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  • Title: Ham Radio Contests & News | Radio-Sport.net
    Descriptive info: .. About.. Advertise.. Calendar.. Contact Us.. Submit News.. Photos.. Support Us.. Sponsors.. Newsletter.. Home.. Featured Stories.. Happenings.. Technology.. Weird and Wacky.. WRTC.. Major Contests.. All Asian.. ARRL DX CW.. ARRL DX SSB.. ARRL RTTY Roundup.. CQ WPX CW.. CQ WPX RTTY.. CQ WPX SSB.. CQ WW CW.. CQ WW RTTY.. CQ WW SSB.. IARU HF Championship.. Russian DX.. Other Contests.. State QSO Parties.. VHF Contests.. ARRL 10.. ARRL 160.. ARRL Field Day.. ARRL Rookie Roundup.. ARRL SS CW.. ARRL SS SSB.. BERU Commonwealth Contest.. CQ 160 SSB.. CQ 160 CW.. CQ Manchester.. CW Ops Mini.. Dutch PACC.. EU Sprint.. Helvetia DX.. Hungarian DX.. JIDX CW.. JIDX SSB.. Mexico RTTY.. NAQP CW.. NA Sprint.. NAQP RTTY.. NAQP SSB.. Oceania DX CW.. Oceania DX SSB.. OK/OM Contest.. RAC Canada Day.. RAC Winter Contest.. REF CW.. REF SSB.. RSGB Iota.. SP DX.. Stew Perry Topband.. Ten Meter RTTY.. Triathlon DX.. UBA CW.. UBA SSB.. VK Shires.. Worked All Germany.. YO DX.. YU DX.. WAE CW.. WAE RTTY.. WAE SSB.. Opinion.. Contesters Seek the Double Sunspot Peak.. Posted by.. admin.. on March 12, 2013.. |.. 0 Comment.. Is the sun holding back on radio contesters around the globe? Could 2013-2014 be the true peak? These questions, near and dear to every radio sport fan, have NASA experts puzzled.. NASA scientists have been watching the sun with puzzled looks because it s not behaving like they predicted.. Solar activity, such as solar flares and sunspots,.. Read more.. New Horizons of Ham Radio: Remote Ham Radio in Contests.. on February 9, 2013.. 1 Comment.. Guest Post by KL1A In this article I would like to share my personal experiences on the use of the remotely controlled amateur radio stations.. This subject is not new, and was referred to repeatedly in some amateur radio information sources, as well as discussed in many forums on the Internet.. So I will not be original here.. Perhaps one of the pioneers.. NA Sprint Set For Tonight.. on February 2, 2013.. The North American CW Sprint is set to run tonight at 0000z.. Often billed as one of the most challenging and intense contests of the year this event is truly a love it or hate it as rapid fire machine CW coupled with rapid frequency changes make the 4 hour event feel like a 20 hour event.. See 2012 NA  ...   Answers Critical Questions.. Posted on April 2, 2013.. The following is a transcript of the embedded webinar recently done on the CQ WPX Contest Randy: Thank you Ken.. Good afternoon everyone.. Thanks for attending.. Skimmer, the Rules and You.. Posted on March 28, 2013.. Peter Smith, N4ZR A Special to Radio-Sport.. net When Jeff, N1SNB asked me to write something for the reincarnated radio-sport.. net about CW Skimmer and the evolution of contest.. Posted on March 12, 2013.. NASA.. The ARRL SSB Contest Why It Might Not Be Your Favorite.. Posted on March 9, 2013.. Originally published on the YCCC email reflector on March 6, 2013.. Thanks to Pete, W1RM for allowing us to republish it here.. Peter, W1RM recalls Think back to when.. Posted on February 9, 2013.. This subject is not new, and was.. Posted on February 2, 2013.. Often billed as one of the most challenging and intense contests of the year this event is truly a love it or hate.. Posted on January 14, 2013.. Where Are The Rookies and Young Contesters? This past weekend during the annual running of the January NAQP CW it was great fun to get on the bands and enjoy connecting with contesting.. Posted on January 11, 2013.. Review last years NAQP.. After Five Years of Ham Radio Contest News, radio-sport.. net Going QRT.. Posted on November 30, 2012.. *** UPDATE*** Radio-Sport.. net will continue operations in 2013 under a new management and ownership team! After over five years of bringing amateur radio contest news to the.. Older Entries.. Advertiser.. Donate to Us.. Radio-Sport.. Net Newsletter.. Sign up for the Radio Sport Newsletter - CQ Contest.. Get the latest contesting news and opinions directly in your inbox each week.. *.. indicates required.. Callsign/Name.. Email Address.. Callsigns.. CT1BOH.. CT1ILT.. CU2A.. EF8M.. ES5TV.. HI3TEJ.. K1DG.. K1LZ.. K1TO.. K1ZM.. K3EST.. K3LR.. K5NA.. K5ZD.. K6AM.. K6LA.. K7RL.. LZ4AX.. N1UR.. N2IC.. N2NT.. N3BB.. N4PN.. N6MJ.. NN3W.. O3A.. OH2UA.. P5A.. PJ2T.. RD3AF.. SO2R.. UA9CLB.. UU0JM.. UU4JMG.. VE3DZ.. VE3EJ.. VY2ZM.. W2GD.. W2SC.. W3LPL.. W4PA.. W6YI.. W9RE.. WB9Z.. YT1AD.. WP Cumulus Flash tag cloud by.. Roy Tanck.. requires.. Flash Player.. 9 or better.. Callsign Archive.. Radio Contesting FAQs.. Contest Calendar.. Sign Up For Newsletter.. Amateur Radio Supplies.. Minor Contests.. 2013.. net.. All rights reserved.. Founded by Jamie, NS3T.. In 2013, the Radio-Sport.. net tradition continues.. Estufs.. Developed by WebArt MediaLabs..

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  • Title: About | Radio-Sport.net
    Descriptive info: You are here:.. About.. May 29, 2013 6:44 am.. net was founded by Jamie Dupree, NS3T.. In 2012, the site changed hands as Jamie passed on the reigns.. This site is currently owned and maintained by Washington Square Media of Haverhill, MA and the chief editor is now, Jeff.. Demers N1SNB..

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  • Title: Advertise | Radio-Sport.net
    Descriptive info: Advertise.. net welcomes Ham Radio specific advertisers to our community.. Our rates are affordable:.. 125 x 125 Square $20 per month.. 468 x 60 Rectangle $40 per month.. 250 x 250 Square $50 per month.. 768 x 90 Rectangle $50 per month.. For more information please email jeff@radio-sport..

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  • Title: Calendar | Radio-Sport.net
    Descriptive info: Calendar.. Enjoy the WA7BNM contest calendar for the latest contest dates and schedules..

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  • Title: Contact Us | Radio-Sport.net
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. May 29, 2013 6:45 am.. We value your feedback.. Please tell us how we are doing and what you would like to see covered in our online publication.. 3 Washington Square.. Suite 208.. Haverhill, MA 01830.. Phone: 617-758-8255.. email: jeff@radio-sport.. My Fieldset.. Your Name.. (required).. Email.. (valid email required).. Phone No.. Comments.. One%20moment%20please.. "/>.. Please%20fill%20in%20all%20the%20required%20fields.. Please%20double-check%20your%20verification%20code.. cforms.. contact form by delicious:days..

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  • Title: Submit News | Radio-Sport.net
    Descriptive info: Submit News.. Our newsroom is open 24/7.. We want to hear from you.. Please email your news to:.. news@radio-sport..

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  • Title: Photos | Radio-Sport.net
    Descriptive info: Photos.. We want your photos! Please email us or contact us if you have any photographs you would like to share.. CQ WPX SSB Contest.. http://www.. radio-sport.. net/wp-content/plugins/slideshow-gallery/vendors/timthumb.. php?src=wp-content/uploads/slideshow-gallery/df7zs.. jpg&w=480&h=320&q=100&a=t.. In the 2009 CQ WPX SSB Contest, here is Helmut Mueller DF7ZS knocking out contacts from CT9L.. Team CN3A.. php?src=wp-content/uploads/slideshow-gallery/cn3a1a.. This is Team CN3A from the 2009 CQ WW SSB Contest.. Left to right standing: IK2SGC, IK2QEI, CN8WK, IV3ZXQ, IK1SPR, IK1HJS Sitting Left to Right - I2WIJ - CN8WW  ...   DX SSB Contest.. From Left to Right, EA5DY, OH1MA, EA8CAC, EA8AH, OH6RX, EA8ZS, OH5XT and OH3RB.. 4U1UN.. php?src=wp-content/uploads/slideshow-gallery/4u1un2.. This is the group that activated 4U1UN at the United Nations for the 2009 CQ WW SSB Contest.. From left: OH2BH, OH0XX, KR2Q, JK3GAD, LA5IIA, PY5EG, NN1N.. Team 4A2S.. php?src=wp-content/uploads/slideshow-gallery/4a2s1.. Here is Team 4A2S from the 2010 ARRL DX SSB Contest, which competed in the Multi-Single category.. From left to right seated: XE2URF, XE2S, XE2RV; standing left to right: XE2/N7DD, XE2SRR, XE2Q..

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  • Title: Support Us | Radio-Sport.net
    Descriptive info: Support Us.. We need your support to generate content, videos and pictures.. With over 25,000 visitors a month visiting, we need help paying the bills to deliver the very best possible experience to our visitors all over the world and that means server speed and web development assistance.. We believe that Radio Sport is a major part of the future of ham radio.. Can we count on your support? Donate now..

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  • Title: Sponsors | Radio-Sport.net
    Descriptive info: Sponsors.. May 29, 2013 6:46 am.. Please support the great sponsors that have helped keep Radio-Sport.. net alive and viable.. 403A Ham Products.. K1EL Systems /WKUSB.. Remote Ham Radio.. RigExpert.. Spiderbeam..

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  • Title: Newsletter | Radio-Sport.net
    Descriptive info: Newsletter.. Sign up for the Radio Sport Newsletter CQ Contest..

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  • Title: Featured Stories | Radio-Sport.net
    Descriptive info: Featured Stories.. List/Grid.. Subscribe RSS feed of category Featured Stories.. CQ WW Officially Moves to Ban Post-Contest Log Massage With Rules Change for 2012 CQ WW DX.. Posted on July 31, 2012.. Along with instituting a new five day log submission deadline, the CQ WW Contest Committee has included a specific rule change for the 2012 CQ WW DX Contests that seeks to crack down.. Goodbye Post-Contest Log Massage; CQ Announces Five Day Log Submission Deadline.. Posted on July 21, 2012.. In a major change, CQ Magazine has announced that effective with the CQ WW RTTY Contest in September, all logs must be submitted within five days after the end of the contest,  ...   change, making it into more of a Multi-Two.. Contesters Head to 2012 Dayton Hamvention; You Can Join Them by Streaming Video on the Web.. Posted on May 15, 2012.. For those contesters heading to the Dayton Hamvention, there will be more than enough events to attend but for those not able to get to the Miami Valley of Ohio this year, your.. Major Changes in ARRL DX Contest Rules On Hold For Now, But Still Remain Possible.. Posted on September 18, 2011.. While a broad effort to overhaul the rules of the ARRL DX Contest has been delayed after a summer dispute over those proposals, the leader of the Contest Advisory Committee still intends..

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