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  • Title: Left Hand Drive Cars - Lhd 4x4 - News - Electric Cayman
    Descriptive info: Electric Cayman.. 30 September 2008.. Auto News.. So you we are finally getting diesel Cayenne s (better late than never) but how about an electric Cayman?.. Sound interesting, but even more so if it will be produced by the performance Porsche creators Ruf.. Alios Ruf has gone all green and is taking time out from making outrageously powerful Posrche super cars to make an electric Porsche sports car.. The German tuner is reportedly working on an all-electric Cayman that would go head to head with the Tesla Roadster.. It is  ...   torque (650Nm versus 375Nm).. A lithium-ion battery pack of undisclosed output will provide power to the motor and the car has a projected top speed of 125mph.. Rumour has it the Ruf could have multiple gears instead of just one and it could demand a higher price than the 60k Tesla.. Return to list.. Categories.. View All.. (43).. According to Clarkson.. (12).. (20).. Car Reviews.. (8).. Spy Shots.. (3).. Archive.. View Latest.. October 2011.. October 2008.. September 2008.. August 2008.. July 2008.. June 2008.. April 2008.. December 2007.. April 2007..

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  • Title: Left Hand Drive Cars - Lhd 4x4 - News -
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  • Title: Left Hand Drive Cars - Lhd 4x4 - News - According to Clarkson
    Descriptive info: Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4.. 28 September 2008.. Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 -.. A one-armed man with a twitch can go fast in a Gallardo.. Read more.. Volkswagen Scirocco.. 21 September 2008.. Aston Martin Vantage.. 14 September 2008.. Some cars you can like.. Some you can use.. And some you can respect.. This one, though, you can love, says Jeremy Clarkson.. Citroen Berlingo Multispace.. 03 August 2008.. Ford Kuga 2.. 0 TDCi Titanium.. 27 July 2008.. Mercedes SLR McLaren Roadster.. 13 July 2008.. Porsche 911 Carrera  ...   M3 convertible.. 01 July 2008.. Mercedes - Benz SL 320.. 22 June 2008.. Mercedes-Benz SL 350 - Mr Weedy comes up with the goods.. Porsche Boxster RS 60 Spyder.. 15 June 2008.. Boxster RS 60 Spyder - Fair Porsche, my sweet Italian lover.. Ford Focus CC.. 22 April 2007.. Ford Focus CC - Unlikely, but it s a ray of sunshine.. Ford S-Max 2.. 5 Titanium.. 06 August 2006.. 5 Titanium - Look, Bishop Killjoy - I've found the holy grail.. RSS Feed..

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  • Title: Left Hand Drive Cars - Lhd 4x4 - News - Volkswagen Scirocco
    Descriptive info: Jeremy Clarkson.. In its latest glossy press information pack, Volkswagen says the original Scirocco Storm was sold with a 1.. 8 litre engine.. This is a mistake.. It is referring to the 1781cc unit that was, in fact, not introduced until October 1982, by which time it was making the Mk 2 Scirocco.. The Storm, like all fuel-injected Mk 1s, was sold with a 1588cc engine.. I m surprised the people at VW didn t know this.. I, on the other hand, know everything about those early cars.. I even know what sort of fuel injection system they used and how big the tyres were.. Bosch K-Jetronic and 175/70/13s, in case you re interested.. Furthermore, I know the leather-lined Storm was available in only noisette brown or silver green.. The Scirocco, for me, is very important.. I was interested in cars long before VW thought about making a coupé version of the Golf.. But it was the result of its efforts that caused me to want to write about them.. Here s why.. Back in 1980, I lived up north, in the flatlands around Doncaster, and most of my friends were in the Young Farmers, which was not so much a club as a way of wife.. You had dirty fingernails, stout shoes, a dislike of the south in general and London in particular and either a Ford Escort RS2000 or a Dolly Sprint.. One chap had a TR7 and we all thought he might be a mental.. I didn t really fit either, because while they all understood the art of ploughing and drilling, I thought fields were something for crashing into.. And I wanted a Golf GTI.. It s what they re all driving in London these days, I said one night in the Carpenters Arms.. This was a mistake.. A deathly hush fell over the bar.. Heads turned.. A dart slammed into a wall.. Admitting that I might in some way be interested in the buying habits of people in Fulham was the same as admitting that I was interested in the sexual orientation of Larry Grayson.. The silence was broken after several agonising moments by one chap who was wearing especially stout shoes.. Are you a poof? he said menacingly.. Which is the catch-all northern prelude to someone having their head kicked off.. The lure of the GTI, however, was strong.. So I agonised over what colour I d like and precisely what sort of modifications I could afford if I took it to the GTI tuning centre at Silverstone.. And then my eye was caught by the Scirocco.. Underneath, it was the same as the Golf, but it had just the most agonisingly pretty body.. So should I have this instead?.. Unable to talk to anyone about this, in case they thought I was a southerner, I turned to the various motoring magazines, all of which were completely useless.. They told me how big the boot was and the benefits of fuel injection and the precise dimensions of the rear seat, but I didn t care about any of this.. All I wanted to know is whether, if I bought a Scirocco, it d cause me to have more sex than if I bought a Golf.. I decided pretty much there and then that, one day, I d write about cars in a whole new way.. but in the meantime I moved to London and bought the Scirocco a GLI with a tan interior and  ...   others it s a bit wet.. And you should definitely be aware that in white it looks like a Stormtrooper s helmet.. In the past, this would have been a big problem because the only reason for buying a Scirocco, rather than a much cheaper Golf, was the extra style.. Now, though, things are a bit different because, incredibly, the coupé is only 90 more than the hatch.. And you ll soon offset that because even though the two cars have a 2 litre direct-injection turbocharged engine, the Scirocco produces less carbon dioxide than the Golf.. And is therefore in a lower tax band.. For even bigger savings, you could wait until VW introduces new versions of the car.. One will have a 1.. 4 litre unit, which comes with a supercharger and a turbo, and the other God help us will be a diesel.. Frankly, though, these cheapo models will be a bit like the fake Prada handbag my daughter bought on a recent day trip to Thailand.. It looks like the real thing, but because it isn t, it s actually a bit crap.. Eventually, I am sure, there ll be a 3.. 2 litre, four-wheel-drive version they could call it the Storm but for now, the TSI is the model to go for, and you should spend an extra 1,300 on the DSG system.. It s the only flappy-paddle gearbox that actually works in the real world.. Frankly, there aren t that many other boxes to tick.. You get, as standard, multi-adjustable suspension that allows you to make the ride uncomfortable, you get climate control, you get a million bouncy castles that boing out of the dash if you hit a tree and you get a brilliant central command system that can be hooked up to your iPod.. The only option I d bother with is the smoker package.. It s only 15, and choosing it would irritate the sanctimonious bastard who decided not to fit ashtrays as standard.. If they offered a chlamydia pack, they couldn t sound more holier-than-thou.. Drawbacks? Well, the Scirocco is 97mm lower than the Golf, a point that becomes blindingly obvious every time you try to get inside.. You really do have to pull your head into your ribcage if you don t want to bang it on the roof.. To get in the back, it s best to cut yourself in half.. And that s it, really.. I suppose I could mention the boot sill, which is a bit high, but then I d sound like those old motoring hacks who drove me into this business all those years ago.. To make me sound nothing like those guys: the new car is like an old girlfriend you meet after hooking up on Friends Reunited.. To everyone else she s just an ordinary middle-aged woman, but to you she s a bit more than that.. That s the new Scirocco.. To most people it s just another car.. But for those of us who had the old one, it arrives on the scene, after a 15-year period of nothing but grey skies and drizzle, like the warm, fast wind from which it takes its name.. The Clarksometer.. ENGINE.. 1984cc, four cylinders.. POWER.. 200bhp @ 5100rpm.. TORQUE.. 207lb ft @ 1700rpm.. TRANSMISSION.. Six-speed DSG.. FUEL/CO2.. 37.. 2mpg / 179g/km.. ACCELERATION.. 0-62mph: 7.. 1sec.. TOP SPEED.. 145mph.. PRICE.. 22,270.. ROAD TAX BAND.. E ( 170 a year).. RELEASE DATE.. On the road now..

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  • Title: Left Hand Drive Cars - Lhd 4x4 - News - Peugeots Prologue to the 3008 SUV
    Descriptive info: Peugeots Prologue to the 3008 SUV.. 16 September 2008.. The French maker has released pictures of thier new the Prologue an electric hybrid concept with 200bhp and CO2 emissions of only 109g/km!.. The car you see in the picture is very close to the production-ready 3008.. a more compact brother to the 4007 SUV set to take on rivals like the Ford Kuga and VW Tiguan.. Based on 308 underpinnings, Pug s latecomer to the mini-SUV party is due to hit UK showrooms in 2010.. Two and four-wheel drive  ...   necessary.. Seven-seat practicality will also set the French people mover apart from the competition.. Little is known about the concept at this stage, but Peugeot insiders confirmed it will make its debut at the Paris Motor Show, completing a trio of hybrids set to be unveiled in the French capital next month.. Along with the RC hybrid coupé and the 908 HDi FAP hybrid Le Mans car, Peugeot s Paris stand will have a definite green tinge this year, demonstrating the maker s determination to reduce its environmental impact..

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  • Title: Left Hand Drive Cars - Lhd 4x4 - News - New Volkswagen Golf
    Descriptive info: New Volkswagen Golf.. Andrew Frankel - Times on Line.. Sequels have a habit of disappointing.. Show me someone who thinks the original Star Wars trilogy has been bettered by the latest instalment of George Lucas s sci-fi fantasy, The Clone Wars, and I ll show them to a padded cell.. So what about the latest Volkswagen Golf? As another of this year s big sequels, it also promises to continue a story that famously started a long, long time ago.. In fact, the very first Golf was launched in 1974, the same year that Lucas started writing Star Wars.. We are now into the sixth evolution of this middle-class alternative to the likes of the Ford Focus and Vauxhall Astra, and just like the sci-fi film, the newcomer has been given something of a makeover for the digital age.. A new, ultra-efficient engine, six-speed automatic gearbox and optional touchscreen control featured in the mid-range 2 litre TDI diesel model I drove, as did computer-controlled suspension and a function of the cruise control that scans the road ahead for slower traffic and maintains a safe distance accordingly.. Frankly, compared with the original Golf, the latest model might as well have come from another galaxy; but does that mean it has lost its charm?.. Its styling is not as striking as it could be, and from a distance you would be hard-pushed to distinguish the old Golf from the new.. There is a new crease running along the flank of the car, and a new front grille, though these changes are hardly ground-breaking.. It s a slightly different story on the inside.. VW is making a big deal of the revised interior, which gets more equipment, new-look materials and more luxurious seats.. But star billing goes to the new instrument cluster, which has aluminium-trimmed black dials with stylish white, backlit lettering, while the steering wheel is given extra functionality, with new buttons to control the sound system and trip computer.. Twist the key, and the first pleasant surprise is the absence of uncouth diesel rattle and clatter testament to VW s efforts to make this Golf feel more refined and grown up.. The company  ...   damping makes for smooth, quiet progress and insulates the driver well from harsh surfaces.. However, as impressive as that may sound, some of VW s efforts to completely cocoon the driver prove counter-productive.. The steering, in particular, lacks feedback and precision.. It s good to find extra safety equipment aboard the new Golf, including knee airbags for the driver.. There is also a new head-restraint system designed to reduce whiplash injuries, and further reassurance comes with the latest electronic stability program driver aid.. However, the big question remains: is this all really sufficient to ensure this latest member of the Golf family fully meets the expectations of its army of fans? It s certainly refined, and it feels well built.. But the reliance on computers to control the suspension and steering has robbed the car of some of its dynamic appeal, and that s a shame when you consider this car s predecessor was one of the best driver s Golfs ever launched.. Volkswagen anticipates a substantial price rise of 700 on comparable models of the outgoing Golf series (the current 2 litre TDI range starts at 18,610).. That s far from ideal, given the current economic climate, but the company argues that improvements to fuel efficiency, additional standard equipment and plentiful technical innovation justify the premium.. Ultimately, buyers will vote with their feet.. This sequel may not have blockbuster written all over it, but it s very unlikely to turn out to be a turkey.. VW GOLF 2.. 0 TDI SE.. 4 Stars.. ENGINE.. 1968cc, four cylinders.. POWER.. 138bhp @ 4200rpm.. 236lb ft @ 1750rpm.. Six-speed automatic.. FUEL.. / CO2 58mpg / 129g/km.. ACCELERATION 0-62mph: 9.. 3sec.. 130mph.. To be confirmed.. TAX BAND.. C ( 120 for 12 months).. January 2009.. VERDICT.. Not as fun as it used to be.. Worth considering.. Ford Focus 2.. 0 TDCi Zetec 17,495.. For.. Punchy engine and firm chassis make it the driver s choice in its class.. Against.. Ride can be too firm, cabin lacks VW s depth of quality.. Honda Civic 2.. 2-iCDTi ES 21,100.. Extremely well built, strong residual values, and stylish.. Dull steering, choppy ride, wild looks but poor rear visibility..

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  • Title: Left Hand Drive Cars - Lhd 4x4 - News - Aston Martin Vantage
    Descriptive info: Over the years, we ve been told by solemn-faced experts that life as we know it is about to end.. Strange to report, then, that we ve managed to survive communism, particle accelerators, fascism, asteroids, Cuba, bird flu, global warming, terrorism, nuclear war, various tsunamis and Aids, and now we are going to be finished off by Fannie Mae.. I don t even know what Fannie Mae is.. Apparently, it s not a bank and it s not a building society, but it seems to have been buying mortgages and debts from various institutions.. And then, one day, it appears to have woken up and thought: Oops.. Quite how it was allowed to get in this mess, I m not sure.. Did nobody think it odd that a mysterious organisation was stomping around the world buying debt? Did nobody stop for a moment and wonder if perhaps Fannie Mae was a home for mentals? I mean, we re talking here about an operation named after the human bottom.. How did it sign its deals? With crayons?.. Seriously, if I set up a business called Arse and went around buying outstanding loans on the nation s never-never-land three-piece suites, I wouldn t get very far before someone with a soothing voice and a corduroy jacket put me in a padded room for the rest of time.. Whatever.. We have now arrived at a point where the world is going bankrupt.. Politicians keep explaining that Britain is well placed to face the future, but we re not.. Not when the food in our fridge is worth more than the contents of our jewellery box and we re scared witless that the Bradford Bingley is about to go belly-up with all our life savings.. The net result is that half the country can t afford to buy anything and the other half daren t.. This means companies can t sell anything, which means they can t employ anyone, which means everyone will fail to pay their mortgages, which will increase the likelihood of Bradford Bingley going bust, which will accelerate the downward spiral to such an extent that it will be spinning faster than the atom-basher in Geneva.. In short, we are all on the Titanic.. It is holed.. It is a mathematical certainty that it will sink.. And all Gordon Brown can do is offer the ship s most elderly passengers a few extra winter logs as they drown in a sea of disease, debt and destitution.. Needless to say, cars are an early casualty of the meltdown.. Having seen orders plummet by 44% in July, Aston Martin sold just 19 cars in the whole of August, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, down from 58 in the same period last year.. Porsche sales, meanwhile, were down by 58%, Land Rover also by 58% and Jaguar by 41%.. Potential customers, then, are split into two groups: those who can buy but won t, and those who want to buy but can t.. Because no loans are available.. It s all such a shame.. Not just for the 800,000 people who earn their living from cars in this country, but because for two hundred thousand years, human beings with the notable exception of eco-activists  ...   the right one while on the move is like trying to stab mercury with a cocktail stick while standing on a power plate.. Then there are the seats, which are far too hard, and the manual gearbox, which is fine.. except that to engage second and fourth you need to dislocate your elbow.. And the iPod connection, which has never heard of an iPod.. And the Volvo sat nav system, which, no matter what you tell it, simply picks a destination you ve been to recently and sends you there instead.. The other day I tried to go to a Top Gear shoot and ended up at my mother s house, having phoned someone I hate on the way.. It sounds like I am not enamoured of Aston s Vantage, but the simple fact of the matter is this.. All of these problems existed in the old car, and that was hugely popular before Fannie Mae did a Bear Stearns and Northern Rocked its Freddie Mac.. Truth be told, I don t really care about little faults like this.. What I did care about on the old car was that its mouth kept writing cheques its engine couldn t cash.. You put your foot down and there was a huge bellow, but not much extra speed.. The problem was that Aston Martin and Jaguar were both playing for the blue oval.. And politics meant the Aston couldn t be as fast as Jaguar s XKR.. Now, though, Jaguar belongs to Mr Patel, and Aston is in the hands of some Kuwaitis, so the politics have gone.. In their place stands a 4.. 7 litre version of Jag s V8.. The result is 420bhp instead of 380, and some proper get-up-and-go.. Accelerate hard and the driver of a Porsche 911 Carrera S it was R Hammond last night is not going to see where you went.. And not only because he can t see over the steering wheel.. The amount of carbon dioxide produced by the new engine is less than before.. Not that it ll make any difference to your tax bill.. Or the weather.. More importantly, the suspension has been tweaked such that it s still firm on a motorway but much softer at low speed.. And while the body remains the same, the wheels are wider, so the car looks even better.. But the best thing about this car is that because it s so brilliant at some things and so awkward at others, it has a human quality.. This one, though, you can love.. I do.. And that s why I d be so sad if Aston were to wither and die in the current economic climate.. However, while I am pessimistic, I suppose we should look more carefully at the perils we ve faced these past 50 years.. War.. Asteroids.. Jonathon Porritt.. Russia.. The IRA.. And so on.. They ve come.. They ve frightened us.. And then, contrary to the teachings of the scaremongers, they ve all just sort of fizzled out and gone away.. Aston Martin Vantage.. 4735cc, V8.. 420bhp @ 7000rpm.. TORQUE.. 346lb ft @ 5000rpm.. Six-speed manual.. 20.. 4mpg / 328g/km.. 0-60mph: 4.. 7sec.. 180mph.. PRICE.. 85,000.. G ( 400 a year).. RELEASE DATE.. On the road no..

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  • Title: Left Hand Drive Cars - Lhd 4x4 - News - Ford Edge
    Descriptive info: Ford Edge.. 10 September 2008.. Nicholas.. Rufford - Times on Line.. You get into the Edge, turn the ignition key and wait for the fuel cell to burst into life.. Under the floor is a reservoir of high-pressure hydrogen the same stuff that powers the sun.. It s like being at the helm of a starship.. Unfortunately, before you can say Take us out of orbit, Mr Sulu, you re met by.. silence.. Welcome to the future.. It s mute.. Gone is the roar of the V8, the screech of tyres, the howl of the transmission.. All you ll hear in the cabin of this hydrogen-powered prototype is an electric fan cooling the hidden apparatus that turns hydrogen into electricity and powers four wheel-mounted electric motors (yes, it s a 4x4).. The vibration from thousands of muffled explosions inside a cylinder block, the plume of noxious exhaust gases.. these are things of the past.. The only emission the Edge produces is water so pure you can sip it from the tailpipes.. If you became depressed about the demise of the internal combustion engine and the fantastic machines it spawned, it would be no good trying to end it all by shutting yourself in the garage and running this car s power unit.. You d die of boredom before you d suffocate.. This is what car makers have been telling us about hydrogen power for years, so what is different about the Edge? Well, if you believe the Ford sales speak, this car represents a huge technological leap forward in the development of the hydrogen fuel cell as a viable alternative to the combustion engine.. That s because the Edge is the first alternative-fuel car to have a travelling range approaching that of a conventional car.. Existing prototypes can typically travel only about 100 miles between refills, but Ford s engineers have improved the efficiency of the Edge s fuel cell (the device that turns hydrogen into electricity to power the car s motors).. They ve also added laptop-style lithium-ion batteries so the car can be recharged overnight, if desired, thereby extending its range to 225 miles.. This, says Ford, makes it a truly viable green machine.. But what is it like to drive? All the pulling power from the Edge s electric motors is available immediately.. Unlike a conventional engine, they don t need revving.. That should provide rubber- burning acceleration, but it doesn t because the combined 250bhp is only gradually released to prevent wheelspin.. Press the accelerator and the Edge glides gently up to a top speed of  ...   argument is that in 10 years time there will be a network of plants producing hydrogen from cheap, nuclear electricity.. Then we ll all be able to run cars such as the Edge without generating any carbon monoxide or CO2.. Our carbon footprints will shrink to the size of inline skates.. Why not just use cheap electricity to charge up battery-powered cars? The answer is simple: you can t just stop and fill them up like you can when your car runs on conventional fuel or gas.. So it s worth taking notice of this prototype, because the Edge is what you ll one day be driving, even if it takes more than 10 years to get here.. Yes, it s unrefined, a bit like the first mobile phones.. And the car of the future won t look exactly like this one.. Ford simply built its hydrogen technology into the body of an existing model, a family SUV that sells in the States for 15,000.. What really matters is under the skin.. Ford says it can improve performance still further, thanks to technological spin-offs from a hydrogen racing car the Ford Fusion Hydrogen 999 which last year claimed the world land-speed record (207.. 3mph official, or 210mph unofficial) for a production-based fuel-cell-powered car.. The company is in the process of increasing the amount of hydrogen carried, by boosting the storage pressure, and that will give the Edge a range of more than 300 miles.. And, if you believe Germany s TUV (Technischer Uberwachungsverein the official vehicle-testing agency), hydrogen is a safer vehicle fuel than petrol because it rapidly dissipates if it leaks in an accident.. That s all very well, but can you find hydrogen filling stations at 300-mile intervals? No.. There are only a handful on the Continent and none in Britain.. You will only find stations that close together along California s hydrogen highway, where Arnold Schwarzenegger, the state governor, has forced fuel companies and car makers to co-operate on hydrogen.. Will anything similar happen beyond the eco-obsessed US west coast? Is Schwarzenegger likely to take over the world and build a global hydrogen highway along which we ll all glide in silent machines from the future? Not unless the plot of Terminator 4 comes true.. So we can hang on to our V8s for another decade at least.. Ford Edge.. POWER UNIT.. Ballard Halo fuel cell stack, dual e-Drive electric motors.. 250bhp.. 340 lb ft.. 4.. 5kg hydrogen @ 350 bar.. RANGE.. 225 miles (300 miles with 700bar storage).. 88mph.. 1m about 812,000.. AVAILABLE.. 2015 for fleet use..

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  • Title: Left Hand Drive Cars - Lhd 4x4 - News
    Descriptive info: New BMW M5.. 25 October 2011.. The fifth-generation BMW M5 the first of its breed to eschew a highly strung naturally aspirated engine for a torque led turbocharged powerplant.. A big change in philosophy from BMW s M division, then.. Lamborghini Estoque.. 06 October 2008.. Paris debut for the Estoque super saloon paving the way for the firm s first ever high performance diesel.. 02 October 2008.. Lamborghini Estoque four-door supercar is almost here.. Batteries 'are' included - Electric Porsche Cayman.. Introducing Peugeots Prologue to the 3008 SUV.. Volkswagen Golf -First Drive.. Ford Edge - First Drive.. New MINI Crossman muscles in!.. 08 September 2008.. The Mini adventure continues.. with a jacked-up 4x4 five-door ready to head for the hills.. Golf BlueMotion.. Reasons to be cheerful !.. Audi Q5.. 18 August 2008.. Audi Q5 - Bored into submission.. Reinventing itself - The Insignia.. 13 August 2008.. The Vectra was, at best, a dull car.. But with the Insignia Vauxhall seems to have turned the page.. Special Cay.. 12 August 2008.. Special Cay - Its on its way - Porsche goes diesel.. The new stylish Ford Ka revealed.. 06 August 2008.. All-new Golf is raring to go!.. 04 August 2008.. 6th generation of VW s hatchback is unveiled and boasts better  ...   -.. first official pictures of the new fresh-faced 3.. Fiesta Zetec S.. 11 July 2008.. Fiesta Zetec S -.. Ford readies its new supermini for a British Motor Show debut.. Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG Black Series.. - Back to Black.. Insignia duo coming soon.. 08 July 2008.. Vauxhall to premiere pair of Insignia's at British Motor Show.. Focus RS up close.. 04 July 2008.. Ford's stunning new Focus RS gets its picture taken in a top secret location and here it is.. Overfinch - Over the top?.. 03 July 2008.. BMW 1-Series.. 25 June 2008.. BMW 1-Series -.. The 118d proves that low-emission, high-economy cars can be exciting, too.. MINI Convertible.. 21 June 2008.. The New MINI Convertible caught soaking up the sun.. New Audi A7.. 18 June 2008.. Gunning for the CLS the Audi A7 - Four-door coupe is based on A5 with hot RS7 offering 600bhp plus.. Ford Kuga.. 16 June 2008.. Ford Kuga - The Ford Kuga looks sharp, has a top-quality cabin and drives really well.. New Mondeo Coupe.. New Mondeo Coupe curves up a treat.. Aston Martin Rapide.. 01 April 2008.. Aston Martin Rapide - Spotted the luxury super saloon out on track.. Land Rover LRX.. 14 December 2007.. LRX - Land Rover's new baby..

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  • Title: Left Hand Drive Cars - Lhd 4x4 - News - Spy Shots
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  • Title: Left Hand Drive Cars - Lhd 4x4 - News
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