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  • Title: TV, Internet, and Phone Providers | Bundle Communication Services
    Descriptive info: .. Cable TV Providers Provide All Your Needs.. Cable TV is better than ever.. With packages that offer hundreds of channels, On Demand features, high tech digital video recording systems, and special features, the possibilities seem to be endless.. Cable TV is now offering packages that include over 250 channels, many including HD channels.. With so many channels available Cable TV providers make it possible to reach every target audience at a low cost.. Cable TV is more family friendly than ever.. Premium channels are available so you can watch those programs everyone raves about and you’ve been missing out on.. You no longer have to feel out of the loop or behind in the times when you hear coworkers or friends raving about hit programs you had no access to before.. Premium channels are also great for all the movie lovers out there with channels such as HBO, CINEMAX, The Movie Channel, etc.. Cable TV aims to please every sports fan bringing great sporting entertainment straight to the screen.. Cable TV providers are offering numerous channels that you do not want to miss out on.. Get the real life experience right in your own living room with channels like MLB Network, NFL Network, Golf Channel, etc.. You’ll always be able to watch that game you’ve been looking forward to.. Digital video recording systems from Cable TV providers are making TV watching easier than ever.. DVR systems are equipped with greater storage capacities than ever before and more advanced recording options.. DVRs can now record multiple programs at one time and store up to 60 hours of content.. You can record either a single program or an entire series.. You no longer have to rush to watch your recorded programs to make room for more, with so much storage space and the busy lifestyles many of us lead in this day and age, you can watch your programs whenever you want.. Head over to our.. Entertainment Blog.. for TV, Movie, and Celeb News.. DVR systems also provide even more entertainment  ...   from adult content by blocking channels or special programs for a certain period of time or indefinitely.. Television programming is not the only service that Cable TV providers are offering.. Providers are also offering Internet and Home Phone services.. You can also bundle up on all three services saving yourself extra hassle by combing three bills into one.. By bundling you keep all your important entertainment and connection services intertwined and compatible with each other.. Internet services from Cable providers are high-speed and reliable.. Download speeds are up to 30Mbps and upload speeds are up to 4Mbps.. Internet speed is so fast and efficient that multiple devices can stream videos, upload pictures, and download music all under the same room without compromising Internet quality.. Your important files and information on your computers or laptops will always be safe and secure from hackers, identity theft, viruses and spam with top of the notch Internet security systems provided free with your Internet service.. Internet services also provide back-up and online storage options in case of an unexpected crash or loss of your PC or laptop.. You can also ensure that your children are safe while surfing the web with even more Parental Controls.. Parental Controls for the Internet can block any websites that have any inappropriate content on them.. Websites can be blocked by age level, time of day, or category.. Cable providers are also offering customers digital home phones.. Digital phone services provide users with unlimited local and long distance calls, making it possible to save on cell phone minutes.. Digital phone services offer numerous call features such as three-way calling, caller ID, call waiting, and voicemail that help keep families secure and connected.. Digital phone services almost make it essential that you have a home phone again.. Cable TV providers offer deals at affordable low rates with everything that you and your family need to stay entertained, connected, secure, and at peace.. Start saving yourself money and unneeded hassle with these offers and services that are too good to pass up..

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  • Title: Pages Z
    Descriptive info: Advanced features of this website require that you enable JavaScript in your browser.. Thank you!.. Pages Z.. Menu.. Skip to content.. Home.. Jeremy Brett’s Sherlock Holmes.. I suppose it’s a bit strange to have a television tribute to a man that only starred in one TV show, but Jeremy Brett’s Sherlock Holmes deserves its own full length book.. Unfortunately I don’t have time or space for that long of a tribute but I’ll do the best I can here.. Jeremy Brett was born in England in 1933.. When he became an actor, he was mostly a theater guy.. I respect that.. You learn how to act on stage.. Rehearsals are often grueling, night after night you have to get up there and knock it out and when the actual performance comes, you better be ready and know your lines because there isn’t a reshoot.. It’s live.. You’re out there, exposed for all the audience to see.. It can be frightening.. But Brett was nothing if not brave.. His role as Sherlock Holmes was often courageous, always theatrical and sometimes heartbreaking.. He didn’t want to play the role at first, having thought because it had been played so many times by so many actors and thus he did not feel like he could put his stamp on the role well enough.. He was wrong.. He became his generation’s Sherlock Holmes, having played the part in 41 episodes of Granada’s The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, an umbrella title for the several series released from 1984 to 1994.. Much like Basil Rathbone of the 1930’s and 40’s series of films, 14 in total, Brett became the face of the most famous fictional detective of all time for a new generation of fans.. Sure, Holmes has been around for as long as film has been here, but what Brett did was unique.. With the exception of several silent films from the 20’s and a few versions of The Hound of the Baskervilles and Sign of Four, very few pure adaptations of Conan Doyle’s work has ever been produced.. There have been Sherlock Holmes shows before but few of them had adapted many original stories from the “canon” as Granada’s did.. Douglas Wilmer and Peter Cushing had done several for the BBC in the 60’s but Brett shares the distinction of having done more stories from the canon than any of the other actors ever.. He feared being typecast.. He feared the epic scope of the character’s influence over the course of the last several decades.. A friend of his told him the three most memorable people of the 20.. th.. Century were Hitler, Winston Churchill and Sherlock Holmes.. In Brett’s words, this was “meant to encourage” him but he was terrified.. He never let that fear stop him from performing, even in the face of severe illness-he once collapsed on set during the final series in ’94- he stood tall as the Great Detective.. Brett was the theatrical Holmes, the manic, tortured genius who was only happy when solving crimes, when using his immense intellect to its utmost power.. In times of inactivity, Holmes would turn to drugs, cocaine mainly, and Brett made us feel for his state of mind, his depressive states as low as his manic states were high.. We felt his enthusiasm when an intriguing case came his way and his frustrations when he either found himself lacking while trying to figure out the mechanisms of the criminal.. Brett was flamboyant at times.. He was a “queen” of the theater by all accounts, rather than a “king” and this ambivalent sexuality fit his style of playing Holmes very well.. He was the cold, calculating thinking machine, often at odds with his Watson due to his heartless nature.. With most BBC programs, once a series was finished, there was no guarantee of another.. When the first 13 were a smash hit, they ordered more and though we only got 41 and Brett never filmed the full 60 that comprise the complete canon, I’ll treasure what we got from him forever.. Posted in.. Celebs.. ,.. TV Shows.. on.. October 26, 2013.. by.. pzwp287.. Cory Monteith- Exploited or Fondly Remembered.. Cory Monteith.. It’s always sad when someone young dies.. When it’s a celebrity on one of your favorite shows I suppose it hits even harder.. When it’s a celebrity with a drug problem, I suppose it doesn’t come as much of a surprise.. When Cory Monteith of Glee fame died this last July, it was a bit of everything.. Cause of death? A combination of alcohol and heroin overdose.. He was 31 years old.. I was a fan of the show.. Was.. being the important word.. I had not seen an episode for some time, I think around the end of the third season.. The quality of the show had been going downhill for some time and I’ll only give a show I halfway like so much time before moving on.. I think that first season was something special, full of pathos, heart and genuine emotion.. I don’t think they knew it would even get a second season, based on the fact the Glee Club was only issued a single school year and the reality of the show’s inner universe was such that they had no guarantee their club would continue on for another year.. The same was true of the show.. So they through a lot of passion and energy into that first season and have yet to match it.. A lot of shows are set up this way, to make a big impact and get a following, blow up the ratings and linger until it dies.. Happens more and more these day, unfortunately.. The fear of not getting ratings puts a lot of pressure on a show to jump in hard and it seems like they spin their tires for a long time after this, trying to regain this spark, almost afraid to change what worked before because they might lose their audience.. I get it.. You want to keep it going, make everyone that supported you happy because if you change you might lose them.. Writers get afraid of change because they might alienate people.. I understand the frustration.. It’s like if you repeat yourself, people complain but if you try something different, people don’t like that either.. You can’t win.. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t….. But here’s the thing.. I appreciated bravery in my art.. And Glee hasn’t been brave in a very long time.. They take no chances.. They make safe choices.. Instead of embracing the harsh life that teenagers face on a daily basis, they only scratch the surface and touch on issues that.. could.. be brave.. For example, a character on the show, Dave Karofsky, had some issues coming to terms with his homosexuality.. He was in the closest.. Long story short, he wound up trying to commit suicide.. But since Glee has no balls he didn’t die.. They had a chance to demonstrate the consequences of homophobia in this country, especially in the Mid-West where I grew  ...   beginning? So what if it sucks the next season and they spin their wheels for the next four or five (here’s looking at you, Lost!) until finally dying a slow death of mediocrity?.. It happens all the time.. This fear of being cancelled permeates the ether of television.. Writers are so frightened about slipping in the ratings they often focus more on what can garner them a few extra viewers, rather than focusing on, god forbid, a good, compelling story or believable character arc.. Forget about developing a long term, well oiled machine of a storyline, get people hooked on the show, drag it out until it dies and forget about lasting impressions or quality of content.. That’s fine.. That’s what most shows do these days.. I’ll elaborate on the aforementioned Lost; a show that set up one of the most intriguing mythos I have ever seen before, only to cast away (no pun intended) all idea of actually finishing any of these ideas with any sense of closure.. Instead, they simply kept tossing up layer after layer of webs that pulled more and more audience members in, with no desire to finish the story, only to “keep people guessing” and thus keep them watching.. Yes, I’m a bitter Lost fan.. Sue me.. But I remember the days where shows took their time, fear of cancellation hanging over them like The Grim Reaper, hovering all the time, yet they trudged on fearless and resolute.. Cheers, for example, was almost cancelled after one season.. Cheers! Yes, the legendary Cheers almost faded away into obscurity after a mere 22 episodes.. Imagine it, Cheers as a footnote instead of the multiple Emmy winning show that struck TV gold time and time again.. I don’t want to live in a world without Cheers.. I don’t want to think about it.. My entire adolescence would be different, lessoned compared to what it was with the show having its 11 season, 270 episode run.. I have fond memories of that show and part of that is that it built and built into a great show.. It was a slow burn, built for longevity and quality.. There were no tricks to get people to watch.. You tuned in to Cheers because the characters were so great, so developed they felt real.. It felt like you were listening to your friends talk to one another and you wanted to watch the next episode to see them again, to catch up on their lives not to see what crazy thing might happen, regardless of what it had to do with the.. people.. on the show.. I don’t think a show like Cheers could exist today.. It wouldn’t make it.. They would cancel it after five episodes because it didn’t have the ratings.. The creators of Cheers had no idea it would be so successful; they had a simple idea for a show about people and due to the collective talent of the cast and writers it worked.. October 23, 2013.. Should Cable Have Its Own Award Show?.. To be honest I don’t think there should be award shows at all.. Who cares? If a show is good, it’s good.. The ratings and culture popularity will demonstrate that quality.. Why do we need celebrities patting themselves on the back like they are the end all, be all to the world? Don’t we have more important things to worry about?.. Anyway, there is the idea that cable shows, those that air on premium channels like HBO and Cinemax, should have a separate awards ceremony because some people believe their particular format’s lack of restrictions, i.. e.. , allowing nudity and strong language, creates an unfair playing field.. I heard someone mention at this year’s Emmy awards that cable should have a different awards show because it was unfair.. Well, boo-woo for you.. They tried with The Cable Aces Awards, that didn’t work, the ratings were not good enough and no one really cared.. But that was in 1997 when it went off air.. Should they return? I don’t think so.. TV is TV.. And while there are limitations as far as content is concerned with network programming, there are upsides too.. TV Awards Show.. Most cable shows have limited episode counts.. 10-13 is the norm, as compared to 22 or more with regular networks, which also have greater budgets.. Everyone with a television set has access to NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox, while not everyone has cable premium channels available to them.. Because of this, regular networks have much bigger audiences overall and thus greater advertising budgets and more money to throw at a show.. So what is fair? The fact cable shows have dominated the awards shows only means that networks need to invest more time and effort into making quality shows, not that cable has an unfair advantage.. Crying foul that cable has too many advantages is missing the point.. Networks should worry more about quality writing, production values and acting before placing the blame on an unfair situation.. Good TV is hard to find.. I think writing for television is the most difficult one to “break into” that exists today.. I think we’re in a new Golden Age of television programming.. I really do.. Look at the level of quality we have, not just on cable, there are great shows on network channels as well, and it’s obvious the stakes are higher now, the quality is through the roof and perhaps the lift of restrictions on cable outlets is the catalyst that has pushed us forward and that’s great.. Good! We have awesome shows now and dang it all if competition isn’t good for everyone.. It should not just be about the ratings.. Network television places too much focus on the numbers.. There’s too much emphasis on the “next big thing”, instead of investing money into a show that has potential.. Why are there so many crime procedural shows on the air? I have nothing against CSI but my lord, look what’s happening! They are everywhere now.. They get ratings.. So networks jump on anything that remotely looks like a CSI type show and create more and more until there’s such a glut you can’t even tell the difference between them.. Are there people that watch CSI: Miami, CSI: New York.. and.. CSI? Really? As of this writing, over 700 episodes of all three shows have aired.. Get a life, people! This is not counting all of the clones to these three shows, which are too numerous to mention.. This is the problem with network TV and why cable is winning the awards show competition.. It has little to do with the smaller amount of restrictions on content and more to do with the network initiative to make shows based on what they think will get more ratings.. Stop chasing the money, networks, and start going after smart, original programming that pushes the limits of story and character, not what might increase your rating’s share.. Award Shows.. October 21, 2013.. Search for:.. Recent Posts.. Archives.. October 2013.. Categories.. Log in.. 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  • Title: When TV Budgets Go Too High
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