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  • Title: Poynter Professional Services
    Descriptive info: .. Helpdesk: 0844 493 30 40.. Products.. Desktops and Laptops.. Servers.. Network Infrastructure.. Displays Whiteboards.. Endpoint Protection.. Network Perimeter.. Services.. Domain Name Registration.. Email Gateway.. IP Telephony.. Hosted Email.. Mobile Device Management.. Server Hosting.. Support Consultancy.. 24.. 7.. 365 Helpdesk.. IT Strategy Policy.. Project Management.. Windows XP Migration.. Sectors.. Financial Services.. Schools and Higher Education.. Charities.. About.. Terms Conditions.. Testimonials.. Blog.. Contact Us.. We provide IT services in the UK.. From our office in Norwich our services include helpdesk, technical support and consultancy with a broad experience and skillset.. Read more.. Google Apps combines email, online storage and collaboration with continued use of Outlook and seamless integration of your Blackberry or other mobile device.. Microsoft support for Windows XP and Office 2003 will end in less than a year.. This means it will keep working, but Microsoft will not  ...   Your local telephone exchange has been upgraded Your street cabinet has been linked to the exchange via fibre optic [ ].. Microsoft Silver Partner for 13th time.. Thanks to the hard work of Joshua passing his Microsoft exam, we have achieved our silver partner status for the 13th time in the company s 20 year history.. We are all very proud of his achievement, even though he only got two of the six sections 100% correct!.. Post navigation.. Older posts.. 2013.. Poynter Professional Services.. Back to top.. This site uses cookies to store information on your computer.. Some of these cookies are essential to make our site work and others help us to improve by giving us some insight into how the site is being used.. Yes, I m happy with this.. No! Only store this answer, but nothing else..

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  • Title: Desktops and Laptops | Poynter Professional Services
    Descriptive info: Desktops and Laptops.. Poynter supplies desktops in your office or laptops for your home or on the road-based employees.. We can build the machines to your exact specification and install on-site or ship to your address.. We can also fully encrypt the hard drive to ensure confidential information is secure even if the machine is lost or stolen.. We can also hold pre-built machines for you, providing a next-day replacement service.. We are not tied in to any specific brand and can supply Dell, Toshiba, HP, etc.. ICT Suite.. Please.. contact us.. for more information..

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  • Title: Servers | Poynter Professional Services
    Descriptive info: Servers.. Each server specification we provide is tailored to meet the needs of your business now and in the future.. We deliver a total solution, incorporating factors such as backup redundancy, ongoing support and licencing considerations; as well as additional factors such as remote access, security and compatibility with existing hardware and applications.. We can supply and install any server-based solution such as  ...   Intel and AMD processors with Virtualisation technology and software such as Microsoft Server 2012 and VMWare VSphere 5; virtualisation has become a viable option for companies looking to replace ageing hardware and reduce their running costs.. If you are looking at using virtualisation, we can advise on what servers to consolidate, which to not and suitable replacement hardware and software including storage solutions..

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  • Title: Infrastructure & Peripherals | Poynter Professional Services
    Descriptive info: Network Infrastructure.. As well as supplying.. ,.. Desktops.. and other hardware; Poynter can also supply and fit networking infrastructure such as cabling, switches and routers.. We specialise in Netgear solutions and can consult, supply an additional network point up to a brand-new complex network.. We will design and install all aspects of the network, including fibre connections, copper cabling, VLANs and PoE.. We also supply complete wireless-networking solutions, from a single SOHO wireless access point, to a large centrally-managed wireless network covering multiple buildings with roaming capability.. Managed Wireless Network..

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  • Title: Displays & Whiteboards | Poynter Professional Services
    Descriptive info: Displays Whiteboards.. Poynter can supply and install Large Format Displays (LFD) and Whiteboards for your office or classroom.. Large Format Displays are ideal as a digital signage solution, collaboration and learning tool.. We specialise in supplying Samsung LED displays, which give a better picture with lower running costs compared with traditional LCD screens:.. Gruffalo not included!.. Touchscreen Display.. Digital Signage.. Each screen has a comes with a built-in  ...   advanced features, an integrated PC can be mounted with the screen.. Each screen can also be overlayed with a 6-point touch panel; providing an interactive screen which is fully compatible with Windows 7 and 8.. Interactive Whiteboards also now come with touchscreen technology.. This is much more intuitive for staff and students than using the pen alone.. Promethean 78 Whiteboard.. Touch and Pen Input.. Whisper Quiet DLP Projector..

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  • Title: Endpoint Protection | Poynter Professional Services
    Descriptive info: Endpoint Protection.. The security of your network is vital to the smooth running of your business.. Viruses, phishing network attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated.. But maintaining the security level of your network can t interfere with your day-to-day tasks.. Our solution is installed on your office and home-based machines.. This ensures every device accessing your network and private data is under control of the central management console and receives regular definition updates.. All components are managed centrally, ensuring updates and policies are pushed out and enforced.. Because all the security components are together in one package there are no conflicts with other security programs, no changes can be made  ...   outside of the network can be managed in real-time; ensuring a prompt response to any requests and notification of any attempted unauhorised device access.. We can install and manage the service for you, ensuring compliance with company policy and avoiding mis-authorisation.. Patch and Vulnerability Management.. Poynter can manage the detection and deployment of Microsoft and non-Microsoft patches and software updates.. Our management tool can be deployed across an internal network as well as users outside the network ensuring everyone is protected against the latest vulnerabilities wherever they work.. Our reporting system will ensure that you always know your endpoints are secure and assist with any due diligence or PCI DSS compliance..

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  • Title: Network Perimeter | Poynter Professional Services
    Descriptive info: Network Perimeter.. Poynter can supply and configure a variety of next-generation firewalls.. All basic firewalls protect the internal network from Internet-based network attacks via a combination of rules and real-time protection.. They will also handle load-balancing of Internet connections, site-to-site VPN, perimeter-based antivirus, wireless segregation and remote access.. Web Control 2.. 0..  ...   This ensures your employees are protected from inappropriate content and malicious websites, but also application control.. This provides granular control over categories ( P2P ), application ( Facebook ) down to application function ( Facebook Games ).. This protection can be extended seamlessly to machines outside the company network via our.. product..

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  • Title: Cloud Services | Poynter Professional Services
    Descriptive info: Cloud Services.. Poynter offers a range of Cloud Services.. We feel strongly that you need to look through the marketing hype surrounding cloud and implement quality, proven solutions..

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  • Title: Domain Name Registration | Poynter Professional Services
    Descriptive info: Domain Name Registration.. Domain name registration is the easy way to make your mark on the web.. If you re ever fancied having companyname.. com, now s the time to register your domain name.. Poynter domain name registration includes a wide range of suffixes such as.. com,.. org,.. net,..  ...   more.. Once the domain is registered we can provide full management of your DNS records, tie into other services such as.. email hosting.. or provide you with a web console to manage the domain yourself.. You can also transfer your existing domains over to us for easy management and renewal..

    Original link path: /cloud-services/domain-name-registration
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  • Title: Email Gateway | Poynter Professional Services
    Descriptive info: Email Gateway.. Our cloud-based anti-spam, antivirus, and email continuity solution protects your network and users from unwanted or harmful email messages.. Compatible with any email system, the service is simple to use and can be initiated quickly – blocking spam, email-borne malware, and other threats before they reach your network, within minutes of activation.. The gateway also provides built-in email continuity, which allows users to continue accessing and responding to email – even when their own email infrastructure is offline.. The service also features an optional integrated email archive, allowing companies to reliably retain  ...   internal or external communications can be automatically encrypted and stored at multiple geographically distributed datacenters, offloading the customer’s mail server and ensuring preservation and ready access to those messages for administrators and end-users.. With a single integrated console for email security, email continuity, and email archive, the service provides a comprehensive solution that is easy to manage and easy to use.. The cloud-based service is also highly affordable – saving both money and time for administrators and end users, with little or no management required, and no hardware or software to install, configure or maintain..

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  • Title: IP Telephony | Poynter Professional Services
    Descriptive info: IP Telephony.. Poynter installs and supports the 3CX Phone System, which is a software-based telephone system which replaces traditional PBX hardware and phones.. It is based on the SIP standard and supports standard SIP software / hardware phones.. It allows calls to be made via a VoIP service provider or your existing analogue or ISDN lines.. Quick for us to install and configure, it includes a web-based configuration interface, voice mail, auto attendant, call hunting and other  ...   to run the phones.. The system can be easily expanded to remote locations to provide free calls between your offices and/or remote workers.. Poynter has teamed up with VoIP Unlimited to provide voice services to complement the 3CX system.. This can be Digital Telephone Lines ISDN and/or VoIP based services running over a relatively inexpensive broadband connection and analogue telephone line.. Call quality is maximised as the broadband hub is directly linked with the BT telephone network..

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