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  • Title: UK Paintings for Sale | Dungeness Studios | Prints | Drawings
    Descriptive info: .. Paddy Hamilton - paintings, drawings and prints.. Thumbnail sitemaps.. Paintings.. Prints.. Home.. Oil paintings.. Commissions.. Art for offices.. Drawings.. Pocket paintings.. DUNGENESS FONT.. Open studios.. Work on show.. About us.. Selected exhibitions.. Contact us.. Art techniques.. Purchased paintings.. Customer reviews.. In the garden today.. In the studio today.. Site map.. Recommended Links.. Press release.. Open Studios Blog.. Crookid Stiks $tones.. @dungenessstudio.. Visit.. Dungeness.. Open.. Studios.. Ease your navigation with our -.. Thumbnail sitemap.. - Or scroll down.. "Dungeness is a landscape that encourages and satisfies our human yearnings - undefined, persistent, often wistful or melancholy.. My work may joyfully reflect this sentiment.. ".. Directly from the artist's studio - On the beach at Dungeness, Kent, UK - Oil paintings on linen, drawings and lino-cut relief prints - Commissions undertaken and realised in three studios on the shingle.. *Current shows in.. Dungeness Open Studios -.. View show Studio 1.. -.. View show Studio 2.. Twister Prints Edition | New sequence X 10.. A sequential record of an iconic winch shed on the beach at Dungeness.. Ten available lino block prints in Vandyke Brown on hand coloured Fabriano rag paper.. 'The dancing winch shed'.. Now Showing.. - At.. Dungeness Open Studios, UK.. Showbiz | In the night.. Dungeness beach as a flickering fairground.. Fleeting moments in the inky darkness.. Lock the door and walk away, don't look back.. Limited edition Ctype.. photo.. print on Fugicolour professional archival paper.. Edition of 80.. View -.. In the night.. print.. 'The Happy Foole'.. Happy Foole.. There are many good fooles on Dungeness beach.. This large hand coloured linocut depicts the happiest foole of them all.. Large feature linocut print.. - Hand coloured with lightfast inks.. A new commissioned painting - Oil on fine linen - Size: 34 cm X 44 cm.. 'Slow pace' paintings | Inconsequential composition on Dungeness beach.. (From a new series of paintings).. Rebecca.. Small commissioned painting in the continuing series -.. '.. Fleet Dungeness.. '.. New work on show.. Dungeness - Studio 1.. Twister.. A mixed discipline show - Photographs | paintings and lino cut prints.. The spirit of Doris Tart.. linocut edition.. Limited edition linocut print.. 'Spirit of Doris'.. - 15 cm x 35 cm printed in brown/black oil based ink on 4 highest quality paper choices with generous borders.. 'The Flat Field'.. The Flat Field.. 'The Flat Field'.. - 20 cm x 30 cm printed in brown/black oil based ink on highest quality mid 20th century shellac brown paper with generous borders.. linocut edition + Painterly | monoprints X 3.. - 20 cm x 30 cm printed in brown/black oil based ink on Hatman 1932 rag paper with generous borders.. Battle 'o' Britain | New light.. These.. 'moments'.. unfurl themselves from.. time to time.. Battle 'o' Britain.. Black Gold | Investment lean to.. $tacks of.. black gold,.. stored treasures of winter.. Black gold.. *Squiddly's Ices.. Dungeness*.. Size 31cm X 22cm.. Oil on linen.. From the series.. Rest Recreation.. Mountains.. Stealth camper.. - 'Sheltering' on the beach at Dungeness.. A painterly twist on the rest and recreation/private passions series.. Mercedes 3020.. - Oil painting on fine linen featuring this Mercedes wagon, known as 'The fourboys'.. Available compound FONTworks.. Oil based ink on very heavy paper - Individually dimensions 42 cm X 59 cm.. Cone marker.. Diptych series Part II - Follow on from.. Sentinel Camper.. 'In the Dungeness style' a painting of an ingenious practical use of unusual elements at Dungeness point.. Shown.. A continuation of the.. 'fine mess'.. series of paintings.. Annalouisian Tarp.. Feeder.. Oil painting on linen featuring a poetic solution to an ordinary task.. Sustenance for the birds.. View new.. Beach feeder.. Our Cathlene.. Small painting in the continuing series -.. 'Fleet Dungeness'.. Skylarkin.. Glazed and framed lino print compound work - From 'DUNGENESS FONT - RX12' series.. Oil based ink on very heavy paper - Dimensions 42 X 59cm.. FONT - 'Void'.. linocut - Blank | Space.. 'The void'.. - 14 cm x 8 cm printed in brown/black oil based ink on heavy quality bleached vellum paper with generous borders.. The Base.. - Playhouse structure.. Colourful, playful small painting.. *In studio 1 today*.. - Stacks X 3.. Sizes 28cm X 22cm X 3 - Oil on linen.. From the series.. Structure paintings.. 'Sky hook'.. - Oil on linen.. Structure  ...   and vandyke brown, lino prints on Arches paper.. Showing.. Dungeness Open Studios.. A series of prints depicting everyday teamwork, inspired by the numerous and spectacular washing line moments witnessed on the open beach at Dungeness.. View this scene of domestic collaboration amongst the set of.. On the Line prints.. The Beautiful.. Contender.. for.. Best Tractor on the beach.. The working companion to.. The Mighty Wearn.. This lovely tractor captured in soft misty early morning light on the beach.. New hanging.. - Annalouisian Tarp.. Malevich beach.. On view in Studios 1 2.. view -.. view -.. Malevich beach.. Oil on fine Belgian linen.. Ladders in landscapes.. - A liminal drawing expertly transcribed into a beautiful 'soft' dark print.. A limited edition of 100 large scale prints (56 cm X 76 cm) printed on 170 gramme (colourful/matt) Folex paper.. 'Ladders'.. *Now available -.. lino cut print triptych [hand coloured] -.. Title - 'Ace and Grace'.. On the Line is a collection of six vandyke brown lino prints on heavy rag paper.. A second series of prints depicting everyday teamwork, inspired by the numerous and spectacular washing line moments witnessed on the open beach at Dungeness.. View this new monochrome version of -.. The times we 'ad'.. Oil based ink on very heavy paper - Dimensions 42 X 80cm.. On show in Studio 1.. Stack|Melt.. - Pocket painting.. Small 'Structure Painting' (continuation of series work) - see other examples of paintings and prints.. 'Structures'.. Oil on canvas - Size 10 cm x 14 cm.. 'Snooper' - La Grace.. Coloured linocut print, signed, dated and editioned.. 'Snooper' - Von Ace.. As I work in the Studio this.. 'Snooper'.. comes to peer in at me from.. tapping lightly on my skylight window.. Limited edition digitally manipulated photo print on 170 gramme (colourful/matt) Folex paper.. Edition of 100.. 'Neptune's treasures'.. Flotsam triptych.. Select image to view.. Oil on Arches paper- Size - 16 cm x 32 cm X 3.. Cutlass.. Oil on Arches paper- Size - 28 cm x 20 cm.. 'Looker' on the beach.. 'Looker'.. - Select image to view 'pocket paintings'.. Oil on linen - Size - 12cm x 10cm.. Thor and Freya.. Oil painting on linen featuring a monumentally bold man-made solution to a specific task on Dungeness Beach.. painting.. - available lino block prints - terra-cotta ink on tinted heavy paper.. 'Troubadour - Stack' - Large lino prints on arches paper.. See.. Troubadour prints.. Limited editions in paynes grey and colour multiblock.. Now available to commission (Hand coloured) -.. 'Fishboxes of the world'.. - Large prints in national colours.. Neptune's wood yard.. The lure of timber.. - Two available lino block prints - Paynes grey ink on Arches paper.. A Bovine Family Portrait.. A family portrait - allegorical paintings of a family group.. Paintings, Drawings and Prints - Paddy Hamilton.. Art from the studio - on the beach at Dungeness, Kent, UK.. Oil Paintings on linen and canvas, drawings and prints on Arches or cold pressed paper.. All paintings shown here are painted in oil on stretched linen or canvas.. We maintain very reasonable prices for original artworks including one off paintings, sequential works or complete projects.. Choose from an exciting collection of work.. Whether you are looking for a figurative feature painting in oil, or abstract work, prints or drawings - Our Studios produce artworks of the finest quality.. Commission an original painting, print or drawing from us.. When you purchase a painting from us you are buying original art without added gallery commission and costs - Directly from the Studios.. No extra markup on top of the production costs that the professional artist requires.. We have the passion and the experience of the art world - We produce thought provoking work - Desirable paintings and prints for homes, interiors and public spaces.. We work to a given brief from an interior designer or architect.. Find a feature painting for your home and buy online.. are welcomed.. Available Paintings.. 3020 - 'The fourboys'.. Mountains.. Annalouisian tarpaulin.. On the corner.. Structure.. Simplified structures - Encountered, ingenious, functional, hand made, beautiful.. Beach Stack.. for Best Tractor on the beach An attractive working companion to The.. Mighty Wearn.. A beautiful hard working vehicle captured in the early morning light.. Mighty Wearn.. Medium sized painting - Oil/beeswax on linen.. lade-index..

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  • Title: Oil paintings | fine art | drawings
    Descriptive info: Paintings and drawings - a thumbnail sitemap.. Select any thumbnail image to navigate directly to the corresponding page on the site.. Thumbnails are loosely grouped into themes and projects.. Stages of requirement.. Beach.. Structures.. Rest & recreation.. Abstractions.. Perspectrum.. A year's growth.. Bovine Family Portraits..

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  • Title: Oil paintings |lino prints | fine art | drawings
    Descriptive info: Prints - thumbnail sitemap.. Thumbnails are grouped into themes and projects.. DUNGENESS TWISTER - prints series.. on hand painted Hatman1920 paper.. DUNGENESS FONT - compound prints series.. Dippers/Stirring sticks - Monoprints series.. Wolf rules for life.. 'Snooper' print.. 'Ladders' print.. Affordable.. linocut print.. series.. Night Angel.. Showbiz.. 'The point'.. Dancing on.. the point.. Twister prints.. Troubadour.. fishboxes.. Lino prints.. Steven Robber prints.. In the Club.. Folding with Nan.. Lost cats.. Tax Letters.. Combi prints..

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  • Title: Art from the Studio| Paddy Hamilton Paintings| Dungeness Painter
    Descriptive info: Paddy Hamilton - Paintings.. Materials.. Junk.. Flowers.. Wreck.. For easy navigation of this site use our -.. Paintings - oil, damar and beeswax on linen or canvas, signed and dated on the reverse side.. Written and signed provenance provided on purchase.. Current shows in.. Dungeness Open Studios.. (A new series of paintings).. 'Structure elements' in a series of paintings -.. 'Fleet Dungeness'.. Oil painting on linen featuring an elegant solution to an ordinary task on Dungeness Beach.. *Showing in Studio 2*.. - Earth Stacks.. Structure paintings | A GOOD WEEK.. - 'Sky hook'.. - Stack 11.. Stages of requirement paintings.. Current series of ten painterly images oil on linen 17 cm X 13 cm.. Intense , richly colourful ruminations on the passage of time, the beach, private passions and human endeavour.. A diptch painting -.. - Priscilla | tower light - Dungeness.. - 'Rest and recreation' series.. Commission.. - Progression of a current diptych commission - 'Tower / Pippy 304S' - Oil on linen.. Boat, dwelling, land, power and machine.. - A series of ten painterly images.. Oil on linen - 17 cm X 13 cm.. Dungeness Lugger -.. 'On the tide'.. View sold painting.. On the corner -.. 'In the night/11:59'.. View painting.. Oil painting on linen featuring a monumental man-made solution to a specific task on Dungeness Beach.. This attractive work horse of a tractor captured in the soft light of early morning on the beach.. 'Dungeness  ...   28 cm.. Stack IX.. - Winter cod fishboxes.. See -.. Oil, beeswax and Damar on Linen - 28cm X 32cm.. Soul of the Pearl.. A gentle beach walk from west to east/east to west before and after.. 'the storm'.. Evolving series of.. paintings.. - Simplified beach structures - Encountered, ingenious, practical,.. hand made, beautiful.. (Sinegorsk) - The lure of timber - oil on linen.. Diptych painting.. - Convergence optional.. 'Space Junk'.. Five paintings in a series, creating a sense of movement and jostling activity through dramatic compositional voids and coloured textured shapes.. Recently on show in Studio 2.. These paintings reflect the painter Paddy Hamilton's birth and upbringing in Africa.. In Africa the boundaries between art and craft blur.. Making art is an everyday activity carried out by the majority.. The artist's approach to painting, drawing, printmaking and commissioned work embraces an earthy conceptualism.. The intention is always to avoid the unnecessary and make work without complication or the need for lengthy explanation.. That which surrounds us is the basis for the work.. Landscape, the human form, flowers, a shared experience, abstract ideas, colour and paint itself are all worthy subjects for exploration.. The paintings are thematic without a conscious style - some projects reach a conclusion - others are self-sustaining with endless variations on a common theme -.. see perspectrum.. If you require a painting to explore your own interest or subject contact us to.. commission a painting..

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  • Title: Limited Edition Prints|Contemporary Linocut Prints| Hand Coloured Prints
    Descriptive info: Limited Edition Prints & Linocuts.. Contemporary.. Limited.. Edition.. Linocuts and prints by Paddy Hamilton.. View our catalogue of.. available prints.. - Scroll down the page to view recent projects.. All prints are hand pulled on a Farley roller press on acid free rag paper.. Editions are limited to under 100 - all prints are numbered, dated and signed under the image.. Prints are dispatched unframed.. Written and signed provenance is provided with each purchase.. Available Projects.. linocut edition + Painterly | monoprints X 4.. Featured print.. This series of prints shows everyday teamwork, inspired by the numerous and spectacular washing line moments witnessed on the open beach at Dungeness.. View this scene of domestic collaboration in a set of.. On the Line.. 'On the point'.. Linocut print, signed, dated and editioned.. Now available to view.. Showbiz - 'in the night' 2 new print options.. of 100 domestic scale prints.. comes to snoop at me from.. Limited edition digitally manipulated photo print on 170 gramme (colourful/matt) Folex paper.. Edition limited to 100.. - *Version.. - Ten monochrome linocuts in series -.. Tenets of behaviour.. Eat, rest, rove in between, render loyalty, love the children, cavil in moonlight,.. tune your ears, attend to the bones, make love, howl often.. - Mono prints.. Stirring stick/dippers.. *mono prints - A humble, essential, practical painting tool.. Neptunes woodyard.. The lure of timber (day and night).. - Two available lino block edition prints.. New troubadour prints.. Available to commission (Hand coloured) -.. FONT for the home -.. Postcode.. Beach Angel - Dawn to dusk/Dusk to dawn.. - available lino block prints in Vandyke Brown on Cerise/Paynes grey quality smooth paper.. Dungeness Beach Angel.. - lino block prints - terra-cota ink on tinted heavy paper.. Ladders in a landscape.. - A liminal drawing expertly transcribed into a beautiful 'softly' dark print.. 'Still dancing - on the beach'.. Limited edition linocut print - 32cm x 28cm printed in brown/black oil based ink on Arches paper.. signed, dated and editioned.. New selection of 'Lost Cat' Monoprints.. Lost cats is a collection of monoprints on the finest wallpaper samples (Nobilis  ...   Feature Print - (Hand coloured) Van dyke brown on Arches paper.. See the.. Stephen Robber Stories.. Heap.. of.. Oil based ink on heavy paper -.. *Interactivity phase approaches.. Commission your own compound phrase - Monoprint.. In the Club is a set of five prints in vandyke brown on Arches paper.. is available as a two colour monoprint - Cerise and Vandyke.. This project was inspired by witnessing the Twelfth of July parades in Ballymena (Northern Ireland).. All available to purchase as single prints or as a set.. The majority of our prints are limited edition relief prints that exploit the surface characteristics of linoleum or wood.. Our lino cuts or wood cut prints are realised by printing from the relief of multiple carved lino blocks.. The linocut relief block is then hand coloured or printed with brown/black ink and pulled through a hand operated Farley roller press.. The use of multiple lino cut blocks produces a rich and evolved image.. Prints produced from our press are thematic.. Illustrative sets are reminiscent of instant colouring books.. The printing medium and the carved line energise serious subject matter with an innately humorous cutting edge.. The Printing method itself is direct.. The honesty of the relief printing process humanises both content and subject.. The hand that made the mark is always evident.. The resulting printed images convey a crafted Medieval-like anonymity of style and integrity.. We use top quality medium rough rag papers with deckled edges.. All our prints are available unframed to allow for easy dispatch.. We are happy to advise you regarding framing requirements.. The prints in our stock catalogue can also be enlarged and printed on canvas or linen.. Contact us and we will be happy to arrange a quote.. Hamilton Studios.. and illustration work.. Available Prints.. Twister - Dungeness.. Lino cut Print.. dimensions - 20cm x 25cm.. Dungeness Beach Angel.. Multiple ground colours.. On the line - Folding with Nan.. Washing line teamwork on the beach.. Wolf Rules for Life.. An edition of ten lino block prints illustrating wolf rules for life.. That Dog.. A good all round hound..

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  • Title: Commissions | House and Garden Paintings |Paddy Hamilton commissioned work
    Descriptive info: Paddy Hamilton commissioned work.. Poetic narrative.. Colour abstraction.. Dynamic landscape.. Lyrical atmospheric.. View a comprehensive list of.. past commissions.. carried out by Paddy Hamilton Studios.. With years of experience in professional painting Hamilton Studios can undertake and project manage commissions for homes, interior designers, portrait commissions, corporate commissions and painting commissions for architects and specifiers.. Please.. contact us.. to discuss any interesting painting commission that you would like us to consider.. Because of the nature of commissioning itself - each project is considered individually.. If you select a painting or a group of paintings that is ideal for print production - we will set up a quote.. We are experienced in working with professional creatives and designers - and welcome interaction and discussion concerning small design projects as well as large integrated projects.. A selection of recent commissions *Please scroll down the page*.. Inconsequential composition on Dungeness beach (New series of paintings).. A fine mess IV - Title - 'Ennui/Duende'.. See stages of process.. - Oil on linen - Painting Size: 138cm x 102cm.. to arrange a viewing or to receive a higher resolution image, select the image to view other.. large paintings.. in this series.. A medium sized painting in a series of night paintings exploring the atmosphere, elegance and mystery of Dungeness beach and its working environment at dusk or.. in the night.. Painting Size: 42cm x 50cm.. Show biz Dungeness - (Fine mess VI).. 'Soul of the.. Pearl.. ' an oblique notional portrait - Oil on linen/wooden panel.. Dimensions - 34 X 22 cm.. A new diptch painting -.. * Completed *.. - 'Rest and recreation' series.. Priscilla | tower light - Dungeness.. Diptych commission -.. 'Tower / Pippy 304S'.. Progression of a current diptych commission -.. 'Watertower - Mulberry'.. Dimensions - 24 X 18 cm (Right panel above).. St Peter's -.. spire.. Oil on linen.. A new commissioned painting - Size: 78 cm X 51 cm.. New build fishing catamaran on Dungeness beach.. Painting Size: 41 cm X 51 cm.. Show biz Dungeness - (Citroen H).. Commissioned.. Lino cut.. triptych - *Working title - 'Anthropormorphic tangental composition'.. - The conception of this triptych arrived slowly over time, initially sparked by light-hearted conversation over the kitchen table and subsequently through emails exchanged commenting on working drawings shown on line.. Medium sized (commissioned) oil  ...   commission paintings - continuation of the popular portrait - landscape diptych series.. Working title -.. Home at Last.. Dungeness dwellings (initial.. drawing.. ).. Commission utilising a diptych portrait-landscape composition.. Home at Last - Diptych.. How to commission a painting?.. You may wish to commission a painting or a limited edition print - With us it generally works something like this:.. A client expresses an interest in a commission - for instance they may want a portrait painting, an interpretive painting or drawing in the manner of a favourite artist, a landscape, or a painting of their house and/or grounds.. Firstly we will set up a consultation on site - it is a good idea to have your own personal overview of style and content but you don't have to be too specific at this stage because you will be working in collaboration with the artist.. Ideas for the painting and the layout and style will develop during the initial consultation process and will be made available to be viewed in the studios or as high resolution photographs online.. After the first meeting we will come up with some ideas and a rough plan for the painting.. At no stage will this payment system be unclear or woolly - whatever is agreed verbally will be confirmed in writing.. We have the experience to work within deadlines, when everything has been agreed, a date will be set for the completion of your painting.. The content and style of the painting will be taken from a number of initial reference points - the painting will most likely be referenced obliquely to a particular artist who is admired by both you and the painter.. During the consultation process you are encouraged to seek out your own reference points to be discussed with the artist.. Good paintings are achieved from working in the studio.. Paddy Hamilton rarely paints on location but prefers to take all points of reference back to the studio and paint.. If you require a frame for your painting - this is separate to the painting commission.. You may decide to hang the painting as is, on its stretcher - or you may decide to have the painting framed - whatever your requirements we will work with you to ensure a satisfactory outcome.. Welcomes commissions and illustration work..

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  • Title: Art for large spaces| Office paintings | Corporate art commissions
    Descriptive info: Art in offices and large spaces.. These projects may be exactly what you are looking for.. They could also be seen as triggers for you to create a 'tailor' made project in collaboration with us for your workplace, home or a public area.. The experience of commissioning your own artwork or interactive project is an exciting and rewarding experience - Much less expensive than you might anticipate.. Please take the time to view our.. page and create a work that truly reflects you.. Perspectrum is a democratic, participatory series of paintings that invites the viewer to interact and contribute information to be added to and sustain the existing work.. The information that each participant contributes relates to the imagined colour and hue of mood throughout the twelve month period of a typical year.. Each canvas is a representation of the information provided and so becomes a tonal portrait of each individual.. The resulting 28 x 32cm painting (in oil and beeswax) is the artist's objective view of the given details.. View examples of.. completed perspectrum paintings.. These paintings are generally exhibited as a group but have equal value and timbre when viewed as an individual  ...   the group of paintings.. The public anonymity of each participant is recommended to more accurately represent a unified team or 'crowd'.. The varied and surprising colour combinations and compositional idiosyncrasies of these paintings are entirely due to the individual complexities of those who take part in the project.. My role is to objectively apply the specified colour and brushwork without complication - in a relaxed and open-minded manner.. One example of written information below is linked to its completed painting.. 3 Examples of submitted 'forms'.. For perspectrum portraits for a company or team:.. Call us to discuss your art project needs.. To order your individual perspectrum portrait or portraits: Complete the.. Perspectrum form.. - available to print out.. This form is linked to the completed painting.. - Perspectrum 10.. A Taxing Life.. A life story as told by the evidence of taxing affairs through the tax letter envelope.. This detailed life story illustrates a light hearted and poignant slant on the HM Revenue Customs tax return or repayment claim form.. A lifelong correspondence accompanying taxation and payment.. View the.. collection of monoprints.. - inkjet on canvas - displayed and contained within a hand crafted wooden ledger..

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  • Title: Graphite Drawing| Paddy Hamilton| Drawings and Paintings
    Descriptive info: Graphite Drawings.. drawings.. available.. unframed.. Graphite drawings.. View available drawings in our studio catalogue.. Drawings in black and white graphite and pencil.. Purchase a drawing unframed for easy dispatch.. Showbiz - 'in the night'.. Large graphite drawing on Fabriano rag paper.. Size 41 cm X 51 cm + clean border.. Price 220.. 00.. A limited edition of 100 large feature prints at an affordable price are.. now available.. Dispatched with signature, title, edition number and full provenance.. large print.. Monochrome matt on a heavy acid free Folex quality paper at an affordable price.. [.. to reserve].. Graphite drawing on Fabriano rag paper.. View new print version.. Finished drawing/study for a series of connected paintings.. As I wander around the Marsh and further into Kent I keep stumbling across resonant ladders in unlikely landscapes.. Too poignant to ignore, a grandiose metaphor.. Ladders - Graphite on rag paper 76cm X 56 cm.. (Original drawing reserved).. View available print.. A limited edition of 100 prints 56 cm X 76 cm with an additional border (outside of a faded edge) of 2cm to allow for window framing, signature, title and edition number.. Dispatched with full provenance - Monochrome matt on a heavy acid free Folex quality paper at  ...   the path to the development of a painting - exploring spatial possibilities, intention and composition.. These are finished drawings, rather than 'sketches' and are available to purchase.. Artworks that stand on their own - unique, stylish and beautiful.. Dungeness dwelling - (initial drawing).. A.. utilizing a diptych portrait-landscape composition.. Graphite on Cold pressed Arches paper.. - size 60cm x 40cm.. Recently on show at Dungeness studio 2 -.. Windows Inside Out.. - Graphite Drawings on Arches paper.. Berrystead - School house.. (.. compositional rendering.. A painting.. - Processional composition in snow.. An original drawing is a thought provoking addition to any environment.. For a business and domestic pleasure, large spaces, domestic interiors, hotel or office - a drawing provides a focal point -.. pulls a room together.. and gives any interior space a new perspective.. If you do not see what you require.. to commission a drawing.. Available drawings.. Interior and exterior worlds, the topiary garden.. Formal exterior world from the window.. Windows and Stairs.. An atmospheric graphite drawing of interior and exterior worlds.. Windows and Space.. Dungeness power station from the minds eye, giant shed, energy step down.. Window Tree Bauble.. Wistful drawing of an exterior and interior view.. the Butt and Ben.. Elevation..

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  • Title: Pocket Paintings UK | Paintings to fit your pocket
    Descriptive info: "Pocket Paintings - Affordable paintings that fit your pocket".. Small jewel-like paintings -.. Generally.. dimensions are 8 x 12 cm - oil on stretched linen.. Since 1992 Paddy Hamilton Studios has completed numerous monumentally large painting commissions.. During the process I establish the work by painting a tiny version or versions to try out radical changes or to pre-empt the finished painting.. These small pocket sized paintings are hugely enjoyable to produce.. I think about.. Goya.. and work with an increased intensity, concentration and subtlety on this tiny scale.. These small paintings are not 'sketches' they are fully formed large compositions contained within these dimensions.. Commission a Pocket painting to mark an occasion, celebrate a passion, a favourite view or pastime, an object of your desire.. View the examples below.. to discuss a commission.. Or.. purchase an existing pocket sized painting.. 'Structure Painting' (continuation of series work) - see other examples of paintings and prints.. Sold.. 'Tri-colour Combi'.. Size 12 cm X 8 cm X 3.. - The final three available paintings in a series of Type II.. 'Looker.. ' - Select image to view larger paintings.. Price - 80.. - Select image to view larger paintings.. 'Twister' winch shed.. Select image to view more related paintings.. Oil on Linen - Size - 12 x 8cm.. Blustery lady.. Follow this link for.. more detail.. Red container.. A companion 'Pocket Painting' (painted simultaneously) to a larger painting.. 'The long view'.. Oil on linen - Size 12cm x 8cm -.. South buoy.. Oil on linen/canvas mix - Size 12cm x 8cm -.. Vie.. Lifeboat.. - Oil on Linen  ...   'Orange' Combi - Oil/beeswax/damar on linen.. size - 9 x 14cm.. Lucky Licker II.. Commissioned birthday painting - Oil/beeswax/damar on linen.. size - 8 x 13cm.. Three of four commissioned 'lucky'.. a Pocket painting.. Open Studios' Five steps to happy commissioning:.. 1.. Make contact online or face to face to discuss the size of painting, cost and the desired outcome.. 2.. Initial discussions will establish preferences for painting style, composition, overall tonality and the 'mood' of the proposed work.. 3.. A detailed drawing will be created for viewing online.. The commissioner now has the opportunity to ask for any changes.. Both parties come to agreement and the painting begins.. 4.. Photographic email updates ensure the client is involved at every stage of the painting's creation and feedback is always welcome.. Daily progress can be viewed on the 'work in progress' pages of this website.. 5.. When both the client and artist are in agreement that the work is complete then the painting will be dispatched or exhibited to be viewed at Dungeness open studios, ready for collection.. A unique and permanent gift finished to the highest professional standard, securely delivered worldwide.. All paintings are signed and dated on the reverse, supplied with accompanying written and signed accreditation - detailing medium, dates and the location of production.. This authentication.. (visible on-line).. reinforces the value of each individual work, ensuring a.. provenance.. for a future sale.. Pocket painting.. enables an easy entry into starting or adding to a private collection of valuable contemporary paintings.. Small is strong and beautiful.. View more tiny work here.. The 'Fleet'.. small oil paintings..

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  • Title: Dungeness - Font
    Descriptive info: Dungeness Font.. An evolving print series - * please scroll down *.. 'RXI2' - DUNGENESS FONT.. Andrew Sullivan said, The premise of the DUNGENESS FONT is to create a useful font, derived from the many hand painted signs along the coastal roadside, promoting the fishermen's beach produce, businesses and services offered at Dungeness.. The font is traditionally painted in bold black and white upper case sans serif letter forms on a monochrome ground; these hand painted signs hold a unique typographic code.. The bold and confident brush strokes act as a metaphor for the grit and determination needed to make a living and to survive the challenging landscape/weather conditions.. They reflect the hopeful Dungeness mantra -.. The beach will always give you a living.. *.. The font isn't too precious, or bogged down in rules and codes of practice - The creation of this font honestly represents the typographic language of Dungeness.. In the DUNGENESS FONT the imperfections are important, giving it a real human quality.. When he created this comprehensive work Paddy put his own unique twist on it; The printing blocks were hand-cut and crafted by Paddy in his studio at Dungeness and you can see the years of observation and understanding that has slipped naturally into each bold letter, with a dash of Paddy's trademark humour.. Paddy has created a memorable set of letter forms that truly expresses the essence of the original Dungeness script:.. An organic font for a digital age.. *Now available in a digital  ...   (Commercial copyright held by the artist).. Purchase CD.. - DUNGENESS FONT.. Price 32.. 00.. The 'Void'.. Limited edition linocut print - 14 cm x 8 cm printed in brown/black oil based ink on heavy quality bleached vellum paper with generous borders.. Purchase Print.. - The VOID.. Price 22.. (unframed).. FONT for the home - Postcode commissions.. Compound linocut example - 'Marina' postcode monoprint - *Commission your postcode in this format.. Monoprint linocut print - 20 cm x 100cm cm (length may vary on character widths) printed in brown/black oil based ink on heavy quality paper.. Commission a print by providing your postcode and housename/number as a title.. or.. a preferred title - All prints editioned as one of one (monoprint) signed, titled, with full provenance and sent unframed.. *Prepared for display in the above composition.. Compound prints.. Compound linocut - DEOVOLENTE.. Limited edition linocut print - 40 cm x 50 cm printed in brown/black oil based ink on Arches rag paper.. - DEOVOLENTE.. Compound linocut - Skylarkin'.. Limited edition linocut print - 40 cm x 50 cm printed in brown/black oil based ink on very heavy paper.. - SKYLARKIN'.. Monoprint - The times we 'ad.. -.. in Studio 1.. Dungeness open Studios.. Limited edition linocut print - 45cm x 85 printed in cerise, lilac + pressed dry flowers/leaves - oil based ink on Arches paper.. - 'THE TIMES WE 'AD.. Compound linocut (sounds of the beach) - UNITONEHIFI.. - 'UNITONEHIFI'.. Compound linocut (sounds of the beach) - KINGTUBBY.. - 'KINGTUBBY'..

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  • Title: Dungeness Open Studios | Paintings For Sale | Kent | UK
    Descriptive info: How we work.. Two cherished and ever evolving studios open to the public on Dungeness beach.. Open all year.. throughout the seasons.. Dungeness Open Studios are situated at:.. Marina.. , Dungeness Rd, Romney Marsh, Kent.. TN29 9ND.. (On the corner opposite the old black lighthouse) - Our opening times are flexible.. It is generally unnecessary to make an appointment, unless you are making a special trip to Dungeness or would like to view a painting that you have seen online.. We are happy to set up a.. special viewing.. - At a time to suit you.. We are open most days of the year from 10 a.. m.. to dusk.. Currently on show -.. Avoid any disappointment by contacting us a day or so before your planned visit to the beach at Dungeness, Kent.. To make an appointment to view a painting that you have seen on this site.. Contact Us.. By Road to Dungeness.. Exit the M20 at Junction 10 and follow the B2070 signposted Brenzett and Lydd Airport - It is about 15 miles from Ashford to Lydd.. After you pass Lydd airport you drive over a hump backed bridge and then turn immediately left.. A short distance down that road and you come to a roundabout - turn left  ...   your left, before the corner and the old black lighthouse.. Preview Dungeness Open Studios UK by selecting any image within the badge below,.. then select.. - Open Studios Dungeness Kent.. Set.. - in the new window.. www.. flick.. r.. com.. This is a Flickr badge showing photos in a set called.. Open Studios Dungeness Kent.. Make your own badge.. here.. Dungeness Open Studios - How we work.. Two open studios on the West-side beach.. All work on show is made to a standard finish in a third studio to the right of Studio 2 and completed over time in early morning sessions in these two buildings.. Studio 1 is used as a 'clean space' for colouring and printing relief prints.. Studio 2 hosts part-time residencies for invited visiting artists and is used as an impromptu showing space for new projects or as a viewing space for individual works seen online.. Generally as soon as paintings, prints or drawings are more or less completed they make their way here prior to purchase, or further exhibition.. We do not consider these spaces to be a 'gallery' as such, more a public extension of a continuing working practice enabling the preview of work in a clean and organised environment.. Photo by Marc -.. eye-seen.. co.. uk..

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