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  • Title: obx | laboratory for experimental media
    Descriptive info: .. Blog.. People.. Docs.. Home.. obx.. Obx Labs.. is interested in living letterforms, massively multi-contributor texts and time-travelling provocateurs.. We create artwork that utilizes and motivates the software that we develop and the technologies we repurpose.. Our main goal is to provide both the inspiration and the means for others to push the boundaries of computationally-based expression.. subscribe to our newsletter.. Director: Jason E.. Lewis.. Concordia University / Hexagram.. 1515 st.. Catherine West EV-11.. 615.. Montreal, QC, H3G 1M8.. 514.. 848.. 2424 ext.. 5935.. info@obxlabs.. net.. all work 2001 2009 Jason E.. Lewis.. obxlabs.. is proudly powered by.. |.. login..

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  • Title: Vital to the General Public Welfare
    Descriptive info: You've Got No Choice.. About the Terminology.. Second Smooth Bastard.. The Great Migration.. Things You've Said Before.. but We Never Heard.. What They Speak.. When They Speak to Me.. I Know What You're Thinking.. Vital to the General Public Welfare.. a solo exhibition by Jason Edward Lewis.. originally presented by imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival at Edward Day Gallery.. 6.. th.. to 30.. October 2011.. Vital to the General Public Welfare is a solo exhibition of six works revolving around themes of language, authenticity and contingency.. The exhibition consists of a series of text-centered interactive touch works integrated with large-scale prints, with the addition of one wall-sized non-interactive projection display.. The title of the show comes from documents filed in a 1964 Louisiana court case seeking to ascertain an adopted child's racial classification.. The judge claimed that the proper identification of the child's race was 'vital to the general public welfare'; in other words, whichever way the child was classified, a wrong classification would endanger the purity of the white race.. The now-hyberbolic seeming claim struck me as a powerful metaphor for any conversations we have not only about racial classification but also about any number of other issues that some group or another feels is central to their definition of a well-functioning society.. All of the works in the show engage the question of how we talk to one another, how we locate ourselves in wider cultural geographies, how we authenticate ourselves against our own expectations and that of others, and how matters that are once seen as so vital—so essential—can later be regarded as contingent.. Exhibition brochure with critical essay by Steve Loft.. Exhibition version.. 42 two-point touchscreen.. Mac Mini.. Java application running on Windows 7.. 60 x60 Epson Stylus Pro 11880 digital print.. You've Got No Choice About the Terminology.. 2011.. Commissioned by imagineNATIVE Film + New Media Festival.. You've Got No Choice About the Terminology.. is an interactive touch-poem mounted with a 60 x60 textimage print.. The phrase "you've got no choice about the terminology" comes from an.. article.. in the New York Times describing an old-school ice cream parlor manager who insisted that things be called by their proper names: "A a scoop of ice-cream with topping on it is a sundae.. " Coming from a household in which ice-cream was taken very seriously indeed, and often struggling with what terminology to use to describe my ethnicity (Cherokee, Hawaiian, Samoan, raised in northern California rural mountain redneck culture), and my profession (artist? poet? software  ...   also a conscious acknowledgement of my literal (my birth parents were not married), metaphorical (an adoptee is a always a bastard of sorts, isn't he?) and unexceptional (more people are born out of wedlock then ever) status.. 60 x168 Epson Stylus Pro 11880 digital print.. The Great Migration.. is a touchscreen + printed textimage diptych.. Both texts are about the same event—leaving home, setting out to an unknown destination on (what least feels like) a one-way trip.. Some days that event is me leaving Downieville for Palo Alto to attend university; some days it's leaving California for Quebec; some days its about my nuclear family all having moved out of California over the years, to the point that the place I most identify with home no longer has a mother or father or sister or nephew or niece living in it.. Or it's about the migration of sperm up the fallopian tubes, ever hopeful of successful fertilization.. To be truthful, this is a work that remains somewhat mysterious to me.. Two 52 x126 Epson Stylus Pro 11880 digital prints.. Things You've Said Before but We Never Heard.. Things You've Said Before but We Never Heard.. is touchscreen + two printed textimage triptych.. It consists of three texts working together to form an interlocking conversation about the sense-making of crazy talk and kid talk, the difficulty of bringing dreams into reality, and the meanings of different colors.. What They Speak When They Speak to Me.. 2008-2011.. What They Speak When They Speak to Me.. is an interactive poem about mistaken identity and the confusion—amusing and alarming—that happens when people believe you are somebody you are not.. The text was written on reflecting on my notes from extensive travelling I did in my twenties, where I found myself—in Gautemala, on Java, in the Punjab, in the Turkish section of Berlin—being mistaken for an inhabitant of that locale.. Taxi drivers, market vendors, policemen, etc.. , would speak to me in the local dialect and then become confused—at best—or angry—at worst—when I couldn't respond in kind.. 4500 lumen projector.. 8 high.. C++ application running on Windows 7.. Storage drive with text data (preferably lots of personal data!).. 2001.. I Know What You're Thinking.. Presented by:.. imagineNATIVE.. in partership with:.. Edward Day Gallery.. Supporters:.. Canada Council for the Arts.. —.. Ontario Arts Council.. Concordia University Office of Research.. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.. Fonds de recherche sur la société et la culture Québéc.. Lab six and a half.. CFC Media Lab.. Hexagram..

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  • Title: obx | laboratory for experimental media | Between Reading and Looking
    Descriptive info: Between Reading and Looking.. Creative explorations of the intersection between visual, dynamic and interactive form and linguistic content.. Between Reading and Looking is a series of creative projects which explore how the forms in which digital text is presented can aid and abet its linguistic message.. These projects range from screen-based dynamic poems to large-scale interactive installations.. They employ custom-made software created at Obx Labs, including the.. NextText library.. , the TextEngine framework or the..  ...   discover, articulate and employ characteristics unique to the digital environment to produce unique, beautiful and engaging texts.. Projects.. Things You ve Said Before But We Never Heard.. Everything You Thought We d Forgotten.. Cityspeak.. Passage Oublie.. Citywide.. Intralocutor.. Still Standing.. Fugue 8.. Resolution.. Taking Sides.. Research funded by:.. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.. FQRSC- Fonds Québec de recherche sur la société et la culture.. Heritage Canada.. Hexagram Institute for Research/Creation in Media Arts Technologies..

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  • Title: Things You've Said Before But We Never Heard
    Descriptive info: Jason Edward Lewis.. with Bruno Nadeau.. 2010.. 42" plasma touchscreen.. 50" x 144"vinyl self-adhesive prints.. NextText.. Softie.. Left Text.. An Abrupt Hardening of Awareness.. Middle Text.. Buzz Aldrin Doesn't Know Any Better.. Right Text.. Show You A Map of the Sun.. Things You've Said Before But We Never Heard.. Triptych with touchscreen text and text-images.. Three texts work together to form an interlocking  ...   dreams into reality, and the meanings of different colors.. The contrast in the reading and writing experience between the print, the touch and the interaction is a phenomenon that is central to an ongoing research/creation effort exploring materiality of text as it migrates into the digital domain.. Video and image documentation from Congress 2010 exhibition, Fine Arts Gallery, Concordia University, May - June 2010..

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  • Title: Everything You Thought We'd Forgotten
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  • Title: What They Speak When They Speak To Me
    Descriptive info: with Bruno Nadeau Elie Zananiri.. 2007 - 2010.. three versions:.. 1.. 42 single-point touchscreen.. 2.. 42 two-point touchscreen bi-lingual.. 3.. single-point iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch.. What They Speak When They Speak To Me.. Interactive touch poem.. What They Speak When They Speak to Me is an interactive poem about mistaken identity and the confusion--amusing and alarming--that happens when people believe you are somebody you are not.. What They Speak.. is a formal experiment in different modes of presenting poems to be read through touch interaction.. To date we  ...   Nationale, Montreal 2010) and single-point mobile for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch.. (iTunes 2010.. ).. is the first work in the Poetry for Excitable [Mobile] Media (.. P.. o.. E.. M.. ) series exploring poetry written to be read through touch interaction.. ---.. Video and image documentation from.. Everything You Thought We'd Forgotten.. solo exhibition, Oboro, Montreal, January - February 2007.. (42 single-touch).. Video documentation from.. Montréal: Sur le fleuve des langues.. , Bibioteque Nationale due Québec, Montreal, October - December 2010.. (50 two-touch bi-lingual English and French streams.. )..

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  • Title: the quick brown fox
    Descriptive info: the quick brown fox.. Created by Yannick Assogba and Jason Lewis;.. aims to create a font whose glyph shapes are amenable to organic transformation informed by the vocal characteristics of a speakers voice.. Amplitude and pitch information is extracted from the audio signal and mapped to transformations on the glyphs of a base font which are then blended into the current state of the typeface.. The blending of the glyphs is done using techniques inspired by genetic programming.. The architecture also allows for multiple instances of a particular glyph to evolve in parallel (i.. e.. the font can evolve multiple glyphs for a particular letter with  ...   it is a sentence I was made to write over and over again as a child in order to "improve" my handwriting.. This project uses repetition to breed difference, rather than create uniformity.. As such the projects attemps to address issues of identity and personality within digital typographic space.. It also suggests one possibility of how writing can become performance.. "The history of typography reflects a continual tension between the hand and the machine, the organic and the geometric, the human body and the abstract system" - Ellen Lupton.. Media.. References.. SoftType / Jason Lewis.. ::.. Prosodic Font / Tara Rosenberger Shankar.. Genotyp / Michael Schmitz..

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  • Title: obx | laboratory for experimental media | Taking Sides
    Descriptive info: Whose side are on?.. 2006.. Taking Sides is a performance using a real-time speech visualization software system called TextEngine.. Taking Sides is a collaboration between our research studio and a local hip-hop artist.. Our primary goal was to create a strong conceptual link between the text visualization, the content of the artist’s lyrics, and his performance style.. Additionally we wanted to test the flexibility of TextEngine in developing customized performance applications.. Pursuing these goals led us through a three month development effort that cycled tightly between design, performance and programmatic iterations..

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  • Title: Greetings from the Technological World (by Jason E. Lewis & Skawennati Tricia Fragnito)
    Descriptive info: GREETINGS FROM THE TECHNOLOGICAL WORLD.. by.. Jason E.. Lewis Skawennati Tricia Fragnito.. This work is a Flash movie that is currently downloading in another window.. If you don't see that window, it may be behind this window.. You will need to turn pop-up blocking off.. The movie is 20 MB.. Once the movie has finished loading, click anywhere in the window to start.. Artists' Statement.. We don't even pray over our food.. We just eat it like it is ours.. That's greedy.. It is a gift.. Arvol Looking Horse.. When one recites the Thanksgiving Address, the natural world is thanked..  ...   those greeted and thanked includes the earth, the water, the thunder, the medicine herbs and more.. We felt it was about time someone added a few lines so that it includes items of our technological world that we are also thankful for.. In our digital video triptych, we sit before a feast of turkey, yams, squash, stuffing and cranberries and, following the form of the traditional Thanksgiving Address, we thank the Creator for some modern amenities.. Commissioned in December 2002 for the EAT issue of.. Horizon Zero.. Presented Online by.. Urban Shaman Gallery.. Skawennati Tricia Fragnito.. www.. skawennati.. obxlabs.. net..

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  • Title: obx | laboratory for experimental media | Blog
    Descriptive info: There is a problem with the SimplePie Plugin for WordPress.. Check your.. Installation Status.. for more information..

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  • Title: obx | laboratory for experimental media | People
    Descriptive info: Director.. Jason Lewis.. thethoughtshop.. com.. Lewis is Assistant Professor of Digital Image/Sound and the Fine Arts, Department of Design Art, Concordia University.. He studied computer science (B.. S.. Symbolic Systems) and philosophy (B.. A.. German Studies) as a Stanford undergraduate, and received an M.. Phil.. in Design from the Royal College of Art.. Lewis maintains a thriving art practice as well as a research practice, both of which are founded on computational approaches to digital media.. His research interests include the history of visual language, novel software architectures and applications for interactive, dynamic and performative text and typography, computation as a creative material, interaction analysis, emergent media theory and history, and methodologies for conducting art-led technology research.. His work has been featured at the Ars Electronica, SIGGRAPH, and UIST, among others, and funded by the English Arts Council, the Banff Centre for the Arts, Arts Alliance, and Hexagram.. He is currently a member of Hexagram s Interactive Performance and Sound research axis.. Prior to entering academia he spent over fifteen years in industry developing computational media technology at US West Advanced Technologies, the Institute for Research on Learning, and Interval Research.. In 1999 he founded and subsequently directed for three years Arts Alliance Laboratory, an art-led technology research studio in San Francisco which won acclaim for its creative technology research program, a residencies program which invited visiting artists from around the world to San Francisco to develop their technologically-mediated projects, and a lecture series that broke new ground in bringing digital media artists together with an interdisciplinary set of commentators to provide feedback on works-on-progress.. He currently resides in Montreal and San Francisco.. Research Associates.. Skawennati.. Recipient of the 2011 Eiteljorg Contemporary Art Fellowship, Skawennati is recognized as a pioneering New Media artist.. Her art, addressing history, the future, and change, has been widely exhibited across Canada, the United States and Australia.. Best-known works include: CyberPowWow (1997-2004), the Aboriginally-determined, on-line gallery and chat space; Imagining Indians in the 25th Century (2001), a web-based paper doll/time-travel journal; and her current production, TimeTraveller™ (2008- ), a multi-platform project featuring nine short machinima episodes, a series of digital prints, and a 3D print, Hunter Mega-Figurine.. Its website, www.. TimeTravellerTM.. com, won imagineNative’s 2009 Best New Media Award.. A founding member of the First Nations artist collective, Nation to Nation, she has been active in the Artist-Run Network and sat on the board at Galerie Oboro.. She has contributed texts to a wide range of publications including a chapter in the upcoming book Community-Based Multiliteracies and Digital Media Projects: Questioning Assumptions and Exploring Realities and an article in the Canadian Journal of Communication Media Arts Revisited.. Skawennati is Co-Director, with Jason E.. Lewis, of Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace, (AbTeC) a network of artists and academics who are investigating and creating Aboriginal virtual environments.. She holds a BFA from Concordia University in Montreal.. Please visit.. to learn more.. Bruno Nadeau.. brunonadeau.. [M.. Computer Science/Arts Computation Engineering].. Bruno graduated with a M.. in Computer Science from the Arts Computation Engineering (ACE) program at UC Irvine, and received a B.. Sc.. in Computer Science with a concentration on Computation Arts at Concordia University in Montréal.. During his studies, he created interactive installations that exploit and question the use of the body for human-computer interaction, leading to his current research which focuses on tangible computing.. Elie Zananiri.. silentlycrashing.. [B.. Computer Science/Computation Arts].. Elie Zananiri graduated from Concordia University with a major in Computer Science/Computation Arts and a minor in Mathematics Statistics.. His first passion is traditional stop-motion animation, but he can t seem to stay away from computers and micro-controllers.. His current research interests consist of combining all three domains through interactive video installations and unorthodox data visualizations.. His films have been screened in North America at various festivals such as Fantasia, Spasm, and TromaDance.. His new media projects have been presented at the SoukMachines festival and Dorkbot-Montreal symposiums.. Elie currently works at Obx Labs as the lead developer on Citywide and NextText for Processing.. Morgan Kennedy.. Morgan Kennedy is a digital games researcher, writer, and former volunteer firefighter.. His research and writing focuses on the social and business aspects of the videogame industry.. He completed his Bachelor s Degree in Social Marketing at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachussetts and recently finished a Graduate Certificate in Digital Design at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec.. Currently he is a researcher at Obx Labs and coordinator for the new Technoculture, Art and Games initiative at Hexagram-Concordia.. David (Jhave) Johnston.. [ PhD.. Humanities ].. Web-curator and independent media-arts practitioner, involved in numerous collaborative and solo digital and in-situ art practises.. Focus: language-based online digital art.. Combinatorial poetics, multimedia poetry.. Currently, developing works that feature typographic experiments built through a synthesis of Flash, Mudbox, Vegas, Ableton Suite and Mr.. Working and exhibiting with, among others: FILE (2004-2009), Champ Libre, Bioteknica, Turbulence.. org, Ollivier Dyens, OBX, TML and Oboro.. Exhibited at 3 new media Biennales: Montreal 09 03 Toronto 04.. 2009.. Doctoral candidate at Concordia University affiliated with OBX.. 2007.. SFU SIAT.. MaSc in Interactive Arts program.. “Emotion in Online Digital Poetry”.. 2004.. Concordia University.. Bachelor of Computer Science, minor in Digital Image and Sound.. Current home site is.. glia.. ca.. Co-curates.. year01.. Scott Benesiinaabandan.. [ BA Psychology and Religious Studies].. Scott Benesiinaabandan is Anishinabe artist who works in digital imagery, printmaking and video, among other media.. Benesiinaabandan obtained a BA in Psychology and Religious Studies from The University of Winnipeg (2002) and has completed mentorships and with Manitoba Printmakers Association (Martha Street Studio) and Aboriginal Film Training.. During the summer of 2010, Benesiinaabandan also carried out international residencies and projects at Context Gallery in Derry, Ireland, with the Roma at Appleby s Horse Fair and most recently with the Canada Council for the Arts Exchange Canada/Parramatta, Aus.. In the past four years, Benesiinaabandan has been awarded grants from the Manitoba Arts Council, the Winnipeg Arts Council and Canada Council for his artistic work.. Benesiinaabandan has taken part in several group exhibitions across Canada and in the United States, most notably in Flatter the land, Bigger the Ruckus, Harbourfront Centre (2006), Subconscious City at the Winnipeg Art Gallery in 2008, unSacred at G1C03( 2011) and Mii Omaa Ayaad at Parramatta Artist Studios in Syndey, Australia( 2012).. benesiinaabandan.. Jeremy Juan Alvarez.. [ Game Development Technician ].. jeremyjuanalvarez.. netai.. My name is Jeremy Juan Alvarez.. I am a Mohawk Native American from the Saint Regis Mohawk Territory in Akwesasne New York.. I graduated from Salmon River Central High School in Fort Covington New York.. I then graduated from St.. Lawrence College in Cornwall Ontario, from the Game Development Technician Program.. I am currently employed at the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino, as a Network Specialist.. I have always had a strong interest and desire to create and play video games.. Video Games have always been a part of life.. Some of my earliest memories are with a NES controller in my hands playing games like Mario Bros.. or Crystalis.. While at school I created a number of video games for use on PC, Xbox 360, and iOS and learned to code using languages, such as C++, C#, and Objective C.. I learned some scripting with Python, and Lua.. I also learned to create and maintain web pages using HTML and CSS.. We even went through database creation and maintenance, using MySQL, and PHP for web applications.. Other than playing video games, I love playing soccer, and enjoy exercising.. Travis Mercredi.. Travis Mercredi is a Metis sound designer and musician born and raised in the Northwest Territories.. Based out of Yellowknife he operates his business Outland Sound Design producing and recording audio for film, television, radio, music and theatre.. Some of his credits include sound design and co-production of the radio drama I Count Myself Among Them written by Richard Van Camp which was performed at the National Art Centre in Ottawa, Akpik Theatre s one woman play Tumit which was part of the of the 2013 Talking Stick Theatre festival in Vancouver, a short film called Amelia which was selected by Telefilm to be shown at the Cannes International Film Festival as part of their new Canadian talent presentation and audio post-production for Dene: A Journey an APTN reality show which brings young aboriginal people from the NWT back onto the land to reconnect with their cultural heritage.. An advocate for arts and technology in the NWT he has been/is a part of the board of directors for non-profit organizations Western Arctic Moving Pictures, MusicNWT, Yellowknife Artists Run Community Centre and the NWT Professional Media Association.. Graduate Research Assistants.. Nikolaos Chandolias.. BSc Computer Science | DESS Game Design.. M.. Sc in Electrical Computer Engineering, M.. (Special Individualized Program [INDI]).. During his studies in Electrical and Computer Engineering, he has developed strong skills and knowledge in programming and designing software systems.. His experience as a volunteer in various European student organizations made him aware of the cultural diversity and the wealth of different perspectives in research and learning.. His participation to several collaborative projects as well as many student and artistic groups cultivated a truly collaborative perspective and the understanding of common interest.. His former research experience is in the fields of nature language processing and semantics.. He is currently looking at expanding his knowledge in the fields of interactive media art and developing installations at an international multicultural level.. Johanna Pedersen.. Master’s Degree in Visual Communication Design.. With more than 14 years of experience as a graphic designer, I have developed my passion and enthusiasm for designing creative, memorable museum exhibits in Canada and the U.. This can be seen in one of my proudest achievements at the Canadian War Museum, where I developed and led the creative and artistic direction on the graphics-intensive Permanent Gallery.. I was also contracted by the Canadian War Museum to take on the graphic production for the Afghanistan: A Glimpse of War temporary exhibit, awarded in 2007 for Outstanding Excellence in Exhibitions from the Canadians Museums Association.. I applied the same dedication to the Canadian Museum of Nature on the physical interactives for the Bird and Mammal Galleries, working closely with designers and writers to execute a graphic vocabulary that is fully integrated into the 3D design.. I also helped create the visual backbone for the temporary exhibit on Glenn Gould: The Sounds of Genius, that opened at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in September 2007.. Most recently, I collaborated in the design and production of Echoes in the Ice (based on Franklin’s lost expedition) for the Canada Science and Technology Museum.. In the U.. , I have had the honour and pleasure of being involved in the concept design for the Henry Ford Museum welcome wayfinding entry portals (MI); the graphic design and development for the Swaner EcoCentre Nature Preserve (UT), Park City History Museum (UT) and Southern UTE Cultural Centre (CO).. Over the last three years I worked at the Exploratorium (www.. exploratorium.. edu) in San Francisco, collaborating in the planning of the museum’s relocation project to Pier 15 to a prominent waterfront site, opening in Spring of 2013.. I was also lead graphic designer for the Exploratorium’s traveling exhibition Geometry Playground that opened in June 2010.. Saurabh Oberoi.. Masters in Engineering in Information Systems Security.. I am a graduate student, pursuing my Masters in Engineering in Information Systems Security at Concordia University.. I have successfully completed my Bachelor s in Engineering in Computer Science from Mumbai University, India.. My romance with Computers started in my childhood wherein I was engrossed in Computer games and was very much fascinated by the technologies behind it.. Therefore, I decided to explore this Digital world and hence opted for Computer Engineering for my under-graduation and Information Systems Security for my graduation.. My topics of interest include System Security, Software Development Designing, and Cloud Computing.. Beth Aileen Lameman.. bethaileen.. [PhD.. Interactive Arts and Technology].. Beth Aileen Lameman is an Irish, Anishinaabe, and Métis border-crossing writer and producer whose work addresses indigenous representations in media such as video games, films, and comic books.. She is a candidate for the PhD in Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University completing her dissertation on looking at traditional oral storytelling to inform the design of interactive media.. Daria Khomyakova.. chernayamorn.. daportfolio.. Daria Khomyakova has an Informational Design background.. She received her Bachelor Degree in State Polytechnical University of St.. Petersburg, Russia.. Recently graduated from Concordia University, Montreal, where studied Digital Technologies in Design Art Practice.. Has a broad range of interests in the design sphere, starting from 2D graphic design and photography, and continuing with creating video games.. Overall, has a strong interest to life itself and all the processes, which happen within and around.. Currently works as a research assistant at Obx Labs, participating in the Skins 4.. 0 Workshop project.. Undergraduate Research Assistants.. Charlotte Fisher.. F.. Computation Arts].. Charlotte is in her third year studying a specialization in Computation Arts, and a minor in Music.. As a transfer student from the Studio Arts program at Concordia, most of her training is in the realm of tangible media, painting and drawing being her specialty.. Since entering the Computation Arts program, the 3D world has become her new passion.. A 3D modeler and texturer, her main interest is in games, believing it is an area in which art does not receive adequate recognition from the art world, as it is still being shunned by many highbrow organisations.. Sahar Homami.. Sahar Homami is currently in her last year of Computation Arts at Concordia University.. She has spent the last 2 years specializing in 3D design and digital video creation.. Her passion is 3D modeling, texturing, animating and post production.. Currently she is participating in a number of projects to create video games and digital videos, out of which one is the TimeTraveller™ project at OBX labs.. Nancy Elizabeth Townsend.. Computation Arts].. Nancy Elizabeth Townsend is currently studying in her third year at Concordia as a Computation Arts major with a minor in Business Administration.. She is a 3D artist (modeler and animator) who works in contracts ranging from experimental films to game modification.. She has just recently joined the AbTec group as both a projectcoordinator and 3D modeler.. Tehoniehtathe Delisle.. Tehoniehtathe Delisle graduated from Kahnawake Survival School and is currently a  ...   focused on making games while collaborating with passionate individuals.. Bronson is an avid learner.. He voraciously consumes new challenges to nourish his skills and abilities.. He’s well-versed in several programming languages, and at any given moment he’s obsessing over a new language which has piqued his interest.. Angela Gabereau.. Comp.. Sci.. Computational Arts].. Angela Gabereau is majoring in Computaional Arts and Computer Science at Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec.. Her areas of interest include fine arts, aesthetic programming, AI, cognitive science, mathematics, philosophy, philosophy of science, feminism, feminist science studies, post-colonial theory, science fiction and gong-fu.. Mohannad Al-Khatib.. psycho-designs.. Mohannad is in his final year of Computation Arts at Concordia University.. His passion is 3D creature development.. Over the past few years he has worked on a variety of gaming projects as a modeler, digital sculptor, and texture artist.. Mohannad grew up in Saudi Arabia where Art is highly unappreciated; however, this fact allowed him to independently develop his own unique style which is visible throughout his work.. Marie-Claire Lantin.. A Intermedia/Cyberarts].. Marie-Claire is currently studying in her second year at Concordia University (major in Intermedia/Cyberarts, minor in Computation arts).. Previously, she obtained a DEC in photography.. Her work fluctuates mainly between video, print media and photography.. Ramy Daghstani.. Charles-Antoine Dupont.. Comp.. Sci.. Computational Arts].. Tania Alvarez.. Bachelor in Fine Arts.. Major in Design].. Born in 1985 and raised in Mexico City, Tania combined a Fine Arts education with Design by studying in Vancouver, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, and Montreal.. In 2009 she graduated with a BFA from Concordia University and in 2010 from a Postgraduate study in Typography in Barcelona.. Her work with Obx Labs as an undergraduate student was focused on experimentation within type related projects.. After working for two years in Spain as a graphic designer and illustrator, Tania returned to Mexico city to pursue an independent design practice.. zaldivartania.. Cassandra Lacombe.. I am a 3rd year student in the major of Computation Arts at Concordia University.. I like to have a broad knowledge in many spheres of computer science and computation arts.. As the media invades more and more our daily lives, I would like to ride the wave and be part of what the future will become.. So far, I am still in the exploration of the possibilities that this field has to offer.. Yet, I would like to take advantage of the interactive part of the new technologies.. Thus, my goal would be to work in the video game industry.. Walter Scott.. xlowjoyx.. blogspot.. Studio Arts].. Attending Concordia for a B.. A in Studio Arts, with a special interest in Print Media.. I m a research assistant specializing in the graphic design.. In my free time I enjoy making posters for punk/psych shows, and watching TMZ.. Raed Mousa.. While completing his degree in Computational Arts at the University of Concordia, Raed was the designer for Obx Labs.. His interest lies within the possibilities to cross the boundaries between uncommon media.. Raed has a background in the classic arts of painting, drawing and sculpture, but also a passion for industrial, graphic and fashion design.. Recent projects include responsive furry creation that emanate purring sounds or nervous actions, and grand performances involving food and human bonding.. Raed enjoys exploring themes that relate to childhood, nostalgia, and human interaction through different societies and through growth.. He is a gentle artist with a strong conviction, love and him, and he will love you.. Maroussia Lévesque.. elaborate.. Maroussia was born with a built-in espresso addiction.. She holds a BFA in Computation Arts from Concordia University.. Her curriculum is oriented towards exploring new social configurations through technologies.. She worked in grassroots organisations in Canada and Brazil and is motivated by the potential of subcultures as social emancipators.. She is the recipient of the F.. Higgins bursary, and won the first prize of Jeunes Critiques en Arts Visuels and the Computation Arts proze.. Her work has been published in Le Devoir.. She joined Obx studios in 2005, and is currently the conceptual lead.. maroussia is learning her fifth language, and counting.. Yannick Assogba.. Yannick Assogba is about to complete his BSc in Computer Science with a minor in Computation Arts at Concordia University.. He is currently exploring the permeable interfaces between science and art, creativity and technologies of expression.. His interests include [inter]active art, electroacoustics, software development and the relationships between societies and technology.. Thierry Giles.. thierrygiles.. Completing a bachelor in Computation Arts at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada and a one year project in Media Architecture at Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany, Thierry Giles found his privileged medium of expression in interactive design and game development.. His research emphasizes non-traditional applications of digital technologies through developing awareness of personal narratives exchange in networked societies.. His recent realizations encompass mobile technology street games, multi-touch collaborative interface and place-based social exchange as the basis for creating knowledge transfer and weaving individual s memory.. His work has been published at ACM multimedia, ICHIM and E-culture.. Hugues Bruyère.. smallfly.. Hugues hybrid designer, programmer and technologist was born in Avignon, France.. He holds an undergraduate degree in Electronic Technology and Industrial Computing from the University of Science in Montpellier, France.. He has worked for several years as an application developer, print stream specialist and customer support manager for an ADF (Automated Document Factory) specialized company.. Since the early 90s, he has been fascinated by digital media.. In 2004, he left his job to immerse himself in his passion graphic design and interaction design.. Hugues is currently completing a BFA in Computation Arts at Concordia University, where he is exploring the medium of Technology.. Hugues explorations into art and technology are pushing him to create media art projects involving data visualizations, computer vision, and human-computer-human interactions.. Lysanne Bellemare.. A Montrealer with a love for Rock nRoll, the German language and most importantly images wether they be moving or still.. Her work includes drawing, graphic and Web design, computation, typography and bookmaking.. In the fall of 2006 she will leave Canada for Germany a second time to study at the Bauhaus-Weimar Universität before returning to Montreal to finish a BFA at Concordia University.. Lucie Bélanger.. Lucie graduated from Computer Science at Concordia University.. Her scientific education and her interest for computation arts brought her to experiment the blurry boundary between art and technology.. Her main interest lies in exploring and experimenting the relations between humans and machines.. Her work combines software and electronics into immersive installations, interactive video, interactive electronic sculptures and experimental interfaces.. She started a Master s degree at Université de Montréal in which she studies computer vision and its applications in immersive environments and interactive interfaces.. Jonathan Joseph.. [ B.. Computer Science/DFAR ].. Jonathan graduated from the double major in DFAR and Computer Science in 2003.. His principal contribution to OBX Labs is the ActiveText code that allows combining soft-type behaviours together, which he programmed shortly after graduation.. He is now employed as a lead programmer with video game developer Artificial Mind and Movement.. His interests include language, mythical archetypes, human relationships, humor, and mysticism.. Carlene Fragnito.. Film Study ].. Claudine Lamothe.. Claudine Lamothe is a second year Computational Arts student.. She loves electronics and programming, and most of her projects involve integrating technology into other media.. To pay the bills, Claudine makes interactive lighting at Eski, and does freelance web design.. Chris Berthe.. Chris Berthe is a Computation Arts specialization student in his third year.. He loves HTML/CSS, jQuery and Adobe Illustrator.. He spends most of his days reading too much CNN.. com, IMDB and design blogs.. He is fond of Digitally Imported, Kanda sushi and real-life ninja turtles.. Hi mom/poppy.. Bea Parsons.. I am a Cree woman, born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.. I recently completed my BFA in Art Education at Concordia University, Montreal.. I have been assisting with workshop preparations for the Skins Project for AbTeC, as well as production on TimeTraveller , a machinima-based movie in Second Life!.. Matthieu Tremblay.. Matthieu Tremblay is a Computation Arts major in his third year.. He has a background in software engineering and is a freelance web designer.. His areas of interest include web programming, music, typography, photography, physical computing, installation art, and architecture.. In his free time he reads science-fiction novels and likes to rock out in rhythm video games.. Brian Li Sui Fong.. brianlsf.. Brian is a multi-disciplinary designer graduating from the Design program at Concordia.. Born and raised in Mauritius Island, he loves experimenting with techniques, while granting much attention to the concept and refining the details.. Writing in the third person makes him want to stop right there and go back to work on his projects, which usually range from graphic/print/web design, illustration, 3d modelling and animation, video, etc.. He has works published in Communication Arts Typography Annual, exhibited at FOFA Gallery, Les Territoires gallery, Art Mûr gallery.. Check his website and feel free to contact him if you would like to know more.. Ian Arawjo.. Ian Arawjo is a 19-year-old game designer, programmer, artist, and idling physicist.. He has been to over 25 countries, and created two complete fictional universes, Karma Phala and Glitchman, both of which he is in the process of bringing to the world.. His first game, Kale In Dinoland , was just featured by Apple on the App Store.. He wishes he could just read physics textbooks all day, but sadly, he can’t.. Magalie Coulombe-Noel.. Magalie Coulombe-Noel is a Computation Arts specialization student in second year.. She also studie at École Supérieur De Mode (UQAM) in fashion design (B.. C).. Her interest in wearable and the knowledge she got from her studies in fashion design (D.. C) and graphic design (A.. C) push her to explore creation possibilities given by Mr.. Softie in textile projects.. Laura Sirois.. Design].. Laura Sirois is designer, artist and 2012 graduate of Concordia University s Design Art Program.. Working mainly in graphic design, she engages with many mediums and creative projects, from hands-on drawing, painting and woodworking to 3D modelling and digital image-making.. Her artwork explores the changing nature of public and private alongside technological innovation, by utilizing performance, web-presence and printed image.. She has worked as a designer for DW product development Inc, as a design intern for Obx Labs, and as an educator at the National Gallery and the Canada Agriculture museum.. She is currently keeping shop at Fait Ici boutique and facilitating art workshops at Nazareth House.. hi-lo.. Julia Wolfe.. juliawolfedesign.. Originally from Boston, Julia Wolfe is an illustrator, designer and programmer currently in her final year at Concordia studying Computation Arts.. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of the award-winning student newspaper, The Link.. She specializes in design, creative interactivity and copy editing.. Katia Minarikova.. Katia Minarikova is a digital enthusiast who wears pink eyeglasses and eats databases for breakfast.. She founded Echo-Stream in 2002 followed by PixelWarehouse in 2004, both companies specializing in high end web technologies, multimedia design and business solutions for the commercial sector.. Echo-Stream has received numerous awards and grants including the Excellence Certificat from the Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest, Montreal Mayor s Foundation for Youth and SAJE.. She is currently working as a programmer analyst for Montreal s high profile production studio BlueSponge.. In September, Katia is commencing her MBA at the HEC.. Elio Bidinost.. Elio is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Science with a Major in Digital Image and Sound from Concordia University.. Elio has worked with New Media technologies since the mid 1990 s, he is now focused on the manipulation and analyzation of sound within the public space.. In the Spring of 2004 Elio developed a prototype Vigilare , utilizing both artistic and computation concepts to address sound in the public space.. Vivian Lim.. Sc Computer Engineering Co-op].. Brent Skagford.. Design Art ].. Thahn Pham.. Thahn Pham is a 2004 graduate of Concordia s Design Art program with a minor in Digital Image/Sound and the Fine Arts.. She specializes in web and print design with a special interest for the visual arts and cultural industries.. Thanh s work has been exhibited at the Belgo Building (Lotus Eaters Art Gallery), the Concordia Visual Arts Gallery, and the S.. T.. In Sept.. she is starting a second degree in Computer Science at Concordia.. Hoda Adra.. Computation Arts ].. Michael Sheeman.. DFAR Specialization ].. Mike is currently completing his BA in the Digital Image Sound Speciaization program at Concordia.. His areas of intrest are focused in Type and Narrative, where each have been studied and re-interpreted from their traditional qualities into the digital medium.. Respect to the traditional qualities of Art Design, particularily the Modernist era, are influential in his aproach.. Stylistic influences can be found in the contemporary arts of animation and graffitti.. Prior to attending Concordia, Mike studied Technical Illustration Animation at Seneca Arts College at York University Toronto.. David Bouchard.. David Bouchard is graduating from an intensive program in Computer Science with a focus on Digital Image, Sound and the Fine Arts.. He is an emergent new media artist, having used his studies to develop and create a number of interactive works that use computation as a creative material.. His interactive installation, The Dandelion Field, will go on exhibition this September at CAFKA 04 in Kitchener, Ontario.. Frank Tsonis.. Born 1981.. Live in Saudi Arabia until he was 14.. Went to high School in Athens, Greece.. Received a Specialization in Digital Image and Sound from Concordia University in Srping of 2004.. Currently working, preparing for a masters degree in the Fall of 2004.. Staff.. Alexander Taler.. Software Development Manager.. Alex is a professional software developer.. After graduating from McGill University with two degrees in 1997, he quickly found that he enjoyed the challenges of industry.. He started his career in the area of calendaring, participating in the IETF Calendaring and Scheduling working group, and authoring RFC 3283 for that group.. He then moved into the security / privacy space, where he worked at Zero-Knowledge Systems a major player in the emerging internet privacy market.. He is also a supporter of the free software movement, having founded the LibCVS project.. Alex has been careful not to lose touch with the academic world, and has attended classes throughout the years, and is happy to bring back what he has learned in the industry to academic pursuits..

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