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  • Title: VIP (Serbia)
    Descriptive info: >.. Operators.. Serbia.. > VIP.. Voice tariffs.. All prices include.. 18% VAT and 10% mobile tax.. Prepaid.. Set-up fee.. for all calls.. All calls.. Mo-Su 0-24.. RSD 6.. 90.. 0.. 07.. RSD 8.. 08.. Option Double recharge.. Every recharge of 200 RSD or more will be doubled.. You can use the bonus for calls, SMS and MMS towards all national networks, as well as for data transfer.. You can also talk to your couple for only 1 RSD.. All you need to do is top up your account with the amount of 200 RSD or more, at least once a week.. The bonus is valid for 7 days within the national traffic, without added value services.. The price of 1RSD/min is valid for talks between two numbers within national traffic with a top up of 200 RSD or more every 7 days.. Option Free On net.. By recharging your account with 200 RSD or more, a bonus credit for calls, SMS and MMS of 1000 RSD will apply 7 days after the day of recharging and will not accumulate.. Bonus credit can be used for SMS and MMS only for 060/061 numbers.. The bonus credit may not be used for roaming, GPRS, international messages and added value services.. The price of call set up fee for each initiated call is 6.. 9 RSD,SMS is 3,9 din and 11.. 8 RSD for MMS.. If upon the expiry of the promotional price you recharge your credit  ...   0.. 61/MB).. International roaming.. Available,.. (in English).. Refills, Credit.. RSD 200/200.. RSD 500/500.. RSD 1000/1000.. To check credit: *123#, to recharge: *123*13 digits#.. Debiting method.. 60/60.. VIP Prepaid Internet.. You can buy a startup kit at RSD 2490 ( 23.. 70) including a usb modem and unlimited surfing for 2 months.. After you have finished the first 2 free months you can refill with any prepaid top-up card geting these rates:.. - RSD 200 refill: RSD 5.. 00/MB - 0.. 05/MB;.. - RSD 200 refill or more: RSD 1.. 01/MB.. International Calls.. Zone 1a.. RSD 17.. 70 - 0.. 27.. Zone 1b.. RSD 23.. 60 - 0.. 22.. Zone 2.. RSD 35.. 40 - 0.. 34.. Zone 3.. RSD 47.. 20 - 0.. 45.. Zone 4.. RSD 53.. 10 - 0.. 51.. Rest of the World.. RSD 106.. 20 - 1.. 01.. Set-up fee.. same as national calls.. World Zones.. : T-Mobile (Montenegro), BH Telecom (Bosnia & Herzegovina), mobilkom austria group operators: A1 (Austria), M-Tel (Bulgaria), Vip (Croatia), FL1 (Liechtenstein), Si.. mobil (Slovenia), Vip (Macedonia), Velcom (Belarus).. : Montenegro (except T-Mobile network).. : Albania, Austria, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia (except Si.. Mobil).. : Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia, USA.. : Andorra, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Gibraltar, Great Britain, Ireland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldavia, Monaco, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, Vatican City.. 2002-2013 PrePaidGSM..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: Qtel (Qatar)
    Descriptive info: Qatar.. Qtel.. Hala.. QAR 0.. 55.. National SMS: QAR 0.. International SMS: QAR 0.. 12.. National Picture MMS: QAR 0.. 19.. National Video MMS: QAR 1.. 25.. International Picture MMS: QAR 1.. 35 - 0.. 28.. International Video MMS: QAR 1.. 37.. Video calls.. National: QAR 0.. 65/min - 0.. 138/min.. International: probably not available.. Voicemail.. ???.. Data calls.. GPRS/3G: QAR 10..  ...   99 - 0.. 21.. America & Europe: QAR 1.. 50 - 0.. 31.. Rest of the World: QAR 1.. 75 - 0.. 36.. International Roaming.. see here.. Refills.. QAR 10.. 00/10.. 00.. QAR 20.. 00/20.. Validity.. uknown.. 2010 PrePaidGSM.. net - Invented, created and managed by Carlo Ghio.. This site is best viewed with a good internet browser such as.. Opera.. or.. Firefox..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: Vodafone (Qatar)
    Descriptive info: Vodafone.. Flexi on Red.. 39.. 39 - 0.. National MMS: QAR 0.. 17.. International MMS: ARD 1.. 39/min - 0.. 08/min.. International: QAR 1.. 80/min - 0.. 37/min.. GPRS/3G: QAR 2.. 41/MB.. Different charges apply,.. Mobile Broadband on RED.. You can buy a data prepaid card at QAR 100 - 20.. 75 (plus QAR 25 - 5.. 19 for the starting kit) including 500MB of data valid for 30 days.. After that you can refill again with other QAR 100 scratch cards to get other 500MB of data..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: Plus (Poland)
    Descriptive info: FrapprMap.. Poland.. SimPlus.. Twój Profil.. All Calls (except Play).. Calls to Play.. National SMS.. National MMS.. PLN 0.. 59.. 13.. 72.. 16.. 18.. 40.. 09.. Nowa Taryfa Simplus.. Months from activation.. All Calls.. up to 3 months.. 3-6 months.. 66.. 15.. 036.. 35.. 6 months.. 60.. 034.. 30.. By paying PLN 1.. 50 you can activate one of the following profiles:.. - PLN 0.. 29/min ( 0.. 07/min) to all networks excluding Play (there - 0,72 PLN).. 19/min to Plus ( 0.. 04/min) (0,72 PLN to Play and 0,59 PLN to rest of networks).. The profile you choose will be active until you have valid account for outgoing calls.. If it goes unactive, you have to pay 1,50 PLN for new activation of profile after recharging account.. Easy Packets.. Easy Gadka - voice calls to Plus (but not to Sami Swoi!) and Polish landlines:.. 25 minutes for 6 PLN.. Activation: *121*11*01#.. Balance check: *121#.. Easy SMS - SMSes to Plus (but not to Sami Swoi!):.. 600 SMSes for 6 PLN.. Activation: *121*11*02#.. Both packets are activated up to 24 hrs after sending the USSD code.. Activation is confirmed by an SMS.. Activation of each kind of packets opens a new subcredit of the "prepaid in prepaid" type.. The day when the SMS is received is considered as the "day of activation".. Each packet must be used in at most 30 days following the "day of activation".. Unlike in Tak Tak and POP, it is impossible to buy more than one packet of each kind at once! Because of the condition above, if the packet has not been used completely during the 30 days period, the remaining credit is lost.. Additional Services and Costs.. Video Calls (3G only).. They are charged as standard voice calls.. Activation *101*11*03#.. Deactivation *101*00*03#.. International SMS: PLN 0.. 61 - 0.. 14.. MMS: PLN 0.. Wap/Internet CSD: PLN 0.. 48 - 0.. Internet GPRS: PLN 0.. 30/10KB - 0.. 07/10KB.. Wap GPRS: PLN 0.. 61/10KB - 0.. 14/10KB.. To activate GPRS dial: *101*11*02#.. There are also Internet packets:.. 5PLN for 25MB and 10PLN for 60MB (100KB increments).. Push to Talk services.. APN: ptt.. plusgsm.. pl.. How to activate?.. Send an SMS (national rate) to 2601 with one of the following texts NIM1, NIM3, NIM7, NIM:.. NIM1 - 1 day 1.. 22 PLN.. NIM3 - 3 days 3.. 66 PLN.. NIM7 - 7 days 8.. 54 PLN.. Voice Mail.. 48/min - 0.. Available, EU rates:.. Incoming calls: 0.. 85 PLN - 0.. Outgoing calls: 1.. 79 PLN - 0.. 38.. SMS on int.. Roaming: PLN 1.. 22 - 0.. 26.. To activate Roaming dial: *101*11*01#.. Billing.. National Calls: 1/1.. International Calls:  ...   via USSD codes (all operations are free):.. - Turn off: *122*00#.. - Turn on: *122*11#.. - Status Check: *122#.. VM is active in max.. 48 hrs after SIM activation.. Turning on and off takes effect after max.. 24 hrs after sending the USSD code to the operator.. Flexible top-ups.. With flexible top-ups you can refill your account with any amount in full zlotys from 30 to 500 PLN.. It works in this way: the shop assistant types the phone number on the terminal and the credit is increased directly , no top-up code is sold.. Below ranges from-to in PLN are given:.. - 10-29/7+23 days.. - 30-49/1+1 months.. - 50-99/3+1 months.. - 100-149/6+1 months.. - 150-500/6+1 months.. Bonuses for flexible top-ups:.. - 100-149 - 15% more (15 to 22,35 PLN more).. - 150-500 - 20% more (30 to 100 PLN more).. 'Universal' USSD-based management menu.. By dialing *110# you will obtain on the phone display a menu for managing your account.. By pressing 'OK', the number of a menu item, 'OK', you will select the item.. Pressing 0 ends the menu session, pressing * moves one level up.. This menu is an interactive replacement for all the USSD codes used in this prepaid (except for dialing in roaming).. Data bundles.. With Simplus you can choose among 4 different data bundles, all valid for 30 days: - 25MB - PLN 5, 1.. 11;.. - 100MB - PLN 10, 2.. 23;.. - 250MB - PLN 20 (Twój Profil only), 4.. 46;.. - 500MB - PLN 35 (Twój Profil only), 7.. 80;.. Data calls are billed at 100KB increments.. Settings for CSD and WAP for Plus users.. http://www.. roaming.. pl/en/sposob.. asp.. APNs:.. Internet: www.. WAP: wap.. MMS: mms.. PushToTalk: ptt.. Zone 1.. National call fee plus: PLN 1.. Zone 2.. 89 - 0.. Zone 3.. National call fee plus: PLN 2.. 06 - 0.. 44.. Zone 4.. 28 - 0.. 48.. Zone 5.. 56 - 0.. 54.. Zone 6.. National call fee plus: PLN 4.. 89.. Rest of the World.. National call fee plus: PLN 7.. 63 - 1.. 61.. International Zones.. : Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Rep.. , Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine.. : Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Liechtenstein, Germany,Faeroe Islands, Switzerland, Sweden, Hungary.. : Andorra, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Latvia, Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, UK, Vatican.. : Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Georgia, Ireland, Kazachstan, Kirgizstan, Libya, Malta, Spain, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.. Zone 5.. : Algeria, Gibraltar, Iceland, Morocco, Portugal.. Zone 6.. : USA (incl.. Hawaii, Alasca, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands etc), Australia, Canada, Ecuador, French Guyana, Gabon, Guadeolupe, Guatemala, Martinique, Somalia, UAE, Venezuela.. 2009 PrePaidGSM..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: T-Mobile (Poland)
    Descriptive info: T-Mobile.. Hot.. National calls.. 80.. 20.. If you have an older tariff plan less convenient than HOT, you can activate it by dialing *100*44#.. Starter kits.. Starter kits are available at: 5/5PLN, 9/9PLN and 20/20PLN.. International SMS sending: PLN 0.. Voice SMS to Polish landline: PLN 1.. National MMS sending: PLN 0.. International roaming MMS sending: PLN 2.. 44 - 0.. 52.. International roaming MMS sending/receiving: PLN 4.. 00 - 0.. 85.. Data Calls.. Internet/Wap GPRS:.. 72/500Kb - 0.. 15/500Kb.. Retrieving messages: PLN 0.. 29 - 0.. 06.. Voicemail: 60/30 International Calls Roaming: 60/60.. 20/20/1+1 months.. 50/50/3+1 months.. 100/150 + 10 T-Mobileunits/4+1 months.. 150/150 + 30 T-Mobileunits/6+1 months.. Happy taniej (Happy cheaper).. If the Tak Tak SIM is active for more than:.. - 4 months, you can activate (via 9797) the national call rate 0,69 PLN/min.. - 8 months, you can activate (via 9797) the national call rate 0,59 PLN/min.. Tanie Numerki (Cheap Numbers).. Each user can activate (via 9797 automatic customer care) 1 to 5 selected numbers (T-Mobile, Heyah, landlines) with the rate 0.. 19 PLN/min.. Activation for each number is valid 9 months and costs 5 PLN.. Warning - if there are any T-Mobileunits available, then they are used when calling Cheap Numbers! That's why it's not worth using Cheap Numbers with large top-ups (which add some T-Mobileunits) or purchased packets of T-Mobileunits.. 1000 minut.. For PLN 9.. 00 you get 1000 minutes to T-Mobile, valid for 14 days (activation: *100*45#).. T-Mobile Units.. Unlike SimplusTeam and Orange's prepaids, in TakTak there's no money bonuses for large top-up amounts.. Instead, there are limited-use bonuses described below, based on so-called T-Mobileunits.. T-Mobileunits (in Polish T-Mobilejednostki ) are extra minutes that can be used for calls to T-Mobile, Heyah and landlines and for SMS sending to T-Mobile and Heyah.. T-Mobileunits are stored as a special subcredit of the prepaid in prepaid type.. Unlike subcredits in Idea's prepaids, in Tak Tak the sub-credit doesn't have its own expiration date - its validity is the same as that of the main credit.. T-Mobileunits (=minutes) are convertible to SMSes to T-Mobile and Heyah in the ratio 1:4 i.. e.. sending 1 SMS decreases the subcredit by the value of 15 seconds (0,25 T-Mobileunit).. Until the subcredit is non-zero, all calls T-Mobile, Heyah and landlines and SMSes to T-Mobile and Heyah are debited from this subcredit.. Data calls, calls to voice mail and call-centre and premium rate SMSes are not debited from the T-Mobileunits subcredit.. The balance check of the subcredit is performed via the USSD code *102# (free of charge), while the balance check of the main credit is is performed via the USSD code *101# (free of charge).. With Flexible top-ups you can refill your account with any amount in full zlotys from 10 to 500 PLN.. Below ranges from-to in PLN are given.. 10-19/credit validity not extended.. 20-49/1+1 months.. 50-99/3+1 months.. 100-149/4+1 months.. 150-500/6+1 months.. Bonuses for flexible top-ups.. 100 -  ...   in the home network) however the minimal debiting unit is 20kB anyway.. CSD data calls are also possible but cost the same as voice calls to Poland.. Omnix Max.. GPRS packet and discount in one (practically it's the same as Megapaczka - Megapack in Heyah).. Monthly fee 5 PLN for 5 MB, and, after using the packet, 0.. 10 PLN/50 kB i.. 2 PLN/MB.. Apparently it's much more that regular rate which is 1.. 44 PLN/MB but it doesn't have to be so.. With Omnix Max the debiting is the same as in Heyah i.. rounding to 50 kB, however incoming and outgoing packets are not billed together (so the minimal fee is 0.. 20 PLN).. Instead, regular debiting means rounding to 500 kB and incoming and outgoing packets are billed separately (so the minimal fee is 1.. 44 PLN).. Activation: *132*7*1# (may take up to 24 hrs).. Disactivation: *132*7*2#.. If not discativated, Omnix Max will automatically renew each month.. blueconnect max.. 08/month you get 100MB of data at 1Mbps speed; when you exceed the bundle, they don't charge for next MBytes, but speed is reduced to 16kbit/s (activation by SMS: max to 8010).. PLN 1.. 36 plus local rate.. 40 plus local rate.. PLN 2.. 44 plus local rate.. 48 plus local rate.. 54 plus local rate.. PLN 4.. 89 plus local rate.. PLN 7.. 61 plus local rate.. International Zones:.. , Lithuania, Romania, Slowakia, Ukraine.. : Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Faer Oer, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Sweden.. : Andorra, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, France, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Latvia, Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco, Norway, Russia, San Marino, Serbia-Montenegro, Slovenia, Vatican.. : Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Georgia, Ireland, Kazachstan, Kirgijistan, Lybia, Malta, Spain, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.. : Australia, Canada, Ecuador, French Guyana, Gabon, Guadalupa, Guatemala, Martinica, Puerto Rico, Somalia, United Arab Emirates, USA, Venezuela, Virgin Islands (USA).. Simple roaming.. You can change the roaming tariff to the following one.. Weekly fee 5.. 00 PLN (charged after the first connection received/made in roaming, if after the week the phone is still in roaming the fee is charged again, and so on).. - Activation via USSD : *132*8*1#.. - Disactivation via USSD: *132*8*2#.. Outgoing Calls.. Incoming Calls.. SMS sending.. Zone EU.. 81 - 0.. 86 - 0.. Zone A.. PLN 6.. 00 - 1.. 95 - 0.. 41.. Zone B.. PLN 12.. 00 - 2.. Zone C.. PLN 18.. 00 - 3.. 81.. : Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Lithtuania, Luxemburg, Latvia, Madera, Malta, Monaco, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Reunion, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Swiss, Sweden, Vatican, Hungary, United Kingdom, Italy, Canary Islands, Faer Oer.. Zone A.. : Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Canada, Macedonia, Moldavia, Russia, Serbia, USA, Turkey, Ukraine.. : Satellite operators and rest of the world (excluding zone C).. : Cuba, Kazachstan, Russia, Turkmenistan and Ships/Ferries.. 2011 PrePaidGSM..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: Orange (Poland)
    Descriptive info: Orange.. Orange Pop / Orange Free na karte.. Calls to Cyfrowy Polsat.. 29.. 75.. 65.. Nowe Orange Go.. Depending on the refill you use, calls and messaging to Orange and landline as well as other operators (except Play and Cyfrowy Polsat) can be cheaper:.. Refills from PLN 25 to PLN 49.. 99:.. Calls to Orange and landlines: PLN 0.. Calls to other operators: PLN 0.. 49.. SMS to Orange: PLN 0.. 10.. Bonus minutes (to all networks): 30.. Refills from PLN 50 to PLN 99.. National calls: PLN 0.. 05.. Bonus minutes (to all networks): 60.. Refills PLN 100 and higher:.. Bonus minutes (to all networks): 120.. Orange Free na karte.. This is a data offer by Orange (like Polkomtel's SimData) which has cheap data calls (see below).. From Orange to Pop.. You can change your tariff from Orange Go to Nowy Pop; to do so send an SMS with text "POP" to 1133 (0,15 PLN).. Tariff change.. To change tariff dial: *101*40#.. Nowe Go:.. National SMS: PLN 0.. 18 - 0.. 042.. National MMS: PLN 0.. 30 - 0.. Pop:.. National SMS MMS: PLN 0.. 047.. All plans:.. International MMS: PLN 3.. 70.. CSD:.. CSD Wap: PLN 0.. 40/min - 0.. 10/min.. CSD Internet: PLN 0.. 76/min - 0.. 19/min.. GPRS/3G:.. 25/50KB - 0.. 059/50KB.. GPRS/3G Free na karte:.. 03/100kB - 0.. 007/100KB.. feee of charge (call *501).. International and data calls: 60/60.. International roaming: 60/60 (30/1 in Eurotariff).. PLN 5/5/2+5 days (No ATM).. PLN 25/25/1+2 months.. PLN 50/50/3+12 months.. PLN 100/110/5+12 months.. PLN 150/180/5+12 months (ATM/terminals/online only - no scratch cards).. Validity period.. After the expiration date for.. outgoing calls.. the entire remaining credit is LOST!.. You can restore it only if you make any top-up up in 5 days after the expiration date - in such case the lost credit will be available again after max.. 2 days (it will be added to the value of the top-up).. Top-up refills.. Orange Go and Pop are technically two Orange prepaid tariffs though Pop is now something a little bit like a "fake MVNO".. The two prepaids share all the top-up channels and methods.. There are no separate scratch cards or ATM options for Orange Go and Pop.. Retailers who sell prepaid top-ups may not displays labels with the Orange logo yet, but POP and/or Idea logos instead.. Also ATMs may still be labeled with POP and/or Idea logos though on-screen menu should be upgraded  ...   57 - 0.. 87 - 0.. 67.. 93 - 0.. 69.. 73 - 0.. 64.. PLN 3.. 03 - 0.. 71.. 09 - 0.. Zone 7.. 85 - 0.. 15 - 0.. 74.. 21 - 0.. Zone 8.. 51 - 1.. 81 - 1.. 87 - 1.. 92 - 1.. 86.. PLN 8.. 22 - 1.. 93.. 28 - 1.. 94.. : (landline only) Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Rep, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Great Britain, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Faer Oer, Portugal, San Marino, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Vatican.. : Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Rep-mobile, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia-mobile, Ukraine.. : (mobiles only) Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Faer Oer, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Sweden.. : Andorra - mobile, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Estonia, Finland- mobile, France- mobile, Great Britain- mobile, Greece- mobile, Italy/San Marino/Vatican - mobile, Luxembourg- mobile, Latvia, Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco- mobile, Norway- mobile, Russia, Serbia-Montenegro, Slovenia.. : Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus- mobile, Georgia, Ireland- mobile, Kazachstan, Kirgijistan, Libya, Malta- mobile, Spain- mobile, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.. : Australia, Canada, USA (continental without Alaska +1 907 Hawaii +1 808).. Zone 7.. : Algeria, Gibraltar- mobile, Iceland- mobile, Morocco, Portugal- mobile.. Zone 8.. : Ecuador, French Guyana, Gabon, Guadalupa, Guatemala, Martinica, Puerto Rico, Somalia, United Arab Emirates, USA, Venezuela, Virgin Islands (USA), USA-Alaska (+1 907),USA-Hawaii (+1 808).. Wybrany Kraj.. You activate it dialing *101*51*prefix#, where prefix is the national prefix (e.. g.. 44 for UK, 39 for Italy.. ).. It costs 5PLN, is valid for 30 days and allows calls for PLN 1.. 25 (60/60) and SMS at PLN 0.. 076.. Description and list of countries (in English) can be found.. here.. International Roaming via USSD.. From ------ To.. Zone 1 (EU).. 79 - 0.. 90 - 1.. PLN 5.. Incoming Calls.. 42.. SMS sending.. 134.. 32.. Data.. 00/50KB - 0.. 50/50KB - 0.. 10/50KB - 0.. : EU (incl.. Gibraltar and French territories), Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway.. : All European countries not mentioned above.. : USA, Canada.. : Bangladesh, China, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sudan, Syria, Thailand, Taiwan, Tunisia, UAE.. : Rest of the World.. USSD codes.. Making calls.. : *123*0048501234567# (an example: call to +48501234567, + is replaced with 00 in the code).. Balance check.. : *124*#.. Top Up balance.. : *125*TopUpCode#.. Top Up via DTMF.. : *123*0048501700700# (you pay as a call to Poland).. : *123*0048501501501# (you pay as a call to Poland).. VoiceMail..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: Play Mobile (Poland)
    Descriptive info: > Play Mobile.. Play Fresh.. 065.. Starting kits.. SIM cards are available in 3 prices (cost of a SIM card/credit included, outgoing calls/incoming calls validity):.. - PLN 5.. 00/5.. 00, 10/100 days.. - PLN 9.. 00/9.. 00, 20/110 days.. - PLN 30.. 00/30.. 00, 30/120 days.. If you buy the PLN 9 or 20 starting kit you also get a bonus, called "Bonus na start":.. - 9 PLN SIM card: when you have min.. 14 PLN credit, send *111*31*1# and you'll get 3 PLN extra.. - 30 PLN SIM card - when you have min.. 40 PLN credit, send *111*31*2# and you'll get 15 PLN extra.. Extra credit is valid 30 days and can be used for national voice calls, video calls, SMS and MMS.. Nieograniczone rozmowy w Play Fresh.. With this option you get unlimited calls to Play for 30 days.. - Activation fee: 10 PLN.. - Activation: *111*82*1#.. - Check status: *111*82*3#.. Pakiet 100 minut w Play Fresh.. With this option you get 100 minutes to call Play and landline.. Activation fee: 5 PLN.. Activation: *111*34*1#.. Status check: *105#.. 02.. National MMS and MMS to e-mail: PLN 0.. 19 - 0.. International MMS: 3.. 00 PLN - 0.. UMTS/GPRS: PLN 0.. 12/100KB - 0.. 027/100KB.. Browsing wap.. playmobile.. pl is free (some items of its contents are paid extra).. free of charge (dial *200 or 790200200).. International Calls Roaming: 30/30.. Refills validity.. PLN 10-24, 10+90 days.. PLN 25-49, 30+90 days.. PLN 50-99, 90+90 days.. PLN 100-300, 90+90 days.. Basically, top-ups are available in the "electronic form" only i.. from terminals/ATMs/online.. Scratch cards are available in the nominal of PLN 30 only.. These "regular" top-ups are added to the main credit "Pakiet z otówek" ("Packet of zlotys").. Zbieraj minuty = Collect minutes.. Each full two minutes of any incoming call (originating from any national or foreign operator, but not in roaming) are "exchanged" to one minute of an outgoing national call.. Each reward is valid 30 days since the incoming call.. "Zbieraj minuty" is in fact another subcredit, but denominated in minutes not in zlotys.. This option has an activation fee of PLN 3.. The sequence of usage of the main credit and subcredits (where applicable):.. 1.. "Zbieraj minuty" subcredit.. 2.. "Premia" subcredit.. 3.. "Pakiet z otówek" main credit.. Warning - all credits are irrevocably lost on the day on the day when the "Pakiet z otówek" main credit expires for outgoing calls!.. Zbieraj minuty can be activated dialing *111*4*1# and deactivated dialing *111*4*2#.. *101# - Pakiet z otówek" main credit and "Premia" subcredit.. *102# - "Zbieraj minuty"  ...   Play (cost 19 PLN SIM only).. The initial SIM validity is 14 days for connections + 90 days for top-ups.. The bonus must be activated by connecting the first time.. Regular rate is 0.. 03 PLN/100 kB (as in all the other data SIMs), however there are huge "bonuses":.. - initial bonus is 1 GB;.. - 30-49 PLN top-up gives 1.. 91 GB for 28 days;.. - 50-300 PLN top-up gives 3.. 84 GB for 56 days;.. - 10-29 PLN top-up gives 3 days of connections at the regular rates only.. After the expiration date, there are 90 days extra before the account can be topped-up.. Important.. - the SIM doesn't have national roaming on Plus network! It works on the "native", rather poor,.. Play 3G coverage only.. (dark violet areas).. International data roaming is available at standard rates.. International Calls (voice+video).. Satellite.. PLN 10.. 23.. Satellite networks supported: Emsat, Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya.. : Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Rep.. , Denmark, Estonia, Faeroe, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey,USA, Ukraine, Vatican, United Kingdom.. International Roaming.. To EU Zone.. To Zone 1.. To Zone 2.. To Zone 3.. Incoming calls.. EU Zone.. PLN 15.. From Zone 1.. From Zone 2.. PLN 9.. 03.. From Zone 3.. 46.. -.. MMS sending.. 78.. Data Calls (per 100KB).. Outgoing calls are performed via direct dialing (CAMEL-based roaming).. There is also an option of so-called "Cheap" (callback-based) roaming, available via the SIM-stored PLAY menu (option "Tani Roaming", select WL to activate, WYL to deactivate, dial numbers preceded with + or 00).. The operator warns that roaming partners may block this feature.. Tania transmisja danych w roamingu.. This option needs no activation but is still just a bargain.. Works in every network in EURO zone.. Data calls cost 0.. 05 PLN/10 kB.. To Poland/EU.. 25 - 1.. 50 - 1.. PLN 11.. 25 - 2.. 50.. Zone 1.. 75/5.. 25 - 0.. 83/1.. 25/6.. 75 - 1.. 17/1.. Warning.. : on the website there is no info about roaming partners, availability of "cheap" roaming, data roaming as well as satellite networks to which connections can be made.. GSM services connected with voice calls.. Play Karta offers a full selection of services including call diversion to any number, call waiting, call barring, conference calls.. They are available via the phone menu or standard codes.. This is the only Polish prepaid with such capabilities..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: Heyah (Poland)
    Descriptive info: Heyah.. Taryfa Multipacket.. Calls to Heyah.. Other Calls.. 68.. Nowa Heyah.. Other national calls.. With the Nowa Heyah tariff, all calls (landline+mobiles) to EU, Gibraltar, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Vatican and French, Spanish, Portuguese territories outside Europe are billed at PLN 0.. 59/min - 0.. Taryfa Pakietowa offers.. Megapaczka (Megapack).. GPRS packet and discount in one.. 10 PLN/50 kB (50% off the regular rate).. - Activation via USSD: *110*1*1#.. - Disactivation via USSD: *110*1*2#.. If less than 5 MB were used in one month, the remaining amount of data can be used in next month after using full 5 MB "assigned" to that month.. No balance check - you must follow the data counter in your phone or computer.. If not discativated, Mega paczka will automatically renew each month.. Magiczne pakiety (Magic packets).. 25 minutes to Heyah convertible to 1500 SMSes to Heyah (1 SMS=1 second of call) - 5.. 50 PLN per packet.. - Activation via USSD: *115*1#.. - Balance check via USSD: *102#.. You can buy as many packets as you want until 10.. 2007.. Packets are valid until 31.. It's probable that the offer will be prolonged again.. Taryfa Pakietowa.. SMS to Heyah: PLN 0.. 006.. Other national SMS: PLN 0.. SMS to Heyah: free of charge.. 14 - 0.. Both tariffs.. International MMS: 2.. 44 PLN - 0.. MMS in roaming sent/received 4.. Wap Internet CSD: PLN 0.. 197.. : Wap Internet GPRS: PLN 0.. 40/100KB - 0.. 08/10KB.. 02/100KB - 0.. 004/10KB.. GPRS Service must be activated sending a free SMS with  ...   TAK.. CODE on 6688 (cost 0,03 PLN) to confirm registration.. By doing this you agree to receive from us commercial infos and Heyah bonuses.. " CODE is an.. example.. of the registration code.. The real code is unique for each phone number (something like 5RHX).. 3) The string "TAK.. CODE" (without quotation marks, of course, and with one space after the dot!) should be sent back to 6688.. 4) After that you should receive an SMS: ".. Witaj w Klubie! Zaloguj sie na.. www.. heyah.. i korzystaj z klubowych bonusow.. " ("Heyah.. Welcome to the Club! Log in on.. and use club bonuses").. Actually it's not not necessary to log in in order to get 10% more but it is only for ringtone downloads or something like that.. All top-ups made at least 2 hours after receiving the latter SMS are rewarded with 10% extra.. Internet Non Stop.. 08/month you get 100MB of data at 1Mbps speed; when you exceed the bundle, they don't charge for next MBytes, but speed is reduced to 16kbit/s (activation by dialing *110*12#).. International Calls with Taryfa Pakietowa.. 88.. 74 - 2.. : Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Rep.. , Denmark, Estonia, Faer Oer, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Romania, San Marino, Serbia/Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, UK, Ukraine, Vatican.. : Algeria, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Canada, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Kazachstan, Kirgijistan, Morocco, New Zealand, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkey, USA, Uzbekistan..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: tuBiedronka (Poland)
    Descriptive info: tuBiedronka.. tuBiedronka.. All other Calls.. 13 - 0.. not available.. International calls.. the same as Heyah Multipacket but without cheaper rates to Vietnam, Ukraine and Belarus.. see Era/Heyah.. National Call: 15/15.. 30, 14+30 days.. 60, 30+30 days.. PLN 16.. 49, 90+30 days.. Balance check *101#.. Top-up *111*code#..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: iPlus Simdata (Poland)
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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: mBank Mobile (Poland)
    Descriptive info: ?.. mBank Mobile.. Mobile.. All voice and Video calls.. 33.. National and International SMS: PLN 0.. 36 - 0.. GPRS: PLN 0.. 05/50KB - 0.. 01/50KB.. To switch GPRS on *101*11*02#.. To switch it off *101*00*02#.. Important: you have to deactivate International Roaming (see below) in order to use GPRS.. free of charge (dial 3001).. The same rates as in Simplus Team7/Easy i.. with national call fee 0.. 77 PLN.. Available, dial *101*11*01# to activate it for free.. To disable roaming dial: *101*00*01#.. Rates are the same as Simplus.. International Calls Roaming: 30/30.. PLN 1-19/validity not extended.. PLN 20-39/1+1 months.. PLN 40-59/2+1 months.. PLN 60-79/3+1 months.. PLN 80-99/4+1 months.. PLN 100-119/5+1 months.. PLN 120-139/6+1 months.. PLN 140-159/7+1 months.. PLN 160-179/8+1 months.. PLN 180-199/9+1 months.. PLN 200-219/10+1 months.. PLN  ...   validity periods will never exceed 12 months for outgoing calls + 1 month extra for incoming calls.. All calls to voice mail (number 3001) are free of charge.. More about mBank Mobile.. The brand is advertised as the first Polish MVNO.. Technically it is a product like Sami Swoi (an "alternative" Plus prepaid) and mBank is just a reseller.. The product itself seems to be a nice combination of decent national voice rates with a good GPRS rate (only "data-SIM" iPlus simdata is cheaper).. However, mBank mobile is rather useless for foreign visitors because both SIMs and top-ups are available only via Polish-only www shop.. At the moemnt, we can recommend using mBank mobile only if you know a Polish resident which can help you with purchase and top-ups..

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