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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: Z Mobile (Kosovo)
    Descriptive info: >.. Operators.. Kosovo.. > Z Mobile.. Voice tariffs.. Fol me 5.. Calls to Fol me 5.. Mo-Su 0-24.. Calls to Z, Vala.. Mo-Fr 7-21.. Mo-Fr 21-24, Sa-Su 7-24.. Mo-Su 0-7.. Calls to landline.. Calls to IPKO/D3.. 0.. 02.. 07.. 04.. 19.. 18.. Fol me 10.. Calls to Fol me 10.. Mo-Su 7-24.. Calls to Fol me 10, Z, Vala.. Fol me krejt.. All calls.. 09.. Important!.. There's not a national prefix in Kosovo.. The two operators, IPKO and Z, and their respective MVNOs, use "foreign" prefixes.. Z has +377 prefix from Monaco, while IPKO has +386.. 49 prefix from Slovenia.. So calling them  ...   03.. SMS to IPKO/D3: 0.. International SMS: 0.. 13.. MMS to Z, vala: 0.. Other MMS: 0.. 25.. Voicemail.. free of charge (777).. Data Calls.. GPRS: 0.. 20 for the first 100KB, then 0.. 05/50 KB.. International calls.. see Vala page.. International roaming.. available,.. see here (in Albanian).. Debiting method.. 60/15.. Refills, Credit, Validity.. 5.. 00/5.. 00, 90+14 days.. 10.. 00/10.. 00, 180+14 days.. 20.. 00/20.. 00, 360+14 days.. 40.. 00/40.. 50.. 00/50.. Z 900 Prefix.. +377(0)45.. 2010 PrePaidGSM.. net - Invented, created and managed by Carlo Ghio.. This site is best viewed with a good internet browser such as.. Opera.. or.. Firefox..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: MTN Irancell (Iran)
    Descriptive info: FrapprMap.. Iran.. > Iran.. Pay As You Go.. Calls to MTN.. Other calls.. IRR 620.. 05.. IRR 852.. 06.. To check your credit dial *140*1# (free of charge).. National SMS: IRR 160 - 0.. 01.. International SMS to Afghanistan, Vietnam, Cuba, Suriname, French Guyana, Reunion, French Antilles, Wallis and Fortuna Islands: IRR 1,000 - 0.. Other international SMS: IRR 1,500 - 0.. 11.. MMS: IRR 320 - 0.. free of charge.. Data calls.. IRR 15/KB - 0.. 001/KB.. International roaming.. unknown.. Debiting method.. 1/1.. MTN Prefixes.. 0935-xxx-xxxx (prepaid) and 0936-xxx-xxxx (postpaid).. Recharge/credit/validity.. IRR 50,000/47,170.. IRR 100,000/94,340.. IRR 200,000/188,680.. you just need to send/receive a call/SMS or refill every  ...   simcard capable of data and messaging only, NO voice calls can be made or received with this special card.. It has very good GPRS rates, as well as for messaging.. More information.. here.. Sa-Th 8-21.. Sa-Th 21-8, Fr 0-24.. Zone 1.. IRR 3,840 - 0.. 29.. IRR 3,720 - 0.. 28.. Zone 2.. IRR 10,080 - 0.. 75.. IRR 9,900 - 0.. 74.. Afghanistan.. IRR 4,740 - 0.. 35.. IRR 4,560 - 0.. 34.. International Zone.. : All the countries of the world other than those set out in Zone 2 and Afghanistan.. : Vietnam, Cuba, Suriname, French Guyana, Reunion, French Antilles, Wallis and Fortuna Islands.. 2008 PrePaidGSM..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: Taliya (Iran)
    Descriptive info: Taliya.. Local calls.. Long distance calls.. IRR 670.. IRR 536.. IRR 1,117.. 08.. IRR 804.. Calls are charged based on your registration area, the time of day, the duration of call and the destination of call.. SMS: IRR 160 - 0.. same as local calls.. not available.. ???.. IRR 106,000/100,000.. IRR 212,000/200,000.. IRR 424,000/400,000.. no idea about validity.. IRR 3,033 - 0.. 23.. IRR 2,899 - 0.. 22.. IRR 7,865 - 0.. 59.. IRR 7,731 - 0.. 58.. IRR 3,716 - 0.. IRR 3,582 - 0.. 27.. International Zones..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: MTCE (Iran)
    Descriptive info: > MTCE.. Espadan.. 5.. IRR 537.. IRR 1,140.. SMS: IRR 160.. 5 - 0.. To activate SMS service you pay IRR 20,000 ( 1.. 49) sending the first SMS..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: T-Mobile (Germany)
    Descriptive info: Germany.. > T-Mobile.. Xtra Card - Xtra Click.. Calls to T-Mobile.. Other Calls.. Mo-Su 0-24.. Xtra Nonstop.. Calls to T-Mobile, landline - 1st min.. Calls to T-Mobile, landline - 2-59 mins.. Monthly fee.. free.. 99.. Xtra Click.. This is an internet-based offer by T-Mobile.. The credit has a validity of 92 days for all the 15, 30 and 50 euros top-ups.. You can have it as a plan (available only buying a kit with prepaid card including 5.. 00 of credit and a phone) or as an option to add to the Xtra Card plan.. In both cases you have the same monthly fee of 0.. Xtra Options.. - Xtra Dayflat: unlimited data, max 384kbps speed, 0.. 99/day;.. - Xtra Handy Flat: unlimited data, max 384kbps speed, 9.. 95/month;.. - Xtra Mobile Email: unlimited email with cellphone clients, 2.. - Xtra Weekend: unlimited T-Mobile+landline calls on weekends, 4.. 99/month.. Additional Services and Costs.. Video Calls.. not available yet.. SMS Card/Click to T-Mobile: 0.. Other national international SMS and Xtra Nonstop: 0.. National MMS: 0.. 39.. International MMS: 0.. 79.. Web/wap surfing on GPRS/UMTS/HSDPA: 0.. 19/10KB plus  ...   the GSM and the UMTS (HSDPA) network where available throughout Germany; anyway video-calls are not available, so only data connection and normal voice calls can be used on the 3G network, like with GSM.. Web'n'walk.. With this data card you get unlimited data on GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA at the cost of 4.. 95 per day.. With "Xtra web'n'walk starter" you pay, instead, 9ct/min for HSDPA/EDGE/GPRS.. International Roaming.. To Zone A, Germany.. To Zone B.. To Zone C.. Zone A.. 46.. 1.. 49.. 2.. Zone B.. Zone C.. Incoming Calls.. 17.. 69.. SMS sending.. MMS sending.. 30KB, 0.. 89.. 30KB 1.. 30KB, 1.. MMS receiving.. Data Calls (GPRS/UMTS).. 17/50KB, plus 0.. 49/daily.. 29/50KB, plus 0.. 69/50KB, plus 0.. International Roaming Zones.. Zone A.. : EU (incl.. La Réunion, Gibraltar and French Caraibe), Croatia.. : Rest of Europe, Canada, USA.. : Rest of the World.. SmartTraveller.. It's the equivalent of Vodafone Passport option and it's pre-activated on all Xtra prepaid cards.. In Zone A you pay 0.. 29/min + 0.. 75 connection fee, inbound calls free + 0.. 75 connection fee.. Surely not good for short calls with the Eurotariff..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: Vodafone (Germany)
    Descriptive info: > Vodafone.. CallYa 5/15.. Calls and SMS to Voda.. Calla and SMS to other networks.. 15.. CallYa OpenEnd Talk SMS.. Calls to Voda, landline.. All other calls.. 29 per call.. 29/min.. OpenEnd Talk SMS.. This tariff has a monthly fee of 1.. 50.. All calls to Vodafone and landline are billed 0.. 29 per call, while other calls are billed 0.. 29 per minute.. SMS to Vodafone cost 0.. 29 for the first one while the following 99, of each day, are free of charge.. Mobile Internet Flat.. - day flat: 0.. - week flat: 2.. 99/week;.. - month flat: 9.. Minuten und SMS Optionen.. - 60 all net minutes OR sms: 7.. 99/month;.. - 120 all net minutes OR sms: 12.. Same price as voice calls.. SMS to other operators, CallYa OpenEnd: 0.. SMS, international: 0.. MMS, national: 0.. MMS, international: 0.. Data Calls.. Wap (CSD): 0.. 19/min.. GPRS/UMTS: 0.. 19/10KB, plus 0.. 01 every 10 mins of connection.. (only wap and Vodafone Live! sites).. same as a voice call to Vodafone.. Free of charge for CallYa Compact  ...   SMS).. - SMS125: 125 SMS/month for 15.. 12 per SMS).. - SMS250: 250 SMS/month for 25.. 10 per SMS).. Reiseversprechen Option.. The "Reiseversprechen" option ("travel promise" in english) is active by default in the Comfort plan and you may choose to activate it with Basic or Special tariff too.. With this option all calls from abroad cost the same as in Germany plus 0,75 set-up fee.. Calls within the country are charged at the same rate as calls to Vodafone D2 (Bonus on Callya Comfort does not count here) plus the 0,75 for set-up.. To Germany, same country.. To other zones.. Incoming calls.. Voda networks.. Other networks.. EU.. 61.. 53.. 81.. Zone B.. 83.. Zone C.. 3.. 63.. 84.. Zone D.. 12.. SMS.. -.. 39/10KB, + 0.. 09/hour.. 59/10KB, + 0.. : Andorra, Gibraltar, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, Switzerland.. : Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia.. : Turkey.. Zone D.. : Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Dominican Rep.. , Egypt, Fiji, Jamaica, Kuwait, Madagascar, Malta, Morocco, Namibia, New Zealand, Romania, South Africa, Thailandia, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, USA.. 2011 PrePaidGSM..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: BASE (e-plus) (Germany)
    Descriptive info: > BASE (e-plus).. BASE Prepaid.. Calls to all e-plus brands.. 00/month flatrate.. Bonusminuten.. Every time you refill you get some free BASE to BASE/e-plus minutes:.. - 15.. 00 refill: 50 minutes.. - 20.. 00 refill: 100 minutes.. - 30.. 00 refill: 200 minutes.. The bonus minutes are valid for 30 days after the refill has been done.. Internet flat.. You can activate this option in order to surf on your smartphone (no tethering).. At a monthly rate of 10.. 00 it includes 500MB of data at maximum speed, afterwards GPRS speed.. It also includes 30 free minutes and SMS to other BASE/e-plus numbers.. If you need more data you can add one of the following options:.. - Internet Flat L: 1 GB at maximum speed - Internet flat rate + 5.. 00/month;.. - Internet Flat XL: 5 GB at maximum speed - Internet flat rate  ...   refill, plus 60 days only for incoming calls and refilling.. BASE prefixes.. 0157, 0163, 0177 and 0178.. BASE Laptop Tages-Flat.. There's a prepaid data sim-card available too, even if not much convenient.. You can buy the starting kit at 19.. 99 including 3 free days of connection.. After that you pay 3.. 00 per each day you connect.. International Roaming.. To EU.. To Zone 1.. To rest of the World.. Outgoing calls.. Roaming options.. - EU Sprach Paket 50: 50 minutes in/out in EU: 4.. 99, valid for 7 days;.. - EU Internet Paket 50: 50 MB inside: EU, 4.. You can activate the option you choose while you are out of Germany calling the free hotline 11551 or while in Germany calling 1155.. : Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Canada, Croatia, Faroe Islands, Isle of Man, Israel, Macedonia (FYROM), Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, USA..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: O2 (Germany)
    Descriptive info: > O2.. o2o.. All Calls.. Maximum bill per month: 50 Euro, if you use it more you won't pay more.. MMS 300KB: 0.. MMS to E-Mail: 0.. 45 per 5 minutes.. dayflat: 3.. 50 Euro per day.. same as voice calls.. EU/USA: 0.. Rest of the World: 0.. National and International Calls: 60/1.. International Roaming: 60/10.. 12 months since last refill/activation.. O2 Prefixes.. 0176 and 0179, plus ported numbers.. Data packages.. Internet pack S: 5.. 00 per month, 30 MB of data, afterwards 50ct per MB.. Internet pack M: 10.. 00 per month, 200 MB data with HSDPA, after 200 MB reduced to GPRS speed but no additional costs.. Internet pack  ...   deactivated individually for each month by SMS.. Zone 1 (EU).. Zone 3.. Zone 4.. 47.. To Zones 2,3,4.. To Rest of the World.. 16/min.. 99/min.. 07/10KB.. 14/10KB.. 17/10KB.. 19/10KB.. Roaming zones.. : Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Guadeloupe, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Iceland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey and Guernsey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Martinique, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Vatican, Cyprus.. : Switzterland.. : Croatia, Tunisia, Turkey, USA.. : Egypt, Albania, Algeria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Faroe Is.. , Georgia, Israel, Jordan, Morocco, Mauritius, Macedonia (FYROM), Montenegro, Pakistan, Moldova, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, South Africa, Tajikistan5, Thailand, Ukraine..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: Medion Mobile (Aldi) (Germany)
    Descriptive info: > Aldi (Medion Mobile).. Aldi Talk.. Calls to Aldi.. All Other Calls.. Flatrate.. There are two flatrate options you can choose:.. - ALDI TALK Community Flatrate: free calls and SMS to Aldi at 3.. 99 per month;.. - ALDI TALK Flatrate: free calls and SMS to Aldi and landline at 14.. 99 per month.. Data flatrates.. There are two data flatrate options you can choose:.. - 24 Stunden Internet-Flatrate: 1.. 99 per day for unlimited surfing;.. - 30 Tage Internet-Flatrate: 14.. 99 per month for unlimited surfing;.. both options  ...   24/MB.. Handy-Internet-Flatrate: 7.. 99/month for unlimited mobile surfing.. Europe (landline), USA+Canada: 0.. 12/min;.. Europe (mobile): 0.. 29/min;.. International Calls and Roaming: 60/60.. 00, 12+2 months.. 00, 24+2 months.. 60.. 00/60.. How to buy.. You can buy Aldi Talk prepaid card at any Aldi discount store or directly at.. Medionmobile.. de.. internet site from the 7th of December 2005.. Zone 2.. Zone 3.. : EU.. : Albania, Belarus, Bosnia Herzegovina, Canada, Croatia, Faroe Is.. , Isle of Man, Israel, Kosovo, Macedonia (FYROM), Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, USA..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: Fonic (Germany)
    Descriptive info: Fonic.. How to buy.. The SIM is avaiable at Lidl, Real, Müller and dm supermarkets as well as at Jet gas stations.. You just need to register the SIM online or toll-free by phone (0800/4636642) and therefore provide a German address.. 20.. Wep, Wap GPRS/UMTS: 0.. 24/MB (100KB increments).. Internet-Tagesflatrate: 2.. 50/day for unlimited GPRS/EDGE/3G HSPA navigation.. See O2 page.. 60/60.. Although officially disclaimed, Fonic SIMs can be recharged with "O2 Loop Up" vouchers too.. 6 months since last refill/activation.. EU landlines +USA.. EU mobiles.. Rest of the World..

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  • Title: PrePaidGSM: Penny Mobil / Ja! Mobil (Germany)
    Descriptive info: > Penny Mobil / Ja! Mobil.. Partner.. Calls and SMS to Penny Mobil/Ja! Mobil.. All Other Calls and SMS.. Easy.. All calls and SMS.. 70.. Normal rate: 0.. 49/MB (10KB increments).. Pennymobil Surf: 0.. 35/MB (10KB increments) plus 0.. 01 per every hour Daily flat: 2.. 49/day.. See.. T-Mobile.. page.. National Calls Partner: 60/1.. National Calls Easy: 60/60.. Refills/credit/validity.. ???, 12 months.. You can buy Penny Mobile prepaid card at any Penny Market discount store, then you have to activate the prepaid card at.. Pennymobil.. You can buy and activate Ja! Mobil card on.. Jamobil..

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