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  • Title: Accounting, Accounting services, financial & tax consulting, accountant
    Descriptive info: .. Računovodja.. ,.. knjigovodstvo.. poslovno svetovanje.. računovodski servis.. davčno svetovanje.. in.. računovodstvo.. Replika, Ljubljana.. ACCOUNTING SLOVENIA, EU.. -.. ACCOUNTING SERVICE LJUBLJANA.. ACCOUNTANT.. ACCOUNTING SERVICES.. TAX CONSULTING.. racunovodstvo.. eu.. Replika accounting service - Ljubljana.. Accounting.. Contabilitá.. Računovodstvo.. Buchhaltung.. бухгалтерия.. Location and contact.. Accounting service.. Accounting services.. Tax consulting.. Financial consulting.. Prices & benefits.. Accounting services in Ljubljana.. Accounting services, accounting, consulting and bookkeeping!.. Replika d.. o.. Tržaška cesta 42.. 1000 Ljubljana.. Slovenija-SI.. EU.. Tel.. : +386 (0)1 422 88 77.. Fax:.. +386 (0)1 256 49 25.. GSM.. : +386 (0)41 710 954.. E-mail:.. info@replika.. si.. URL:.. www.. replika.. Video presentation.. Inquire about prices of accounting services.. Accounting outsourcing.. Accounting fee.. Links.. Accountant.. Replika, accounting and tax consulting PLC.. , Tržaška cesta 42, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija, EU,.. , E:.. , T: +386 (0)1 422 88 77, F: +386 (0)1 256 49 25, G: +386 (0)41 710 954.. Accounting, accounting service, bookkeeping, financial and tax consulting.. A good.. accounting service.. and orderly.. accounting.. is one of the essential requirements and needs of modern companies.. Given the increasingly demanding legislation,.. accounting services.. and good.. accounting consultation.. are critical for all companies.. Through our services, we will take care of your concerns associated with the proper management of business accounts and fiscal security of business operations.. We know how to upgrade.. accounting management.. into a comprehensive.. tax consulting.. and business and.. financial consulting.. that is adapted to companies.. In our work, we do our best to adapt as much as possible and integrate with your company.. While doing this we.. assure.. complete.. protection..  ...   other benefits at the launch of your business operations.. Accounting outsourcing - Slovenia.. We make it possible for domestic and foreign companies to.. register the company headquarters.. at the location, where we perform accounting services and consulting.. Accounting services - Ljubljana.. Bookkeeping.. Accounting management.. Accounting consulting.. Tax consulting.. Replika PLC,.. Accounting services, accounting and financial consulting, Ljubljana.. Accounting domains:.. replika.. eu.. ,.. racunovodstvo-on.. net.. EU grants.. company representation.. optimization of business operations.. project management.. Replika PRO PLC.. replika-pro.. Investment projects.. Investment in real estate.. public auctions of real estate.. Replika Invest.. Investments in Real Estate.. PLC,.. investicije.. hostel.. Accounting Slovenija, EU.. Consulting in Ljubljani.. Inquire for accounting services.. Accounting, EU.. Accounting, Ljubljana.. Accountant EU.. Accounting service, Slovenija.. business consulting.. Accounting firm Replika.. Accounting management.. accounting-on.. Accounting outsorcing.. Finance.. Policija pred martinovanjem: Če pijete alkohol, ne vozite.. A lahko s Slovenijo vsak pometa?.. Twitter na borzi čez 15 minut.. ZDA rastejo hitreje od pričakovanj.. NLB s skoraj 300 milijonsko izgubo.. ''Pocenitev denarja dobra za okrevanje območja evra in izvoznike''.. Računovodja RSS novosti.. Pojasnila glede 2.. člena Zakona o interventnih ukrepih na področju trga dela in starševskega varstva.. Pravilnik o spremembah in dopolnitvah Pravilnika o vsebini in obliki obračuna davčnih odtegljajev ter o načinu predložitve davčnemu organu.. Spremembe in dopolnitve Zakona o zdravstvenem varstvu in zdravstvenem zavarovanju (novela ZZVZZ-M).. Obvezno pokojninsko in invalidsko zavarovanje kmetov.. Uskladitev lastnosti zavarovanca po ZPIZ-2.. Novosti pri izvajanju javnih del v letu 2014.. Accounting poll.. Following are important for.. low price.. quality accounting.. electronic transfer.. location: Ljubljana.. a good accountant.. Link Exchange:.. Management consulting.. |.. Komarniki..

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  • Title: Outsourcing of accounting and tax advisory
    Descriptive info: Company for accounting services: Ljubljana - Slovenia, EU.. E-accounting is the future.. Accounting, accounting management and tax consulting through the web.. Advice from an accountant.. Accounting; outsourcing.. is an established accounting firm founded in 2003.. We strive to provide high quality.. with a.. fast response.. modern practices.. Because of the nature and strategy of our company, we are able to offer a personalised approach and active support while managing your business documents.. We place strong emphasis on.. tax and accounting consulting.. and guiding clients towards.. tax balance optimization.. and we  ...   to improve profitability and minimize tax liability.. Accounting outsourcing.. is necessary for successful business operations of a company, which can be guaranteed by our experienced accountant and quality.. tax-accounting services.. A good accountant is your best financial advisor, as besides you, he knows your business best.. He has the necessary expertise in the areas of accounting, finance and taxes, and can facilitate substantial savings for your company.. For more information, call the.. Replika accounting and bookkeeping firm.. Video presentation of Replika accounting firm.. Video presentation of Replika accounting outsourcing firm..

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  • Title: Accounting services Replika d.o.o. - Ljubljana
    Descriptive info: Accounting services Replika - Ljubljana.. Accounting services, accounting, consulting and bookkeeping!.. Accounting service - Replika d.. , Ljubljana.. We are regarded as a dynamic.. accounting service provider.. and a rapidly growing company for.. accounting, accounting consulting and.. Ljubljana.. We have been matching the quality and expertise of large accountancy firms since 2003.. Our modern practices make it possible for us to provide a.. rapid response and adopt a personalized approach.. We provide.. :.. to a small number of clients to ensure comprehensive.. We place strong emphasis on.. and also in guiding clients towards.. and searching for the optimal methods of business operation.. As a.. dynamic accounting firm.. , we understand the needs of modern businesses and monitor their business vision.. We.. build trust.. long-term partnerships.. with our clients, which we achieve through the continuous education of our  ...   estate by directing investments to real estate purchases on the open market, at public auctions, public tenders, in bankruptcy proceedings and compulsory settlements.. More information:.. Replika Invest, Investments in Real Estate PLC.. Economic - legal field.. : Our accounting services offer our clients support in legal matters and in preparing legal acts of the company.. We aim to provide quick, credible and effective legal advice.. Financial - conceptual engineering.. : It combines the services of obtaining a grant at the EU level, support for foreign companies to enter the Slovenian market and to find staff, a comprehensive analysis of the business to increase efficiency and value addition.. We run comprehensive conceptual engineering in the field of sustainable projects, development-oriented innovations and for management and coordination of partner projects.. For more information, call or visit.. Replika accounting services; Ljubljana..

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  • Title: Replika accounting firm
    Descriptive info: Accountant & accounting services.. Replika accounting firm - accountant.. If you are an.. accountant.. and would like to help create a firm which is a.. successful accounting service provider.. , we invite you to send us a job application with your detailed CV.. Applicants, who we recognize as being responsible, initiative, tidy, reliable and knowledgeable, will be invited to an interview.. We expect the following from our accountants:.. - a minimum of high-school or college education in the field of economics.. - two years of accounting experience.. - knowledge of Slovenian accounting standards and tax laws.. - to respond quickly, professionally and have high quality work in relation to clients.. -  ...   maintenance of internal work standards.. If you are still a.. student.. , aged.. 24 or less.. and are.. fluent in Italian, Russian or German in addition to English.. , fulfilment of all the above conditions is not necessary.. In this case, you only need initiative, the desire for this type of work and additional training education in accounting.. In the event that you will not be selected by our company, despite your knowledge and experience, we can recommend you to one of our business partners.. We request that you write only if you meet the above conditions.. Write to us at:.. si.. For more information, please call.. Replika accounting service and accounting..

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  • Title: Accounting services and bookkeeping, tax advisory
    Descriptive info: Accounting services and bookkeeping.. Tax consulting and accounting services.. Optimization of the balance, business consulting and preventive tax review!.. accounting consulting.. for legal entities and independent business people.. We know how to adapt our services to large, medium sized and small businesses.. We provide our business partners with services that are appropriate to their activities, as well as the mode and scope of their business.. It is possible to make an agreement for providing all services or selected accounting tasks.. Account management services (general ledger, log of general ledger).. Services of managing analytical records of customers and suppliers (monitoring claims and liabilities, print-outs of outstanding items).. Provision of electronic payments.. Calculation of remuneration and  ...   Service of managing records of fixed assets and calculating depreciation.. Calculation of late fees and printing of warnings.. Periodic financial reports and services as desired by the company.. Reports on business abroad (Bank of Slovenia).. Drawing up of acts and decisions of the company related to financial operations (rules on cash transactions, rules on inventory, rules on accounting, act on the systemization of jobs).. Compiling tax balance.. Drawing up financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, statement of changes in equity, cash flow statement).. Accounting analysis of business operations.. Monitoring of business activities and warning in the event of accounting irregularities.. Archiving of accounting and business records.. Other accounting and consulting services.. For more information call..

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  • Title: Business and tax consulting - outsourcing in Ljubljana
    Descriptive info: Tax and business consulting.. Business and.. for business operations are always closely associated with taxes.. A carefully planned tax policy of a company enables major tax savings.. For this reason, all business transaction should be planned with tax considerations.. Sound financial and legal operations are not enough for a company’s optimum performance.. Knowledge in the area of tax legislation and experience.. are also indispensable.. A business’ approach towards tax planning will depend not only on the status of company arrangement, areas of business operations, manner and scale of operations, time at our disposal, but also on a.. deep knowledge of tax laws and creative accounting ideas.. At Replika,.. accounting and tax consulting.. and the.. business’ tax affairs are handled by experts.. who know how to find hidden tax loopholes and savings, while protecting the client from breaking any laws.. Our.. services are supplemented by the personal approach.. we take towards each business partner.. The person  ...   while changing from one status to another legal form and sale and purchase of real estate.. We also advise on the use of company vehicles, company mobile phones, use of other benefits and settlement of tax problems related to business operations.. Optimization of tax balance;.. We help companies in finding the most favourable tax and legal modes of operation with a carefully planned strategy.. Individual tax consulting for legal entities and individuals.. in the area of corporate tax, income tax, value added tax, excise tax, property taxes and social insurance.. Implementation of preventive tax reviews:.. We provide a review of the entire business concerning all taxes as carried out by a tax inspector.. In the case of an eventual tax audits, we represent you through the entire process.. Our knowledge and years of experience with preventive tax inspections assure the best outcome for your company.. For more information, call.. Replika, accounting and tax consulting, PLC..

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  • Title: Replika accounting and accounting services
    Descriptive info: Web page racunovodstvo.. SI-Slovenija, EU.. Replika accounting and accounting services.. with its headquarters in Ljubljana, is the owner of the web domain.. racunovodstvo.. The company is a part of the Replika group and was established in 2003.. The high quality work and quick response of Replika are directed towards the satisfaction of investment-oriented clients.. Company:.. Basic activity:.. 69.. 200 Accounting, bookkeeping and  ...   Official hours:.. Each business day 8 am - 3 pm.. Director:.. Polona Urh, B.. A.. Registration number:.. 1833197.. VAT number:.. SI97411299.. Bank account:.. 24203-9004733658, at Raiffeisen banka d.. d.. Share capital:.. 92.. 222 €.. Entry in court register:.. District Court of Ljubljana, entry number: 1/41220/00.. Information for deposits made from foreign accounts:.. SWIFT:.. KREKSI22.. IBAN:.. SI56 242039004733658.. Video presentation of Replika accounting firm..

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  • Title: Bookkeeping & accounting in Ljubljana
    Descriptive info: Bookkeeping & accounting in Ljubljana.. We are located on the 2nd floor of the.. Ilirija.. office building in.. Vič.. (Ljubljana - Slovenia, EU), opposite of the Mercator store.. Visit us at our office in.. Tržaška cesta in Ljubljana.. , Slovenia, EU.. For an informative estimate of the cost of accounting services,.. send us a request via the online form..

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  • Title: Financial and management consulting services - Ljubljana
    Descriptive info: Financial and management consulting services.. In addition to.. accounting services and tax consulting.. , we have also introduced.. comprehensive management and.. services.. It offers our clients a comprehensive service through our team of experts with a deep knowledge in accounting, law and finance for:.. Financial-management consulting for possible improvements to the company’s business situation.. Drawing up of the financial plan of the company, financial structures and estimates for projects.. Selection of the appropriate bank, contact with the banks, the negotiation  ...   projects.. Preparation of financial documents for the purpose of obtaining funds for tenders; preparation of other business and financial documents.. Consulting on investments and financial decisions, consulting on investment of free funds on domestic and foreign financial markets and investing in real estate.. Financial planning (short-term and long-term financial plans).. Financial analysis of business operations (financial picture of the client’s business operations or the financial evaluation of business partners).. Preparation of compensation, assignments.. Other financial, business and management consulting services..

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  • Title: Prices and benefits of accounting services
    Descriptive info: Accounting management and tax consulting.. Accounting services and tax consulting in Ljubljana!.. Visit us at our office in Tržaška cesta in Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU.. We are located on the 2nd floor of the Ilirija office building in Vič (Ljubljana - Slovenia, EU), opposite of the Mercator store.. Prices and benefits of accounting services.. Prices of accounting services are based on the.. accounting rates of the company.. Accounting fees.. provide a recommended method of valuation and calculation of accounting services.. For new clients.. For existing clients.. Because.. we want to give you the opportunity.. to get to know us and be sure of the quality of our work, your  ...   to get to know us better and decide whether or not your will entrust us with the accounts of your company in the future.. reward existing clients and partners.. of many years for their trust, because we realize that the expansion and growth of our company depends on you.. We provide you with discounts and other financial benefits:.. - for the orderly and timely delivery of documentation.. - for the recommendation of our services to your business partners.. For an approximate price estimate, please complete the inquiry form.. We will send you a non-binding offer by mail or e-mail.. For an approximate price estimate, please complete the.. inquiry form..

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  • Title: Accounting fee
    Descriptive info: Računovodska tarifa za računovodstvo.. Accounting fee.. Prices of accounting services.. are based on the..

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