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  • Title: Global Alliance for Rabies Control, Home
    Descriptive info: .. Striving to free people and animals from the threat of rabies.. Share.. |.. Home.. About Rabies.. What we do.. About us.. News.. Resources.. Support us.. Every day, at least 150 people die of rabies - $8 vaccines could save them.. Donate now.. Fighting rabies worldwide.. Read what we're doing to stop rabies.. A rabies dilemma.. What would you do?.. Raise money.. Have fun.. Stop rabies.. Get involved.. Stop rabies Donate now.. Vaccinate a child for $8 a month.. Vaccinate a dog for $2 a month.. Make a one off donation.. Send us your rabies research.. See other ways to help.. Latest News.. New Blueprint for fox rabies  ...   rabies in wildlife populations, specifically in red foxes using oral rabies vaccination (ORV).. more.. See all news.. Featured Video.. Rabies: 120 years after Pasteur (1).. See all videos.. A rabies story.. Part of the WRD report from Karachi, Pakistan.. See all rabies stories.. Subscribe to the GARC Nesletter.. A Better Future for Stray Dogs.. Why World Rabies Day matters.. Latest Tweets.. Join the conversation.. Follow.. Like.. Watch.. 2011.. A registered charity in the US as Global Alliance for Rabies Control (a 501c3 organization) and in the United Kingdom as.. Alliance for Rabies Control.. (No.. SC 037112).. Site: CompanyX.. Contact us.. Donate.. Donate from the UK.. People's stories.. Videos..

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  • Title: Global Alliance for Rabies Control, About Rabies
    Descriptive info: What is rabies?.. Rabies Kills People.. Rabies Kills Animals.. Lives livelihoods.. A lack of education.. I have a question.. Other rabies sites.. The most deadly infectious disease on earth.. Rabies kills hundreds of people a day.. Thousands of dogs die or are slaughtered because of rabies every year.. Most people affected by rabies already live in extreme poverty.. Knowledge saves lives.. Frequently asked questions and other information.. Links to rabies websites by other members of the PRP (Partners in Rabies Protection).. Newsletter archives.. For the media.. For professionals.. For the public.. For teachers..

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  • Title: Global Alliance for Rabies Control, What we do
    Descriptive info: Project reports.. Who are we helping?.. People and animals.. Education.. World Rabies Day.. Monitor.. We do not.. What next?.. We bring hope of a rabies free future.. What we're doing and how we're getting on.. Most rabies victims are already amongst the world's poorest people.. Vaccinating dogs against rabies is the key to protecting people  ...   rabies, at all levels of society.. World Rabies Day is a GARC initiative to raise awareness of this deadly but neglected disease.. What are the true costs of rabies?.. There are some things we take care not to do.. What comes next in the fight against rabies?.. WRD Globe Women's Dark T-Shirt.. 19.. 00.. Visit shop..

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  • Title: Global Alliance for Rabies Control, About us
    Descriptive info: Our patron.. Partners.. Our history.. Facts about GARC.. Technical advisory.. Board of directors.. Our mission is to eliminate human deaths from rabies and to relieve the burden of rabies in animals, especially dogs.. Alexander McCall Smith is best known for The No.. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series.. Combatting rabies needs strong working partnerships and  ...   Europe that many people don’t realize that it is still a major problem elsewhere.. Who we are, what we stand for, and where we are registered.. GARC has a Technical Advisory Group to provide advice on rabies programmes.. Our contact details, should you want to get in touch.. Biographies of the directors of GARC..

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  • Title: Global Alliance for Rabies Control, News
    Descriptive info: Full News archive.. Rabies in the media.. 27 February 13.. Read full story.. Other news.. CARe project ends in El Nido, Philippines.. A recent exit meeting in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines celebrated the accomplishments of the CARe El Nido project with those who helped to implement it.. Announcing financial support award for a student to attend RITA.. 25 February 13.. Asian and African post-graduate students have the opportunity to apply for funding to attend the annual Rabies in the Americas (RITA) this October..

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  • Title: Global Alliance for Rabies Control, Resources
    Descriptive info: As the world's foremost leading organization fighting rabies today, we are proud to collate and make available this library of materials and research into the disease.. Here you will find a spectrum of information for everyone from children to academics and experts.. Please follow the links to the information most suited to you.. Short, internet-based videos which deal with rabies.. Teaching materials and  ...   Do you want to know how you can protect you and your family from rabies?.. Do you work in health policy? As a vet? Or, are you a research student or scientist in the rabies field? Find useful information here.. Press releases, talking points, photographs, public service radio announcements and.. Previous editions of the GARC newsletter are available here in English, French and Portuguese..

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  • Title: Global Alliance for Rabies Control, Support us
    Descriptive info: Fundraise.. Campaigns.. Subscribe.. Leave a legacy.. Corporate supporters.. Please help us stop rabies today.. by tomorrow, at least 150 people and countless animals will have died.. By donating to, fundraising for, and campaigning with GARC you help save human lives, save animal lives, and improve animal welfare.. It's a  ...   this horrific disease.. Your gift, whatever you can afford, makes a difference.. Have fun and raise money and awareness in your community by taking part in a sponsored event.. Add your voice to our campaigns and help us make rabies history.. Show you care - sign up for our newsletter..

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  • Title: Global Alliance for Rabies Control, Donate
    Descriptive info: A better future for stray dogs.. To join us in the fight against rabies, donate now by following the links below.. Donate via PayPal by clicking on one of the boxes below.. PayPal securely processes donations for Global Alliance for Rabies Control.. From the UK? Please go here to donate via Just Giving.. Thank you.. Vaccinate a child for $8.. $10 a month educates children how to be safe.. Buy a treatment pack for $75.. Vaccinate a dog for $2.. or make a  ...   checks payable to the Global Alliance for Rabies Control (the Global Alliance for Rabies Control is a US registered 501(c)3 organization) and send to:.. Global Alliance for Rabies Control.. 529 Humboldt Street, Suite 1.. Manhattan, KS 66502.. USA.. Donating from outside the UK and US? The Alliance can accept checks in most currencies.. Contact the Alliance if you have a donation inquiry.. The Global Alliance for Rabies Control is a 501(c)(3) organization in the US.. Click here.. to view our 501(c)(3) tax exemption letter..

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  • Title: Global Alliance for Rabies Control, A rabies dilemma
    Descriptive info: Imagine your children are happily playing with a puppy outside.. They do not realise that the young dog is behaving oddly, before it bites one of them.. In the frenzy that follows all the children are either bitten or scratched by the dog, which is rabid.. That's what happened to Chuki's children and this is the dilemma she faced.. Rabies treatment for just one child  ...   borrow enough money to pay for all of her children to be treated.. She had to choose which of her children would receive treatment - effectively, she had to choose which of her children would live, and which would die.. How could you choose?.. This happened.. Fortunately, in the end, they all received the treatment they needed and are doing well.. Not everyone is so lucky..

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  • Title: Global Alliance for Rabies Control, Fundraise
    Descriptive info: Have fun.. and.. raise money and awareness in your community by taking part in a sponsored event.. Your sponsors can donate to GARC through:.. Paypal (US and Global).. Just Giving (UK).. Fundraiser headline.. Knacker Cracker Race.. On the first of January, most of us were sleeping off New Years Eve celebrations, but Ashley Banyard from the Veterinary Laboratories Association (UK) dressed up in high security unit labwear and mask to raise awareness of rabies  ...   injury, and the race s reputation as the toughest 10km race in the UK, he completed it in just 78 minutes.. A recordbreaking 300 runners turned out, many in fancy dress, to race up and down 5 steep hills (more than 2500ft of elevation) and cross a river on stepping stones.. Go Ashley, go!.. Have you just completed an event in aid of GARC? We'd love to hear your story! Please get in touch.. here..

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  • Title: Global Alliance for Rabies Control, New Blueprint for fox rabies control
    Descriptive info: WHO Expert Consultation.. Popular science book focuses on rabies.. OIE support to rabies endemic countries: a vaccine bank in Asia.. Bohol Project paper published.. Dogs, Zoonoses and Public Health.. u.. aueshish-akushunnu" >Uapikun shash nishtutam.. aueshish-akushunnu.. Images of World Rabies Day.. Rabies advice for travellers from Australia.. Provincial Rabies Education Consultative Workshop Held In Palawan, Philippines.. New WHO report and resolution on Neglected Tropical Diseases.. Work of GARC Founder Deborah Briggs recognised with Encore.. org Purpose Prize Fellowship.. 27 Feb 13.. The Blueprint for Rabies Prevention and Control has been developed to serve as a guide for countries that would like to prevent human rabies by eliminating animal rabies within their borders.. It is the result of a collective effort by a large number of rabies experts from Partners for Rabies Prevention (PRP), an informal group of stakeholders including, GARC, FAO, OIE, WHO, PAHO, Animal welfare NGOs, Universities, reference laboratories and funders.. Initially, the blueprint focused on the control of rabies in dog populations and was launched in late June 2010 facilitated by the FAO Emergency Centre for Transboundary Animal Diseases (ECTAD), Bamako.. Evaluation of its performance indicates that the initiative has had a global impact by providing relevant authorities and personnel in rabies-affected areas with a standard operating procedure ( Blueprint ) to develop their own programs for preventing human rabies through canine rabies elimination.. Now a second module (.. www.. foxrabiesblueprint.. org.. ) has been developed and integrated into the website to cover the control of rabies in wildlife populations, specifically in red foxes using oral rabies vaccination (ORV).. For decades this methodology has been successfully applied in North America and Western and Central Europe and resulted in virtual elimination of fox mediated rabies.. This Blueprint for Fox Rabies Prevention and Control has been developed by a handful of global rabies experts also from the Partners for  ...   doing so the blueprint captures state-of-the-art expertise both from both practical and theoretical viewpoints.. This is particularly important as with an improved disease status in large parts of Europe and a generation turnover in staff involved in rabies control in Europe there is a risk of expert knowledge being lost.. The fox rabies blueprint is applicable to countries where rabies has been present (endemic) and also for countries where rabies has been re-introduced after a period of absence.. The information follows the successful concept of the canine rabies blueprint and is organized in a simple Q A format and divided into five main sections: (I) Introduction, (II) Roles and Responsibilities, (III) Infrastructure, legislative framework, costs and funding, (IV) Communications plan, (V) Operational activities.. Answers to 154 questions are provided in clear and concise key messages, including links to specific documents and websites for more information if so required, and a section on how to develop a suitable communication strategy for an ORV campaign.. The complexity of fox rabies control is illustrated by the fact that 102 questions are related to operational activities.. For instance, a large section is devoted to the evaluation of ORV campaigns, including e.. bait-uptake, seroconversion, herd immunity, surveillance.. The Blueprint is a living document in that it will continue to evolve to include all new or modified recommendations as they become available and is therefore much more flexible than traditional printed guidelines.. Users are encouraged to send comments for further enlargement of this information tool, to info@rabiescontrol.. net.. This article was contributed by Thomas Müller and Conrad Freuling of the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute, Germany who lead the development of this resource, on behalf of the PRP group.. The blueprint can be accessed through www.. rabiesblueprint.. com and the fox chapter is available at.. The publication on the canine rabies blueprint by Lembo et al (2012) is available..

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