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  • Title: Beautifully handcrafted beds and mattresses by Original Bedstead - UK.
    Descriptive info: .. Iron Bedsteads.. Brass Bedsteads.. Nickel Chrome Beds.. Modern Bedsteads.. Wooden Bedsteads.. Upholstered Bedsteads.. Leather Bedsteads.. Single Bedsteads.. Low Footend Bedsteads.. Four Poster Bedsteads.. Daybeds.. Bedside Tables.. Wardrobes.. Chests.. Chairs.. Who are we?.. Testimonials.. F.. A.. Q.. Editorials.. Press Gallery.. Terms Conditions.. America.. United States of America.. Canada.. Australia.. New Zealand.. Asia.. Hong Kong.. Singapore.. India.. Africa.. South Africa.. Euro Zone.. Ireland.. Belgium.. Spain.. Euro Site.. Rest of Europe.. Sweden.. Denmark.. Brochure Request.. Email Us.. OBC Collection Brochure.. Bedstudio Collection Brochure.. Wooden Collection Brochure.. Prices/Dimensions.. Assembly Instructions.. Showrooms & Retailers.. Buying from us.. Catch us on.. Brass Beds, Iron Beds Wood Beds.. Beautifully Handcrafted.. Beds/Bedsteads.. Mattresses.. Linens.. Accessories.. About Us.. Contact Us.. Downloads.. International Sales.. Buy from us.. Our Blog.. Home.. Original Bedstead - United Kingdom.. Iron beds.. Brass beds.. Wood beds.. Luxury mattresses.. For many years, we at The Original Bedstead Company have produced some of the worlds finest.. iron beds, brass beds and wood beds.. Our name has become synonymous with classic craftsmanship and design excellence.. The first choice of the discerning and a showcase in many glamorous home.. Drawing on skills perfected by the Victorians and taking inspiration  ...   heavy iron, romantic antique brass, evocative nickel and chrome or rich hardwood, you can be assured that each piece is as individual as it is inspired.. A marriage of timeless style, supreme strength and design integrity to blend perfectly with any living environment and lifestyle from sophisticated contemporary to traditional opulence.. We invite you to explore our bedsteads collection in the confidence that after just one look, one touch, you will share our passion for this beautiful new range.. More.. Our Shops.. LONDON.. The Plaza.. 535, Kings Road.. London - SW10 0SZ.. Tel : +44 207 3511955,.. +44 781 1156403.. Email : sales@obc-uk.. net.. NORTHAMPTONSHIRE.. 63, Causeway Road.. Corby,.. Northants - NN17 4DU.. Tel : 01536 407138.. Please Call +44 207 3511955, +44 781 1156403 for Further Information.. Showroom Address: The Plaza, 535 Kings Road, London, SW10 0SZ, United Kingdom.. 2009.. The Original Bedstead Company.. Email: sales@obc-uk.. net.. 63 Causeway Road, Corby, Northants, NN17 4DU, United Kingdom.. More information about.. Beds.. |.. Brass Beds.. Iron Beds.. Wooden Beds.. Four Poster Beds.. Metal Beds.. Low Footend Beds.. Nickel Beds.. Chrome Beds.. Iron Daybeds.. Leather Beds.. Upholstered Beds.. Beds Frames.. King Size Beds..

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  • Title: Iron Bedsteads/Iron Bedstead by The Original Bedstead Company - UK.
    Descriptive info: Beautifully Handcrafted.. Iron Bed.. About Iron Bedsteads.. Over many years of dedicated and painstaking manufacture we have supplied the world with some of the most elegant Iron Bedsteads available to own.. Style, uncompromised quality and balance of form personify our magnificent range of iron bedsteads and iron headboards.. From classic French pieces to traditional Victorian English styles, American or Italian influenced, every bedstead is constructed in time honoured fashion using only the finest quality base metals and solid metal hand poured castings.. Furthermore, hand applied thick and lustrous baked enamel paint finishes with patina options and on many models, antique brass ornamentation, ensures intrinsic strength, durability and lifelong beauty for this emotive collection.. However challenging the design demands of your bedroom and whatever mood and style you are looking to create, warm and traditional or contemporary and restrained, our timeless creations are sure to delight and inspire.. The first choice of the discerning and a testament to our designers craft.. OBC Collection : Normally available from stock.. Alva Iron Bedstead.. Headboard from 539.. Bedstead from 849.. more info.. Arigna Iron Bedstead.. Headboard from 359.. Bedstead  ...   Bedstead.. Winchester Iron Bedstead.. Windsor Iron Bedstead.. Ardmore Iron Bed with Brass.. Camolin Iron Bed with Brass.. Headboard from 569.. Bedstead from 949.. Carrick Iron Bed with Brass.. Clarina Iron Bed with Brass.. Glenholm Iron Bed with Brass.. Headboard from 479.. Bedstead from 799.. Hamilton Iron Bed with Brass.. Bedstead from 599.. Melrose Iron Bed with Brass.. Selkirk Iron Bedstead with brass.. Selkirk Chromo Iron Bedstead.. Selkirk Solo Iron Bedstead.. Tulsk Iron Bed with Brass.. Headboard from 269.. Virginia Iron Bed with Brass.. Bed Studio Collection : Available on 12 weeks delivery.. Glenshee Iron Bed with Brass.. Headboard from 509.. Iona Iron Bedstead.. Bedstead from 649.. Lisburn Iron Bedstead.. Archived Collection.. Aberlour iron bed.. Banff iron bed.. Bellanode iron bed.. Buttermere iron bed.. Calais iron bed.. Castleton iron bed.. Chillingham iron bed.. Errol iron bed.. Firth iron bed.. Kintyre iron bed.. Langholm iron bed.. Linwood iron bed.. Lynemore iron bed.. Lyon iron bed.. Oranmore iron bed.. Pettigoe iron bed.. Prestwick iron bed.. Ramore iron bed.. Rathkeale iron bed.. Thornton iron bed.. Turriff iron bed.. Wallace iron bed.. Walton iron bed.. Wick iron bed.. 2009.. Upholstered Beds..

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  • Title: Brass Bedsteads/Brass Bedstead by The Original Bedstead Company - UK.
    Descriptive info: About Brass Beds.. The Victorians perfected the art of Brass Bedstead design and manufacture using the purest brass to create timeless classics.. A fusion of form and function still revered today.. It is these traditional skills and principles that provide the inspiration for each and every brass bedstead that we create.. Our designs are painstakingly assembled by our teams of craftsmen using these age old techniques and an unyielding passion for quality and strength to ensure a lifetime of service and the distinctive character of a true original.. In our quest for perfection and to further emphasise the noble ancestry, our unique hand applied buffing and antiquing process ensures the look and feel of a  ...   elegance not found elsewhere.. We are proud to maintain those cherished Victorian values as we draw on our skills to create beautiful and expressive heirlooms for a future generation.. Arran Brass Bedstead.. Headboard from 949.. Bedstead from 1899.. Blyth Brass Bedstead.. Headboard from 729.. Bedstead from 1449.. Braemore Brass Bedstead.. Kendal Brass Bedstead.. Headboard from 649.. Bedstead from 1299.. Waterford Brass Bedstead.. Ayr Brass Bedstead.. Headboard from 1049.. Bedstead from 2099.. Boyne Brass Bedstead.. Headboard from 1149.. Bedstead from 2299.. Caldermill Brass Bedstead.. Campbelton Brass Bedstead.. Clifton Brass Bedstead.. Bedstead from 2099.. Liddlesdale Brass Bedstead.. Lochranza Brass Bedstead.. Mandallay Brass Bedstead.. Montrose Brass Bedstead.. Armoy Brass Bedstead.. Clarinbridge Brass Bedstead.. Elgin Brass Bedstead.. Merrion Brass Bedstead..

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  • Title: Nickel Bedsteads & Chrome Bedsteads by The Original Bedstead Company - UK.
    Descriptive info: Nickel and Chrome Beds.. Chrome Nickel Bedsteads.. About Chrome Nickel Beds.. There is no denying about the cool sophistication of The Andreas.. This fabulously stylish design transmits the classiest of messages in a confident and self-assured manner.. Chrome bedsteads are the perfect solution for contemporary room settings where youthful elegance and clean lines are paramount.. In a minimalist city apartment or glassy Scandinavian styled townhouse, The Andreas would be perfectly at home adding an indefinable style and inspired personality.. Not to be  ...   dependability and pleasure.. Once characteristic of the austerity years, we should celebrate the return of these fabulous designs that come alive in those contemporary environments with an ascetic edge.. Andreas Chrome Bedstead.. Headboard from 499.. Bedstead from 999.. Bansha Chrome Bedstead.. Tain Chrome Bedstead.. Headboard from 599.. Bedstead from 1199.. Tay Chrome Leather Bedstead.. Bedstead from 1499.. Braemore Nickel Bedstead.. Kendal Nickel Bedstead.. Waterford Nickel Bedstead.. Ashby Chrome Leather Bed.. Headboard from 1249.. Bedstead from 2499.. Elgin Nickel Bedstead.. Milton Nickel Bedstead..

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  • Title: Metal Bedsteads/Metal Bedstead by The Original Bedstead Company - UK.
    Descriptive info: Metal Bedsteads.. About Metal Beds.. At a time when trends and fashions come and go, when built in obsolescence is often the norm, here at The Original Bedstead Company we prefer to challenge those throwaway attitudes and approach the task of Modern Bedstead design from a different perspective.. And so it is that the design philosophy that inspires our new collection of contemporary and transitional styled metal bedsteads is a simple one.. By careful selection and execution of design details, flawless manufacturing techniques and finishing processes, we are able to introduce the characteristics, nuances and design language that  ...   or Mont Blanc fountain pens and you will understand our mind-set.. We invite you to discover these inherent values in every piece within this stunning range.. From the most expressive styles to softly sweeping Italian inspired creations you are sure to find a model to delight and inspire.. Ardo Metal Bedstead.. Cara Metal Bedstead.. Headboard from 389.. Emyvale Metal Bedstead.. Milano Metal Bedstead.. Carnew iron bed.. Carradale iron bed.. Clola iron bed.. Ellon iron bed.. Fara iron bed.. Gilford iron bed.. Kingston iron bed.. Lomomd iron bed.. Maine iron bed.. Oban iron bed.. Perth iron bed.. Rora iron bed..

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  • Title: Wooden Bedsteads from The Original Bedstead Company - UK.
    Descriptive info: Wood Beds.. About Wood Beds.. We are justifiably very proud of our new Wooden Bedsteads and accessories collection.. For here you will find no production lines or mass production techniques which are all too common in this modern age.. Instead we maintain the established traditions of judicious craftsmen deploying the same age old carpentry skills that have been handed down from generation to generation.. And by selecting and working with the only the very finest materials can we ensure that we create Wooden Bedsteads without compare.. Meticulous use of kiln dried timbers and lovingly applied veneers assure lifetime beauty, stability and strength.. Walnut, cherry wood and mahogany are just some of the finishes of choice, all painstakingly laid by hand  ...   the deep lustre and beauty of finish that you will not find elsewhere.. From unmistakably French inspired Lit bateau styles to totally unique deco-esque designs with expressive metal detailing, this new collection will not fail to delight as the inherent beauty and patina matures with the passing of time.. Wood Beds Collection.. Blake Wooden Bedstead.. Dublin Wooden Bedstead.. Bedstead from 1999.. Elliot Wooden Bedstead.. Jura Wooden Bedstead.. Keats Wooden Bedstead.. Kipling Wooden Bedstead.. Morvern Wooden Bedstead.. Nocturne Wooden Bedstead.. Opus Wooden Bedstead.. Overture Wooden Bedstead.. Paisley Wooden Bedstead.. Aberlady wood bed.. Ascot wood bed.. Ashton wood bed.. Challoch Wood Bed.. Elton wood bed.. Hasting wood bed.. Oakham wood bed.. Swansea wood bed.. Troon wood bed.. Windermere wood bed.. York wood bed..

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  • Title: Upholstered Bedsteads/Upholstered Bedstead by Original Bedstead -UK.
    Descriptive info: upholstered-beds.. About Upholstered Beds.. Enjoy the allure and ornate splendour of our unmistakably French inspired Louis X1V style Upholstered Bedsteads.. Luxuriate in the playful romance of this era in expressive bedsteads which combine the rich textiles popular during this period with lovingly carved wood frames in a medley of the finest hardwoods.. Drawing on these French Empire lines has allowed us to recreate the fabulous scrolled detailing and rich  ...   to fine detailing and the use of only the very best hand selected timbers ensures that our upholstered bedstead collection is truly second to none.. Imagine lazy Sunday mornings here as we bring more than a little decadence into the homes of those with an eye for the finer things in life and a passion for understated and timeless sophistication.. Ascot Upholstered Wooden Bedstead.. Bedstead.. Ashton Upholstered Wooden Bedstead.. Bedstead..

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  • Title: Leather Bedsteads/Leather Bedstead by The Original Bedstead Company - UK.
    Descriptive info: About Leather Beds.. Our new collection of handmade Leather Bedsteads range in style from the truly modern through to more sumptuous traditional designs.. Whilst a new departure for us, we have responded to the demands for a collection of beautiful Leather bedsteads which we are proud to present for the first time.. And whatever the character and style of the individual models that make up this new range, you can be assured that our passion for manufacturing and component integrity remains  ...   on the skills of our experienced craftsmen to create a timeless piece of furniture that we know will give pleasure for many years to come.. It is often the smallest details that define the finest product and we are confident that this stylish collection is no exception to this philosophy.. Continuing, as they do, in an understated manner, our reputation for manufacturers of some of the worlds finest beds.. Elton Black Leather - Wooden Bedstead.. Elton Brown leather - Wooden Bedstead..

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  • Title: Single Bedsteads/Single Bedstead by The Original Bedstead Company - UK.
    Descriptive info: Single Beds.. About Single Beds.. There is a certain fairytale quality associated with single bedsteads.. Memories of childhood Little Princess tales and Victorian attic bedrooms are often brought to mind when we see the classic proportions of this enduringly popular bedstead size.. Whether your single bed requirements are indeed for a child, or maybe for a spare room, or perhaps for yourself, we are able to offer designs and stylish solutions to suit all tastes and budgets.. Whatever your requirement and preferred look and specification, we are confident that each and every model offers a certain, often indefinable charm  ...   strength and rigidity is evident across the whole Original Bedstead Company single bedstead range to delight the user and transform the simplest bedroom.. Andreas Single Bedstead.. Carrick Single Bedstead.. Chatsworth Single Bedstead.. Bedstead from.. Edwardian Single Bedstead.. Hamilton Single Bedstead.. Kendal Bedstead in Brass.. Kendal Bedstead in Nickel.. Marseille Single Bedstead.. Milano Single Bedstead.. Paris Single Bedstead.. Selkirk Single Bedstead.. Thorpe Single Bedstead.. Timolin Single Bedstead.. Tulsk Single Bedstead.. Virginia Single Bedstead.. Winchester Single Bedstead.. Windsor Single Bedstead.. Iona Single Bedstead.. Calais Single Bedstead.. Carnew Single Bedstead.. Clare Single Bedstead.. Clola Single Bedstead.. Kintyre Single Bedstead.. Lyon Single Bedstead..

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  • Title: Low Footend Bedsteads/Low Footend Beds by The Original Bedstead Company - UK.
    Descriptive info: Low Foot Beds.. Low Foot end Beds.. Low Foot End Bedsteads.. About Low foot Beds.. Low foot end bedsteads have formed an integral part of our extensive bedstead ranges for some time now, and our new collections continue that philosophy.. In many homes in this modern age, due to size constraints, design considerations or other practicalities a low footend bedstead can offer the best of all worlds by ensuring the style and character of its high foot counterpart but with the benefit of reduced height dimensions.. Indeed, in pure design terms, a low  ...   the added assurance that the dimension changes are the only specification differences that you will discover, ensure enduring popularity and peace of mind.. And whether your preference is for one of our Iron Bed models in a choice of beautiful colour finishes or an opulent Brass Bedstead low foot design there really is a style choice to suit all bedroom themes and the most demanding customer.. Arran low foot end bedstead.. Carie low foot end bedstead.. Clarina low foot end bedstead.. Edwardian low foot end bed.. Tulsk low foot end bedstead.. Bedsetad from 499..

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  • Title: Four poster Bedsteads/Four Poster Beds by The Original Bedstead Company - UK.
    Descriptive info: About Four Poster Beds.. Our Four Poster Metal Beds or Canopy Beds as they are more commonly referred to in America cannot help but make the boldest of statements.. Elegant and dramatic, sensual and sophisticated, who could fail not to notice the hint of romance that our beautiful Four Poster bedsteads bring to any bedroom.. Only the very finest metals and hand poured castings are used to ensure a lifetime of strength and dependable service.. Our stringent quality control processes at every point of  ...   that leaves our factory embodies the design integrity and spirit of their stylish ancestors.. Our new collection includes timeless traditional classics with beautiful antiqued brass detailing and for the first time some decadent new arrivals featuring sumptuous fabric panelling to add a new twist and stir the emotions.. Whatever your eventual choice, a lifetime of pleasure from this, the most majestic of all metal bed designs, is assured.. Cairnsmore Four poster Bed.. Doune Four poster Bed.. Nairn Four poster Bed.. Rannoch Four poster Bed..

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