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  • Title: Home
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Marketing Research.. Process.. Our Tools.. Focus Groups.. Indepth Interviews.. Surveys.. Statistical Tools.. Unique Approaches.. out-of-the box results.. Capacity Building.. My Capacity Building work.. Capacity Building is.. Capacity Building Tools.. Gathering Information.. Facilitated Visioning.. Team Building.. Team Building Exercises.. Building the Plan.. Implementation.. Alan's Blog.. Alan's Musings.. Contact Information.. For More Information.. Team Building X.. objectiveQUEST.. putting out-of-the-box  ...   critical ingredient in making sound business and organizational decisions.. Welcome to the objectiveQUEST web site, where together we will explore how objectiveQUEST's.. out-of-the-box Marketing Research and Capacity Building is done.. I am interested in objectiveQUEST's.. alan ganapol, ceo.. one rustling oaks road.. west tisbury, ma 02575.. 914.. 302.. 6123 voice/fax.. 318.. 1477 cell.. Powered by MacWebsiteBuilder.. com.. site builder software..

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  • Title: objectiveQUEST marketing research
    Descriptive info: objectiveQUEST marketing research.. Since 1982 I have been addressing my clients' marketing research needs using a personal and individualized approach.. Listening and understanding business needs.. Creatively looking at the most appropriate information gathering tool(s).. Gathering the intelligence and processing the data into usable business action..

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  • Title: Process
    Descriptive info: Our strategically directed five step process.. Defining the mission and objectives.. Designing the most appropriate information gathering tool(s).. Capturing the intelligence through focus groups, indepth interviews and surveys.. Intrepretating the information with insight and powerful statistical tools.. Translating it into business action.. All personally executed by Alan Ganapol, ceo of objectiveQUEST..

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  • Title: Our Tools
    Descriptive info: Exploring consumer movtivation through the power of group dynamics and effectively applied quantitative tools.. Capturing sensitive information from an individual who is free to respond without the social pressure of a group setting.. Sampling a target population to get a statistical understanding of the core elements of the marketing mix.. Using the power of appropriate statistical tools to illuminate and explain thereby leading to insightful marketing direction..

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  • Title: Focus Groups
    Descriptive info: Expert, insightful and creative probing to get at the core of consumer motivation.. making effective connections with the respondents.. while keeping a strong focus on the objectives of the project.. Creative use of novel quantitative tools to augment the learning, including.. conjoint measurement.. correspondence analysis and.. homogeneity analysis.. Integration of dynamic group process tools such as.. dynamic mapping.. role playing.. benefit/barrier chains and.. projective techniques..

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  • Title: Indepth Interviews
    Descriptive info: What is useful about Indepth Interviews is its intimacy.. It is possible to get close to the thinking of one respondent at a time when intimacy and individuation are called for.. One of my recent IDI studies made it very clear that when properly done, IDIs are really intensive focus groups.. the facilitator and the respondent.. Engaging a respondent in  ...   a very exciting and useful approach to understanding consumer behavior and attitudes.. It is useful to employ a full range of interviewing tools as part of the indepth interviewing process.. including several quantitative tools that allow us to zone-in on respondent feelings and attitudes.. For example, conjoint measurement and homogeneity analysis work well to amplify the our understanding of consumer behavior..

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  • Title: Surveys
    Descriptive info: Online surveys are a powerful tool for capturing quality information in a cost effective and timely manner.. I have been doing this for the last 10 years and am currently using a fabulous online tool that gives me enormous flexibility to capture our data.. What I really like about using the online survey  ...   the process from questionnaire development to seeing the data come in.. I use an online sample source that is.. Reliable - high internal consistency in the data.. Very responsive - 80% of the data is collected within 48 hours!.. I also make full use of telephone, mall/airport and door-to-door interviewing.. as need dictates..

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  • Title: Statistical Tools
    Descriptive info: Cross tabulation is the beginning of the exploration of the survey data allowing us to put together the story the information is revealing.. Regression analysis helps us pinpoint factors that drive consumer interest in an idea or the delivery of a service.. It also provides us with the ability to conduct Derived Importance analyses which can define critical turning points in a consumer's interest in a brand, service or concept..  ...   can define the important elements of an idea/brand/service and pinpoint the most effective options in building a new product or service.. Correspondence Analysis is a wonderful aid in understanding the dynamics of Branding - what makes one brand click and another fall flat on its share of market.. Multiple Discriminate Analysis, Homogeneity Analysis, Multi-Dimensional Scaling are all useful tools in fleshing out and simplifying the complexity of consumer motivation and behavior..

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  • Title: Unique Approaches
    Descriptive info: Qualitative Conjoint.. - conjoint is typically done with large samples.. However, I use the tool with focus groups to unravel critical trade-offs thus adding a dynamic and powerful dimension to our understanding of consumer motivation.. Click filename below to access file.. Qual_Conjoint_v5.. pps..

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  • Title: "out-of-the-box" results
    Descriptive info: out-of-the-box results.. Our client needed to determine the market potential of a new product for a tightly defined target audience of men.. Conventional approaches just wouldn't work in a cost effective, yet accurate manner.. We developed a unique approach to meet the business needs, designed the information gathering tools that both defined the potential of the new concept and assessed the ability of the new product to deliver on the promises of the concept.. We were exploring a new concept that potentially addresses some of the more trying aspects of elderescence.. We looked at the big picture and determined that conventional approaches just wouldn't deliver our needed information.. We approached the issue by bringing the information gathering to the stakeholders and as a result successfully defined the way in which our client can build a social marketing tool to foster communal involvement  ...   maximize consumer appeal.. We launched the study using a broad range of novel interviewing and analytic tools.. As a result we clearly outlined the design specifics that were used to refine the product in it's successful market launch.. New technology has been driving this particular category at an accelerating rate.. In addition, the current technology requires a massive investment of infrastructure to deliver the end result to the consumer.. Yet, we needed to determine what needs to be focused on in communicating this new concept to consumers.. We sorted out the parameters of the business proposition and used these parameters to assess the trade-offs consumers are making in determining their interest in acquiring this new technology.. The challenge was HOW to present the information to consumers so they would understand it.. We met the challenge and the technology is being successfully marketed..

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  • Title: Capacity Building
    Descriptive info: Is being mindful of the organization s.. Vision.. Culture.. While strategically dealing with the challenge of change in terms of the core organ.. izational capacities.. Human.. Organizational.. Program.. Infrastructure.. Financial..

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