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  • Title: Cub Scouts - Pacific Harbor Council
    Descriptive info: .. Pack148.. net.. MENU:.. Cub Scouts - Pacific Harbor Council.. Club scouts is a great way of having fun, learning new skills and socialising with your friends.. You get to do many activities like building.. metal cabinets.. which get marked out of 10 for effort and work.. If you join a scouts it also looks very good for your CV and shows that you work hard and you are an active person.. It's not all about working on certain things, You also get to go on very fun trips across the world learning new skills and improving on your current skills like team leading and getting involved etc.. Scotus was first released in world war 2, It was firstly used in these times to train up teenagers so they was ready for war later on when they was a little older, Back in them days.. Everyone i knew was in scouts  ...   If you go on trips, You get everything payed for so you have nothing to pay of which is great for children and families that can't afford to go on trips across the world,.. There is a lot of different types of trips to go on, We sometiems go on sea boat trips, And learn the life of the royal marines when they are on ships defending the boarders of the UK, Or maybe go down wales and do simple but fun activities like rock climbing and canoeing and swimming and so much more!.. We get asked many questions and the most frequent ones we get asked it 'Can girls join' Of course they can! Scouts isn't just for boys but girls can come and join aswell.. its a fantastic experience to come and interact with all different kinds of people from across your city.. Thanks for visiting Pack148.. net !..

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