiot.. So I decided that it was time for a change.. Over the past few months I have completed my outstanding client work, have handed off the larger sites which kept me busy, and I'm now free to spend the next few months working on projects for myself.. The first thing is a new website here at radiac.. Given my track record with this site I'll probably regret saying this, but I'm aiming to have it ready next Monday - that will be radiac.. net's 13th birthday, so seems somewhat appropriate.. I want to  ...   Argentina - more about that once we've finished sorting through the 2000 photos I took.. I'm also in the process of moving away from working directly for people who want websites - bit of a change after 8 years, but I'll save the details for a future diary entry once things start to fall into place.. Of course, 2012's not over yet - December promises to be pretty busy for me, what with finishing off my last 2 large client projects of the year and trying to balance the consumption of christmas-themed chocolate with time in the gym.. I think I will be spending a lot of time in the gym.. Happy Christmas, everyone!.. Cookie Consent for Dawdling Developers.. 28th May 2012 at 20:06.. 2 comments.. I have written a JavaScript thing which will make it nice and easy for you to comply with the new EU/UK cookie law.. It's called.. cookieuse.. , it's small and customisable, and unlike most of the other cookie consent scripts that I've found, it was written after the ICO backtracked on implied consent.. If you're a web developer who hasn't quite got around to doing anything about the new law yet because it was going to ruin your analytics and social media buttons, and you were hoping the ICO would come to their senses in time, cookieuse should help you dull the pain of compliance.. Out of the box it will give you a little popup bar (or box depending on your CSS) to get implicit consent - you may have noticed it on this site, otherwise you can take a look at the.. example page.. You should be able to make it do whatever you want though - there's support for different levels of consent, and for taking actions based on whether consent was given or refused.. If you haven't heard about the new EU/UK cookie law, it's pretty stupid: scared of the sort of information that Facebook et al have been collecting about us for years, the EU jumped to the rescue by passing legislation that says every website which wants to set cookies for visitors in the EU must get permission first.. Not that big third parties like Facebook (the only ones in a position to actually do something nefarious) need to do anything, nor that websites should honour.. Do Not Track.. , either of which would have been rather fair, sensible and practical options.. No, the tens of millions of websites which use cookies each need to interrupt their visitor asking them the same question: "Can we give you cookies?" - each in a slightly different and more confusing way than the last.. The law was supposed to come in a year ago, but nobody did anything because we hoped the ICO would come to their senses.. They didn't, but they did say they'd delay it for a year, and have spent that year saying it's very important to get explicit consent by popping up a large box and making people opt in to cookies.. We can't just use the standard "By using this website you agree to whatever we say", because that would be implicit consent, and that would be terrible.. That was until about 12 hours before the law came into effect, when the ICO.. said.. "Actually, you know what? Implicit consent is fine.. " Nice one ICO, you.. screwed over.. the law-abiding internet, who had collectively spent a great deal of time figuring out the best way to get their users to say yes.. Fortunately for the rest of us who were "working on our cookie policies", (aka waiting to see what everyone else did), it seems that a nice simple "If you don't like cookies, go away" will suffice.. If you're in that position, hopefully.. will help.. Any feedback will be gratefully received, and let me know if you decide to use it on your site.. Older entries.. 26.. 05.. 2012 - A Plan for World Peace.. (No comments).. 22.. 03.. 2012 - Why the London olympics will suck.. (2 comments).. 24.. 12.. 2011 - Radiac's Tips for Christmas Day.. 25.. 10.. 2011 - How to lose a customer.. (3 comments).. 13.. 2011 - There is never enough time.. And many more in.. the archives..

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  • Title: radiac.net about me
    Descriptive info: Only 27 days and 14:28:29 until Christmas!.. My real name is Richard Terry.. I am a self-employed web developer and linux sysadmin, and although fluent in many, my languages of choice are Python, JavaScript and Perl.. Take a look at my other website for more on that stuff, at.. In 2004 I graduated from Bath University with a 2:1 in Computer Science, and since then have been self-employed, working on projects large and small.. I have also started going through the long list of things I have wanted to do in the past, but for which there hasn't been time; I am developing an open source web framework and content management system, and working on several other personal projects, some of which are in my.. projects section.. Although born in Kent (UK), I have lived in Bath and Cornwall, and currently live in Cheltenham with my lovely girlfriend Leela and our two cats Leo and Loki.. When I'm not working on the computer, I'm still often sat at it - surfing the internet, spodding, or complaining about the spam.. I used to play quite a bit of music - piano, violin, organ and  ...   I'm probably quite boring.. However, I do enjoy travelling - I have been to Yugoslavia, Italy, Spain, France, America (California, Nevada and Hawaii), South Africa, Geneva, Scotland, the Canary Islands, Amsterdam and Thailand, and hope to visit many more in the not-too-distant future.. I build my own computers and enjoy watching DVDs.. I very rarely use eBay, and post on Slashdot even less frequently.. I have a mobile phone and an assortment of cheap-yet-manly power tools.. I don't like spiders, but I do like chocolate.. I don't mind the idea of DRM, just that in practice it stops me doing what I want with something I have paid for.. I read Sluggy, I get my bread from Sainsburys, and I buy my DVDs at play.. Ever since I paid a stranger to cut my eyes open and burn them with lasers, I have not needed to wear glasses.. I have a Swiss army knife.. I am not bald.. Excellent.. Now you can.. go read my diary.. to find out what I've been up to recently.. Those who are keen to know how evil this site is may want to read the.. privacy policy..

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  • Title: radiac.net gallery
    Descriptive info: Only 27 days and 14:28:27 until Christmas!.. 01/07/2007.. Hawaii 2007.. 28/06/2005.. Summer Ball 05.. 24/02/2005.. Geneva 2005.. 31/10/2004.. South Africa 2004.. 30/06/2004.. Summer Ball 04.. 03/02/2004.. Leela's 21st Party.. 11/09/2003.. HCI 2003.. 05/05/2003.. Birthday 03.. 31/07/2002.. Chris' Summer Party.. 07/04/2002.. Friends.. Photos of friends in seemingly random situations.. 13/02/2002.. New Computer February 2002.. 31/12/2001.. TGI Fridays.. 28/10/2001.. Spodmeet 01..  ...   Pictures of my secondary school.. Misc.. Random photos that I can't be bothered to work out a new section title for.. Holiday Courses.. Images from teaching holiday courses.. 01/06/2000.. Spodmeet 00.. Pictures of the official Trekkers Rest spodmeet in 2000.. 01/08/1999.. LAN Party 99.. A LAN Party I hosted for a few of my friends in the summer of 99..

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  • Title: radiac.net fun
    Descriptive info: nim.. the excusinator.. Only 27 days and 14:28:19 until Christmas!.. Here are some fun things to do, yay!.. Yay.. , my excellent website for fun things on the internet..

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  • Title: radiac.net projects
    Descriptive info: Only 27 days and 14:28:16 until Christmas!.. I have many personal projects.. Here are some of them.. - Yet Another RSS Reader.. - implicit cookie consent.. Old stuff:.. Perl.. PGPlus.. RISC OS..

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  • Title: radiac.net contact me
    Descriptive info: Only 27 days and 14:28:08 until Christmas!.. Twitter.. Send a tweet to radiac.. Email.. Fields marked with a * are required.. Name *.. E-mail address *.. Your message *.. Fruit.. Your fruit of the day is:.. Please enter it below:.. Thank you for proving you are a human, not a spammer!..

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  • Title: django-yarr - radiac.net projects
    Descriptive info: django-yarr - projects.. Only 27 days and 14:28:02 until Christmas!.. Django Yarr - Yet Another RSS Reader.. A lightweight customisable RSS reader for Django.. Features:.. Easy to install - simple stack, just drops into your site.. Import list of feeds from a Google Reader takeaway.. View all, just unread or saved items.. Mark items as read or saved.. Infinite scrolling, with keyboard support and automatic mark as read.. Support for multiple users.. Manage subscriptions through admin site.. No social nonsense.. Example of reading unread.. (static - API and links disabled).. Documentation and code on github.. Changelog and roadmap.. (github)..

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  • Title: Yarr - Yet Another RSS Reader - radiac.net diary
    Descriptive info: Yarr - Yet Another RSS Reader - diary.. Only 27 days and 14:27:59 until Christmas!.. Comments.. There are currently no comments for this entry.. Add a comment.. Name:.. (required).. E-mail:.. (will not be made public).. Website:.. Comment:.. Colour:.. Your colour of the day is:.. Thank you for proving you are a human, not a spammer!.. Links.. Previous entry:.. 17.. 06.. 2013 - A Short Interlude.. Archive menu..

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  • Title: latest comments - radiac.net diary
    Descriptive info: latest comments - diary.. Only 27 days and 14:27:56 until Christmas!.. Chancel Repair Liability is Fun.. 15th September 2010 at 12:27.. Go to entry.. I have a very small plot of land which I have owned since 2002 and for which there may be a minor chance of getting planning permission many years from now.. The Land Registry have now written to say that the Church have registered a CRL against the deeds.. (NOT A CLAIM FOR MONEY).. The land is now blighted and I am resigned to loosing most, if not all, of its current value, but I would still like to hold on to it for my young grandchildren.. Getting insurance now is just about impossible.. So are there any ways of isolating myself from the churches greedy clutches.. Suggestions so far include.. (1) Keep selling the land for £1 between friends and stay one step ahead of the church, who might get fed up chasing the claim and move elsewhere.. (2) Sell the land for £1 to the poorest person I know.. (3) Sell the land into a Limited Private Company, where it becomes the only asset.. In this way, the most the church can get at is the value of the Company (land), which thanks to them is zero.. Bumpy.. 19th November 2013 at 17:14.. Bearing in mind I am not a lawer, my understanding of the situation is that from now on the church has to have registered an interest with the land registry before you buy the property.. Until the property is sold, they can still register an interest - but that would show up on the land registry before the sale is completed, and I'd imagine that it's the solicitor's responsibility to notice that and advise you accordingly.. I think this should mean that there is no longer the possibility of a potential liability - there's either a liability registered on the land registry, or there isn't.. The law change should mean that the ambiguity has gone - there's no longer a question of whether your property is on glebe land, and no longer a reason to trawl through ancient manuscripts in the national archives at Kew.. So given that the chancel liability insurance is to cover any potential liability, and there can no longer be a potential liability, I'm thinking that you'd now be buying insurance for something that can never happen.. I would be curious about what happens if the liability is registered between your solicitor doing their initial searches and you exchanging contracts.. No idea what would happen there, although I'd imagine it would probably involve suing the seller for not disclosing that information during the process.. Ultimately though your solicitor really should be aware that the situation has changed, and should be able to explain to you why you still need liability insurance.. If they can't explain it, either they need to go away and find out, or you need to find a better solicitor.. If anyone has received any actual legal advice, please post what you've heard - it would be nice to finally conclude my article!.. 21st October 2013 at 09:07.. So, here we are.. 19th October 2013.. Six days have passed since the 'deadline' and not a single mention of it in the news anywhere.. Have people simply forgotten about CRL?.. It would appear as though the solicitor we are using for a house purchase (not completed yet) is none the wiser.. She's just recommended we take out liability insurance, which left me confused.. What's the deal with buying a property now? Surely it's now just a matter of doing a Land Registry Search to detirmine if the land (or any part thereof) that the property we're buying sits on, has been registered as Glebe land by the church.. If yes, we're screwed 'cos there's no insurance in place but if not, we're in the clear?.. Or can the church still slap an order on after the deadline, if they are made aware of the property/land by nature of a search having been made after the deadline?.. Jason.. 19th October 2013 at 12:37.. I think this is absolutely abominable.. The Church is one of the richest organisations in the world and to force people to pay for Chancel Repairs to the Church and not care whether those people lose their homes in the process goes against everything that I thought the Church stood for as loving and caring.. Absolutely disgraceful and if I was asked to pay they could go to hell where they belong.. They could have be locked up but not a penny piece would they get from us.. Penelope Wainwright.. 10th October 2013 at 21:05.. Been looking at this insurance as the property I'm thinking of buying has a liability.. I read on a solitor's website (cluttoncox) that improvement costs can be factored in to any claim, as apparently happened in THE case.. I rang ChancelSure and asked them whether this was right - after a pause the reply was 'as long as it forms part of the repair'.. I pressed it by suggesting that, say, the altar has been destroyed and an improved one is required costing (who knows?) £10000.. They'd cover that then?.. Much  ...   agree then please 'like' the page (if you don't want to see in your newsfeed or notifications then just untick those on the drop down menu when you press 'like'.. The importance of getting 'likes' is to get attention.. Please feel free to share any of the info on the page with family/friends.. Thank you.. Chancel.. 16th May 2013 at 15:24.. Wasn't Jesus arrested for throwing the insurers out of the Chancel.. just before he tried to burn it down?.. Brilliant piece thanks it's the only analysis I could find on the net that makes sense of yet another insurance scam.. I'm still being made to pay one third more in post 11/9 'terrorist' insurance because I live in a tall building in London.. gravy train innit.. somtingfishy.. 2nd May 2013 at 14:31.. Thanks for a great article.. The only good thing about an abhorrent situation.. I'm sure that there are many sensible and legal ways to cope with the Church's daylight robbery, but.. there is surely also a lesson to be learned from their vengeful god.. If they steal from you, take up the bagpipes and practice in the chancel during every service you can get to.. Ben.. 26th January 2013 at 00:28.. I will let a Kuwaiti girl know this information.. William Black.. 21st January 2013 at 11:18.. I am surprised that any vicar is prepared to contemplate a repetition of the Broadway disaster in his own parish.. Perhaps each member of the clergy could consider the following proposition:.. (i) The Church of England is privileged to be the established church and in return owes a duty of care to the whole population regardless of sectarian interest.. (ii) A parish priest of the Church owes a similar duty of care to all his parishioners.. It entails a duty of trust and confidence and an obligation to deal fairly with every parishioner.. (iii) The surreptitious imposition of an entirely unexpected charge in respect of a medieval tax which reduces the value of their homes and property is a gross dereliction of duty and a breach of that trust.. Alternatively, a Church of England vicar is a professional person and as such is expected to act professionally.. A doctor has a duty of care to his patients, a lawyer to his clients and a vicar to his parishioners.. Imposing the liability is hardly the action of a Good Shepherd.. Brian.. 1st January 2013 at 16:38.. Anne: A lot of properties in the UK have potential liabilities, so if your solicitor says you can make it go away for £120, then you may feel that is worth doing - you'll probably have the same problem with every other property you look at until October 2013.. Like I said in my original ramblings, not getting insurance is a gamble to some extent - so if you're worried enough to the point where you're thinking of pulling out over it, then that £120 would probably be money well spent on the insurance to buy peace of mind.. And in the grand scheme of things when buying a house, it's pretty insignificant.. As ever though, if in doubt, chat it through with your solicitor - it's what he's there for, and unlike me not only will he actually know what he's talking about, but you can also hold him responsible if he gives bad advice ;).. 17th December 2012 at 01:02.. This has been a very interesting discussion.. I am on the point of exchanging on my flat, however, the house I am supposed to be buying has just had this charge identified, so I am strongly deciding whether to buy or not - I would feel bad to pull out at this stage, however, can I risk being lumbered with a house which won't be sellable in the future, and potential requests for money? As for the solicitors, yes, they are asking for £20 admin charge and £100 for insurance cover!.. Anne.. 16th December 2012 at 20:53.. Hmmmmmmm.. No sir, I don't like it.. Mr.. Horse.. 23rd November 2012 at 14:24.. Thanks to a great tip from someone I am now not liable for CRL.. This will not work for everyone but if you have a problem or just want to know all you have to do is look at the old tithe maps and the schedules at your local archives.. If your property has an appropriators charge you could be liable but then see owned that land at that time, if it was church commissioners then contact them and ask them who is now liable.. I have spent 10 weeks googling this CRL scam and not one mention of the church commissioners.. Mike S.. 14th November 2012 at 20:20.. Peter Luff MP has called for an adjournment debate in the House of Commoms on16th October, meanwhile the Diocesan Offices for my parish have sent emails to the Church Wardens reminding them to get on with registering the charges.. Try Peter Luff's website for the report on CRL in the parish of Broadway in Gloucester.. Amanda.. 5th October 2012 at 19:22.. Why has this fact regarding the Lottery Fund not been made widely known ?.. Robin S.. 1st October 2012 at 14:10.. Next page of comments..

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  • Title: archive - radiac.net diary
    Descriptive info: archive - diary.. Only 27 days and 14:27:14 until Christmas!.. 2013.. June.. (3).. 2012.. December.. (1).. May.. (2).. March.. 2011.. October.. August.. July.. January.. 2010.. September.. February.. 2009.. November.. (4).. April.. 2008.. (6).. (7).. 2007.. (5).. (11).. (12).. 2006.. (18).. (14).. (13).. 2005.. (15).. (17).. (8).. (10).. 2004.. (16).. 2003.. (29).. (35).. (31).. (23).. (25).. (24).. (33).. (27).. 2002.. (19).. (21).. 2001.. (36).. (20).. 2000..

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