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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: Zon Mobile (Portugal)
    Descriptive info: FrapprMap.. Operators.. Portugal.. > Zon Mobile.. Voice tariffs.. Z-Livre.. Voice calls.. Mo-Su 0-24.. Video calls.. 0.. 24.. 84.. Z-Simples.. 15.. This plan has a minimum monthly top-up fee of 12.. 50.. Additional services and costs.. Messaging.. SMS, Z-Livre: 0.. 12.. SMS, Z-Simples: 0.. 09.. International SMS: 0.. 30.. MMS: 0.. 39.. International MMS: 0.. 60.. Voicemail.. available, rates are unknown.. Data Calls.. GPRS/3G: 0.. 99/day till max 10MB.. Data is billed at 1MB increments.. International calls.. USA, Canada, landlines of EU, Switzerland, Norway: 0.. Rest of Europe, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Venezuela, South Africa, Australia, Brasil, Macau: 0.. 90.. Rest  ...   roaming: 60/60.. Refills and validity.. 7.. 50 to 12.. 49, 15 days.. 12.. 50 to 24.. 99, 30 days.. 25.. 00, 60 days.. to keep your simcard alive you just need one billed event every 120 days.. International Roaming.. Local calls, to PT and Zone 1.. Incoming calls.. Calls to Zone 2,3.. Zone 1.. 552.. 264.. 2.. 990.. Zone 2.. 190.. 890.. 3.. 490.. Zone 3.. 1.. 4.. 290.. Video Calls surcharge.. 690.. 390.. SMS.. -.. 590.. MMS.. 2009 PrePaidGSM.. net - Invented, created and managed by Carlo Ghio.. This site is best viewed with a good internet browser such as.. Opera.. or.. Firefox..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: Phone-ix (Portugal)
    Descriptive info: > Phone-ix.. Phone-ix.. Calls to Phone-ix.. Other calls.. 0976.. 1828.. Phone-ix ao Segundo.. 18.. 27.. SMS to Phone-ix: 0.. 0488.. Other national SMS: 0.. 0914.. 2204.. National MMS: 0.. 389.. 6865.. 0099/KB.. Data is billed at 10KB increments.. National calls: 30/30/10 or 1/1 (ao Segundo).. International calls: 60/10.. International Calls.. Mo-Fr 0-24.. Sa-Su 0-24.. USA, Canada, landlines of EU, Switzerland, Andorra.. 4187.. 2104.. Rest of Europe (incl.. mobiles).. 4485.. 3890.. Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Venezuela, South Africa, Australia, Brasil, Macau.. 5278.. Rest of the World.. 3212.. Outgoing calls.. SMS sending.. 2640..  ...   Andorra, Bosnia Herzegovina, Guernsey, Jersey, Island of Man, Mozambique, San Marino, Switzerland;.. : Albania, Angola, Australia, Armenia, Belarus, Brazil, Cape Verde, Canada, Croatia, USA, US Virgin Islands, Guinea-Bissau, Macedonia, Morocco, Moldova, Puertorico, Dominican Republic, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine;.. : Anguilla, Antigua Barbuda, Algeria, Argentina, Aruba, Bangladesh, Barbados, Bermuda, Ivory Coast, UAE, Egypt, Phillipines, Gambia, Grenada, Haiti, Hong Kong, Cayman Is.. , Israel, Jamaica, Kuwait, Mexico, Montenegro, Pakistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Russia, Samoa, Senegal, Serbia, Singapure, St.. Lucia, St.. Kitts Nevis, S.. Vincent and Grenadines, Thailand, Trinidad Tobago, Turks Caicos;.. : Cuba, Kazakhstan, Maldives, Sri Lanka..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: M1 (Singapore)
    Descriptive info: Singapore.. > M1.. Talk8.. Daily usage fee.. for free incoming calls.. All calls.. Mo-Fr 8-20.. Mo-Fr 20-8, Sa-Su 0-24.. SGD 0.. 31.. 16.. 08.. 04.. Free Incoming Calls.. To enjoy free incoming calls dial.. #100*5*1#.. ; there will be a daily deduction of SGD 0.. M Card 3G.. M1 is the only provider in Singapore to offer 3G services to prepaid users too, but you need a special 3G card called M Card 3G.. Rates are the same as the normal 2G offer.. Video calls are available at the same rate as local calls..  ...   0.. 315 - 0.. 84 - 0.. 42.. Each message deposited in your voicemail costs 29.. 5¢ ( 0.. 15).. Message retrieval is charged at prevailing rates of outgoing calls.. Wap CSD: SGD 0.. 105/min - 0.. 05/min.. Wap GPRS (MyWorld Portal): SGD 0.. 011/KB - 0.. 0056/KB.. Wap GPRS (other sites): SGD 0.. 016/KB - 0.. 0082/KB.. Different charges and ways to make international calls,.. (in English).. USSD prepaid roaming available,.. 60/6.. Top ups /Credit/Validity.. SGD 18.. 00/20.. 00.. SGD 28.. 00/33.. SGD 48.. 00/60.. SGD 88.. 00/110.. SGD 128.. 00/160.. SGD 188.. 00/235..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: Singtel (Singapore)
    Descriptive info: > Singtel.. Kababayan Card - Hi!Card.. 2 different tariffs.. With Singtel you can choose among 2 different tariffs: Kababayan Card, and Hi!card.. Both have the same local rates, but have some differences for international calls.. You can enjoy free incoming calls on both plans; but you have to pay a daily fee of SG$ 0.. 60, also if you don't receive any call.. To activate the free incoming calls option just dial *1300 on your phone: you will receive an SMS confirming the activation of the service and the first SG$ 0.. 59 will be deducted from your credit.. To deactivate the free incoming calls option dial  ...   5 June 2005, all existing and new SingTel Prepaid Mobile customers will enjoy Free first 3 minutes of outgoing calls every Sunday, for calls to SingTel Prepaid, SingTel Postpaid and SingTel Fixed lines.. There is no limit in the number of free calls.. If the call is longer than 3 minutes, you will pay the normal fee from the 4th minute.. Free calls are valid only for outgoing calls.. Local SMS: SG$ 0.. Global SMS: SG$ 0.. MMS available only for Hi!Card users, for rates.. see here.. Available only with monthly subscription.. ???.. USSD prepaid roaming available for Hi!Card,.. SG$ 15.. 00/15.. SG$ 25.. 00/25.. SG$ 50.. 00/50..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: Starhub (Singapore)
    Descriptive info: > Starhub.. Green Prepaid.. All Calls, 1st minute.. All Calls, 1 min.. SG$ 0.. 22.. 11.. Free incoming calls.. If you want to have free incoming calls you can activate this service paying a SG$0.. 59 fee for the activation, and then SG$0.. 59/day to keep it working.. A minimum credit balance of $1.. 00 is required in order to send an SMS/MMS or use Prepaid Gee; to check your credit just dial *123#, free of charge.. MMS (0-30KB): SG$ 0.. 30 - 0.. MMS ( 30KB):  ...   one day.. Unused bonus SMS expire at 00:00 the next day.. You get 50 free international SMS after sending 10 international SMS in one day.. Unused bonus international SMS expire at 00:00 the next day.. Available, standard rates apply.. GPRS: SG$ 0.. 01/KB - 0.. 005/KB.. IDD rates apply, see other operators' pages.. IDD at local rates to 18 countries if you use the 018 prefix.. SG$ 18.. 00/18.. 00, including 60 free SMS.. There are also other refills options, but only through electronic refill.. for more information..

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  • Title: Vodafone (Romania)
    Descriptive info: >.. Romania.. > Vodafone.. Simplu.. All calls.. Favourite Number.. Ore Favorite.. Mo-Fr 8-18.. Mo-Fr 18-8, Sa-Su 0-24.. Favourite numbers.. 20.. 10.. Numere Favorite.. 5 favourite numbers.. Reteaua mea.. Vodafone+Landline.. All other destinations.. Favourite Numbers.. Each price plan lets you choose at least one favourite number in any domestic network, and you have a 50% discount when calling it, day or night, any day of the week and to which you can send SMS at special price of 0.. 05$.. With Simplu, Standard and Ore Favorite you can choose 1 favourite number in any national network.. With Numere Favorite you can choose up to 5 numbers in any national network.. Changing from one plan to  ...   05.. MMS to favourite numbers: 0.. Other national MMS: 0.. 14.. Video Calls.. To Vodafone: 0.. 17/min.. To other networks: 0.. 23/min.. For 2.. 00/month you can get 20 free minutes of video calls to Vodafone.. 90/MB.. Different charges apply,.. (in Romanian).. Debiting method.. 60/1.. Top-Ups/Credit/Validity.. 76/4.. 90, 30+300 days.. 14/7.. 35, 30+300 days.. 11.. 90/13.. 09, 60+300 days.. 17.. 85/20.. 53, 90+300 days.. 24.. 99/29.. 49, 120+300 days.. International Calls.. Europe (landline and Vodafone networks).. 55.. 65.. USA, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Israel.. Europe (other mobile networks).. 85.. Satellite.. 95.. Optiunea Vodafone Europa.. With a monthly fee of 1.. 50 you can call all European landlines and Vodafone networks at 0.. 24/min.. 2002-2013 PrePaidGSM..

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  • Title: Cosmote (Romania)
    Descriptive info: > Cosmote.. All rates are billed in Euro currency.. Start.. Calls to Orange.. Calls to 1 favourite number.. National SMS.. My Group.. Calls to 5 favourite numbers.. 21.. My Time.. My Orange.. 23.. Each price plan lets you choose at least one favourite number in any domestic network, and you have a discount when calling it, day or night, any day of the week.. Video Calls (3G only).. To Orange: 0.. To  ...   for 3.. 50 you have unlimited Wap GPRS/EDGE/3G access for 30 days.. International calls.. Europe (landlines), Moldova: 0.. 30/min.. Europe (mobiles), USA, Canada, Israel: 0.. 50/min (videocalls 0.. 66/min).. Rest of the World: 0.. 81/min (same rate for videocalls).. Satellite: 2.. these rates do not include VAT.. All information in English.. Refills/Credit/Validity.. 00/4.. 40, 30 days.. 00/7.. 80, 60+240 days.. 00/13.. 50, 90+240 days.. 19.. 00/22.. 00, 120+240 days.. 00/30.. 00, 150+240 days..

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  • Title: Cosmote (Romania)
    Descriptive info: Cartela Cosmote.. All Calls.. Mo-Su 0-24.. Calls to Favourite Number.. Extra Option SMS MMS.. - Extra Option SMS: with a monthly fee of 1.. 50 you get a forfait of 100 SMS to Cosmote numbers.. - Extra Option MMS: with a monthly fee of 1.. 50 you can send MMS to Cosmote numbers at 0.. You can apply for these extra options up to 3 times in a calendar month by calling Customer Care Service.. National SMS: 0.. Data Calls.. GPRS:  ...   Credit Extension Service.. In case your credit is too low to initiate a call or send a message, Cosmote gives you the possibility to extend your credit with 1 Euro.. You will benefit of this service if you are at least 3 months active in Cosmote network and you also made at least one recharge within the last 3 months.. 62.. 92.. 165.. World Zones.. : Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro, FYROM.. : Rest of Europe.. : USA, Canada, Israel..

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  • Title: RCS&RDS (Digi Mobil) (Romania)
    Descriptive info: > RCS RDS (Digi Mobil).. Digi Mobil Prepaid.. Calls to Digi.. Calls to Romtelecom landline.. Calls to Vodafone, Orange landline.. Calls to Vodafone, Orange mobile.. Calls to Cosmote.. 0124.. 0248.. 0496.. 0992.. 1240.. Additional Services and Costs.. SMS to Digi: 0.. SMS to Digi Mobile Italy: 0.. SMS to Digi  ...   unknown standard rates, but you can get unlimited mobile surfint for 4.. 96/month.. EU (landline), USA, Canada: 0.. 092/min.. EU (mobile): 0.. 2232/min.. Rest of the World: ???.. Billing.. National and international calls 60/1.. Refills/credit.. 00/10.. Validity period.. 6 months from the last refill/activation plus 30 days of grace period..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: MTS (Ukraine)
    Descriptive info: Ukraine.. > MTS.. MTS First.. Set-up Fee.. for all calls.. Calls to MTS, 1st min.. Other calls, 1st min.. UAH 0.. 33.. 03.. 009.. 003.. MTS Free.. All calls, 1st min.. 70.. 07.. 35.. MTS has a full range of prepaid tariffs which is too long to list here.. Take a look at their English translated.. website.. My Family option.. You can choose up to 2 MTS numbers to call at UAH 0.. 05/min at any time, every day.. National SMS: UAH 0.. 39 - 0.. International SMS to other MTS operators: UAH 0.. International SMS: UAH 1.. 00 - 0.. MMS: UAH 0.. 75 - 0.. VoiceMail.. same as on-net calls.. Wap GPRS: UAH 1.. 20/100KB - 0.. 11/10KB (25KB increments).. Internet GPRS Mo-Su 8-24: UAH 5.. 00/MB - 0.. 48/MB (25KB increments).. Internet GPRS Mo-Su 0-8: UAH 1.. 08/MB - 0.. 10/MB (25KB increments).. CIS countries, East and North Europe: UAH 7..  ...   calls: UAH 10.. SMS sending: UAH 3.. 45.. More information in English.. National and International calls: 1/1.. Recharge/credit/validity.. UAH 25/25.. UAH 50/50.. UAH 100/100.. UAH 200/200.. Period of validity after the first call and after every recharge is 365 days.. If incoming/outgoing calls, SMS are absent the period of validity is 270 days.. MTS prefixes.. 050, 095.. MTS International.. With the MTS International option you can make international calls at cheaper rates using the divert number 000.. All calls are probably routed through VoIP services so they are probably in worse quality but surely much cheaper.. CIS Countries.. UAH 2.. 69 - 0.. 44.. UAH 1.. Europe (incl.. Turkey).. UAH 3.. 28 - 0.. 53.. 32.. USA, Canada, Greenland.. 50 - 0.. Asia.. UAH 7.. UAH 5.. 89.. UAH 10.. 44 - 1.. Connection fee of UAH 0,27 is charged for all outgoing calls.. Call fees are charged per second from the first second..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: Kyivstar (Ukraine)
    Descriptive info: > Kyivstar.. Класичний (Classic).. Calls to Kyivstar.. 033.. 079.. Circle of Friends.. It's an option valid for all Kyivstar subscriber (prepaid or contract) to form a group of up to 7 numbers with a special tariff of UAH 0.. 47/min all day long.. The activation fee is UAH 10.. You can choose 1 Kyivstar or landline number with a special tariff: UAH 0.. 47/min if it's a Kyivstar number, UAH 0.. 77/min on the landline number.. Activation fee is UAH 10.. 00.. 35 - 0.. International SMS: UAH 0.. 65 - 0.. 06.. MMS sending: UAH 0.. 05/min - 0.. 005/min.. Activation fee: UAH 5.. 47.. Wap and Internet CSD: UAH 0..  ...   7.. Central Western Europe: UAH 12.. 00 - 1.. 58.. Cheaper rates with StarSvit VoIP international service, see below.. different charges,.. UAH 25/UAH 25.. UAH 50/UAH 50.. UAH 100/UAH 103.. UAH 300/UAH 310.. 1/1.. Kyivstar prefixes.. 067x.. Validity.. The validity term of Kyivstar prepaid service is 365 days starting from the moment when last outgoing call was made.. StarSvit.. With the StarSvit option you can make international calls at cheaper rates using the divert number 815.. Russia and CIS Countries.. 26.. 95 - 0.. 20 - 0.. 28.. 45 - 0.. Western central Asia.. 51.. UAH 4.. 41.. UAH 8.. 75.. Connection fee of UAH 0.. 35 is charged for all outgoing calls..

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