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  • Title: Another step forward
    Descriptive info: .. Another step forward.. December 7, 2012.. Pull Members Up in ReSharper.. Imagine standard situation where you have a class implemented some interface.. You have to add some method to the class and then add these into an interface.. Which way do you choose?.. Read more.. Posted by.. Radek.. at.. 9:34 AM.. No comments:.. Email This.. BlogThis!.. Share to Twitter.. Share to Facebook.. Links to this post.. Labels:.. ReSharper.. December 6, 2012.. Cannot convert lambda expression to type 'int' because it is not a delegate type.. using System.. Linq;.. 3:15 PM.. NET.. ,.. C#.. November 14, 2012.. JustMock Practical Experience.. A few months ago I ve moved into a new development team.. In this team a new mocking framework is available to me.. Yes, it is JustMock.. I was very glad that I can work with this mocking framework.. At the beginning I really enjoyed the work with it.. Maybe even better moment for me was about a week ago when I finally removed it from my work computer and from a build server.. Do you want more details? Then continue with reading.. 11:24 AM.. 1 comment:..  ...   useful to have your own keyboard shortcuts for users buttons on the toolbar.. It isn t surprising that Total Commander is also configureable in this way.. Let s look at it.. 5:04 PM.. Total Commander.. Older Posts.. Home.. Subscribe to:.. Posts (Atom).. Subscribe To.. Posts.. Atom.. All Comments.. MCP.. Twitter.. Follow @RadoslavCap.. Blog Archive.. 2012.. (13).. December.. (2).. Cannot convert lambda expression to type int bec.. November.. (1).. June.. May.. March.. February.. January.. (4).. 2011.. (46).. October.. September.. (5).. August.. July.. (11).. (9).. (6).. 2010.. (12).. (7).. 2009.. (10).. (3).. 2008.. 2007.. 2006.. (24).. April.. 2005.. (8).. 2004.. Why another step forward.. If I find 10,000 ways something won't work, I haven't failed.. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.. Thomas Edison.. Tweets by @RadoslavCap.. Labels.. (17).. ASP.. Browsers.. Entity Framework.. GTD.. Heroes II.. Heroes IV.. Heroes VI.. Kindle.. Programování.. Silverlight.. Visual Studio 11.. Visual Studio 2002.. Visual Studio 2003.. Visual Studio 2005.. (16).. Visual Studio 2008.. (15).. Visual Studio 2010.. Windows 7.. Windows 8.. Windows Azure.. Windows Vista.. Přeložit tuto stránku.. Používá technologii.. Microsoft Translator.. Picture Window template.. Powered by.. Blogger..

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  • Title: Another step forward: Pull Members Up in ReSharper
    Descriptive info: Another step forward.. Pull Members Up in ReSharper.. Copy Paste.. implement method.. copy signature into interface.. Really?.. You have a structure like this:.. Implement metod:.. Use ReSharper/Refactor/Refactor This (.. Ctrl + Shift + R!.. ) on the method name:.. confirm default values:.. and you get this in IOrder:.. Simple and effective.. No comments:.. Post a Comment.. Older Post.. Post Comments (Atom).. Comments..

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  • Title: Another step forward: Cannot convert lambda expression to type 'int' because it is not a delegate type
    Descriptive info: Cannot convert lambda expression to type 'int' because it is not a delegate type.. Newer Post..

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  • Title: Another step forward: JustMock Practical Experience
    Descriptive info: JustMock Practical Experience.. A few months ago I've moved into a new development team.. Short Version.. Don't waste your time with JustMock.. Use another framework.. We are using nSubstitute now and we are satisfied.. This saves your time, energy and money.. Long Version.. I.. Promising Intro.. Mocking Framework Overview.. The feature list of Just Mock looks great.. You can find it here.. Our Environment.. We have been working on an ASP.. NET MVC project.. This project is built on.. NET 4.. 5 and developed in the Visual Studio 2012 since its prerelease versions.. The tests are written in MS Tests framework and with nUnit framework.. The development machine runs on Win8, and the server is 2008 R2.. Both machines run on 64bits.. The Journey Begins.. I started to use JustMock on my machine.. It looked good, first tests ran fine.. After Check-In the tests were failing on the build machine.. Well, I explored a documentation and I have found a guide how to configure the testing framework on the build machine.. Unfortunately I've failed.. There were some confusing steps in this guide.. As usually in most of help guides.. II.. Getting Into Troubles.. Telerik Support.. Fortunately we have paid support from Telerik.. I've created a ticket and after a few mails we created an online meeting to explore issues on our build server.. We walked through the guide, fixed a few misunderstandings and everything looked fine.. The meeting was finished with words like ".. you have to restart build server and everything will work fine".. The Telerik support team does a great job.. Seriously.. They spent with me about two hours and checked server settings with me.. Still Failing.. After a server restart the tests were still failing.. I had a "Profiler must be enabled" error message.. There is a property called IsProfilerEnabled and this had a false value.. On our development machine it was true.. Another ticket was written and another online meeting was scheduled.. Telerik Support Part II.. At this meeting we recognized two things.. When you run a test in debug the property IsProfilerEnabled has false value.. Without debug it was true.. We also stopped trying to run real tests.. We created small test only for JustMock.. A support engineer told me that they need more time to explore this behaviour.. At this moment I've failed.. I should have recognized the troubles and left this framework.. TFS 2012.. In meantime we have moved to TFS 2012.. The tests were still failing, but only on the build machine.. Another ticket was written, another online meeting was scheduled.. I've tried to configure the build workflow completely from start.. And then  ...   very new and.. 5 also.. Starting To Be Angry.. The Q3 version has been finally arrived.. Finally.. I hoped that all troubles would be smoothed.. No, they weren't.. The tests on the build machine were suddenly green, suddenly red.. But without a JustMock workflow.. I gave it up and started to look for another mocking framework.. Young Blood.. In our team we have a promising young developer.. He is interested in testing and he decided to try his own luck.. And, you know what? He was better than me! He recognized some mismatch in libraries versions and fixed them.. And he also recognized the dependency between tests! Wait, what? Dependency between tests?.. Dependency Between Tests.. We had a set of tests.. When you ran all of them, some of them were red.. When you ran only these red tests, they were green.. How is it possible? There are many ways to achieve this (bad tests).. We carefully checked the tests and there was only one common point.. JustMock.. nSubstitute.. I was very angry and I've decided to try an nSubstitute.. No configuration on the build, no "Profiler must be enabled" error messages.. I took a few problematic tests, which used JustMock, in a few minutes I rewrote them into nSubstitute, ran them on the build and all of them were green.. What a relief!.. Young Blood Failed (as me).. Previous tries to configure JustMock took us many days.. My colleague had only a day and half.. After this he had the same opinion as me.. Throw it out.. Lessons Learned.. Promising framework doesn't have to be good.. A paid option doesn't have to be better.. A senior developer doesn't have to be able to recognize when to stop.. A fresh developer can find what senior overlooks.. Final notice.. I apologise to my company, you gave me a promising framework but I've wasted your money.. On the other hand it can be only better.. Currently we are using a simpler framework.. But, you know what? It forces us to write a better code.. I hope that this story can save your time.. 1 comment:.. Samuel.. December 12, 2012 at 4:20 AM.. Wow, you described my last week.. It s the first time that read about nSubstitute after a couples or hours searching about the capabilities of this framework, I will switch to this one tomorrow.. I love the way you write; its very funny.. I will surely read your others posts.. Thank you again for your time, your knowledge and all @%**!!!# that you saved me trying to wrap my head around the multiple problems with JustMock.. Reply.. Delete.. Add comment.. Load more..

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  • Title: Another step forward: Manage Windows Azure from Ubuntu
    Descriptive info: Manage Windows Azure from Ubuntu.. How To Install nodejs.. sudo apt-get install python-software-properties.. sudo apt-add-repository ppa:chris-lea/node.. js.. sudo apt-get update.. sudo apt-get install nodejs npm.. Source.. How To Install Windows Azure SDK for Node.. npm install azure --global.. Verify Installation.. azure --help..

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  • Title: Another step forward: Total Commander - Shortcut for Custom Command
    Descriptive info: Total Commander - Shortcut for Custom Command.. It isn't surprising that Total Commander is also configureable in this way.. Let's look at it.. Toolbar Button.. Let's say, that you have your own button which opens empty Notepad.. A short way to configure it is a right click on the toolbar, press Add and configure a command as you can see in the following picture:.. Configure Custom Keyboard Shortcut.. Well, you have your own command and now  ...   Options - Misc.. and focus on Redefine hotkeys (Keyboard mapping) area.. Configure Ctrl + Shift + N shortcut for Notepad.. Check Ctrl and Shift checkboxes and select N in combo box this way:.. Then click to the magnifier icon and select usercmd.. ini in Category.. Click on New and define a new command name:.. Click OK and set up command properties:.. We are done.. So easy and straightforward.. Enjoy your work from keyboard.. Trace WCF Service..

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  • Title: Another step forward: December 2012
    Descriptive info: Newer Posts..

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  • Title: Another step forward: November 2012
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  • Title: Another step forward: June 2012
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  • Title: Another step forward: May 2012
    Descriptive info: May 29, 2012.. Existing WCF service is in faulted state.. It isn t responding.. You are the owner of this service and you are trying to solve how to identify what s wrong.. The answer is tracing.. How to do it is shown in this article.. 1:20 PM.. WCF..

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  • Title: Another step forward: March 2012
    Descriptive info: March 3, 2012.. nUnit tests support in VS 11.. A good news for everyone who has unit testing in their daily bread.. VS 11 currently support nUnit, xUnit, QUnit and a few other testing frameworks.. Not natively, but via extensions.. Well, at last! The extension for nUnit is currently available in a beta version.. 10:02 PM..

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