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  • Title: Rabbit Care for Beginners and all the info you need on rabbits
    Descriptive info: .. Rabbit Discussions.. Rabbit Zine.. Rabbit Gallery.. Rabbit Classifieds.. Rabbit Products.. Rabbit Search.. E-Mail.. Get advice on how to raise your rabbits and bunnies on Rabbit Web.. We have.. informative articles, cute bunny pics, rabbit book reviews.. t.. Care.. Rabbit Care for Beginners.. Purchasing Your First Rabbit.. Common Rabbit Myths.. How to Build a Rabbit Cage.. How to Build a rabbit Nestbox.. A Simple rabbit Hutch System.. A Custom-Built rabbit Hutch System.. How to Make a rabbit Hay Rack.. Litter-Training Your Rabbit.. Toys for Your Rabbit.. Saving Wild Baby Rabbits / Rabbit Babies.. Rabbit Health.. FAQ: Common Rabbit Health Concerns.. Health Problems in Rabbits.. Why Should I Quarantine my rabbit?.. VHD FAQ.. Rabbit Breeding.. Diary of a New Rabbit Breeder.. You Know You're a Rabbit Breeder When.. Rabbit Genetics 101.. What Breed Is My Bunny?.. Top Ten Hints for New Rabbit Breeders Exhibitors.. The Language of Raising Rabbits.. The Rabbit Kindling Process.. Countdown to Rabbit Kindling.. Rabbit Breeding for Herd Improvement.. Saving Newly-Born Baby Rabbits.. The Topline Rabbit Theory of Breeding Rexes.. Selling Rabbits as Pets.. Selling Rabbits to Pet Stores - Is It Really Good Business?.. The Profit from Rabbits.. Showing Rabbits.. Rabbit Show Basics.. Wow! My First Rabbit Show!.. Rabbits Showing Dos and Don'ts.. Glossary of Terms Used in Showing Rabbits.. Tattooing Your Rabbits.. A.. R.. B.. A.. Membership: What's in It for Me?.. Understanding Rabbit Fur.. Writing for the Judge at a Rabbit Show.. 4-H/Youth.. Show Time! A Look at a 4-H/Youth Show.. Tips for 4-H Showmanship in Rabbits.. Reader's Rabbits Stories.. Hoppity Loppity.. The Legend of Jack Rabbit.. Rabbit Reviews.. Encyclopedia of Pet Rabbits.. Genetics of Domestic Rabbits.. Guide to Owning a Rabbit.. House Rabbit Handbook.. Lop Rabbits as Pets.. Rabbit Handbook (Gendron).. Rabbit Handbook (Taylor).. Rabbit Production.. Rabbits: A Complete Owner's Manual.. Rabbits: A Consummate Video Guide.. Taking Care of Your Rabbit.. Your Rabbit: A Kid's Guide to Raising and Showing.. Top links about Rabbits.. Pet Insurance.. Pet Supplies.. Rabbit Care.. Rabbit Breeders.. Outdoor Hutches.. Buy Rabbits.. Rabbit Cages.. Animal Pictures.. The information you need to raise and care for your rabbits.. Have questions about rabbit care or breeding? Or do you want to share your rabbit expertise with others?.. The Rabbit Web Discussion Board.. is of the best places on the Web to connect with others who have an interest in rabbits.. Click Here to enter the Rabbit Discussion Board.. Critter Corner: Don't Run a Fowl With Easter Animals.. With the Easter just around the corner it may be tempting to get a cute, fuzzy chick or bunny.. Before you commit to an consider local ordinances.. The Hillcrest Patch area is made up of several communities with their own codes.. Read more.. Pasteurellosis in the houserabbit.. Pasteurellosis, caused by the bacterium Pasteurella multocida , is a common health problem amongst pet rabbits.. Hop along to the bunny café: If you've got some juicy gossip, the diners are all ears.. If you like to rabbit while indulging in coffee and cake, then the diners at this cafe are all ears.. A coffee house in Tokyo is offering its customers a new breed of dining experience - a cafe that boasts its own in-house fleet of pet rabbits.. Aimed at the discerning rabbit enthusiast, bunny cafes are fast-emerging as a popular venue for people to hang out with the furry animals - and enjoy a brew at the same time.. Are You Bunny-Bound?.. Rabbits are often a first pet for a child or a step up from a hamster or guinea pig, but they are complicated creatures who require more attention, training and care than you might think.. US Pair let rabbits starve to death.. Two pet rabbits found starved to death in their hutch had suffered for at least two weeks, a court heard yesterday.. Their bones protruded through taut flesh, their vertebrae were sticking out and there were serious signs of dehydration, said Sara Young, prosecuting for the RSPCA.. Read More -.. starve to death.. Rabbit Proofing Your Home.. Pet rabbits should have daily time outside of their cages for exercise and socialization.. However, rabbits are curious and  ...   a easy-to-read book on rabbit care? If so, Taking Care of Your Rabbit might be the book you want to buy.. Read about the pluses and minuses of this book in.. the review.. Read this review and others in the.. Rabbit Web Zine.. Saving Wild Baby Bunnies.. Have you found a wild baby rabbit and think it needs saving? Chances are that it doesn't.. Veteran breeder Molly Kinkaid shows you how to tell and what you should do in.. Saving Wild Baby Rabbits.. Read this article and others in the.. See the Cutest Bunnies Around.. We have photos of some of best-looking rabbits on the Web in the.. Rabbit Web Gallery.. ! Got a good picture of your bunny? Send it.. to us.. !.. See cuties like Pookie, Mr.. T.. , and Huggy Bear in the.. Gallery.. How to Make a Hay Rack.. You want to make sure your rabbit gets enough hay, but it takes up so much room in your bunny's cage.. What to do? Make a hay rack to hold the hay and free up valuable floor space in the cage.. It's easy to do!.. See.. Showing Rabbits in 4-H Competitions.. Ever been to a 4-H rabbit competition? Lindsey Lauterbach, a teenage rabbit breeder and president of her 4-H club, walks you through a typical show in.. Rochelle Cooley, a rabbit breeder with kids in 4-H, has some handy tips for anyone competing in showmanship competitions for rabbits at a 4-H show.. Tips for 4-H Showmanship in Rabbits.. Read these and other new articles in the Rabbit.. Web Zine.. Caring for.. Baby Rabbits.. Is your doe is pregnant? Peter Mauer, a breeder with several years experience, shows you what to expect in.. Countdown to Kindling.. Sometimes problems with baby bunnies develop after birth.. Pat Lamar, president of.. PRMA.. , helps you with some typical problems in.. The Kindling Process.. Read these and other archived articles in the.. We Have Your Rabbit Books.. Need to get a good reference on rabbits? We've got a prime selection of books on rabbits.. Check out the.. Rabbit Web Book Store.. Want to Build a.. Rabbit Cage.. or Hutch?.. If you want to save a few bucks and build your own rabbit housing, we have the articles to help you out.. shows you how to build an all-wire cage.. If you're looking for a cheap and easy way to set up a rabbitry, see.. A Custom-Built Hutch System.. Want to build an outdoor hutch from wood?.. A Simple Hutch System.. is a pictorial of one way to do it.. Don't forget mother rabbit--learn how to build her and the kits a cozy shelter in.. How to Build a Nestbox.. Read these and other articles in the.. New to the World of Showing Rabbits?.. Veteran rabbit breeder and A.. Registrar Rochelle Cooley guides you through a typical rabbit show in.. Wow! My First Show! What Can I Expect?.. Once you're ready to show, she gives you advice on what to do--and what not to do--in.. Dos and Don'ts in Showing.. is a comprehensive look at what happens at a rabbit show and how you can make the most of the each show.. A Glossary of Terms in Showing Rabbits.. can help you decode the lingo used at rabbit shows.. Find out more in the.. Zine.. |.. Classifieds.. Products.. Search.. Privacy Policy.. Back to Top.. inhandmuseum.. viploan.. abcmoney.. 24hourgolf.. Rabbits: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual.. is a handy little guide for pet rabbit owners.. Learn more about Rabbits.. in the review.. Country Living.. is one of the many terrific magazines in the.. Rabbit Web Magazine Rack.. Written by a veterinarian,.. Rabbit Handbook.. is an excellent reference.. Read more in.. Is this the reference for your rabbitry? Find out in.. the review of Rabbit Production.. A great guide for caring for pet bunnies.. Learn more in the review of House Rabbit Handbook.. An easy-to-read guide that's a fast read.. See the review of Guide to Owning a Rabbit.. Visit Rabbit Web's.. top sites.. for rabbit owners.. Who are the Rabbit Web.. sponsors.. ?.. (c) 2011 RabbitWeb.. net, All Rights Reserved..

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  • Title: Rabbit Care for Beginners and Helpful Info on Rabbits
    Descriptive info: Rabbit Discussion.. Get advice on how to raise your.. rabbits and bunnies.. on Rabbit Web.. informative articles, cute bunny pics.. A Simple Hutch System.. Health.. FAQ: Common Health Concerns.. Why Should I Quarantine?.. Breeding.. Genetics 101.. Top Ten Hints for New Breeders Exhibitors.. Breeding for Herd Improvement.. The Topline Theory of Breeding Rexes.. Showing.. Wow! My First Show!.. Showing Dos and Don'ts.. Reader's Stories.. Reviews.. Click Here to enter Discussion Board.. (c) 2012 RabbitWeb..

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  • Title: Rabbit care, Breeding bunnies, and showing Rabbits
    Descriptive info: The Rabbit Web Zine has the information you need to take care of your rabbits and bunnies.. The.. Rabbit Web Search Engine.. is one of the biggest databases of rabbit-related Web sites on the Net.. Try it!.. Read Rabbit Web Zine to get news and articles on rabbit care, breeding bunnies, and showing rabbits.. What's New.. New Kwik-Build Cages.. Bass Equipment's new Kwik-Build Cages allow you to build cages without special tools.. Kwik-build cages can be disassembled without tools as well.. Opens a new window on the Bass Equipment web site.. New VHD/RCD Outbreak in Utah Confirmed.. The second outbreak of the deadly rabbit disease in the United States has been confirmed by the USDA/APHIS.. Review of Taking Care  ...   deadly for rabbits.. Diary of a New Rabbit Breeder has a few ideas on how you can keep your rabbits cool when temperatures climb.. It's the time of when people (or their dogs) start finding wild baby bunnies in their yards.. Here's what to do--and what not to do--if you're in that situation.. Grass hay makes for a healthy bunny.. Here's a quick and easy way to make a hay rack to hold the hay and free up space in the cage.. News.. Rabbit Vaccine Developed for Two Deadly Diseases.. New Organization for Rabbit Meat Industry Professionals.. Hopping Start: New Web Site for Commercial Rabbit Breeders.. Rabbit Care for Beginners.. How to Litter Train Your Rabbit.. Open archive

  • Title: rabbitweb.net - Shop for pets, dog, cat, rabbits
    Descriptive info: More Bunny Pics.. Abby.. Achilles.. Amy.. Ali's Fiona.. American Made.. Rabbits.. Angel.. Ardnaree's Hughbert.. Baby Hollands.. BallBall.. Benjamin.. BEW babies.. Binner.. Binner's Rose.. Bobo.. Bonnie.. Bugs.. Bundy.. Bunty.. Buster Belle.. Butterfinger.. Cadberry.. Campo's Alex.. Campo's Emily.. Campo's MacGyver.. Cassidy.. Chelsie.. Chico.. Clover.. Clover Patch.. Clover Patch.. babies.. Cocoa.. Coyote Springs.. bunnies.. Crystal.. Daisy.. Dinah's Prince.. Charming.. Ebony.. Elsa.. Elvis.. Emily.. Eros O'Fluff.. Fantasia.. FatFat.. Faultline's Cookie Doe.. Floris.. FookFook.. George.. Ginger.. Gizzy.. Glinski's Ooo La La Sr.. Godiva.. Harry.. Hobb's Crissy.. Huggy Bear.. Ida.. Irish Lad.. Jasper (Malinish's).. Jasper (Victoria's).. Jazz.. Kelly's Kotton.. Kandy.. Koester's Cottontails.. Kyoko.. Lightning.. Little Tyke.. LOJ Duke.. Love Bug.. Lucas.. Lucek and Lidka.. Maia.. Mallomar.. Marsha.. Maxx.. Midnight.. Moike.. Mr.. Myxi.. Nestor.. Hephaistos.. Nutmeg and Coriander.. Pancho.. Patches.. Pepita.. Pepper.. Peter's Burnt.. Toast.. Pillsbury.. Pookie.. Precious.. Princess Leia.. Puppy.. PW Toby.. R2D2.. Rachel.. Rah's Jack.. Rah's Jill.. Rainbeau's the Rock.. Ralphie.. Rapunzel.. Redman.. RnR's Ebony.. Robinson's Taffy.. Roger.. Romine's Torbo Boost.. Romine's Taylor Made.. Rose's Rabbits.. Rosemary.. Ruffles.. Ruffles' baby.. Rusty.. Scribble.. Scwooey Wabbit.. Shamus.. Smokey.. Snickers.. Snoopy.. Snuggles.. Sooty.. Spanky.. Sparkelee.. Sparky.. Spot.. Sugar Baby's Andie.. Szychulda's Goldilocks.. Thank Heaven's Pansy Posey.. Timmy.. Tinker.. Topsy.. Twix.. Usagi..  ...   without the owner's permission.. This is my little rabbit,.. He`s so cuddly and cute, but he can also be a bit naughty at times!.. Tina Wivelstad Norway.. Here is a picture of my pride and joy,.. A linx English Lop, he is just four months old in this picture.. Shannon.. JnScrazycritters Rabbitry.. These three charmers are, left to right,.. Pookie, Mr.. , and Huggy Bear.. In this photo, they're three months old.. Shawn Nagy.. Duluth, MN.. Fatfat.. is an Easter bunny who likes wearing grass instead of eating it.. In this photo, she's two years old.. 98935994d.. Hong Kong.. (left) is a Broken Tort Holland Lop who won three grand champion legs in Georgia for Best of Breed.. is a Holland Lop/French Lop mix.. Sparky went to the rainbow bridge on June 18, 2001.. Rusty grives for him so much.. You can see how much they loved each other.. Lee and Vikki.. Griffin, Georgia.. Animals Exotic and Small Magazine.. tells you what you need to know about all animals! Learn more in the Rabbit.. Web Magazine Rack.. Encyclopedia of Pet Rabbits is chock full of bunny photos.. Learn more in the.. Rabbit Web Bookstore..

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  • Title: Advertisement
    Descriptive info: Looking to.. buy rabbits.. or rabbitry supplies or to sell them? You've come to the right spot.. If you want to place a classified ad, Rabbit Web will let you do it for free! You can extend your ad indefinitely and you don't have a word limit.. Click here to enter.. Rabbit Web does ask you to observe the following rules if you place an ad.. Post only ads for rabbits and rabbit-related products or services.. Do not use  ...   the Net, words that are all in capital letters are often seen as shouting.. Do not include links to pornographic materials.. Rabbit Web reserves the right to remove any ads.. Please send your ads by mail to info @ rabbitweb.. net.. This book can help you navigate the A.. registration system.. Read more in the.. One of the best books on rabbit care and showing rabbits, for young and old readers alike.. Read the review.. is used by rabbtries everywhere..

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  • Title: Special offers for Rabbit Web Users
    Descriptive info: Buy and sell rabbit-related products on the Rabbit Web.. Visit the Rabbit Web.. In conjunction with online merchants, Rabbit Web has a developed a number of special offers for Rabbit Web users.. Purchases at the following sites will benefit Rabbit Web.. Rabbit Web Shopping Mall.. has discount merchandise from Overstock.. com, toys, flowers, magazines and newspapers, books from Barnes and Noble, luggage, travel buys from Travelocity, and computer products.. You'll find animal, home, family, and computer-related magazines, suitable for all ages, on the.. These magazines have a 90-day risk-free trial period and low subscription prices.. Get your rabbit books from the.. , in affliation with Barnes and  ...   Store.. has over 10,000 products, including electronics, computer products, perfume, and household items.. The Rabbit Web gets 5% of anything you purchase there.. Buy your rabbitry supplies the easy way.. Bass Equipment.. has a large selection of equipment and other supplies that you can buy online.. Your Rabbit.. is a terrific guide for breeding and showing rabbits, for young and old alike.. Ranger Rick.. is specially designed to appeal to today's active, inquisitive kids aged 7-12.. Read more in the Rabbit Web Magazine Rack.. Rabbit Handbook: A Family Guide to Buying, Keeping and Breeding.. identifies features of various breeds, behavior and biology, good housing, and signs of illness..

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  • Title: Rabbit Search Engines
    Descriptive info: Search the archives of Rabbit Web Discussion Boards for.. info on breeding and.. caring for rabbits.. See Rabbit Web's list of.. top rabbit.. sites.. Read Rabbit Web.. for news and articles on raising and caring for rabbits.. The Rabbit Web Search Engine is one of the largest repositories of links to rabbit-related Web sites that you'll find.. Quick Search for.. (c) 2003 RabbitWeb..

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  • Title: Rabbit Care for Beginners | Rabbit Food | Rabbit Water | Rabbit Housing | Rabbit Temperament
    Descriptive info: Rabbi Zine.. informative articles, cute bunny pics, rabbit reviews.. First of all, congratulations on your new (or upcoming) rabbits! I'm sure you'll find them as fun and rewarding as I have.. The first thing to consider when buying a pet rabbit or beginning to show rabbits is.. breed.. Over 40 different breeds are accepted by the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association).. A description and standard of these breeds can be found in the Standard Of Perfection, which is available for purchase on the.. ARBA site.. Some things to think about when deciding which breed is best for you are:.. Size.. Temperament.. Show Competition.. Availability.. Why You Want a Rabbit.. Size:.. Rabbits can be small (2-4 pounds), medium (4-8 pounds), or large (8 pounds up).. If you are getting rabbits for a 7 year old, a large rabbit may not be the best thing.. Also, if you have limited room on your property, smaller rabbits may be a better choice.. So keep size in mind when picking a breed.. Temperament:.. I'd love to tell you that there is no such thing as a mean rabbit, but I'd be lying.. Some breeds are just more.. aggressive than others.. These breeds tend to be the running breeds, such as Tan or Britannia Petite.. If you're looking for a gentle breed, then a Mini Lop, Netherland Dwarf, or Florida White may be the one for you.. Show Competition:.. This may not be important for pet owners, but if you plan on showing your rabbit, it's a big deal.. In some areas of the country, certain breeds are more prevalent than others.. If you like a lot of competition, buy a breed that has a lot of breeders and exhibitors in your area.. If you like winning rosettes and ribbons, but don't need competition, then a less common breed is for you.. Availability:.. This ties into the last item.. If you plan on buying quite a few rabbits or want the possibility of adding to your stock later on, you don't want to have to ship rabbits from 2,000 miles away.. It's better to get a breed that is well-known and common in your area.. Why You Want a Rabbit:.. Different rabbits are for different things.. Some breeds are better suited for, let's say, fur production.. If you want to have a side business besides showing and.. breeding.. , then you might want to get a meat breed or a wool/fur breed.. Meat breeds include New Zealands, Californians, Palomino, or Champagne D'Argent.. Wool breeds include French Angora and English Angora.. Fur breeds are Rex, New Zealands, and Californians.. Some breeds, such as the Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex, and Holland Lop, are just for  ...   get ill if they are not well-cooled.. A sitting board should be provided for larger breeds and for rabbits which have a thinner hair surface of their feet.. This is to prevent sore hocks.. Food:.. Pellets are the best bet for pet and show animals alike.. They contain most if not all of the nutrients a rabbit needs to stay healthy.. Several different brands and formulas exist, so ask your pet shop employee or feed store worker to help you choose the correct feed.. In my experience, pellets are cheaper in feed stores, and if you have quite a few rabbits, it may be helpful to buy in bulk.. Just be warned that feed does go bad, so watch for mold that can make your bunnies sick.. The amount to feed a rabbit depends on size and situation.. If you have smaller rabbits, such as a Netherland Dwarf, 3 ounces a day is plenty.. For larger breeds, the recommended formula is one ounce of pellets per pound of body weight.. If a rabbit is pregnant, lactating, or is still growing, they can have full feed, which is unlimited food in front of them all day.. Along with pellets, a rabbit's diet can be supplemented with roughage (hay) of some sort.. Rabbits.. love.. alfalfa, but it's very rich and should be fed only in moderation.. Grass hay such as timothy hay is best and less expensive.. Give them all grass hay they want.. Food dishes should be heavy and not easily tipped or have some sort of device to hold them down.. Lord knows how much money has been wasted in any rabbitry because of spilled feed.. Water:.. Water is the most important thing your rabbit needs in his daily diet.. Unlike humans, rabbits cannot get water from their food, so we must provide them with clean, fresh water daily.. If you notice that the crock or dish is dirty, please take five minutes and clean it out very well.. Especially in warmer weather, you should be sure your rabbit has a constant supply of water.. Water dishes should hold plenty of water and be heavy ceramic crocks or large Croc-Locks.. Water bottles work also, but some rabbits don't know how to use them.. Just make sure all of your equipment is clean and sanitary.. Although a lot more goes into keeping rabbits, this article should get get you started on the right path.. Good luck!.. This book can help you figure out why your bunny is misbehaving.. A handy guide filled with photos.. Check out the.. One of the best books for caring for a pet rabbit.. This fun video shows you how to care for your pet bunny..

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  • Title: Purchasing Your First Rabbit
    Descriptive info: This article is intended as an informative guide for the person looking to purchase her first rabbit, whether it be for pet, show, meat, or fur purposes, in the hopes of avoiding the all too common mistakes one inevitably makes from a lack of knowledge of rabbits.. The domestic rabbit that people raise and/or keep for the above reasons are not native to the North American Continent; these rabbits mostly hail originally from European species.. The domestic rabbit, unlike the American Jack Rabbit and Cottontail, is born naked, blind, and deaf and is also a burrowing animal.. It was once believed that rabbits were rodents, but rabbits have since been classified as lagomorphs.. Rabbits are not rodents!.. In the United States, rabbits are not considered to be livestock or a commodity, resulting in very few, if any, government regulations and price controls for the rabbit meat market other than USDA meat inspections in certain cases.. Each state has its own requirements regarding the processing of rabbit meat intended for resale for human consumption.. Due to the popular Easter Bunny Syndrome (i.. e.. , too cute to eat ) that is wide-spread in the USA, the rabbit meat market is not as a large industry as it is in European countries.. However, the rabbit meat industry is currently on the rise.. Rabbits are gaining popularity as house pets, and can be trained to use a litter box.. They are often referred to as the Pet of the 90s, or the Condominium Pet because they are quiet, clean, and reasonably easy to care for, particularly in small apartments.. Rabbits come in all sizes and colors, ranging from adult weights of 2 pounds up to 18 pounds or more.. In the United States, there are currently 45 recognized specific breeds of rabbits, with more being developed all the time.. Each breed, with only a few exceptions, come in a wide range of colors or varieties.. Rabbit shows have gained considerable popularity in America, sanctioned by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA).. This organization is responsible for the licensing of Rabbit Registrars and Rabbit Judges and the evaluation and introduction of new breeds and varieties.. ARBA also sponsors ongoing research and boasts a membership of over 35,000 members world-wide.. ARBA-chartered  ...   rabbit furs and pelts in the United States today, due to the influx of inexpensive imports.. American breeders cannot compete with the low prices of the imported pelts, with the exception of the velvety Rex fur, a fairly new and upcoming industry.. Small breed pet-quality rabbits are often found in pet stores.. A pet-quality rabbit does not conform to the Standard of Perfection for show purposes, and is quite often a mixed breed.. These rabbits cannot be shown in a rabbit show.. Purposely breeding mixed-bred rabbits (i.. , two different breeds bred together) is highly discouraged as they are often difficult to find homes for them, even as pets.. Organizations, such as the House Rabbit Society, actively rescue such rabbits, as they often wind up in Humane Societies where they risk euthanization, or are set free to be at the mercy of predators.. More and more responsible rabbit breeders are trying to do their share to help by instituting their own Adopt-A-Bunny programs to place these unwanted rabbits.. A responsible and/or reputable rabbit breeder that sells a rabbit that is later unwanted will most often take the rabbit back.. Rabbits make ideal 4-H and FFA projects and is one of very few animals recommended or approved for the younger child.. However, small breed rabbits do not make good pets for very young children due to the frailty of the smaller breeds.. Rabbits also have sharp nails and may nip in an effort to communicate.. A rabbit is not recommended as a pet for a toddler.. The larger, or medium to giant breeds are actually easier for a young child, enabling him or her to wrap their arms around the rabbit without the danger of crushing delicate bones.. Proper information on rabbits is often difficult to find in stores, and many available books in pet stores carry either out-dated or incorrect information.. Rabbits are unique from all other animals, and there is much the new owner will need to learn.. For this reason, I encourage new rabbit owners to join rabbit organizations that provide guide books with a membership and to subscribe to the varied rabbit publications.. Authors: do you want to contribute to Rabbit Web Zine? Send your article or article idea to Editor of.. Rabbit Web..

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  • Title: Common Myths About Rabbits
    Descriptive info: Common Myths About Rabbits.. Not everything you hear or read about rabbits is true.. In fact, a number of "myths" about rabbits and.. rabbit care.. that are widely held to be true can actually be detrimental to a rabbit's health and well-being.. Rabbit Web Discussion Board members, many of whom have several years of experience raising and caring for rabbits, recently discussed many common rabbit myths.. Myth #1.. You can let an unwanted rabbit go in a field and it will be fine, fending for itself.. Lots of people ask me if that is what we do with our culls.. The thought horrifies me, to think what that poor bunny goes through in its last day(s).. --AnnG.. The Truth: Domesticated rabbits, once released into the wild will, in most cases, quickly become food for the local predators, whether they be dogs or cats or, if you live in the country, hawks, eagles, coyotes, etc.. If they survive the predators, released rabbits still have to face a gauntlet of disease, poisoning, and starvation.. Contrary to another popular myth, rabbits do not instinctively know which plants are safe to eat and which ones can be dangerous to them.. Although they do retain many of the "prey" instincts, domesticated rabbits have never had to rely on those instincts to survive, and they honestly have no clue as to what to do.. Myth #2.. Rabbits can live on just carrots, lettuce, and cabbage.. A million non-rabbit people I know think this is true.. --Leah.. The Truth: Just like people, rabbits require a balanced diet of vitamins and minerals as well as proteins and fiber.. And just like people, they simply cannot survive on a diet limited to just two or three items, especially if one of those items is basically nothing but water (iceberg lettuce).. The easiest way to provide for a rabbit's nutritional needs is to find a feed dealer who sells a good quality rabbit pellet.. Then you can add the carrots as a treat.. Myth #3.. A rabbit can be picked up by its ears.. Ouch!.. --Stealth Dog.. The Truth: A rabbit's ears are.. not.. a handle.. Try having someone pick you up by your ears if you want to see how it feels! The proper way to pick up a rabbit is to scoop it up, supporting its body with both hands.. --D.. Wanda Twellman.. This myth was popularized by the outdated image of magicians pulling a rabbit out of a hat, and many still believe that is the way to handle rabbits.. Magician societies of today strongly discourage picking up a rabbit by the ears.. A big no-no!.. --Pat Lamar.. Myth #4.. Rabbits don't need water.. --Lynelle.. The Truth: No one is quite sure how this myth got started.. One possibility is the rarity of actually seeing wild rabbits drinking.. Another explanation is that wild rabbits' diet of fresh greens is filled with moisture, so rabbits don't appear to need water.. But domestic rabbits on a dry, pelletized feed absolutely requires fresh drinking water.. Without it, they won't eat.. I think this "no water" myth came about as a result of misunderstanding.. European countries with severe winters commonly give ice to their rabbits, rather than water, and which then led to the saying "rabbits don't need water.. ".. Myth #5.. It's a myth that all pet store bunny treats are good for your rabbit.. most are just junk food.. The Truth: Most of the fancy pet store treats sold for rabbits are actually meant to be visually appealing to the person buying them.. The dried, sweetened fruits and nuts included in these feeds can make a rabbit obese as well as cause digestive problems.. Myth #6.. Perhaps the worst myth out there is that baby bunnies are weaned and ready to be sold at three to four weeks of age.. So many people think that because rabbits are eating solid food at that age that the rabbits are ready to be away from mom.. The Truth: This is probably one of the myths that upsets the reputable breeders the most.. A baby rabbit of only three or four weeks still requires its mother's rich milk even though it may be nibbling solid food.. Forcibly weaning it this young can cause serious problems later.. Weaning at four weeks of age is strictly for the commercial rabbit meat grower and only under controlled conditions!.. Myth #7.. Rabbits are rodents.. --Roxanna (Hopland Hill).. The Truth: While originally classified as rodents, rabbits were found to be so unique as to have their own separate order, Lagomorpha, primarily because they have two more incisor teeth than rodents.. Lagomorphs are divided into two families: pikas and rabbits/hares.. Myth #8.. A rabbit and a hare are the same thing.. The Truth: Hares differ from rabbits in that they don't dig burrows and their young are born more mature.. Rabbit young, or kits, have a gestation of approximately 28-31 days.. They are born naked and blind and require a period of time to grow in a safe nest before they can run.. The hare, on the other hand, is born after a gestation of approximately 42 days.. The young, called leverings, are born fully furred, eyes open, and they are ready to run immediately after birth.. You can't necessarily tell a hare from a rabbit just by its common name.. The jackrabbit is actually a hare and the Belgian Hare is actually a rabbit.. Talk about confusion!.. Myth #9.. Rabbits and cats can be bred together and have offspring.. --Dennis, C.. V.. The Truth: Since each species belongs to two entirely different orders, it's hard to believe that there are people who actually believe this one.. One explanation might be the urban legend of the "cabbit," a breed of cat that supposedly "hops" instead of walks.. While cabbits don't exist outside of Japanese animation, some cat breeders think that some breeds of cat, such as the manx and the munchkin, can move in a way resembling a hop, which  ...   people who purchase a pair of dwarfs, expecting them to produce "like rabbits.. " Many factors are involved in producing a live litter, which most people don't realize.. --Mary.. Myth #21.. A doe will kill her babies if you touch them.. The Truth: A doe rabbit that is used to being handled won't object to her owner handling her kits in most cases.. But on occasion, you do find the over-protective mother who doesn't want anyone touching her kits.. Each rabbit has to be considered individually.. Myth #22.. The mother will curl up with her babies in the nestbox and keep them warm all night.. --Lynn Wheat.. The Truth: As part of a prey species, a doe rabbit actually spends very little time with her young.. This is to help prevent detection of the kits by various predators.. She builds a nest of grass, hay, or straw, pulls fur off her chest and belly to line it, then leaves her kits in the warm, cozy nest, except for feeding them once or twice in a 24-hour period.. A doe's milk is among the richest in the animal kingdom, which allows the infrequent feedings.. Myth #23.. A doe can be successfully bred only during the first two years of her life.. The Truth: A lot of does are still capable of having litters up until they are six years old.. When I first started breeding dwarfs, I rarely kept a doe past age two.. I now have several does that I breed who are between five and seven years old.. Myth #24.. All albino rabbits are deaf.. The Truth: There is nothing to substantiate the belief that white rabbits are deaf.. A rabbit's color is set by a specific set of genes that has nothing to do with its hearing.. Myth #25.. Bigger rabbits are the better pet for children.. The Truth: I have both, large and small breeds.. I think the dwarfs and Hollands are considerably better pets for kids! A large rabbit can be intimidating to a child.. If a child is intimidated, he or she won't want to pay attention to the rabbit or take care of it.. However, the smaller breeds can be held easier and are much less difficult to take care of (for a child).. This is what I have noticed over the years with my own children and many others.. There are treasures of good temperament in all breeds; sometimes it just takes a lot of looking to find them.. Small rabbits are easier to hold; large ones are great to curl up with on the floor and read.. I remember a two-year-old girl at one of my first shows who had a.. huge.. English Lop.. she just hauled it around like a stuffed toy, and it let her.. It's temperament that counts!.. --Pamela Alley, RVT.. Myth #26.. Flemish giants only come in one color (sandy).. The Truth: While sandy is a common color for Flemish giants, some of this breed have coats in other colors, such as black or gray.. Myth #27.. You can tell everything you need to know about a rabbit from a pedigree.. The Truth: A pedigree is only as good as the person writing it.. Anyone who wants can falsify a pedigree to make a rabbit appear better than it is.. I say, know who you are dealing with, and if you feel uneasy, go elsewhere to make your purchase.. Myth #28.. All people who buy rabbits.. know.. what they're getting themselves into!.. The Truth: I can't say how many phone calls I have gotten lately from people who have bought rabbits from me and who now have questions about bunnies and the weather - too many to count! I even sent these buyers home with a pamphlet on rabbit care and a membership form to the A.. , and at the time they acted like it was going to be so.. easy.. to take care of their new rabbit(s) and that I knew nothing!.. --Stacey.. Myth #29.. Rumor has it that the A.. prohibits tattooing in the show room.. The Truth: No such ruling.. Individual clubs can prohibit it as a matter of choice but it is not an A.. rule.. --Barbi Brown.. Myth #30.. All rabbit breeders are evil, nasty people who are mass-producing rabbits in an already over-saturated market to make.. money, money, money.. !.. The Truth: Raising rabbits is an expensive hobby.. Buying stock, feed, cages, equipment is a constant outlay of funds.. And there isn't a whole lot of money coming in.. Cash prizes at shows are small.. To sell show stock, you have to show, show show (spend, spend, spend!) and win, win, win to develop the reputation to command decent prices for your youngsters.. The market for pets is notoriously cheap as most pet stores want three to five week old kits and want to pay only $5.. 00 for them.. A reputable breeder simply refuses to deal with the pet market that is willing to abuse their babies just for the sake of a quick buck.. But like kittens and puppies, there will always be those out there who.. do.. run pet mills.. Extensive prosecution hasn't stopped the kitten/puppy mills, and it hasn't stopped the bunny mills either.. Most reputable breeders, if they learn about a bunny mill, will report it in an effort to get it closed down.. But for someone to allege that a rabbit breeder is into raising rabbits for the money would be ludicrous if it wasn't so pathetic! I wish someone would show me where the profit is in raising rabbits 'cause I've been losing money on them for the last nine years! Raising rabbits for me, and I dare say most breeders, is a labor of love.. Diseases of Domestic Rabbits, 2nd Ed.. is the medical guide all rabbitries should have.. Learn more about it in the.. review.. Discover great magazines in the.. Build Rabbit.. shows you how to build your own cages.. Read about it in the..

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  • Title: How to Build a Rabbit Cage
    Descriptive info: I make all my own cages and have always done so.. I've made hundreds over the last 40 years, and now they're second nature to me.. I use all wire cages because they are self-cleaning and odor-free.. Making a cage is very simple.. Aside from a table or workbench to work on, you need:.. 1" x 1" 14-gauge woven wire for most of the cage.. 1" x 1/2" 14-gauge or 16-gauge woven wire for the cage floor.. wire cutters (I use small bolt cutters).. hog rings (3/8").. a pair of hog ring pliers.. measuring tape or ruler.. If you prefer, you can use j-clips instead of hog rings.. I like the hog rings best because they're easier to remove if you make a mistake (and I make plenty)--you just cut the rings with your cutters.. Hog rings also have many other uses, such as repairing hockey shin pads.. My cages are all 30" deep, 36" long, and 18" high.. But they can be any size you want.. For example, a dwarf rabbit has plenty of room in a 24" x 24" cage.. The bottom wire for the floor should be 1" x 1/2" mesh (to prevent tiny feet from getting caught and broken), while the sides, front, and back can be 1" x 1" mesh.. The top can be 1" x 1" or 1" x 2".. Below are directions for making a 30" x 36" cage.. Cut a 30" x 36" piece of 1" x 1/2" woven wire (floor).. Cut a 30" x 36" piece of 1" x 1" woven wire or 1" x 2" (top).. Cut a 18" x 132" piece of 1" x 1" (front, back, and sides).. You need to fold (bend at a right angle) the 18" x 132" piece of woven  ...   intervals and do the same for the top.. Voila ! Your cage is put together.. Now comes the door.. Cut the opening for the door 2" from either side of the 36" length of your cage (depending on whether you want your door opening to the left or right).. The opening should be about 13" wide, 2" from the bottom, and 2"from the top.. Now you need a door.. Cut a piece of wire 1" bigger all around than your door opening.. Connect it to the cage with hog rings.. I make my own door latches (bunny-proof, too) from heavy galvanized fence wire.. They are difficult to make because they have to be bent for an exact fit and the wire is very stiff.. I recommend buying ready-made door latches.. They are very cheap, and they can be purchased from any place you can get rabbitry supplies.. You cut the feeder opening the same way as the door opening, just be sure it is 2" above the bottom of the cage.. I think all feeders are about the same size, so the opening should be 2" x 8".. And that is a basic rabbit hutch!.. My favorite supplier of rabbit feeders, bottles, door latches, etc.. is.. Morton Jones.. (925 Third Street).. P.. O.. Box 123.. Ramona, CA 92065.. 800-443-5769 (order line).. The prices are reasonable and the service is fast and efficient.. I use the all metal feeders and the LIXIT large rabbit bottle from Morton Jones.. This book has more plans for making nestboxes and cages.. Buy it at.. Buy wire for your cages at.. Get tools for assembling your hutch at.. Visit the.. for the best books on rabbit.. Building Rabbit Housing.. shows how to build cages and hutches.. Buy it at B N..

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