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  • Title: OC Open Consulting > Home
    Descriptive info: .. ABOUT US.. E-LEARNING.. WEB MARKETING.. NEWS & EVENTS.. Consultancy, Contents and Technologies.. Packology Rimini 2013.. 07 June 2013.. The UCIMA E-learning school and OC present: innovative technical services thru online training at Packology Rimini.. Read more.. Online Training for Swiss Technology.. 02 November 2012.. We showed our last developments at the Start 2 Business Event in Zürich.. 1) New methods for Online Predictive Maintenance Support.. 2) Examples of Online Training Routines direct on Machines-PC.. 3) Interface with Kuka Robots (or other Devices with Display) for Online Training Developments.. OC: leader in technical online training.. 19 August 2012.. It is.. possible with our.. technology the direct screencast of robot.. user interface.. Thanks also to this.. procedure, the.. OC.. online training.. are those closest.. to reality.. Consultancy.. Contents.. Technology.. We work at your side to build your e-learning management system and  ...   E-learning and.. on-line training.. E-learning Content Production and Administration.. Competency Management Systems.. Web Marketing.. Propagate online your ideas, services and knowledge.. Capture client attention and lead him to your products and services.. Interactive Tutorials.. and User Manuals.. Provide online multimedia user manuals or tutorials that work 24/7.. On board instructions setup for products with display.. Multimedia Production.. Audio, Video and Animations from one hand only, cost and time effective!.. Excellent quality standards with very competitive costs.. Watch our video presentation.. OC Open Consulting.. Central EU Office (Paris area).. 22, rue de Cherbourg.. 75015 Paris, France.. Tel.. : +33 651273245.. Fax: +33 954421890.. main@opencons.. net.. Production seat.. via Trieste 34.. I-48122 RAVENNA.. Italy.. :.. +39 0544 268473.. Fax: +39 0544 590792.. VAT IT-02287590398.. Reg.. Imprese RA-188517.. Follow us.. Facebook.. LinkedIn.. Twitter.. YouTube.. RSS Feed.. Contact us.. Name.. E-mail.. Message.. Write your message..

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  • Title: OC Open Consulting > About OC
    Descriptive info: About OC.. Management Team.. International Network.. Partners.. Clients Network.. Careers.. OC Open Consulting was born from the merging of multiple backgrounds engineers.. It was a coming together of close friends with different personalities, sharing the same ethical values and passion for multimedia, education and marketing experiences.. Our mission can be summed up as a continuous passion to produce B2B High-grade Multimedia Experiences with a strong focus on Marketing and Workforce development.. We strongly believe that multimedia experience will be increasingly pervasive in the business community and in everybody s life, and contribute as a discriminant factor in shaping:.. Learning experiences and competence  ...   Source Software consulting.. Multimedia Tutorials and User Manuals.. We are proud of being at the cutting edge of the technology spectrum, and our collaboration with some of the most renowned European Universities assure us to continuously position ourselves at the forefront of technological advancement in instructional fields.. We are committed to deliver to our clients:.. Corporate Efficiency.. Considerable and quantifiable Time saving.. Easily measurable Cost reduction.. We concentrate in augmenting your bottom-line becoming your Multimedia helping hand devised to become your Enterprise Efficiency Engine in order to render your investment a tangible and immediate return.. Knowledge driven value generation, Knowledge is value..

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  • Title: OC Open Consulting > Corporate Online Training
    Descriptive info: Corporate Online Training.. Corporate Know-how Marketing.. Interactive Tutorials and User Manuals.. Multimedia Online.. Open Consulting methodology dissects Corporate training in mainly 3 multilayered specified areas:.. Generic or vertical (i.. e.. safety, behavioral, corporate culture etc.. ) for all personnel within the organization.. Intermediate or regulatory (I.. legal and regulation framework, sales culture etc.. ) for smooth distribution of information through specific personnel within the organization.. Specific or scientific (i.. complex machinery, multilayered industrial processes, post-graduate university courses etc.. ) technically intensive for specialists in defined areas of  ...   saving structure.. Some major MNCs (The Coca Cola Company, Tetrapack and Nestlé among others) have greatly benefited through our implementations of training programs as to obtain significant improvements in:.. Reorganizing Technical procedures and Sales documentation.. Greatly reducing latency in attendance to client requests.. Designing Multi-user availability of Multimedia material as to achieve maximum reach within the organization and potential clients.. Improving client know how perception, revolutionizing the pre-sales process.. Increasing customer satisfaction trough decreasing the incidence of after-sales support.. Generating significant cost reduction travels, time, personnel etc..

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  • Title: OC Open Consulting > news
    Descriptive info: 2013.. 2012.. 2011.. 2010.. 2009.. 2008.. 2007.. 2006.. 07 June..

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  • Title: OC Open Consulting > news > Generic > Packology Rimini 2013
    Descriptive info: Technologies for packaging: an event at Rimini Fair (Italy) from 11 to 14 June, 2013.. Scritto il 07 June 2013.. Keeping an high standard of international service, both for technical and training issues, requires to machinery producers a always higher effort, both in financial and HR.. This is the reason why UCIMA (The Association between Italian Packaging machines producers), thru its IIEA e-learning division and OC, leader in technical and industrial online  ...   studies will be presented with the target of showing how saving and innovation can live together, and support packaging corporate services.. - LOW COST SOLUTIONS FOR ONLINE TRAINING.. - TECHNICAL AND SALES SUPPORT TRAINING PROJECT MANAGEMENT.. - FROM START-UP TO COMPLETE RUN: HOW?.. IIEA and OC will be present at the UCIMA stand, in the main hall of the Rimini Fair grounds.. We wait for you in Rimini from 11 to 14 June..

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  • Title: OC Open Consulting > news > Generic > Online Training for Swiss Technology
    Descriptive info: Scritto il 02 November 2012.. Start2Match Zurich took place on the 15th of November, at Stadthalle Dietikon.. We showed our new developments at the Start 2 Business Event on 15 November in Zürich, including:.. For more informations contact us at +49 172 8317415 or mail us at..

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  • Title: OC Open Consulting > news > Generic > OC: leader in technical online training
    Descriptive info: Scritto il 19 August 2012.. For the first.. time in 2012.. we captured.. live, with a.. special.. ".. ad-hoc".. hardware.. ,.. the output signal.. to.. the user interface.. of the.. Kuka robots,.. allowing the trainer to work.. in real time,.. while using the.. robot.. This.. ensures.. the immediate understanding.. and ease.. of.. production of.. training.. about.. complex subjects.. in.. a fast and economical way.. OC.. reconfirms.. itself as.. leading.. online training producer.. for.. operation, maintenance.. and servicing.. of machinery.. Second to none..

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  • Title: OC Open Consulting > Know-how Web Marketing
    Descriptive info: Know-how Web Marketing.. Corporate Marketing through know-how perception.. We were among the first Companies in Europe to advocate Know-How Perception as a fundamental instrument to improve and promote corporate image.. Especially in the high added value business segments, sales volumes of products and services are greatly susceptible and influenced by sales personnel competence, and their leadership role in delivering the know-how perception; in most instances competence management becomes as important as the quality  ...   s increased ability to propagate a higher standard of interactive communication to the clientele, adopting innovative tools, propels the competitive advantage to achieve the position of premiership in the client s mind.. In addition, the recent increased divulgation of Internet and mobile learning based tools, helps the corporation to decipher and process the available client s (and potential client) data and reach better corporate long term decisions through a much more accurate analytical process..

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  • Title: OC Open Consulting > Interactive Tutorials and User Manuals
    Descriptive info: OC is able to produce in short time and in a cost efficient way, Multimedia User Manuals and Tutorials, for training, maintenance or operating purposes for your products and services.. Our easy to use platforms will enable you to deliver a much more enjoyable experience than the traditional printed material.. Widely available international statistics, report clients preferences for few minutes online video versus a traditional printed manual by a 300% factor.. Our experience in developing multimedia manuals, assure our clients high quality and efficiency.. The full customization of the manual contents allow a perfect fit for  ...   experience suits especially the electronic products, complex machinery, and industrial production processes.. Your advantages:.. VIDEO.. With the help of a video every explaination is simpler.. IMAGES.. A procedure described through a series of pictures can be a very efficient way to focus on an important detail.. TECHNICAL DOCUMENTS.. All documents are safe and stored in an unique and updated database, keeping all the specs of the traditional paper manual.. ZOOM.. No limit on the format.. To zoom a detail, just a fingertouch is enough.. DOCUMENTS.. Price lists, technical specs, orders, service ticket, everything in an editable format..

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  • Title: OC Open Consulting > Multimedia Online
    Descriptive info: A video sequence combined with a professional script, a pleasant voice and smart animations delivers a simple, enjoyable yet powerful presentation to a perspective client, informing him about your product.. Getting your potential clients excited by your products and services is what we make for you with our unique 20 years experience in the field of multimedia production.. Maximum effectiveness  ...   material.. We have been instrumental to the introduction on Multimedia PC in Europe working for organizations such as Creative Labs and DeAgostini Multimedia, since the dawn of the digital era:.. From.. 1991.. Touch-screen and corporate video catalogues.. Traditional audio-video - TV European music festivals.. 1996.. Didactic CD-ROMs.. 1997.. Interactive adventure games.. Actively participating in the first web live streaming experiences..

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  • Title: OC Open Consulting >
    Descriptive info: Home..

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