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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: India
    Descriptive info: NewsBlog.. FrapprMap.. >.. Operators.. > India.. INDIA.. Useful things to know:.. Prefix:.. +91.. Money:.. 1 India Rupia = 0.. 01860 Euro.. Electricity:.. 230V - 50Hz.. Time Zone:.. GMT+6.. 30.. National GSM Operators.. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (CellOne All India except Delhi Mumbai).. Prepaid Card Name:.. Prepaid.. Activation Fee/Credit included:.. INR 39/0 - 0.. 55/0.. 00.. Card Validity after activation:.. ???.. Net Frequency:.. GSM 900/1800.. Logo, Net Code:.. BSNL, CellOne, 404 34,38,51,53,54,55,57,58,59,64,66,72,74,80,81.. Coverage Map:.. Prepaid offer:.. click here.. Last update:.. 18/09/09.. Bharti Televentures Limited (Airtel).. INR 49.. 00/0.. 00 - 0.. 69/0.. 0 days, then depends on refill amount.. Airtel/Bharti..  ...   Hutch.. Idea Mobile Communications.. INR 199.. 00 - 3.. 70/0.. GSM 900.. Idea.. Click here (Delhi).. Aircel Cellular Ltd.. Aircel Prepaid.. INR 99/10 - 1.. 14.. unlimited.. GSM 1800.. AIRCEL, 405 800 to 812.. Click here.. Loop Telecom Pvt.. Ltd.. Prepaid.. INR 99/0 - 1.. 77/0.. depending on refill.. BPL Mobile.. 15/10/07.. Reliance Telecom Private Ltd (Reliance - North East).. RCOM, 405 05,10,13,36,85,83.. Tata Teleservices Ltd.. -.. Tata Indicom, 405 25 to 47.. 2002-2007 PrePaidGSM.. net - Invented, created and managed by Carlo Ghio.. This site is best viewed with a good internet browser such as.. Opera.. or.. Firefox..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: Finland
    Descriptive info: > Finland.. FINLAND.. +358.. Euro.. GMT+2.. GSM and 3G Operators.. Much of the information you will find among these pages about Finland has been given us by our friends.. Timo.. Jesse.. : thank you very much dear Finnish friends!.. Elisa Oy.. 12 months.. GSM 900/1800, W-CDMA 900/2100.. Elisa FI, RL FI, 244 05.. official site.. 09/11/11.. TeliaSonera Finland Oyj.. Easy.. 12.. 00/7.. GSM 900/1800, W-CDMA 2100.. sonera, 244 91.. DNA Networks Ltd (former Finnet Verkot Oy).. Arvo - Super Prepaid.. Arvo: 17.. 00/10.. Super Prepaid: 7.. 90/7.. 6+8 months.. GSM 900/1800, W-CDMA 2100.. DNA, 244 12.. Other GSM Brands.. Saunalahti Oy (by Elisa).. 6.. 90/6.. 3 months.. MVNO (900/1800, W-CDMA 2100).. Saunalahti (Virtual 244 05).. Network:.. Elisa.. 16/11/11.. TeleFinland (by Sonera).. Helppo.. 9.. 90/11.. 6 months.. Tele FI, 244 91.. Sonera.. Virtual GSM Operators.. Go Mobile Oy.. GoMobile Prepaid.. 90/5.. 6+2 months.. MVNO (900/1800).. go.. mobile (Virtual 244 12).. DNA.. Regional GSM Operators.. Alands Mobiltelefon A.. B.. Kontant.. 50.. 00/50.. AMT, 244 14.. Some important things to know before buying a Finnish prepaid card.. It's good to know that DNA has areas where they have only GSM900 or GSM1800 frequency so it's necessary to have 900/1800 dual band phone (or 900/1800/1900 triband) if you want to use either Dna or GO mobile prepaid.. In biggest towns, like Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu and Turku, they have GSM1800 network only..  ...   and GO mobile prepaids at Otto ATMs.. I'm going to Ahvenanmaa (Åland), any chance to use a prepaid there?.. Of course you can! Buying a prepaid card of the local provider AMT could be not so convenient, but Sonera has its own network on Ahvenanmaa (Åland in Swedish), so at least their prepaid card can be used over there with no problems.. DNA and Elisa don't have their own network over there and their customers use AMT's network when visiting the island; there are no problems, so, for DNA prepaid customers roaming in Ahvenanmaa, while Go Mobile and Saunalahti customers cannot roam on AMT net.. What happened to Telia Finland?.. Telia Mobile does not exist anymore in Finland.. When Telia Sweden bought Sonera in Finland they had to sell their business in Finland and DNA bought their customers and network.. Old Telia prepaid cards still work, if the card is valid, and they can be charged just like DNA prepaids.. What happened to Tele2 Finland?.. Tele2 announced on 19th of August 2005 that, based on the current competitive and regulatory environment in Finland, it has decided to discontinue its operations in Finland.. Tele2 stopped marketing its mobile and fixed telephony services in the Finnish market.. In conjunction with this decision, the company has also decided to end the process regarding its 3G license in Finland.. 2011 PrePaidGSM..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: Jersey
    Descriptive info: > Jersey.. JERSEY.. +44.. 1 British Pound = 1.. 32679 Euro.. GMT.. Jersey Telecom (JT-Wave).. Freedom.. 99/5.. 00 - 11.. 44/5.. 73.. 540 days after each recharge.. GSM 900/1800; WCDMA 2100.. JT, 234 50.. 17/02/10.. Cable & Wireless Jersey Limited (Sure Mobile).. Pay as you go.. 5.. 00/5.. 00 - 5.. 73/5.. Sure Mobile, 234 ??.. Official Site.. JERSEY AIRTEL LIMITED (Airtel-Vodafone).. 180 days.. Vodafone JE.. 2010 PrePaidGSM..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: Indonesia
    Descriptive info: Indonesia.. INDONESIA.. +62.. 1 Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) = 0.. 00006848 Euro.. 127/230V - 50Hz.. UTC +7.. 00 - +9.. Excelcom (XL).. XL Prabayar.. IDR 3,000/3,000 - 0.. 18/0.. 18.. 30 days.. GSM 900/1800, W-CDMA 2100 (HSDPA).. XL, IND XL, 510 11.. 20/06/08.. Hutchison CP Telecommunications (3).. 3Prabayar.. 3 Hitam: IDR 10,000/5,000 - 0.. 68/0.. 34.. (+IDR 10,000 bonus on-net).. 3 Putih: IDR 20,000/10,000 - 1.. 39/0..  ...   Satellite Corporation Tbk (INDOSAT).. Mentari - IM3.. IDR 10,000/10,000 - 0.. 68.. INDOSAT, 510 01.. PT Telekomunikasi Selular (TELKOMSEL).. Simpati - Kartu As.. Simpati: IDR 10,000/5,000 - 0.. Simpati PeDe: IDR 10,000/5,000 - 0.. (+bonus IDR 5000 on net).. Simpati Ekstra, Kartu As: IDR 10,000/10,000 - 0.. TELKOMSEL, 510 10.. PT Natrindo Telepon Seluler (axis).. AXIS.. IDR 6,000/6,000 - 0.. 41/0.. 41.. AXIS, 510 08.. 2008 PrePaidGSM..

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  • Title: France
    Descriptive info: France.. FRANCE.. +33.. GMT+1 (CET).. Orange France.. Mobicarte.. 7.. 90/ 5.. 30 days (credit), 6 month (sim-card).. Orange F, 208 01.. official-site.. 10/01/12.. Société Française de Radiotélécommunication (SFR).. La carte.. 14.. F SFR, 208 10.. Bouygues Telecom.. Carte.. 90/ 4.. 1+3 months.. GSM 900/1800, WCDMA 2100.. Bouygues, Bouygtel, 208 20.. Free Mobile.. WCDMA 900/2100 (plus roaming on Orange).. Free Mobile, F15, 208 15.. Zones blanches.. There's a fifth network, operating on GSM 900/1800: F-Contact.. It's a unified network which covers rural/montaneous areas (=zones blanches, in French) which don't have direct coverage by the 4 network operators.. Any French sim-card can connect to this network and on the display of your mobile you will read the name F-Contact.. There are no extra charges while roaming on this network.. B YOU (by Bouygues Telecom).. Prepaid Card Name:.. carte prépayée.. 4..  ...   (Breizh Mobile ).. La carte prépayée.. 2+8 months.. MVNO (GSM 900/1800 only).. Breizh (208 01).. M6 Mobile (Orange).. M6 Prepaid.. 1 month.. MVNO (GSM 900/1800, WCDMA 2100).. M6 Mobile (208 01).. La Poste Mobile.. Prépayée.. MVNO (GSM 900/1800, WCDMA 2100).. La Poste Mobile (208 10).. SFR.. E.. Leclerc Mobile.. 90/10.. Leclerc Mobile (208 10).. Auchan Telecom (A Mobile).. 20.. 00/19.. 90.. A-Mobile (208 10).. NRJ Mobile.. just 1 call every 6 months.. MVNO (GSM and W-CDMA).. NRJ Mobile (208 10).. LeFrenchMobile (Transatel).. LeFrenchMobile.. 00/15.. LeFrenchMobile (208 20).. Bouygues.. Simyo.. 1.. 3 months.. Simyo (208 20).. "Ethnic" MVNOs.. Phenixmobile.. 120 days.. Phenix mobile (208 20).. Lycamobile.. free online.. Lycamobile (208 20).. Ortel Mobile.. 95/7.. 21 days.. Ortel Mobile (208 20).. Lebara France Ltd.. Lebara Mobile.. 10.. at least 1 paid activity every 90 days.. Lebara (208 20).. 2002-2013 PrePaidGSM..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: Kosovo
    Descriptive info: > Kosovo.. KOSOVO.. +381 (landline, Serbia) - +377 (mobile, Monaco), +386 (mobile, Slovenia).. 220V - 50Hz.. UTC+1 (CET).. Kosovo (Albanian: Kosova, Kosovë) is a disputed region in the Balkans.. Its majority is governed by the partially-recognised Republic of Kosovo (Albanian: Republika e Kosovës), which claims all the territory of Yugoslavia's 1974-1990 Socialist Autonomous Province of Kosovo of SR Serbia.. The modern Republic of Serbia does not recognise the secession of the province and considers Kosovo a United Nations-governed entity within its sovereign territory.. (from.. Wikipedia.. ).. Talking about mobile networks, Kosovo has two GSM 900MHz networks, both of them with "foreign" international prefix, making it quite a unique case in the GSM World market..  ...   Telenor and Telekom Srbija (Serbian operators) used to have coverage in Prishtinë and some other little areas of Kosovo, but their towers have been dismantled in the independentist territory, so that GSM coverage is now offered only by the two local operators.. In 2009 also the first MVNO appeared in Kosovo.. It's called D3 and uses IPKO's Slovenian network.. The secondo MVNO, Z Mobile, uses Vala's network and Monaco prefix.. GSM Operators.. Posta dhe Telekomunikacioni i Kosovës, SH.. A.. (Vala Mobile).. Pre-paid.. 90+14 days.. Vala, MC 01, 212 01.. 03/02/10.. IPKO (Si Mobitel).. 330+30 days.. iPKO, 293 41.. Virtual Operators.. D3 Mobile.. D3.. D3, 293 41.. IPKO.. Z Mobile.. Z Mobile, 212 01.. Vala..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: Iran
    Descriptive info: Iran.. IRAN, Islamic Republic of.. +98.. 1 Iranian Rial (IRR) = 0.. 00007474 Euro.. UTC+3.. 30 (no DST).. Irancell Telecommunications Services Company (MTN IRANCELL).. MTN Irancell 432 35.. Official website.. 12/02/08.. Rafsanjan Industrial Complex (Coop) (Taliya).. Taliya.. Taliya 432 32.. Mobile Telecommunications Company of Esfahan (MTCE).. Espadan.. GSM 900 432 19.. MTCE.. MCI (Iran Telecom).. Irantelecom 432 11.. Iran Telecom has the biggest coverage throughout Iran, most customers (about 30 millions) and it's the most long established network (statally owned).. Unfortunately it's not easy  ...   plans, so by now we preferred not to list any more detailed information about this operator.. If some Persian friend would like to help us it would be more than welcome.. Only in recent years private networks started their services, mainly Taliya and MTN.. MTCE exists since longer time (2002) but seems to be available only around Esfahan area.. There's a fifth operator, TKC, which is available only on Kish Island, so we didn't find of any interest to list it here in details..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: Germany
    Descriptive info: > Germany.. GERMANY.. +49.. T-Mobile Deutschland GmbH.. Xtra.. 95/10.. D1 Telekom, T-Mobile D, 262 01.. 22/06/11.. Vodafone D2 GmbH.. CallYa.. 15 months.. D2, vodafone D2, 262 02.. 3G.. BASE (E-Plus Service GmbH Co.. KG).. BASE Prepaid.. EGSM 900, GSM 1800, W-CDMA 2100.. BASE, e-plus, 262 03.. GSM.. -.. O2 (Germany) GmbH Co.. OHG.. Loop.. 95/5.. 00 + 10 free SMS/month.. 12 months.. GSM 1800 (+EGSM 900), W-CDMA 2100.. interkom, o2 - de, 262 07.. Medion Mobile (Aldi Talk).. Aldi Talk.. 12+2 months.. MVNO on GSM 1800, WCDMA 2100.. Medion Mobile, 262 03.. E-Plus.. FONIC GmbH.. Fonic.. 99/10.. Fonic, 262 07.. O2.. REWE Deutscher Supermarkt KG aA (Penny-Mobil and Ja! Mobil).. Penny Mobil.. MVNO on GSM 900/1800.. Penny Mobil, 262 01.. T-Mobile.. allMobility Deutschland GmbH (Schlecker).. Smobil.. Smobil, 262 02.. Vodafone.. Tchibo Mobilfunk GmbH Co.. KG.. Tchibo Mobil Prepaid.. 95/1.. MVNO on GSM 1800.. Tchibo, 262 07.. O2 (+ roaming on T-Mobile).. Internet Based Virtual Operators.. netzclub.. free.. MVNO on EGSM 900/1800, WCDMA 2100.. netzclub, 262 07.. Congstar GmbH.. Congstar Prepaid.. MVNO on GSM 900/1800, WCDMA 2100.. Congstar, 262 01.. 03/03/09.. Blau Mobilfunk GmbH.. Blau.. de.. 180 days.. blau.. de, 262 03.. Simyo GmbH.. 6 months.. simyo, 262 03.. MS Mobile Services GmbH (Maxxim).. Maxxim.. 15 months.. Maxxim, 262 01.. ring Mobilfunk GmbH.. ring.. 90 days.. ring, 262 03.. Ring (E-Plus).. There are 2 other internet-based MVNOs which claim to offer a prepaid tariff, they are:.. Klarmobil.. Simply.. With Klarmobil and Simply Postpaid you have a postpaid contract without any monthly fees and you do can cancel the subscription unlike any other German postpaid which lasts at least 24 months.. You need a German address to order it and a German ID or passport because they check your creditworthiness ( Schufa in German).. It can happen that you get bounced after you ordered because you have a negative Schufa.. Simply Prepaid is like Klarmobil but you have to pay in advance, so it's prepaid.. It's designed for locals without any financial hassle and not for foreigners who may stay only for a few weeks.. Vistream based MVNOs.. Vistream is a Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) in Germany.. They have their own number range (01570) and own network infrastructure (except GSM towers, which are of the e-plus network).. The SIM cards have two IMSI numbers: you can switch between them by setting a 1 or a 2 in front of the PIN.. Outside Germany you use the "2", inside Germany the "1".. Inside Germany the network code is 262-16, outside Germany (with the 2nd IMSI) it uses the e-plus code 262-03.. Vistream has its own roaming contracts as well.. They are structured by zones, the zones are the same for all cards, just the  ...   the card when buying, however registration is possible using a foreign passport.. Aldi.. cards can only be bought at Aldi stores.. They have to be registered online or at the hotline, in either case you need a German ID.. (You can't buy them online, at least not yet.. ).. You can buy.. Penny Mobile.. prepaid card at any Penny Market discount store, then you have to activate the prepaid card at Pennymobil.. de, you don't need a German ID (or any other ID for that) to register your card.. prepaid card at any Schlechter discount store or online at Smobile.. However unless you pay with a German EC-Card you are required to show a German ID.. Rewecom.. prepaid card at any REWE, miniMal, toom, toom BauMarkt or Petz discount store, then you have to activate it at Rewe-com.. de, you don't need a german ID (or any other ID for that) to register your card.. Tchibo.. cards can be bought at Tchibo coffee stores.. In larger cities you might find someone speaking English, you have to register the card when buying, registration is possible using a foreign passport though the exact handling depends on the shop you are visiting though.. Simyo, Blau.. de, Blauworld.. : These cards are bought via internet but shipping is only possible to German addresses.. They are usually available also at Saturn and Media Markt stores.. Credit balance and validy.. Here is a simple and useful table listing the USSD codes you need to use to check your balance and validty.. Balance.. *100#.. *101#.. Valitity.. *100*1#.. *102#.. Mobile Number Portability.. There are some easy and free ways to know if the number you're calling has been ported to another operator or not.. : To check what network a number is on dial 4387 and enter the number, after the number is read to you again press 1.. You can send a text to 4387 as well though this costs ? 0,19.. Callya.. : To check what network a number is on dial 12313, then enter the number followed by the number sign.. Free Easy.. : To check what network a number is on dial 10667, then enter the number.. : Send an SMS containing "Netz" followed by a blank and the number.. It might be noteworthy that the four network operators charge the on-net charges to all cards on their network, not just their own.. The.. virtual operators.. , instead, only offer an on-tariff discount (i.. Tchibo to Tchibo) and there's usually no way to check numbers for that.. The only exception from that is Aldi Talk which currently unofficially charges the same for the entire E-Plus network.. Therefore one should include the same note as with Free Easy..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: Liechtenstein
    Descriptive info: > Liechtenstein.. LIECHTENSTEIN.. +423.. 1 Swiss Franc (CHF) = 0.. 67303 Euro.. Telecom FL AG.. Natel Easy Liberty.. Telecom FL, 295 01.. See.. Swisscom.. offer.. Alpcom AG (Alpcom).. no prepaid offer.. LI 77 or LI TANGO, LI Alpcom, 295 77.. 14/04/11.. Mobilkom Liechtenstein AG (FL1).. GSM 1800.. FL1, 295 05.. Orange Liechtenstein AG (Orange FL).. PrePay.. Montel, Orange FL, 295 02.. Orange CH..

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  • Title: Israel
    Descriptive info: Israel.. ISRAEL.. +972.. 1 Israeli New Shekel = 0.. 17727 Euro.. Partner Communications Company Ltd (Orange).. BigTalk.. NIS 100/10 - 17.. 82/1.. 78.. NIS 170/50 - 30.. 29/8.. 91.. GSM 900/1800 - W-CDMA 2100.. Orange IL, 425 01.. MobileWorld GSM.. MobileWorld 3G.. 20/04/08.. Cellcom Israel Ltd.. TalkMan.. NIS 97/55 - 17.. 62/9.. 99.. GSM 1800 - W-CDMA 2100.. Cellcom, 425 02.. 30/04/09.. Pelephone Communications Ltd.. Izi.. W-CDMA 2100.. Pelephone, 425 03?.. 06/01/08.. Mirs Communications  ...   roaming on Pelephone).. 03/07/13.. Golan Telecom.. NIS 39.. 00 - 8.. 15/0.. W-CDMA 2100 (+ roaming on GSM 1800, W-CDMA 850/2100).. Golan Telecom, 425 08 (+ roaming on Cellcom).. Mobile Virtual Network Operators.. Youphone.. PreTalk.. 15/6.. 25.. MVNO (GSM 1800, W-CDMA 850/2100).. Youphone, 425 01.. HomeCellular.. hMobile.. NIS 29.. 00 - 6.. 20/0.. 1 year.. hMobile, 425 02.. Cellcom.. Rami-Levy.. 90/0.. 00 - 10.. 65/0.. MVNO (on W-CDMA 850/2100).. Rami-levy, 425 03.. Pelephone.. 07/12/11..

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  • Title: Gibraltar
    Descriptive info: Gibraltar.. GIBRALTAR.. +350.. 1 British Pound = 1,17668854 Euro.. 240V - 50Hz.. Gibraltar Telecoms Int'l (Gibtel GSM).. Reload.. gibtel, 266 01.. MobileWorld.. Eazi Telecom Limited (Shine).. GSM 1800, WCDMA 2100.. shine, 266 09..

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